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Ghost, myth, urban legend, make believe story.

Elena Ichinomiya

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Again my curiosity get the better of me. However this time, i want to know some good old story about...other side. As we all aware, some country has their own ghost and myth of their own. You know, angry spirit, playful spirit, just there to scare you spirit. There's a fair share of people told a ghost story when they camping or even telling urban legend about their neighbor at PJ's party (if that still a thing). Now i want to know if you got some share of said story. Just to make sure we stay on topic, i prefer not bring up internet horror since i ask for an original story from your country, not internet. Unless the internet horror is only happening on your country, i guess it still count.

And...to keep our heart healthy, please don't put up the ghost image! I got faint heart!

I might post my story later but feel free to tell your story.

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I tell the story of the ghost 🥜!! J/k.

Hrm.. not a very good story, but the town I grew up in there was a supposedly haunted road. It was literally called Cemetery Road because it went by a regular cemetery and a native burial ground. And a golf course. But it was a really creepy road to drive on.. also along a lake and near woods. I always heard so many stories about people seeing ghosts along that road... in the reflection of the car mirror or in a gazebo along the side of the road. I had a friend who swore she'd never drive alone on that road at night again.

I never saw anything myself and I drove on that road many, many times. It was a thing as a teenager to do a burn cruise around the lake. If there's any coincidence that it's a popular road to get high on and all the supposed ghost sightings? Maybe.

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The only ghost stories that I know of in my country that actually would count as old and known urban legends would be the coloured ladies of the many 'castles' and 'palaces' around Latvia. I'm using air quotes, since they really don't count as such, but it's the best approximation that I have.

Basically, every castle or palace that we have had (supposedly) someone alive entombed in its walls as protection against evil or something. I've forgotten the specifics, but I believe it was pretty popular during the Dark Ages. Usually they would use kids or 'pure maidens', since, you know, 'force of good' and all of that bull. After people started living in them, sometimes weird things could be seen - a woman in a free-flowing dress walking around or standing near the spot where they would supposedly have been entombed in, crying, random laughter, some doors opening and closing on their own, etc. Nothing bad however - no murders, deaths unfortune accidents or anything like that.
The reason why I'm calling them the 'coloured ladies' is simply because the accounts usually say that the clothes seen the ghosts wearing were in a single colour that differed for every palace. The ones I know that there actually are legends about are the White Lady in Jelgava palace, Red Lady in Turaida castle, Green Lady in Mežotne palace and Yellow Lady in Rundāle palace. Of the last two I'm not 100% certain that their colours are right, but if you visit, I guess you can ask the tour guides. Best thing is - they supposedly are still around, since the few times that I've gone with my family or class, the guide has told that either they or some of their co-workers have seen them, sometimes even joking around lightly when something seems amiss.

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Alright, here's mine.

Are you happen to play Witcher 3? Did you happen to finish a story of the poor baron who got botchling problem? Yeah, that thing is also on our country. But we call them as "Ari-ari" or roughly translate as umbilical cord curse.

Some of people said if there's a baby who end up passed away after birth, you still need to take their umbilical cord and bury it SEPARATELY from their body. And you had to bury the umbilical cord close to your home (Or simply put, right on your own garden). Why? Old people used to say the baby, although physically died, their spirit still wonder where they belong. The only clue they had is the smell of their own blood (Unsettling i know but bear with me) and thus lead them to the said buried umbilical cord where they could find the family they should've belong but never able to unite. It is said the spirit of the dead baby will settle on the next child should the family have another child, guarding them from same demise.

What happen if you didn't bury the umbilical cord by not following the method? Well, it won't do well to your family. Some people said the dead baby spirit would feel unrest and finally turn to anger as they can't find their family at all, leading them to think they are unwanted child and decide to find their family with their own agenda. Some people said the demise include the family having hard time to conceive another child, their child has a disability, or their child would go mentally challenged thanks to the dead baby spirit whispering something in their head.

It is said prostitute back in the day in my country would gladly remove the womb if it mean they won't be cursed since their profession will risk a pregnancy but this is also still on debate (Judging from how old the myth is, there must be many victim of malpractice due to poor study of surgery at the time).

If you had to ask if this tradition still exist in my country to this day, it is. They even go as far to shout at you if they think you pester the buried umbilical cord of their child. Not only that, some parent are so protective that they even set a night watch to keep...passerby and "unwanted" guest from pestering the said umbilical cord.

Not scary i know, but old tradition that include genie, devil, siluman, and ghost are running in the family here. Even i got latched by one of genie when i'm still a baby.

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Oh your stories are very interesting, my country has many I will upload them from time to time, is hard to translate all this.

Elena's has been the most terrifying until now but as long as there is a method to get rid of it one feels safe, even if it is a bit .. unhygienic. Here is mine:

the whistler (El Silbón in its mother language)

According to legend, it consists of the ghost of a young man who murdered his father and gutted him for having murdered his wife, saying that she was a "slut" and "she look for it". After this fact, his grandfather ordered the young man to be tied to a pole in the middle of the field, to whip his back, to have his wounds washed with brandy, and to release him along with two hungry and rabid dogs. Before releasing him, his grandfather cursed and condemned him to carry his father's bones for all eternity.

It has a characteristic whistle that resembles the musical notes do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, in that same order, raising the pitch to fa and then down to the note si. It is said that when its whistle is heard very close there is no danger, since that means that it is far away, but if it is heard from the distance it means that it is very close. Listening to his whistle is also said to be a harbinger of death itself. It can appear anywhere at any time.

It seems that if you hear the whistle from afar the only thing that can save the person is the barking of a dog, since it is the only thing that terrifies him.

Many inhabitants of the plains say they have seen it, especially in summer, a time in the Venezuelan savannah that burns under the rigors of drought and the Silbón sits on the trunks of the trees and collects dust in their hands. But it is mainly in the wet and rainy times that the specter wanders hungry for death and eager to punish drunkards, womanizers and occasionally an innocent victim. They say that he drills the navel of the drunkards when they find them alone in the plain to drink the brandy they ingested, and that the womanizers, it tear them apart, remove the bones and put them in the bag where they keep the remains of it father.

They say that he looks like a six-meter-long elongated giant that walks moving among the tops of the trees while emitting his chilling whistle and making the pale bones of his unfortunate father or, some affirm of his multiple victims. Others say that he appears as the shadow of a tall, skinny man with a hat, especially to drunkards.

In a personal experience, once some friends and I drank wine in a beach apartment while chatting. I never learned to whistle and the conversation turned to the bulling that they did to me because of that, one of my friends started to imitate the tone of El silbón mocking, and then everyone started to do it in order and asked me hoping that I would try at the end to make fun of my terrible performance, when my turn came I made it terrible, I even splashed some saliva on a friend and everyone started laughing while I was embarrassed, in the midst of their laughter we could hear a whistle, much clearer and more precise than anyone of ours that seemed to come from outside the door of the apartment. We immediately stopped laughing and saw each other looking for who had done it. As no one admitted to having done it, we all panicked and went to bed without talking, luckily we didn't listen to him again and of course I dont want to learn to whistle anymore...

Here is the whistle, if you want to hear it.


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Tell me, how many times you or your relative ride a train?

Lucky for you, my country was playing the part of "How to not crash your train to another train 101" which become a lesson to the people who want to learn how to drive a train. If you find worst train crash on Indonesia, look no further than "Bintaro train crash incident". Before we jump to the sinister part, let me give you a brief background. Back in 1987, there's a train who gone ahead of schedule. Keep in mind there's no modern equipment like we had today at the time so the only sign for the train engineer to see what's wrong on the road is the lamp signal. There's a miscommunication happen between the station and the train.

  1. The station didn't warn the train machinist that they ahead of schedule when they still on slowest speed, thinking they get the clue from lamp signal
  2. When the train already goes off, they realize none of the engineer didn't get a clue from lamp signal
  3. In panic, some people at station quickly dispatch a staff to chase the train while giving a flag signal. Unfortunately, none of them seems get it (Another miscommunication: Lack of training)

And the train crash head-to-head in their full speed, killing around 102 peoples. Most of them died after being rescued since the crash is so bad that the evacuation team claim "Its hard to distinguish the victim since most of them crushed beyond recognition".

The train was salvaged and was put to the train warehouse to be investigated before finally abandoned for good. However the "people" who ride the train didn't abandon it at all. Some night watch claim they hear a train engine running which is strange since the warehouse is full of defunct train that beyond repair. Some of the staff even claim they warn some people who mysteriously wait near the warehouse for their train (The train station once located near the warehouse before moved). And when the staff ask them, they seems fazed and claim they just walk there and wait for unknown reason.

And then come a popular tale of college student who have this unsettling experience. He was riding a train to Bintaro station back home and everything is alright to him. He claim that he sit there and look at the passing landscape as he got home. However the moment he reach a station, he felt tired and exhausted and greeted with worried train station staff. He was questioned for what he did out of blue much to his confusion.

"I just ride a train to come back home sir, is something wrong?" he ask.

"Young man, we saw you run along the train track all the way here!"

Even the man can't explain this strange experience himself. But he know the staff didn't lie. Because he is indeed running out of breath and on the verge of collapse when he arrive. But he still persist that he sit on the train and looking at the window.

Other than the strange man experience, there's also people claim they got a ghost passenger picture if they sneaking inside the warehouse and take a picture of the said train. However some claim that when they got the picture printed out,  the result they got is the train smeared red (Keep in mind this is 1987 and digital camera wasn't so popular at the time).

The crash site also not spared from the horror. Some people claim they tend to slip when they pass the train track right when the train about to pass. Some claim their car/bike sometime has a red trail as they passed the track. There's also unsettling record that some people would find ear of the victim stuck on the tree, proving how lethal the crash is...

If you curious, the college student is still alive and if you ask him about the incident, he still persist on his statement about riding Bintaro train to come home.

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