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Dreaded Expression

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First time posting here! This is something I made a while back, a distressed wormy. I like drawing little monsters like this, ever since I was a wee little cumber. 

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    • Quotation
      By Quotation
      ~ An Insomniac's Dream ~
      Love, as many would say, is a feeling that you can't truly explain. It's better to understand it through experience. Yet there are people who hate love. Or believe that it leads to nothing, more or less making them feel worse when it ends. One can choose to love or not, so knowing this. A particularly quiet, stoic, and almost cynical girl kept to herself from her friends and family.
      She had thought that loving would just make her less happy because of her past experiences, and because of those things that happened in the past. She finds it difficult to sleep. Sometimes going days without resting her head, only giving her eyes breaks when she can't even bring herself to keep them open. She may have felt vulnerable when she was sleepy. 
      It then slipped, her mind couldn't take being awake for any longer. On an oddly cozy night, by herself in her bed with a full belly, just a hint of moonlight coming through her window with a soft nightly breeze that cooled her head when she got too warm from her comforting blanket.
      She then had her first dream. In a world where she met a... Ghost? A wisp? A spirit of some kind? It called themselves her dream keeper, insisting that it travel along with her to face the problems she had so her mind could finally be put to ease. In this odd dream world, it seemed as though anything could happen. Such as finding a sense of love with this strange yet caring guide. She found herself sleeping better, to not only rest herself, but to see the one who helped guide her through troubling equilibriums...
      ~   ~   ~  ~ ~~~ ~ ~  ~   ~   ~
      Bppprrrrr! So I'm done with my short little break, since I just wanna get my ideas out there now. Even if it means I need to be more patient, since my account isn't very active at the moment. So I hope I can refresh myself a bit with this new idea I thought of!  
      (Keep in mind! There are image references at the bottom!)
      For this roleplay, I would like to take the role of the dream keeper. A little ghostly being that guides the girl throughout the story, and of course I'd for someone to take that role. But it doesn't have to be a girl if you don't it to be, and your actual gender doesn't matter when it comes to roleplay either. I'm usually pretty open when it comes to suggestions, tweaks, or ideas. So please don't be intimidated by me!  
      Here are some things I look for in roleplay:
      Decent Length  (About 2 - 3 paragraphs is good for me, but I can always negotiate!) Decent Details  (Details are always nice in a roleplay so you can truly imagine it!) Character Expression  (As in details from dialogue and the endings of sentences,  "!, ?~, ~, ..!") Here are some things I don't look for however:
      One Liners  (It's hard to reply to really short responses that give you nothing to work with, you know?) Excessive Fluff  (Fluff is okay, but not when it just slows down or stops the roleplay.) Ghosting  (Please do not ghost anyone. It's discouraging to get a roleplay going only for your partner to vanish without telling you anything. So please let others know if you're not available or want to stop the roleplay, we will always understand.) So now, here's the real meat of roleplaying... Kinks! Though I do hope that this roleplay will be more plot than smut, I don't mind at all having it, I'm sure that's why so many people enjoy roleplaying, right? Here are some kinks that I thought've for this:
      Oppai, Paizuri, Ecchi Scenes, Slight Size Difference, Passionate Sex, Cuddling, Casual Sex, Dirty Talk, and... Hand Holding...~
      If you want to add or tweak anything about these kinks, you may ask me through EcchiText. I can always adjust things for you as long as they aren't too extreme or out of my boundaries. So if you've read up to this point, then please consider checking out my preference sheet if you get confused about anything, but if that doesn't help you with anything, then you can always ask me something too! Remember, I enjoy roleplaying just like you. I don't bite... Unless provoked.   (Ò///Ó)
      I hope for this roleplay to be cute, creative, surprising, and fun for you. So if you're interested, please EcchiText me! I'm always looking for new people to roleplay with so we can have a great time together. I really enjoy roleplaying but recently things have been a tad slow, doing this lets me escape from the real world, which is something I'm pretty sure we all wish we could do. It takes me quite a while to make these posts from scratch so I hope this won't be wasted! And with that, I look forward to seeing you~ 
      And thank you for reading this~  ♥️

    • Quotation
      By Quotation
      ~ A Monster By Mail ~
      Being new is a difficult thing to handle, especially when there's very few to help guide you through your troubles. One thing we all deal with is growing up. So naturally, after graduating college you'd have to become completely independent if not so already. It's inevitable to have adult responsibilities, but with so little resources, it can be quite hard to know where to start. So just moving into an apartment before knowing where to live indefinitely, there'd need to be preparations before getting comfortable. Filling out complicated yet boring papers, finding a reliable job, and even just trying to find free time so you could relieve yourself of the stress that came with making it through life. 
      While you were getting settled into your new apartment, something was off. Things around your space would be moved around when you got back after your interviews, but not necessarily in a bad way. Things would be neatly placed, organized, and nothing would ever be gone. You'd only find out who was doing it when a peculiar letter was placed under your doorstep, one that told you that one of your neighbors was doing it. But it was never specified where they lived in the apartment complex. And while suspicious at first, things seemed to become a bit more casual as they kept sending letters, always seeing them slide under your door. Yet when opening your door to see who's there, no one would be standing or even walking away. 
      It wasn't just letters, other peculiar events would go on around your temporary home. This person may have been supernatural in some ways, it was never clear until you saw them. A monster, realizing why they chose to hide themselves from others. But with the kind and reassuring letters they sent you, it didn't matter what they looked like, right? 
      ~  ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~  ~
      Grrr! Alright, this roleplay idea was meant to be made around Halloween, but I got a bit sidetracked. Now, it's the weekend, so I have time to do a lot more fun things! So for this roleplay, I'm hoping to do a cute, mischievous slice of life roleplay! Where the female lead settles into a new apartment and gets greeted by strange letters and things happening around her house. Only to discover it was a monster the whole time. I wish for this to be a unique and cute roleplay, since there are a lot quickie styled, or darkly toned roleplays out there at the moment. I may bump a few of my own ideas, but anyway! I'd like to play the monster, and would LOVE it if someone else could be the girl in the story! If you've even glanced at my other ideas, I'm sure you know that I adore monster x human ideas, I'm probably a monster enthusiast at this point, whether it be a monster/creature/weird entity, or a monster girl!  ❤️ 
      Here are some things that I look for in a roleplay:
      Decently Length'd Replies - (About 2 or 3 paragraphs are enough for me, less if you so desire. Though I try to match my partner's lengths most of the time.) Details & Expression - (Detailed replies that add more to the story and characters are great, especially when there's a great sense of expression added to their dialogue!) Clear Communication - (This is really important for all roleplays! If someone says that they have no preferences, then they are lying! Everyone has different tastes and preferences, so why not tell one another so they can both enjoy the roleplay? I like it when roleplays are concise and have direction!) Now here some things that I don't look for:
      One Liners - (It's kinda frustrating to write a whole bunch for someone, and then they only give you a sentence or two back, you know?) Excessive Fluff/Padding - (A tiny bit of fluff is okay, but when it halts the story. It becomes a pain to get it back running again when you could be doing more fun and engaging things.) Ghosting - (This is incredibly discouraging. When you develop and eventually begin a roleplay, only for your partner to ghost you without reason is super annoying and makes the other person feel worse about themselves, there's no point to it. And only serves to make others feel bad about themselves. It's happened quite a lot to me so I would know.) So with those preferences of mine out of the way, how about we move onto kinks? The thing most people go for in a roleplay, where all the best bits come in, right? So here are a few of mine that I thought about for this roleplay:  
      ~ Ecchi Scenes,  Kisses,  Slight Size Difference,  Passionate Sex,  Gloryholes,  and Dirty Talk! ~
      But remember! You may always suggest some of your own! I'm usually pretty open to most kinks as long as they aren't too extreme. Things like extreme gore and scat just don't sit well with me. But enough about that. So if that wraps everything up for this roleplay, I hope you'll take interest and EcchiText me! I promise you an amazing roleplay!  (>///O)
      Roleplays keep me going, there a great stress reliever when work just gets me all riled up. So roleplaying is a hobby that I'll always love, and I only wish to make you happy by giving you a thought out, fun, and pleasurable experience... I'll see you soon~  (U///U)
      And thank you for reading this~ ❤️  
    • Nialla
      By Nialla
      Hai, so before I get into the scene, I only RP on kik or discord so if you like the setting feel free to message me on discord @Nialla #2208 or on kik @Apparent_Nialla
      So for the setting I had in mind, I'm kinda open to one of three. The first being a typical modern zombie apocalypse in a Left 4 Dead style with mutated infected, a small amount of immune humans, and plenty of monstrous fun. The second would be more Fallout-esque nuclear apocalypse with the expected human and beastial mutants scattered about for me to run into. The third would be more Sci-Fi less apocalypse I suppose, but for reference, think Dead Space with the necromorphs and relics mashed up with sci-fi elements and the steady decline and eventual fall of human society altogether.
      As for reference monsters, since mobile is kind of bullshit for website usage, think Centaurs from Fallout, Smokers, Boomers, and Jockeys from Left 4 Dead, Zombies/Feral Ghouls in general, and Mind flayers from DnD. The details of the RP can be hashed out in greater detail to fit our individual tastes and such, but on the chance that you (the person reading this) are interested, feel free to message me and ask about this setting!~ hope to hear from someone soon~ 💕
      (!!! Worth noting, I don't wanna die myself or like, be turned into/play a mutant/monster myself as that'll kinda take away from the whole kink I'm looking for here. I don't mind small changes to my characters appearance, but overall I wanna play a human~)
    • korokforest
      By korokforest
      howdy lads! here's my dumping grounds for ideas i'm currently craving. i'm a sub! my preference sheet is linked, but i'll include here a list of kinks i'm super down to include like, anywhere. 
      fave kinks: pregnancy, lactation, noncon, large insertion, leash & collar, size difference, ahegao, cock addiction, nipple penetration, bestiality, gangbang, public use, incest, birth, slutty clothing
      my cute lil lady (either cis or futa) ends up belonging/hopelessly addicted to a milfy futa; i have a lot of scenarios for this that i'd be down to discuss!!! fantasy universe where having a slave/mare/breeder is a sign of status, and monsters/beasts/etc. have taken to wearing theirs as jewelry in the form of belly riding/fanny packing. also have a ton of scenarios i can unload for this one. anything in which i get to play a heavily pregnant lady getting addicted to cock; to say i have scenarios for this is an understatement something based on a doujin called animal bride, where young ladies are given to horses (but i'll accept centaurs for this, too!!!) to be bred as part of their education. i can provide the doujin upon request! but forewarned: it's loli, but i would *really* rather it not be if we write it anything in which i get to play a cute futa getting addicted to cock incest anything, tbh, with super bonus points for futas being involved suggest stuff, i just wanna write lewd stuff my dudes ; n ;
    • JennyDK
      By JennyDK
      Another fairly simple premise I thought of that I think could be fun to dive into.
      Overall idea:
      A ruler of a kingdom, a monster of race and massive of bodily size, saves a young female from overwhelming danger and saving her life. Without much left of her former life, she is without a home. Generous and kind, he even offers this help to her.
      So happy with his help, she suggest wanting to be part of his court, eager to service him in bed and standing by him when he receives delegates or is out on other tasks or quests. They form a deep friendship over time, naturally. There is absolutely no point where she is coerced into anything and is content with her life as a one woman harem girl.
      Over time, more females join the harem as the ruler comes into contact with others, helping them out in various ways, building a lovely harem where everyone feels comfortable and well.
      Quick note:
      - I am NOT seeking master/slave or sub/dom fetish.
      - This will be a public RP
      Optional kinks/ideas:
      - The ruler being a hypercocked boy of age 10 or lower and magically cursed to never age
      - Multicocks - the ruler having 2,4, 6 or more cocks
      - Magical items with fun effects 😉

      Reference suggestions: (feel free to look through my galleries if others interest you more!)

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