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The Beach


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Beautiful white sand, ocean as far as the eye can see, all shrouded by a thick veil of tropical trees and shrubbery. It is, undeniably, a beach. And not just any beach, but a private beach, a private nude beach!

Several miles in length, and far off from civilization - The utmost level of privacy, surely to the relief to many a student frightened to toss their clothes. Though, on that note - Maybe it's most intimidating, undressing in front of the people you'd otherwise go home with, or study alongside?




The beach offers a number of amenities. Some key points would include plenty of space to merely lounge around, getting your tan on or catching up on that book you'd been saving. Vending machines are spread out in small roofed areas, offering a mix of small snacks, drinks, ice cream, you name it they have it. Best of all, no need to carry cash around, after all, that would be quite the challenge, would it not? The same band used to access your room or lockers can be used as a form of payment.

Aside from that, there's plenty of other things to explore and enjoy. Beach volleyball nets are set up all around, same with parasols. There's even some rumors about a cave down the southern end of the beach. Just be careful, you wouldn't want a teacher to spot you sneaking off! 

There's much to explore, just keep the etiquette in mind - You did read the pamphlet handed to you on the flight, right?



1. Looking is alright, but try to avoid staring at your fellow students.

2. Making a conscious effort to cover up is considered poor manners. 

3. Showing your crush how hard you can get is not flirting.

4. Footwear and small accessories are acceptable, consult your homeroom teacher if you're uncertain. On this beach, clothes are not acceptable.

5. Have fun!


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The tension on the busses was thick enough to slice through with a dull plastic spoon. Nervous glances, awkward laughs, mediocre jokes and whatever else could be thought of. After the three or so hours spent in the air, and an hour and a half of bussing, they were all getting scary close to their destination. At some point, the convoy of busses had turned off from the main road, and down a well-maintained but barely used one-lane road. Down another half hour and a thick concrete wall met them with an electronic gate. The gate moved effortlessly aside, letting the busses through, those in the last bus of the convoy would see it close behind them.

Another ten minutes or so, and the busses pulled up to the courtyard. The digital clock in the busses showed it was around 10am, it had been an early morning, but it was hard not to get a little amped up by the clear skies, the tropical heat, and the knowledge of what was to come. 

"Everyone gather up by the fountain!" could be heard shouted loudly from several teachers, trying to manage the crowd of nervous teenagers was no small task but luckily it went by pretty acceptably. After a quick tally to make sure nobody had jumped out of a bus on the way, and a better lunch, it was about time to get going. Luggage was being brought up to the students' rooms by the resort staff, and during lunch everyone received their keys - A small stretchy band with a chip on it. It was explained over the speakers how they worked, that they could be used both for paying for services, using lockers, and pretty much anything else imaginable. And of course an obligatory encouragement not to lose it, though replacements could be provided if necessary.


The principal held a brief speech back by the fountain they had first gathered by. Most would consider it on the boring end, just talking about how important it could be for the country and its future, and how fortunate all the students were to get to take part - Something very few were likely to agree with. Ms Niijima stepped up afterwards, and explained the rules, and she went over the pamphlet that had been provided on the plane ride as well. Besides that, there were announcements of when the core events were going to happen, which mostly just meant when meals were being served. And then they were off, to the last time they'd maintain any innocence, the dressing rooms. The last point where they'd be separated by their genders, teachers were separated to their own changing rooms, slightly less fortunate in not getting separate rooms to undress in. 

And then it was off, the school trip had officially begun!

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For the past week nothing beyond this trip had occupied Aiko's mind. While the idea that the school was having a field trip to some exotic private beach resort was exciting it was the other major point of the trip that had been eating at her: she would be naked! Okay, they would all be naked. That did help a little. Still! Naked?! Getting undressed in the locker rooms with other girls was bad enough, especially given her rather petite figure. But boys were also going to see her! She'd never been naked around a boy before! Well, okay, her father, but she was much younger and it was completely innocent!

Never even seen a boy naked. Oh my gosh.

A slight tinge of pink had been hanging upon her cheeks during the entire ride over. Today she'd been remarkably quiet, especially given how excited and outgoing she normally was. The entire trip had been spent staring outside the window, watching while the world passed behind them. It was the best way to keep her mind occupied on anything other than the fact that she was going to be seen naked by so many people. Even so there was some excitement lingering within the back of her mind.

I wonder what it'll look like? What if something lewd happens?!

Passing through the gates gave her a mixed feeling of both comfort and worry. It was private, so it wouldn't be the whole world present at the resort, but it also seemed almost like a prison! Well, okay, only the fact that they were being gated in gave that appearance. Rolling up to the resort proper gave an entirely different feeling: luxury. As per usual she waited to exit the bus last, not wishing to be trampled over by the taller kids in her class, and upon seeing the building where they would be staying she felt her jaw drop just a little.

"Woah! This is like where rich people stay!" she exclaimed, only to pull in her excitement a moment later. Announcements were being made, and so she gently wiggled her way to the front of the class. During the speech she had remained quiet, of course. It would be rude to interrupt and all! And for a few minutes the fact that they were all about to be naked slipped from her mind as the speech brought back some semblence of a typical school event. However once that was finished reality hit her once more. It was time for the dressing rooms.

Cheeks reddened and heart pounded as she entered, hurrying over to her assigned locker. Wait, why was she in such a rush? As she reached it she calmed herself, eyes focusing towards the ground as fingers nervously fiddled with buttons and ties. At least she could keep her hair pins. Those didn't count towards the nudity rule! It was something, right? Just a little bit of comfort. Luckily she also had really, really, really long hair!

Okay! Goodbye clothes! I'll see you in, um, I forgot how long we're staying here! I'll see you later!

Her locker was closed and locked. With a deep breath and a hesitant glance towards the exit she made her way over, stopping at the door. Hands trembled as they lifted up, gripping tightly against the handle. Eyes clenched tightly shut and then with a push she forced herself out to the other side!

As she stumbled out from the dressing room Aiko tripped over herself, falling flat onto the ground. After an embarassed groan she pushed herself up to her feet, rubbing her face with a hand, only to then quickly adjust her hair. A portion of her lengthy pink threads had been pulled over each shoulder in an attempt to naturally cover her tiny breasts, although the little pink tipped lumps were occasionally slightly exposed whenever she moved. They were after all quite small, and something she was just a little ashamed of. There wasn't much she could do for her petite figure. Nor could she do much for her little rump, although she did have some slight curves along her hips and, in turn, a nice smoothly rounded butt! It was something to be proud of! Still, her hands clasped together over her bare crotch, fingers nervously fiddling with a handful of her hair.

Oh gosh. Oh gosh. Oh gosh.

Aiko stood, anchored in place, gaze wandering in search of other people. Of course when she noticed the boy's dressing room exit her focus was pulled in that direction. She was really going to see some of the boys naked! What was that going to even be like?! Would they make fun of her for having such a tiny figure?! The poor girl couldn't help but to stare at the door, frozen in place by a mixture of curiosity and terror.

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If anxiety visited itself upon Takuya at any point during the wait leading up to the day of the trip, he hid it really well. There appeared to be no marked change in his behavior, instead bringing excited comments and random trivia facts likely gleaned off suspicious message boards. The party animal in the pink-haired male refused to let him feel any sense of anxiousness or embarrassment, even though he knew there was a big reason for this trip in the first place. However, he knew that this trip was simply only preparing them for their future and not actually throwing them into it... After all, less than half of them were actually ready for that level of responsibility, himself included!

"Man, I haven't even landed a solid job yet, and already I'm heading to... A place like this? Holy crap, I think it's hitting me now..."

THERE was the sense of anxiety and the visitations of crises upon his consciousness amidst the bus ride over, a classic tale of 'Too Little, Too Late'. There was no time left for him to wonder about how things would turn out amidst the trio, his glances occasionally going to other students. Some looked stoic and expectant of the trip, others even seemed excited about it! Come in, Rakuya, you had this! You were a party animal, not a worrywart! He ruffled his hair and shook his head, trying to get his head in the game and maintain his composure, but one wouldn't mistake that bouncing of his heel as anything but a nervous reflex. Before long, the busses stopped, and soon it was time to get to the explanations... Honestly, the wait was buying him enough time for his party animal to catch up, and the realization that he wouldn't just be seeing some of his favorite girls named, but even the guys too!

"Heheh, sorry, Akiho, but today you're gonna have to bare it all to the world!"

Maybe the tongue slipping free to wet his lips was a little excessive, but could he be blamed!? They were right before their date with destiny, genders being corralled off to the changing rooms. No doubt a majority of the guys couldn't wait to get out and see what all the girls looked like, but someone like Takuya was what they referred to as a 'Man of Culture' in memes, and once they got inside, Takuya made his way to his locker with a grin. These comfortable clothes would be stored for a time, the shorts coming off followed by his T-Shirt, the former revealing the pink-haired male was a fan of the 'Commando' approach! All but flawless skin from pink head to wiggly toes as he closed his locker and wore the key around his neck... No other place to put it now that the timeless invention of 'pockets' wouldn't be present anymore. Taking one last deep breath, Takuya psyched himself up and made his way to the exit...


"I... Have arriiiiiived~!" In moments, Takuya would strut away from the Boy's Changing Room, twirl, and adopt a pose that would have no doubt earned 'IS THAT A MOTHERFUCKING JOJO REFERENCE!?' somewhere in the background... Normally. Fortunately most were preoccupied with other things, leaving Takuya to take notice of a certain girl staring back at the changing room... Small, cute, a pinkette like him and absolutely crushing it... What fortune that Aiko would be the first one he would see! "Aha, if it isn't my other favorite Purveyor of Pink! I was not expecting that much cute out of you, wow..." Even dangling shamelessly in front of her eyes didn't seem to deter Takuya, rather it excited him, as he approached and maneuvered about the absolutely tiny lady. "Man, isn't this place just the best!? I was panicking like you wouldn't believe, but now I've stripped my worries free in the locker room! Along with my clothes! ... Aaaand possibly what little of my dignity I had left, but mostly my clothes! ... Say, you haven't seen if Akiho came out yet, did you? Small, cute, looks like a girl but is a tried and true bro?"

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Tucked neatly against the side of the bus as if he wished that he could just phase through the metal and glass, fall out of the side and not have to go through with this, Akiho was definitely in the more nervous group of students. He was, finally, comfortable and mostly confident in himself now, but while his body was more or less going right along the androgynous lines that didn't make him hate it for being too hard and masculine or too soft and feminine, that didn't mean that he wanted to let everybody see it just yet.

Not outside of certain fantasies, at least.
The trip was spent in silence as he fiddled with the blue-dyed tips of his braids, stared out of the window and wished that his ability to wear the comfortable- and also female -uniform wasn't directly tied to his coming here. Not that failing this class would be much better, even if it wasn't accompanied by that loss as well.

Unusually, given his usual craving for positive attention and validation, he hung back as the teachers talked to them. He, of course, made sure to pay attention and remember what was said; he was a good student, he didn't want to be here but he very clearly was here anyway and that meant that he had to do his best. And, as others nearby noted aloud, this was a rather nice place.
His resolve to do what he was told and strip off was very quickly tested when he joined the other boys in the changing room, forgoing his usual discreet glances at the pretty nice bodies in favour of merely a glance at the proudly bare backside of a certain pinkette while Akiho stared at his locker and lost the mental fight against himself.

Maybe if he just climbed into the locker and stayed there, then he could get out of this?
He knew he was already thought of as strange by others, even if they'd never said or done anything, Akiho was sure there was judgement behind some of those eyes and if he went out there in just his flower hairclip, socks and shoes, then what? He couldn't think of any answer to that and the lack of any specific negative response was far less noticed by his mind by the same lack of certainty over any positive way this could go.
It wasn't an unfamiliar cycle, he'd felt it pretty much every time he'd taken a step towards letting his outside looks feel comfortable to him, the same nerves appearing when he started growing his hair out, to dressing in clothes that didn't feel horrible and while nothing major had gone wrong so far, his mind was still very much caught on the 'so far' part.

If he was going to be stripped off, someone would probably have to do it for him. Either that or wait an hour or two for the reality of the situation and his lack of any choice to sink through his worries.

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     It seemed like the bus ride was both an endless mind breaking test of nerves and an almost instant moment that passed in a blink of an eye as the tall slender girl monotonously fiddled with her supplies on the way to the resort, managing to get one of the few solo seats sat Ishuhara Rin, the only daughter of chairman Ishuhara Toha of the ishuhara conglomerate... and for better or for worse, it was known among the students that her father played a large part in funding this trip, and partially owned the resort the school was sending us too.

     Sadly, as participation was mandatory, and clothing was banned, rin's reputation had... changed.... well before she was known as an honor student, an ace of the archery club, and even as a talented photographer. Now she was known as the daughter of the man responsible for sending the school to a nude beach... and well rumors and minor bullying followed her for a few days after the announcement, the womans cold glare, indifferent responce, and all too zealous fan club made it hard for anyone to do anything directly. So now she was mostly just alone... well aside from that... fan club. Which had atleast 3 people on the bus eyeing her for the entire trip.

     Regardless of any of this, the elegant black haired woman simply went about checking her belongings... taking a few quick snaps with her small electric camera before checking the pictures, pulling out her towel and hanging it around her shoulders eyeing the little floatation ring she brought along... not because she couldn't swim... but because it was cute... a small twitch of her lips as she smiled to herself.... looking forward to the beach.

As she realized the bus was getting closer to the resort she hurried, making the last few checks... she had her purse prepared with her cell, some cash and cards, snacks, some light makeup, sunscreen and... a few particular pills in case she needed one the morning after something happened. Additionally checking the oversized white sunhat she brought along as well as her sunglasses... glad she had them incase she needed to... have a little modesty in case someone looked for too long...

With a soft, relieved sigh that came out sounding bored she leaned back... straightening out the white bikini and side sash she was wearing rather then her uniform... knowing full well she would have to take it off soon enough, but atleast this was a nice half step towards what she would have to do for... basically the full trip... her cheeks barely tinting with a nearly non existent pink as she internally died from embarrassment...

     Then the bus stopped

     And the next thing she knew she was in front of the locker she was expected to strip at... she didn't even remember all the formalities she just went through or even getting off the bus... a single drop of sweat was rolling down her forhead as she simply unknotted her top, slipped off the bikini bottoms and dropped the skirt... neatly placing it all in her locker in a matter of about 15 seconds.... that said she would stall for another 5 minutes blowing up her little intertube as she mentaly syked herself up... looking bored and annoyed from the outside... grabbing her prescription sunglasses, hat, her purse on one shoulder, and intertube over the other. She walked out of the changing room... letting anyone look over her tall, hourglass frame... look at her grapefruit sized breasts and modestly sized nipples... or down to her slightly abover average tush... regardless there didn't seem to be a hair out of place anywhere... nore any signs of recent waxing... she was smooth and hairless anywhere you looked except her head... all the way down to her barely visible little pussy which was porcelain smooth...

     As she stepped out Rin noticed the smaller pink haired girl looking a little panicked... so without really thinking she reached into her purse and pulled out her pocky, popping one of the chocolate covered cookie sticks between her own lips before offering a cookie to the little lady "its harder to be nervous or anxious well eating, on a biological level" @Chiyako

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Posted (edited)

Akari on her part was conflicted about the trip. On one part, it sounded like easy grades - Just be naked and on a beach, should be difficult not to ace it. On the other hand... Well, they were going to be naked on a beach. She'd tried not to think too much of it the weeks leading up to the trip, but she couldn't deny she hadn't slept much that night. Though, she'd managed to catch up some Z's on the plane, much to one of the other girls of her club's dismay. She'd apparently been drooling all over her shoulder, how embarrassing!

"Yamamoto-senpai, take my bag!" Oh right. She was basically club prez now, Hasegawa sprained her ankle and couldn't go. While they weren't off for a race or anything, it seemed like the hierarchy was still running strong. Akari glanced over at Yui, a second-year and part of the same club. And, to the best of her memory, one of those that'd talked most about how to "accidentally" cover up after club meetings. Very noble of her, offering to sacrifice the bag she was bringing with. 

"I, uh... Thank you for the offer, but I think I'll pass." Akari replied with, scratching the back of her neck with an awkward smile. She was mostly stripped down, Yui was lagging behind. "But people are going to be looking at you!" came as a follow-up. Which was fair. She knew she had at least a few people who'd watch races or whatever just to ogle at her. "Aren't you embarrassed about this?!"

Akari let out a nervous chuckle. "O-of course I am, but..." She thought about how to formulate herself for a few seconds. "But I think that... How do I put it... It's more embarrassing, trying to cover up? Like... Oh! You know that thing, "imagine your audience naked to not get nervous", right? I think I wouldn't want to be the one person who's still wearing clothes, up on the stage. I'd rather be in the crowd. I think."

Yui looked at her like she was just rambling. Which was true, her thoughts were spread out across several continents. Nevertheless, she declined the bag, and offered to meet up with them later, that she wanted to just look around for a bit and explore. Glancing around the dressing - or rather, undressing - Rooms, there were all sorts of different emotions. She recognized Mayu from her own class - It was hard not to, the girl had tan skin and massive boobs, there were plenty of rumors that she'd go around late at night, hooking up with salarymen for money. Akari knew the rumors weren't true, though she didn't seem to have much trouble stripping, and she seemed plenty ready to just head out - Even if she didn't want to form the vanguard. She'd waxed as well, Akari was glad she wasn't the only one. It seemed to be a pretty even split, with a few of what Akari considered disasters spread among the crowd, who seemed to regret their choice of not even trimming a little. 

"I'm gonna go out now, but I'll see you around?" Akari said to Yui and the other girls from their club, who - most of them anyway - seemed to really take their time undressing. She gave them a little wave as she stepped out of the tent.

I guess I was right... Covering up does seem way more embarrassing.

Her eyes went around the crowd, there was a good mix both among the girls and the boys. Some were hiding their genitals behind a sandal, or like Yui had suggested, a bag of supplies. The ones who weren't trying to cover themselves up seemed a lot more at ease, though they too had bright red sheens across their cheeks. On her part, she'd ditched most of her stuff, and besides a beach towel and the key-band, she wasn't accessorizing or anything like. Oh, and her watch, she kept it on the same hand as the band. It was waterproof anyway, so she didn't have to worry too much about breaking it.

Heh. dicks are kinda funny when they're all floppy-like. Flip-flop, flip-flop. Wiggle-wiggle-wiggle.

She was mostly just shocked - And relieved on that note - that there weren't thundering erections everywhere. It seemed like nerves got the best of the lot.

"Maybe I should lay down and try to get a tan... But..." Her eyes glanced over at one of the volleyball nets that were set up. That could be fun. Though maybe not right away.

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"Dude... Are you still pouting?"

The question was directed at Makoto Matsumoto, who was sitting on one of the benches inside one of the changing rooms the boys of the group could use. If the sight of an eighteen-year-old young man pouting like a small child was not a strange enough sight for you, then just imagine if he was also buck naked, with a physique that was anything but childish, consisting out of tightly packed muscle -- fruits of a practiced passion for swimming.

The pouty swim club member in question gave no verbal response to his friend and fellow club member, but instead pouted even more intensely, arms folded across his chest.

“Yuuto, just leave him be,” said their club leader and team captain with a sigh as he packed away the last of his clothes. “He’s just having a bit of a fit over his fetish.”

“It’s not a fetish!” Makoto blurted out, sounding a little annoyed. Having jumped to his feet, he pointed right at the captain and proclaimed with vigor and a twinkle in his eyes, “Seeing girls in swimsuits is like looking at art! Especially racing swimsuits! The way the tightly woven fabric clings to their bodies and accentuates every-”

“-Whoa, time out there, Makoto!” the other member, Yuuto, quickly interjected. It wouldn’t have been the first time their ace had gone off on a tangent about the topic. Aside from competitive swimming, it was about the one thing that could rile up an otherwise relaxed and easy-going guy. Either one of the two would have made the argument that seeing their female class- and schoolmates completely naked was a way more interesting prospect, but after three years they knew better than to open that can of worms.

A few minutes later almost the entire boy’s swim club filed out of the changing room as a group. Some were awkward or embarrassed about being naked, attempting to hide their trunk torpedos behind a beach towel or something else, while others seemed a bit more confident. Makoto, however, walked around like nothing was wrong with the world, seemingly relaxed and his pouty mood having stayed behind in the changing room as a beach towel was casually hanging over one shoulder. 

...You’d almost think he’d been to such a place before. Though truth be told, he was just used to being ogled at. Every public match he’d feel their gazes on him and his competitors; the lustful eyes of women, ranging from those his age to adults of various ages. Thirst knew no gender bias in this day and age!

I have to admit that it does feel liberating for my manly bits.

The boys of the swim club began to splinter off as some joined close(r) friends or just wandered off on their own. Makoto belonged to the latter as he walked off onto the beach to have a good look at the sea. The sparkling water and soft waves were certainly a sight to behold, contrasting nicely with the sandy white beachfront, but it was a bit too early in the day to go in and swim, even on a hot summer day. As his eyes wandered around, he noticed a familiar face nearby, her gaze seemingly drawn towards one of the setup volleyball nets.

“Looking to play a match, Akari?” he asked the track and field club member, who also happened to be in the same year and class as him, as he walked up to her. A brief glance was spared at her body beforehand, checking out her assets, from curves to toned muscle. It was an unconscious move, fueled by the raging hormones of puberty. And, to be perfectly honest, curiosity also got the better of him, as even in a tight-fitting track and field competition top and bottom, you could tell she had a nice body.

But it was for just a brief moment though, as he reminded himself of the rules in the pamphlet, as well as the hypocrisy of openly ogling someone else when he’d been subjected to it plenty of times.

“If we get at least two more people, we could do some classic two’s,” he went on to suggest.

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Ba-thump! Ba-thump! Ba-thump! Ba-thump! Ba-thump!

The entire world was drowned out by the pounding of her heart. It wouldn't be long now. Someone was going to come out of that door! What might happen when they did? Would they make fun of her? Or maybe they just wouldn't notice her? What if she fainted?! There really was no telling what might happen until it did, but whoever did exit first was bound to have some sort of big impact! Right?!

Here it comes!

With gusto the door to the boy's changing room swung open! As it turned out a pink-haired boy had made his grand entrance! Someone she knew, in fact! He was calm enough to utterly flaunt his nudity! Heck, he evan gave a little twirl when he exited!

Wait. Is that a Jojo reference?!

A still somewhat nervous giggle slipped free from Aiko's lips. It was enough to melt away most of the fear that had paralyzed her in place, although she did still remain somewhat trembling in her spot, especially so when the boy actually took notice of her. Red instantly filled her cheeks, body tensing somewhat. He saw her naked. She saw him naked! That was a penis! It didn't help either that he was quite handsome. Now her heart was beating quicker for another reason!

"H-hey Takuya!" squeaked the poor girl, heart fluttering as compliments were heaped upon her. He thought she was cute?! She didn't know if this made things better or worse. Of course she'd normally rush right on over and greet her friend with a hug, but, well, her feet just wouldn't move. Still, she was smiling now at least! "Y-you're really handsome" she replied sheepishly. Of course she was focusing on keeping her gaze leveled towards the boy's face, although that was quite difficult given both the situation and their height difference.

"Akiho? No. Not yet. U-um, we could wait together for him? I-if you'd like?"

Perhaps it was good that Takuya was the first to exit. He was generally really friendly! And they really did get along well! In fact his presence alone was already starting to melt the terror which gripped at her! Maybe all of this wouldn't be so bad after all?

The next person to exit was a girl. Ishihara Rin. She was well known around the school as being perhaps partially responsible for the trip. But Aiko didn't hold any ill will towards her for it. Why would she? It wasn't like she was trying to hurt anyone by it! If anything she was probably trying to help them! Somehow!

Of course seeing another girl naked in the locker room wasn't too bad, but in this environment things were different. Only now did Aiko really take notice of pretty Rin was! For a moment she was left staring, cheeks heating up yet again with embarassment. Fingers fiddled just a little more roughly with the tuft of hair they had captured. This trip was going to be difficult, wasn't it?

When the girl approached her Aiko tensed up yet again! But when the pocky was produced all of that built up tension melted away within an instant. With a quick bow of her head she reached out with both hands to accept the gift, no longer trying to cover herself. Quickly the delicious sweet was brought to her lips and swiftly nibbled upon, much like how a hamster might feed. Normally she would take some time and just enjoy such a snack, but right now she was nervous, and this sort of thing was badly needed!

"Thank you Rin! Y-you two really aren't bothered, huh?" Aiko asked, glancing between the two of them. Of course her gaze was briefly distracted when the doors opened again. Boys and girls were filing out more quickly now. Sports teams from both sides! For another moment she was caught gawking, only to then snap her attention up towards Rin and Takuya.

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"Ooh, you think I'm handsome? Not even two minutes without the clothes and already I'm receiving compliments! I can't believe I was actually worried coming here!" Takuya found himself laughing. One solid look at the male showed he seemed to care a great deal for his form... Maybe for shallow reasons, maybe for lewd ones. No matter the case, there seemed to be little to no hair present sans that which existed on his head, although if one looked close, they could see a shockingly small patch of pink where one's hairs would exist down below. "I couldn't help but notice you seemed jittery. You're not the envious sort, are you? Because I happen to like-"

His words were interrupted by the arrival of another... Oh, now this was a figure he knew! Ishihara Rin, daughter of some of the most prominent sponsors for this trip in the first place... In contrast to others, Takuya rarely seemed to share words with her, though not out of dislike. Much like certain other ladies amongst the trip, he simply felt some were just too far out of his league, and the ever stoic Rin was one of those... Although now he was observing her in an entirely different light. Very much ontop of things, as clean as he was (well, his mind was filthy at least; He doubted that much from Rin). Her body was shaped generously, not too overwhelmingly curvy, but healthy enough to be seriously appealing to the male (though given how easily he took interest in other's bodies, maybe he was simply easy). In a not-so-rare display, Rin rendered assistance to Aiko with the age-old delight of Pocky.

"It's nice to see you, Rin!" It was time to start building bridges and getting over his awkwardness in talking to her... One way or another. "I kind of expected you to not come on the trip somehow, since... Well, not everyone really agreed with it. They didn't give you too much grief, did they?" Takuya folded his arms, maintaining casual conversation despite their collective states. "Well, there's nothing to it. We're all here now, so let's make the most of it! Truth be told, it's nice to see what you're packing~" The pink-haired male stuck his tongue out as he teased Rin a little, before catching Aiko's comment about Akiho.

"He hasn't come out yet? Man, he probably got cold feet... You two wait right here, I got this." With an exaggerated linking and popping of his digits, the male pinkette strolled back toward the changing rooms, wandering the lockers until he found his erstwhile friend. Perhaps Takuya could have done what he needed to inside of there without incident... But this is Takuya we're talking about...

"Nope, not a chance, Aki! Quit fidgeting!" Takuya grunted, hauling Akiho from the changing room, still clothed for the moment. "Friends don't let friends fail themselves because of cold feet! Now, as your good friend... I'm sorry but I've gotta strip you whether you like it or not!" With that, Takuya reared back and hefted Akiho up like he was going to get suplexed... Before throwing his weight forward and planting the girly males' feet on the ground. The image was... Less than wholesome-looking to Aiko, Rin, and others who may have been watching, Akiho bent over with Takuya's pelvis pressed against his backside, wrestling to strip Akiho's top off first. Thankfully, that was the easy part, everything else...

"Look, if you want, you can maybe keep the stockings, I'm not sure what the ruling is on that, but everything else has got to go! ... Unrelated, but I never knew your ass was that soft." Takuya whispered the last part of his sentence, blinking in surprise, before he shook his head. He couldn't let himself get distracted now! The fight was hard, almost as hard as the pink-haired male had become amidst the struggle, but before long victory was achieved as Akiho's most prominent clothes were cast into a nice little pile, while the boy in question was hooked by Takuya's arm with a grin. "Much better! Honestly, you could give a lot of these girls a run for their money... And the boys too! Goddamn, you two seeing this monster?" Takuya's lack of shame was legendary as he spoke to Aiko and Rin, but this was new heights as he smiled and showed off Akiho, surprisingly bigger than him. "I can't believe you wanted to hide that, for shame! You gotta show your stuff, Aki! You're practically the best of both worlds! Sort of!"

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Everyone else sure seemed to be taking their time in going away, Akiho noted as he played with his hair nervously, beginning what would have been a slow slide into eventually giving in to reality, stripping off and slipping out as unseen as possible. He liked being looked at, sure, but that was when it was the good sort of looking, when people saw how cute he was and to be entirely frank, what he had tucked away was far from cute.

He was about to sit down and listen in to the conversations going on outside when the beginning of one of his fantasies started happening in real life. A very nicely naked Takuya reentered the now-empty changing room, cunningly distracted Akiho with his fully exposed dick and then grabbed the smaller boy.
Sadly there was none of what typically happened next in Akiho's various daydreams involving, if he was honest, most of the student body, but being pulled and carried around wasn't actually unpleasant, even if there was a stab of panic, fear and other things when Takuya dropped him off in front of an audience to be stripped down.

Akiho's face was pretty red even before he felt the hands back on him, pulling and clawing at his clothes and both that sensation and the way his body decided to respond to it had his blush grow fast and strong.
He wasn't in bad shape himself, as Takuya would get to feel, but the surprise, distraction and better leverage proved to be his undoing and his top was pulled off to expose a hairless upper body and a small, hard little pair of nipples. The skirt followed, revealing the silky blue panties that Akiho had already started to burst out from. He attempted one last escape attempt by smacking his soft round butt against Takuya's crotch, but that failed to accomplish much and he was left stood in Takuya's hands, a surprisingly large and by this point semi-erect penis pointed in the general direction of both Aiko and Rin.

The poor guy mumbled something in response to Takuya's words, his face apparently trying to see how red it could go while he stood there with a flower in his hair, socks up to his thighs and with nothing covering his body other than a faint floral scent and a pair of delicate hands that were just a bit insufficient for that job.
Much like Rin, Akiho's body was entirely hairless, the absence of any hair at it's base perhaps responsible for making what he had seem even bigger.

"Hi." He stammered out eventually to the two girls, trying to smile as if he wasn't pointing a partially erect penis at them.
Takuya, on the other hand, got an attempt to put an elbow in his side, although judging by the twitch that followed between Akiho's legs, the feeling of skin on surprisingly soft skin felt pretty good. And Akiho had definitely been taking very good care of his skin, given how soft it was.


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@Chiyako     Rin watched the girl munch on the glorified little cookie stick, well she went ahead and munched on her own. nodding aprovingly as she ate it... munching it kind of like a smol chipmunk... and well internally the slender beauty was basking in the adorableness of the little lady as she enjoyed her treat, and calmed down... externally though she gave the girl an approving nod... not really hearing the question in the moment... which probably could be taken as saying she was not bothered.... misunderstandings are a fantastic thing.

@Gardsorm     regardless, rin went about fiddling with her purse, pulling out her camera... intending to take a quick picture with the girl to hopefully make her realize she looked fantastically adorable and had no reason to be nervous about her appearance. however in the time it took her to fiddle with her purse it was suddenly brought to her attention that the pink haired man. she blinked once, looking at him blankly... internally dying from embarrassment as her face was devoid of any response. though as he spoke about her avoiding the trip her father helped fund, she curtly retorted with what sounded like a pre-rehearsed comeback, she started talking with her all too bored, worn out voice "If i where to avoid such a trip my father had helped organize simply due to embarrassment, it would run counter to the entire purpose of this entire trip, and ultimately reflect poorly on the Ishuhara family. any problems caused by the families choices needs to be approached head on. that said thank you for your concern. that said I would ask you refrain from... "seeing what im packing" too much... a quick glance is fine, but staring is against the rules." every word seemed to have the curt formality of a professional sales rep. well her mind was racing as she was trying to retain her pride as best she could.

@Bluenails     in the time it took her to finish talking, and politely replying to the man who.... she was doing her best to avoid looking at his nether regions... her eyes looking bored as she looked off to the side, trying to catch a glimpse of the ocean somehow... she was in fact... so side tracked, that she didnt realize he left... or that he came back... so when she glanced back at the girl the pink haired guy brought with him, raising an eyebrow as she looked her up and down without really thinking abo- "I thought you where a girl?" the words slipped from rins lips in a cold unapologetic and uninterested statement, well inside she was shocked enough to have her eyes linger south... where the femboys manhood made it quite clear that the cute girl she had secretly taken a dozen pictures of in the past, was actually a guy... not quite as cute, but still rather nice...

all n all she was quietly enjoying the view of the three of them... so she finished pulling out her camera, quickly flicked it on and breezed through the settings, before catching a little selfie with herself off to the side. an annoyed akiho elbowing takuya with his playful energy, and the little aiko with a smidge of chocoloate left from her pocky smeared on her lips.... complete with all of their bare bodys on full display.... topped off with rin holding two fingers up and her version of a smile... which looked like little more then a slight twitch of her lips... on the inside... she was having fun allready.

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A timid nod was Aiko's response to Takuya's response to her compliment. What else was there to say? He was handsome! She was having troubles allowing her gaze to roam over his form, and certainly failing during brief flashes of lacking focus. But could anyone blame her? All of this was new to her! And she was curious! Also, again, he was really handsome! Actually now that she got a closer look he was very much like her: beyond his head there just wasn't any hair present on his body! Wait, no. If she looked really close she could maybe see-

"E-envious? Um. W-well no" she hastily mumbled, turning her gaze away for a moment. Okay, she was. Of Rin. Rin was so pretty! And cool! Well, they were both cool. Heck neither seemed to mind the situation! Why should she? But then that was easier said than done, wasn't it? In any case she did grow just a bit more flustered when Takuya mentioned checking out Rin and, more importantly, when Rin pointed out that it was against the rules to stare. "S-sorry if I, um, look too long. You're really pretty. I-i'll do my best though!"

Suddenly the boy's changing room door flew open! Takuya emerged once more, only this time he was carrying Akiho! And it was quite lewd too! Heck, it got even more lewd when Takuya started to strip the poor boy! But of course that wasn't the only thing either: both boys were becoming erect. Poor Aiko couldn't even manage to uphold the rules, eyes widening as she stared in awe. Akiho was especially gifted! She had never expected that!

It's huge! Omigosh! That is supposed to go inside?!?

Just the thought of it prompted the poor girl's legs to squeeze together out of instinct. Still, she did manage to muster a smile, raising a hand to wave back towards Aki! "H-hello! Um. Uh. Sorry in advance. F-for staring, I mean. You're both really cute! I m-mean, all three of you are" she stuttered out, only to turn away, drawing in a deep breath in an attempt to further calm herself. If they could do this then she could do it!

When she turned back to face them she noticed Rin lifting a camera. A picture! If she could relax for that then she could relax for everything else! And so with a nervous smile she lifted both hands, flashing peace signs towards the camera as the picture was taken!

"Oh! What should we do first?! I mean, um, if you guys want to go together and do something! As a group!"

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@Chiyako "Not envious? Well, that's good then! Honestly, envy has no business being here at this beach, we're all good, sexy people making the most of our teacher's choice to bring us here. Some people like big ones, some like small ones, and then there's people like me who enjoys them all. Honestly, if you wanted to keep staring, I wouldn't mind at all! I'm not quite a stickler for rules~" Takuya smiled and winked, noticing that Aiko seemed to relax a little more after the snack she was given... Though he also noticed her squirming once he'd finished stripping Akiho down, prompting an unseen wicked grin to cross his features. Was their little pink-haired lady anticipating playing with something like that, or was it spy a worried reflex? Well, this was a trip to a Nude Beach, but they never really elaborated on exactly what could happen on it... Well, now was probably not a good time to entertain wicked thoughts with Rin present.

@DreamsnThings "Wow, that was almost clockwork, Rin!" Takuya couldn't help but tease the curt student, linking his fingers behind his head and leaning back slightly. "Basically, you don't actually want to be here, but made yourself go out of pride for your family? I... Well, doesn't that kind of suck? You should be considering more of what you want as much as you do for your family name... But I'm just a troublemaker with his head in the clouds, so I'm not the best for a motivational." Takuya flashed a toothy grin, before he blinked at being accosted for staring a little too much. He was halfway close to teasing her again, but remembered it was against the rules to stare overlong. "Right, right, I'm sorry. Kind of let the moment elude me. For what it's worth though... You're not bad at all. Not just to look at, I mean but... I expected you to be stone-cold and just blow me off completely, but you just reminded me about the rules even after I gave you a heavy lookover. I guess I was wrong about you all this time!" A soft giggle escaped the troublemakers' lips, before the gentle elbow from Akiho reminded him that retribution needed to be visited upon him for his uncalled for assault on Akiho's fashion.

@Bluenails "Oh, come on, it wasn't that bad. Honestly, I think that's the first time I just let myself get carried away with stripping someone, and I think I was kind of gentle! Well... Except back there, sorry." The pink-haired male scratched his cheek lightly, reminded that Akiho's tush was no longer sacred ground with the taller boy having ground against it while he tried to strip his friend. "Besides, your skin was just so silky smooth, how in the heck do you manage it? You're gonna have to tell me your secrets before this is all over!" There was no end to Takuya's energy, draping his arm around Akiho's shoulder and dangling slightly. Shame didn't seem to exist in his vocabulary, making no effort to create any distance between the two of them and going all in on the skin-on-skin contact. However, the highlight of all this was hearing Rin confess she thought Akiho was a girl!


"Hahah...! Seriously? ... Well, not that I blame you, when I first saw him, I kind of thought the same too, but I got a good look when he bent over one day. I suppose it's something only one with a trained eye for perversion like mine can really see." He remarked, before shaking his head. "Honestly, there was never anything wrong with it either, to me. I till super cute, even after seeing what he's got. I mean, seriously, this face? Makes me want to get on his nerves just to see him pout... Possibly some other things too, but nooot the kind of stuff I would admit openly. Usually." He quickly covered his tracks, thankfully missing out on the observation that Rin had already been snapping pictures. There was no telling what else Takuya would ask her to take a picture of if he knew.

@Chiyako @DreamsnThings @Bluenails As much fun everyone was having, Aiko speaking up prompted Takuya to look to Akiho for the moment, before he hummed. "Well, first things first, me and him need to go and store his clothes once I get most of the sand out of them. After that... Well, anywhere is fair game to me. We could check out our rooms at The Resort, or wander the beach... Well, maybe that's more a 'me' thing. Honestly I can't help but want to explore and see what kind of mystery locales I can find around the beach. A hidden cove, an underwater cave, a secluded place... Stuff like that just tickles my fancy!" He shivered with delight, before he cleared his throat. "But let's hear everyone's ideas before we decide. We did spend a long bus ride over here, after all. Rin, Aki? Thoughts?"

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@Moon Hound Hati Oh, hi Makoto. She looked over at the swimmer as he came over, though she wasn't really seeing anything she hadn't seen before. Well, apart from the bits that would be skin-tight in a competition anyway. Still, it'd be a shame to not at least look, right?

Yup. That's a penis alright. Cock and balls. Gun and ammo. The king and his jewels. Frodo and Samwise at the base of Mount doom. 

 He had a nice physique, no denying that. Generally the whole swim team did, came with the territory. She did occasionally go to their races, particularly around the time she'd been dating Yuuto, though that relationship hadn't exactly lasted. A month and a half or so, but good looks didn't make up for lackluster chemistry. At least it had been a clean breakup, both of them had been chewing on it for a while that maybe it was best to break it while things were still good between them.

"Uhuh, was thinking about it," Akari replied, glancing between the volleyball net and the swimmer. She was a little conflicted - On one end, it would leave her really exposed, and she wasn't sure if she was quite ready for that. On the other hand... If she didn't establish some kind of "normality", she'd just go around feeling uncomfortable all day, possibly for the entire trip. In a way, doing something that left her that exposed, while doing something fun, it felt like it would really just establish a good baseline. Like, a "if I can do this, I can do anything!" type thing. Well, screw it. She turned her head towards her club members, more specifically Yui, who she knew was actually pretty alright at volleyball, the other ones she didn't know.

"Yui! Play volleyball with us!" Akari shouted, maybe a bit too loud, over at Yui. The girl with the purplish hair, who was in the middle of putting up a parasol, still keeping the bag in front of her, turned to shout back. "Like hell I would!" 

Akari shouted back, "Your loss!" Yui didn't even hesitate with the reply, it came just as Akari was finishing up. "No!"

She shrugged, giggling a little as she turned back to Makoto. "I don't think she's joining." Still, she hadn't completely given up and turned to Yui again. "We'll be playing against the swi-"  

"Don't care!"

Akari shook her head, she enjoyed that she'd be able to tickle a good reaction out of Yui if nothing else. "They'll come around." 

Still, that left them a couple players short, and she would really have enjoyed some kind of "swim club vs. track and field" match. They could always just pull some randoms, though finding someone willing to have their jewels - Or tits for that sake, flopping around, five minutes after undressing seemed like it'd be a real challenge. 

"How about we pick up some drinks for now?" Even though it was still morning, kind of, the Okinawa sun was brutal, getting enough to drink through the day would be pretty vital. "My treat."

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Much like the students, Ms. Niijima was bursting with anticipation. She'd missed the nude beaches of Germany and France so terribly badly, and had for years dreamed of beaches of that nature showing up around Japan. After all, shared onsen weren't exactly uncommon, so she struggled to see how the morality of it could be any different, even if one of them were rooted in tradition and the other wasn't. Nevertheless, she was happy that she, along with a few similarly interested people in the business and politics world, had managed to wrestle the cabinet to allow the project to happen. It'd been a long time in the makings, but it was finally happening! The school she taught at was finally going to be able to experience a joy she'd only been able to experience because of her prior workplace, one that she hadn't even known existed before going abroad.

Her son was understandably less thrilled, she knew he'd had a hard time, her involvement in the project wasn't difficult to piece together, and a lot of students were less than thrilled about the trip. Of course, she'd had a good talk about boundaries with him, but things were... Tense between them, she knew he probably hated her guts at the moment, she just hoped that would change once the week was over.

Akane, among a few other teachers, opted to pay a few extra yen for the business class seats on the plane. She had a smug smirk on her lips throughout the entire flight. A smile that could only convey one thing - "Fuck you principal, I win this round." She'd fought with teeth and nails to make it happen, the principal on the other hand seemed less enthused. Still, with a complimentary champagne flute in hand, the mood seemed to lighten a little. And with the principal in on the action, she helped herself to a beer as well - after handing out the pamphlets anyway.


After dealing with the announcements, it was off to the dressing rooms for the teachers too. She had a notable strut in her steps, and while undressing, she was humming to herself as each piece of her clothes were neatly folded and put in the locker, alongside her valuables and anything that she'd end up losing in the sand. There were lifeguards from the resort sitting around the beach ready to intervene if anyone were struggling to get back to shore, so she could just focus on enjoying herself, she hoped. 

"Hmm, I've gained a bit of weight it seems," Akane said to herself, looking at one of the mirrors pinching her stomach a little, before turning to look at her back end. Still, despite her statement, there was a distinct lack of care in it. It was a pure observation, not a voice of concern. Besides, thin was out, wasn't it? Though she wasn't a master at internet lingo, she'd picked up on some of it. She'd initially thought "dumptruck ass" and "thicc" were insults, but it seemed to be the contrary. While she'd usually shaved in Europe, she preferred trimming. She felt like she'd be trying to relive her teenage years if she kept it cleanly shaved, keeping and maintaining it felt like the more "mature" look. 

Oh well, it was about time to head out, wasn't it? Wouldn't be a good example for the students if students were reluctant to go out as well, now would it? She picked up her sunglasses and a big white sun-hat, and she brought with her a cooler filled with water-bottles, just in case, students falling over from heat-stroke and dehydration wouldn't be a good look for the project, now would it? She figured she'd remain close by the changing rooms for the time being, both to answer any questions, and because she was pretty confident there would be some that'd need some encouragement to head out.

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Hey, my eyes are up here!

He bit his tongue, restraining himself from throwing the words out jokingly as he noticed Akari giving his magic Johnson a quick inspection before the match. While Makoto was a bit more of a grower than a shower, he'd say it was about average in length in its current flaccid form. Don't quote him on that though as that pure speculation on his part -- and he had the Google search history to prove it!

He had to admit he felt just a wee bit self-conscious about being checked out by the track and field member. Maybe it was because she dated Yuuto, even if it was for a pretty brief period? He honestly couldn’t say…

Come on, think of math or something else boring! Now is not the time to boot up the lightsaber, young Padawang!

With that in mind, he tried to keep the tingle of embarrassed excitement from pitching a beach pole. Meanwhile, Akari called out to one of her fellow track & field members in an attempt to get their volleyball doubles match going, but Yui would have none of it, rejecting the offer more than clearly. Seeing that they would be coming up short in players, she suggested they get some drinks, instead.

"Yeah, sure. Now that I think about it, I haven’t had anything since we landed at the airport," One of the principal rules of any sport was to stay well hydrated. The sun was also quite brutal already, raising the temperature well above the required minimum for prancing about outside naked.

"Your treat, huh? How could I possibly say no then?"

With a chuckle and a slight grin on his face, they set off towards the small row of stands that hugged the edge of the beach, lined up along the wooden boardwalks that all lead further into the resort and to the hotel. Some only sold food or drinks, some both, and others a variety of other goods, such as suntan oil.

"Crap, I forgot to put on suntan before heading out," Makoto said as they stood in front of a stand to order some drinks, the overhanging roof providing them with a bit of shade to shelter from the sun. "Guess you wouldn’t happen to have any on you I could borrow?" He was joking, of course, seeing as they were both without any pockets or bags currently to put stuff in.

"Mind holding my drink while I buy a bottle real quick? I’ll rub some on your back if you haven’t applied any yet either. My treat." And with a playful wink, he jogged the short distance to another nearby stand that sold suntan oil. Returning shortly after with a deep blue plastic bottle with a bright orange cap in hand, he took his drink off her hands with the other.

"Thanks for waiting. Cheers!" Lightly tapping his chilly glass of soda against hers, he took a good swig and felt instantly refreshed. "Ah~ That hits the spot!"

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The continuing physical contact was good, as were the way the two girls looked at him.
The coldness in Rin's voice, though, that made Akiho wince a little, and the way both her and Aiko's eyes went to his worst feature, the far too big thing between his legs that, despite his wishing for it to calm down, had only gotten more excited under the attention.
Still, Takuya was there, saying nice things about him, and close enough for Akiho to lean in against, his body angled so that his crotch was hidden behind the pink-haired boy's hip.

"You're really cute, too" he replied bashfully to Aiko, having listened enough to be reminded that staring was bad, but looking wasn't, and taking in the short girl's body with a pang of the now familiar mixture of appreciation and envy that tended to be his response to cute girls. The little pinkette was adorable and he wanted to cuddle her and braid her hair and he wasn't quite sure if he wanted to have a chest more like hers, to do things to hers or, more probably, a bit of both and, as for Rin ... it was unfair how cute girls were.

"I just wear the clothes that are most comfortable to me and like being cute." Akiho replied to the taller girl with a little shrug and inadvertent rub against the body he was half hidden behind. The picture that followed shouldn't have been unexpected, Akiho had noticed that Rin had taken a couple of him already and not in the upskirt-seeking way others had tried in the past, and he gave a shy little smile, his blush having started to subside now that he had hold of Takuya and everyone wasn't staring at his dick any more.
That was, he had to admit, because it was pressed against the back of Takuya's thigh, but it still felt good.

"I wouldn't mind exploring your secret places," Akiho began, with a little smirk that suggested that his choice of wording wasn't as accidentally suggestive as it might be taken, especially combined with how, out of sight of the two girls, takuya's backside received a little bit of a squeeze. "But maybe it'd be better to have a walk around and see what's on and by the beach first, then maybe we could share some icecream or..." his gaze went back down from Takuya's face to Aiko. ".. or some some other little snack together. I'm not opposed to getting adventurous, but maybe not right away?"

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     All n all, rin was quite pleased with this situation. there was an adorable chipmunk of a little lady fussing over the comment I had made about stares, a fairly chiseled Pinky boy who she thinks was on one of the schools sports teams, and a guy whos femininity would put several girls to shame, with a elephant trunk that probably would deter guys from the group on the simple merit of not wanting to get compared to him... she closed her eyes and let out an audible, delighted sigh... that probably came out like she was sick of their shit... when frankly she was pretty happy at the moment... certainly made for a good picture at the very least. 

     but first it seemed she had to clear a few small things up, turning to the cute little chipmunk of a girl rin started talking... trying to sound friendly and joking.... but coming out as annoyed and tired. "well I cant say staring is ever a good thing to do, atleast with you I dont have to worry about your hormones running rampant... Meanwhile you can never be too sure with males... plus its not like other girls couldnt have seen me in the locker room... So i dont particularly mind you looking" as she finished speaking, she directed the last few words at the two guys... intending to sound playful... buuuuuut sounding about as pissed off as a parrot whos nest just fell out of a tree... with her eyes looking sharp enough to cut steak.

     as soon as she finished "clearing up" one misunderstanding, she turned to the peach headed man and let out an actual annoyed sigh... which sounded almost exactly the same as every other sigh she has had.... well... ever. her words coming out in a mixture of rehearsed and agitated.... though just coming out as bored.  "well its true that going here was not exactly an anticipated event, I am here now, regardless of my personal preferences. I will refrain on saying if It "sucks" or not and simply say it was necessary for my presence to be noted here. however you should avoid selling yourself short, as I have been told that someone with a cheery personality ultimately makes outings like this more enjoyable for everyone involved, and helps bolster others productivity... additionally for situations like this, someone with as much.... presence as you will likely help encourage the goals of this outing. so please continue with your... personality... and remember to please follow the appropriate rules whenever possible." she was quite pleased with herself... thinking that she managed to make it sound friendly, well stern, and even gave him a compliment!.... but well... with her deadpan voice.... well... that doesn't need further explanation for how it sounded...

     Looking at the feminine male her blue eyes where momentarily locked on him, frosty blue as her steely gaze looked him over... most of her face hidden in shadow from her hat... then she spoke... her words sounding hard and a little bit like a reprimand... well she was more so trying to comfort and encourage him... regardless of how it came out "well I cant say I personally understand your choices, its important to know you should avoid wearing clothes on the beach or in the resort... least you want senpai to dock your grades... Personally im against having grades be involved with this outing, but as thats what was decided... Its best to be mindful of yourself... Including what you choose to say..." her last few words where intentionally a little sharp, trying to remind him that well this is a nudist beach, sexual harassment laws still exist... and she was a little worried some more sensitive foreigners or students might take his comments the wrong way...

    All together she was simply trying to help... and on the inside she was squealing like a little girl... thinking she was doing a great job at making new friends... well on the outside she was simply taking a peak at the photo she just took... looking uninterested all n all... though at the mention of playing and exploring she chimed in with a sullen little note... still sounding simply bored "the last thing the ishuhara family wants from this trip is undue rumors spreading... I intend to be on the beach for most of the day... well in view of anyone who might wonder where I am.  you all are welcome to talk to me if you have any issues or concerns I can help with." she was mildly bummed that she couldnt go on her own little adventure... but atleast she could enjoy the beach... her expression has not really changed even slightly from when she first offered the cute chipmunk a pocky though... so it was... hard to tell.

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Takuya did have a good point about people enjoying different, well, sizes. Aiko was the same way! Probably! Okay, she did know that she liked girls of all shapes and sizes, and same with boys! Dicks were new to her, but she could probably come to the same conclusion regarding them. Of course looking at erect ones certainly did get the blood flowing! Wait, did he just say he didn't mind her staring?! Instantly her cheeks brightened again, although she also followed up on the comment with a timid nod. "W-well you can look if you want too" she replied, forcing her hands to remain at her sides now. It was only fair, after all. Would she do that right now? No! Rin was clearly uncomfortable with such things! But perhaps later out of view of the teachers she might!

I wonder what it feels like.

The poor little student's face remaind a red hue as Akiho threw her a compliment, prompting her to wiggle in place with glee! "W-well I think they look good on you. The clothes, I mean! You should feel comfortable with what you wear." Or in this case, don't wear. But they would all have plenty of time to get adjusted to those conditions, wouldn't they? His little verbal tease towards Takuya certainly didn't go unnoticed by Aiko either. It was rather lewd, wasn't it?! Still, it did make her giggle a little, especially now that she was starting to get just a bit more comfortable.

Rin apparently didn't mind it if Aiko looked either! But then it was also probably because they were both girls. The truth was that Aiko actually was also interested in girls! Looking for her certainly did give her some pleasure, even if she wouldn't admit it outright. But she decided to keep quiet about that for now. For Rin's sake. "Okay!"

When she noticed Miss Nijiima exit the changing rooms she paused briefly, taking a moment to admire the woman's body. Well, stare rather. She was really pretty too! Very womanly! But that was to be expected. Aiko did offer a brief wave towards the woman at least! Then she turned back to the three she was gathered with. As it turned out Rin wanted to stay around the beach. Takuya was up for exploring! Akiho seemed fine with at least taking a look around. Out of the options it was a pretty easy choice for Aiko!

@Gardsorm @Bluenails @DreamsnThings
Scooting a little closer to the two boys, Aiko clasped her hands together in front of herself, bouncing up and down like an excited puppy! "I like exploring things! Besides, it's good to find the really cool hidden spots before everyone else does, right?! Then we could get something to eat! A-at least, that's my vote! I don't mind waiting here until you two are ready, if we want to do that. And maybe you can join later too if you're up for it" she finished, looking to Rin. No longer was she actively trying to cover herself. Of course the extensive length of her hair meant that she was naturally partially concealed, but she at least was not trying to wear it like a makeshift loincloth! Not that she would have to worry too much anyways when it came to catching people's attention. Despite her hopping up and down Aiko's breasts only jiggled a faint bit due to their tiny size. Now if Rin had done that, well, that could certainly be a pleasant distraction! But she tried not to think about that, less she become even warmer than she already was.

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It was professionalism all day every day with Ishihara, didn't she ever let down her walls even a little? Takuya felt baffled how anyone could maintain such a personality for so long and feel like there was nothing wrong with it! Worse yet, doing that made others get used to it and accept it as normal! This was a vicious cycle, and if Takuya had anything to say about it, he was going to make sure he helped the studious girl become more outgoing before this trip was up. This was no longer just a trip where he could cut loose and have fun... No, he was going to be a man on a mission. He would have to mentally keep a list of everything he intended to do during his stay here...

@Chiyako First things first, addressing individuals! Aiko was at the rip of the list, the small pinkette reacting ever so cutely by being shocked, enbarrassed, and blushy at the things Takuya said. This girl was just a delightful treat...! Though they'd spoken back st school and maybe he had moments of surprising her, things were different here! "Oooh, you should be careful, Ai~ I might do a little more than just look..." Takuya trailed off with a wicked glint in his eye and a wink. If Aiko wasn't already blushing and trying to hide behind her hands in embarrassment, she was going to be red as a tomato before this chat was over...

@Bluenails Then there was Akiho, who was doing a very good job of trying to hide himself by... Cuddling against his side. Which Takuya didn't mind at all, even with a certain thing slapping against his backside. "Comfort really is the name of the game here, and you can pull off the style real well. I can't wait to see what else you can- mmm..." Takuya found his sentence interrupted by an appreciative hum as Akiho rubbed against him, the smaller-sized male not seeming to mind at all. Things only grew more interesting when Akiho spoke up next, prompting Taku's head to tilt down with a grin. "That a fact? Seems like you and me are going to have plenty of fun exploring... This beach and everything around it." While probably not as subtle (was it even subtle?) as Akiho's own suggestive remark, Takuya most certainly did not miss the squeeze of his backside. He still wore a pleasant smile for the other girls, even though his cock did a nice, little twitch from the action... And the subsequent reaction of his own hand reaching down to deliver a less-than-well-hidden grip to Akiho's rear, clear as day for anyone to see behind them. His fingertips sank into the flesh just right, emphasizing the boys surprisingly plush rear.

Oh yes, Takuya was going to have all of the fun exploring that. Though he would need to prepare in advance if Akiho had similar designs. Monsters like that didn't bury easily, after all...

@DreamsnThings ... Which left the prestigious Ishihara Rin to address. Unknowingly, the girl had made herself quite a priority for Takuya to get into just having fun, being herself, and being more approachable. She was primed with her presently naked state, but it would take more than fitting in among the crowd to sway her. "It's kind of hard to tell sometimes whether you want to berate me or praise me for the way I act... But look, all I'm saying is, you should just... Be more outgoing and optimistic about it! You would be a lot more approachable if you had a friendly smile on, and didn't reply to things with all of the tone of an automated telemarketer, you know? You've only got one life, you've got to live it up as best as you can!" Takuya cheered the woman on, even as she maintained she wouldn't be joining them on their excursion and would stay on the beach... Okay, drastic times called for drastic measures.

"I don't think that's such a good idea to just... Stay on the beach, you know? That's like the most basic and simple thing to do for anyone who can't fathom how to spend their time! Besides, if you stay on the beach, it's just going to be me, Akiho, and Aiko exploring secluded places ourselves. You know, one naked, easily impressionable girl, and two naked and possibly horny boys... Things could possibly happen to her, and probably will when I'm concerned!" Yes, because making yourself out to be a bad guy was such a smart move. "You should definitely come with us, Ishihara. You can protect Aiko, and keep me and Akiho from getting in trouble in places where I might not pay attention to the rules, far away from prying eyes." He ounctuated all he said with a sage nod, marking it as one of the most bizarre and roundabout ways ever of asking someone to hang out with them. The only question was...

Would she take the bait?

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@Moon Hound Hati 

Just having an objective - Something as simple as just getting some drinks - Made Akari feel much more at ease. Sure, she wasn't among the crowd laying down on their stomachs, but it would take some time. Just having an agenda, it helped tremendously. Alongside Makoto they made their way up to the boardwalk. 

"Huh, so they have regular shops too," Akari commented, glancing at the few stalls mixed in between. She'd seen an abundance of vending machines, but she hadn't actually noticed the "real" vendors. Maybe she just hadn't wanted to acknowledge that there would be other, non-naked people around. Still, like she'd said to Yui - It somehow felt more like the vendor was the outsider, rather than her. She'd imagined they'd probably be stuck with some cans, but it seemed like there were more options around, including more premium ones. She doubted she'd ever see drinks served in glasses at a beach ever again, perhaps that was something to savor on its own?

She went with a lemon soda on her own part, letting Makoto have his pick before paying. It was effortless, the little bracelet made a little beep, and that was it. She glanced at the prices briefly before paying - After all, it was a pretty premium resort, she'd expected it to be completely unreasonable, but it was surprisingly inexpensive, enough so she almost wondered why they bothered charging for it at all. 

"Aww, you know, I left my fanny-pack back in the dressing rooms, sorry!" Akari replied in a similarly teasing manner. She took his drink and patiently waited for him, sneaking a little sip of his drink as well while she was waiting. She'd paid for it, might as well.

"Cheers!" the glasses made a hearty "clink!" as they tapped against each other, and she had a good sip of her own. It really was refreshing, even though she'd cheated a little. She glanced down at the bottle in his hand, of course there was a bit of sausage in the peripheral, but she was mostly focused on the bottle of suntan.  

"Oh, I remember those bottles! I used to be able to balance them on my nose! Think I still got it?" She immediately gave the "here-here!" gesture with her hand to make him hand it over. After a quick check that the head of the bottle wasn't loose by pushing the bottle up against her thigh, she flipped it around, going as far as to give it a little flipsie in the air.

"Here we go..." She leaned her upper body back, having to spread her legs a little just to maintain balance, not that she thought about it at all. She brought the bottle up to her nose, placing the little head of the bottle against the tip of her nose. It took a bit of shifting, but, she managed to do it, very impressive Akari! Of Course, she had to shift a fair bit to keep it balanced. "Haha, still got it! Now let's see if I can flip it as well, I never managed before, my sister used to taunt me about it, maybe this is my chance to shine..." 

It wasn't. 

Well, she almost managed to do it, she did make the bottle flip just by moving her head and upper body a little, but it flipped too much, and after the bottom edge of the bottle dooted her nose it bounced off, falling down on her chest. She managed to catch it though, even without spilling a drop of soda! She did a little curtsy, as though the failed flip had been intentional, though given her reaction it definitely hadn't been. 

"Not quite, I don't think I'm ready to drop out to pursue a career in theatrics just yet," a slightly giggly Akari replied, She handed the bottle back over, and had another good sip of her drink. "Maybe I'll take you up on your offer... If you can flip it, on your nose."

It was a silly dare, sure, but she'd just spread her legs out shamelessly to stay balanced, right in front of him. She felt he should have a go as well. She took a few steps over, grabbing one of the folded up parasols nearby, propping it up against her shoulder. She figured they could find someplace to sit down after the theatrics were over, that wasn't drowning in other people like the area near the dressing rooms was. 

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"I was paying attention when we were told that earlier, Ishihara-san," Akiho replied, his own eyes making an attempt to match the frostiness of the taller girl's, even if they still seemed rather soft. "And your understanding will be given all the notice that it is due, of course."
Perhaps it was the arm over his shoulder, or the presence of someone else between most of him and the girl or perhaps his emotions had just gotten confused by all of the rapid changes they'd gone through since arriving here, but Akiho was coming out of his usual comfortable cuteness just a bit, even if his tone was pointedly polite.

Things warmed up quite a bit when his attention turned to Aiko and not just because he very much wanted to just sit down with her and cuddle. She was so adorable and cute and pretty!
And needed protecting from Takuya, maybe. Sure, he had been the one to start the butt-grabbing, but at least he was being subtle about it and not doing it where everyone could see. Although if anyone went into our out of the boys' changing room, they'd probably notice, but no one was in there, so it was fine.
"It'd be cool if we could find a nice seaside cave or something," he agreed. "Both for looking around, and as somewhere to get out of the sun."

Although, talk of being in the sun did remind him.
"Actually, did anyone bring any sunscreen? I slightly maybe forgot about that and if we're going to be out in the sun all day- and Takuya, Ishihara should probably do Aiko's. We can help each other, instead."
After all, he was prepared for Takuya to be himself all over his body- there was another twitch at that thought -but Aiko seemed a bit too innocent to inflict the pink haired boy on like that.
And, although he wasn't sure, Aiko did seem to like Ishihara for some reason, so maybe she would enjoy it, too.
Digging his own little purse - it was cuter than the wallet options he'd found in his price range - Akiho considered the problem of where to carry it for a moment before tucking it into the top of his socks. Hopefully if it slipped anywhere, it would be into his sock, so he wouldn't lose it, but finding a light bag or something was now on his list of priorities.


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Aya had stripped immediately upon entering the locker room, but had waited for long minute after everyone else had left. 

Now that the locked room was empty, she took out her tiny backpack and began putting on the allowed accessories. First she put on a wide brimmed sunhat and huge framed sunglasses, then pushed her feet into her sandals, feeling the strap slide between her toes. She looked down and decided to leave her belly button ring in. She put on matching bracelet, anklet, and belly chain, all silver with amethyst gems that matched her long, purple hair. She did not want to go out onto the beach. She didn't want to be here at all. But she was, and as usual, she would make the most of the situation in which she found herself.

She raised her chin, squared her shoulders, picked up the book she planned on reading, and strode out of the locker room. She walked as if she knew the lay of the land and where she was going despite her cluelessness, her long legs took long strides, and she passed by her classmates quickly without even acknowledging them. She ignored everyone else, avoided eye contact, and stared straight ahead. Her gaze locked on a row of lounge chairs under wide umbrellas, and she veered slightly to head directly towards them. 

Arriving at an unoccupied chair, she wiped the seat with one hand, then sat in a fluid, graceful movement, long legs scissoring out before resting her heels on the foot of the lounge chair. She leaned back, her purple hair spreading out around her head, and lifted her book. She began reading as if this were the most normal thing possible. 

Within her ribcage, her heart pounded and she had to school her expression to remain calm. She resisted the urge to look around. Cold and confident, she reminded herself, distant and aloof. That was her armor, her only defense now that she could no longer hide behind loose fitting clothes and terse responses. Part of her hoped her classmates ignored her and part of her wished to make friends here, but she didn't know which part was stronger. She took a deep, calming breath and started reading.

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“On your nose? What, like a seal?” But despite joking around Makoto handed over the bottle almost immediately at her request, quite curious to see if she could indeed balance the blue bottle of suntan oil on her nose. After a tap to her shapely thigh confirmed that the cap was screwed on securely, Akari took on a very eye-catching pose for her little act. With back slightly arched and legs spread, her breasts jiggled freely -- especially once she attempted to balance the bottle on the tip of her nose -- and her crotch was wide open for a good oggle, one he couldn’t resist in the heat of the moment. It even made him pop about a quarter of a chub, but the swimmer pretended not to notice his partially erect member.

Guess she has two pair of puffy lips… 

“Is your sister a seal too?” he asked jokingly when she went on to say that she wanted to do a flip with the bottle. While she managed to succeed, to some degree, the suntan oil container landing on her ample bosom, where she quickly caught it before it fell and potentially spilled its contents all over the wooden boardwalks beneath their feet.

“Ooooh~!” His attempt to clap was as she did her curtsy in practice more a light tapping on the wrist of the hand that held his drink. While impressed, he wasn’t about to spill his cold orange soda in celebratory fashion.

“I’m sure you’ll be the star act in the big top someday, Akari,” he said as he chuckled alongside her giggle. Mimicking her action with a swig of his own glass, his eyebrows rose and arched slightly as she more or less made him a bet to take him up on his offer if he could do what she could not.

“Not making it easy for me, huh? Nice.” With playful sarcasm and a slight smirk, he lifted the bottle up to eye level after she had handed it back to him. Even a complete novice like himself could tell this wouldn’t be easy. The bottle was pretty unbalanced, being mostly bottom-heavy, with most of its oily content having sunk down into the lower half. Nothing ventured was nothing gained, however, so he was giving it a shot.

Attempting to take a similar pose to the one Akari had used, he arched his back slightly and spread his legs, planting his feet as firmly as possible on the ground. It certainly wasn’t easy and it took more than one or two attempts to place the bottle on his nose without it immediately tipping over to one side or another. Since he wasn’t planning on doing this all day -- and he presumed that neither was she -- he’d have to try and do it in one go. Lowering his head slowly and just a little, he then jerked his head backward, though probably a tad too hard as a jolt of pain rushed through his neck.

The bottle was launched almost straight up into the air. It was just a couple of inches at best and the container was turning too slowly to make a proper flip, not even managing to get halfway through before gravity kicked in. Stumbling a bit, Makoto did, however, manage to snatch it from the air before it potentially poked him in the eye. That would have been unpleasant, to say the least.

“I’d probably drop out of clown school,” he told her with a grin after he’d stabilized himself and stood back upright in a normal pose. “Guess no suntan rub fun for me. There go my hopes and dreams of laying my hands on the hotest girl on the track and field team!” Taking note of the beach parasol the track and field member had acquired, the pair set off to find a place to sit on the beach. After walking along the area furthest from the water, they eventually entered a less crowded area. It was a bit of a walk from here to get back to the boardwalk, the stands, and even the vending machines, so it made sense that there weren’t many around this part. After setting up the parasol to provide a bit of shade, they tossed out their beach towels, not wanting to burn their pert bottoms on the already scorching hot sand. With the suntan oil bottle in hand, he popped open the orange cap and gave it a firm squeeze, squirting some of the thick, white substance onto the palm of his hand before applying it to his arm.

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