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nightclub Keza Corp Metal Nightclub (KCMN) [Aka: KGN - Keza'maraki Gothic Nightclub)

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Keza Corp Metal Nightclub
Live Life Loud and Rock On
1) Introduction

Please Drink Responsibly - drinkaware.co.uk

Keza Corp Metal Nightclub (KCMN)

[aka] Keza'maraki Gothic Nightclub (KGN)


Location: Blackberry Falls City Centre
Legal Maxinum Occupation: 950 People (Allocated in solid blocks- 800 non-VIP, 100 VIP and upto 50 staff).
Corporate Manager: Tripp Keza'maraki
Administration Manager: Sandra Juila Greene
Head of Security: Jase'kynarr Zeta'muluri [NPC]


We sell Keza Corp Vapesticks at the bar!

The Metal Nightclub is ran by a very corporate but very caring hand. Whilst the club runs an advertising program inside on specialised displays (Or on the smart tables) generally it's non-intrusive and it seems to be targeted at the people who would pay to get in this club. More premium adverts (at higher cost because of demand) is displayed in the VIP Suites. An advert on a smart table with a iPhone, Android or Keza Corp Smart Phone device can download advertised apps if the user wants. They also have QRCode capability as well as many other wondrous surprises for people with the KezaSmart App. [Note it is not recommended to leave your smart-phone device unattended at a table, and Keza Corp are not liable for theft or damage to your property made by anyone not currently on duty at the time or other customers.] The nightclub is temperature maintained, the VIP Rooms can control the temperatures of the room. 

VIP Membership is optional and someone after such a position should apply at reception, during open hours. Some biometric information is used to make your ID cards encryption.* This card will allow you access in and out of the VIP Suite, and access to a room if you've requested one. Often there are special deals on that allows people to buy monthly for the price of bi-weekly.

The cost is a little higher than most clubs but this is because when the Nightclub had it's original costs it was often booked up for months.

* This is mandatory (and actually put in by request). Keza Corp doesn't store this information. YOU do. It's the encrypted data on the card. [Keza Corp - Biometric Security Standard (I'll link once I've updated the Keza Corp extra information)]

Fees as of 2013/2014:
[Due to confusion in the past, I'll make this clear. The "Fees" do not represent real world money. It's your character's money within the RP. Your character is allowed to enter the side story thread, providing in the first post that they come in, they paid.]

The club only accepts two currencies [£GBP & $USD] with plans for a third one in 2015/2016. Prices displayed in £GBP as tradition, but $USD can be found on the door updated hourly based on live Exchange Rates (With no added fees.) it displays the rate transparently too. If you pay in one currency and require change; you'll be paid back in the currency you paid in. The club currently doesn't accept paying two currencies on one transaction due to local laws.
  • £95 when booked in advance.
  • £160 when booking on the door.
  • £1,000 for bi-weekly VIP Membership (Recurring Payment optional)

Opening hours:
Monday: 9pm-3am | 9PM-5PM Intense Cleaning Day.
Tuesday: 9pm-3am
Wednesday: 9pm-3am
Thursday: 9pm-3am
Friday: 9pm-5am | Fetish Fridays: 5PM - 8PM
Saturday: 9pm-5am | Private Functions: 10AM - 6PM
Sunday: CLOSED | Sexy Sunday: 12PM - 9PM

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Keza Corp Metal Nightclub
Live Life Loud and Rock On
1.1) Change Log

Current Revision Version: 1.0.0
Newest changes first:
Re-wrote extra information to my current system of Extra Informations. 
Added Change Log
Added NPC's/Staff
More information included

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Keza Corp Metal Nightclub

Live Life Loud and Rock On

2) Staff List


RED TEXT PROFILES:- Are characters that are working at the nightclub but the EcchiDreams member in question has fallen inactive or has become unavilible. If your character works here and falls inactive; they will be removed from this list on the next update; if your characters applies for positions will cause an update on hiring which will add your character and remove any that have been inactive for over a month.



Managing Staff:

Managing staff are not likely to interact with customers with exception to head of security.


Name: Dez’rarzii Tripp Keza'maraki [Tripp]

Occupation: CEO and President at Keza Corp and Corporate Manager to KC:MN (Keza Corp Metal Nightclub)

Age: 27 Years Old

Nationality: Officially:- UFF Citizen

Race: Keza, but he opted himself to be the first test subject in the Mako'demeri Regenersis project. It had to be done with a Coda template which was used off a living Coda male. This has not gone down well with the Members of the UN.

Played by: Tripp [i named my forum display name after him because he's my signature character]

Profile link: http://www.ecchidreams.com/topic/55-tripps-impossibly-insane-but-sexy-characters-d/?p=117


Name: Sandra Juila Greene [Mrs. Greene]

Occupation: Head of Administration, KC:MN [Manager of KC:MN]

Age: 43 Years Old

Nationality: Blackberry Fallsian. [There's a new one. I'd assume it meant from Blackberry Falls. BBF Born and Raised.]

Race: 100% Human.

Played by: Tripp

Profile link: -NPC-


Name: Jase'kynarr Zeta'muluri [Jay/Jase/Jason]

Occupation: Chief of Security Operations.

Age: 54 Years Old

Nationality: Officially:- UFF Citizen, he was actually born on an island with active volcanoes, the Zeta's called this Country Kul'naar

Race: Zeta [Zeta'muluri]

Played by: Tripp

Profile link: -NPC-


Name: The Nympho Dominatrix [Her real name is only known to Mrs. Green and Tripp.]

Age: 48

Nationality: Australian

Race: Elf

Height: 6ft 2"

Weight: 170LBS

Sexuality: Pansexual

Breast size: G-Cup

Information: On duty she's a stone cold bitch waiting to crack her whip over your fresh backside. Off duty she's actually quite a warm hearted, deeply enlightened, philosophical person. She regularly as nice little chats with Jase and Talivana in the UFF. She's helpful to customers and she's known for getting things done, people seem to think the strippers fear her but this is a stage act, the Strippers deeply respect her, and her experience. She's been a proud sex worker for the Keza'maraki people since she was 18, and she's loves every minute of it. She's a sadist, into BDSM and despite her hard-ass persona she's actually quite friendly. She is a massive fan of Keza Corp.

Played by: Open to all.

Profile link: -NPC-

Bar Staff:

There are a few bar staff, some are "Faceless" at the moment. There are two displayed.


Name: Terri Anna Wilkins-Macintyre

Age: 27

Nationality: By November 2013 she will be a citizen of the UFF.

Race: 94% Human 4% Keza and 2% Mako

Height: 5ft 11"

Weight: 165LBS

Sexuality: She would describe herself as Pansexual.

Breast size: D-Cup

Played by: Tripp

Profile link: http://www.ecchidreams.com/topic/55-tripps-impossibly-insane-but-sexy-characters-d/?p=199


Name: Ruby Aptey

Age: 21

Nationality: Blackberry Fallsian

Race: Neko

Height: 5ft 7"

Weight: 140LBS

Sexuality: Pansexual

Breast size: E-Cup

Played by: Rosietoes

Profile link: http://www.ecchidreams.com/topic/197-rosies-characters/?p=1527

Strippers [VIP]:

There are a number of strippers/private show entertainers as well as sexual entertainers working as staff at the Nightclub which is a fairly diverse team of people from all walks of life. Under UFF Legal Code you cannot obtain a job here with an STD without nanite injections to cure the STD in question. Nanite injections are mandatory under local laws for Keza Corp businesses operating people who have sex with the public. All strippers have access to Condoms of all sizes as well as lube. They're required by law to ask if the client wants protected or unprotected sex. Legally speaking; any impregnations that happen are weaved of parental responsibility due to the clubs terms and conditions and is covered under Sperm Donation laws as the club is also a registered Sperm Bank for legal reasons. The sperm doners are weaved of parental responsibility and cannot legally take part in the child's upbringing however they're also not required (and you shouldn't even attempt to anyway because it's a Sperm Bank in this regard) to pay child support ever. Please note that it's first come, first served; if a character is already in use; then due to the rules of the RP section they can't be in two places at once in the same location thread.


Name: Don'taour Zeta'muluri

Age: 28

Nationality: New Zealand (Lives in UFF, is proud of his New Zealand Nationality)

Race: Zeta'muluri

Height: 6ft 4"

Weight: Varies.

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual (Female / Kay)

Cock size: 16"

Information: Don'taour is his fathers son, he's quite the avid body builder and he's pretty much ontop of the latest gossip. He's not really into taking it anally, although he "Has the Arse for it" and much prefers women. (Although effeminate males or more 'Kays' are okay). He's more for when you just want a big cock and none of that freaky fetish stuff you get from normal UFFians he's quite vanilla but this is well known, and there is a steady but existing market for it. He's able to be very passionate in the love making, be rough or be between the two.

Played by: Tripp

Profile link: -NPC-


Name: Kristofer Mikkelborg

Age: 34

Nationality: Norwegian (Lives in Blackberry Falls)

Race: Wolf Anthro (He is not, and not comfortable at pretending to be a Mako'demeri; it's a sign of disrespect to a majority of Wolf Anthros.)

Height: 6ft 2"

Weight: 195LBS

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual (Male / Female)

Cock size: 10"

Information: Kristofer [Kris] is overall quite a friendly person. A typical ice-breaker for him is to ask a question about Norway [of which I know nothing about. u_u] he loves to help and has been known to take the virginities of 40-50 year old women who fly world wide just to see him. He will fuck -ANYONE- no matter how beautiful or ugly, tall or short, fat or thin it doesn't matter to him. For males he gives, or recieves, or both at the same time. He's fairly friendly and is capable of being either dominating or submissive. He does have a personal affinity to fucking/dominating Neko's and using bondage on them he can also be a sadist (your character would need to sign a legal waiver before hand), just hand him the signed waiver and say the code phrase "I've been a really naughty (boy/girl)". He is not really that big on receiving pain.

Played by: Open to all [if anyone wants to turn him into a character, please contact me and discuss your thoughts/plans and I'll see what I can do to help!]

Profile link: -NPC-


Name: Josh Wilkins

Age: 21

Nationality: Blackberry Fallsian

Race: Human

Height: 5ft 11"

Weight: 140LBS

Sexuality: Pansexual

Cock size: 9"

Information: His twin brother works at Keza Corp Hospital as a nurse, and his cousin (Terri-Anna) works as a Bar-lady in the club. Like Kristofer he's generally speaking "A good guy"

Played by: Open to all [if anyone wants to turn him into a character, please contact Neppy and discuss your thoughts/plans and I'll see what I can do to help!]

Profile link: -NPC-


Name: Sammi Thompson

Age: 28

Nationality: British

Race: Kitsune

Height: 5ft 11"

Weight: 140LBS

Sexuality: Homosexual / Transgendered

Cock size: 4.5" to 5"

Information: Sammi is for all intents and purposes a female. He see's himself as a "Woman with a cock." and admits it's not on par with some of the men he works with but he doesn't care. His talent it taking it like a champ, that is he is extremely accommodating. He's submissive, and slightly masochistic, he's also a BDSM participant. He "Walks, talks, dresses and acts very female". A lot of people originally didn't know he was a male. (Imagine the surprise) but this doesn't seem to have stopped the majority of males seeing him.

Played by: Tripp

Profile link: -NPC-


Name: April and May [The BLT (Barely Legal Twins)]

Age: Both are 18

Nationality: UFFian [They live in the UFF]

Race: 92% Human, 7.999% Keza, 0.001% Eldyrannth

Height: 4ft 9"

Weight: 85LBS

Sexuality: Pansexual

Breast size: April has D cup breasts and May has B cup breasts.

Information: They're barely legal but only because they look so young, these intelligent, young women are an uncomfortable truth to most humans that there are humans in the UFF. These girls have no interest in human politics and their own agenda is their own. They're never apart and come as a package deal. They clearly specialise in threesomes and how far they go with each other is for the private eyes of the client and them. They do not record or transmit incest because of the local laws surrounding such a thing for humans. [but they are in love with each other.] They remain living in the UFF due to laws against their relationship with each other in Blackberry Falls. [incest isn't illegal in the UFF] They are telepathic and can even finish each other's sentences which they do -all the time-.

Played by: April - Tripp | May - NeppyNepNep

Profile link: -NPC- [Possibly coming soon. Who knows.]


Name: Skylar Coda'demeri

Age: 23

Nationality: America [she lives in the UFF]

Race: 51% Coda 49% Mako

Height: 5ft 8"

Weight: 140LBS

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual (Males / Females)

Breast size: DD-Cup

Information: Skye is a fairly feisty character. She's from Florida, USA and she loves her second adamant (The Right to Keep and Bear Arms). She often does stripping and poses in American underwear while brandishing unloaded (and legally unoperational and unservicable) american built guns. Currently though she doesn't like the police state her country has turned. She emigrated to the UFF and was accepted in late 2013.

Played by: Open to anyone who's authorised to roleplay Coda/Mako's.

Profile link: -NPC-


Name: Brianna "Slut Pup" Coza'zotoxi

Age: 25

Nationality: Canadian [Lives in the UFF with 16 of her 29 children.]

Race: Coda'zotoxi

Height: 5ft 3"

Weight: 120LBS

Sexuality: Straight (Males)

Breast size: E-Cup [Extra firm]

Information: Brianna is KC:MN's top "MILF" for the past 6 years running. She's a mother to over 29 children and often has them in fives or sixes. What's strange as most of the children share different fathers, and some are of species the UFF aren't even aware of. She started having children at around 14 years old and it's suspected that she's gotten herself impregnated by clients. Brianna is a warm hearted person and extremely compassionate, however she's completely straight (Which is rare for a UFFian but not unheard of). She prefers unprotected sex, and she loves men cumming deep inside of her pussy. She's also a fan of Anal, light masochism and being called the 'Slut Pup'. She's also a single mum [Proudly].

Played by: Open to anyone who's authorised to roleplay Coda's.

Profile link: -NPC-


Name: Sage Brookes

Age: 22

Nationality: American [Lives in the UFF]

Race: Neko

Height: 5ft 1"

Weight: 104LBS

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual [Preference towards males]

Breast size: D-Cup

Information: Sage is a bit of a socialite, she got a fun and bubbly personality. She's so comfortable with the art of seduction and flirting that really she doesn't realise she's doing it most of the time and she prefers very physical, intimate sex even if the person is a complete stranger but this isn't a requirement. She's been seen at the club giving people a Girlfriend Experience and offers this out on her days off. She loves sex with strangers and people she doesn't know, having unprotected sex, cumming inside of her. She does have a boyfriend but she doesn't talk about him with clients and he knows and supports her doing this.

Played by: NeppyNepNep

Profile link: http://www.ecchidreams.com/topic/44-neppynepneps-character-collection/?p=315

Security and Other Staff:

Security are unmarked "faceless" (although strangely dressed in all black, boots, trench coat and sunglasses) NPCs. They will be played by NeppyNepNep or myself. The DJ is purposefully unknown. No staff other than managers seem to know who is actually in there.


Name: {DJ 5p1n_n3r} [DJ. Spinner]

Age: ??

Nationality: ??

Race: ??

Height: ??

Weight: ??

Sexuality: ??

Breast size/Cock size: ??

Information: ??

Played by: Music playing should be assumed without being specific (Except for special events)

Profile link: None.

Edited by Tripp
[Ruby Aptey;Rosietoes] Marked red.

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Keza Corp Metal Nightclub
Live Life Loud and Rock On
2.1) Questions on how the Staff work at the Nightclub [information for Employees]

The club operates on multiple different uniform styles depending on the position of their job. All staff require to have an ID card due to local laws. The Strippers wear this on their waist with a retractable cord (designed to break if used as a weapon against them) other staff wear it around the neck via a lanyard with a plastic ID Card holder. The Lanyard is Keza Corp's own design again designed to break when being used as a weapon but not under any other circumstance. Staff have a bluetooth like headset, it uses a propitiatory encryption to keep communication between the staff. Door staff have Securichecks. 
[if there are any questions asked, I may add them in here. I will credit you for asking the question with your permission of course.]
Up until 2013 Keza Corp used two companies for staff training as a trail to be a boost for small businesses. This didn't work; one of the companies had a 85% failure rate something which was addressed time and time again through proper and unconventional channels. However it was clear that only one was cut out for it, and Keza Corp took their business elsewhere. But the other company only had a 4% failure rate, and it re-trained people that failed the pre-staff training. Where as the other company were giving the members of staff the answers instead of teaching them just to get better numbers. Keza Corp awarded the better company with a £250,000 grant, and even a new state of the art work place fully paid for by Keza Corp. It has VER capability and Solar Panels with camouflaged wind turbines to keep them as green as possible. They offer facilities for those who want to train with their own staff, or completely interactive VERs can be designed with a manager [see SAAF Training's Incorporated] Eventually they became a part of Keza Corp.. The Nightclub advertise their services in the VIP suite.
Barstaff: The Bar Staff must wear semi-professional clothing. T-Shirts as long as they're button ups are allowed. Most things are acceptable except for Unprofessional attire, theme inappropriate attire. It's pretty unrestricted considering.
Strippers/Sex Workers: There is no particular uniform policy; it's kinda obvious. These employees have on-site lockers. These lockers allow them to get changed at work.
Security: There is a strict uniform policy. Black clothing, sun glasses "Keza Corp Visors", trench coat, new rock boots. The usual. 
Management: There is no uniform policy (With exception to Jase) because they're not supposed to interact with customers. However Mrs. Greene dresses formally and Tripp's just Tripp but he usually makes an effort if he's going to work in the club.
How is money handled in the Nightclub?
The same way many Keza Corp shops work. You feed the money through the device and it automatically counts and checks its authenticity in just a second. It then dispenses change, if applicable into a small draw tray under it, with a receipt to hand to the customer. This system is far more secure and far more reliable. It also accepts card payments. [see this for more information (Link when it's done, Tripp - Get to work! Rawr-rawr-rawr!)]
What happens if the Till system lights up red? 
This means that a counterfeit note/bill was detected. A message will come up on the screen telling you how many were detected. LEGALLY you are NOT allowed to return the note, and you have to ask for a real one. This system has caught a lot of fake notes and this till system has been brought by local shops and businesses. Fake money is out of your hands and if there was an error the system will be corrected and the note will be returned to the client.
How does the bar work in the main area? 
You have to go up to the bar and request your drink. The staff cannot come out to you and take your orders especially on a busy night. In the VIP Area this is opened up, you can go to the bar or waiters/waitresses can come out and offer drinks. IDing isn't applicable as people are IDed on the door. 
Does the club require ID?
Under UK Law you're required to show a photo ID such as a driving licence or passport. This is because the the premises sells Alcohol. Security must ask everyone who looks under 25. Some people do get antsy about this. Advise they should take their issues and complaints up with their local laws. Some people try to use fake ID, and a FakeID Scanner [securicheck] will pick up fakes. Under Section 6 of the The Fraud Act 2006 it's an offence to use fake ID's, you're authorised to confiscate the ID card to surrender to authorities, unfortunately every now and then the authorities like to pop up "Crackdowns" which means detaining the individual for upto one hour until the Police arrive. Keza Corp has strongly and passionately shown anger towards undercover cops that want to pretend to be a bouncer. They usually don't bother after the 2012 debarkle. 
How do I clean the glasses?
You don't. Keza Corp is the leading in High-Tech solutions. There's a specially designed feeder which you put dirty glasses in and clean ones automatically get dispensed when needed. 
What is a "Community Pot for Tips?"
It's an optional service for how the club deals with your tips. More information is available on the Keza Corp website.

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Keza Corp Metal Nightclub
Live Life Loud and Rock On
4) Rumours and Media Attention

The nightclub has come under a lot of media fire; most of it has been negative with the main press. Most of it has been unsubstantiated and slanderous. In truth the Nightclub is extremely popular and generally speaking customers are either unaware of the news, don't care or know it for the "Bullshit" it is. In 2013; when a story broke about Terri-Anna being critically injured. Instead of reporting actual news they pretty much straight away said it was definitely Keza Corp's fault and so on and so forth. [see Terri-Anna Incident] In return for the 3 years of lying, liable, slander and harassment from certain media corporations, the Nightclub independently sued for £1-Billion. As of December 2013 the court case is still going. The Nightclub has the FULL backing of Keza Corp's lawyers. 
Other than all this "Crazy" attention the Nightclub doesn't really do anything really considered news worthy. 
The club opened in 2008, originally owned by Neko Chan Keza'maraki. It was a front business for the Neko Resistance Military, and there was a lot that went on that Tripp didn't approve of, there was a massive movement (politically) speaking that caused the Keza's to leave the Neko Resistance. Once this happened Tripp crippled the Neko Resistance by buying all the businesses that the Neko Resistance was using as a front and turned them all around and cleaned up. He then sold every single one except the nightclub and used the revenue to kick start Keza Corp in 2010. 
The Media was slow to catch up to this; and within weeks because it fell under the Keza Corp brand, a day before re-opening there was a police raid and a media storm over a suspected slave trade. Tripp had to go on television and explain that yes before they brought the company there was the capacity to do it; but it never happened. 
"Neko Chan, my twin brother which has NOTHING to do with Keza Corp; moves from one thing to another like Peter Griffin from Family Guys and it's quite embarrassing. He never did it. The Neko Resistance used the nightclub to launder money and even carry out certain missions. I've provided the information to the police once I completed my own investigation to save them some time. I really don't understand this funny obsession with Keza Corp and our operations; we're extremely transparent... I'm not even going to try and make sense of this... Look the whole report's up on the Keza Corp website. Read it before jumping to fantastic conclusions. Not telling you to take our word for it; but at least it's something to you-know... Start a worthwhile investigation from."
The media debarkle died within days after that and nobody cared to even remember it ever again.
It seemed throughout 2011 every week there was one thing or another... The most remember-able was the time that someone reported drug use happening at the club on a day that it was closed due to upgrades. The police turned up as did the media swooped in on the club when security was taking the down time to run some drills and training. Upon interviewing by the local media, which was also filmed by Pegasus News. The conversation went like this:

"You're the head of security here at the Nightclub, right?"
"Er... Yes? Am I on... Television?" He said looking into the camera's 
"Will be. We're not actually with them." The camera woman replied.
"Oh okay. Anyway; yes. I Jase'kynarr Zeta'muluri am the head of security here." He replied formally and politely although he seemed to be a little bit amused at being on TV. "I can't believe I'll be on Television, hello Mum! Hello Dad!."
"How do you explain the drugs being sold and consumed on this premises?"
"I don't think my security staff are selling or using drugs."
"So it's the other staff selling drugs to the customers inside?" 
Jase's somewhat stupid grin faded into a blank-dead-panned expression. He then made the observation "Um... Look around you. There are no customers today. If you read our... I think you call a 'Tweet' is it? You'd see that we were planning on being shut today. I think we posted it on that BookFace thing too. We posted it up last night because we're having upgrade and Security Drill today. Infact the Police are lucky to not have been shot. Judging from what is going on, on the US homeland; it'd seem we're 8 times more lucky too."
"This is Delta Fielding, Pegasus News! We have proof that you're specifically targeting Keza Corp in what appears to be harassment, and my viewers would like to know how you and all the media knew about the drugs raid. Do you have any comment?" 
Jase's response was "Oooh! That's a good question actually. Please enlighten us all."
"Hey! What's going on over there?" A police officer shouted out.
The footage ends here after Delta was surrounded by police forcing her to turn off the camera. Just before the camera was shut off, Jase was clubbed, maced and assaulted by three police officers, just a fraction of a second before it cut, a security gaurd at the Nightclub tazers the lead Police officer. The video aired on Pegasus News, uncut. The other media went with a backup story. Luckily no one was killed, Jase didn't file for charges as no harm was done, literally. [Mace is food to them, and a clubbing is a good way of getting rid of muscular knots for Zeta's.]

You'd think it'd end there. But no; in 2012 the Police forced Keza Corp to put an undercover officer in. It was no secret that the staff didn't like her, and she didn't like them. One of the things she tried to do was get preform sting operations but a clever post on Facebook later by a whistleblower and everyone who came to the club knew who the cop was, in the spirit of non-aggressive, pleasant trolling people who were interacting with her subtly... At first. By two hours in she just left without even saying goodbye and an investigation was launched to see if it was Keza Corp or the Nightclub that had leaked the information; the investigation ended abruptly. 
Despite the constant negative press attention; the Nightclub's popularity exploded a few weeks later. Reviews flooded in about how good the place actually was. As soon as Tripp asked for someone to look into why the sudden popularity when his daughter (Kim) made the revelation that it was because of a Pegasus News interview from 2011 that went viral on YouTube 'Media Nightmares'. Unfortunately for Jase he had become more internet savvy by the time he was viral. While yes the fascination was short lived and was replaced by the next big thing the level of service and happiness from the customers caused the explosion of positive reviews which then encouraged people to come and try it out again and people saw for themselves that the Nightclub was just a Nightclub, with a very sexual VIP service, typical for Keza Corp's Adult Entertainment sector. 
In 2013 there was a incident where Terri Anna Wilkins-Macintyre slipped on a recent upgrade to the bar to comply with Health and Safety laws. Unfortunately and ironically the very thing they were trying to prevent happened anyway. Terri-Anna suffered from a sprained ankle and a serious concussion however she had received treatment and she made a full recovery, although that was pretty drama filled. The media was relentlessly pounding Keza Corp for information within an hour. In reaction to the media's reaction after Keza Corp was found not to be at fault. While Keza Corp sued the company that made the floor on behalf of Terri-Anna; the Nightclub sued several media groups with over 214 false stories on charges of harassment, liable and slander. The total amount is for £1-Billion. Whilst both lawsuits are still being fought out in court, but Keza Corp are very confident with the outlook. It's worth noting that in the past when Keza Corp have sued they've given large chunks of the settlements to the victims first then take what was required for Legal Fees, before donating upto 75% of what's left to various charties both local and international.

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Keza Corp Metal Nightclub
Live Life Loud and Rock On
4) Technology Used

There's a number of key pieces of technology used at the club. [As it expands so will this].
Sound Proofing (SoundSure) [Keza Corp]
Keza's were the forefront of Sound Proofing Technology long before Keza Corp came about. Each VIP room is sound-proof without the nasty disorientating side effects. It's so quiet inside the room you won't be able to hear the Nightclub. Well... Unless you're listening to KC:MN Live!
SmartTable [Keza Corp]
The Nightclub uses a modified version of the same technology. Its built into the tables and liquid cooled through a central liquid cooling system. When the tables are not in use they're usually using a Distributed Computing task for a good cause. Believe it or not the Dance Floor itself is also a Smart Table using a pre-programmed 'screen saver' that responds to touch (It can also take a very powerful pounding so go nuts), although a lot of "Home Features" [Features you'd expect in a version you'd buy for your home] are obviously removed for security reasons [unlike most OS's the OS was built around this security model]. It means that internet access is limited to a fixed non-user re-programmable RSS feed which gets news and weather from the only medias who gave Keza Corp permission; StarFM and Pegasus News Corp. There is also no USB/Memory card access either, for obvious reasons. The key features of the modifications are:
Adverts are displayed but they're not intrusive.
To the corner of your interaction zone you'll see a small rectangle with a small high quality animated image. Tap it, and it expands to show you the advert. This encourages advertisers to be creative. Advertising priorities local businesses, then charities and organisations then corporations. Keza Corp ads are thrown in as random filler. Adverts pass through the UFF's Council of Ethical and Moral Advertisers public level charity/company/corporation background checks, this pulls "Public Information" and the Internet is considered by the UFF as public. 
VIP ID Cards can be placed on them and you can make a food/drink order through it.
Of course, you remember that encryption you used to register for the card? Well the card stores that information (Encrypted). The table picks up this Biometric information so you can securely make transactions. [Keza's, Mako's and Coda's aren't strangers to multiple children in one birth, so identical twins (or more)]
You can securely use your credit or debit card on it without having to use a Contactless Card.
The table has a secret trick. [Contact with the Chip and pin and ability to read the magnetic strip] Place your card upside down on the table and if it's a UK Chip and Pin card a SecureVision circles around the card with a pin input. SecureVision is designed to be invisable to anyone but you based on the angle of your face away from the table. [uses facial recognition technology, it just tracks who put the card where and who, it's stored in a buffer which is wiped after the transaction.] If you use a Keza Corp Bank Card the same encryption in the VIP cards is used here.  
Know what's playing as it plays. 

Find out what's currently playing and what has played. The table knows. ;D
WallPanel [Keza Corp]
The VIP Rooms use a wall panel to control the various elements of the room's environment and controls. There are no loading times for the apps, and because it's tightly coded it's crash rate is extremely low, these apps seamlessly. It's a touch interface, but can take voice commands (in some circumstances, it's not an advertised feature). On the homepage screen it shows the temperature inside the room, on the other side of the screen it shows the temperature outside. The devices currently have the following Apps:
Lights Control
Off or on or anything in between. There is a slider with an unilluminated light bulb and 'OFF' and on the other end was a illuminated light bulb with 'ON'. The slider has a big circle and tool tip below saying to change the light levels in the room, move the slider. You can time delay this if you like that will fade out the lights as you make it back to bed.
Thermostat/Aircon Control
Like with the Light Control above, you can alter the temperature of the room. If you're an Arctic Variant and have medical clearance from a hospital you will be able to access lower temperatures.
Food and Drink
Order drinks from the bar or food from local restaurants, you'll need to take care of any payments that arise from transactions but Nightclub staff will place the order for you and delivered it to your room. (The Panel will alert you when we're on our way up!)
Press to look at the weather currently outside with a forcast of tomorrow and the next ten days (which is optional). 
KCMN Live!
Listen to music from outside, inside. You can control the volume, obviously it can only go so loud. (UK Health and Safety Law in the Workplace) 
FM Radio
Not exactly "FM" if it can help it, it'll get the DigitalDAB version (Digital Radio) but if it can't it'll stick with normal FM transmission.
Broadcast to VIPs
Being naughty? In one press of the button the lights dim some, and camera's quite literally pop out of the wall. Your naughty, sinful and sexy acts *may* be broadcasted to the VIP Lounge. Oh and there is a warning message telling you EXACTLY what this does.
*may* - Depending on content. Obviously overly nasty stuff will not be broadcasted. It's not broadcasted outside of the Nightclub by the Nightclub or Keza Corp. Keza Corp believes it to be a violation of freedom to ban people from using their phones in the club.

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    • Temaelrin
      By Temaelrin
      Jen’s Pleasure Bar
      Bar and Holosuites
      Also known as Jen’s, The Pleasure Bar, the Epsian Bar and so on. It is located in main commercial district and fully visible from the embarkation/disembarkation area around the main column. It is a low-risk, low-danger bar that is covered as part of Station Security patrol routes. I falls under the legality of the station, and therefore there isn’t as much illegality being conducted here as there would be in The Wet Holes, below this bar. This is more than just a bar though, it is a certified pleasure centre of the station; and as such there are twelve large holosuites that can be rented out on an hourly basis.
      It also contains a private bar for Ambassadors, although some have expressed concerns that the room could be bugged there has been no evidence of this, and Jen’starr has flat out denied it because it would be illegal, and she made a promise to Alexander that this bar would be legit and above board. The holosuites in the ambassidreal room are smaller, but they’re designed for less people (Small groups) and can be hired out for cheaper by ambassadors.

      (Mockup - Layout)
      The bar is an important social hub of the station. It is frequented by station staff who come here to socialise and have a good time with friends. It is one of the highlighted facilities in the tourist brochure with a high recommendation from even the Station Captain, Alexander. At the furthest reaches of the room there are large windows looking out into space, although they have holographic overlays inserted into the glass; meaning that Jen’starr can in fact change them to whatever she wants - if she wants to make it look like that Earth is right outside; she can and have it simulate daylight as if the sunlight itself was tempered by special glass to prevent it from burning everyone’s eyes out.
      From the moment one walks into the room through the open doorless space there is a hexagonal water fountain that quietly spits water up into the air seamlessly (Laminar Flow) and each stream of water changes colour through every colour on the spectrum. It is a very, very large room and has a capacity for two thousand people - maximum. There is a stairwell in the upper corner that takes you up to the Stuffed Holes restaurant, and in front of that is a classical band that play bar music (Holographic).
      The bar itself is massive; and behind the counter, on the shelves with the drinks, there is a wall waterfall that flows ice cold water through the semi-hydrophobic bottles that keeps the drinks at a very cool temperature.
      This bar is never empty and is open all the time, with staff that work in shifts around the clock, and as such it’s been a source of jobs on the station which helps keep people out of Down Below.
      Manager: Jen’starr Epsi’rikixi
      Parent Company: Jennaea’s Bar and Restaurants Company
      Location: Commerce District - Right outside embarkation/disembarkation and station’s customs, Main Floor, Andromeda One Space Station
      Services: Drink and Holoservices
      Capacity: 1,000 - 2,000 People
      Opening Times: Always
      For more information about holographic technology, replicated technology and the power source, please read the Company Topic.
    • AzumiMoonLove
      By AzumiMoonLove
      Azumi stood, staring at the drink in her hand. Her blonde bangs softly framing her face, being separated from the rest by a ponytail. Still in her white button up blouse, and short black pencil skirt from work, she looked around the room looking bored. 
      "Damn, even here i can't find peace." She sulked, sipping her drink. 
      Work was terrible, she had stayed awake for days finishing every project she had only to be told it wasn't good enough. Her soft, pink, lips parted as she sighed.
      ((I will probably start out like this. ^.^ Please comment and let me know if this interests you))
    • Temaelrin
      By Temaelrin
      Promiscuous Palace

      A temporal disaster, which is suspected to have taken the life of Wolfie Mako'demeri (1990 - 2010) is the reason this property was closed down, fenced off and sold to Diomedes. Tripp Keza'maraki has not spoken about the Promiscuous Palace under the UFF Classified Secrets Act. Under UFF law, this plot of land belongs to Diomedes, and cannot be attested to by other governments or agencies. 
      Owned by: Tripp Keza'maraki / Keza Corp
      Cost: £7,500,000 Unfurnished and land | £19,553,851 After upgrades, furnishing, security and decorating.
      Year Built: 2009
      Year upgrades completed: 2010
      Brought as: New
      Land Plot Size: 10 Acres / 40460 m² / 0.015621 mi² / 435507.8 ft²
      Owned by: Diomedes
      Cost: £10,000,000 in Gold Bars. 
      Brought as:
      UFF Government: CONDEMNED - Under Security Deadlock (Condition) 1.  UFF Military: CONDEMNED - Threat Level 1.  Blackberry Falls Government: Not our problem. Land Plot Size: 10 Acres / 40460 m² / 0.015621 mi² / 435507.8 ft²
      House Name or Number: 333 Promiscuous Palace
      Town or Area: North East of Keza Corp Campus
      City: Outskirts of Xantall'ar City
      County: Deadzone County
      Post Code / Zip Code: It's not on any map.
      Country: UFF
      Swimming Pools: Has been emptied and filled in with Concrete. 
      Floors: 2 Above ground, 6 underground. Above ground floors are locked down due to a security alert enacted in 2011.
      In a secret entrance you go down into a secret hallway into a secret room. Layers upon layers of security exists during these check points. There is an Anti-Dimensional Shifting and Anti-Teleportation device in operation here as well as layers upon layers of perception filters and secret camera's and sensors. This is Keza Corp's highest security area, trespassing will mean an automatic gun turret pointing at you. It's a Level 0 Facility, and it's to lock away two monsters that would sooner consume the entire planet, literally than care about the life that's on it. 

      Their security system will be explained in the RP. It's not public information. 
      * Except for EPSI Federation Level Technology or Higher.
    • Temaelrin
      By Temaelrin
      The Keza Corporation (Keza Corp)
      For Every Need. For Everyone.
      1) Introduction

      [Picture in real life is the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, for the purposes of the RP it's the Keza Corp Campus. The top of the picture is west (Promiscuous Palace), the right hand side is north, bottom - east and left - south to Xantall'ar City.]
      Name: Keza Corp
      Slogan: Keza Corp; for Every Need, for Everyone.
      Type: Public, Federal and Military | Production, Research and Manufacturer
      Stock/Sharename: Keza Corporation - KEZA
      Industry: Multi-industry
      Founded: UFF - (28th March 2010)
      Founder(s): W M, Tripp Keza'maraki, Wolfie Mako'demeri.
      Headquarters: Keza Corp HQ, 1 Keza Corp Drive, Keza Corp Campus, Xantall'ar City Centre, United Federation of Families, Blackberry Island.
      Area served: Global.
      Key people: W M (Hand off manager, 2010), Tripp Keza’maraki (CEO)
      Revenue: 1,051,184,219,101cr [1.05 Trillion Credits] (As of 2013-2014)
      Operating income before tax: 242,591,129,122cr [242 Billion Credits] (As of 2014-2015)
      Profit after tax: 651,000,040,102cr [651 Billion Credits] (As of 2014-2015)
      Total Assets: 1,812,401,666,120cr [1.81 Trillion Credits] (As of 2014-2015)
      Employees: 189,500 Worldwide (As of 2014-2015)
      Tax: They FULLY pay all related Taxes and find any form of Tax Evasion/Avoidance morally wrong. They pay every April (UFF Tax Day).
      Top Secret / Classified inventions/projects being worked on: 18,491
      All currencies expressed in this Extra Information are in relation to in roleplay (Character's Money) and isn't real life money.
      In the Location Forums please put for any VER businesses (Entertainment, Training, Educational, whatever) "[VER]" at the beginning of your thread title and tag it with VER, so others can search for it easily. It's not possible to steal and use (stolen) VER units by the way. 
      If your company is owned (or parented) by Keza Corp please put a "[Keza Corp]" at the beginning of your thread title. You will be approached in EcchiText by me if my character is interested in buying your company (Which your character can still run and it has lots of benefits and security). Of course it's completely optional and not forced if you don't want it. 
      About Keza Corp
      The Keza Corporation is the name given to the corporation set up by a top ranking ex-Neko Resistance officer, Tripp Keza’maraki. Since 2004; Tripp had been buying companies specifically in the tech markets, and industrial areas. In 2006 he started a research programme ran by several members of his family. The mandate(s) of this programme was to; Research new technologies, research new energy sources that used less CO2 emissions than current sources and have no toxic waste (Not necessarily renewable), to research medical technologies and find new innovative ways to make existing things better. In 2008; Tripp’s small group released several computer programs for companies, and the general population, this included an Anti-Virus scanner and Firewall software which was released as Freeware and an Operating System that was originally built on a Linux Distro that has since got it’s own Kernel. In 2008, work began on a top secret project with Xavier Mako’maraki and Hax Keza’maraki to make an operating system for a project code named Azure. In 2010, the companies that Tripp had obtained were put under a parent corporation thus Keza Corp was born. They do many things, ranging from the Entertainment Sector, Military Sector, Medical Sciences to Food and Drinks. It's set up in the hopes that Neko's, Humans and other races can live on Earth in peace and unity, a shared common goal. Protecting new inventions with layers of patents, they're working on some of the biggest new inventions of all time. It brings jobs, and adds to Blackberry City's already excellent economy. On the first day it brought 900 jobs for all ranges of people and provided full training; in some jobs. In it's first year the unemployment rate of Blackberry Falls sunk to a global record rate of just 1.9% from 9.1%
      Although the Neko Resistance is currently at War with humans the founding members of Keza Corp aren’t. They’ve left the Neko Resistance to pursuit peace rather than war, such as which the Keza’s in this group have ended their war with the Mako’s to show everyone that they can work together, and that they want peace. Currently in terms of military technology, neither side will be given an advantage over the other, it’s either equal or nothing. Keza Corp is built on morals, honesty and integrity. The corporation believes in technological advancements for no one or for everyone. They're a pretty transparent company with not much to hide. [Except their secrets.]
      It's the first Global Corporation that was the UFF can say originated with their people. So Keza Corp started as a UFF company, and became a global empire.
      Keza Corp have publicly spoken out about EVOLIFE and the CEO of Keza Corp has been quoted to even go as far as swearing in public statements. He's said interviews that the experiments that EVOLIFE conducted would have violated Human Rights if Keza's and Neko's were considered to have the same rights as everyone else should. Keza Corp is passionately opposed to them and would support any whistle blowers both publicly and privately.
      Keza Corp internally data-shares freely to better customise YOUR personal experience, but external data-sharing is extremely difficult to obtain and is done so with strict control. [in line with the UFF's Data Protection Act 2008, which more than satisfies the UK's standard of Data Protection]. What data you do and don't want to share with third paries is strictly up-to-you and you can setup a Keza Corp account for all your Keza Corp devices and control your privacy settings there. Where possible the default setting is "Private." There has been rumour that Keza Corp are putting in a system to give back to the people who data share in terms of money off credit for their Keza OS Smartphone App Store, but nothing has yet been confirmed by the corporation.
      Not known in RP by outside groups:
      There are two companies that it's paying money into but don't seem to have any explanation as to what or who they are. "Global Dynamics" and "KezaTech" [GD and KT respectively] This is (Although secret) a nod of the head to Eureka (The TV Series) and obviously the GTF is Keza Corp's version. In Eureka 2.0
      What this means for Blackberry Falls:
      Whilst there will still be crime going on in a city, it's not a poor city. Technology here is slightly more advanced [and could give some people for some ideas. For example with the VER technology. Which is used in a plethora of ways. It also means there is STD protection available from the Keza Corp hospital and a variety new and amazing technology. That doesn't exist in real life. You DO NOT have to have your character have any of Keza Corp tech, it's not mandatory. But just so you know, unless your idea of a shithole is a clean technological metropolis that's clearly economically rich and on average to any other city has the least poor population, then Blackberry Falls is a great big hole of steaming shit.
      Corporate Logo:

      Name: Dez’rarzii Tripp Keza'maraki [Tripp]
      Occupation: CEO and President at Keza Corp and Corporate Manager to KC:MN (Keza Corp Metal Nightclub)
      Age: 27 Years Old
      Nationality: Officially:- UFF Citizen
      Race: Keza, but he opted himself to be the first test subject in the Mako'demeri Regenersis project. It had to be done with a Coda template which was used off a living Coda male. This has not gone down well with the Members of the UN.
      Played by: @Wolfie 

      Name: Daciana Cross-Sin-Faux'demeri
      Occupation: Tripp's Personal Assistant.
      Age: 27 Years Old
      Nationality: Officially:- UFF Citizen
      Race: Wolf Anthromorph [Faux'demeri is a 'Fake' Mako'demeri, it's actually given to those respected by the Mako'demeri state if wanted of course]
      Played by: @Neptune
      Name: Kelsae Sin-Keza'maraki
      Occupation: Keza Corp's Senior Health and Safety Compliance Manager.
      Age: 26 Years Old
      Nationality: Officially:- UFF Citizen
      Race: Keza.
      Played by: Tripp
      Profile link: NPC
    • Temaelrin
      By Temaelrin
      Keza Corp: Housing Estate Agents
      Turning Houses, into Homes. 
      1) Introduction

      Turning Houses into Homes!
      An award winning Housing and Real Estate Agency in Blackberry Falls City and Xantall'ar City. 

      We at Keza Corp pride ourselves on the best and affordable housing for the right person. Most of our houses are freshly built upto UFF code, which surpasses local laws in crafts manship and excellence. After years of home improving research you'll find that for the quality and build our prices cannot be beaten. Our pride is the Starshine Estates in Blackberry Falls as well as the Unity Estate in the UFF, both built with the latest Keza Corp technology and ideas. We also offer affordable rented property as well. 
      This company sold more than 450,000 new homes in Blackberry Falls and 150,000 in the UFF in 2013; this was our best selling year and we're already making new houses. 

      All homes that were built after 2010 (IE; All homes built by Keza Corp) will have free Solar Panel's on their roofs. This saves you money on your electricty bill, and helps you keep your home warm at night. Keza Corp Solar Panels are a scientific breakthrough, using patented technology Keza Corp Solar Panel owners were able to earn $600 more than the leading provider. They're excellent value for money and rated to last at least 50 years. Thanks to Keza Corp's cheap but durable crystal nano-fiber process. 

      This is another in RP service. I'll explain how this works: I don't accept real life money. These may be real houses but I'm NOT selling them and if you can copyright a house, they're respective "authors" or copyright holders hold that copyright. Once again; not selling with real money in real life, it is RP only.  You do not need to ask permission to buy a house. As long as you state in your post that your character paid for it or has taken up a mortgage to pay for it; and you send me an EcchiText telling me what number and estate you've taken (so I can update it and link your character ID in this thread) then I'm fine with that. Honest. With exception to UFF properties. You must ask first. (As it's a UFF country) Also; you can't just buy a mansion/mannor without permission. As there is only one of that building. I'd like you to discuss with me how your character will pay for it, and so on. (The Paperwork. LOL) There are a lot of rented property rules this is reflective of real life, and it serves as a rule for rented houses in the roleplay. [EG: Your character is not allowed to destroy or damage rented property. If they do, they must pay for the damages.] When your character buy's the house; I will update the thread with the information. Each estate will have a BBCoded feature that you can copy and paste after "House:" which also links to the estate in this thread so people can see what type of house your character owns.I've designed it to be as quick and easy as a "Copy" and "Paste".  You'll have the option for a Blackberry Fall's City Rep. (More information: Here) Which if you get a house through Keza Corp your character will have a nice deal on this service. [Free for 1 Month, and they will bring a gift basket with your considerations. (They will ask for allergy information).]
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