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Pokémon Wi-Fi And Discussion Thread


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Hi, everyone! I decided to use this section of the site for more than game reviews. The point of this thread will be to discuss the Pokémon games! Mostly to find battling/trading partners, though. Anyone with a 3DS and a copy of Pokémon X or Y is welcome to post requests for battling and trading. You will have to post your 3DS Friend Code and in-game name, however. Of course, anyone is welcome to join in conversations! Oh, and this is also gonna serve as a place to gather Friend Safaris. The Friend Safari is a place in X and Y that's only accessible after beating the Champion. Everyone has 3 Pokémon linked to their Friend Code. When you exchange Friend Codes, you'll be able to find the Pokémon in the Friend Safari. They tend to be rare Pokémon. I'll start off.

Name: Tyler.

Friend Code: 2320-6641-7872.

Safari: Normal Type(Teddiursa, ???, Chansey.).

If anyone has one of the following Pokémon to trade, I'd be very grateful.

Volt Absorb Pachirisu.

Skill Link Minccino/Cinccino.

Adaptability Eevee.

Drought Vulpix.

I have good Pokémon to trade.

Infiltrator Hoppip.

Finneon with Psybeam, Aurora Beam, and Signal Beam.

Pichu with Volt Tackle.

Orange Flower Flabébé.

White Flower Flabébé.

Alright; let the Pokémon-related fun begin! ^_^

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    • maid lover
      By maid lover
      So... um, for people who don't know me...
      Hi and welcome to the world of Pokèmon, my name is Professor O...
      Wait, that isn't right.
      Hi! My name here is Maid Lover, since I happen to have a very exploitable weakness when it comes to ladies wearing certain kinds of uniforms, but I happen to have many names, or rather nicknames. A way I've been adressed as ever since I was little is "the Pokèmon pro", something that I have always found a little bit excessive, because I don't really feel like it's deserved, as I haven't been recognized as one of the top player by the community as a whole, I don't own any kind of world record, and I have never won an IRL tournament. However, the ungodly amount of hours I spent playing the games over the past 16 years granted me a well-rounded competence in most of its fields, accompanied by a very solid knowledge, which I try to improve by reading articles and doing reserch by myself.

      I will say this here and now, Pokèmon is a surprisingly complex game with a tremendously high amount of mechanics to learn, secrets, bugs, glitches, exploits, general tips, strategies and stuff you have to memorize, making it, in my opinion, one of the games with the highest skill caps, since there are at least 4 competitive ways to play it, every single one of them being completely different from the other. I'm talking about:
      -Competitive battles (pvp)
      -GCC card game (Stop hating it!)
      As much as I try to continuosly improve, I tend to consider myself a Noob most of the times, because considering the amount of time I spent playing the main series video games and spinoffs, as well as playing PVP on Pokèmon showdown, I should be much better than I am right now. However, even after having spent so much time on it, and even though sometimes the game makes me rage, cry and sometimes scream out of frustration, I keep playing it, unable to abandon it completely.
      Pokèmon has made my life what it is, for better or for worse, I tried hating it, abandon it forever, but there has never, ever been a year in my life when I didn't play it, I have now acknowledged it as my #1 passion, even if some people see it as a waste of time and give me hate or pity for it, which still Really saddens me to this day, because I am really sensitive about it.
      One thing that I have to specify right off the bat is that I only play retro pokèmon games, mostly gen 3 and gen 2, perhaps I will get in depth of gen 4 and learn all of its most obscure secrets later on, but I will never play gen 6 onwards. The reason is quite simple: I play on phone or on PC, because I have no console I can play the games on, since my parents yeeted all of my games, except my pokèmon white 2, where I saved all of my important mons, and it miraculously survived the "WW3". Also, I really love the fact that I can bring my Pokèmons everywhere and freely manage my save files on pc, copying them and making backups, since losing them would be a catastrophe, all the while allowing me to trade easily, replay events... Emulators are great! I feel like that's the best way to play the old games, since there was no wireless back then, but everyone seems to want to murder me whenever I say that, so let's ignore my personal opinion.

      The thin is... I play so much and yet have nobody to show the cool and sometimes crazy things I achieve, which saddens me a little bit, so I decided to create this forum, to share with the world what I do, how I play the game and let's be honest, to brag a little, after all, I do love being praised. I encourage everyone to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences, PLEASE, post here, I don't want to monopolize this discussion completely, and I would love to have a dialogue with every single one of you, as long as you are being respectful, and you aren't saying dumb shit. However, please notice that I would like to keep this as a safe place to post my personal in game things, but comments, replies and discussion are very welcome!
      (Please notice that I won't be annoyed if you decide to post a picture of your pokémon or your save file, or anything else, as long as it's in the right context or in a discussion between you/us)

      Also, this is my first time making something like this, so please, let me know whether you find this kind of format appealing or terrible, costructive criticism is always welcome, especially when it come to graphic style!
      One thing that I would like to point out is that I will NEVER post in game playthroughs, unless very special cases, like very particular challenges or guides. This is mainly for two reasons: It's too much work, but most importantly, @Aura has had this idea a while back, and it would feel so wrong to copypaste him, especially since he has been magnificent in creating his posts, and I truly encourage every single one of you to go read his discussion regarding his pokèmon journey through the various games, you can find it under the name "all the pokemens".

      This is all for now! Thank you everyone who read this, I would appreciate so much if you could react to it to know that someone is interested in my content! I wish all of you a very nice day and week.
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