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The Sin-Keza’maraki Palace

Keza Royal Palace.jpg

This Palace is in the heart of Selil, situated nearby the human Palace that houses the King of the Humans. This is the very centre of power for the Sin Clan Keza’maraki’s, and where the King and Queen of the Sin Clan reside.

The Palace is a large building primarily made from stone. It is home to dozens of people, including the Royal Family and the servants that work there. The Keza’maraki Palace stands as tall as any other building in Selil and can be seen from outside of the city from the Wilderness. The Palace comprises of several sprawling buildings, with a citadel in the centre. Within the space between buildings, there lies a beautiful garden with tall, graceful oak trees that are a thousand years old. There are beautiful, maintained flower gardens that both the Royal Family and servants can appreciate. 

The Main Hall of the Keza’maraki King is long, with graceful stone arches on either side. A deep red carpet runs from the large wooden doors up to the dais where a ornately carved wooden throne sits with deep blue velvet cushions. Torches line the arches, as well as having hanging chandeliers that illuminate the Main Hall. There are chairs lining the two walls of the Main Hall, however these are usually decorative rather than functional. Guests of the King and Queen usually have seats provided to them when visiting the Monarch in the Main Hall, but otherwise most people stand, even members of the Royal Family. 

Within the Citadel there resides many rooms, such as a large Library and the King’s living suite that contains a large study area, a living area, the bedroom, the Royal Nursery and a private bathroom. Within the basement of the Citadel are the large public baths for both sexes. In the buildings around the central Citadel lie rooms such as the armoury, store rooms, bedrooms and study rooms. The kitchens are situated deep down in the Citadel, above the bathrooms. The kitchen is a large room filled with roasting spits, counters and holding several store rooms that are filled to the brim with food. The cooks have their own rooms adjacent to the kitchen.

Surrounding the Palace is a stone wall made from a rare stone that is a deep blue in colour and sparkles lightly in the sun. The origin of this stone is unknown, as the Keza’maraki Royal Family hold this secret zealously. The gates are made from White Gold and always have a compliment of Keza’maraki guides from the War Clan who are known for their fearsome fighting skills. No one enters the Palace without them knowing, even if they were to attempt to sneak in. They are dressed in black armour made from a thin but tough metal that gives them an intimidating appearance for the fearsome design of the armour.

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The main inhabitants of the Palace is the Royal Family. This includes the King and Queen as well as numerous Princes and Princesses. Serving the Royal Family is an army of servants, who live and work in the Palace as well, doing various kinds of jobs such as cooking and general cleaning. 

The King

King Kail is the current King for the Sin Clan Keza’maraki’s. For a Keza of this time, he is advancing in age and is quite elderly. Due to a diet rich in fatty meats, and little exercise, the King is quite obese. He rarely moved from his throne all day, and usually eats several large meals a day. He can be quite forgetful at times, and usually relies on his Queen and servants to remind him of things that he is doing, or things he needs to do. He is quite possessive over his wife, and doesn’t like others looking at her as, at this point in Keza history, males were usually possessive over their wives and wouldn’t allow others to fuck them, although it was perfectly fine for them to go out and have sex with others. As such, the King has many consorts that he likes to be entertained by.

The Queen

Queen Elizabeth is the current daughter of the King. He married her after his previous wife had died and has since been his wife, and the father of his children. Due to her Queen genes, Elizabeth is only pregnant for 48 hours before she gives birth. She has had a lot of children since gaining the title of Queen. However, not all of her children are with the King. Despite the tradition that a wife must remain faithful to their husband, the Queen has many secret lovers including her brother, Prince Rowan and his friend Gavrilovich. While she loves her husband, she does not like the restrictions placed upon her as Queen. She has many lovers, and several whom she genuinely loves. She would never have sex with someone that was not a Keza’maraki though, as she does not want to risk becoming pregnant with a non-Keza as that would immediately identify her as being unfaithful to her husband.

Notable Princes

Prince Rowan is far down the line of succession, despite being the son of the King, and brother to the Queen. There are many other male heirs in line before him so the chances of the crown falling to him are rather slim. He is perfectly fine with that, as he has never aspired to be the King. He finds his Royal connection to be a pain, as it makes him rather noticeable. He makes a living by being a spy, thief and assassin, as well as being a merchant. His father usually sends him out throughout Craethiel acting as his representative. Rowan willingly does this, as it allows him to travel the land and make useful connections and contacts that allow him to sell goods and thus make money. 

Notable Princesses

There are none at this moment in time.

Notable Palace Staff.



In order to get into the Citadel of the Keza’maraki Palace, one has to get past the guards at the front gate. The walls are too high for most people to climb, and there are usually guards patrolling the very top of the wall, looking out for anyone attempting to gain entry to the compound. Permission to enter must be sought by the King and Queen, and most people will be turned around unless they have had the strict permission of the Royal Family. Anyone attempting to gain access to the Palace with permission will be met with hostility. If they continue to refuse to leave, then the guards may possibly kill them. 

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