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Shit I've Bought from eBay #2 - Pokémon Cards


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When you were younger; did you collect Pokémon Cards?

Chances are if you were born in the late 80s/early 90s you probably did, I know I certainly did and I was pretty efficient at doing so, owning at least 6,000 or 7,000 Pokémon Cards by the time it went out of style, but I handled many, many more despite the fact that I only ever purchased 2 booster packs at the very beginning. I am going to start this topic by sharing some of my memories of Pokémon Cards and I really hope that you also share your memories too; please leave a comment and tell me what your fondest or darkest memories of the whole thing was for you.

There’s a lot of stories associated with these little cards in my history, I became quite astute in Pokémon card economics for my area where I’d see a hole in the ‘Market’ as it were and where I’d go out and ‘buy’ those cards cheap by trading outside of my area (Like around Darbyshire, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire, Wiltshire, Devonshire, Denbighshire and so on) depending on my travels; as I travelled a lot with family. I’d also quite often bulk up my deck by picking up Pokémon cards that were discarded by people who had way too many of that card and didn’t want them, it was very common in my primary school for students to dump cards and just toss them to the ground when they didn’t want them, or for students to drop the cards by accident, and for them to get blown around in the wind. I never got a shiny from anything like that, but I did get some neat cards, and I was willing to pick them up. As deck bulkers.

Of course I’d bring those acquisitions home and start bidding wars with groups of other people who wanted them to maximise my profits (In cards) which explains pretty much how I got hold of my ‘vast fortune’ of Pokémon cards. I didn’t need to resort to ‘crime’; IE - Stealing Cards, Fraud or anything like that because I was pretty damn successful at it. My favourite trick was to trade one card for multiple cards; and once (my best deal ever!) when I brought back an illusive shiny Charizard (Which I traded a Venusaur and Chansey shinies to someone who had three Charizards), I got it purely to trade with someone in my area who was willing to part with half of their collection (Including several shiny cards - which included a Venusaur and Chansey!)

Why? Because both of the people I was dealing with were collectors - respectable collectors that were only ever interested in completing the sets that they had; Base, Jungle, Fossil and Team Rocket's “Dark” cards. I was less interested in ‘buying’ from ordinary people and more interested in selling to them instead, and ‘buying’ from collectors who had no interest in having multiple copies of the same card. 

By the end of it; I had 4 Charizards. One in great - mint condition; that was for my private collection and was kept safe in a photo frame that I had in my bedroom; it was the pride of my collection and I very rarely took it out (Except for one incident), and I had three that were in decreasing conditions; one of them was barely a card anymore as the previous owner took it to bed with them and cuddled it causing it to be severely damaged and even the front was splitting from the back and there was no amount of repair work that could fix it; and surprise, surprise no one wanted it. 

Did I ever have a deal that went bad? Well to be honest, some of my deals felt like a drug deal. I’d have protection, the other side would have protection (In numbers of people) and we’d trade by putting one card on one table and the other side putting their cards on another table before crossing over to collect each other’s cards and leaving. I am and always have been a tall bloke; I am currently around six foot six (6’ 6”) and I was quite tall for my age when I was younger; and extremely strong for my age too. I tried to avoid deals that had to go to certain lengths but when you’re trying to run a ‘Pokémon Card Empire’ in your local area, sometimes you needed to make fantastic trades from people with bad reputations, something I thought I could mitigate with ‘Protection’.

One time I remember distinctly that I had a knife pulled on me (I was ~12 years old at the time)... Needless to say my reputation for people who fuck me around is as infamous as it is today. I become extremely unpredictable. Very quickly the guy who pulled the knife, lost control over me, I stared at him blankly and told him to put it down before he poked someone's eye out with it, or I’d ramn it up his arse. He laughed thinking that he had the upper hand, but then I just kind of lunged for him, grabbing his wrist with one hand and his throat with my other hand, knocking him onto the floor. I don’t remember too much of what happened during the struggle - this kid was around the same age I was, and he was holding me at knife point (With one of those red covered swiss army knives, with a tiny blade) and there we were fighting each other over fucking cards. I realised this when I had him to the floor, his own knife to his own neck below my hand; telling him to just let it go. He didn’t want to; and I could see it in his eyes. I told him ‘If you don’t drop it, then I’m going to push it in. If you let go; I can’t do that. Please let go.’ He eventually dropped it and I told him “Look at us. We’re going to kill each other over Pokémon cards. For fuck sake man.”...

The above story is absolutely true in that it was a dream. It's a particularly nasty dream that I remember to this day because of the effect it had on me. I woke up afterwards and reassessed what my (I guess you could call it) subconscious was telling me. I kind of saw that one of these days these deals with bad people is going to backfire, like it did in my dream, and I kind of stopped trading with bad people. This was brought about by the amount of people who were getting beaten up for the Pokémon cards, it was so bad that I remember it even being on the news at one point too. A young kid at the end of my street was left needing stitches because some other kids beat him up for his cards.

I have a story that I will share, that actually happened in that it happened in real life, not in a dream or nightmare, but real. Whether you believe it or not is up to you.

I was in a Pokémon card battle with a school bully in Primary School who when he’d win against people he’d take their Pokémon cards, he’d entice them with, “If you win, you can have all my cards. If I win you have to give me all of your cards.” He had advertised it the previous week, that he was doing it on the following Monday, and I knew exactly what was going to happen. (Spoiler alert: It did happen). It was the one time I risked my good Charizard; because I knew I was going to be in a position where I was going to be winning back the cards that everyone lost. He played fair and reasonable in each battle, having done about eight when I decided to stop this and challenge him, after watching his strategy. Needless to say, as soon as I started evolving my Charmeleons on the bench into Charizards, he started sweating. When I won... He didn’t play fair.

When he lost he didn’t live up to his end of the deal which I fully expected; I told him to the effect of; “I don’t want your cards; I just want the cards that you’ve taken from people. If you want to walk away from this with your own cards then do I am telling you. If you don’t want to walk away with your cards then carry on doing what you’re doing.” You’d think he’d chose the former option, but no, he chose the latter. After securing my cards which was easy for me because I only brought my fighting deck where as he had all of his cards there. I decked the ten tonnes of shit out of him, and took all the cards including his own; just as I promised, put them in my bag… Although I had to be careful where I was putting them, because my bag had a hole in the bottom of it, so I put them within this kind of stiched on meshed compartment in the bag that would hold them all. Then I got the fuck off School Premises, and took my stash home because I knew he’d go straight to a teacher and blab. I snuck into my home, and put the cards somewhere safe, and then I also made sure to have a new deck of cards, putting my fighting cards away and kept the other cards safe. The new deck of cards I had was full of my lowest quality cards that was mainly energy cards and trainers and I went back with them. When I came back, I hid behind one of the mobile buildings between a hedge and the building and waited for a teacher to find me. Why? Because that was my alibi. I didn’t “Leave the School.” I was hiding all along. I sat there and started planning every possible outcome I could think of to try and keep my story credible. 

The headmaster eventually found me and ordered me to get to his office where I found the fellow classmate I had beaten the shit out of nursing his wounds and forming bruises, and I just smirked at him… Like a fucking nutcase. When the headmaster wanted to get to the bottom of it; I decided because at this point I had nothing to lose to be almost completely honest with him. The only thing I lied about was the going home bit - as that would destroy my insurance. I told him that he was battling people for their Pokémon cards; and when they lost they had to hand over all of their cards or he’d beat them up. The headmaster said “Well then they knew what they were getting themselves into, not that, that’s okay. But that’s their fault. They could have said no to the battle in the first place.” So I said “we had the same deal”, I was the last to do it, and the deal was that if I lost I had to hand over all my cards or else I’d be beaten up. If he lost he’d have to hand over all of his Pokémon cards. He lost and refused to hand over his cards and all the cards that he won off of the fellow students. So I beat him up. 

The headmaster didn’t like that, and started pinning the whole thing on me; I repeated back to him “Well he knew what he was getting himself into, not that it’s okay, but he could have said no to the battle in the first place.” But of course he tried to twist and turn it, he then asked “What did you do after that?” To which I said “I ran from the playground and hid behind the classroom where you found me.”

The headteacher then did exactly what I thought he was going to do. He told me to give him all of the cards I took from the student. (Give to the head teacher that is, not the student) to which I feigned resistance - after all if I make it look like I was all too willing to, I was concerned that it was going to look too easy. After several threats of expulsion I handed over the cards and said “That’s all of them.” Which the student said it wasn’t even a quarter of them. I told him “It’s all of them.” This would be the second lie I told. The head teacher then forced me to empty my bag and pockets, and even sent the receptionist out to go look for the cards around where I was found. Because of course he believed the bully over me. (And people wonder why I was such a little fucking shit back then?) 

When the receptionist came back and said that she couldn’t find anything the head teacher asked me “Where are the Pokémon cards?” For a moment I thought I was about to be found out, I thought my clever plan was falling apart right from underneath my feet, and I couldn’t understand how or why, because he was questioning everything. I told him and lied again, “That IS all of them. I don’t have anymore!”

My fatal flaw in my plan had become obvious when my head teacher asked “So where are the cards that you won the battle with?” Damn it; why does my head teacher had to have children who’s explained how they worked to him! I had to come up with an excuse fast, and the first thing I could think of was “I mixed the cards up, they’re all there… Including mine.” It was the third lie I told, and I only planned to tell one lie… I was already seeing that I was building a wall of lies… I had to stick to it - in hindsight like playing Poker. He then asked “So if he won a battle with eight pupils, and each battle deck has sixty cards including yours and his that’s at least six hundred cards. So where are they? This isn’t six hundred cards.”

I fucked up.

I fucked up bad. 

I hadn’t even taken that into consideration and I was kicking myself, that I hadn’t even thought about that, I had the perfect plan but I missed something so fucking obvious. I told him that on the way from the playground to the building I “dropped” the other cards somewhere on the path knowing that it was a high traffic area and that any student could just come along and pick them all up. It wasn’t uncommon to find Pokémon cards lying around when I was at school, either cards that someone chucked away because they were worthless or dropped by accident - as I said in the first paragraph. In fact most of the cards in this deck I gave the headmaster were what I called ‘dropsies’. I said that I couldn’t go back and pick them up because I didn’t want to get found by anyone as I only realised when I was hiding that they fell through the hole in my bag. I acted pissed off about it, to really sell that I was kicking myself for doing it. 

“You could have put them in the netted compartment in your bag.” My headteacher said to which I replied indignantly “Yeah I could of! Then I’d still have them. That’s all that’s left… I’m annoyed as it is, that I didn’t.” The lies were just compounding and compounding by this point, as I put on a look of annoyance, I was thinking about the lies I was spinning and working out if any of this was worth it or not, and what my narrative had changed from when I originally planned this out to what it was now, and focusing on trying to remember the key fake-facts of my narrative. 

The head teacher then told us both to show him where it happened and we all went outside to the playground where we showed him where the battle happened, we discussed a few things there, before he then told me to show me the route I took to when I went to go hide, which I did. I showed him my route making sure to tell him “I was running so my bag was bouncing up and down at this point…” And he was looking everywhere for cards, it just so happened that on the path we were walking by there was two Pokémon cards in the bush - a Grass Energy and an Electric Energy, and further down the pavement there was another card a Caterpie, I told him that “The cards must have dropped here and someone came along and picked them up.” But regardless we continued to the building I hid behind and said “I opened my bag and took out the only cards I had left. I swore loudly as I realised that I lost nearly all of them; and I put what I had left into my pocket because I didn’t want to lose anymore.”

We then went back to his office where the bastard gave the son of a bitch bully the Pokémon cards he took off of me and said “Let that be a lesson to you to never battle people for their cards again. You got lucky in that you got some of your cards back. But if I hear you’re doing it again, I will suspend you.” I felt relieved because if he was buying into the narrative that they were his cards then my lies worked, or were convincing enough for him to believe it. He then looked at me and told me that I was suspended for two days and my father will be called to pick me up for fighting a student. 

To me; getting suspended was no big deal - it actually happened often in Primary School (In year 4 especially) and I took it as two days off to play computer games or study on my own terms, and my own things… Or watch Star Trek:TNG and Voyager. xD

My father wasn’t happy - of course. And I couldn’t tell him the truth because I knew he’d take my cards from me, and go back to the school with all of my cards just to “teach me a lesson.” I was grounded, and when I went back to school I told the people who lost their cards to come to mine on Saturday when my grounding was let off. I also told them to come to me with a list of Pokémon cards that they knew that they had in their collections, and I’d happily hand them back over to them. My father was going to be out in the back garden mowing the lawn and my mother was going to be at work on that day.

There was a couple of them that claimed that they had cards that weren’t in the collection I stashed away, and I told them to be honest with me, otherwise they’re getting absolutely none of their cards back. One of them tried to push their luck but when I told them “That’s it. I’m keeping your cards.” He fessed up and admitted that he lied. I got pretty much all of the cards back to their rightful owners; and was left with the bully’s original collection, and several others… Where I got the Chansey that I’d later use to trade to get a Charizard. 

And if the bully ever reads this; and knows exactly who I am from it because he’d know the story, then you’ll know exactly what this means; “I’m such a winner that even your mum thinks that you’re a loser.” (It was his favourite phrase). This was one of the factors that eventually lead to Pokémon Cards being banned from the school; what put it in the coffin was when teachers started confiscating cards and people would come back to the classroom when it was empty and steal them. I know this because I proved it could be done, when I stole some from the teachers drawer that she had confiscated from my friend, just so I could  promptly return them to my friend, after school because the Teacher was going to confiscate them for “a month” - something I felt she wasn’t allowed to do. -- Again I don’t view that as stealing, I view that as taking back my friend’s property to give it back to my friend. I didn’t request or take payment.

I did feel dirty about lying, but I didn’t want him to win, and because I stuck with it, I won. Was it stealing? No. I gave him every chance and opportunity to play fair. But he didn’t. I had to lie… I don’t feel right about it, but at the time I saw it as the ends justifies the means… At the end of the day I was doing a net good. But it was still lying… But then again, the headmaster DID give the cards back to the bully… So… What do you think? Was 10 year old me, in the right or the wrong? If you have an opinion on it let me know. I think ultimately I was in the wrong, but it’s a complicated a case; I think I used morally ambiguous means to do something good. To give the cards back to the people who lost them. 

I of course had legitimate and fun battles with people I won’t say exactly how far I got with that because it probably can be used to personally identify me. But my tactic was sound; have a deck that had two types of cards (Like if I picked Fire, I’d pick something that if the player used something strong against Fire, I’d pick something weak against them. I never battled with Psychic cards), I may have thrown a couple of Normal cards in there; that way I could keep my energy cards to a reasonable level and have room to put in some decent trainers. It was a strategy that really worked for me, and made deck building - something I spent HOURS, on my weekends doing.

By the beginning of 2004, my collection was stored in my cupboard when we moved house, and that’s where it remained for years… Now as I’ve said openly a number of times; I was quite a little shit to my parents… Well, to everyone really. In 2006 I moved out of my parents when I was 16 and moved into a friends place until they made up some bullshit and threw me out. In 2007, 6 months after I came back home I moved out again this time permanently, except during this time one of my sisters (from what I have been told by third parties) stole all of my Pokémon cards and either sold them for weed or kept them to herself. They disappeared from the face of the planet, and I’ve never seen hide nor hair of them ever since.

Which brings me to Shit I’ve bought from eBay

I was talking to @Neptune and @SMFoxy about the days where I had Pokémon cards, and obviously they were talking about the days when they had Pokémon Cards, back in September. The only one of us that was able to keep a hold of their Pokémon cards was @SMFoxy, which he mentioned here in his status later in October. Both Neptune and I however; had zero to our names; except for two or three that were given by Neptune’s sister (My sister in law) from promotional packs that contained two or three cards. We were in town doing some shopping one day and we just happened to stop by Game in the high street, where Neptune saw the Pokémon cards and sighed in lemeant as she wanted them, I asked her what was up, and she pointed them out and said that she remembered the days when you could walk into some cramped and shady looking comic book store and buy Booster Packs for a quid, or get it from a book shop but didn’t want to ask for it, or to buy something for herself to which I told her that’s fucking nonsense and then I asked her which one did she want. She picked it up and I took it from her and waltz right up to the counter and said “One of these please!” Whilst she stood there dumbfounded. 

The guy seemed to be hell bent in getting us a membership card, and offering pre-orders and god only knows what, to which I refused; I don’t shop at Game enough to warrant a card, and I don’t pre-order (Not since the X:Rebirth incident. No way. Never.) He then had no choice but to check it out, we paid £20 for it and told him to keep the change and GTFO’ed so fast it was unbelievable. Of course one of the booster packs in the tin contained a Mega Rayquaza EX, which she was very lucky to get and keeps it in a soft plastic sheet within a hard plastic wrapper because she considers it a high value card.


  1. 1x Pokemon TCG: Evolution Celebration Tin - Leafeon GX (Neppy)
  2. 1x Pokemon TCG: Battle Heart Fall 2016 Tin - Pikachu EX (Me)
  3. 3x 100 Pokemon Cards Bundle RANDOM HOLO GUARANTEED -Mixed Lot Mint (Neppy gets 150, I got 150)
  4. 1x Pokemon Promo Dragonite Card Nr Mint (Me)
  5. 1x Pokemon: Arcanine - 18/108 - Rare - XY Evolutions (Neppy)
  6. 1x Joblot Bundle Of 825+ Official Pokemon Trading Cards (No Energy Cards) (Split 50/50)
  7. 1x Dragonair rare non holo pokemon card. Base Set 18/102. Wizards of the coast. (Me)
  8. 1x Ninetales 12/102 Holo/Shiny Pokemon Card, Base Set, Rare (Neppy)
  9. 2x 90 Pokemon Energy Cards Lot - 10 of Each Type Bundle Deal (Split 50/50)
  10. 3x 100 Pokemon Cards Bundle RANDOM HOLO GUARANTEED -Mixed Lot Mint (Neppy gets 150, I got 150)

Price I paid:

  1. £19.99 (Game - Not eBay)
  2. £20.95 (Amazon - Not eBay)
  3. £27.97 - £5.01 (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)
  4. £3.49
  5. £0.99
  6. £37.49
  7. £0.99
  8. £3.24
  9. £10.00
  10. £27.97 - £5.01 (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)


  1. £0.00 (Bought from Retail Shop)
  2. £0.00 (Free Shipping)
  3. £0.00 (Free Shipping)
  4. £0.00 (Free Shipping)
  5. £0.00 (Free Shipping)
  6. £0.00 (Free Shipping)
  7. £2.00 (Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For)
  8. £2.00 (Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For)
  9. £0.00 (Free Shipping)
  10. £0.00 (Free Shipping)

Total Cost:

  • £157.08

To see the full list of both of our collections you absolutely can; right here. It’s been alphabeticalised and sorted. In the Mixed Lots (Where we would get three packs of 100 cards) we often got a little more like 103 - 105 cards. So I’d say that particular person on eBay is pretty good; and all the cards that come from them appear to be 100% genuine. If  you’re in the UK and you’re interested, in knowing who the seller is on eBay, send me an EcchiText and I’ll send you the seller’s name/listings. He usually sells them in 5’s, 10’s, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 100’s. 200’s, 300’s, 400’s, 500’s and 1000’s, and at the time of writing has a buy 2 get 1 free deal (You might indeed be able to find him with that information on its own.) I can at least say that the things we’ve purchased from him were legit, and pristine. Very professional. If you play TCG Online; I think he also sells codes.

The 850 random card lot we got which was mainly commons and uncommons, there were hardly any rares in there, and if I recall - no holos. It was a bit of a bullshit buy to be honest, but the purposes of getting it was to pretty much bulk out the collection. Also I’m not going to complain 850 cards for under £40 is not bad at all, in fact I actually still left positive feedback, because there was nothing in there that wasn’t advertised, and there was nothing that was advertised but not in there. It seemed to be a one off sale, so this seller doesn’t regularly sell them.

With that aside; I will show you some pictures and show you some statistics of the cards we have. 

Here are some pictures of my cards, with a sneak peek of what’s to come in the next part of Shit I’ve Bought from eBay… 


And here are Neptune’s Cards



The following graphs cover the following data:

  1. Amount of Cards in Each Set
  2. Rarity of Cards
  3. Date Obtained
  4. Card Types
  5. Pokémon Types
  6. Holographic Count

There are somethings that I feel I should point out before I start this; I am well aware that we have labeled a few things that are not canon in the Trading Card Games; for example what we call ‘Normal’ is what most would call ‘Colourless’, what we call ‘Steel’ is what most would call ‘Metal’, ‘Electric’ - ‘Lightning’ and so on. I know some of you will be itching to mention it in the comments below so I thought I’d get that out of the way. I did at least try to stick to the HTML colour pallet of the card types in “Pokémon Types”. We also only started recording date obtained after October 6th.

Amount of Cards in Each Set:





Rarity of Cards





Date Obtained





Card Types





Pokémon Types





Holographic Count





Next on: "Shit I've bought from eBay" - HP ProLiant DL380 G5 Rack Mount Server

Do you still have your Pokémon Cards? Did you used to collect them? Please leave a comment below and share your experiences! 😄

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I never really played with or collected pokemon cards but my children have at some point in their lives... all of them.

I think as far as your story goes you kind of did the right thing but went the wrong way about it, dear. I know your ten year old self had a pretty warped view of the world based on what you've told me in private years ago... about your life around that time. but I think if you knew what you knew now, and had to do it again... I think you would have done things very differently. You're a smart person, dear and extremely resourceful. but the fact that you did it to get your fellow classmates their cards back, kind of shows the person you were back then and I think that's honorable even if the lies weren't so honorable. because it would have been so much easier to just stand by and do nothing.

but I do love how unapologetic you are. never apologize to assholes that have it coming. that was a great story and I enjoyed reading it.

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I am surprised that the resident Poképhile @ArdillaVerde93 hasn't said anything here about this topic.

On 04/11/2018 at 17:38, Temaelrin said:

what put it in the coffin was when teachers started confiscating cards and people would come back to the classroom when it was empty and steal them. I know this because I proved it could be done, when I stole some from the teachers drawer that she had confiscated from my friend, just so I could  promptly return them to my friend, after school because the Teacher was going to confiscate them for “a month” - something I felt she wasn’t allowed to do.

^ that was me he was talking about. 😄 I still have all my pokémon cards including the ones you got back for me from that Mrs.Whatshername teacher thanks again for that, Tem. I don't view that as stealing either. you were recovering my property, and you didn't ask for anything in return......nor did you take any of the cards. so that, I can vouch for.

I remember at the time you absolutely smashing Thomas the fuck up and then picking up all the cards before running which is exactly why people thought you stole them. But word very quickly got around what actually happened and most people only didn't like it because it was you that dispensed much needed justice on that bully.....I think it had have been anyone else, people would have it liked it.....I know I fucking did #NowThatsWhatICallKarma.......I don't know why people were so unfairly rough on you back then. I think Kari would have approved of what you did as well....bless her.

Its sad to see that you lost your entire collection......especially in those circumstances, I know how hard you worked to get that because I saw half of it but its good to see you're rebuilding your collection again, and not going to the extreme lengths you used to take.......those were ridiculous, but arguably necessary. keep it up. ^_^

I hope to see more XD but I have to ask........why the hell would you want a 'HP ProLiant DL380 G5 Rack Mount Server' which you mentioned as being in the next.......whatdoyoucallthis......forumisode? episodes on a forum? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Thanks for your feedback. I think @Casey you're right. If I had to do it all over again as a ten year old knowing now back then, I would have done it very differently. I wouldn't lie, but I wouldn't tell them everything either. Kind of like I'm not going to lie but I'm not going to tell the truth either. 

@Whoreo: I don't remember her name either, but I know that a few years ago she apparently died of cancer, or so I'm told. I wasn't very popular at primary school for a lot of reasons, and I didn't want to be popular. I'm still like that today. So I guess somethings wouldn't change. As for what's to come in the next topic... Well I guess you're going to have to read it to find out. 🙂

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Never bought pokemon cards on ebay. I did it old school on my bike also got mtg collection those i have bought on ebay. 

I had all 3 shiny first ed charzard,blastoise,and venasure first gen ftw!

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I had a fuck ton of Pokémon cards at one point. One of my good friends went even further, though. He was a Pokémon GOD at the time, and I still keep in touch. But if anyone asks him how I managed to get his 1st Edition error Charizard, well... Let’s just go by the saying: “What happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas”~...

Anyway, this guy was the only person I know to have legitimately owned EVERY SINGLE US RELEASED POKÉMON GAME. I’m talking Red and Blue version for the Nintendo Game Boy, to Pokémon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3Ds. But he didn’t stop there. He even own every side game as well! I’m talking Pokémon Stadium, Hey You Pikachu!, Pokémon Colosseum, XD Gale of Darkness, the Pokémon Ranger and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series games, even ones like Pokémon Dash and Pokémon Conquest!!! This guy had them all!!! Hell, he even had, and I quote from him, a “Graded 10, Reverse Fireworks Foil Charizard Holo”. A GRADED 10!!! 

Sadly he’s since sold some of it, but he says that Pokémon made his childhood. If I wanted to list off other crazy ass things he has, well, here’s a sample;

$1,000 Halo 3 Master Chief cosplay, Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle City duel disk signed by the voice actor of Seto Kaiba; Eric Stuart, a 15th anniversary Japanese Digivice with signatures from some of the cast and directors, a Japanese Medawatch from Medabots...

The list goes on!

As for me, I still have some cards and games, buuuut the kids aren’t getting those until later.

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  • 1 year later...

i have a gem mint gold star rayquaza i got as a child, the only card i kept after selling the others i had (were like five bix boxes) for something like 2000 euros. and... nothing that's it

i play yugioh to this very day, but my mom thought it was a nice idea to throw away my 500 euros cards. luckily i still have my decks

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    • Thatannoyinggod
      By Thatannoyinggod
      Hey all! So I had tried this idea with someone a while back, didn't get too far into it before they deactivated their account. So! I kinda wanna give it another shot, especially because its different from what I usually do. 
      So you'll play a girl (preferably 15-17) that missed her chance at getting her first Pokémon, and has never tried again since. A week before your birthday, your parent(s) give you an empty pokeball as an early present, thinking it's time you go on your own journey. You find your first pokemon nearby, but miss with your throw. Then you learn that there is another way to catch it. 
      I will play the various Pokémon and people that you meet on your journey.
      Setting is a region that we make up containing all Pokémon from every region. You'll be traveling the world battling trainers, participating in poke contests...and fucking each Pokémon that you wish to catch and join your team. Possible non-con scenes if you want, but we'll have to discuss it first. 
      Bonus points on using and wanting elements from both the games and the TV show!
      EcchiText me your ideas and which Pokémon you would like to be your first 😁
    • KawaiiUwU
      By KawaiiUwU
      The Pokegirls to choose from:
      Green: Tsundere with an angry attitude and big breasts.
      Kris: A sexy tomboy with a big heart.
      Lyra: A far girlier type than Kris, but still a tomboy.
      May: A sweetheart who’s in love with Brendan.
      Dawn: A fashionable type who’s super sweet and wears a tiny skirt.
      Hilda: Rosa’s bestie, an oneesan type.
      Rosa: Energetic idol!
      Serena: Fashionable, ditzy, and cute.
      Selene: Loves the supernatural, very cheerful, chuunibyou
      Gloria: Scottish tsundere.
      Give me your ideas for these pokesluts!
    • Zinky
      By Zinky
      *Okay, so this is about a mew (me) getting transported to the normal universe, the one where we live in. This mew was banished by arceus and has all moves stripped off of her. She only has telepathy, her way of communication to humans. She has to adapt to these humans, or she will forever be a victim for these rule 34 explorers. IF I AM DOING SOMETHING WRONG, PM ME. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME STARTING A PUBLIC RP!!! HUMANS ONLY, HORNY HUMANS HIGHLY PREFERRED!!*
    • maid lover
      By maid lover
      So... um, for people who don't know me...
      Hi and welcome to the world of Pokèmon, my name is Professor O...
      Wait, that isn't right.
      Hi! My name here is Maid Lover, since I happen to have a very exploitable weakness when it comes to ladies wearing certain kinds of uniforms, but I happen to have many names, or rather nicknames. A way I've been adressed as ever since I was little is "the Pokèmon pro", something that I have always found a little bit excessive, because I don't really feel like it's deserved, as I haven't been recognized as one of the top player by the community as a whole, I don't own any kind of world record, and I have never won an IRL tournament. However, the ungodly amount of hours I spent playing the games over the past 16 years granted me a well-rounded competence in most of its fields, accompanied by a very solid knowledge, which I try to improve by reading articles and doing reserch by myself.

      I will say this here and now, Pokèmon is a surprisingly complex game with a tremendously high amount of mechanics to learn, secrets, bugs, glitches, exploits, general tips, strategies and stuff you have to memorize, making it, in my opinion, one of the games with the highest skill caps, since there are at least 4 competitive ways to play it, every single one of them being completely different from the other. I'm talking about:
      -Competitive battles (pvp)
      -GCC card game (Stop hating it!)
      As much as I try to continuosly improve, I tend to consider myself a Noob most of the times, because considering the amount of time I spent playing the main series video games and spinoffs, as well as playing PVP on Pokèmon showdown, I should be much better than I am right now. However, even after having spent so much time on it, and even though sometimes the game makes me rage, cry and sometimes scream out of frustration, I keep playing it, unable to abandon it completely.
      Pokèmon has made my life what it is, for better or for worse, I tried hating it, abandon it forever, but there has never, ever been a year in my life when I didn't play it, I have now acknowledged it as my #1 passion, even if some people see it as a waste of time and give me hate or pity for it, which still Really saddens me to this day, because I am really sensitive about it.
      One thing that I have to specify right off the bat is that I only play retro pokèmon games, mostly gen 3 and gen 2, perhaps I will get in depth of gen 4 and learn all of its most obscure secrets later on, but I will never play gen 6 onwards. The reason is quite simple: I play on phone or on PC, because I have no console I can play the games on, since my parents yeeted all of my games, except my pokèmon white 2, where I saved all of my important mons, and it miraculously survived the "WW3". Also, I really love the fact that I can bring my Pokèmons everywhere and freely manage my save files on pc, copying them and making backups, since losing them would be a catastrophe, all the while allowing me to trade easily, replay events... Emulators are great! I feel like that's the best way to play the old games, since there was no wireless back then, but everyone seems to want to murder me whenever I say that, so let's ignore my personal opinion.

      The thin is... I play so much and yet have nobody to show the cool and sometimes crazy things I achieve, which saddens me a little bit, so I decided to create this forum, to share with the world what I do, how I play the game and let's be honest, to brag a little, after all, I do love being praised. I encourage everyone to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences, PLEASE, post here, I don't want to monopolize this discussion completely, and I would love to have a dialogue with every single one of you, as long as you are being respectful, and you aren't saying dumb shit. However, please notice that I would like to keep this as a safe place to post my personal in game things, but comments, replies and discussion are very welcome!
      (Please notice that I won't be annoyed if you decide to post a picture of your pokémon or your save file, or anything else, as long as it's in the right context or in a discussion between you/us)

      Also, this is my first time making something like this, so please, let me know whether you find this kind of format appealing or terrible, costructive criticism is always welcome, especially when it come to graphic style!
      One thing that I would like to point out is that I will NEVER post in game playthroughs, unless very special cases, like very particular challenges or guides. This is mainly for two reasons: It's too much work, but most importantly, @Aura has had this idea a while back, and it would feel so wrong to copypaste him, especially since he has been magnificent in creating his posts, and I truly encourage every single one of you to go read his discussion regarding his pokèmon journey through the various games, you can find it under the name "all the pokemens".

      This is all for now! Thank you everyone who read this, I would appreciate so much if you could react to it to know that someone is interested in my content! I wish all of you a very nice day and week.
    • Multiversal
      By Multiversal
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