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Two brothers born from the same Imp  Mother, but one with a Orc father and the other by a Oni. Their mother had loved to sleep with around, which is what caused her to give birth to her two sons, but she did love her two sons dearly, caring for them and seeing the they went to a good school. Along with their mother small size, they both had inherited some of her Body Manipulation Magic, but since they were half Oni and Orc, which had no magical abilities, they were only able to do basic spells. The only thing that they had inherited from their father’s were their strength and cock size.


Name-WolfFang Saco 


Race-Orc/Imp hybrid 

Position-1st year


Personality-A bit gruff, the young hybrid inherited his Orc father’s tough and warrior like spirt, but underneath it is a kind older brother and loving son side that shows sometimes. He like his younger brother is also very curious about sex but pretends to be uninterested.


Strength-Much stronger then his 4 foot size would suggest, he had the strength of a normal sized Orc and can easily lift a few tons.

Body Manipulation Spell(Bulk)-Can grow to look like a full grown Orc.

Body Manipulation Spell(Skin Shift)-Can change the texture of any part of his skin and body, making it harder, rougher, rubbery and add more layers of skin to roughly change the size and shape

Name-Ryo Saco


Race-Oni/Imp Hybrid

Position-1st year


Personality-Much shyer then his older brother, he is quite and soft spoken, taking more after his mother. But like his mother, he loves sex and will warm up to ladies fast, especially if they are curvy. 


Strength-Much stronger then his 3 foot size would suggest, he had the strength of a normal sized Oni and can easily lift a few tons.

Body Manipulation Spell(Bulk)-Can grow to look like a full grown Oni.

Body Manipulation Spell(Tentacles)-Can sprout up to seven tentacles from anywhere on his body and can control their size and shape.


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name: zillna
age: unknown (believed to be about 16 but she looks much older and isnt telling her age even to the staff)
race: giant lizard race known as kings of monsters (her father we are led to believe is godzilla the king of kaiju himself who has terrorized japan for decades)
powers: atomic flame breathe can transform between human and giant lizard forms and can she retains all strength while in her human form meaning she is super strong even when she is in her human form
year: 1st
bio: zillna or zilla as she prefers to be called is a monster but not from the portal she comes from a place in the sea of japan known as monster island a place filled with giant monsters she is one of many who inhabit the island but she is also the only one of them who can transform between human and her giant forms she is stronger than most people are and to humans she has whats known as super strength because she can lift entire builds off the ground with one hand a trait passed to her by her father
V-human form


large.245634168-352-k686964.jpg.4aa4e90521f402785fa897570a501d73.jpg <-monster form

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Young Incubus

Name: Theo Lavitz

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Species: Pleasure Demon, Incubus

Occupation: Student, 2nd year

Background Summary: No one claimed it was easy being the son of a demon. Young Theo finds it even more difficult as his father finds him to be a complete failure to a pristine bloodline.

Theo's father is a terrifying and powerful Demon, so it was expected that his heir would hold an aura of power as well, but this was pretty far from the truth. Theo can be meek and soft spoken and nervous around people.

He lacks his fathers commanding presence and instead enjoys simple luxuries or reading and music.

The also has great difficulty in forming long lasting friendships and relationships either due to his father or his dark gift.

Power: Touch of Desire: Theo's skin is very dangerous to touch, primarily because of the innate ability to bring out strong sexual desire, and intense lust. To prevent accidental exposure, Theo wears long sleeves and gloves.

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