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How do you (quickly) end a sex scene?


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There's a bit more nuance to this question, so I'll explain.

Let's assume that your characters are in the middle of sex, but you (as the writer) don't know what to do next. Maybe you have too little information about how that particular situation would work and even your lewd imagination doesn't help, or maybe you know exactly how it would turn out because you know way too much about it because of experience and feel like you're just recycling the same old actions over and over again. To be clear, you don't want to stop the story you have going on, you just want to move on to the next scene, whatever it may be. What would you do in this scenario?

  • Brute force it and maybe lose interest
  • Try to take a break, during which one of you might (again) lose interest
  • Make an abrupt interruption that forcibly changes the scene and maybe alienate your partner
  • Another option that I have not thought up (please someone pick this)

And to make this a real problem to solve, let's say that you either can't or don't want to talk to your partner about this situation and instead are asking other people for help. This is a completely theoretical situation that in no way, shape or form reflects the current predicament that I am in with a few of my roleplays.

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I actually have another way I try to solve it, though it does involve talking to my partner about it. In all honesty, I usually bring the issue up with my partners if such problems occur and things are stuck like that.

But since you are asking for what we do without doing this, I will try and outline how I would go about it.

Situations like those are always tough to do, especially if the roleplay is good otherwise, you talk really well with the person and so on. Though if you have a good partner, they will mostly understand that you have encountered a problem with the current scene and not the whole play as a whole.

Back to the problem solving, sorry.

The more I think about it, really, the more I am reminded how I am just honest with my partners. I have tried to do some of the things that you listed, but it is not a solution that works long termed, it patches the situation at best. So my only real solution, that I tend to go with: Speak to my partners about what is troubling me and letting them know how I feel and that I really  do want it to work. Have the talk, try and get things back on track and back to being fun 🙂

Sorry, this was all over the place and mostly rambling, but I believe it is an important issue to deal with when it happens and requires both parties to either realize they are not a good fit, need to adjust things or maybe start something completely different.

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Anxiety is a beast that we all battle with. You would be surprised how much others struggle without hardly showing.

I will give you a personal example from the other prospective: I want to make the scene longer, or have a specific objective I want to achieve because I think that it would impress my partner. I notice that their response to my last post is shorter; vague, and my anxiety whispers notions of myself being uninteresting. So now I am faced with a dilemma: Attempt a recovery by adding more to the scene, or reach out to my partner and admit to my struggles?

While the ladder seems the obvious choice, I'm sure most have found it to be terrifying at one point or another. We all want to have fun and be seen as a fun partner. Admitting unassurance, in that sense, seems counterproductive. I've lost several amazing partners because of this fallacy. This has a happy ending, though!

The majority of us feel anxious. Few will be upset with you for sharing your feelings and many will be impressed by you if you offer solutions at the same time. I had an amazing experience with a partner who was open and upfront with their desires from the very beginning. We OOC'd so much during the scene we needed a second window to separate the messages: Completely opposite of any experience I've had before! At the end, I felt confident that my partner enjoyed the scene (because they let me know what they wanted and I was happy to provide) and we still have regular plotting and discussions to this day. 

Be strong! Say what's on your mind! Make a new long term friend!

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I once had the situation that I picked up a roleplay after taking a month off EC. It was difficult to get back into the story and into the character (even though I really liked it), so what happened was that I kind of messed up the plot and lead us to what seemed to be a dead end. When I realized that how the story developed would not lead us anywhere, I wrote my partner, told him how I was feeling and we agreed on jumping back some posts and picking up the story from that point on. This time it worked out just fine 🙂

On 27/07/2020 at 13:03, aLittleCrow said:

Another option that I have not thought up (please someone pick this)

If it is not such major thing I generally enjoy simply to communicate through the characters. If I stumble across a scene (not necessarily lewd, it can be any scene) and I do not know what to do next, I will let my character reflect this. Your partner can then pick up on that (I guess this does not work with everybody though). Let's stick with the problem you stated - your character and his / her partner(s) are being intimate but you don't know how something feels because you have not done it in real life or you don't want to play that scene because it bores you. Why not simply make your character say something like "..how about we try something new?" or make her or him act awkwardly so your partner(s) can take the lead? Or make him / her unsure how they feel about it. If something truly bores or bothers you however, just talk to the person you're roleplaying with 🙂 You should not be afraid to voice concerns or simply the wish to change a scene.


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Let's see. Looking back my experience, i would say i'm taking the 2nd and kind-of-3rd option.

In 2nd option case, its been occurring to me for some time now that i had to left some of RP that on smut scene hanging for a while. The thing is, i know what to write down, but i don't feel much of impact in those words. People don't like half-effort reply and so am i. Hence i choose to take a break and hope i'm on the right track of mind to write lewd stuff. Which is easier said than done.

In 3rd option case, i can only do this if the RP had actual story instead just sex. Its not easy either because i have to pick right moment to end the scene. But of course if i desperate, i would pull one of those "My mom call me! Bye!" trope. Thankfully, it rarely come to that.

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Have a character cum to completion, get up, toss some money, thank the lovely lady/sir for the fuck and walk out the door...

Yes; I have seriously done this before, because some of my characters are absolute arseholes.

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