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Have you ever been in this moment?


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Okay, so I have something to tell in regards of how I do my RP and I want to question that, have you guys ever been in my position before.

Let's say, I was RPing with someone, and it seems, both of us like the idea that I pitch for our RP. I was working on the intro of our character, BUT, it turns out to be, the intro itself being longer than what I expect to be and equal to how much I should write in my erotica stories(which is actually an extra long one, in ecchidreams, it would be long to ultra long per RP paragraph), just to make the intro of two characters in the RP itself... I tried to shorten it, afraid of my partner being discouraged due to how long my intros tend to be in some RPs, but seems can't find a way, but to enjoy my writing and keep it as like that...

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Just make clear to your partner that this is not the amount of text that you expect them to answer. Usually introductions are longer than regular posts, there is nothing bad about it.

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I am new here so don't know the rules but I think the 'role play preferences' say how much a player usually expects: and personally I would assume that more, or less, would be fine so long as it moves the role play on, as people have varying amounts of free time to write - the expectation being a guide rather than a strict requirement.

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In my experience, a lot of my past RP's have been the same way - introductions are almost always longer, just to get the characters or scene that's starting up all set up and ready to go. It's not a bad thing at all, it really helps set the pace early so that the rest of the RP can play out how both parties would like it to.

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I don't think there is anything wrong with this, personally.

When I do this; it's because I want to describe this character to a T. I want to make a good first impression for that character, because first impressions count. And that doesn't necessarily mean that I want to make an evil character appear to be patron saint of everything holy, I want to convey the character's intricacies. Physically describe him, or hers demeanour and so on. I usually spend a good paragraph and a bit just describing their physical appearance; are they tall, are they short, do they have visible scars or tattoos? What is their hair colour, eye colour, do they slouch, do they walk with pride, do they strut around like they own the place? And that's before I even describe what kind of clothes they're wearing. I'd want to help build that picture in the minds of the people I am roleplaying with. Give them something juicy to reply to; and a lot of avenues for internal character reactions; so as the other role-player your character could look at their build, their body, their clothes and react to it independently in thought for example. 

There's nothing wrong with that at all, in my opinion.

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I agree with Something.  As long as you let your RP partner know up front that the post in question is long due mainly for set up purposes and that it is the exception rather than the norm I don't think you should usually have a problem.  Most of my initial posts can be pretty wordy as I world build.

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I have been in that situation. It's VERY difficult for me to actually "dumb down" my responses for some reason, they give me  sentences and I give them paragraphs in many cases. I have had partners say they feel out off by my response lengths and details sometimes, because they feel the need to match it, which I don't understand, I choose my role playing partners based on whether or not I think we could have fun writing together, not based on their response length, but people gonna do what they're gonna do. 

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I have this same problem. When I get overly excited and inspired (especially after a good world building sess) and I end up writing a borderline essay. I try to stop this habit because it ends up biting me in the ass in one of two ways:

- My partner will end up feeling intimidated and "not worthy" of writing with me.

- I burn out because they can give as good as they get and it just becomes too much for me to keep going. >.<


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It's not that people are intimidated, as much as it is them just feeling overwhelmed I think. If you aren't actually interested in reading something it can feel like chore. That's the problem really. The first introductory posts, much like profiles/bios, are often stocked full of important information. It is only reasonable that the first post is longer than later posts you make for the same thread. But this is what the problem arise from. Once a player is invested in a thread, then a lot of us want longer posts since it gives us more to work with. It is simply fun to read. This is because we are invested and interested in reading the post. However when most of us are just getting started, reading and "catching up" with the thread is something that we have to get through so that we can write. Imagine being late to an rp and now having to read 100+ posts? The introductory post being really long might not be exactly on the same level as that, but it is still the same sort of problem. As somebody that aren't already playing in the thread/rp, we aren't invested in it so to us the first post isn't some interesting info and scene setting, helping us get immersed in the rp we are about to jump into, instead it just feels a bit like an obstacle. Of course, the first post really does need to be long by its very nature. The first post is meant to not only introduce us to the other character/setting, but it is supposed to give us enough info to work with. One of the most frustrating things there is when jumping into a new rp is to not fully be able make a good first post because the introductory post is lacking.

To make it easier to read, if it is an introductory post to a thread, maybe a mix of different fonts and images etc can be used in order to break it up and make it easier for people to read? Making it shorter isn't always the best solution. What we want is to make sure that everyone reading get the info needed out of the post.

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