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Have you ever been in this moment?


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Okay, so I have something to tell in regards of how I do my RP and I want to question that, have you guys ever been in my position before.

Let's say, I was RPing with someone, and it seems, both of us like the idea that I pitch for our RP. I was working on the intro of our character, BUT, it turns out to be, the intro itself being longer than what I expect to be and equal to how much I should write in my erotica stories(which is actually an extra long one, in ecchidreams, it would be long to ultra long per RP paragraph), just to make the intro of two characters in the RP itself... I tried to shorten it, afraid of my partner being discouraged due to how long my intros tend to be in some RPs, but seems can't find a way, but to enjoy my writing and keep it as like that...

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Just make clear to your partner that this is not the amount of text that you expect them to answer. Usually introductions are longer than regular posts, there is nothing bad about it.

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Oh trust me buddy I make LONG ASF first posts. Then it tone downs gradually. So, you arent the only one who feels like is gambling but cant help to take the bet and end up fine 😅

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I am new here so don't know the rules but I think the 'role play preferences' say how much a player usually expects: and personally I would assume that more, or less, would be fine so long as it moves the role play on, as people have varying amounts of free time to write - the expectation being a guide rather than a strict requirement.

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In my experience, a lot of my past RP's have been the same way - introductions are almost always longer, just to get the characters or scene that's starting up all set up and ready to go. It's not a bad thing at all, it really helps set the pace early so that the rest of the RP can play out how both parties would like it to.

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