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I like yaoi

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Amongst many things... So do I. :)

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So do I, and most of my female friends :D

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me too  :P and alot of my friends too

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interestingly enough my guy friends who know about these two like yuri whereas the girls like yaoi.

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    • Unseelie
      By Unseelie
      I am a pretty experienced and literate roleplayer. I have been playing for years, both on forums and otherwise. I am happy to play in a thread, by PM, or by email. I write in third person, and, I think that I am a fairly skillful writer. Now, I hardly expect perfection, but, just no one-line replies, please, though in conversation or for sexy stuff or combat, short is fine. 
      I prefer both smut and story - I love the erotic and smutty side, but I also do want story in my RPs. Even lots of story! Let's make a great plot, together! Romance is also a big craving, often something my characters desire without, at least initially, being willing to admit it. And, darlin', I like it dark. Even, like, Game of Thrones degree of dark - we can  have my, yours, or our characters together (big big preference!) face any amount of violence, really. The only limitation here is that if such would include sexual torture and/or rape, I prefer to state what occurred, but not play out the details. I absolutely prefer fantasy RP, also. 
      I am looking only for MxM roleplays, yaoi, two guys, etcetera.
      I prefer to play the bottom, though I don't know that my characters could be called submissive; I will try to play a sub if my partner wishes. If you prefer, I can also play a switch or seke character. If you want I will attempt to play a more dominant male, but I may be lousy at it, and I will definitely not play a 'hard' dom. I can play anything from femboys to tough guys, and I am pleased to add in crossdressing or lingerie kink if my partner wishes. 
      Also, I don't have a lot of limits. No scat, vomit, mpreg, feet play, 'hard' sexual torture or mutilation, vore, or bestiality, basically. Please do try to keep the story process logical and do not make major inexplicable changes out of nowhere. I do not mind violence or language, and I prefer darker themed roleplays, as stated above. Other things that are fine are BDSM, bondage and rough sex. My kinks include my characters giving oral and being sexually 'used'. I will do dub-con, as well. 
      I have an interest in a lot of fandoms, mostly literary or movie based. Just ask if you want to do a fandom, though, I rarely will play a canon character - there are only a few I feel I could do justice to: Nauda, Lestat, Kylo Ren, and Loki, basically.
      Right now, I am most interested in something centered around gangster characters, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, or something fantasy (like vampires and werewolves,) set in the Old West or the Renaissance era. For that matter, I like playing in various different time periods, including Ancient Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Victorian Era, Roaring Twenties, WW2, The 1960's, and the Seventies Punk Scene. 
      I also am ALWAYS looking for a roleplay focused on Fae or Faery characters, particularly Sidhe. Anything based on the Fae as portrayed in Hellboy 2 is fine with me, though I would play most likely another Sidhe, not Nuada, but then again I might; Changeling the Dreaming characters are also awesome! I generally prefer RPs, with supernatural characters. I also play demons and vampires.
      *+* Specific Plot Ideas: *+*
      ~~ This is my #1 craving... I have been watching 91 Days and also The Godfather, so, I would like to play a young man from a gangster family who is just starting out. He is not vicious by nature, but determined to learn how to be so if he must. He is very intelligent, also. I would like him to have a secret and forbidden crush on either his mentor, or, even better, a semi-rival that he meets and sees regularly either for business or in a bar where they both hang out. The other man might realize, and also have hidden or forbidden desires. So.. Something like that is one idea.
      ~~ I would like to play a noble heir or lordling and knight. I do want to go with the concept of him being an amazing fighter but sort of useless otherwise.. Hehehe. Also, he is secretly (or so he thinks it's a secret, at least,) gay. This could start while traveling to a tourney or at one, or possibly he did something bad enough that fleeing, or, temporarily relocating, is a good idea. This could be a Game of Thrones universe setting, in Westeros or any other of the lands - I might make a Dornish character, in that case. However, any medieval setting would be fine, really. Really pretty much any concept could be played as your character, though mine would probably fall hardest for another fighter sort.
      ~~ I could get into playing a Fallen angel, probably going with the concept of someone who is weary and lonely, but still trying to play his part, though sick of the pointlessness of it all. I think he'd be a lot of fun x a priest, perhaps one with secret desires and questions of his own, but other concepts could work too, such as a hunter who is also unsure, and finds my character attractive, or an inept/just starting out type warlock whose magic he senses and goes to check out because curiosity.
      ~~ I would love to play a Sidhe Fae with practically any other concept, another Fae, or not. This could be modern or medieval. I would likely be playing a warrior who is discouraged or becoming so about the human versus Fae situation. I think perhaps he is lonely as well, perhaps still mourning his lost love. I am very open here as to what sort of concept my partner plays, and I could foresee them meeting when one rescues the other, perhaps captures the other, or in any way, really, even 'they meet in a bar'. They could be anything from two Sidhe to neutral/unknown such as a vampire, to ancient rivals (my character will be Unseelie, so Seelie would be one concept here,) or even ancient enemies - it could start with a fight, until they realize how much fun they are having.
      And, lastly, I want to say that I am pretty adaptable. I want to hear your story and plot and pairing ideas, too. I am usually willing to cooperate with my partner's desires. It is, after all, our roleplay, not just mine.
      So, if you are looking for an MxM roleplay, please send me a PM and we can start doing something fun.
    • Neptune
      By Neptune
      Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, Yaoi, Anal, Drug use, Drugged sex, Stripping and Prostitution. If you find either of these themes distateful, then please do not read. 
      Participants: Karma and Thaene
      Description: After a long day at work, Karma decided to have some fun at the end of the Christmas day by relaxing at a bar within Blackberry Falls. He was soon joined by Thaene, who had stormed out of his family home after a bad day. The two immediately hit it off, and Karma invited Thaene to stay the night. Not wanting to go back to his family, and liking the chance of getting laid, Thaene agreed. The two intended on watching a movie, however Karma pulled the fun dust, cocaine and they each snorted a line. Thaene then revealed he had some, as well as other drugs before hinting to Karma that he he wanted some, he would have to pay for it. He could not resist the price that Karma offered.
      “I can imagine.” Thaene grinned when Karma made a comment about having to throw away outfits due to over enthusiastic customers. Clearly he drove them wild, since it was usually against the rules to touch a stripper. He really couldn’t wait to try this. He watched as Karma picked up the piece of LSD, his fur shimmering and sparkling in the light as he did so. When Karma’s tail ran lightly across his arms, Thaene shuddered slightly as it felt like a million tiny fingers caressing his skin. He nodded when Karma told him to wait there. Thaene watched as he disappeared again, grinning in anticipation. 
      While he was waiting, he pulled out his joint stuff, and quickly rolled out a few joints so that he didn’t have to bother with it later. He pulled a lighter out of his trouser pocket and picked one of the pre-rolled joined up. He decided that he could at least have a smoke while waiting for Karma. He lit the joint, taking a long pull of it causing his head to spin slightly from its strength. It was that amazing Keza Corp stuff, that was stronger than any strain they had around. It was the best stuff, and Thaene only wanted to sell that stuff. It gave him a high that was unrivalled by any other weed strain. While it was pursed between his lips, he picked up the bag with esctacy pills before taking out a couple. He put most of the drugs he had pulled out, away, leaving just the joints as well as the bag of powdered cocaine he had given to Karma. He pulled the joint from his lips and rested it in the ash tray that was sitting on the table, before pulling off his yellow jumper revealing his plain black top. He throw it over the back of the sofa before he reached forward and picked up the joint again.
      When he had smoked his way down to the halfway point, he heard Karma’s voice calling for him. He immediately got up before pausing. He picked up his jumper before hiding it behind the sofa cushion out of paranoid habit. He then straightened, picking up the other joints, lighter and pulls and went to the bedroom door, looking in to see the chair on the opposite wall. He couldn’t see Karma. He came in, saying, “I brought some extra goodies, too.” He went over to the chair, turning as he sat down. His eyes were slightly down as he put the items on the floor next to him, although he was still holding the lit joint. He then closed his eyes and sat up straighter as he took another pull from the joint.