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species profile Craethiel Kingdom Beastiary

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Craethiel Kingdom Beastiary.

This is a list of the creatures and monsters that inhabit the Craethiel Kingdom. Anyone can post a monster or creature here, if it is for public use. It can be of your own creation or from a book, movie or TV that you like. Just complete the little form below and reply to the topic. Easy! Any creatures or monsters that you mention in the roleplay, do not need to be placed in here. It's entirely up to you, especially if you wish to share a version of a creature or monster with other roleplayers.

Rules of this thread.

  • Anyone may submit a monster to this thread. Fill out the template below and respond to the thread.
  • A reply should reflect a general or average specimen of monster. A short summary of them as a species and general behavior.
  • While the author of a post is credited with the monster this thread and anything in it is for public use on EcchiDreams. You will not be asked for permission before the monster you have posted is used, however anyone using a monster featured in this thread must adhere to what the author posted. Anyone may take what is written here as inspiration and modify it to fit their needs.
  • If you wish to create a monster that is not for public use post it as a new thread here in the extra information section. Such post remain the property of the author and permission must be obtained before they are used.
  • Monsters in Craethiel are not limited to this list and are not required to be placed in here once you have created them.

Name: The type of monster
Region: The area it can be found in
Diet: Food it eats
Description: General look, behavior, method of operation ect.
Intelligence: What level of intelligence do they have
Weaknesses: Known common weaknesses
Hostile: Are they aggressive towards people
Danger: The danger it poses to people

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Name: The Hounds of Torak. Also known as Torak's Hounds or just Hounds.
Region: Ashaba, within the Rosayia Forest.
Diet: They will eat anything that they are able to hunt, from small game like rabbits to large game such as deer. They have even been known to hunt down travellers and eat them as well. They are carnivores.
Description: They look like giant dogs, roughly the size of a small horse. Some have a similar appearance to a werewolf, and can move on two feet but most tend to move around on all fours. Unlike a werewolf, their fur is darker, shorter and coarser. There are usually patches with little to no fur, which reveal scabbed, diseased looking skin almost like a dog with mange. Their eyes are blood red, that seem to glow with malice and hatred towards all living things. Their fangs are as large as daggers, and just as sharp with huge powerful jaws that can easily snap bone. They tend to move around and operate in packs, with a pack leader. From texts that can be found by characters, they can learn that the Hounds were created by an ancient, evil God that once resided in these lands in a place called Ashaba within the Rosayia Forest. He had created them to guard his house against any intruders, while he spent his time watching as his worshippers sacrificed anyone they could get their hands on. This God had apparently been defeated, but the texts are unclear as to whom it was that had defeated them. It mentioned a single figure, that had sealed this God away, and had slain many of these Hounds as well as the fanatic cult followers. Several texts seemed certain that the figure that had defeated the God was a Daedra of some description, who had intended on using the God’s powers for their own. It also states in these texts that the Hounds were also known to have some tricks up their sleeves as well. They seemed to have some rudimentary talent at magic, as they were adept at casting illusions. They could also relentlessly hunt someone for weeks on end until they catch up with their prey, using not only their wolf-like senses but also their intellect. Like their old Master, they were malicious and hated any living thing that existed. Even their own kin.
Intelligence: They are extremely intelligent, as they have the same intelligence as a human as they seemed to have started out that way. This means that when dealing with a Hound, you are dealing with a giant dog that is as intelligent as a human. Not only that, but the texts were quite accurate in that they can cast illusions to trick their prey and to make it seem as if there are more than there actually are.
Weaknesses: They are vulnerable to silver-coated weapons which can easily kill them. Not only that, but on their own they are relatively weak. The greatest danger is when they are encountered in packs, as they can easily surround people and overwhelm them. As they are still intellectually human, they are still subject to human emotions and desires such as anger, greed and even sex. Don't expect a nice loving sex session, though. They are likely to kill you afterwards, as they aren't known for keeping their promises.
Hostile: Extremely hostile. They will attack people on sight, especially if they are in a pack. Alone, they might be a little more wary but they are still extremely hostile.
Danger: Extremely dangerous, especially in packs. If they are encountered, it is best to call some kind of monster slayer to deal with them.

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Name: Tentacle Raping Tree 

Keza's call it: Sex Tree 

Mako's call it: Tree of Life

Eldyrannth call it: The Keza'maraki Tree [because of it's sexual activeness]

Region: Enchanted Forest, Rosayia Forest.

Diet: Nutrients through the ground, Photosynthesis through Sunlight, protein and other minerals through victims sexual release (cum). They DO NOT feed off sexual "energy" but more the actual cum.

Description: Screwing around the tree takes a whole new meaning [Thanks for that one Manni]! If you actually approached it, it'd resemble a tree. Leaves, branches, bark, roots, etc. 
A lot of it's description is based on the age or size of the tree;

  • The Older the Tree, the Bigger it gets (50ft is the maximum they can grow to, unless there is an abnormally high "Food" source.)
  • They become "Sexually Active" at around 5ft tall. 
  • Depending on Age/Size the tentacles form a trap system. The older and bigger the tree, the larger this tentacle system is. The largest radius is 1 Mile. 
  • If there is one or two of you, you will be taken to the base of the tree (or if it's already got people above the tree) so that your juices can leak onto it's roots. If you're in a party of three or more chances are you'll be above the tree while it's raping you (to stop you from thinking about running)
  • If you're on the outer edge of it's radius, it'll take you by your ankles and lift you high into the air, pulling you all the way back to the tree, most likely if you were that far away it'd put you above the tree and fuck you there.
  • It's tentacles can some how rip through clothes. Depending on the age or size of the tree, the tentacles are thick and very long. 
  • Depending on the Age or Size of the tree, it can feed off of twenty people/animal at once.
  • It has no preference over males or females, and will do anything large enough. Animals, Humans, Demons, Monsters, it doesn't discriminate. 
  • It can get anything with a womb pregnant, working or not, heat cycle dependent or not, however if you're already pregnant it won't impregnate (although males are strictly food source only)
    • During Winter it has a 25% chance of impregnation. 
    • During Spring it has a 50% chance of impregnation.
    • During Summer it has a 75% chance of impregnation. 
    • During Autumn it has a 100% chance of impregnation. 

Sexual Active-ness:-

A part of it's feeding / dietary requirements is the need to gain sustenance through sexual contact, this has lead the tree to evolve with some weird abilities and insights to an "animal" like intelligence that does seem to draw a line between sexual aggressiveness and physical aggressiveness. The tree starts sprouting it's tentacles from around 5ft tall, the tentacles are slippy and wet to the touch, and would make really good water based lube. The tentacle is warm, yet soft and smooth to the touch with vein like protrusions. The best way to describe the feel of these is like a fat semi-erect cock getting harder and harder, and in a sense this would be correct, however some tentacles pin down the pray rather than fuck it. 
Along the frost sits tentacles that have camouflaged themselves to look like vines they move slowly at first, sensing the living person in the area. They sneak across the ground before wrapping around the ankle, at this point other tentacles from the tree take your wrists and your other ankle and depending on how many people are in your group, or how far you are away from it, you'll be sent up into the air before being pulled into the direction of the tree. Once there this is where the fun begins, other tentacles come out and declothe you if you're wearing clothes, well for females it'll gain access to your breasts, arse and vagina. If you're male it'll gain access to the penis and the arse. 
As soon as there's access that's it, the tree wastes no time. Tentacles push into all available holes, luckily for the anal ones the tentacles for that are covered in a mild anaesthetic (painkiller) the tentacle also starts out thin and slowly thickens as it opens up your arse.  
All in all from start to finish you could be up there for upto two to three hours, yes the tentacles do cum but this serves as either extra lube for it, or as food for possible eggs. If one have a womb and you're not pregnant the tentacles may deposit "Seed Eggs" up there (unless it's autumn then you can count on it). The tentacle tree will let you down facing away from it exit all holes and give you a light tap on the buttcheeks to tell you to go on your way. If you're fertile or not, those eggs will get bigger. By day 3 of the pregnancy one would look around 5 months pregnant. By day six one would look around 9-10 months pregnant. 
Around about night time; Day six you will feel the urge to squat. Sexual arousal from birthing these Seed Eggs is common, and flash backs to the tree's rape is also common. This can be quite traumatic for those that thoroughly didn't like the experience. Some call it an aphrodisiac as it's said to get the most frigid of people extremely horny and pent up, this is because of a reaction that can't be easily washed with water. The Eggs have an oily residue on them that can only be neutralised with a long hard fucking. The last side effect this pregnancy has is the increased fertility of the person who was fucked by it, people with wombs (Women mainly) get the most benefit from it, womb-less people get about a quarter of it's effectiveness.
Usually people pick these seeds up and throw them away outside. Rarely they get a chance to grow into tree's again as animals eat it, but some people bury them (Hide the evidence) and this has caused problems in various towns and Selil, were "Rape Trees" have grown, these are usually cut down very quickly. Predictable the towns and villages nearest the region it naturally grows in are the ones who see this tree the most. 
There are four known fully grown "Rape Trees". Three of which are in the Rosayia Forest. The last one is on Fenrir's Graspe, which the Mako'demeri use for recreational use, a food source (Yes, they eat the Seed Eggs), and to increase their fertility rates, and promote good health which has worked extremely well for them. The seeds are barely edible becuase they are extremely bitter. But they're exceptionally good for most species.
Intelligence: This is unknown. It's suspected that they have SOME intelligence, as they seem to leave Gavrilovich alone (See exceptions). But other than that it doesn't talk, and it seems to sleep, breed, eat and stuff. 
Weaknesses: An axe. Fire. Brute Force. It's the same as a normal tree in that regard. Holy water and salt has no effect because it's not unholy and it's not a demon.  
Hostile: The tree has no hostile intentions, infact the last thing it wants to do is hurt it's food source. Whilst there's no intelligence to it that can be discerned, it does seem to have basic instincts and it seems to be pacifistic, even when it's own life is in danger. (It really doesn't want to harm anyone). However; it has no concept of "Rape".
Danger: None. At least not intentionally. I guess the only danger is becoming "addicted" to it. [Not physically or chemically addicted. More mentally.] 
Exceptions to the Rule: These tree's do not seem to acknowledge the existence of Gavrilovich Keza'maraki any-more because he exploited the trees by stealing the lube to make anal lube, as well as a few other things. The tree's know him very well as he used to go to them ALL the time. Although no one is really sure why they ignore him. Even in a group, the tree would go for everyone but him.

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(This Dryad is un-encounterable due to being a character in another RP. It is simply being used as an example)

Name: Dryad.
Region: Rosayia Forest
Diet: They are vegetarian and eat what they are able to find within the forest from berries, nuts to mushrooms and even leaves.
Description: Dryad's are an extremely shy species and will run away from all contact from people. They are very quick and nimble like a squirrel, thus able to completely disappear from view quickly. It is hard to track them down within the forest, as they know it intimately and use that knowledge to their advantage. They are quite fiersome when provoked, and are quite talented with bows and arrows. They also have the uncanny ability to communicate with trees, which they can use against their enemies. The only time when they are not shy is during their mating season. As the species only has a singular gender, female, they have to seek out the males of other species in which to mate with. They will often approach in an aggressive manner until they are sure that their prey will not escape. Then they become very friendly and will insist on mating with their hostage. They will also share the males out with their sisters to use as well, reducing the captive to the role of a sex slave that they use for breeding. They resemble humans, however none of the individuals stand higher than five feet tall. Their hair is usually golds or reds, and their skin colour has either a greenish, or golden cast to it. Their eyes are usually the colour of fallen leaves from green to brown. There are special Queen Dryad's that stand just shy of three feet tall. They are exceptionally rare and will almost never be encountered.
Intelligence: Very intelligent. About the same intelligence as a human. They're extremely resourceful.
Weaknesses: Their small size can be a disadvantage, especially when faced with a powerful foe, but this can be offset by their speed and agility. Physically they are quite weak, as they rely more on their speed than their strength.
Hostile: Not generally, unless it is mating season. Even then, they tend to avoid hurting or killing their prey. They just want to use them as breeding slaves.
Danger: They are only dangerous when provoked but within that realm they are quite dangerous. It is not wise to anger a Dryad, especially within their forest home. 

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(Aena, Talivana's Aelda mount)

Name: Aelda, although some are called Aelda'em.
Region: There are only two areas in which these species can he spotted. The Rosayia Forest, or Voreserend however by the beginning of the RP, the ones in Vorserend have perished.
Diet: Vegetative matter such as grass, or hay.
Description: There are several types of Aelda (horse), as well as Aelda'em (unicorn). They are extremely skittish, and will run away from any characters or NPCs that are not Eldyrannth, or not partial Eldyrannt, so permission is required from me if you want a character to have interaction with one. The details will be down below.

  • Aelda (Horse): These are the most common type of Aelda and make up the largest proportion of the population. They look like a normal horse, however they are generally larger in size and more muscular in appearance, with sure-looking hooves. On average, they are 19 hands high at the shoulder which makes them larger than any human-bred horse (generally speaking). On their legs, covering most of their hooves, is feathering similar to that of the Shire Horse. Their coat is usually white, or black in colour. Their manes are usually untamed, and grow naturally until they indicate to their Eldyrannth friends that they wish for it to be cut, or styled. Their eyes are usually black in colour, and often indicate how intelligent they are. They have no special abilities.
  • Baelum Aelda (War Horse): These are the rarest Aelda type, with only a few individuals existing within the Aelda group. They are the largest Aelda, and the strongest. They can grow up to 25 hands high, and are much more muscular than normal Aelda. Generally, they will have a black coat, but there are some that are white. Their hooves are usually polished appearing, and are harder than that of normal Aelda, allowing for more damage to be done. Their eyes, like that of normal Aelda, tend to be black in colour. They are extremely intelligent. They are bred for war, and this they are actually quite good at being able to come up with a good tactic in which to engage an enemy with. They also hold a lot more stamina than a normal Aelda and they are a lot more aggressive in nature. Due to their immense strength, they can easily wear armour. Even though they may be covered with armour, armour does have its weak spots where an enemy can get past and injure them. Any exposed flesh can be harmed very easily with a good weapon, causing them extreme injury. They are mortal, so they can most definitely be killed. Due to how muscular they are, and the fact that this results in them being heavier, they are slower and less agile than normal Aelda which can work against them.
  • Vitae Aelda'em (Life Unicorn): The Vitae Aelda'em grows to be, on average, 15 hands high at the shoulder. They are very sleek looking, with less muscle mass than normal Aelda. Their coat is always a stark white in colour, with a long, soft white mane. Their have a lion-like tail, white in colour with the tuft of hair on the end of the tail being white in colour as well. Perched on their forehead is a single horn, gold in colour. It can grow to be about 12 inches long, completely straight and is sharply pointed. Their hooves, which has white feathering, are gold in colour and their eyes are also gold. The Vitae Aelda'em has the ability to be able to heal injuries on itself and others. It can also cure any disease, even if it is a disease that has no cure within the medical field. They can speed up the growth of plants, with the oldest and most experienced ones being able to grow an entire tree within days. This Aelda'em has a very special ability that can only be used once in its entire lifetime. They are able to bring another living being back to life, after they have died. They have a window of about 6 hours after death, in which they can revive them. Once this single use has been used up, they cannot use it again. They also cannot use it on themselves. Despite their abilities, they are still mortal themselves and they can be killed. Once their life giving ability is used up, that is it. It cannot be used again, and thus it makes them very reluctant to use it. 
  • Somnaem Aelda'em (Nightmare Unicorn): This Aelda'em grows to be, on average, 20 hands tall at the shoulder. They appear to have somewhat more muscle than the normal Aelda, but less than that of the Baelum Aelda. Their coat is a pitch black in colour, with their hooves a polished black with black feathering over them. Their mane and tail are made of a bright fire that can burn bright enough to cause discomfort to the eyes. Their eyes are a dark red, showing even through the flame that their eyes are covered in. On their forehead is a straight, sharp appearing horn. It appears to be made from a black obsidian, however it seems to have cracks in it. Through these cracks, there is a bright glowing as if the very core of the horn is lava. Like their name suggests, they are a nightmare to come across. They can give individuals nightmares, even when they are wide awake, causing terrifying hallucinations. On their own, those abilities can make an enemy freeze and retreat, however the Somnaem Aelda'em can cause waves of fear and uncertainty to overwhelm their foes and make them freeze in fear. Their fiery mane and tail burns everyone, except for the ones that they trust. Individuals cannot feel the effect of the flames, and thus can ride them without any discomfort or injury. This Aelda'em can also create fires. Those of a telepathic nature can defend themselves against some of their abilities, save for the fire and trust. They are still mortal, and thus there are a number of ways to injure and kill this Aelda'em. They have a strong aversion to water, and will only approach water to drink. And even then they drink their fill before moving away. 
  • Umbrae Aelda'em (Shadow Unicorn): The Umbae Aelda'em can grow up to 16 hands high at the shoulder, and is the least muscled of the Aelda species. Their have a very slim, almost wraith-like appearance. Their coat is a coal black in colour, looking to almost leech the colour from the environment around it. Its mane and tail are also black in colour, almost unnoticeable against the coal black coat. Its hooves are a dull black in colour, and its horn, which grows up to 10 inches long, is also a deep black in colour. Its eyes are a glowing red. They are extremely intelligent, and extremely cunning. They are good at finding ways around areas, avoiding contact with anyone including friends and enemies. Like the Vitae Aelda'em, the Umbrae Aelda'em has a life-giving ability. However they can only use it on themselves, able to bring themselves back to life after death unless they refuse to do so. It can blend itself, and any riders, into the shadows rendering them invisible to any observers. This Aelda'em also has the ability to make people 'forget' that it, and those it wishes, were even there. It works in much the same way as a perception filter. The life ability can only be used on itself, not anyone else. But this does mean that it can beat death by reviving itself after it dies. However it can still die on a permanent basis by allowing itself to die completely, and refusing to bring itself back to life. Those with a telepathic ability might be able to fight against the perception filter or be able to see through it. If the Aelda'em blends himself into the shadows, a source of light can give their position away. They can only remain invisible as long as they stay within the shadows.
  • Glaera Aelda'em (Ice Unicorn): This Aelda'em can grow to, on average, 17 hands high. It has a slim appearance, having slightly less muscle than that of the Aelda. Their coat is snow white in colour, with the mane and tail being the same shade. Their hooves are white and they have a white horn on their forehead that can grow up to 11 inches long. Their eyes are a light blue that glow softly. Intellect wise, they seem a little slower than other Aelda, but they are just as intelligent. They are good puzzle-solvers and are good with riddles. The Glaera Aelda'em can survive in extremely cold temperatures, even able to survive -70oC temperatures in the middle of a severe blizzard. Due to their nature, they are able to create ice, and freeze water. They can even walk across water by freezing it below them. Even if the Glaera Aelda'em is in the middle of a severe snowstorm, it has an uncanny sense of direction and can never become lost. Due to their ice nature, they do not handle warm weather very well and can become rather sick if allowed to remain in a hot environment for too long. They are still moral, like most of the other Aelda, so they can be killed by any number of fatal wounds.
  • Terrae Aelda'em (Earth Unicorn): This is the smallest of the Aelda, only growing up to be, on average, 14 hands high. They are thick bodied, having in proportion, more muscle than the War Aelda. Unlike the other Aelda species, this Aelda'em type can come in a range of colours. They include browns, greys and creams, which are primarily 'earthy' colours. On their chin, they often have a goat-like beard that is the same colour as their coat. Like the Vitae Aelda'em, they have a lion-like tail, the same colour as their coat. Including the tuft of hair at the end of the tail. Their hooves are generally black in colour and they have a black goat-like horn on their forehead. This horn usually grows up from the head and curls itself into a twist. Their eyes are usually dark in colour as well. Despite its goofy looking appearance, they are the most intelligent of all the Aelda'em. They're very sharp minded, and are better problem solvers than Glaera Aelda'em. They're also good philosophers. They are the strongest of all the Aelda'em, but they are also the slowest. However they have enough stamina and strength to be able to walk/trot for weeks on end, including during the night as well, without any rest. Their kick is so strong that they are able to easily break rocks and stones. To they can easily pulverise any enemy that is stupid enough to get near them. A herd of Terrae Aelda'em, have the ability to create earthquakes by repeatedly kicking the ground. This has the effect of being able to unbalance any enemies. Due to their short, stocky statue, they are unaffected by earthquakes, unless something was to fall on them. They are incredibly slow; they are built like a tank. They are very strong, but very slow and not very agile. They are shorter than the other Aelda'em, but they are still about the size of a human-bred horse. As they are mortal, they are still vulnerable to any number of fatal wounds.
  • Aerae Aelda'em (Air Pegasus): The Aerae Aelda'em can grow to be, on average, 19 hands high at the shoulder. They have a very slim and lithe appearance, looking almost like sprinters rather than endurance runners which most of the other Aelda seem to be. Their coats are usually either white or frey in colour, with their mane and tail primarily being white in colour. Their hooves and horn are white, with the horn being about 13 inches long and extremely sharp. It appears polished, able to reflect light at the right angle. The main difference between this Aelda'em and the others, is the fact that this one has two very large feathered wings on its back. It is an Alicorn, not a simple Unicorn, although the Eldyrannth still refer to is as an Aelda'em.  Due to the wings on their back, they are able to fly. They can keep this up for several hours and go reasonably high in the air, and can fly quite fast. On the ground, however, they are the fastest runners, far outstripping any other Aelda in terms of speed. Using their wings, they are able to create a powerful blast of air that can knock enemies down or push things away from them. When a herd gather, they are able to produce a very powerful storm, the ferocity of which depends on how many Aelda'em there are within that herd. They also have a very uncanny weather sense and can sense a change in weather hours before it occurs. Even though they are the fastest runners, and are the most agile, they do not have much staying power and thus they can only sprint for short periods of time. They cannot fly when there is a furious storm, even one that they had created, as it can knock them from the sky and cause injury if they were to crash. Like most of the Aelda, they are mortal and thus they can be killed by any number of fatal wounds.

Intelligence: Extremely intelligent, having about the intelligence of a twelve year old human child.
Weaknesses: They are mortal, like most creatures. Most of the weaknesses are outlined above.
Hostile: Generally, no.
Danger: While they are rather passive by nature, it is not a good idea to anger them as they are fearsome fighters.

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Image result for trolls monstros

Name: Forest Troll.

Region: Can often be found within deep forests (duh).

Diet: They eat damn near anything that fits in their mouths, both meat and fruits.

Description: An adult is usually about 5 meters tall. They live most of their life alone, meeting only on mating seasons, very territorial, they are capable of using tree trunks as clubs and skin of dead animals as clothing, confrontation is not recommended mainly because of their brute strenght. They are also known for being formidable foes that will hardly give up on a fight, some adventurers have reported trolls that kept on fighting even after losing an arm. When extremely irritated they can enter into a berserk-like mode that increases their blood flow, causing their skin to get visibly red and their attacks to get stronger for a few moments. If engaging in battle can't be avoided, it is recommended to target it's vital spots and try to kill it as fast as possible, their anatomy is very similar to a human's, asside from the bigger muscles, stronger bones and thicker skin, so strikes in the head, neck and heart are the best approach, they are also uncapable of creating strategies, taking advantage of their inferior intellect is also recommended. Even though their hearing isn't really good, they have an incredible sense of smell, which they use to detect the smell of other trolls and their domains, a normal human nose can't detect those smells so easily, which result in people invading their territories by accident and getting killed as result. The males tend to be more agressive than the females, but if found pregnant or with it's child the situation changes.

Intelligence: Primitive, capable of using basic tools, but not much else, more detais in the description.

Weaknesses: Their main weaknesses are their lack of intelligence and predictable behavior, but also, due the amount of fat in their skin, they fairly easy to set on fire, which is why they will usually avoid contact with it, however, it doesn't scare them enough to make them avoid a battle.

Hostile: They are very aggressive and won't think twice before attacking if you are in their territory or if they are hungry, more detais in the description.

Danger: Very dangerous, they are strong enough to lift heavy boulders and rip trees from the ground with without much effort, plus they often use tree trunks as weapons, avoid getting hit at all costs.

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Name: The Legendary White Troll.

Region: unknown, reports of appearances were made all over the world.

Diet: unknown.

Description: A legendary and unique creature that is extremely rare to be seen. As an absolute master of illusion and trickery, not even the most wise and experienced adventurers were able to get even close to it, so much so that some belive it to be Loki himself playing tricks in mortals for fun. Over the centuries rumors began to spread that, if captured, the creature will lead you to unimaginable riches, then again, even after centuries no one was capable of getting even near it.

Intelligence: Insanely smart, capable of tricking even the most intelligent people with ease.

Weakness: none.

Hostile: no, it just enjoys playing tricks on people, like leading them to a false treasure or making them get lost in places like forests and swamps.

Danger: not really dangerous, just really trolly and annoying.


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      Character Identity Information
      Name: Isaac Yamasaki.
      Age/Date of Birth: 17
      Gender: Male.
      Religion: Antiquorum's follower.
      Species: Human.
      Origin: Born in Tiloga.
      Nationality: Ashaean.
      Occupation: Supernatural Detective.
      Physical Appearance
      Height: 1,77 meters
      Weight: 73 kg
      Eye Colour: Light blue.
      Hair Colour: Silver.
      Physical Description: Isaac himself isn't very different from a normal guy of his age, asside from his hair maybe. He doesn't really like getting attention, so he normally wears common clothes along with a usually grey hoodie. He was never really good at sports, which is why is somewhat skinny when you look up close. Overall, Isaac's appearance is pretty damn normal, allowing him to "blend with the crowd" so to speak and he likes it better that way.
      Personality, Traits and Abilities
      General Overview: Isaac is an overall calm guy. He hardly loses his temper even while under dire and stressful situations. He greatly values true bonds of trust and friendship and likes helping people if possible, but only when it involves something serious and/or important, which is why he decided to become a supernatural detective. Thanks to his powers, he can easily deal with pretty much any danger that comes his way. He doesn't like hurting people he doesn't consider to be deserving, however, under certain circuntances he will kill evil spirits and maybe even people. That's very unlikely, thought.
      When it comes to his friends or people he actually like, Isaac is very loyal and like to make bad jokes whenever he can to lighten up the mood. It might take him some time to go from a professional relationship, or any kind of relationship, to a more personal one. He likes people he can count on and he has a soft spot for strong and badass woman.

      Strengths, Skills and Abilities: As a kid, he learned karate and eventually mixed that knowledge with his powers to create his own fighting style. Isaac can also summon a few Yokai spirits to help him in many situations. Those spirits can't be killed but if they take enough damage they will be forced back into the Yokai world. Some spirits can be summoned in a "etheral" state, they'll be invisible to anyone but Isaac and will be able phase through any non-enchanted object and even interact with small items. Yokais summoned in their normal state can be seen by anyone.
      Isaac can also use his link to the Yokai world to draw power from it. Said power can be used for many things such as replanishing his stamina. To defend himself, Isaac uses his energy to manifest very thin and sharp blue strings from the tip of his fingers (which CAN be seen by normal people). Said strings can be used to hold, entangle and even cut almost anything, with enough force that is. They can't be cut by normal blades, only enchanted ones. In the case of Yokai spirits, those strings are among the few things capable of actually destroying the core of said spirit, which are small orbs usually located in the torso, basically killing them. If not destroyed, the core will dissipate and return to the Yokai world.
      Isaac can enter the Yokai world through a portal he can manifest using his strings. There, he has a modest house along with a field where he cultivates food, such as fruits and vegetables. The part of the Yokai world in which he lives is a very pretty and fullbof life green field near a forest. He can always get get meat in the human world if he wants to. Should he trust someone enough, he can bring other people to the Yokai world with him.
      Yokai spirits:
      Isaac's go to Yokai spirit, Yoshitzune is incredibly fast, agile and strong. He can deflect bullets and slice through titanium with his swords. He is the Yokai whom with Isaac has the deepest bond of all. So much so in fact that he can manifest itself without Isaac's conscent if necessary, but doing so greatly reduces his power and only allows him to manifest for a few seconds, 2 minutes at maximum.

      Weaknesses: Isaac is still human, meaning he has all the weakness a normal person would. Very few Yokai actually have healing capabilities and even then, said capabilities are somewhat limited.

      Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): With his Yokai friends by his side, Isaac wants to improve the bond between humans and Yokai, maybe even create a world where both can live in harmony.

      Hobbies and Interests: Isaac has a deep interest in art and music. He likes playing his guitar when he can. Reading books is also something he really likes doing, specially detective stories and shows.
      Personal Sexual Information:
      Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.
      Turn ons: Actual love and afection, big breasts, thigs and butts.
      Turn offs: Humiliation, pain, BDSM.
      Sensitivity: Normal.
      Aditional sexual information: he is sterile.
      STD History: Clean.
      Extra Information:
      Father: Ichirose Yamasaki.
      Mother: Lucy Yamasaki.
      Siblings: a little sister named Marie Yamasaki.
      Grandparents: unknown.
      Children: none.
      Grand-children: none.
      House: He has a house in the Yokai world.
      Car: none.
      Pet: none.
      Additional information: Upon exiting the Yokai world, Isaac will always be teleported to the same area in there human world from which he entered.
      Isaac was born with a mysterious link to the Yokai world, ever since he can remember, he has spoken with many spirits. His parents thought they were nothing imaginary friends, but usually those are incapable of helping kids at physically beating bullies. Of couse, some of those spirits alao had bad intentions, but hia will power and spiritual friends kept him safe on that regard. Since he always had Yokai by his side, Isaac never was the social type. Even now he has some trouble socializing with most people.
      When he was 12 he entered the Yokai world for the first time. It was then that he met Yoshitzune, who took a liking on the boy due to his pure intentions and strong willpower, the marks of a true warrior just like him. Over the years, Isaac created a really special bond with the warrior Yokai and made a pact with Antiquorum, one of the two godesses who created the Yokai world and it's habitants. The other sister believes that happiness is only achieved by absolute freedom, therefore she allows some Yokai to slip into the human world, while Antiquorum belives co-existance, but with a few restrictions. Isaac's job is to bring any Yokai that causes problems to the human world back to the Yokai world. In a few cases, when there spirit has done something beyond redemption, he will kill said spirit. As such, Isaac is a sworn follower of Antiquorum and the good Yokai.
      Not long after completing 17 years of age, Isaac heard rumors of weird cases happening in Blackberry Falls, as such he decided to move there and have a look by himself.
      Awards/Commendations: becoming a fairly well known detective in the region.
      Criminal Record: clean.
      Medical Record: nothing relevant.
      Bio: nothing else to add.
    • LucidREM
      By LucidREM
      Hello, there stranger yes you. im talking to you.
      (((I use (  -action- dialogue ) format in Ooc only ))
      Hi im LucidREM or Lucid Or Rem how ever you prefer to call me. I am still working out where things are and stuff but this is pretty cool. Ive been role playing for like 4+ years, So I would like to think im competent, But you can check out my profile, and preference sheet, I have given an example of how I like to rp and such. I used to rp on an app called amino, i mean I still do but its mostly just ooc, no one really rps anymore on there, so I was looking for new places, to get my daily dose of role play. And i found this place, crazy right? Well maybe not to you but to me its pretty crazy. Any way Im still trying to make friends finding some partners to rp with so hit me up. Ill show you a good time, you just have to take my hand -winks- Come on just take my hand I don't bite,  -taps my lips- well i do bite not gonna lie, only in bed though .-laughs- 
      Oh I almost for got to give you your invitations - Pulls out a Red envelope and holds it out to you.- 
      Just hand me the invitation if you should wish to engage in a wonderful dream.
      -Laughs and blows a kiss - see you around cutie.
      ((disclaimer lolz i feel like im giving off such top energy, but im a switch btw. Im cool with all kids of rps, polyamorous and monogamous, etc. ))
      Thanks for reading. 
    • Yikes
      By Yikes
      Hey I'm new. And don't have a plot in mind. I'll do most ideas if you've got any. I roleplay a male also so. 
    • Mythra
      By Mythra
      I’m kind of bored, and I just came up with these RP topics. 
      Note: please don’t message me if you aren’t interested in the ‘required fetishes’ section. And please don’t message me asking to make other changes either. These can’t really be altered or the rp plots don’t make sense. 
      I am seeking MALES who are interested in playing with my female characters. I don’t reply in first person, only third. 
      Required fetishes - rape 
      Optional fetishes - age difference (older man/younger woman), teen sex (my characters are 16-18, but I can go up to 22), place of work/public (some plots rely on it) gang bang... hit me up with suggestions, there’s a lot of sexual stuff (handjob/oral/etc) that I didn’t want to list here because it would be too long.
      🍹 Plot 1.) Home Free 
      you are a homeless man for [insert reason here]. You had a girlfriend who no longer is interested in the relationship, and it’s been a long time since you’ve been sexually active  after some time, you’ve started to recognize one of the women who passes your side of the sidewalk every weekday twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. she’s pretty enough, well, actually she’s very beautiful, you struggle to keep your cock down when she passes and you find yourself thinking about her frequently. Today however, is the day that you are unable to resist the temptation, and she’s taken to [someplace you feel appropriate for this rp] 
      🍹 plot 2.) The princess and the peeve 
      additional notes: fantasy au, Ella only. 
      Elf princess Elisabeth has been captured once again, her knights searching everywhere with little to no luck finding her  her captor? A person who wants to sell her to her rival kingdom for a high price, as a sex item. However, to make sure that she works as a sex item, they “have” to test her out themselves first. 
      🍹 Plot 3.) what a beach 
      you’re at the beach with some guy friends, and spot a girl you had known in high school for being a total bitch to people, you included. As payback for how she treated you, you (and your friends if you want), go and give her what she asked for back in school. It’s payback against her will. 
      🍹 Plot 4.) better miss the bus.
      note: this one has to do with teen sex, so if you’re not into that, don’t message me. 
      its after school and time to go home! Unfortunately the bus drivers kind of kookoo  he doesn’t see public sex as a bad thing, so when your characters board the bus and get frisky with the only girl there, he has no plans of stopping them  
      🍹 Plot 5.)  All bark and no bite
      Note: fantasy AU, two roles: Ella, Rachel, or both.

      Ella and Rachel are both brave fighters of their kingdom - Ella the Elf Princess and Rachel her noble knight and right hand woman. The two are also the strongest fighters in their kingdom, and are commonly praised for their amazing skill. However, one evening they are overwhelmed in battle, and lose the fight. Will one fall while the other is kept? Will they both be kept? Who knows what will happen...
      i hope some of these plots are of interest, please send me an ecchi text with the title of the RP you wanna do if you’re interested 
    • Neptune
      By Neptune
      Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, Heterosexual sex. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read.
      Participants: Raeghan and Luna
      Description: During their quest to find a dragon for an ingredient for Luna, she created a potion to turn Raeghan temporarily into a human. One of his desires for when he was human, was to have sex and Luna had offered to help him with just that.
      Raeghan smiled at her nervous question, his thumb stroking against her cheek again, “Well, you relax. I have more experience than you, even if I haven’t done it in a long time. So it would best if, for this kind of dance, you let me take the lead.” He said. Before she would be able to respond, he pulled her face closer before kissing her once again. This time, he deepened it by pushing his tongue past her lips and into her mouth to explore the sweet cavern. Now that she was closer, his other arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her towards him, pulling her up onto his lap. It allowed him to lean back a little, and be more leisurely in the kiss. It was quite passionate and heated, but he did it slowly to allow her to get used to the sensation of a deep kiss. He then pulled away from the kiss, tilting his head a little at her. Now that she was sitting on his lap, her head was almost level with his. A fact that quite pleased him as it made it easier for him to kiss her.
      Going along the theme of being her teacher, he told her, “Sex isn’t just about the pleasure of the one person involved. It’s about the pleasure of all. I know you want me to feel good, but I want you to feel good as well.” As he spoke, one of his hands moved up her thigh, his fingers ghosting on her pale skin before they dipped slightly under her garment but not fully, as he wanted to tease her a little. He once again kissed her lips with a full kiss that only lasted a few moments before he pulled away and pressed his lips against her throat, planting tender kisses along the unblemished flesh. A lot of women he knew liked this, as it sent tingles of pleasure through them. And he quite liked watching their reactions. Some would sigh and tilt their head for more, while others wriggled and moan. He was very curious to know what Luna’s reaction was, if there was one. He hoped that, even as she fulfilled his desire for this kind of contact, that she would get something out of this as well.
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