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Hello everyone. I've been trying to find some quality erotic fiction but so far nothing has caught my eye. Can anyone recommend anything? 

I think I'm looking for something either fantasy or science fiction featuring a gay, female protagonist but at this point I'm open to any suggestions. And, of course, the more explicit the better. 

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    • Kuramitsuha
      By Kuramitsuha
    • Writtingforfun
      By Writtingforfun
      So I forgot I had this in my wordpad folder and decided to post it here for fun. I think it took me like a month to do this and since I'm terrible at beginnings it's probably not my best work but here you go.
      It was the start of a brand new day, the sun had just turned the once night sky into a nice warm blue. The light managed to sneak its way into the bedroom of a young man who was sleeping at his computer desk causing him to wake up with a bit of a groan once the light touched his face. Sitting up he reached over and grabbed his phone turning the screen on and allowing for his eyes to adjust to the brightness of his screen before checking if he had any messages. Unfortunately for him there was nothing really of note except for the stock happy birthday emails he had received from the various sites he had accounts on causing him to just close out his phone with a sigh. "Another birthday is gonna come and go huh?" he mumbled to himself before getting up and stretching with joints popping every now and then with the movement.
      Walking to the bathroom he looked at himself in the mirror. He wasn't exactly anything to write home about just average looking, though perhaps a little more on the skinny side. Looking more at his face and head he ran his fingers through his short dirty blonde hair just to try and get rid of any possible flat spots thanks to the unconventional place he had slept. One of the biggest key features that he had were nice blue eyes that received a few compliments from a few ladies over the years. After doing a few checks of his body here and there he hopped in the shower making sure he was at minimum presentable if he decided to venture out today. However, he found his shower interrupted by the ring of his apartment doorbell. Walking out with a sigh and a towel around his waist, he went over to the door seeing that a small wrapped package laid at the outside of his apartment door. Picking the package up and puzzled he didn't have to sign for anything. He looked at the package and could tell just by how it felt though the simple wrapping that it is a book but all that it had was the shipping label with no return address and his name: Alistair White.
      He had an odd feeling about this package but figured that someone must have sent it to him on behalf of his late mother for his eighteenth birthday. Tearing the wrapping paper open he took the book and started to immediately read it a little thinking he could put it down and finish later but oddly he didn't, only really pausing to find a place to sit. This book wasn’t your typical book telling a story like a good fiction book or laying out the truth like a nice nonfiction book but rather it felt like an instruction book to something as absurd as how to use actual magic. He didn't really know what to make of it, he knew magic wasn’t real yet he found himself not being able to stop with a possible hope that it was real. Eventually after a few hours he had reached the last page but strangely enough it was mostly blank except for the simple instruction saying: "Tear this page out.". Hesitating for a second he reached up and tore the last page out causing the original words on the paper to disappear and be replaced by completely different ones saying: "On completion of this book you have now be blessed with the ultimate power. If you wish to find out more follow the map.", with that the page then turned to a somewhat crude map from his place to an abandoned building downtown. Suddenly he felt the book begin to burn in his hand causing him to drop the book quickly and had him rushing for something to put the flame out lest it spread. To his surprise when he came running back the book was completely gone with no ash remaining and no burn mark in sight.
      Alistair found himself wanting to know more about what just happened with this mysterious book, after getting dressed he walked out of his place following the map that magically appeared on the paper he had torn out. Walking through the city he found it very odd that every time he asked for people to move they did, usually an average amount of people moved to be polite whenever they could but there were always a few who didn't move for various reasons, mostly they were being a bitch/dick. This time though even they moved out of his way when he asked them to move. Following the map he found himself coming up to an old run down building causing him to check the map to make sure he had the right place before he knocked on the spray painted and rusted door. As if on its own the door opened with his first set of knocks, Alistair paused for a second before he stepped in closing the door behind him and looking around. A soon as the door closed and silence graced the room his ears perked a bit to the faint sound of what appeared to be humming. It had a strange allure to it that caused his body to follow the noise to see who or what could possibly be making this amazing sound.
      The sound he followed lead him to the basement of the building but as he went down the stairs he noticed that the walls surrounding him started to become more clean and well kept compared to upstairs. Turning the corner into the main room of the basement the first thing he was greated with as a large ass covered by a lapcoat and tight light colored skirt that clung to her ass. His eyes widened as they trailed up the body of that asses owner. This body was definetly curvy with a perfect hourglass figure along with long golden blonde hair that contained streaks of purple in it that ran down the persons back. Stepping back a bit caused his shoe to make a loud squeak on the floor making the person jump up and turn around. The first thing that stood out when this person turned was a massive set of tits that jiggled with almost every movement. After trying to look up at the face of the person Alistair saw that she was absolutely gorgeous: her eyes were a nice hazel color, her hair almost covering her left eye, lips nice, plump lips that would make anyone want her to kiss her or have her kiss any part of their body and a nice tan that could only really be described as rich.
      In the moment that Alistair was looking at her she looked down and saw the paper in his hand before a soft smile graced her face. "Welcome Alistair." she said in a soft and alluring voice that matched the alluring hum he heard earlier confirming that she was the one who was humming.
      "How do you know my name?" Alistair asked with a million other questions building up behind his mental floodgate just ready to burst out but he held his tongue for now. 
      "I've been watching you for a while and I know you have a lot of questions so please have a seat with me and I will explain everything." she said calmly as she walked to a small table, her hips swaying along with her ass and tits jiggling causing Alistair's eyes to have and decide on what to see the most. Quickly though he walked over to the table and sat down at one of the two chairs that were there before looking at the woman who walked by for a moment before grabbing a plate off the counter and coming back handing it to him, it was a slice of cake with a fork. "Happy Birthday." she said softly and with a giggle. "How about I start with my name? Well you can call me Evelyn." she said introducing herself. "Now let's see if we can try to speed our way through the many questions you have." she said seemingly knowing how many questions he had for her.
      Alistair looked at Evelyn as she took a small breath. "Yes I was the one who sent you that book, I know a lot about you because I've been watching you for a few years now, I used my magic to make all of that happen, no I'm not a human I am a succubus." she listed off rather quickly before having to take another breath. Alistair looked at her rather surprised, she had answered a few questions he had wanted to ask but that last answer just raised a few more.
      "Ok, so first, succubus? Like the kind that would kill me and suck my soul out through sex? Second, you say magic but when I look around here all I see is a lab, no magical items or anything. Third, why me?" Alistair asked as he looked at the cake before eating a little bit of it out of the little hunger he had after skipping breakfast.
      "Yes that kind but don't worry I wont take your soul or anything like that, I wanna keep you all intact." she started with a light giggle. "I'm very different from all the other succubus who only focus on magic. I like to combine both science and magic to create now things much like the book I sent you, though to be honest that was more magic than science, and it's because I've been watching you for a few years now and I believe you will be the best person to help me along with a few other reasons." Evelyn answered calmly with a reassuring smile, though with answering that last part a small blush came across her face. 
      Alistair raised an eyebrow as he looked at her. "Help you with what?" he asked curiously and found it strange that someone wanted him for something, usually if someone wanted him it was for some standard labor.
      "Well as you probably know succubus' live mostly on sex and sexual energy. This is true but I've found it a little boring here, aside from you of course." she explained with the last part being said in a more seductive manner causing Alistair to blush. "So I figured that we could work together on a little plan." she continued. "You know of the term multiverse?" she asked.
      Alistair nodded slightly. "I do know of it." he replied still looking at her with his eyes occasionally glancing down at her massive rack causing Evelyn to smile every now and then when he does.
      "Good." she started. "Well in my studies I found out not only is it a real thing but I've figured out how to travel it." holding up her finger when Alistair's eyes widened she continues. "I want to feed off of the sexual energy in many worlds and you're going to help me." she said with a seductive smirk while looking at Alistair. "You've got quite the sex drive and an exceeding amount of natual stamina from when I watch you play with youself." Upon saying that Alistair nearly choked on the cake piece he was eating.
      Clearing his throat he looked at her with a red face. "H-how.." he stammered before remembering she said she was watching him, though he didn't know it was that closely. "How do you think I'm going to do this? Since you say you watch me you've probably seen that I'm not really one to start up a conversation. When I get going I can be but everything else is just something I struggle with. Plus it seems like that will take a long time considering I can't just walk up and say 'Hey let me plow your ass right here.'." Alistair explained before Evelyn gave a small chuckle.
      "Well now you can." she said causing Alistair to look confused. "That warm feeling in your chest isn't just your love for me." Evelyn teased with a wink. "But rather a special magic I created and gave to you once you read that book. Now you can do that and pretty much just about anything. All you have to do is say it and people will just accept everything you say as fact or just a natural thing." she explained. "Let me give you an example: You see a nice woman down the street and you walk up to her, with this ability you can say 'Suck me off' and she will get on one knee and suck you off right there as if it was a normal thing to do."
      Alistair was a bit shocked that he possibly had something like that in him and could use before giving Evelyn a bit of a look. "Too bad it won't work on me." she chimed in quickly before giggling. "I made sure it won't work on me but it's ok because I'll still suck your cock with powers or not. Just not right now though." she continued as Alistair's face turned an extreme shade of red. "My work isn't done yet." she said getting up. "I need to make a few special adjustments."
      Alistair looked at her before looking surprised as Evelyn walked over to him and got between his legs. "Let's get to work." she said as she unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and balls gently. Her touch on his bare skin was silky smooth and would make it hard to last if she started to do anything more. "It's not bad for average but let me make it more amazing." she said looking up at him with a smile. As she looked back down at his cock her hands started to get warmer than they already were, becoming a little hot along with strangely beginning to glow. She started to stroke his cock gently causing him to moan and throw his head back but to his surprise it felt like she wasn't really giving him a handjob but more like she was molding it into something different. Evelyn was in her own little world as she worked on his cock and balls stretching it and shaping it but surprisingly it still felt amazing.
      After what felt like an hour Alistair heard Evelyn say the simple word "Done!" Leaning his head forward after the waves of pleasure subsided his eyes widened in shock. His cock was a monster now as he saw Evelyn measuring it all around. "Let's see we have a nice hard 19 inch cock, 4 inches thick, and nice baseball sized balls just full of cum. Perfect." she giggles and looked at her handiwork with a smile. "All those girls are gonna be molded to your cock after a nice fuck and of course I'll have some fun with you too but I wanna save myself for later with you."
      "How am I going to hide something like this?" he asked before raising his hand to answer his own question. "Let me guess, no one will notice it until the clothes are off because of a little magic." he answered as it was met with a nod.
      Putting his cock away and getting up, though it was a chore and left quite the bulge sticking out of his pants, Evelyn motioned him to follow. "Now let's not waste any more time." she said with an excited look in her eyes as she walked over to a computer and sat down in a chair.
      Alistair followed behind her as he looked at the screen for a moment before looking at her, and her massive rack and trying to not rip his pants. "So how are we going to do this? Are you going to cast some kind of spell that will teleport me?" he asked before getting tapped on the nose gently.
      "No that's where the science part comes in. I've spent decades on this type of travel and now I think its ready to be tested." she said handing him a smartphone looking device. Alistair took it and looked at it. Seemed just like a regular phone with a few apps that looked custom to this phone for his adventure. "This will help you keep in contact with me along with helping you travel. Plus a few other things but we can wait with that until a little later." she giggled as Alistair looked at the phone. He wondered if he really was going to do this, he quickly came to the decision that this was better than just having a boring life filled with the same routine day in and out, that and everything that had just happened really convinced him to go with it all and go forward with this plan.
      "So I guess I'll call you in another universe." he said to her as he stood back a bit. Evelyn pressed some keys on her keyboard in a sequence at her desk and smiles. 
      "When you come back to this universe after your adventure my holes are all yours." she said happily before seeing Alistair glow both in the face with a blush before his entire body glowed and disappear to a different universe for a great and sexy adventure.
    • EvangelineWadsworth
      By EvangelineWadsworth
      Entry 1
      I parked my car in the third spot in the garage, touching the new fob attached to my dashboard and listening to the gentle hum of the garage door closing. This was it; I was in my new home.

      I pulled my luggage out of the trunk, hefting a bag onto why shoulder just as the door to the house opened and my Master walked through. My breath caught as I looked at him, as it did every time I saw him. He was an impressive figure standing 6'5" with broad shoulders, a trim waist, a chiseled jaw, and gray hair. His skin was tanned from hours spent outside at the pool or golfing, and his bright blue eyes twinkled when he saw me.

      "Nora," he breathed, his arms opening wide, and I grinned, dropping the bag and running to him, throwing myself at his chest, seeking affection and protection in his embrace. He held me to him and lifts my chin, kissing my lips, my body responding immediately, pressing against him. Despite the age gap, this man knew how to work my body into a frenzy unlike anything I've every experienced.

      "Come, my sweet little girl," he said, finally releasing me and picking up my heavy bag and grabbing the rolling suitcase. I followed him into the house, him leading the way through winding hallways and up stairs until we entered an elegantly decorated bedroom in vivid greens, blues, and golds. He placed my luggage against the wall and showed me the large walk-in closet and private bathroom attached to my new bedroom. I nodded, paying attention as he talked about where towels and linens were stored.

      "Thank you, Master," I said demurely when he finished, lowering my eyes the way I knew he adored. He cupped my cheek, stroking my soft skin and again lifted my chin.

      He looked into my eyes and said, "I long to fuck you, my little slut, but I have an important call that is coming through in five minutes. Unpack. I will join you soon."

      He kissed me and left, and I obediently began to unpack my luggage.


      I first met Master when I was a student in his business class at the university I attended. The handsome 65-year-old captured my attention during class, and before and after it, too. I obsessed over him, watching him when I thought he didn't see me. I wanted so badly to get his attention, but the gold ring on his left hand ring finger told me that he was off limits.

      We had just finished our lecture for the day, and the professor returned our latest exams. Mine, although marked, had no score written, but there was a note: Please see me during my office hours.

      Curious, I made my way to the professor's office later that day, knocking lightly on the door. He bid me enter, and I did so, closing the door behind me.

      The office was dark except for a sliver of natural light streaming through the blind-covered windows and a small lap in the corner of the room. Books lined two of the four walls, and a large desk took up most of the space.

      "Lock the door, Miss Wells," he said, and the tendril of dominance I heard in his voice created an automatic response in my body, my hand flipping the lock behind me.

      "Yes, Sir," I replied, and I turned back to face him, standing still in the spot. The older man smiled and nodded, pleased with my obedience, and my heart warmed in pleasure.

      He watched me, considering, and I remained still, and then he stared at me and ordered, "Strip."

      I blinked, but my body responded, pulling my T-shirt over my head and wiggling out of my blue jeans. I unfastened my bra and dropped it onto the floor, and then I rolled my panties down, standing in the center of the office...naked. I lowered my head, blushing, suddenly nervous.

      He just stared at me for a few minutes, and I began to tremble. What I feared was that he was no longer interested; he stood, walking toward me. He surveyed me, walking around me slowly, appraising my bare body before him. My heart pounded in my chest, and I felt my pussy begin to ache. The blush in my cheek deepened. I was aroused, something I'd experienced before, despite my virgin state.

      At 21-years old, I was the oldest virgin in my sorority. My sorority sisters were divided, some complimenting me on taking my time and others acting as though I were from another planet.

      The professor reached out, cupping my breast, lifting it as though he were weighing it. He massaged and groped, stroking my soft skin. My breath quickened, and I looked up at him from beneath my eyelashes.

      He dropped my breast and said, "Kneel for me," and I obeyed, dropping to my knees. He nodded and wrapped a fist around the base of my ponytail, tugging it until I looked up into his face.

      "You are a natural submissive, my little girl," he said, his voice praising me. "I am pleased with that." He moved away from me, going over to a chair and tugging off his tie. He tossed it on the back of the chair and said, "Go to the desk, place your hands in the center of it, and bend over, arching your back and lifting your bottom."

      "Yes, Sir," I replied standing quickly and going to his desk. I placed my palms flat on the center of the desk, standing on tiptoes to reach. I arched my back and lifted my full bottom. I remained in this position for quite some time, and then I felt him slide his arms around my body from behind. He fondled my breasts, jiggling them until they bounced, and I giggled, feeling excitement in his embarace.

      I heard the whir of his zipper and the clanking of his buckle, and then I felt his cock slide along my pussy lips. My heart pounded in my chest. He was going to fuck my virgin pussy.

      He traced my pussy lips with his cock, the tip hitting the aroused bundle of nerves there. I whimpered, and then he used his knee to part my thighs. I felt fingers cup my mound, and I sighed as he parted my lower lips, and then I felt the head of his cock slip into me. I moaned gently, and then I felt him pull out, missing him inside of me already. Without warning, he thrust in deep, pushing past my virgin barrier and sinking deep inside her velvet petals.

      I screamed, stunned by the pain and the sudden fullness in my body, and he remained still, his breathing ragged, his head pressed against my shoulder blades.

      "I'm sorry for not asking if you were a virgin," he finally said, his voice deep. "I would have been gentler if I'd known."

      I shook my head, looking over my shoulder at him. "Please, Sir, I am fine. Please just...just..." I searched for the right word...

      "Just fuck you," he finished, growling his words in my ear, and he pulled back only to ram in deep again. Over and over he thrust into my willing pussy, and then he stilled, pulling back one last time. He gripped my hair, tugging my head backward, and he licked my neck just as he thrust in hard. I cried out, my back arching. Over and over, he rammed into me, his assault on my pussy sending my hormones into overdrive. Suddenly, he jerked, pulling back, and then rammed in deeper than before, shooting hot spurts of cum into my cunt.

      I screamed, my body convulsing under his, and I joined him in release, our juices mingling as our bodies collapsed in a heap.


      I smiled at the memory, stowing my panties in the top drawer of the dresser. In the weeks since he took my virginity, I'd learned to call him Master, to follow his every command, to be his willing, adoring submissive. And last night, I became his slave.
    • EvangelineWadsworth
      By EvangelineWadsworth
      ENTRY 1
      I watch the man from my window, taking in his hard body as he finishes his pushups. I lick my lips, my body responding to his, nipples hardening, aching. He stands, and I step into the window, raising my blinds, my eyes averted to appear nonchalant, but I can see him still from the corner of my eyes, and I know that he sees me. I've done this before...once...twice...a dozen times, my darkened apartment framing my body with inky velvet as the light from the parking lot offers a spotlight on my skin. I raise my arms, stretching, letting him see my breasts rise in my shirt, taking my time as I tease him, taunt him. 
      He is alone, his wife working late again, and I give in to my desire to toy with him. I glide my hands down my torso and gently pull up my shirt, peeling it from my body and tossing it behind me, obscure in the darkness. And then I reach behind my back, unfastening my bra and letting it sag slightly, still holding my breasts but still taunting the voyeur. I raise one hand and slide my left strap down and then the other before slowly letting the fabric fall to the floor. My breasts bounce in their freedom, unconfined after a long day, and I sigh, cupping them, caressing them as my fingertips lightly pulse against my nipples. I look at him from beneath my eyelashes and see that he is leaning toward his window, watching, his chest rising and falling in his arousal. I pinch my nipples, rolling them beneath my fingertips, and then lift one pert breast as I lower my mouth, my tongue rasping against my nipple before my lips wrap around the extended bit, suckling. I close my eyes, imagining him, his lips on my breast, and my body quivers. 
      One hand snakes down my body, unbuttoning my shorts and pushing them down until they pool at my ankles. I step out of them, releasing my lips' hold on my nipple. I'm flushed my body aching for more, and I have to obey. Slowly, I slide my fingertips beneath the band of my panties, slowly rolling the lacy fabric down my hips, revealing my mound to his view, until my panties have joined the shorts. I raise one leg slightly, placing my foot on the windowsill, standing so that I am open, giving him a glimpse at my petals, and I slowly stroke my lower lips, enjoying the gentle touch. I feel my aroused nub--my clit--poking, and I tap it, teasing it as it throbs. My body heats, breasts moving in my desire, and I slide two fingers into my heated cavern as my thumb rolls my clit. 
      I whimper, my hips moving against my hand and my channel gripping my fingers as it searches...searches for more. I give in, thrusting both fingers in, retreating, thrusting, over and over again, my body glistening in heady arousal and need. I need to see him, and my eyes raise, not hidden behind lashes, but open, wide, watching, staring directly at him as he strokes his cock beneath his shorts, staring at my hand. He senses my observation and looks up, staring into my eyes, and I mouth, "Come with me." Her jerks a nod of agreement, his hand moving faster, and mine mimics his rhythm, our bodies jerking, panting, pulled tighter and tighter like a bow until I give a strangled gasp, my head falling back, and my orgasm takes over. 
      My body finally stills, calming after my release in a haze of bliss, and I again look through my window. He is staring, his hand touching the glass of his window, his chest heaving from our shared moment. I smile. He smiles. And I lower the blind. 
    • Noah Takumi
      By Noah Takumi
      Hot night.
      Created for fun by me, for everyone. In truth I got bored. Warning this is a mini story that's a bit in length.
      [Shhh...] - Shower water going.
        Standing in the shower his eyes closed, body soaked Noah tried to relax from a stressful evening. "Haa... Why do I pay for internet that doesn't work... Haaahhh. I shouldn't think about it, it'll just piss me off." He would say in a near whisper as he continued to sigh there being nothing else he could do. Starting to wash he hoped that when he was finished his internet would return, since he paid like $150.00 on it. Using spa glove to clean his body he moaned and groaned in pleasure due to working his muscle over, washing everything head to toe he let his pain be washed away... More his frustration. 
        "Noah I'm back." Nimiko would say as she threw off her coat putting it on the banister before heading up taking off her long sleeve shirt for her spaghetti shirt underneath.
        Hearing the sound of the door and little else Noah grabbed his towel from off the towel rack and wrapped his waist covering himself, exiting the bathroom he heard footsteps nearby turning his head toward the steps he saw Nimiko. Seeing Noah this way was normal he was always walking around in just a towel when getting out, she then walked over to him dripping in excitement. 
        "Today was so much, I went out with Mika today and we explored; Shopping, arcades, flirting with guys in bars. It was great, I'm happy I went thanks for much for talking me into Noah-san." She would say as she bounced around ending her excitement in a hug. Hugging her back Noah smiled knowing she was going to have a good time, it being a great thing since her friend was again going away.
        "Your welcome, this is why you should always listen to me. I'm always right." He would say while fitting the knot on his towel.
        "Sorry Noah." She would say hugging him without thinking.
        "You said that like something went wrong, your fine. I'm just making sure I don't lose the thing, so tell me more in a bit, I'm going to get dressed." He then left leaving for his room dabbing himself off and putting on his night pants, once on he threw a towel around his neck drying off his hair as he headed back to her room. 
        "Still want to talk?" He would say feeling better.
        Not descent enough for him to enter she continued to get dress putting on her spaghetti shirt again standing in her panties as she looked for something to throw on. "Alright my shorts." She would say them being quite short. "Come in." She would say as she stood there waiting
        Pushing the door open he walked in shirtless as usual and sat on her bed spreading his legs and drying his hair a bit more, closing his eyes as he went in. Watching him her friends words got to her and she started looking at Noah a little differently, he did look good, and he could be her type, but what did that mean really?
        "Noah... Have you had sex before?" She would ask trusting him enough to reveal stuff to him, discuss and all that stuff.
       While drying off he giggled.
        "Random much, but why? Does it matter?" He would ask enjoying teasing her above all else.
        "No... I was just wondering, don't make it sound strange." She would say turning away from him curling up her face.
         "You're such a liar, tell me the reason... I'll tell you. Seriously... I'm not a private person." He would say before smirking and pulling her over to him making her sit on his lap. Struggling to get free she squirmed a bit her rear rubbing on him as she turned around, "Let go before I hurt you." She would say. "Hurt me?" He then turned her on her back grabbing her legs pushing between them, while there she lifted a leg placing it on his collar bone and pushed up and away. Once up and got on her knees as Noah got over his member pushing against her rear as he leaned over her, "And how would me?" He would ask feeling he had her. "I could.. I just don't." With that she dropped turned around and wrapped her legs around his waist, as she pushed up she pushed down his pants a bit. "I won't let run away." He would say as he pulled her into he dropped as he kissed her neck, their compromising position taking a tool on his better judgement her clothes in disarray while his member started to harden without permission.
        "...Haa.. I win." He then got off of her, as he sat at the edge of the bed he tried to calm down putting a leg up to hide his growing girth. 
        "You wish, I wasn't pinned 3 seconds." She then pulled down his shoulders and leaned over his face, as she looked back toward him she smirked.
        "Lucky... But this enough to win." He would say gripping her thighs and using his strength to hoist her up her rear directly in his face, the position exciting.
        "Ah.. Noah that's cheating." She would say as she looked up inches from his erection. "Hey are you alright?" She asked him blushing turning a bit red.
        "Of course, I didn't lose." He would say as he didn't think of how to put her down not wanting to just throw her, "Umm I still don't lose but I'm going to have to put you down." He then placed her on his chest.
        "J-Just checking." She would say not wanting to embarrassing him as she moved back her shorts outlining her p**sy, as she nervously moved away from his erection.
         Moving back like she was her breast then giggling in his face his heart feeling like it was going to jump out his chest as blood raced to his member.
        "Well tie then." She would say seeing Noah struggling and thinking it was cute.
        "No. I win, I just choose not to finish." He would say.
        "That's not how this goes you have to earn it." She would correct his theory.
        "Do you want me to? Earn it? You must have noticed I'm not fit to play right?... Yet if you want me to earn it, I will." He would say in a calm voice before taking his arm and slouching into it trying to hide his situation.
        "Doesn't matter. Does it? Is something wrong-g-g?" She would tease knowing he wouldn't say it.
        "Nothing in the slightest." He would say his eyes darting over to her, as she moved into him.
        "Then why can't you finish? Why can't you... Win per-say?" Her teasing growing.
        "Fine." He then in rush grabbed her by the waist, pushing her to the bed. As she tried to fight it kicking him, he simply pushed between both legs as he grabbed both arms forcing them above her head.
        "Ha.. My butts up." She would say not close enough to him to feel it, Noah controlling himself.
        "Hmm... Alright."  He'd say pushing close against her center his member rubbing against her fabric and p**sy was, the look in his eyes becoming much more serious.
        "1..2..3.. I win." He would say leaning into her ear as he held her hands with his right hand, his left sliding to her rear gripping her right cheek as he hoisted her closer to him having them grind.
        "... Agree?" He would say before laying kisses upon her neck her vagina reacting to the action.
        "N-oah.." She would say nervous.
        "... A-gree." He would say as his hand re-leased her hands sliding down her left arm rubbing pass her left breast.
        "A-A-gree." She would mumble his member pulsating against her lower parts as he got up.
        "Excuse me." He then got up and left the room aroused to no end, everything setting him above the calm down bar. Right now he knew what he had to do, not being one to touch himself he entered his room and breathed deep getting up to watch something hot. Only wanting to have sex right now.
        "I wonder... (If I wouldn't have agreed would he have went further?)" She thought blushing at the feel of his member against her, a hand going to her lower area as she took her hand inside her pants letting a finger inside her lower lips. "(I'm really wet.)" She thought blushing wondering how much she wanted to say 'no' to him telling her to agreed. Suddenly she got up and walked over to him closing the door.
        As she walked in without knocking Noah was thinking about touching himself, seeing the lewd video before her she looked away. "Eh??? Sor-ry." She would say.
        "Nimiko... Eh.. I could use some privacy." He would say getting up and walking over to her as she continued to storm in closing the door.
        "What are you doing? I had a reason for leaving, and it wasn't for you to follow me." He would say still having lewd thoughts of her.
        "I wanted to check on you, you seemed... angry." She would say standing there watching. 
        "I'm not. Promise... Haahh. Nimiko." He would say putting hands to his face. "I saw you, now leave me be." He would say.
        "Saw what?" She would say following him to the bed, as he sat down on the edge.
        "Your face... Did I... Surprise you? Your not allowed to lie Nimiko-san." He would say standing up over to her.
         "Ehh.. A little. I didn't expect you to touch me like that, you never do." She then looked off a bit.
         "Sorry, but you pushed me... No... I should of just let you win. It's on me... I shouldn't have touched you, we don't have play fight anymore. I guess we're too old for that anyway." He would then turned around.
         "There goes that old man talk, just hand over the championship belt. It doesn't belong with old men anyway." She would say furthering her teasing.
         "Oh I can keep up, in fact. I would of won if it wasn't for you being a girl, not wearing bra, having on booty shorts." He then looked to her. "I'm a guy after all I notice everything about you... Which is why I tried to not fight you. I knew I would try something if I got to aroused." He'd admit.
         "Aroused???" She would say looking to his hand as he gripped her face.
         "Last chance, leave or I'll earn that belt and more." He would say his right hand pushing into her hair, his left connecting to her hip as he sat down again pulling her in.
         "(Will he do things to me if I stay? Am I ok with that?)" She wondered as she felt his left hand on her hip pushing around to touch her rear.
         "You can't beat me." She would say in a whisper.
         "Shall I earn it slow then?" He would smirk the hot sex in the background making him want to do just that. "Go get ready for our match then." As she got on the bed Noah knew she had some idea of what he was trying to say, but he planned on making it clear through their playing fighting.
         Getting into position he felt less bad about whatever happens to transpire between them, figuring it's something she must want even a little getting into this bed with him. Porn in the background his vision trailed off, "Umm get ready... Set...Go!" He would say with them at first locking hands, Nimiko knowing he could win this way whenever she wanted she tried to get away. "Earn it... You said. How should, how would you like to lose." He asked as he smiled her as she stuck out her tongue.
         Shaking his head at her he pulled her into his stomach, while leaned into him he took his right hand and smacked her rear watching it giggle as he pulled up a finger in the crack of her behind. "Eh. Beating me?" She would say as she decide to keeping pushing, not wanting to fall he curved himself falling back on the pillow. "Trying to hurt me?" He would say looking to her. "You said I couldn't so I trust it, are you hurt?" She would say with attitude. "Ha funny. No." He then pulled her into him her breast in his face checking them out, he then sat up kissing her neck.
         With him kissing her neck she felt the vibrations travelling through her skin, "N-oah?" She would call out. "You had your chance, I told you before I needed privacy. Now I show you why." He would say letting her go to get herself in order. "So you rather watch this?" She asked.
        "What's wrong with that? It was better then what I could of did." He would say getting up as she again went to tackle him. "Which was?" She asked wondering. "Mmm that's classified info...but." While down his hand sweep between her legs his middle finger rubbing against her lower lips, "Ah..Ha.Ah.." She would moan out as she placed hands on Noah, "Oops. Sorry, I missed." He would say as she jumped on him. "So bold." He would say teasing. "It won't work you tried that so many times." She would say, "Haii... But this time it different. Right?" He then took his hands to her legs spreading them sitting her on his erection.
         "(So close to me.)" She thought trying to fight it. Soon she took his hands and put them above his head, doing so he started to thrust feeling it rubbing. "Perv." She would say.
         "You knew what you were getting into right?" He would say stopping long enough to throw her to the side and get behind her, his d*ck against her cheeks. While there he leaned over her pushing his hips as his left hand went to grab her left breast, reaching up under her shirt to do so massaging her actual breast. "Ah N-oah." She would wine in pleasure red face.
         "My bad, maybe I'm tired I keep grabbing you wrong. Wanna give up accept your lost, I could get more tired." He would say his member pushing against her lower area still. With her squirming Noah didn't want to let go, he then moved closer to her. "Mhmm you shouldn't move your hips so much..." He would say in warning trying not to moan out.
         "Maybe you shouldn't be over me so much." She would reply pushing off of him, "We can if you admit I win." She would say. "Why would I do that, this is our funnest game." He would say implying how much he was liking this. As she tried to run from him he pulled her back by her right foot pulling her down, then immediately throwing it and pushing it down her legs open. While she was down in front of her he threw a pillow at her, before he grabbed some the sheet forcing himself between her legs to keep them from closing.
         "AH... Ah..." She would moan out his hard d*ck rubbing against her soaking wet vagina. "Here wear this for now, 5-10 mins and don't move. Or I'll do something else..." He would say letting her imagine what he would do, he then waited for an answer.
         "I guess." She would say.
         "Good." He then smiled wanting to do this since she first started moaning out to him, his hand going to her elastic part of her pants. "Don't move." He would say again. "Oh and no peeking." He would say watching the sheet, smirking. Slowly he then pulled down her short shorts up pass her knees, "Noah???" She would say nervous. "Don't move, and don't worry." He would say as he looked spreading her legs until her lips spread, then he started to lick her. Nimiko dripping wet her juices getting all over his tongue, he moved it up and down and up and down her clit as she gripped his head she blushed.
         Seeing her pants getting stretched out he decided to just remove them, "You're stretching them." He would say as then fell the center soaked in cum. "A bit more, I'll release you. Take my hand." He would say actually giving her his left hand to squeeze when it was becoming too much, "Hang on." He would say going back down gliding over her entrance, cum still sliding out of her. 
      *Rub-Rub* *Rub-Rub-Rub* *Rub-Rub*
         He then wiped his face his boner growing tenting over so much in his pants, never noticing she had on panties taking them off he mounted her kissing her neck his member poking her. "Ahh.. Ah Ooo." She would moan out after holding it back for so long. "N-Noah where is my bottoms?" She would say.
         "Don't know... Don't care. Want them?" He would say knowing how horny she was and the thought went through his head how long she could go without it. "You seem like you're having a bit of fun, are you holding back?" He would whisper to her. "It's not fair, your wearing clothes while removing mines." She would say her heart racing.
         "What are you saying? You can do that too if you want." He would say feeling like she had a point somewhat, but did so knowing that once he was free he would... Well continue to go even further with her. "Once you cross you can't return.. I have no problem with that." He would say looking to her as he put a hand on his erection. "If you want to see it, you can." He would say knowing that's the only reason to her wanting him to remove them. 
         "Umm... It's not like that I just want to match." She would say Noah hearing the shyness in her voice. "Then pull." He would say putting a hand on his waist line, "I'll help." He would say pulling down his pants his member bouncing up ready to go, "Ready to lose?" He would say.
         "Uhh Never." She would say as he leaned over her it sliding between her lower lips, "Aha ah."
      *Thrust up and down* *Thrust up and down* *Member nipping entrance* *Thrusting, thrusting*
         "Nimiko... You're so wet." He would say his member coated in juices on one side changing the feel of his texture, "Want to keep going?" He asked.
         "Ma-Maybe." She would say blushing.
         Noah then worked his hips more as he moved in and started to kiss her, as he lift her legs spreading them he this time let his member fall. "Ahhh... It hurts." She would yell. "Ahh It's cause your tight." He would say getting his tip in moving it around only half in. "Better?" He asked trying to control his deepness inside her.
         "(Ah her walls are so gooey, and I love how it tugs on the meat.) Uhm Mhm... Ahh Nimi." He would say kissing her neck.
         "N-Oah.. Ah... It does feel better, it.. it does." She would moan out embarrassed to say such things to him in a moment of weakness.
         "We should wrestle more?" He would say pushing deeper as she held onto his shoulders, thrusting with him now moving in circles. "Eh Ah...Ahh Ahhh..." Her continuous moans told him one thing, either she was really enjoying it or she was about to cum. As Noah kissed her more he pulled on her hips sending his d*ck ever so deep inside, his d*ck throbbing and twitching inside against her walls. 
         "Ah.. Move less. More less or I'm going to cum inside your body." He would say.
         "I can't." She would say as she sped up.
         "Woah Nimiko!" He would say as she rocked it felt so good but.
         "Ahhhhh." He would moan releasing inside as he realized he should pull out, pulling out fast.
         "OOoohh Noah." She would moan releasing with him when she felt him pull out white cum oozing out of his tip.
         Looking at it now it looked so big, it color, everything about it made her blush. "You alright?" She would say looking.
         "I am, but I accidentally let go. I cam inside, sorry." He would say as he wiped it. "I don't think you'll get pregnant though." He then looked closely to his d*ck red all over his member, he then looked to the sheets. "Are you on your period?" He asked.
         "No." She would say looking down noticing the blood. "Oh crap... I'm bleeding." She would pushing her hair back.
         "Was that your first time?" He asked her.
         "Ah sorry about your sheets, I should shower." She would say getting up after being asked heading to her room to get shower things as she headed to the bathroom. "Man I bled on his sheets and his d*ck, I should have told him I was a virgin. Now I'm embarrassed." She would say talking to herself thinking. As she entering the bathroom with her things she quickly let the water warm up and then got in.
         "Let me know when you get out so I can wash the sheets." He would say walking away to finish grabbing everything off the bed and taking them to the washer.
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