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Legends, History and more

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You'll notice a "Legends" topic started and soon history of Noware will be added. These are purely for stories to add flavor to the role play. These are NOT to be role played in. If you choose to reply with your own legend, by all means, have at it! 

Note that stars of legends ARE playable as characters if you wish to work them in creatively, or if you choose to play as one in your own story when the role play begins. 

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Note: Not every legend will have the length of Scarecrow Jack. I'll have to throw in somewhere that his story is easily the most famous and he is essentially a cryptid for the town. 

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I wonder if you can guess what each legend is inspired by?

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    • Rayearth209
      By Rayearth209
      06:07:31 December 2020
                  The first time I saw you was through a window in the subway on the way to Tokyo. I was getting off at this stop. I never could figure out why my eyes were so attracted to you. I just couldn't stop looking at you. Maybe it was for the better. I noticed that you weren't getting on the train when it was departing, so I figured you had time to hang out. I tried to hide it when I was around you. I wore a hood, I tucked my tail down my sweatpants, but it was no use. You had seen that I was part Neko. For some reason, I guess this interested you. You started to talk to me, but with so many people around, I wan't able to hear what you were saying. It was all so faint at the time. You got up and started pulling me, guiding me toward the subway steps. You let me about three blocks away from the subway, to a giant mansion. I was finally able to hear you. You told me it was your house, and I asked if I could come in. We walked seemingly endless steps to the front door, and then you showed me around your house....
      That was just a preview of something I've concocted that could be used for a PM or just a public chat room. Make sure to EcchiText me if you are interested! 
    • Dr. Doctor
      By Dr. Doctor
      Hello, everyone! I'm Dr. Doctor and welcome to my Private Roleplay Bulletin Board! I have a ton of ideas I'd like to throw down and see if anyone's interested in!
      Firstly, a little about me. I've been role playing for quite some time - about at least 10 years at this point! I love creating large worlds and colorful casts of characters, whether it's smutty or not! That being said, I don't shy away from smut even in my more story oriented endeavors. 
      Secondly, you can check out my Roleplayer Preferences Sheet (either somewhere on this post or in my signature) to get an idea of what I'm into and what I'm not into. Another way is to look at my F-List, which details a lot more in some cases.
      Thirdly, I would like to establish that I do enjoy story with smutty elements. I suppose these can be referred to as "Smutty Plots". Story with smut, if you will! Every single plot that comes out of my brain has some sort of scenario to it, even if it seems like it's more... smut driven! This includes even ideas that are highly detailed!
      Fourthly, I'd also like to establish that Out of Character Gender matters very little to me. As long as you can play characters of any sex convincingly, I'm satisfied. Heck, even I have a preference for playing Female characters, but I can play Males and Futanari, too!
      Fifthly, I'd also like to establish (as you can tell in the tags) that I do not, under any circumstances, do MaleXMale or MaleXFutanari pairings.
      Sixthly, you've finally made it to the plots (or you skipped everything and came here by using a cheat code. That cheat code would be your eyes!) and they'll be listed below! I have a mixture of Original and Fandom Plots, so I'll separate them accordingly!
      Original Plot Ideas
      Plot Name: Breakout (Inspired by the movie Species)
      Plot Summary: A young teenage girl wakes up in a lab, unaware of their surroundings and seeing quite a few scientists and people in hazmat suits. Confused, the teenager tries to get someone to tell her what's going on. This is met with silence as poisoned gas is pumped into the chamber where she woke up. Panicking, the girl manages to use her strength to break through the glass wall and then takes off. An alarm sounds as the compound sends guards after her to retrieve her. She manages to elude them, unsure of why she had such strength. She doesn't know where to go, but manages to hitch a ride on a cargo train that would take her to the next city over. As she travels, strange things begin to occur such as having incredible urges for sex and breeding, her body transforming and aging, along with her desire to devour weaker animals and people. This girl is not human, but will anyone find that out and live to tell the tale?
      Plot Name: Chaos Hunter
      Plot Summary: Luci is the daughter of Lucifer, making her the Princess of Darkness, and heiress to her father's throne in Hell. However, she grows bored with her status and decides she wants to visit the Mortal World and try to prevent Chaos from getting to out of hand so her father will not have to deal with Angels trying to invade Hell again. Resistant at first, her father reluctantly agrees despite being overprotective of his 16 year old daughter. Luci recruits a few of her friends to go with her and one of her friends helps her invent the Demonic Spectral Thermos - the device used to capture rogue souls that managed to escape Hell and terrorize the Mortal World. A side objective is that she also wants to actively seek out her mother, who is a famous Demon Hunter within the Mortal World, and she wishes to know why she never met her. Can she blend in the Mortal World without bringing too much attention to herself? Will she attract the wrong kind of attention?
      Plot Name: Chaotic Reign
      Plot Summary: A plot where mysterious forces, likely alien or supernatural, can possess people and turn them into vile, bloodthirsty creatures. The main character is a female who is possessed by the most powerful entity and causes all sorts of chaos within her town and eventually the world
      Plot Name: The Curse of the Breeder
      Plot Summary: A young woman ends up with a curse, turning her into a breeding machine. She gets pregnant very easily and her pregnancies are rather fast, only lasting a couple of months. Thanks to the curse, she becomes addicted to sex and being impregnated, often being taken by her former friends and even family to be used for her body. Can she ever gain enough sanity to try and find help? Or is she doomed to forever be a slutty pregnant woman?
      Plot Name: Dimensional Trouble
      Plot Summary: A science project goes awry and a girl begins to randomly travel through varying dimensions of her world, sometimes landing in completely new worlds. She doesn't know how to stop this as she's only in each dimension for about a day. She tries to seek out help, but it becomes increasingly more difficult as the jumps scramble her mind and she winds up fighting against the personality she's supposed to have in each dimension. Can she save herself from this nightmare?
      Plot Name: Demonic Gateway
      Plot Summary: A young woman learns on her 21st birthday that she is the spawn of Lucifer and due to a deal with her mother, she has been turned into a living gateway out of Hell for demons to invade Earth. As soon as the clock strikes Midnight to begin her birthday, her womb is transformed into a portal. Simulating quick pregnancy-like feelings and appearances, she repeatedly gives "birth" to demons in random intervals. Sometimes only at night, sometimes during the day - at work, out to lunch, etc. She wants to find a way out of this deal her mother made, but slowly her soul's being corrupted into loving being the vessel for mankind's demise. Can she stop this before it consumes her?
      Plot Name: The Epidemic
      Plot Summary: After an accident at a chemical plant leaks out an unmarked virus, people in the city of Rugetsu begin to panic as various citizens begin to transform into Cock Monsters [static.f-list.net]. Quarantines are set and people try to get out of the city, but are frequently attacked by the Cock Monsters. The virus is transmitted sexually, with just a little bit of the semen the Cock Monster produce can infect a normal person by simply cumming in their mouth, vagina or butt. Over time, some strains form, causing different mutations.
      Plot Name: Fatal Seduction
      Plot Summary: A young woman is exposed to a strange element (or parasitic alien) and winds up becoming rather ill. When she's recovering, she begins to black out at certain periods of the day and doesn't remember what she does during the period of black out and recovery. She then discovers thanks to a recording nanny cam in her home, she has been transforming into a bimbo "slut" and sleeping around with many males. However, she looks much stranger, as if she was some sort of fantasy alien. After a few more blackouts, she begins to notice blood and other strange things left behind. Is she doing more than just sex? She needed to find out as the blackouts keep getting longer and longer. Will she be able to stop herself?
      Plot Name: Faye, Become Human
      Plot Summary: After an intentional fatal incident at a high tech robotics laboratory, a woman named Faye's brain is transplanted into that of an cyborg body. The cyborg is then activated and used essentially as a body guard for the company's CEO but with other uses as well. The new version of the woman is passed on from a few people until someone tries to bring the truth of who she really is and what really happened, causing her to malfunction and try to regain personality traits. Can this woman live a normal life again?
      Plot Name: GenX
      Plot Summary: When a lab accident occurs, a young woman is subjected to a newly created bonding agent. It seems to be alive and willing to crawl toward anything with a body heat signature. It finds the dazed woman and infiltrates her body through one of her holes (most commonly, orally). It then bonds with her body and she begins to have strange cravings. She desires to enhance herself, discovering she has fusion and merging abilities. Her jaw can unhinge, allowing her to devour animals, objects and people to curb her insatiable hunger. However, she's mainly interested in fusing and merging other beings to her body and she gains enhancements (multiple breasts, limbs, heads, etc) as she does so, while also gaining abilities such as shapeshifting into the victims she's merged with. Can she stop herself before she's lost to the desire to vore and merge?
      Plot Name: Horror in Rugetsu
      Plot Summary: A parasite is let loose in the city of Rugetsu. It finds host after host, morphing them and violently attacking others and killing them until they're shot down by gunfire. However, it winds up finding a single host that it aligns with and the young woman becomes possessed by the parasite. She constantly morphs into various creatures, intending to make her devour anything in its way The parasite partially hops around, controlling her friends and family against her will. Can she find help at all?
      Plot Name: The Human Snake
      Plot Summary: A young teenage girl is infected by a mutant gene while she's on a field trip to a laboratory. She begins to feel strange and gets rather intense hunger pains. She begins to see everyday objects as food and animals, though she eventually does also start seeing people as food. As her DNA is altered, she begins to unhinge her jaw and slowly gobbles up an object or even a person, much like a snake. She shows no remorse for the people she eats and only becomes hungrier with an insatiable appetite. As the mutations go on, her body begins to physically mutate as well. Snake-like qualities, increased sexuality, and overall sexual appearance occur. Can anyone stop the human snake?

      Plot Name: The Human Spider
      Plot Summary: A teenage girl is the victim of an incident at Gene Splice Labs. The incident causes her DNA to radically alter and she begins to crave devouring humans, animals and objects. She begins to slowly transform into a human-spider hybrid, known as a Drider, and no one is safe from her hunger. Her jaw unhinges and she devours them slowly or she choses to chomp down and let blood spill everywhere after trapping them. Can anyone stop the new Human Spider?
      Plot Name: Infectious Voracity
      Plot Summary: A virus (or alien parasite) is unleashed into the small town of Jade. A young girl is the first victim, which grants her an insatiable hunger and allows for her jaw to unhinge to inhuman levels. She begins to feel the desire to eat anything and everything, including everyday objects and people. She begins to become so hungry so often that she begins seeing people as food, including her friends and family. She does regain control of herself from time to time and she desperately tries to find help to reverse whatever happened to her. As time goes on, however, her body also begins to mutate and soon enough she'll become a voracious monster with no humanity left. Little does she know that she's also infecting others, slowly. Can she stop herself in time before this happens?
      Plot Name: Invasion of the Breeding Parasites
      Plot Summary: A woman discovers a strange rock and decides to bring it home for her collection of unique items. In doing so, the rock hatches a few hours later, revealing a parasite that makes its way to the woman and crawling up her legs. It plants itself inside of her body, notably near her womb and forces the woman to undergo a small transformation. She is ordered to breed for the parasite, as it wants to take over the Earth. It looks to recreate life, but also consume it. The woman blacks out from time to time, losing control over herself and transforming into an alien beast. As she reverts, she notices more and more changes are beginning to stick and soon she'll become a permanent murderous, yet sexy alien that also wants to breed. Can she find someone to stop her from becoming this way?
      Plot Name: It Girl
      Plot Summary: A teenage girl finally decides to have sex for the first time with her boyfriend. In doing so, something triggers within her. She begins to drain her boyfriend of his cum and as she does so, her body begins to mutate - she grows Lipples, tentacles, etc etc. She loses control as she enters a monster-like form and unhinges her jaw and devours her boyfriend. She returns to normal once they've been devoured, unsure of where the boyfriend went or what happened as she blacked out The incident begins to happen more frequently and she records it, then tries to find out what's causing this to happen to her. Can she find out before her humanity is lost?
      Plot Name: Origin of Evil (Inspired by the movie Ouija: Origin of Evil)
      Plot Summary: A young widowed psychic comes home one day, having received a new Ouija Board from a favored customer. Knowing her youngest (15) daughter is missing her late father, the woman comes up with a plan to cheer her up. Using the Ouija Board,they successfully contact someone claiming to be the girl's father. As the mother had this all planned from the start, she ignores the fact a strange presence could be felt in the room.When the contact ends, the daughter is left satisfied and the mother is content and decides to leave the Ouija Board on the table for some customers the next day.

      In the middle of the night, curious and happy, the daughter goes back downstairs and decides to use the Ouija Board again. She wanted to talk to her father again, but notices that the pieces move on their own when she asks her questions. Not deterred by this as she thinks it's her father responding to her, she continues to talk to the presence. When deciding to finish, she picks pick a piece of the board and looks through the fish eye lens. As soon as she does, she sees a demonic creature, tries to scream before the demon's arm is rammed into her mouth, forcing it to stretch open and slowly begins to push itself inside of her. This causes her eyes to roll back and her pupils to disappear as she slowly falls backward and onto her back.

      The next morning, she's found on the floor by her mother and sister and they think all is well. But is it?
      Plot Name: Planet Girl
      Plot Summary: A young woman working in a lab gets into a freak accident. She lands in the hospital for a few days, but she discovers that despite not eating much or doing anything besides trying to get better, her belly is staring to bulge out a bit. It's discovered that her womb was transformed into an underdeveloped planet landscape somehow and she begins developing pheromones that get people desiring to enter her "planet" and settle down there, even in the hospital. She needs to find help to figure out how to reverse it or she might be the only one left on the current planet!
      Plot Name: Potion Commotion (Inspired By the adult web comic Spells R Us: Dream Girl (NSFW))
      Plot Summary: A young woman comes across a strange shop and is convinced by the shopkeeper that they sell a Love Potion (which is actually a Lust Potion). She greedily buys it and decides to use it as she was never popular in her life and wishes to be the life of her college. She brings it to a party one night and nervously drinks some of it in the bathroom. However, she's startled and quickly downs the entire vial. The shopkeep had warned her that she would become the woman of the person's dreams if someone laid eyes on her, which turns out o be quite literal! She keeps transforming and losing control of herself and even attracts the same sex. Can she find anyone that might be able to help her?

      Plot Name: Specimen 428
      Plot Summary: A young woman was studying a new specimen in her lab when the specimen manages to break free of its container and then hunts her down. Rather than eating her, however, it fuses with her body. Now harboring an alien, the woman is convinced to breed for the alien in exchange for getting strange powers and quite a bit of pampering. The main line of communication is created as a mouth forms on the woman's body, allowing the alien specimen to talk verbally to her but also forcing the woman to feed it this way. Can anyone stop the duo? Will the woman ever get rid of this alien specimen?
      Plot Name: The Splitter
      Plot Summary: A young female is inflicted with a curse thanks to an interaction with a powerful entity that went poorly with her parents. During one day (at school or at home), the girl experiences strange tingling sensations and begins to notice that her body is growing more limbs! She has more than two arms and two legs, but they do eventually revert back to normal. The next time she feels this feeling, something different happens - she has multiple breasts and two heads now! She begins to experience random transformations and even at one point begins to fully split into two versions of herself. The problems become worse and worse, allowing her to also become a Futa from time to time with more than one cock, having more than one or two heads, having multiple limbs, breasts, and even changing her full on appearance at times. She also gets an intense hunger, as if she needs to devour anyone and anything in order to survive. Can she find out what happened to cause this? Can she lift the curse or is she doomed to becoming known as The Splitter, a monster that can't hold its form for too long?
      Fandom Plots
      Fandom: Bleach
      The Broodmother - Orihime ends up being kidnapped by an enemy force, only to awaken in a strange facility. She is then experimented on and forcibly impregnated with Hollow DNA, with the intentions of turning her into a broodmother. She is then released back into the World of the Living with her captor wanting to witness the chaos that would ensue with Orihime having hybrid bastard monster children.

      Futaverse - Bleach's universe consists of Futas and Females only. It can be applied to any plot.
      Shattered Souls - When Orihime and Ichigo finally get together and have celebrated with a fun time for their first all-nighter, Orihime finds out she is pregnant. Excited, they both plan their future together, but it is cut short when a Hollow attacks and bites Orihime. Now, she is beginning to Hollowfy and Ichigo must save her by using a taboo act similar to that of his father using on his mother. However, this lands Ichigo in a coma and Orihime isn’t fully relieved of all over her newfound Hollow powers. She must become the new protector of Karakuta Town while she waits for Ichigo to wake up, if he ever wakes up [NOTE: Prequel to Soul Force]

      Soul Force - A young girl named Natalie Inoue grows up in the aftermath of the Fullbring events. Being the daughter of Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue-Kurosaki, Natalie is able to see and talk to spirits and eventually discovers that she's inherited both of her parents' abilities and becomes Karakuta Town's newest generation Substitute Soul Reaper. She and her friends end up stumbling upon a villainous plot though within the Soul Society and might have to face it without their parents' help. [NOTE: The Blood War Arc (Final Manga) is not canon in this universe]
      Fandom: RWBY
      Aeon (Alt Title: RWBY X) - Set in an alternate universe where Taiyang Xiao Long dies instead of Summer Rose, the events of RWBY are altered. Ruby Rose is accepted two years early into Beacon, around the same time her big sister Yang is going to the same school. They prepare to become the next generation of Huntresses, while Ozpin requests Summer's aid as a teacher within Beacon's walls to keep an eye on them and make sure looming threats do not come after the girls in an eventual preparation to attempt to pass down the powers Summer has to Ruby. The close family will learn about betrayal, magic, and potential ends to the world. Will they be ready to find out about magic and the maidens? [NOTE: A large amount of the main canon series can remain unchanged, but Summer would be alive and the girls would be a bit more fantasy-like when it comes to curves, breast size, etc thanks to Maiden Magic Exposure]
      Body of Dust - A new string of a modified Dust drug has hit the city streets. While investigating the sudden disappearance of her sister, Weiss encounters an underground cartel before being knocked unconscious and waking up in a cell. She watches in horror as her sister is chained in front of her, forcibly fed the new modified Dust drug. She watches as her sister transforms into a ditzy bimbo only craving sex. Shortly after this happens, she is forced to take the drug and transforms herself. She is exposed to this for several days, with the leader of the corrupt group planning on using Weiss and Winter to lure in the rest of RWBY and break their minds to serve them. Can anyone save them?
      Crescent Moon (Futaverse) - In this version of Remnant, it is dominated by well hung Futanari with the rare breed of natural females. Thanks to an incident with Remnant's magical dust elements, males have been either wiped out or converted into Futanari. There are very few natural females and Summer and Ruby Rose are two of the known pure females. In this world, sex is quite common and almost common place among fellow Huntsmen, especially when finding pure females. Acceptable punishments are non-con and being mounted by their targets on a mission if they fail to follow through.
      Haywire - An accident occurs one day when Weiss and Ruby are studying for an exam at Beacon Academy (the accident can also be changed to an interaction with Ruby and a hacked Penny) The accident leads to Ruby turning into a well endowed Futanari (Herm) and she finds herself growing increasingly horny around her teammates, including her sister. As she tries to adjust, more mishaps occur along with more changes!
      Isolation -Team RWBY would be captured and forced to undergo experiments with the Grimm Plague, turning them into monstrous Grimm-Human hybrids. They'd be released onto the world after their transformations were complete, causing sexual chaos and the downfall of Remnant.
      Gone Awry - A member of Team RWBY is drugged and captured, only to wake up in a laboratory and be physically chained to a metal slab. The aforementioned member is then subject to experiments, causing her to transform, grow various extra limbs or cocks, and even alter her memories and personality. Eventually, the alterations become too strong and they break free, escaping the laboratory and causing chaos among the citizens of Remnant.

      Grimm Times - Years after Salem's victory against Ozpin/Ozma and the nations of the world, humanity is outnumbered by Grimm and infected Grimm-Humans. Ruby Rose, a former Huntress with decorations from Atlas and Vale, has become a mother to one child, and a godmother to three others. She frequently moves from settlement to settlement, usually being forced to move when Salem and the team of Grimm-Humans sent out to hunt for her and her children. When the team gets dangerously close to succeeding, Ruby triggers all of her powers at once in order to stop her former friends from harming them. This accidentally triggers a large enough magical explosion, causing Ruby and her children to be tossed back in time and into a timeline prior to the Fall of Remnant. It takes Ruby a little while to realize this before realizing she and her children were given a second chance to prevent the Fall of Remnant from occurring, thus creating a new timeline in which Salem is defeated.

      New Dawn - Set after the events of RWBY, the second generation team of Huntresses known as Team DAMN are on their way to become certified fully licenses Huntresses themselves. These involve the daughters of Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long. There is a new evil afoot and they must help fight it back with the help of their parents. [NOTE: This will not reference Season 7 right now]

      Misc Fandoms
      Kim Possible in Voracity - When a mission goes awry as Drakken tries to set up a restaurant front for his next evil scheme, Kim is injected with unstable chemicals during a fight with Shego, who is also injected. She ignores the injection, figuring it was just a kitchen appliance within the scuffle. Shego ignores it as well, though winds up running off with Drakken like usual. Once back home, Kim begins to feel strange as does Shego when she decides to attend an event back in Go City. Triggered by an event, each female winds up painfully hungry and their jaws unhinge, devouring the source of the trigger like a snake - slowly with a near elastic mouth. They stretch abnormally and constrict their prey, but still remain looking human. Once finished, they crave more and begin to hunt down more prey. As they keep giving in to their new desires, their bodies slightly change, growing long forked tongues, spikey teeth, and snake-like slit eyes. Can anyone stop them or is the world now their buffet?
      Movie Premise Interests: Alien Tampon | Candy Stripers (2006 Horror Film) | The Faculty | Harvest Lake | Jennifer's Body | Killer Tongue | Ouija: Origin of Evil | Slither | Species

      Video Game Premise Interests: Persona 3/4/5 | Yakuza | We Happy Few
    • Adverse
      By Adverse

      Someone once dared to ask, "If we have them... Why can't we use them?". The year was 20XX, the question was answered. For decades, tensions were sustained between various nations and peace was so unstable that the drop of the pin should shatter the glass barrier. Finally, with the advancement of defense technologies, the arms race was on once more, only this time the tensions grew to a boiling point. Finally, the first bomb was dropped. Then, the second. The third.
      I was a child when it all happened. Despite being young at the time, I don't think it will ever be any less vivid in my mind for as long as I may live. I remember panic. I remember screaming, hustle bustle. I remember crying, everywhere, I remember the scent of burning rubber and gasoline, of my mother and father screaming at one another, not out of anger, but our of terror. I remember sitting in the back seat, confused and afraid, watching the chaos out the window as the car sped through our neighborhood and past traffic. 
      We made it to my father's place of work. It was a sturdy facility for need broadcasts, built to withstand high intensity weather and had a basement primarily used for storage, but now we were using it as shelter. We weren't alone, and we were welcomed. I felt comfort, recognizing some faces, seeing that I wasn't alone in being afraid, but the support made the difference. Then, I remember silence. Then I remember a sound I will never be able to describe, followed by heat, as though someone had opened an oven right in front of me...
      We stayed down there for a few days. We had some food, water and clean air that came in through a filteration system, but I remember being hungry. I remember wanting to go home and sleep in my soft, warm bed. I remember laying in my mother's arms each night on the hard floor as she tried to sing a lullaby, but she would start crying and I didn't understand. Finally, the doors were opened.
      The world no longer resembled the one we left when we entered the basement. Everything was broken. Burnt. The sky was an odd shade of blue with a sick tinge of green in the clouds. It almost didn't look like we were still in Earth at all, but we had to leave town. I wanted to go home. I would never be in the comfort of my home again.
      In our travels, we met other people traveling as well who banded together with us. They described fire in the sky, in the clouds. The wrath of God, punishing humanity, brazen and full of hubris. It came to be known as Heaven's War, or the Cloud War to some.
      I sometimes still think about the people we passed on the road that day. Neighbors. I wonder if they made it...

    • Adverse
      By Adverse
      Now would be a good time to start discussing events. Obviously I have a few in mind, but let's toss around some ideas for things to be happening around the town.
    • Adverse
      By Adverse
      - The Legend of "Scarecrow" Jack -

      Generations ago, a farmer lived on the outer side of Noware. His name was Jack O'Lanton. He was a kind man of middle age, he would regularly sell his seasonal crops at the market in the Noware square on weekends and mid days of the week, they say that his harvests were fresher, crisper sweeter than any other vendor. To this day, no one knows his secret for such fine produce.
      His specialty, however, were his favorite crop; Pumpkins. How he loved them, everything about them, the heft, the varying shapes and sizes, the various pumpkin treats that could be made from the famous squash... Not to mention, it was his hottest seller annually, townsfolks would flock to his stall for his plump, unparalleled pumpkins, which he delivered and sold by the cart which was stacked up high like a mountain each time he would roll into town, along with fresh baked pumpkin pies, bread loaves and purees.
      During the Fall season, he could regularly be seen by passerbys on the road, keeping unwanted visitors from his prized crop during the day, earning him the nickname Scarecrow Jack... But his success was not without it's trials. There were young men in town who would regularly dog him and steal his crops in the night, particularly during the Fall, when the pumpkin harvest was nearest. Into his patch they would leap, hooting, hollering, hoisting pumpkins over their heads and throwing them into others, at each other and stomping on the juicy, plump squash, destroying several of them for their own sick kicks. 
      Jack would always appear too late, unable to predict what edge of his vast patch they would invade, and by the time he got there, the boys would be dancing in the pulp and guts of the pumpkins they pulverized. He would approach to reprimand them, but they would shove him down into the slop they created and laugh at him, call him names, "One day, you're gonna turn into a pumpkin, Scarecrow man!", they would jeer before taking their leave. Sullen, but far from defeated, Jack would pick himself up time and time again and use the seeds from the destroyed crop to plant a new patch, then tend with care to those that remained. It was bothersome, but they could never get close to destroying all of them...
      ...Until one fall, when the boys had grown into men and added a few more crows to their murder. They came late at night and approached from all sides of the patch, bent on doing more damage than ever. Jack heard the chaos from inside his quaint farmhouse, but this time he was ready. He picked up a harvesting sickle that hung by his door, and out he went. 
      He was surprised, as he came out of the tall grass surrounding the patch, to see a single man stomping and stumbling over his pumpkins. They usually came in greater numbers and it gave him pause for a moment. The invader was clearly drunk, he could smell the alcohol even over the smell of the ruined pumpkins' innards. "H-Hey! You!", He shouted as he ran at the man.
      "Scarecrow!", The man shrieked, startled and drunk as he stumbled to his feet And ran off in another direction of the patch through tall grass. "Scarecrow, Scarecrow!", He taunted, his voice shrinking off into the distance.
      Jack realized that the man wasn't alone, after all, and was sounding an alarm to his group. They were everywhere, he could hear them now in the silence he was left in, echoes of laughter and hooping coming from all around. They would do more damage to his patch than ever before this way and he couldn't get to each of them in time to stop them... 
      "Why..?", He asked, dropping to his knees in the pulp of the smashed pumpkins, which he picked up a handful of and then let his arm drop loosely. "What have I done..? Why do they harass me so..?", He asked himself as a tear of frustration rolled down The valleys of his aging cheek. His teeth ground together and his lip quivered, he slammed his fist into the pulp below, making it splash over him. "I hate them!", He shouted, bent down on his knees and elbows as his head hung limp between his shoulders. "Help me...", He whispered...
      It was legend, even in his time, that strange things happened the closer it grew to All Hallow's Eve in the town of Noware. Ghost stories and campfire tales, most dismissed them as, but there were some folk, some story tellers, who told such elaborate stories that some believed them. Tales of the supernatural, of the weird, of the impossible... Scarecrow Jack's story was just beginning.
      He felt a cool sensation beginning to crawl up his legs and he sat up to inspect what was happening, seeing his legs sinking into the pool of orange pulp. He'd sat there for too long, he supposed, and he sniffled as he attempted to get up... But he could not. "What in-...?", He asked as he tugged on his legs, trying desperately to get free... Then he realized, he was not sinking. He was being swallowed. "A-... Ahhh!", He shrieked, the cold pulp of the pumpkins creeping further up his body under his clothing. He grunted and cried out with panic as he clawed and tore at the pulp, some of his flesh ripping away with it, but it was spreading faster than he could remove it. Vines shot up from around the pumpkins and wrapped around his wrists and arms, around his neck, binding him as he was consumed. He tried to scream, but the tight grip around his neck prevented it... With one powerful jerk, the vines pulled the man down forward, he forced out one final shriek before his face crashed into a pumpkin, and then, silence...
      "Did... Did you hear that?", The invader from before asked his friend he'd joined.
      The other man ceased his stomping and looked over his shoulder, his eyes scanning the field around them, listening in the silence for anything more than the joyous sound of laughter from his companions. "Nah.", He said, "Reckon ya heard a crow.".
      "No, that was no crow.", The other said, "It came from where Scarecrow was...".
      "Who cares?", his friend said as he kicked a bit of pumpkin guys from his shoe, "Come on, let's get outta here. Buzz is wearing off.".
      "He's an old man.", The drunk man said, "It's fun to smash pumpkins but I don't want the guy to be hurt.".
      "What're ya now, some kinda girl?", His friend scoffed, "F'rget the old coot, let's get the boys and have a few more rounds. I'm tired.".
      "Y-... Yeah.", The drunk man said, still looking over his shoulder towards the part of the patch he'd exited from as he followed his friend through the talk grass leading towards their group.
      They shambled through the field, the rustling of leaves in the wind, the crunch of the flora below their feet and  chirping of crickets were all to break the silence in the air, until the air went completely still, completely silent and they came to a stop, looking at each other as if to confirm they weren't alone in noticing the deafening silence that suddenly befell them. A crackling could be heard before a high pitched vibration, which they could feel in their feet, and then, sound returned to the world around them. 
      "W-what the hell was that?", The drunk man asked, a quiver in his voice.
      "I-... I don't... Let's get out of here!", His friend shouted as he began to hyperventilate and sprint as quickly as he could towards their friends.
      They reached the clearing to the next part of the patch and what they saw could have driven them mad... A tall, thin character, with a carved pumpkin for a head, danced and hopped about in a pool of red debris, which they quickly identified to be what used to be their friends. The scarecrow paused, it's back turned to the men, then the pumpkin on it's shoulders turned, slowly, completely around to face them.
      "J-... Jack?!", The drunk man shouted.
      The inside of the pumpkin began to glow so spontaneously that fire shot out of the holes carved for it's facial features. It's body snapped around in the direction it's head faced and he raised a familiar sickle, which still dripped with blood.
      "Move it!", The friend shouted as he grabbed his drunk companion and took of like the devil in the opposite direction. "Oh god, oh god!", He panted as he sprinted, directionless now, as long as they were heading away from the monster that danced in the guts of their friends the way they danced in the guts of the pumpkins they smashed annually. Suddenly, with a shout, his foot caught on a bit of knotted grass below him and he tripped, nearly bringing his friend down with him.
      The drunk man stopped, but only for a moment, and continued on, leaving his friend behind. Soon, he hurried back to the patch he started in, seeing the wooden fence he'd hopped. Just a few more steps and he could run into town for help, for safety and-... A bad step in the guts of a pumpkin caused him to slip and fall, tumbling into the ruin he created. He started to get up, but the pulp seemed to bind him in place, he could not move as he hugged and cried out, continuiously pulling at his arms to get free... He was almost there.
      He paused, frozen, as he saw a glow like fire casting over the ground beneath him. He looked over and there was the scarecrow, shambling towards him, sickle in hand. "Oh, god, oh, god...", He whimpered, "Jack, is that you?!", he asked, noticing that Jack was nowhere else to be found. "I-I'm sorry, Jack! It was... It was just a bit of fun, we didn't mean for-...!", He paused.
      Behind the scarecrow, his friend held a large pumpkin over his head and with a roar, crashed it over the scarecrow's head, causing it to fall limp and the glowing jack-o-lantern for it's head to extinguish and split to pieces on the ground below.
      Huffing with his hands on his knees, the man looked over the scarecrow, then prodded at it with his foot and kicked the pieces of the pumpkin away, looking for who was underneath, but found no one. "It... It isn't human...", He said, confused.
      The drunk man was released from the pulp and he arose to his knees with relief, but looked over his hands, covered in pulp. "Th-... The boys. They...", He swallowed hard and shoot his head as his hands buried his face, "Oh god, this is a nightmare...".
      His friend shook his head and caught his breath, then stood up straight, "I... I don't know what we saw.", He said, "I just know we need to get the hell out of here.".
      The drunk man nodded and started to get up, but froze as his blood ran cold. Behind his friend, a pumpkin raised with talk roots seeming to grow straight uoward, until the squash seemed to carve itself, just like the scarecrow had before... He raised a shaky hand and stuttered, pointing over his friend's shoulder.
      His friend squinted his eyes, then turned around, only to be grabbed by the creature's hands, which felt like the rough roots of a plant, and held tightly in place as the pumpkin towered over him and he stared up at it. There was a silence as he drew in and exhaled shaky breaths, until he opened his mouth to speak.
      With an ear splitting shriek, the scarecrow's face lit again and fire cascaded out of it, engulfing the man in it's grip as the drunk man watched in absolute horror, too afraid to even look away, until the fire subsided and the man the scarecrow held crumbled to ash in it's grip. It settled it's gaze on the drunk man and approached, vines raised at it's side and brought it the sickle it held before. The sickle spun in it's fingers and it drifted towards the drunk man until it reached him and bent down, stating at him.
      The drunk man swallowed and trembled like a leaf, then with a silent voice, as if his voice was stolen, "P-please, I...".
      With an echoey, deep hiss of air coming from the jack-o-lantern, he could have sworn he heard, "It's just a bit of fun...", before....
      This is by and far Noware's most famous legend, every year during Noware's Halloween festival, the legend is even merchandised. People come from everywhere to visit the notorious pumpkin patch, which they are careful to leave undisturbed, pumpkins still grow every year yet no one has ever seen anyone tend to them. 
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