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Azur lane updates and random chat

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apparently, one of my favorite ship was historically laid to rest due to heavy amount of damage and finally buried on the sea (by sink it on purpose) ONE DAY AFTER MY BIRTHDAY

should have been 27 instead 26. Her sister Tirpitz follow her 3 years later at 12 November but unlike Bismarck, she sink in battle.

Trivia : there's vague rumor about Bismarck as a ghost war maiden ship. Back at WW2, when she was badly damaged, she manage to sail into safety even though she was keep getting bombarded on her retreat include by submarine torpedo. She finally show her sign of sinking when she reach the port. That's when they decided its time for Bismarck to lay down due to how badly damage she is and beyond repair.

No wonder in Azur lane Bismarck is strict mother (to me at least)...because she sink after escort the remaining sailor to safety like a mother to her child.

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