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My new single life.


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NAME: Josephine Willows.

So I finally did it!

I managed to get divorced from my long marriage and hopefully get a new and fresh start. Of course, being single also means having to deal with all of the expenses of living, but I can't really say I was really living before. Despite my lack of working experience, I did manage to get a job working as an assistant in a nearby office building. The pay is not great, but for once I am making my own money and I can do with them exactly what I want to.

It feels liberating and wonderful to reach a point where you can manage life on your own and moving here is nice and cheap too. Thankfully the neighbourhood is decent and quiet.

Today I finally emptied the last box and everything is ready for my new existance here. Being in such good spirits, I even consider maybe baking a cake to share with those in the building (as long as supplies last anyway).

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Iori noticed someone moving new into the apartment complex as he was standing at his balcony. He moved in recently as well, and could really use the company of someone to get familiarized with the environment around here. So he decides to go up and greet them. He walked inside of his room but suddenly anxiety started to take over him, "What if they are not expecting any visitors right now... what if I do something to annoy them.. what if.." a wave of negative thoughts started to cloud him, but after a few minutes he finally gathers up the courage to go up to them.

He puts on a white t-shirt that supposedly went with his black pair of trousers. He then grabbed two mugs of cold coffees from his fridge and went to the door. There he gets another little wave of anxiety as he was putting on some flipflops. "It's going to be fine..." he whispers to himself to calm his nerves as he walks out of his apartment.

After a minute or two, Iori is now standing in front of the person's apartment. He rang the doorbell once, and is now waiting patiently while holding the mugs of the cold coffee.

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It has been a few days to get things settled both into my apartment as well as get accustomed my new job. All of that has pretty much drained my energy up until now. With the apartment set and made presentable, I can relax a bit more thankfully. I even got started on a delicious and sweet smelling cake I just put into the hot oven, the fragrant odor spreading softly in the apartment.

The timing seems just right as I then hear the doorbell clang from the front door. I take off my apron and hum softly to myself as I am feeling pretty good this day. Today, I am wearing a simple blouse and some comfortable puffy jeans to make me feel relaxex here at home now that I can focus on other stuff.

After about half a minute I open the door to see a young man standing there."Oh hello there. How can I help you?", I ask and smile softly.

As you probably read the name on my door, it read "Josephine Willows".

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"H-Hi!" He said in a slightly nervous tone as Josephine opened the door. "I'm Iori, it's nice to meet you! I-um, I live next to your apartment. " his thoughts were jumbling up a little, as the woman standing in front of him is very attractive. Her supposedly casual blouse was hugging her curves as well as her puffy jeans. "I moved in recently and don't really know anyone around here, since we are next door neighbors, I thought I could start introducing myself to the community from here. Are you free for a chat?" Iori asks with nervous smile as he struggles to maintain the eye contact with the lady, "I got us some coffee as well!"

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I cannot help but smile warmly from a neighbour wanting to get to know the others here."Oh, so nice of you to be so polite and eager to get acquianted. I am new here as well, so we can be new here together. It is lovely to meet you Iori. That is quite an unusual name. Are you foreign? In any case, you are free to come inside. I baked a cake and I can put on some coffee or tea if you would like", I say and motion into the open apartment.

"It is understandable to be nervous, especially if you are around new people and everything. Please, do come inside and have a seat in the living room", I continue to offer, happy to get some company already.

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"That's so kind of you." Iori says with a smile, feeling more relaxed now as Josephine talks to him in a jolly tone and with a warm smile. "Well, I'm not but my mother was." He chuckles a little, "mmm, that delicious smell of baking, that reminds me of home." He says happily as he follows her into the apartment. He can't help but admiring the interiors and how everything was up in a tip-top manner. "Wow, did you organize this all up alone?" the tall young man turned towards Josephine as he was speaking, and a glimpse of her firm butt comes to his sight as she was pacing towards the living room. He couldn't help but gazing at her back for a few moments, but then he caught himself and looked away as he followed her in the living room. He puts the mugs down on the tea-table in front of the couch before taking a seat.

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((OOC: I really do recommend you to read my kinks dear ^^ ))

"Oh, but it is nothing really. Hospitality is important, especially with new people. So just make yourself feel at home", I reply back with, my smile still on my face as I see him sit down on the comfy and large couch."I am glad you seem to like the smell. Nothing cozier than the scent of freshly baked goods in a warm home. I don't really a lot of stuff, but what I do have and need are things to make this place nice and welcoming. So it did not really take that long...I will be right back, dear", I say and slip into the kitchen.

After a few minutes I come back with a tray of muffins that smells very lovely and of course a can of tea to enjoy.

I sit down in a recliner near the coffee table."Did you meet any of the others in the complex or is it just me?", I ask curiously before sipping down some hot tea.

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(( I just did~  mine are there in my profile as well if you would like to take a look 😄  also there is a description of Iori's personality and habits in the apartment directory~))


"I agree with you there, my mom would always say the something." He replies back with an equally warm smile. "How can one not love such a delicious and warm smell of cakes! Indeed it gives a relaxing vibe to any environment." He looks up to her as she speaks about the decorations, "It's very cozy! I don't think I could decorate any better, everything seems to put on the right place."

"Alright beautiful, I will be here." He says with a smile as Josephine paces towards the kitchen, "Gosh... I hope I don't make anything awkward..." he thinks to himself, rubbing around his crotch a little, fixing up the bulge as she walked out of the living room. He wishes that he put on some undergarments before walking out of his apartment.

As Iori feels the smell of the cakes his getting closer he turns back and finds Josephine coming back carrying the tray, "Let me help you with that dear!" he quickly gets up and walks up to her to take the tray from her hand and helping her to settle them down on the coffee table. He then takes a seat on the couch again, the one closest to recliner. "Well I haven't had the chance to meet anyone yet, like I said I'm new here as well. Probably the second most new" He chuckles as he speaks, taking a muffin from the tray.

"And well, I'm pretty shy, so, I stay within myself a lot. How about you? Have you met anyone else yet?" He speaks in a soft tone, taking a bite from the muffin.

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((Oh, great ^^ I would rather not disappoint you or anything, so let me just make it clear: I don't really enjoy sex with just one male at a time in an RP. I will look yours over now as well ))

I give him a nice little thankful nod of the head as I am offered help with the tray, despite not needing it at all. I then plant big wide butt into the recliner once more. From what you have seen this far, even my clothes cannot hide my plump and curve figure stand out and even small movements causes my assets to jiggle and wobble around, indicating how heavy and large they are indeed.

My hand reaches out and I grab a muffin for myself as well."I guess you need to start somewhere after all. I guess we both got off to a decent start meeting the neighbours then. I am quite glad that you decided to stop by and welcome me. That is not something that would have happened the last place I lived at", I go on, adding a soft sigh from being reminded of my past residence.

"No, you are the first. Well, besides the landlord i suppose", I say and give a light chuckle, then taking another bite of the muffin near me.

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(( mhmm! and I see, that's understandable~ Thanks for letting me know before hand! it will help me to think better 😄 ))

"I see, yeah common courtesy is rare among people these days..." A little sigh escapes Iori's lips "even today before talking to you, I was wondering how you would take an uninvited guest at this evening but now I'm glad that I made the decision to come and see you!" He says with a smile as he looks at her.

She was relaxing down against recliner and in the process her rather sizeable jugs were wobbling around, while her curvy thighs were plumping up and down slowly and enticingly. "Oh gosh..." he thinks to himself feeling a rush of blood going down to his groin. It's getting harder to not think about her luscious body but he somehow snaps out of it, while hoping his bulge isn't visible yet. "Mhmm, mhmm, you got that right." He quickly speaks to snap out of the thoughts he was having. "These muffins taste great by the way!" He says with a smile taking a big bite on the muffin he was holding.

"That's wonderful. I'm glad that you are liking my company." He gives out a light chuckle as well.

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(No problem. Looking at your kinks I think we can make it work somehow ;3 I try to be flexible ^^ I am all about honesty and I do not like leading others on ))

"I can understand why most people are hesitant, especially in apartment complexes. It can be a lot of hassle and work and in the end not even be reciprocated. Oh well, at least some of us know proper manners. I...I was taught such things from a young age you know? Being the only girl of a rich household and all...certain things are expected there of a young girl with a bright future ahead of her...", I say and sigh, spacing out a bit into thin air.

I regain my composure quickly after."So, what do you do young man? School, work...both?", I ask him and look back with eagerness to learn more.

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"Mhmm," Iori nods in agreement, "I grew up in a similar household as well. My mom was so much like you, I learned from her." he observes her closely as she drifts into somewhere, "Are you okay?" He asks in a soft tone.

"Well, currently I'm just studying, but looking for somewhere to work as well. I don't really need to, but you know, I just want to keep the habits for the future." He says with a smile, "How about you? Also, do you plan to live here all alone or your family will move in later?" he asks curiously as he looks at her. His gaze keeps sliding down to her open cleavage, as he struggles to not get aroused.

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I nod slowly as I listen to what he is telling me."Ohhh, thne you must know the kind of pressure it puts on you. Though, I guess it was not all bad, especially when you look at how some younger behave themselves. I could have done without the snootiness, high expectations and such of course, but...oh, boy...looks like we already have some stuff to talk about and not just idle chatter. My my, it warms my heart that even past generations there is still hope and room for having things in common. But I am rambling...", I say and then I am asked if I am allright, which does make me feel a bit better already."Ohhh, yeah, I am fine. Sometimes I just wonder if I should have left sooner or have been more honest and outspoken with my parents...but I guess I can't change that now anyway...", I say and a smile returns to my face.

I allow him some time and opportunity to get some words out into this conversation, so it is not just me going on and on. My face looks ready and eager to learn more about my neighbour here."Oh, I see. I wish I had worked a lot more while I was married. I only got a job recently mostly out of being at the right place at the right time I think. As for my family...not really much to speak of. I do have a cute little 7  year old son. Probably the best that came out of my marriage really. You should meet him sometime - I am sure you would find him nice. So, what is it you study?", I ask, wanting to hear more.

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"No, no I don't mind you rambling at all, I love it when someone speaks their hearts out to me" Iori says with a smile as he listens to her attentively. "Mhmm, I know what you mean, it gets quite hard for us guys more. Like, we can't even really approach a girl without being taken as a creep or pervert. I mean, I admit the pervert parts, but come on, what guy doesn't have a little pervert hidden in them somewhere?" he chuckles, "But I never have intentions to invade someone's privacy unwantedly or appear like a creep. So the friend that I have been making in college, are mostly guys and few girls" Iori started to ramble around as well as the conversation was getting more lively. He listens to her attentively when speaks about her parents, "Well it's better late than never you know, are you happier now?" He asks curiously.

"I see, that's understandable. Marriages sometimes can be confining, since you always have a house to look after. Like, no matter whatever we say, we still are pretty backdated when it comes to thoughts, like it will always be the woman who will have to keep the home together." he sighs softly as he finishes speaking. "Oh? you have a son?"  Iori says in an excited tone. "Yes, I would love to meet him sometime! Is here now or with his father?" he asks curiously again.

"I have been studying Law, now don't go asking me the testaments or the laws about the country" Iori laughs out a bit loudly. "I'm not really a good student, but I love what I'm studying. I'm just a freshman now." He replies with a smile as he grabs a coffee mug, "So I was won- WHOOPS" as he tried to open the cover of the mug while speaking, he accidentally spilled it over his shirt and his trousers. As the coffee spilled on his trousers, the prints of his half erect meaty cock becomes really visible over his trousers. "I'm so sorry... Let me help you clean it up" being all embarrassed Iori stands up quickly, without notice that his bulge is appearing even bigger and clearer now as he stood up.

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Once more I take my time to let him finish up and be done talking before I reply back and it's certainly nice that I am not the only one rambling a bit here. While I would love to address all of it, I try to be a bit more short and to the point."I wouldn't know too much about. My former husband was no pervert by any means. I mean, I am not really either, but I would think most males have a dirty mind...not that there's anything wrong with that", I say, looking a bit flustered from the sudden shift in topic. It is not as if I avoid talk about sex and the like, but I have not really experienced anything that might be considered non-vanilla, nor do I have that much sexual experience in general.

Thankfully, the last part was much more approachable for me to reply to."Oh, yes, very much so. I have my own money, my own home, my own job...it feels as if I can really start living now, you know? I hardly ever met anyone before, besides big and posh parties with phoney people who care more about your mansion and social status, than actual human values and such. This is probably the closest I have had to a normal conversation in a very long time", I say and smile softly.

"Well, a normal marriage would be more fine. It's more about how the marriage works....or doesn't in my case, I guess...and yes, I do have one. His father doesn't really want much to do with him and until I get a bit more settled here, he spends most of his time with my mother. Luckily, she treats him a bit better than with me. Of course, she was never abusive or overly mean, just strict and old fashioned really. I can show you a picture of my little cutie pie", I say and show a picture from my wallet, revealing a little guy with lovely blonde hair and an adorable face.

I then hear about what he studies  for a bit, before the accident happens. A sharp gasp escapes my lips, but not so much from the spill itself, but as I look over and see a looooong fat outline of a cock, which looks about half way hard and already reach about knee length. My face turns bright red and I fall silent for a bit, unable to look away. That is until I regain my composure, though still clearly blushing. I stand up as well."Ohhh..well..uhhmm...no no, it's okay...I can take i-...deal with it...", I stutter out in a cute manner and then walk off to find a cloth to help clean the mess.

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Iori noticed her staring at his crotch as he looking back and forth at the mess and her reaction. He was about to apologize but when he sees she is blushing and stammering he figures she didn't really mind the sight. Which makes him smirk a little. as he was secretly hoping for some action with this busty lady. "No no, I insist... let me help you, it's me who made the mess after all..." He says in a guilty tone as he bends down carefully putting the mug up on the table and being careful about his stance so it doesn't stain the couch.

After seeing the sort of green light, Iori peeks over at her butt as she walks out to get something to wipe the floors; meanwhile rubbing his crotch to make his cock harder now, so she has a better view to look at when she comes back. "mmm... that should do..." he let's the shaft rest on one side of his thighs, sporting out his impressive length with the print being very visible on his trousers.

"let me have that?" He asks Josephine once she gets back with the piece of cloth. Still bending down while looking up at her, having a great view of her huge jugs that were still wobbling a bit as she just stopped walking.

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I have no idea I am being watched like that when I walk out of the living room and to the kitchen to get something to clean up the mess. OF course, I am still blushing and while I hate to admit, I did not mind staring at what seems to a very huge piece of meat, even if it is on someone I just met a little while ago. My time with my husband does not exactly leave me with much experience with sex or a decent sized member to enjoy.

I take a bit longer to get back as I try to recompose myself better and it does succeed. I feel better about, until the time I return again with the cloth in my hands. The lump is even longer and thicker now and I swear I can even sport pencil thick veins or thicker along the meaty rod snaking its way down the pants leg. I also feel the direct and eager stare on my chest, but somehow manage to remain mostly together."Ohh..s..suure...here you go", I reply back and hand him the cloth.

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"Thank you. I will clean it up in no time." Iori takes the piece of the cloth and quickly gets to work. He presses the cloth against the floor firmly, giving the clothes enough time to soak up the liquids, then swishes it around slowly, cleaning it up. He takes a minute or two to clean it up, "There, all done, I'm so sorry for the mess again..." He says quietly as he attempts to stand up.

As he stands up, being oblivious about the fact his cock stretched down past his knees, the bulge smacks Josephine lightly in her tummy. Now neither he has a way to hide it nor he can undo what just happened. His pale face turns all red and can't get himself to make an eye contact with the lady, as he stands there with an at least 30 inch clothed bulge hinting at the fact it would stretch much further if he wasn't wearing these pants right now, which also made the legs of the trousers reach up to his knees now that he is standing.

"Ummm..." He doesn't know what to say. "This is embarrassing..." he speaks with a coy tone while smirking in his mind seeing how she is looking at his erect member. "I swear this is not what it looks like..." His thoughts start to jumble up as he tries to explain.

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The relief of having the mess cleaned up is quickly and effectively replaced by this rather tense and awkward moment when the buldge gets so large and promiment that this kind of stuff happened. The smack itself feels hard and heavy, but not enough to really give off even slight pain. Rather it makes me shiver for a brief moment as I can feel the sheer weight and size of it and it is not even fully hard from what I could tell.

OF course, I still try to act calm and collected, though this is not something we can openly pretend is not happening."Ohhh, it's allright dear. I mean, you ARE a young and healthy young man after all. I...I will consider this a compliment...there is no need  why this should stop us from being grown-ups and have a proper conversation...and such", I manage to get out, though my face is red as a tomatoe at this point and it shows easily how hot and bothered I am by this. In my mind, I cannot help but compare it to the measily 4 inches of my ex husband.

"Though for now, maybe it is best we talk another time...in a less inconvenient and awkward way. Despite this...I really enjoyed having some company...", I say, able to calm down enough to suggest we should stop meeting and talking beyond this, though making it clear that now is probably not a proper time to do so.

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"Yeah... I guess that would be for the best."  Iori says in a tone of guilt. "I um... I'm sorry for whatever happened here... I really didn't intend it do go this way.. hopefully we talk soon again" He says in a soft tone before hurrying out of the living room and eventually out of her apartment.

As he is going back to his apartment, he can't stop smirking and grinning. He can't stop thinking about how she was staring at his manhood and how she was stammering, blushing even. Even though it was awkward, Iori is positive that Josephine liked what she saw. Luckily the corridors were empty; so he hurries back into his apartment.

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Somehow I managed to handle the situation relatively well, all things considered. Honestly, I had no idea that meat could get that big at all, but the image is pretty much b urned into my memory right now, making doing the rest of the chores and day more difficult. Of course, I did mean it when I said this did not have to change anything and I am sure it was mostly just the hormones acting for both of us. Still, the rest of the day passes by rather uneventfully.

Since this is the weekend and Friday, that means I get my son Joey, back from my mother. Like usual, we are not on the best terms, her and I, but we have learned to be a bit closer though, especially once she had more time with Joey who does indeed love to spend time with grandma. It seems like she has loosened up a little bit from when I was younger.

With yesterday's event dealt with, I see no reason why we can't stop by and say hello to you. So I take my son with me and then knock on the door of my neighbour.

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It is not another morning, meaning another time to get up and get myself ready once more for every day life. Most people are probably sick of it by soon, but not me actually. I rub my eyes, stretch and yawn a bit before slipping out of bed and into the bathroom to freshen up. I like to take nice and slow while I hum to myself or have the radio turned on during my whole morning routine, After a while I am fully done and leaving the apartment complex, getting into an even better mood from the nice ans sunny weather outside as I walk to my job.

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      Examples: (Insert decided names of characters once we discuss that)
      1.) Your character is sitting on the floor with their back against our couch in the living room. She is reading a book and listening to some music in the afternoon as the setting sun is shining faintly through the halfway open wooden shutters. My character has just gotten out of the shower and is drying off as he enters the living room. Seeing her sitting on the floor in a very revealing tank top and running shorts he walks over to her and stokes his cock to get it harder than it already was. Then, since she had not noticed him because she was so focused on her book, he takes a few steps closer and rests his large balls on the book, making her lower it so his hard cock was all she could focus on and let her know what he wanted.
      2.) Our characters love to wrestle each other in bed and tonight is no different. We have a large circular groovy bed in the late 60s in Britain. You and I met at a swinger's party and decided to take it home. We're both shaggadelic sex machines, legends in our circles of swingers and finally met to assess the other's prowess. Both of us enter the door to the bedroom, simultaneously ripping each other's clothes off and furiously making out. Our hand's lock and we get into a wrestling stance, I heave your over my shoulder and onto the bed, climbing on and tossing aside my scarcely remaining clothes ready to tumble and battle for sexual dominance in a fun sex wrestling night.
      3.) The two are playing some dumb games made specifically to "accidentally" turn sexual. Twister, Truth or Dare, Simon Says, among others. It gets to a fake game that my character made up called the "can you guess what's in your mouth?" game (either of us can start the game as the leader.) The person who doesn't lead the game will be on their knees and blindfolded as the leader decides what to put into their mouth, and describe it how they want for the other player to guess.
      4.) One partner is sleeping somewhere in the house. It could be the bed, the couch, the floor, anywhere. And the other person initiates the scenario while the sleeping partner wakes up and smiles seeing what is going on. (In this scenario the sleeping partner has previously consented and enjoys their partner's advances)
      5.) We were invited to a fancy dinner party by one of my colleagues from work. We feel that this is a very important event but it's been far too long for you without us having sex. You decide in the middle of dinner, at a dimly lit long wooden table lavishly decorated by candles, fine linens, and a delicious feast, that you needed some dick tonight. You excuse yourself at dinner after I have gotten up to go to the bathroom; you wait outside the bathroom and wait to push me into the adjacent master bedroom as soon as I open the door. I'm surprised and stumble to say "o-oh I'm sorry I was actually just picking my teeth! I didn't drop anything at a random person's house!" You then ignore that and push me into the surprisingly empty but still cramped closet. Clawing at my pants and kneeling to pull them down. We hear from outside the closed closet door the sound of people looking where we had gone off to. You don't notice and finally get my cock out of my pants. From all the pulling and rubbing it had gotten quite hard. Out of joy for getting my pants down you are about to exclaim "YES I-" when I panickily grab your head and roughly shove my cock down your throat to quiet you. I turn and press you against the wall of the closet with my dick filling your mouth and my back against the locked closet doors so I couldn't pull out. You begin to moan and rub your tongue on my dick, causing me to moan a little too. I cup my mouth to quiet mine and thrust forward, forcing more of my cock into your throat to silence you.
    • Busterbugs
      By Busterbugs
      I’m looking for a lady to join me in a Science Fiction  Adventure role play, where I play as the crew of the ship BloodStar, a group of aliens that roam the universe doing risky jobs for high rewards, pirating and mercenary work. The story will start when one day they are hired by someone to find one one of their lost ships. When they find it and began to explore it they find something has attacked but also that the cargo is a trio of girls(YC)that were being brought to work in slavery. My characters take pity on the girls and help them escape. 

      This is just a basic idea and would love to talk more and flesh out the story and characters. And speaking of characters, here is a few ideas I had for the crew members which I will give more details on as I think of them.

      The Captain

      Second in Command 

      Out of Armor

      In Armor

      Mechanic and Weapons Master

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