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GM Angel's PC Character Reference Thread

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Nephthys, Keeper of the Blessed Scrolls


Blessed elven scholar from Osirion                                     


Pharao Khemet I slaughtered an group of elven travellers, who had made it to his lands.

Pharao followed an prophesy, which was taking him closer to the gods, and it clearly stated, that he needed to bath in the blood of the first born, rip the life from their corpse and with their sacrifice, godhood was granted. Pharao managed to accend to godhood after his mortal life ended, and the life he had ripped from the womb was Nepthys. Elven child.

Pharao made sute nothing happened to the child elf, and made the priests guard her, as he did not know if she was needed to life for the prophecy. So she lived. Son of Khemet I toke the mantle, and he too, cherished the young elven child, as his father had done, and now, the fifth pharao, Khemet III in Nephthys lifetime, uses the elven slave magus to do his bidding, as her magical gifts are unparalled.

Aspesius II, unsurpper before Khement III toke the throne again, did not achieve the godhood, as he did something wrong, and most scholars think it has something to do with caring the elven magus. Aspesius II kept her as pleasure slave and made everyone know how much he despiced her. When Khemet III managed to throw the unsurper off, she was freed from chains, but Khemet kept her as concubine aswell as master sage.

Now Nephthys travels around the Golarion, to do tasks that help her owner to accend to godhood, like so many before him. She is accompanied with an host, granted by the Pharao Khemet III to keep her safe in the foreign lands. Honor guard consist of Dwaleian the Devout, The Silent Watcher and six Silent Guards. With them travels an Brazen Comppany with their Sergeant Jewian, Anointed Priest  Arwelac and Scribe  Heisac. Comppany itself is 30 light infantryman strong. 


Dwaleian, The Devouted, Osirion knight guardian in fullplate armor


The Silent Watcher and the Silent Guard (6 members) Elite Osirian soldiers in full plate armors


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large.63bd8d57b726d187f3932bce04cb98db.jpg.7aa3438737782d98ec5634e69f883a8e.jpgKazumi Kei, Sorcerer

Kazumi hails from the land of Tian Xia, and despite her appearance she is a native of that land. Her background is as mysterious as her smile, though her loyalty to her followers is unparalleled. She commands her followers out of love, and is loved by all of those who follow her without any magical influence.





large.1484819209_02HaiLinh.jpg.892f3c638a7680b92db874aa25682abc.jpgHai Linh Mai, Human Ninja, Cohort/Companion

Hai Linh is also a native of Tian Xia, and is Kazumi's faithful follower and constant companion. It is rare to find one without the other. Early in Hai Linh's career, she came across a wounded Kazumi being chased by soldiers. She protected the young woman and the two became traveling companions for a brief time. They parted ways and didn't see each other again for years. When Kazumi had become a more powerful sorcerer, she had a chance to return the favor and saved Hai Minh when her entire order was slain. With no master, Hai Linh devoted herself to the woman who saved her, and to revenge. After obliterating the clan that destroyed her order, Hai Linh has devoted herself to following Kazumi, and the two have become close friends.



large.1525744266_03Tamiko.jpg.d4ec7f58f6f68044226da6040eaef494.jpgTamiko, Half-Elf Bard, Majordomo

Tamiko is a half-elf and serves as Kazumi's majordomo, the head of her retinue, and the primary person to whom she entrusts her household while she is away. Like all half-elves, she found herself on the outside looking in wherever she went. Kazumi found her in the slave markets of Katapesh and purchased her only to free her from her bonds. Tamiko fled, but was recaptured and put back on the block. Purchased a second time, Kazumi offered her a place in her household and again freed her from bondage. Tamiko originally though to follow the strange woman until she could escape, but found that she liked her new patron, and eventually grew to trust and love her like most of her other followers. 



large.798667396_04Rai.jpg.f0e5dc33445a50fb9ec68ebdb47dea8c.jpgRai, Human Rogue, Cook and Handmaiden

Rai is a human whose father was Garundi and mother was Tian-Min. She was welcomed in neither society and spent her youth bouncing from one settlement to the next. Along the way she learned how to support herself through sleight of hand and how to cook as a cover for the income she earned through less legitimate means. She was a constant traveler, but finally found a home among Kazumi's band of adventurers. She is Kazumi's personal cook and serves as her handmaiden when Tamiko is busy elsewhere.


large.143124399_06Faith.jpg.a0fbe872852e02c7f925f845b0d373ac.jpgFaith, Tiefling Magus

Faith, like many of Kazumi's other followers, was freed from slavery by the lady she now follows. She is as capricious and easily amused as Kazumi herself, and rarely speaks of her past before she was a slave.





large.501409683_05Ghuanayne.jpg.b356e644f7c07372d739577fa9f07293.jpgGhuanayne, Drow Oracle

Ghuanayne is an oracle, cursed from birth by bonds forced on her by her cultist parents. The horrors she witnessed shattered her psyche and she was cast out, left on the surface to die. A hermit seer found her and discovered her gift of prophecy. After the seer passed away, Ghuanayne remained in the hut alone, living off any insects and rodents that happened into the hut. When Rai and Hai Linh found her, she was almost dead. They nursed her to health and she traveled with them, as the voices told her she would when her mother died. She is an enigma to all, and often answers voices no one else can hear.









Avi, Sylph Fighter/Rogue; Finra, Undine FighterZara, Ifrit Fighter, Kazumi's Private Guards

This trio, along with their cohort Vatu, an Oread fighter, were fighting in Zincher's Arena in Riddleport when Kazumi found them. As she had with numerous others, she offered to buy them and give them their freedom in exchange for their voluntary service. Vatu was lost battling storm giants, but the rest have remained in her company as they have grown to love their leader.







Kayla, Brigid, Myrina; Human Fighters, Guard Captains

These three are the leaders of Kazumi's guard. Each has reports to one of Kazumi's Private guard, and each has 3 2nd level fighters that report to them. They wear matching chain shirts and carry their favored weapons and shields. Each was rescued from dire circumstance by Kazumi and her friends, and each serves Kazumi out of gratitude and respect.






large.1900418391_11d4of9.jpg.e015c3e4ed9306b8b80f3e51470c3c32.jpg large.437905579_11e5of9.jpg.a2d3f21d30ffaa468bdf985479bd5c21.jpglarge.482402315_11f6of9.jpg.06dcaae24af713013bce96dbad2886b8.jpg










Bellona (Half-elf), Zika, Enyo, Elissa, Cazille, Valeska, Katriane, Delfine (Half-Elf), Arissa (Tiefling); Fighters (Human unless otherwise specified)

These nine are round out Kazumi's private guard. They are 2nd level, and each is assigned to one of the 3rd level fighters above. They wear matching chain shirts and carry longswords and shields. Each was rescued from dire circumstance by Kazumi and her friends, and each serves Kazumi out of gratitude and respect.

large.Shandanna.jpg.487e29067bf5e3854e12c4752ccb1072.jpgShandana, Cleric of Shelyn

Shandana is a loyal cleric of Shelyn, focusing on her aspect as a Goddess of Love. She does not speak much of her faith, choosing instead to live her life as an example of love and shine the light of her Goddess for all to see.



Kazumi's Entourage

The rest of her followers consist of 60 Level 1 characters (max 90), usually of NPC class such as adepts, aristocrats, experts, warriors, and commoners, but also alchemists, barbarians, bards, clerics, druids, fighters, investigators, monks, oracles, rangers, rogues, shaman, sorcerers, swashbucklers, witches, and wizards. The only thing they all have in common is that they are all women, all were saved from a terrible fate, and all serve Kazumi out of devotion and respect. 

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and Iron golem that came to live one day and was left from his creator years ago and how long not even the Golem knew or what is name was at the time or was ever given one but what makes him different from a normal golem he can talk like the humans can so slowly he will learn how the world truly his and after apearing at the old tree he was given a name from a red Wizard Adma is what he is called  

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Name: Niskha Fleetfoot.
Class: Voodoo doctor.

Sheet: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=2182763

Background: Brought up in the swamp, Niskha is not at all used to the normal rules and traditions outside of her own tiny village. She has spent most of her life acting as a doctor and magician of her tribe.
Though she is having a decent life in the village, she still seeks to explore and learn more about the world which she knows is out there. Basically, she is like a fish out of water once she steps past the edge of the giant swamp she resides in.

About Nishka: While class-wise she is listed as a witch, she consider herself mostly an explorer/scholar. She believes that her magic derives from the spirits aiding.

Edited by JennyDK
Added her sheet.
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