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Worst Music you have ever heard


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Title is self-explanatory! Share the worst "music" you can think of. It can be from a studio album, a video game soundtrack, an experimental recording, a random creation from Bandcamp, or anything else so long as it's "music". I'm curious to see what's out there! ^^;

Please try to limit posts to one song at a time. 🙂

I'll go first:


Now, I'm not really into the metal scene that much (I much prefer electronic/techno stuff ^^), but I think this is the quietest "death growl" I have ever heard. Also it sounds like it was recorded in a small bedroom. 🥱

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    • Godot
      By Godot
      A concept that I've seen somewhere else. It's easy!
      You listen to the song that the poster above you linked, then rate it from a 0 to 10 and give a reason to why you rated it that specific number. After that you link your own song (doesn't have to be a favorite), someone else will rate it and post their own song, and so on.
      Most importantly, be honest with your rating! For example, if you hate the song, rate it a low number and explain why you hate it! It's only fair, right?
      I'll start.
    • Arknight
      By Arknight
      In each post there must be a song and then a word.
      The following post must have a song that is related in some way to the word of the post above.
      The song can be related to the word in the name, the lyrics, the music video, a video that is not the original but has the song, or simply because it was the first song that came to mind when you read the word.
      You can repeat words but not songs.
      Music of any language is allowed.

      Imaginary user from above says: Sex
      My word: Halloween
    • Peculiaritree
      By Peculiaritree Deactivated
      Hello! These will just be a few pieces of original music I've made in my spare time. Don't expect regular updates; this is a hobby I don't often have the time to give the proper attention. I generally post it to YouTube under the name Nanocosm, though please be assured that I have no intention whatsoever of using that channel for commercial purposes now or at any point in the future.
      The music I compose varies wildly in genre, from chill electronic fun to alt rock and metal. For vocals, I typically use synthesizer programs such as Plogue's Alter/Ego software, though I may punish you all with my singing in the future XD
      Please also note that, unless otherwise specified, all music I post here will be licensed under Creative Commons 3.0, so feel free to use it for any purpose you wish so long as you abide by the terms of the license ^^
      This song is entitled "Free-Return Trajectory" and features vocals from the Marie Ork voicebank for Alter/Ego. It is a slower-tempo electronic piece written from the perspective of two astronauts who have been separated from their spacecraft and are falling back to Earth (cheery, I know...). There's probably some deeper metaphor one could attribute to the lyrics if they tried, but I didn't write it with any such idea in mind. I hope you enjoy it!
    • ManInMauve
      By ManInMauve
      I'm looking for short-term/one-shot, and quick roleplays to hone my writing skill and keep my writing habits up. However, I am willing to negotiate (or renegotiate) that, if we're both willing and want to continue the roleplay. (I won’t likely initiate these [re-]negotiations. So, I’ll be leaving that up to you, my roleplay partner.)
      One of the biggest reasons I’m looking for short roleplays is that I want to get through my list of “Will-Do Kinks” in order to get a wider array of experience, skill, and knowledge with speed.
      I’d prefer not talking about the roleplay as my mind may change in the process, I may lose interest sooner, etc. I’d also prefer staying away from the following: character pictures, post formatting, and anything else that’s “fluff”. Again, I’m looking for short-term, which means that I’m not willing to put forth an extravagant effort for such a trivial thing as aesthetics.
      I don’t have a set scenario or character in mind for a preference. I’m a bit on the eclectic side, and am up for many things. I will admit, I may have to be taught many a thing, including terminology, and the likes. I also have a tendency toward bad ideas. So, don’t worry whether it’s “good” or even “good enough”, I’m open-minded to reading another’s ideas, but I can’t promise that neither myself nor my characters will be receptive.
      My previous cast of characters include:
      —Two Soldiers (Male; Male)
      —A Catkin / Neko-Girl
      —A Catkin / Neko-Boy
      —Fraternal Angelic Twins (Female; Male)
      —A Homosexual Teacher
      —Hermaphroditic/Intersex Vilkacis
      The cast of characters that I want to create and work include:
      —A Cowkin / Cow Girl (Possibly multiple; Fraternal Twins or Triplets)
      —An Incubi / Succubi
      —Dark Elf / Forest Elf
      —Futanari Foxkin / Kistune
      Character & Plot Pairings that I’d like to try:
      —Futanari Teacher at an all-girl’s school who impregnated plenty of the girls, who plot to get one of the male teachers to fuck/rape her until she’s pregnant, too. (*I’d be willing to let this one become a longer-term roleplay. I’d like to discuss where we end it, and what kind of word count would be appropriate. Ie, Do 10k words overall, allowing for 5k words each to get us to the revenge with a possibility of skimming over what happens to our characters afterwards; OR do we go with an exceptionally high word count of 40-100k words and stretch it further to include several go-arounds of the plot?)
      —Succubi / Incubi that mistake each other for humans, and get tangled up in each other’s magic.
      —Incubi / Cowkin / Human
      —Succubi / Foxkin / Dark Elf
      —Incubi / Succubi / Multiple humans
      —Cowkin / Catkin / Human(s)
      —Cowkin Slaves / Human Owner
      —Dark Elf / Forest Elf
      —Vilkacis / Human
      —Vilkacis / Werewolf
      —Vilkacis / Dark Elf
      —Dryad / Forest Elf
    • danielvaltameri
      By danielvaltameri
      Hi all! 
      Given this is the Creative Corner I figured this must be the best place to post it - if not, let me know and I'll move it somewhere more appropriate! 
      In my spare time I make music. Now, 95% of all the things I make never get released (officially, anyways),  but even then I find it fun to make ideas and then share whatever I've made with people. That, and I just like posting it and getting it out there just so it can be heard at all. So, I wanted to make a thread where I share either released or WIP music for people to check out in case you're feeling like hearing something new! So, with that being said...  
      Back in 2018 I made a lo-fi hip hop EP based on one of my favorite video games of all time, The Secret World. I adored the story in that game even if it's now mostly dead and the development is not there at all. This is the only official release I have, and I know some people might groan at the idea of yet-another-lofi-project but I always liked that sound and aesthetic, so I did my best to incorporate a new twist to it involving characters actually telling you about their live and pushing for greater emotion with piano melodies on top of it. 
      This thing is by no means amazing, but I still want more people to hear it because well - I'm freakin' proud of it, and I'm proud I managed to actually finish something! I hope you guys here on EcchiDreams give it a listen and let me know what you think, along with any of the other WIP stuff I post in this thread. 
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