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Part I: A Summoned Power

This wasn't right. None of this was right.

She'd wanted a familiar. Not whatever the hell this ogre was.

It had been the better part of an hour since she'd stopped thinking about if she'd gotten a rune wrong or if she'd mispronounced part of the incantation or maybe forgotten some cosmic date or errantly performed her ritual on some unknown ley line. She'd not been given the luxury of considering such frivolities with this brutish demon in her presence. 

From the beginning, he hadn't needed to say anything. From the moment that his rippling, red skinned, nude form materialized out of the gathered shadows at the centre of her magical circle... From the moment his evil eyes froze the blood running through her veins and the tug of a smile at the corner of his lips caused her to instinctively pull her legs closer together in defence of her sex, she knew. 

She'd barely had the time to take a hesitant step backwards before the monster had sprung towards her closing the distance between them in an instant.  With the same inhuman speed he'd seized her by the throat and effortlessly lifted her off her feet, flashing a fang-filled grin up at his new captive. She had tried to kick, to scream, to wiggle free and fight back in whatever way she could, but it was more reactionary than anything. He was impossibly stronger and faster than her, and the haphazard blows that managed to connect with his iron skin barely seemed to even tickle the masculine demon as he held her in the air and smiled. She felt the precious oxygen she needed rapidly spend itself in her body—his iron grip preventing her from drawing in more air—and she began to lose strength as he reached up and tore her sleeveless blouse clean off her. With her breasts now bare in front of him, the demon expectantly licked his smiling lips with an inky black, sinuous tongue.

He let her suddenly drop just as her thoughts were getting muddled by lack of air, causing her to collapse at his feet when she was incapable of properly catching herself. She'd hardly been given time to cough and gasp for air before she felt his clawed hand take her by the hair and pull her up to her knees. He wasted no time in pushing the head of is all-too-fat and quickly stiffening member into her mouth. She tried to pull away, tried to bite down, but nothing allowed her to resist him. He held her tightly in place as he gripped both her hair and her jaw, and the leathery flesh that covered his bitch-breaking cock seemed to hardly even dent under the pressure of her teeth. So she was forced to feel her jaw nearly dislocate and her throat distend as he pushed his flesh into her mouth and down her windpipe, sliding forth until her nose was pressed against his hairless pelvis.

Soon enough she had no will to try and fight back against the throat fucking that ensued. Not only did she know it was futile, she was too busy trying to keep herself conscious by drawing in what air she could every time he pulled back, knowing that the following thrust of his rigid meat would completely stuff and block her windpipe. She resigned herself to his brutality, crying from the shame and the pain of his roughness, and she knew without having to look up at him and his evil smile that that was exactly what all of this was about. 

After all, he didn't cum. Whether it was because he couldn't or wouldn't, she didn't know, but the way he fucked her face wasn't centred around his physical gratification. He was breaking her in. Making her into his toy. Playing with her life as well as her body each time he stuffed himself entirely down her abused throat and held himself in place until her lungs burned for air and her eyes began watering afresh.

This was the time where she made herself think about what she might have done wrong, what could have gone awry in her spell. Not because she had any hope of fixing it, but because she wanted something, anything, to distract from the sensations she was being subjected to: the taste, the smell, the pain. Thinking about her magic, useless as it was to her now, was at least some form of escape as she resigned herself to the raping of her mouth. Of course, he didn't allow for that for very long. His rough thrusts and choking girth made sure that she wouldn't be able to consistently block out his presence as he made play of her throat for that long quarter hour.

When the mental and physical numbness finally started to settle in despite the treatment, he deprived her of air again, for much longer this time. She had grown used to to the practice in a sense, knowing it was just another tactic to make her fold. This time however, with how he refused to pull out even as she started howling and struggling, hitting against his thighs and desperately attempting to bite down through the log of meat keeping her from live-saving air, she became scared. As much as she tried to rationalize that the beast only wanted her submission, part of her began to scream in her mind that this was really the end, she was going to lose consciousness and never wake up thanks to this fucking monster.

She had been wrong. It wasn't her submission he wanted. It was that fear.

When he pulled out and she was finally allowed to breathe again, she was too distracted with choking and gasping for air to even notice his hand coming for her. she was entirely caught off guard by the meaty palm that struck against her cheek and sent her to the floor.

Somehow, she didn't yelp nor cry. The first was probably because her throat felt too sore to attempt much of any sound now. The second... maybe because she knew so much worse was yet to come.

He picked her up off the floor by her hair again, making her stand to her feet  though she was still only at eye level with his chest. He then grabbed her by both arms, pinning them to her sides and lifting her up in the air effortlessly. He handled her with the ease of a throw pillow as he moved her over to her bed and pinned her down onto her mattress, quickly straddling her. She'd always known this was coming, but feeling him grab at the back of her skirt and tear out a hole with his clawed hands she felt... compelled in a way to try and resist. To yell out whatever protest and expletives her hoarse throat could manage, to try and wiggle free from his grasp, to look back at him with what hate and defiance she could though her misty eyes. Consciously, she knew it would avail to nothing but... perhaps somewhere deep in her mind, it wasn't pride that motivated her, but the fear of what more he would do to her if he didn't get the reaction he wanted out of her: if she made him feel he wasn't hurting her enough already.

He just smiled, lay himself on top of her, and shoved the massive member into her terrified pussy by force. She couldn't help but whine out in pain through gritted teeth as the incomprehensibly large cock pierced her and spread her wider and deeper than anything she had ever felt before. He was too big, too strong, too fat. She felt like her insides were displacing and her womb made to collapse as he forced her body to accommodate his otherworldly dick. She was no virgin, not by a long shot, but nothing she'd ever had could have prepared her for how it felt to have this mistake she had summoned into her world turn her womanhood into his breeding hole.

Holding himself flush against her, she could feel the heat of his smokey breath against her as he pulled back slowly, and thrust himself deep back into her a few times. Slamming her down into her sheets with the weight and power of his hips with every plunge, she couldn't remain silent and he delighted in the mindless, choked squeals that came from her every time. She didn't fully know what made her tears flow more at that moment: the pain of his rough domination, or the guilty knowledge that despite all of this, despite how everything was happening completely opposite to how she'd hoped, a sick part of her deep within was somehow feeling pleasure from having such a hot, meaty cock abuse her and dominate her. She didn't want this, she hated this, hated this monster that played with her and raped her. And yet, she feared that the otherworldly creature could somehow smell the craving coming from her. That somehow he... it knew that her body was aching for more in stark defiance of everything her mind screamed.

It had to be just her body. She couldn't really be wanting this.

Whether the demon knew or not, it didn't voice it, and she imagined that the knowledge or lack thereof wouldn't have changed what it did next anyways. Buried deep into her, he shifted his position to be up on his knees, and pulled her back by one of her arms for leverage while he began rocking his hips back and forth rapidly. Scraping at her insides with his bitch breaker with every thrust and retreat,  he made her produce intelligible moans and whines as she grit her teeth and clenched onto the bedsheets with her free hand.

He was too much, too rough, too big, too deep, too good, too rough! She whined and cried and wished for him to sow down, to pull out, to leave, to let her forget and drown away the mistake of this night. She didn't want to feel this any more, the way he split her apart like nothing she could have imagined. She couldn't bear to hear the squelching of her sopping pussy as he raped her to his heart's content. She closed her eyes, tried to send her mind somewhere else, divorce it from this body of hers that betrayed her so and didn't let her fight off this aggressor, but he would have none of it.

While he held her wrist and kept her back arched with his left hand, he craned the right one up in the air and began repeatedly slapping her ass hard while he fucked her. She'd have thought he was holding nothing back, but if that had been the truth he would have been carving chunks of flesh out of her easily with his super human strength. No, he wanted her in one piece, clearly, because he didn't so much as draw blood. He just hurt her, over, and over again. All he wanted was her  pain, her fear, and her sorrow as she was made to understand that her life, her body, and her very will were now his.

He grunted and smiled each time he slapped her. Did her clenching body feel good wrapped around his demonic meat? Or did he just love the flashes of searing pain he was subjecting her to each time? Was there eve much of a difference to this beast? His claws scraped against her, his palms left her reddened, his grip made her feel like he would turn her wrist into gelatin, and she could only whine, moan, and cry, while she looked back at the monster and wondered how much would be enough, when he would finally be satisfied.

It wasn't over quickly, he made a mess of her pussy and abused it without rest for at least twice as long as he had worked her throat. She knew because he brought her back to attention in whatever way he wanted any time she tried to block out what was happening to her, at one point even roughly shoving a clawed thumb into her asshole to bring her back to attention. His lust for her emotional suffering clearly knew no end.

However, she eventually did get an answer to her previous question concerning whether he hadn't cum in her throat due to lack of will or lack of capacity. Little had come in the way of warning from the brute, but she recognized full well what was happening when his thrusts became more and more pronounced for a few seconds, and he then sheathed himself completely in her while his thick meat twitched inside and she felt a sickening warmth spread through her. The size of his load was entirely as massive and inhuman as the demon was himself, making her feel like a geyser was erupting inside her womanhood. Sore and abused as she was, the sorceress still knew that she was feeling his thick seed spurt out the sides of her pussy around his twitching cock from how violent his orgasm was, and she found herself desperately hoping that she at least would be graced with the mercy of being incapable of bearing the demon's children.

It felt good, she had come to accept, much like his power over her, but that didn't mean she was ready to become his breeding sow.

As he seemed to be winding down and slid himself out somewhat, she looked back to him with the pain and hatred she knew he wanted to see, and felt her heart sink as her eyes met with his. He wasn't done, she could tell. Tonight was not yet over, and tonight would still only be the beginning of her servitude.

This wasn't right. None of this was right. She had wanted a familiar, a servant to help her uncover more about the dark arts. Instead, here she was, poised to be this brute's slave and plaything for however long he found her entertaining.

She hated it. She had to hate it. Nothing of who or what she once was would remain if she didn't tell herself that she hated all of this, no matter how good it felt to be hurt by him.

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Part II: The price to be paid

That infernally melodious giggle rang out in his ears, somehow resonating louder and more clear than all the other sounds in that dark room at this moment. Louder than the wet slapping of his hips against her body, louder than the heavy creaking of the bed, louder than all her moans and all his harsh breaths, louder even than her sobs.

"What's wrong? This is exactly what you wanted, isn't it?" she sing-songed in his ear, hanging weightlessly off his shoulders as he thrust away with hardly any thought.

He grit his teeth tighter, thrust harder, and groaned louder. He didn't want to hear it anymore, he didn't need to hear it anymore. even if he knew there was no escape, he wanted to drown it all out. Louder, harder, rougher, more. more. More.

She just giggled and nipped playfully at his ear, tender hold on his shoulders as unbreakable as iron chains, as soft as satin, or the silk of her hair that draped down from around him, covering him like a veil of all his sins.

"Why so angry, master? Look at what a fine man you've become~"

"Shut up." he growled out angrily.

Of course, she thought he was talking to her. Unsurprisingly, her moans only got louder, and her weeping more sorrowful.

He hated it, hated everything, and he just fucked her harder. He didn't want to hear her, either, but her cries from underneath him only rang out louder.

"I'm sorryyyy" she whined out. "Please, don't stop. Pleaaaase. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Fuck me please. Harderrr~"

and he did. how couldn't he? This was all he wanted. What he'd sold his soul for. What was left but to be all she wanted him to be? He was now her poison, and her punishment, and he would make sure her goblet never ran dry.

"Ngggh! Yes! Right there! fuck me! fuck! Yes, I'm cumming! Don't stop!"

Fucking? was that really what it was?

No, if anything this was rape by consent. He'd made her want this. He'd made her need it, and she hated it because she needed it. She hated herself almost as much as he hated himself, he knew. She was looking to drown as much as he was looking to forget. But neither would get any release—he'd made sure of that, hadn't he?

Again, that infernal fucking laugh. 

"See master? She's all yours, she won't ever belong to anyone else ever again~"

"Shut up."

"She can be your queen~"

"Shut up."


"She can be your toy~"

"Shut up!"


"She can even be your worthless little slave, just like me~"

"I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP!" He reached out and grabbed her by the throat, squeezing down with almost as much force as her cunt was tightening around his cock now, her eyes rolling back and body spasming in a mind-breaking orgasm. 

How many times did this make, now? How many times had he felt that clenching of her insides tonight, and how many times had he pumped her full of his own cum like he did now?

He'd stopped counting around the time he ordered her to facetime her boyfriend so she could show him what she was doing but it had never really mattered. He knew it would never be enough. 

That's what he'd wanted, right?

Aven when the both of them were done, her with her body spasming and he with his cock pumping out shot after shot, he didn't let go of her. He just stood there, panting on top of her, squeezing tightly and preventing her from taking the ragged breaths he was currently inhaling.

She never looked at him. Not fearfully, not pleadingly, not thankfully, nothing. Her eyes stayed glued to the ceiling while her mouth worded out something indecipherable. Maybe she was still apologizing like the dumb whore she was? Maybe she was asking him to not let go and choke harder? Maybe it was the only sign of needing air that her addled brain could manage?

It didn't matter, anyways. none of it mattered anymore. He kept hold of her until he saw her eyes start to lose focus, gloss over, and then he et go at the last minute.

He didn't know why he let go. He didn't care, not about her or anything anymore. But he did. Rose was his, and she'd be his tomorrow again. and after that... who knew.

He finally slipped out of her, still stiff but no longer interested in her flesh, and he sat at the edge of the bed while she turned over and curled into the bed. He looked down at his blackened fingernails, eyesight perfectly crisp and clear in spite of the utter lack of light shining within the room.

This was what he'd asked for. This was what he'd done.

"Mmmm~ that was absolutely beautiful master~" rang out the voice of his sins, irrevocably bound to him now that he had embraced its gifts. "I've never seen a new incubus break in his first kill with such... vigour."

"Didn't I tell you to shut up?" he growled out, though he honestly couldn't tell if he'd spoken up or just thought the words. It hardly mattered anyways, she could hear it all.

"Oooh~ but Master, I love seeing you so angry, so powerful. Please, just tell me how I can serve you, and I'll make all your dreams come true~"

Dream? Right. This nightmare had been his dream, once. 

He looked back over his shoulders, over at rose who was turned away from him. Her shoulders hiked, but he could still smell the lust coming off of her. The want, the need... all for him...

He was bored. Bored of her, bored of breaking her, bored of killing her.

That was right. The flesh puppet might have been drawing breath, but he'd killed the one he wanted, the one he'd craved. The one he'd never loved for even a single day of his life. She was gone, and he was bored with what her corpse had become. So what was his dream now, now that he'd gotten everything he ever wanted? now that he was all he had ever dreamed for?

Well, there was only one thing to give, to someone who had everything they ever wanted. 

"More. I want more." he spoke in a low, gravelly voice that didn't belong to him. 

And so the infernal melody rang out through his skull like the chimes of ear-splitting cathedral bells. 

"Yes master~ Go out then. Take what you want, fuck who you will, wear your new crown and build your kingdom~ I will be here to guide you every step of the way."

She kissed his neck and he could see her fang-filled smile in his mind's eye even as he stood and made his way out of the room.

"You and I will be together, until death do us part~"

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Part III: Bonds

Before her eyes even drifted open, she knew there was something wrong. From the instant that consciousness returned to her, a deep sense of unease had permeated her heart. 

As she awoke, she could tell a few things immediately. She was sitting down in a chair (probably a school chair, from the feeling of it), she had her arms tied behind her—binding her to said chair, she was still dressed in the same outfit she'd left home in, and she wasn't hurt or hurting save for a strange itchy spot at the base of the left side of her neck. 

However, what she couldn't tell was where exactly she was. Peel her eyes as she might, she simply could not  see anything around her in the darkness where she now found herself. 

How was it so dark? She'd left to go to her friend's house when it was only around sunset. Was she indoors somewhere, without any windows? As reason returned to her, panic quickly set in where unease had previously occupied, and struggling against her restraints the girl grunted and called out for her friend, the fist name that came to mind.

"Lucy?" she asked, not really expecting answer but hardly of mind to rationalize what had happened to her.

So, it was to her surprise that she actually heard her friend's voice answer her, soft and all-too-calm for the situation she was in.

"Oh. Kay~ So you're awake," replied the other girl melodiously, making a chill run down the captive highschooler's spine from her friend sounding so undisturbed by the circumstances.

"L-Lucy! where are you? If this is some kind of prank-" she called out, substituting fear for anger as best as she could. Kayla had no idea what was going on, but if it was somehow her friend's fault that she'd passed out and was tied up... well, she better damn well have a good explanation for it!

The giggle that followed, however, hardly reassured her. "No prank, Kay, just a gift~" replied Luciola as Kayla now noticed something else accompanying her friend's voice: a soft, barely perceptible, but wet sort of sound in the background.

Just as Kayla was opening her mouth to ask what was going on, the lights were suddenly turned on and she was forced to shut her eyes tight as they began to water immediately. "Ugh! Fuck, warn a girl!" she said in aggravation, being met only by another giggle.

"Kay~, since when did you have such a foul mouth?" replied the supposed friend in false condemnation.

"Well I don't know, maybe around the time I was tied up!?" retorted the captive, wishing now that her bangs were long enough that she could shield her eyes with her black hair somehow. Still, Luciola's voice was now coming from right in front of her, so she tried to squint out past her watery eyes to get a look at the other girl.

Indeed, straining to see through the blur, she could make out the form of her friend kneeling in front of her, and as every second passed by, Kayla's ire only grew. "Seriously Lucy, what the fuck is going on?" she growled out. 

"Like I said Kay, it's a gift~" replied the other as she reached out with a tissue and gently dabbed the tears out of Kayla's eyes. Her weirdly calm and serene voice was doing absolutely nothing to calm Kayla down, though.

Of course, it wasn't like she knew Lucy to be a particularly excitable person normally, but even for a soft-spoken girl like her this was just weird. When her eyes finally cleared of water and adjusted to the light in the room, though, Kayla's anger suddenly evaporated as her blood ran cold.

Luciola was standing in front of her, but she didn't look like herself. Her hair had gone stark white from its usual ginger, and her eyes were now a deep, bloody red as if to compensate. For a moment she might have thought this was some sort of make-up or cosplay or whatever, but Kayla didn't think that any colored contacts in the world could make your pupils look slitted like that, especially with how they widened slightly upon making eye contact

"L-Lucy?" she asked with worry evident both on her face and in her voice. All of this was too weird. She was starting to think it was a nightmare, but it all felt so real.

Then, a grunt and a shift to her side caught her attention. Instinctively, she turned her head to her left and saw something out of a horror movie. A girl she knew all too well was tied up on top of the teacher's desk that sat at the head of this mostly cleared out classroom. Though, tied up was not really the term for it. The other girl was bound and retrained by a mass of slithering, slimy-looking tendrils that were currently taking advantage of the fact that the girl's clothes had been visibly torn off of her so they could penetrate her every orifice. 

Kayla's eyes went wide with horror as she realized the grunt that had caught her attention and the wet sound from before were the result of Anabella being tentacle raped not some ten feet away from her. 

Of course, it wasn't like Anabella was her friend or anything. Quite the opposite: Kayla absolutely hated the bitch. Her and her posse of psychotic groupies made 'Mean Girls' look like My Little Pony, and while just about everyone who wasn't on their good side hated and/or feared them at school, Kayla and Luciolla had been among their favourite targets to humiliate, assault, and generally antagonize from day one.

Still, though, the person on that desk could have been Hitler himself and Kay would still have felt sick to her stomach from the display.  Anabella's eyes were rolled back and hardly focusing on anything, her throat was being visibly stretched by the tentacle that was forcing its way in and out of her mouth, and it was only by the twitching and spasming of her hips and body as a pair of other tendrils stuffed her ass and cunt that Kayla was sure the blonde bully hadn't just been fucked to death by whatever alien(?) was having its way with her.

"See? A gift~" repeated Luciola serenely, making Kayla break into cold sweat and snap her head back towards her friend. Again, though, she couldn't so much as finish taking a breath to word out a protest before she was interrupted. This time, however, it was by Luciola gently taking her face in her hands and forcibly pulling Kayla into a kiss. 

Fuck, what the hell was happening!? This was all too much, all at once! What the hell? 

Kayla tried to struggle and break free, but Luciola's hold was abnormally strong. The white haired girl keep the dark haired one's head firmly in place with what somehow felt like a gentle hold, and Kayla quickly felt her strength begin to wane as a strange heat spread through her body. 

This was a nightmare. It had to be. Luciola was her friend but... They'd never... This was wrong. She wasn't a lesbian, that was just what that bitch Anabella and her groupies said about them to fuck with them. Luciola and her had known each other since they were kids, had countless sleepovers at each other's house. told each other every secret and about every crush. this... all of this wasn't how their relationship was! 

Suddenly, even as she was finding herself hazily starting to roll her tongue around the one that had slipped its way into her mouth, a chilling realization dawned on her. 

This wasn't Luciola, it couldn't be. This thing had her face and her voice, but it had to be some alien, or a shape shifter, or something!

She tried to break free again, stopped kissing back, and pulled at her restraints, but there was no breaking away from either 'Luciola' or her bindings. Worse in fact, Kayla suddenly noticed the bindings getting tighter around her wrists all on their own, and she now realized that the bonds were far too smooth, slick, and rubbery to be any sort of rope or tubing. 

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck! The alien had her! This monster was about to do to her whatever it had done to Anabella! Shit!

This had to be a nightmare. Monsters weren't real. Aliens weren't real. This wasn't real! It didn't matter how real any of this felt or tasted or smelled or anything. It had to be a nightmare and Kayla desperately shut her tearful eyes and tried to force herself awake. 

It was around this point where 'Luciola' finally broke the deep kiss, and giggled again as tears of panic and frustration and terror started streaming from the corners of Kayla's eyes. "You know, I never thought you'd be this cute when you were scared, Kay~"

"Fuck you, you bitch!" spat out the captive girl through gritted teeth and closed eyes. "Stop pretending to be Lucy!"

There was a moment of silence. A tortuous moment of hesitation where, for the briefest instant, Kaya thought maybe it was over. Maybe she'd open her eyes and be in her room, or something. Safe, away from this nightmare and able to forget about all this fucking insanity.

But no. The bindings stayed, the room stayed, the gagging and sloshing to her left stayed, and the monster in front of her sighed in that way Luciola always did. That way that she knew meant "Okay, I forgive you", as if that made any fucking sense in this context.

"Well, I guess I should apologize. I got carried away in my excitement, didn't I?" said Luciola as she stepped away, prompting Kayla to open her eyes and look at her again. "I can see why you think I'm not real, Kay. This new body of mine must be a big shock to you, and even more would be the sight of my new children."

As she said this last part, she turned towards the teacher's desk and walked forward, ephemeral smile returning as she looked down at Anabella twitch and spasm from yet another forced orgasm. "But you know, you're the one who always said you wished this slut would just 'fuck off and die', right? You're the one who always told me, how much you couldn't wait for karma to bite her in the ass for all that she put us through, put everyone through if they didn't treat her like she was some sort of queen."

Reaching the side of the blonde currently laid out on the desk, Luciola ran her fingers gently through Anabella's hair, seeming almost tender until she gripped her victim tightly by the hairs of her scalp. "Well this is it, Kay. We don't have to wait anymore. I know you might have wanted to get even yourself, but I can do it now, I can get our revenge~"

Kayla swallowed heavily, feeling more and more like, if this wasn't a nightmare, then she must have gone crazy. This... thing, this creature... it was Lucy. It spoke like her, it moved like her, it even mimicked Kay's own tone and words the way her best friend did—always sounding more butch and rough than she thought she sounded herself, because she had to overcompensate for her soft voice.

But this couldn't be Lucy. Even ignoring all the monster shit going on, her friend wasn't like this. She didn't ask for revenge, she didn't look to hurt anything or anybody. So what... just what the fuck was going on?"

"L-Luciola... stop this. If it's really you, don't do whatever you're doing. I don't know what's going on but... you're not like this."

There was another pause from the now white haired girl  but she replied soon enough, her tone now colder than it had been at any point so far. "I'm not?... How would you know?"

Something about the way she said that... it carried accusation, and pain, and it made Kayla's own heart waver. "L-Lucy?"

"How would you know how I feel, Kay?" continued the monstrous girl as she locked her hellish eyes on the victim beneath her. As she spoke, the tendrils violating Anabella seemed to pick up speed and move more roughly, reacting to the white-haired girl's welling emotions. "How would you know, how much I hate her? How would you know, how much I want her to die? You, who was always too busy complaining and yelling to ask me how I felt. You, who was always busy yelling things like "You wish we were dykes, asshole", thinking you had to defend me? You, who acted like you were my friend, but never understood me for a second?"

Kayla couldn't respond. Terrified as she still was, that fear was now becoming mixed in with sadness and regret.

She didn't.... Lucy was right. Kayla didn't know what effect her words were having on her friend. Didn't know how Lucy felt, after each time they were picked on and Kayla did her best to fend off and refute their harassers. 

She didn't want to know. She didn't want to think for a second anything anyone had said about them was remotely true because then... then things would be different, wouldn't they? She'd lose her friend, if she found out that Lucy really was...

God she'd been so stupid, and selfish, and an idiot, and now... what the hell had happened to her friend that she thought she had to do something fucked up like this just to get 'even'?

"Lucy... I'm sorry. Please, just stop this. Talk to me." pleaded Kayla, not much caring if she was crazy or hallucinating or whatever anymore. Luciola had been like a sister to her, forever. If she was in pain, if she was hurting and it was her fault, she didn't care what was happening, she just wanted to make it right.

The smile Luciola gave her, however, broke her heart more than anything she could imagine.

"Don't worry Kay, It's not your fault, and I forgive you." she said sweetly, smiling a warm, friendly smile before looking down at Anabella again. "and I'm not going to hurt you. Not like her, not like the way I made her watch me break all her stupid little friends before my children moved on her~"

At this moment, the tendrils shoved themselves deeply into the blonde's ass, pussy, and throat, and became tense as they twitched and pumped her full of... something. Kayla didn't want to think of what.

Clear as it may have been what it all looked like, Kayla didn't dare imagine exactly what was happening to the only-half-conscious bully. Either way however, imagination wouldn't be needed after a few terrible seconds of waiting. The spent tentacles slipped out of her orifices and caused Annabella to choke out and spill forth a thick, semen-like white fluid from all her holes. The broken, exhausted, only semi-conscious blonde could do little more than flutter her eyes as she was left moaning and groaning on the hardwood, swimming and soaked in the evidence of her violation.

With its task done, the tentacle creature reached back out to its 'mother's outstretched hand, and slithered up under Luciola's sleeve, coming to hide itself under her clothes. Looking back up at Kayla, Luciola gave a friendly smile that now made the captive girl's blood run yet colder than it had before.

"I love you, Kay~. I've loved you for as long as I can remember." she said, walking back  towards her bound friend.

"L-lucy I... I'm not-" Weak and fearful as her protests were, it took hardly more than a dainty finger placed gently upon her lips for Kayla to be rendered mute with terror by her friend.

"Shush now Kay, It's alright~  You don't know what you are. You haven't been allowed to know, and honestly it doesn't matter~" As she said this, tendrils slipped out of Luciola's sleeve and slithered down Kayla's collar, into her shirt. She shuddered and squirmed under the slimy feeling of the invading tentacle creature wrapping itself around and across her torso, but there was absolutely nothing that could be done to escape.

"Like I said, today is a gift, and letting you see what I've done to Anna is only the first part~ See, when I knocked you out, I didn't just inject a sedative into you, I gave you a nice shot of aphrodisiac. You feel it dnot't you? It should already have kicked in some time ago~" the demonic girl punctuated this with a sly smile and a flash of her tongue, revealing a syringe-like protrusion that retracted into the tongue seamlessly.

Kayla had wanted to convince herself that she hadn't been feeling anything so far, especially since that kiss. She'd desperately tried to ignore the heat between her legs as she'd looked on in horror at Annabella. However, seeing that needle come from Luciola's tongue, she was suddenly reminded of that small, itching spot in her neck. She was reminded of how the last thing she remembered before passing out was a sudden, sharp pain in that exact spot.

Realizing, or perhaps rather finally accepting, everything that was happening was real, Kayla closed her legs tightly and fruitlessly, even as Luciola's 'child' found its way into her panties and began rubbing at her wanting sex. Heart racing and tears streaming out of a mixture of emotions she couldn't even separate into distinct parts anymore, Kayla could only beg in a fruitless attempt to reason with her now demonic friend.

"Lucy. Please, don't do this..."

The snow haired new demoness just smiled at this. "Don't worry, Kay, you and I will soon be one and the same. No one's ever going to be able to stand between us ever again~ So sit back, and enjoy yourself. I'm going to teach you to love me every bit as much as I love you~"

Feeling herself being taken into another lustful kiss, Kayla knew she could do nothing. She somehow felt as if the lights were being turned out again as she felt something slide surprisingly easily inside of her virginity. Lucy's tongue stretched out farther into her throat than it could reach, and it seemed to be sucking away all of Kayla's will to resist. Her mind slipping away into a haze of desires—she could fight back less and less by the second. Instead, she found herself wishing one last time that she could just wake up, that she could put an end to this nightmare, and apologize to Lucy properly: for everything.

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    • Daphne
      By Daphne
      * Please, for the love of all that's unholy, don't send me messages that consist only of 'do you want to RP?' ; my prompts, themes & ideas exist to intrigue you and I would love to know which ones did and what are you craving / looking for! 
      ** Do not godmod my characters. I'll be dropping people who do that.
      Hello all! 
      You can call me Daphne or any other sweet little names you can come up with! I am also open to flirting and chit-chatting if that's your thing! If you just want a quick smut, you can come into my DMs, push me down and take what you want... whether I want it or not ;3
      I am mainly looking for dark, non-con, messy, bizzare RPs! I rarely indulge in vanilla or fluff, maybe as part of something bigger but not main theme. I want my girl to be used, abused and ruined. In all ways possible! Plots down below are meant to give you some ideas and pointers, but here's a quick list of themes / things I am heavily into recently:
      - medieval / historical setups (so princesses, noble ladies, kings, adventurers, taverns...etc)
      - obnoxious, lewd ceremonies
      - lewd curses / blessings
      - monsters, ghost, bizarre creations vs my cute girls
      - size play (I like playing shortstacks <3)
      - age play (I like playing 15/16yr olds)
      - breeding
      Note: While I primely play as females, I've been recently looking to play some trap / futa characters (subs), especially in non-con and dub-con scenarios! Hmu ❤️ 
      Some stuffles & pairings I simply adore and are always welcome:
      - MC just lost somewhere. School at night? Haunted mansion? Forest? Yes, please!
      - Medical play can be quite hot!
      - DaddyxDaughter and UnclexNiece setups. Being bent over a knee makes me hot and bothered!
      - Aphrodisiacs, drugs, being forced to orgasm, massages...
      - Big, big toys put it into dem tight holes!
      - Princesses and Queens, I love playing them!
      - PIRATES! I need more good pirates stories in my life, honestly!
      I have a gallery with girls you can pick as refs! Some do have their backgrounds / descriptions, some don't yet. 
      Here are a couple - a little vague - prompt ideas that we could work from!
      The more emotes & boldness, the more I want it!
      Foreign, unknown knight wins the competition, only to shock the public when the helmet is removed and it is obvious, the knight is a woman. Alas, the Kingdom does not allow women to compete in such ways, or be knights at all. Pulled into the dungeons, the knight is punished in most lewd ways... (or, perhaps, in front of the public?)
      I'd like this to involve some torture or sadistic elements, where MC has to endure painful punishments, not just lewd ones.
      \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/
      It was either being homeless, or joining the nuns in the convent, Nuns seemed recluse, but they took her in. From the first night, the nuns she shared room with became more... "friendly" and touchy than the girl wished. After her meeting with the Priest over-seeing all, she realized she joined sex and fetish-focused group, and now she was one of them, slowly falling into depravity.
      \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/
      Due to low fertility rate, new laws were incorporated. MC is just sixteen when she arrives at her "check-up", which involves plenty of intimacy... checking her reactions, giving her drugs to see how fast and how much she can orgasm, and even testing how her body reacts to sperm. After such traumatic experience she is sent to a well-chosen household, to be their "breeding girlfriend".
      \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/
      MC is a curious young woman, with enough money to sate such curiosities. She leaves for a resort that is known to allow the customers live up all their fetishes... but at the same time, things are not well over-seen there, and an element of chaos is definitely common. Still, she enjoys her arrival at the resort, how servants welcome her, but perhaps... she will run into things she never even dreamt of?
      MC is short on cash and found a rather specific and lewd way to get some: testing sex toys. Sex toy owner, a female uses them on her and she provides comment. One of the days she goes to do her job, however, things don't go as planned...
      # there aren't going to be many; sometimes I have this loose idea of something I REALLY WANT and come up with starters for these, so... thought I'll add these here, perhaps they may interest somebody # feel free to send me EcchiText with response to any of this! ❤️ #
      ❤️ fantasy / princess x Any
      Andrea closed her eyes as she was laid down on the soft mattress of the bed. Her body naked, her curvy shapes exposed. She was already shaven clean, after the long bath... Bathing aphrodisiacs made her sensitive and as she laid down, her legs spread open, revealing her wetness. She was still unsure about this whole tradition, this 'serving the males in royal family' thing. But it's not like you can defy a King, even if you're his daughter. She felt the maids began to oil her whole body, in even more aphrodisiacs. Her body trembled as fingers invaded her tight body. She wasn't looking, but something was pushed inside her bottom, deep inside. And there she was left for a whole, long night...
      Of course, young Princess didn't sleep at all. In the morning, she looked idly at the ceiling, after a long, long night of constant orgasms hitting her body. Her legs were spread, the mess she made in bed quite obvious, her virgin maidenhood aching and gaping. Her bottom both feeling good and painful from the insertion. Who knew what was going to happen to her now?
      ❤️ pirate prompt
      When she woke, she was blindfolded and gagged. She wasn't sure by whom... but memories slowly came back. She could feel she was still on a ship, but probably not hers. They killed her crew and sunk that ship, most likely. Maybe someone managed to escape --
      Those thoughts were broken when she felt someone attach something to her nipples, tightening around sensitive little nubs. She felt hotter as the mix of pain and pleasure filled her mind. Then her back arched, as somebody whipped at her exposed maidenhood. And again. They were probably leaving marks. Obviously, she had become a toy for somebody's amusement. A few more hits against her, now, moist maidenhood, and her legs got spread wide open... when she tried to move them, she realized they tied them to something, and so, she couldn't really do anything. Somebody was about to fuck her, the real question was just whom, and for how long...
      ❤️ incest / breeding
      Due to drops in fertility new laws and rules came into life; Lilly just turned sixteen and it was time for her check-up. The doctors made sure she's healthy and fertile enough, but she didn't realize that they gave her medicine that will kick-off her libido that evening. It was now common that the father would initiate his daughter into the world of breeding, and then other males in family would help to make sure the girl gets pregnant. It was 9PM and Lilly went to bed, but had to resort to sleeping naked -- she felt so warm and... bothered. She breathed heavily laying in her bed, rubbing her legs together... the medicine kicked in finally, making her all wet and ready. It even made her tight ass itch! The girl put a pillow between her legs, trying to get some sort of release before alarming anyone, unaware that her father was going to check on her...
    • Wraith
      By Wraith
      An Orc and Elf...In Love!?
      The pair make an unusual adventuring pair, let alone a romantic couple.  One is an elven Huntress, keen eyed with a bow and of skillful hand with a knife with some nimbleness in the trees and her people's druidic magic. The other is an Orc warrior, a big, strong and savage in battle but surprisingly good hearted and brainy off of it. The two are outcasts from their people bsmall but decent name for themselves. Though as things started sweeten for the couple, darkness lurks.
      Preferred Role:
    • ぶらぶら
      By ぶらぶら
      Hi! New here and I was wondering if any female roleplayed would be up for an incest erp with multiple characters from either or both sides (as in either a harem, orgy, gangbang or just different scenes mixing and matching 1 on 1, threesomes or the like).
      Id like to include as many family roles as possible but if I have to choose a single option that'd either be siblings or parent X child (that is 1 sister and many brothers, 1 brother and many sisters, father and daughters or mother and sons or a mix of them). Also, I'd like including ageplay (that's almost a almost a must but we can discuss it).
      With the basic (simple) idea out of the way I'll place a few quick prompts to add to it (basically just settings or kinks that'd change them a little)
      —A simple family: Just your normal suburban family discovering (maybe due to the confinement during the pandemic) that they're a bit less normal and a bit more horny than your average person. Mostly a slice of life or comedy like setting, maybe a bit less realistic; in the other hand it can be darker if you'd prefer (adding certain other kinks like Noncon and elements like addictions, violence and threats)
      Optional kinks: Noncon, drugs, alcohol, public sex, humiliation.
      —Followers of a cult: A normal family from the outside, they've been members of a dark cult since the beginning of their clan, cult that has them making some terrible rituals (in search of believed or real power). Those rituals generally include incestuous sex and other darker deeds. 
      Optional kinks: Noncon, dubcon, kidnapping, monsters, beasts, supernatural, darker kinks (ask if interested on these).
      —Fantasy horphanage: Maybe not your usual family, but family none the less, this is a small orphanage for all races and cultures where the young learn not only a profession but alsoa few things more... (In every fantasy setting I like adding the "cum or sex as mana" idea for magic)
      This can be a boarding school or an adventurer's guild that trains and keeps their novices under the same roof (or some other guild like or guild like place, videogame style, such as a thieves guild, a temple, a Wizards school, merchants guild, etc)
      —The collections it: Following  along the previous idea but a tad bit darker, a powerful man (noble, wizard, warlord, etc) has been collecting (be it by paying for, attacking settlements, kidnapping, magic means, etc) different specimens from rare species in the look to satisfy his dark fantasies, breeding with the poor kidnapped creatures to continue his little dark harem.
      Optional kinks: This can be twisted and turned into a monster raping arena for kidnapped, imprisoned or otherwise innocent girls, Noncon and monsters.
      —The family engineer: Be it by science or magic, this person has discovered a way to create or modify life (by either using his DNA/essence and artificial/living breeding wombs or using their real offspring or relatives for it)  in such amazing ways that could save millions of lives, however, they decided that this was too good for the world and that the best use he could give this is to have his fun with the creations/patients. They're not very well on their head.
      Optional kinks: Noncon, monsters/modified people, darker kinks, drugs.
      —We need to repopulate...: a) Set on a post-apocalyptic world, this family has been one of the few survivors, successfully managing a safe zone and some resources such as food, clean water and maybe some other commodities. Having no proof of more settlements (or better, knowing that there are some smaller ones that'd soon want their stuff) they decide that the best they can do is to grow their numbers...
      b) A band of marauders, survivors to the apocalypse by being the toughest and meanest, finally decide to settle down and once they find and take over small group (with quote some people of the opposite sex to toy with) or fund a good protected base (like a prison that's still intact or such). Now they need people who'd know what to do with the resources they can't plunder, as well as some toys for their entertainment. 
      Optional kinks: Noncon, monsters (depending on the post apocalyptic world), violence/darker kinks (almost limitless on this area).
      —Secluded family: Far from civilization and kept under the iron rule of a tyranical relative (and their underlings/or a group of relatives). Basically treated like cattle for their amusement and breeding, as well as hard labor and maybe even human trafficking.
      Optional kinks: Darker kinks, beasts.
      Finally a smaller prompt, simply interested on an ethnic or interrracial family (specially, but unrelated to the situation on the middle East, just an old kink of mine, I'd like some Muslim girls for this last two options)
      I prefer roleplaying on discord, if interested please send me a PM and I'll give you my tag, or we just roleplay here if not.
      P.S. these are just some ideas, I'm open for discussion or hearing new ones.
    • mchs
      By mchs
      (set in the universe of Justice League Unlimited)
      It had been roughly one month since the final battle with Darkseid, a month since the world was saved by Luthor of all people, the Justice League was back to their usual business of stopping villainy while the Legion of Doom was finding it difficult to maintain itself now that it had neither Luthor nor Grodd as a leader, everything seemed like it was going back to relative normal, but a change was coming that no one expected.
      When Luthor passed, it turns out her had left everything, his wealth, company, and even his secrets, to one of his few relatives, his niece, Nasthalthia Luthor, or as some call her, Nasty.
      Nasthalthia is the daughter of Lex's older sister, though not Lex's daughter, she does share many traits with her uncle, intelligence, talent, and a love for acquiring power, what's more, Nasthalthia is more manipulative than Lex, more devious, she has a great love for using and toying with people, so much so it even impressed Lex, which is most likely why he left her everything he owned.
      Now Nasthalthia was more than happy to except the money and huge building, but what really excited her was when she found out about all of Lex's secret projects, the ones he's been keeping in the dark, specifically for his own personal use.
      Mind control devices, cloning, superhuman drugs, and so much data on the both superheroes and villains, Lex really had an obsession, now Nasthalthia wasn't as interested as her uncle in taking down the Justice League or anything, but she has always wanted to play with some heroines, and now it looks like she has all the resources to do just that.
      She wasn't alone, Lex left his personal assistant Mercy with the instructions to aide Nasthalthia in whatever she chose to do, he left no instructions for Nasthalthia, knowing her tastes, he was confident that while she probably wouldn't destroy the Justice League, she would no doubt cause some trouble for the supers and have a good time doing it.
      This is a roleplay set in the universe of the Justice League cartoon from from the 2000s, after Lex Luthor was lost defeating Darkseid, he left all his resources to his niece, Nasthlathia, a woman who even Lex admired for her love of dominating and manipulating others, which is why he chose her to inherit all he owns.
      Now she has access to a massive amount of resources from technology to magic, not to mention the many allies Lex had and information on virtually every hero and villain known, and she can use those resources for whatever she wish, and for Nasthlathia, that is mainly dominating women and making them hers.
      This would revolve around you playing Nasthlathia, now that you have all that Lex left you, you can use it to pursue your own goals, making allies with other villains, capturing and controlling heroines, and of course, having lots of naughty fun with everyone involved, a lot of fun to be had here and I'm eager to play with you.
      I'll be handling the GM role in this, both all the heroes and villains you'll be interacting with, naturally we'll be focusing on the ladies of course, I'd really rather not involve any male characters in this, and just to let you know my characters will be futas, that's a requirement, yours however can be female or futa if you wish.
      If you prefer however I am also open to playing Nasthlathia instead, just keep in mind I'm not as much of a dom, if I had to classify myself, I'd say I'm a switch with more submissive tendencies, so keep that in mind if choosing that path.
      I'm pretty kinky personally, I have a love for bdsm, bondage, scent play, sweat, feet footwear, musk, nipple play, ass play, ball play, facesitting, dirty talk, big orgasm, watersports, cameras, slutty outfits, spit, alien girls, panty play, humiliation, getting dominated, toys, pet play, muscular girls, chubby girls, harems, porn, JOI, collars, degradation, exhibitionism, gangbang, giantess, and more, I have no interest in snuff, gore, vore, abuse, men, or vanilla sex and I'm more of a sub, so be sure to keep that in mind.
      If you're interested, shoot me a message and we can start talking, I'm very eager to play this with you, but please, no chat, thank you.
    • KawaiiUwU
      By KawaiiUwU
      You have been appointed to train cowgirls. With an army of tools at your disposal to milk them, drain their brains, turn normal girls into cowgirls, and more, what will you do?
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