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From Son to Daughter (SataiOtherGuy x Quuinzou)

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It had been a long day of work, Eric’s job was one that could alternate between almost nothing to do and stressful overwork, which had been the case the last few days, piles of paperwork to process, make sure they made it into the system and out to clients.  It was now evening and he finally got home.  Assuming nothing unexpected occurred, his plan as to have dinner and just relax.  He was not an angry man, but both his wife and son understood there were some days he did not really feel like much interaction after work.

Their family life wasn’t bad, he would certainly say he loved his wife and son, though the relationship with his wife had unfortunately cooled down as often happened some years into a marriage.  They did things together, had fun, but the spark from their youth had faded.  Sleep was mostly what happened in bed, though there was still occasional sex.

But there actually was one other thing to deal with.  He had been given notification from the school that his son never showed up for class and since he heard nothing about him being sick, he had to look into what that was about.  He did not seem like the sort to skip for casual reasons or rebellion so, he had to look into if there was a good reason and evaluate if a punishment was deserved.

He walked up to his son’s room and knocked on the door.  “Are you in there?”  He asked, figuring he would open the door and find out if he did not hear an answer quickly.  “I was told you weren’t at school today.  We need to talk about why that happened.”  He waited for a response before stepping in.

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( SataiRolePlayingGuy Not sure if this the way you wantaed to go...lt me know...)

Not getting a response from his son Weber decides to walk in. He loves his son and would do anything for him so he is really concerned on why he skipped school. As he slowly opens the doors he sees his son dancing with head phones on. Only thing is, his son is wearing a skirt. And not just any skirt, a very beautiflul and very short skirt with thin shoulder straps. With his back to him, and as the skirt rises up during the dancing fenzie, his son shakes his ass to the music and even gives an occassional twerk. Under the skirt his son is wearing beautiful lacey pink sexy panties which envelope his tight little ass. For many years his son has grown his hair long and they have accepted this of him as an expression and It is now brushed and beautifully styled with a beret on both sides. His son flicks his long beautiful hair occassionally and throws his hands in the air to the music exposing his tight ass in the sexy pink undies even more. 

Weber, thinks for a minute 'is this my son?' because he thinks he is looking at a very beautiful teanage girl. A twinge comes from down deep that he feels he must suppress as not being right. He stands unable to move and watching his sons's cute ass wrapped in the pink undies...his heart rate unintentioanlly increases an as well he feels his cock twinge which he does notunderstand at all.

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