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random Futa question

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I will admit that I am very inexperienced when it comes to Futa's. They do interest me, but I have yet to drum up the confidence to roleplay one. I have a question about them, though. And since many members on EcchiDreams like Futa's, I figured you guys would be able to answer a question that suddenly came to mind, that refuses to leave.

Where does a futa urinate from? I know it is a strange question, but I do sometimes ask strange questions. Can anyone answer me this? You can treat the question seriously, or not. Have a joke, I don't mind. I hope, however to gleam enough information to further my interest.

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I know that the EPSI Federation version (Hermaphonari) is either one or the other, or both which can be controlled. In other words I had no answer for this and made up my own stuff. I never thought about asking though, so I think I will be following this topic. xP

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Personally I'm not very fond of futa characters, but in regards to the question I'm pretty sure it's one or the other. (Not both).


Hermaphrodites I'm pretty sure are wired just like normal people, and the urethra is connected to one of their genitals, the other is usually not connected to the excretion system. It's a bit different, but imagine it being attached surgically to the skin.


I'm not sure how effective a penis is when the body leans more heavily towards the female side. If it affects the urinary system, there's a chance it'd affect erections and semen production.


I'm not an expert or anything, but that's what I concluded when I was aasked to look up a similar topic in the past.

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You know, I'm surprised there isn't more responses to this question...


... Actually, no. I'm not.



If it affects the urinary system, there's a chance it'd affect erections and semen production.


Males seem able to piss and reproduce with no problems so I'm not sure that's a viable point. Maybe we should ask a hermaphrodite.

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I do have a futa slave and she told me that it is usually the pussy. The cock is usually a extra appendage and can usually not affect the urinary system of a woman. I'm also guessing that if you are a male futa, that piss would come out of the dick, but that is my best guess.

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So what if you're a 50/50 mix? Surely it's theoretically possible.

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Speaking from that logic, it could be possible. But you would need to have both the cum from a male futa and a female futa for it to be possible, at least from my point of perspective.

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      Lactation is not required but enjoyed also in this setting.
      Short and long term both fine, with a preference for at least a short paragraph per reply, set up for the universe first followed by sex and then we'll see~ 
      Other fetishes can be added, but you'd have to ask, if you have a preference sheet I'd love to see it. 
      My OC's that I play are:
      Female character - Alice, blond, green eyes, tsundere and pretends to be chaste, A cup.
      Male character - Francis, dark hair, dark eyes, well endowed. 
      Futa character - Emi, ginger hair, blue eyes, freckles, well endowed in both areas, shy about being a futa until she's aroused.

      I'm happy to accept any of your characters to be with them! ^^

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