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The Perverted Shapeshifter (Probably Fantasy, Maybe Modern)

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Previously I would have posted something like this in the private bulletins, but this time I decided to try here first and then maybe post if there if there is no response.

The idea is here is a shapeshifter with a very open mind and a lot of curiosity.  I am going to suggest two versions of the idea here, but the first is the preferred one.  In this case it is a fantasy setting with an endless variety of fictional humanoid, semi-humanoid or monstrous creatures.  My character would be the shapeshifter, maybe it is an innate talent, maybe it is magic.  Either way it is an extremely rare ability, that no one would have reason to suspect he was not what he appeared as.

Anyway with a motive that is half fetish, half early scientific curiosity.  He decided he wanted to study the mating habits of various creatures.  He decided to study it by experiencing it first hand.  He has done it a few times already but wants to do much more.  To get the full picture, he is also willing to do it as both the male and female.  The decision usually being made depending on the type of creature it is.

I'm not looking for 100% sex but also like the idea of playing out the various courtships and ideally how they handle children.  Some of these could be one on one and some might involve herd/pack/group dynamics.  His transformations are complete enough that he is capable of fathering children or even giving birth to them as a female.  I know that is not everyone's thing but I would like to include it.  And while I prefer to focus on the creatures he may also occasionally take human form as a woman and would like to spend some time on his interactions with men as such.  It is a setting where women are likely not equal to men and he would be studying less respectable situations where a woman might get involved with a man without marriage.




The second one is a more modern version, purely human, using the shapeshifting for a more purely sexual motive.  Using it as a trick to sleep around, with both men and women without them realizing it or having a chance with people both men and women he would not otherwise have had a chance with, due to age (for example going after school girls if he is older or older people if he is that age)/looks/status/blood ties (for example he might take another form and use it to seduce his sister/brother/other relatives without them knowing), or any other reason.  The first idea was purely MxF (with variation on who would be playing each gender).  This one could be a mix of MxF and FxF.  He would probably even be capable of being a futa at times, though it would not be his preference.



In both cases I am looking a lot of sex but with story, and potentially detailed story, around it.  You should be willing to play both male and female characters.  Being into pregnancy and everything around it is a big plus as would playing FxF in the modern version and a wide variety of creatures in the fantasy version.  In the fantasy at least there will not be proper romance but any sort of bonding that a male and female of that type might go through.  He could be with some mates a lot longer than others (some it may just be the courtship and mating, others could be much longer).  Some of the creatures will more intelligent/capable speech and others more beast like and instinct driven.

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