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A nice title for a karma show...for you!

Elena Ichinomiya

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i don't know where to put this kind of thing but here i am. anyway, here's what i brought you guys, as the title said. just pick what the category said and combine it to make a title of the show. (i really don't know where to put this kind of thing, don't judge me!) PS : Either use your identity or you RP character is fine. Since letter X is a great deal of hit or miss.

Your birthday month.

  1. Hoax Spreader
  2. Greedy Merchant
  3. Drama Queen
  4. Liar
  5. Thief
  6. Pickpocket
  7. Rebellious Kid
  8. Debtor
  9. Corrupt Woman/Man
  10. Swindler/Cheater
  11. Gambler
  12. Dirty Loan Shark

Your last number of your birthday date (ex. if you born at 21, then take the last number which is 1)

  1. Got struck down by
  2. Become blind by
  3. Got beaten up with
  4. Squeezed with
  5. Choked after swallowing
  6. Got Addicted with
  7. Thrown to mental hospital because
  8. Got tripped by
  9. Buried in

       0. Caught getting a fight with

First letter of your name (ex. Elena Ichinomiya. Take the first letter which mean E will be used)

  • A : Fast food banner
  • B : Spicy curry
  • C : Ramen bowl
  • D : Bicycle seat
  • E : Tri-door fridge
  • F : Old wet newspaper
  • G : Sack of cement (unopened)
  • H : Sardine can
  • I : Dim sum fork
  • J : Firecracker
  • K : Can opener
  • L : Restaurant curtain
  • M : Rice cake wrap
  • N : Meat bun wrap
  • O : Porn magazine
  • P : Durian seeds
  • Q : Tooth paste
  • R : Lunch
  • S : Medicine wrap
  • T : Used oil
  • U : Breakfast
  • V : Cookie Jar
  • W : Leaked bucket
  • X : Fried tofu
  • Y : Peanut
  • Z : Garden lamp

Well, gotta say i laugh mid way. Let's see, my show title would be:

Thief Become blind by Tri-door fridge...huh, that sure gonna pull some audience

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1 minute ago, IsabellaRose said:

debtor buried in medicine wrap

Yup. Sounds like a headline from a bad news site.

if i use my real name it will be Pickpocket got addicted with medicine wrap. well kids, do drug is bad. even if it actually cold medicine.

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