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Gravity's Rainbow


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Simon Ashe was currently fueled by a hybridization of too much coffee and adrenaline from lack of sleep as he carried the small amount of boxes to and fro from his car, a tattered station wagon that had seen better days. much like it's owner "i think that's it" he mumbled aloud to himself.  books, records, CDs the heaviest things he owned were a guitar, the amplifier he had purchased for it and a typewriter all of which had not been used in quite some time. 

to tell the truth it was not so much that he "Carried" his belongings as he struggled a bit with the hubris of stacking one box too many, The incredible hulk he was not, but he wasn't exactly the Pillsbury dough boy either. long seemingly endless walks at night to clear his mind as of late had seen to that.  moved a swath of coal black hair away from his eyes and glanced around the room "here's goes nothing" he blinked a bit before setting his new apartment keys on the counter before leaning against it. and glancing down at his phone, once again desperately looking for any sort of sign text or email from "her"  nothing. as with the past month and the month before that and so on.   such is the cycle of "The Ones That get away" time would eventually heal him, he knew that but for now, a good sulking was in order.

he took off his glasses sighed and decided to check out the rest of the amenities. Fridge, Stove and Oven, Microwave.


Maybe that's what he needed  so in order to kill two birds with one stone he unrolled the air mattress he'd been sleeping on in the bedroom and set it to inflate. which would take ... a while Disrobed and wandered into the bathroom.  his clothing, a pair of well worn jeans a black zip up hoodie with no zipper. boxer briefs, gray. socks  a plain white t shirt, and his shoes which had seen too more pleasant times their heels worn from all the pacing he did when he was lost in thought.

adorned in all but his glasses. his tall pale thin frame stepped beneath the water and steam and he did his best to clear his thoughts. maybe focus on an idea for lyrics or maybe another short story. as the heat rolled over his frame, the ache in his chest subsided albeit a little bit but it was better than wanting to carve open his sternum with a grape fruit spoon.

he reached for soap, to discover that he had forgotten to buy some on the way down.

.."I need someone to take care of me" he said aloud his voice reverberating off of the tiles

45 minutes of standing heat induced meditation later he exits the shower his head swimming due to the shift in temperature. he pulls on  his clothing again. sill wet and collapses onto his bedding to fall into a fitful sleep. it was the same dream he had been having for about 4 months now.  There she was in her splendor, red hair, blue eyes. glasses. smart as a whip and a smile like the summer sun. and there was her new fiance. sitting on a hill being cute together. it turned his stomach. and all he could do was watch as things got worse and more heated between them. he wanted to scream, to look away but something wouldn't let him. all he could do was watch. and cry, and internally scream for it to end it seemed like it went on forever. this endless unwanted act of voyeurism made him feel so completely powerless he woke up sobbing. the only words he could find after it ended were a quiet and whispered 

"I. Need"  the sun was down. and he was hungry. for once. so he stepped into the hall after deciding something simple like pizza and hard cider might be a good idea. rows of doors adorned the hallways various voices muffled behind them. "keys, check, Wallet, Check. Phone,.."  he checked his email again. and again nothing. "check" adjusting his glasses he slowly set forth down the hallway that seemed as if it was something out of another dimension either due to the length of it in accordance with the building's size or simply the fact that he was in a negative emotional state.  

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