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Getting What She Deserved (BrotherxSister | Buio & Imouto Kanna)

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Imouto Kanna

Koharu is a fifteen year old sophomore. She attends the same school as her older brother, Kenjiro who is 17. The bratty 15 year old is always causing troubles for her older brother.  Skipped class to go get a new ecchi video game? Ha, no way. Caught looking at porn? Busted. Trying to fuck his girlfriend at home? Not happening. What about going over to her house? Oops, an anonymous tip to the girl's family has been made! She's even found his condom stash and poked holes in all of them with a little note mocking him with what she did. Because of all the tattling she did, her parents trusted her more than they should and Kenjiro's girlfriend ended up dumping him. 

They weren't always like this, though. Before they became teens, they got along just fine. Then one day she caught her brother and his girlfriend having sex. This awoke something in her. A mixture of  feelings like jealousy, betrayal and lust kicked in. But of course she couldn't tell him why she was acting like this, she didn't even fully understand herself. 



Another long day of school was over with and it was dinner time for this household of four. Koharu sat across the table from her older brother, Kenjiro. Tonight she was in more of a mood than usual, trying things in front of their parents. When Kenjiro took bites of his food, she would run her bare foot up against his legs and try to reach as far up his thighs as possible. This was all in hopes that he would look over her way, and when their parents weren't looking, she could do some kind of lewd gesture towards him. Sometimes she'd reenact that she had a cock in her mouth and wink, others she would lick or suck on her food suggestively. 

It had been a couple weeks now since she started doing stuff like this to him. There were time's when she would flash him her bra or panties "accidentally" to see if he'd get a boner. Just the other night, she was masturbating after her parents had gone to bed and was being loud enough so that he could hear her through their shared bedroom walls. The new lewd side to her had been born when she found some new porno mags in his room and she noticed she had something in common with them; it seemed like if they weren't siblings, she would be his exact type.

Sadly, she didn't get as much of a response from him as she would have liked during dinner time. So she thought about this as she got ready for bed, trying to think of ways to up her game. First she took the hair clips and hair tie out of her shoulder length light brown hair.  Then she would remove the make up she had worn that day. It was quite simple some mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss. Next came taking out her contacts, before finally undressing and changing into her sleeping attire. The pajamas she wore this evening were quite simple; a silky rosy red short and camisole matching set. Letting her perky c-cup boobs be free, she opted to sleep without a bra most nights, but was wearing panties. Tonight she was wearing cheeky style, hot pink boy shorts.

There were many ideas she had thought of to entice a reaction from Kenjiro. Sending him a lewd picture on his phone was intriguing but then what if he used that against her and showed their parents? There was no way she could explain that in her favor. She could try walking in on him during the shower, but at this point he probably would lock the door to be safe. She finally crawled into her full sized bed and pulled the covers up to her armpits before snuggling an old teddy bear her brother had given her when they were kids. 

In the end she drifted off to sleep before she could really think of a probable plan. How strange, Koharu was not one to fall asleep so quickly and easily.

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Kenjiro (or just 'kenji' as his friends tended to call him) grit his teeth and bit his tongue while his sister played around with him at the dinner table. He was used to having to ignore all her constant teasing, but the fact that she was doing it in front of their parents now was really going too far. Was it really that fun for the little bitch to make him sweat so much? Sometimes he hardly remembered that she was the same sweet girl that used to cling to him for everything. 

He knew she wanted a reaction, but he didn't give her anything besides the occasional glower. Partially because he didn't want to give her the satisfaction, partially because he was too busy accepting his mother's compliments (and suggestions) on the food he prepared for the four of them that night, but mostly as a case of over-correcting for the fact that he didn't want to tip the little brat off to what was really going on.

He'd offered to make supper tonight for more than just brownie points with his parents (something kind of needed anyways what with Koharu always telling on him for the slightest infraction). No, rather, in preparing all of their plates Kenjiro had mixed in some crushed and powdered over-the-counter sleeping tablets with Koharu's mashed potatoes. It was the policy in their house that you show respect by cleaning your plate, and he had made sure to -not- give her an extra big portion for her small appetite to make sure she had no excuse but to eat everything he put in front of her that evening. So even if she somehow tasted the medicine through the potatoes and spices, there would be no escape for her. But still he didn't want to risk tipping her off by checking on how much of her food she'd eaten, so he ignored her for most of the meal.

Lucky for him, she seemed too busy trying to get his attention to really try and undermine his cooking at the table (which would have been hard anyways since he made sure to prepare the steak and mash the way his parents liked), and the supper passed by without any real incident.

Now it was just a matter of waiting. 

Between costing him his first girlfriend, fucking up any future chances he had at getting girls by spreading false rumours of him at school, and now even teasing him sexually around the house, Koharu had pulled just about one prank too many and needed to be put in her place. 

Honestly, he was just lucky she hadn't found his porn stash. underneath his mattress The torment she'd given him lately had made him develop quite the taste for revenge-rape manga lately, and that was not the kind of thing he felt like explaining to his folks if she ratted him out about that. But ultimately she'd sown her own demise by being such a pest, because it was exactly in one such book that he'd gotten the idea for his plan tonight. 

He wasn't going to rape her, mind. He knew that however much she was pissing him off, it would be more than a little fucked up to just go ahead and fuck his own sister against her will. But he was definitely going to scare her straight, and failing that get himself some leverage on the little harpy to make sure she'd stop fucking with his life after tonight. 

In a way, he convinced himself, this was for her own good. she might think that al of this was a game, but soon enough she'd be an adult and if she just kept treating guys around her like she was doing to him, she'd find out quick that most people weren't half as nice about that shit as he was.

So he let the evening pass, did the cleaning up after supper, and let everyone go to bed before him. 

He didn't rush things. 

Kenji knew that he was playing with fire here, and if he wasn't careful he would get burned hard. so he waited. Ten, fifteen, twenty five minutes... he let the seconds tick by in anticipation until three quarters of an hour had passed since Koharu had gone to bed. Honestly, that ight have been a bit of overkill, but he also wanted to make sure that his parents had gone to sleep and wouldn't be dropping by her room for whatever reason. He knew that his mom and her sometimes had 'girl talks' randomly and wanted to cover all his bases.

When he was sure the coast was clear, he finally made his move. 

Creeping out of his own room, he scanned the hallway, keeping his eyes laser focused on his parents bedroom door down the opposite end of the hall. Once he'd assured himself that it was definitely going to stay closed, he tip-toed silently out of his bedroom, closing the door behind him while keeping a steady hold of the doorknob so that the mechanism would not 'click' into place, and then he sneakily made his way into Kahoru's bedroom.

Honestly, as much as he'd prepared for this, he still found himself with his heart practically beating out of his chest. Kenji wasn't some mastermind or anything, so the entire time that he made his way in he was thinking she'd somehow turn the lights onto him, waiting for him with that arrogant fucking smile of hers, and be ready to blow the horn on him. He'd never dreamed of trying anything this ballsy (not to mention criminal) before a week ago, and the way she'd somehow always gotten the better of him these last couple years made him paranoid. 

Nothing happened though. 

By his lucky stars, Kenjiro had seemingly finally gotten the upper hand on the dark-haired little brat who'd been conspiring to make his life hell lately. The streetlight that filtered in through her see-through curtains was more than enough for him to make his way through her room, and see the gentle rise and fall of her chest. There was no way she was that good of an actress, and she didn't so much as stir when he softly called out her name, so he knew the sleeping meds had done their job.

Moving quickly, now, the 17 year old boy pulled out a long piece of silk cloth from his back pocket. He'd originally wanted to get actual rope, but had no idea how he could have done that without getting busted, so instead what he'd done was steal one of his sister's shirts out of the wash and taken a pair of scissors to it to make long ribbons out of it to improvise.
Moving on Kahoru, he hesitated for a moment when he saw her curled up with her teddy. 

Sleeping like that, she almost looked like the sweet sister he once had, and guilt flashed inside him for a moment. but he shook himself out of it, remembering how she'd just the other day tormented him by putting on sounds of masturbation, knowing he'd be able to hear but their parents wouldn't. She wasn't cute or innocent anymore, hell she probably didn't even remember who gave her that teddy in the first place. She was just an ass now, a bratty little teen who deserved everything that was coming to her.

It was with that thought in mind that Kenjiro carefully grabbed his sister's arms and pulled them over her head. Holding them up to one of the bars hat made up her bedframe's headrest, he began carefully slipping the makeshift bindings around her wrists and the metal bar. He was thankful for still remembering how to tie proper knots from his time in the boy scouts, and suddenly realized that his initial idea of using actual rope would have been stupid. Rough material like that would have been way more likely to wake her up prematurely, and getting it tight enough to restrain her would have left way more visible marks than this torn satin was going to.

Once he got her wrists secured together above her head (nearly suffering a heart attack every time she moaned or shifted in her sleep from his manipulations), he continued by pulling the blankets off of her. Soon he'd be able to stop being so careful, but first he needed to get his leverage on her. Working carefully, he pulled up her shirt and... was a bit surprised to see her without a bra on. It's not like he didn't know she'd obviously grown since the time where it was still common for him to see her shirtless, but... well, he couldn't deny the tension he felt in his crotch when he saw her bare breasts. Bah, it was all her fault anyways.

Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he turned on the camera app, and focused it on her naked chest. Making sure the flash was on, he took a couple pictures of her. The bright light made her wince in her sleep, but so far it didn't look like she was awake. Next, he tried to pull down her pajama shorts, but had to abort the idea. She was getting too disturbed in her sleep and at this point she would wake up.

Well, he already had pictures he could threaten her with, so it wasn't that big of an issue if she did, but still he wanted to get his release before she started arguing against him. He was going to make sure that if she planned to go down burning with him after all this, that he was at least going to get his money's worth for all her torment.

Using the phone's stand, he placed it at her bedside in such a way that it would be recording her face and he let it be. Stripping himself of his pants and boxers, the dark haired boy climbed into his sister's bed and straddled her. Looking down at her sleeping face, he began pumping his cock with one hand, while the other reached down to grab her by her hair. "Wake up, Koharu. Wake up.' he started to say as he jerked himself off over her, at first barely above a whisper, but steadily louder and louder as he wanted to see her face when she realized what was happening to her.

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Imouto Kanna

The dreams Koharu had this evening were very bizarre. Most likely a side effect from the sleep medication she had unknowingly ingested. Despite this, she didn't toss or turn much and stayed mostly still while sleeping. The first dream she had was more like a distorted memory from her childhood.  It started off relatively normal, Koharu was around the age of five or six with her older brother at daycare when their mother was too sick to take care of them that day. All of the kids were making fun of her because she had gotten a hold of some scissors and given her self a haircut. And by haircut I mean, her bangs were almost completely chopped off. The next thing to happen was Kenjiro took some scissors and chopped off chunks of his hair to try to prove a point about the kids bullying her. Except, this is where the dream started to deviate. In one of the snips, he missed his hair and cut off one of his ears! Instead of blood pouring out of him, there was gravy and his ear turned into a steak. How strange. Koharu was freaking out regardless and picked up Kenjiro's steak ear anyways, "Oniichan, what do we do?!"

Soon, the scene changed and she was her proper age of fifteen again. Her parents were arguing in front of her and her brother about something that was unintelligible. She looked over at her older brother who had a smirk on his face. Wait, were they yelling about something she had one? This doesn't seem right, Kenjiro was the one who was in trouble. Her father pointed at her while screaming, "this is all your fault for not-" the last bit of words spoken in a way she found hard to understand. Koharu felt horrified, what could she have done she wondered, as she looked down on the dinning room table and noticed a positive pregnancy test. There's no way this could belong to her though! She was still a virgin. Before the dream faded, she heard her brother say something to her but again she couldn't make out the words. The only two words she could make out from everything he said was "you deserve..."

Once again the dream in front of her morphed into something else. This time she was in class with her fellow classmates practicing her language skills. She went to go turn the page, but she couldn't, her wrists had been restrained behind her back. Little did she know that in the real world right now her wrists were actually tied up above her head. Panic began settling in, as she didn't know what to say next without turning the page. Suddenly, the window in the classroom burst open and she felt a cold breeze on her body which made her shiver for a brief moment in the dream and in the real world. The papers to what she was reading had blown everywhere, but she was still unable to move her wrists much to try to catch them. As she looked down at her wrists she then noticed that her top and bra had disappeared!  A high school girl's worst nightmare! She shrieked in the dream, desperately trying to cover herself; while in the bed with her brother watching her, she groaned softly and shifted a bit in her sleep still. 

It didn't take long for Koharu's nipples to perk up from the cold night air in her bedroom.  Her areola were quite a light shade of pink that turned a bit darker on the actual nipple and were small but proportionate to her breast size. Without any external light, it would be hard to tell where her areola started and ended. 

The dream continued. As the cool air continued to assault the classroom and her bare chest, all of a sudden a helicopter flew by the classroom and shown a bright light directly onto Koharu.  She felt blinded and winced in response both in dream and outside of it. There was so much wind she couldn't help but feel the need to try to hold down her skirt so she wouldn't lose that, too.

"What's going on?" she asked in the dream confused. 

A weird smell entered her nostrils. One that she hadn't ever smelled before, yet something about it felt familiar to her. There was no way she could figure out what it was and then all of a sudden her teacher yanked her by the hair and started saying, "Wake up, Koharu. Wake up." How odd, even though it was her teacher, he sounded exactly like her brother. The sensei kept repeating himself over and over again until Koharu slowly stirred out of her sleep with a moan. Her eyes opened up slowly between several blinks. She even tried wiping at her eyes, not realizing her hands were still constrained.

"What...?" she said sleepily as she continued waking up trying to figure out what was staring at her. She tried to move her face slightly closer to get a better look in the dark and she squinted. "What the hell?" Was that a cock?! Her nose wiggled a little as she took a couple of a deep inhales to make sure what was happening was what she was actually seeing and it wasn't another dream. There's that smell again from before. Even though she was incredibly baffled, something about that smell was arousing to her and her pussy felt a twinge of excitement. Her eyes began darting around the room trying to take in what was happening right now. The next thing she noticed was that her shirt was gone! No, wait, it was just pulled up. Was she being assaulted?! Then she made eye contact with Kenjiro. "What the fuck?"

Her eyes adjusted to the dark and she was able to get a better view of what was going on; she was pinned down by her brother... was he jerking himself off on top of her? "What do you think you're doing?!" she asked raising her voice and glaring at Kenjiro. Koharu wasn't a light sleeper, but she sure as hell wasn't a heavy sleeper either. How the heck did she end up like this? It hit her then and there why she managed to fall asleep so quickly, "did you fucking drug me?" she asked her voice getting even louder. If she were to continue this line of questioning at the rate she was, it wouldn't be long before she was loud enough to wake up their parents. She tried to wiggle herself away or at least push him off of her and she finally noticed that her hands were restrained as well.

Koharu was an endless well of emotions right now. Anger, rage, confusion, grogginess and even a bit horny? Was she enjoying this deep down? Also, something about this setting felt familiar. Wasn't one of the manga she found the other day under his bed a hentai involving bondage? She didn't bother reading it as it wasn't something she found arousing, or so she thought. Even if she did read it, she never thought her older brother would be capable of something like this.

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While he looked down at her slowly awakening face, the beating in his chest only became more pronounced, but it also became clear to him that this wasn't just fear, or even mostly fear. it was excitement. He loved seeing her helpless like this, way more than he thought he would. The power he had over this stupid brat was completely intoxicating, and when she finally came to consciousness, realized what was happening, and started questioning him, he physically could not hold back his grin.

He let go of her hair and clamped his hand down on her mouth, partially to shut her up in case she wanted to get any louder, but also because he just wanted her to feel even more helpless as she looked up at him with those angry and confused eyes.

"Shut up." he said authoritatively as he continued stroking himself over her. "Your little game stops right here, Koharu. You might have thought it was funny to fuck with me all this time, but I've already got all the evidence I need to make sure you can't ever show your face at school or anywhere in town ever again."

Saying this, he directed his gaze over at the phone still recording them and used his grip on her mouth and jaw to tilt her head in its direction as well, making sure she saw.

"If you try to bring me down for this, I can have this video and all the pictures I took of you naked plastered all over facebook and the internet at large in a matter of minutes. So what you're going to do is shut up, stay quiet, and take your punishment while doing your best impression of a good girl. It's high time you learned what happened to little tramps who flash their tits and make moaning sounds around guys while fucking over said guy's options for getting any tail of their own."

He made her look back up at him and smiled sadistically down at her. "You know, when you shut that mouth of yours, you're actually almost cute."

He didn't really bother saying anything more after that. She was pinned, tied up, and couldn't even so much as scream. Even if she decided to kick and struggle with all her might, there was no way she was going to get free, so he just forced her to watch him grip his rigid cock and pump it harshly not even a foot away from her face. Her nose was still uncovered, so she would still be assaulted with the scent of his musk burrowing into her brain, and she would even feel droplets of his precum fall down onto her face as his excitement mounted and the vigour of his stroking sent them flying free from the slick coating that had come to cover his cock head.

Kenjiro loved it. Like, he really loved it. The look on her face, in her eyes, the power he held, the way she couldn't do anything and he decided everything that happened, when it happened. This was already so much more than just payback. Maybe it hadn't ever really been about that. either way though, now it was undeniable that he had a new fetish. He'd originally planned on doing this once, getting the material he needed, and then holding it over her head to make sure she stopped fucking with him, but now...

Now, thinking of all the other things he'd be able to force her to do with the blackmail he was collecting, it didn't take him more than a couple minutes of stroking before he felt his loins tighten and suddenly he came. Not daring to remove his hand from her mouth for fear she would scream as soon as he did so, some of his semen got onto the back of it, but most shot out into thick, heavy ropes spreading across her face and even getting into some of her hair.

Kenjiro looked down at what he'd done and... smiled. Or rather continued smiling. He knew he probably should have felt guilty or something, but no. No he didn't feel anything other than excited.

Helpless, afraid, and covered in her own brother's cum smeared across her face... yeah, he loved this look on Koharu, and though he'd just come, the excitement of the situation was leaving him still completely rigid and craving for more.

Letting go of his cock, he took hold of Koharu's hair again and leaned in close, looking directly into her eyes as he maintained the seal over her mouth. "Now then sis, I got myself al dirty from giving you your punishment, so you're going to be a good girl and clean me up, understood? And remember, if you do anything to fight back against me, I'm going to make sure you go down burning with me."

thus, he carefully removed his hand from her mouth, ready to clamp back down on it the second she looked like she was going to scream, and presented the back of his hand to her, thick semen still sticking to it in creamy white globules.

"Show me what that tongue is good for~"

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Imouto Kanna
Posted (edited)

When her older brother shut her up by covering up her mouth her eyes went wide. She had missed her one chance to threaten him to let her go, and now he was the threatening her!  With some quick thinking, she tried licking his hand to see if he would pull back in disgust but it didn't appear to phase him one bit. The grin on his face was terrifying, she had never seen her older brother look or act this way ever.  And all this time she thought she was getting away with the things she did or said but he was secretly holding onto it all for this one moment instead. Her eyes that once contained anger changed to concern, not for only herself but her brother, too. What was he planning on doing? Was he going to be like this forever now? The idea of him being like this to her for their rest of their lives scared her most. She did her best to try to escape by wiggling around but he had her pinned down perfectly. All she wanted to do was apologize but even if she could it’s too little too late.

As she remained constrained, slowly all the memories of the things she had been doing to him the past couple of years creeped into her head. Starting with the first time she teased him when she was only 13 by imitating the moans of his girlfriend while he was trying to do homework one evening.

A couple of the memories stuck out in particular though. The one where she watched from behind the corner as his girlfriend dumped him stating Koharu was the reason and she felt an odd satisfaction, as Kenjiro tried to contain his sadness. All while walking up to him shortly after trying to comfort him while hiding her delight of how things turned out. Another memory came to her as she followed her brother's eyes to the phone on the dresser next to her. Kenjiro was in class having lunch and she stopped by to see him, humiliating him in front of his class in the process, on purpose of course. Koharu acted like her older brother had shown her some incest porn the previous night and 'thanked' him for opening her eyes before kissing him on the cheek and returning to her classroom quickly. It was a bold move but worked in her favor as most people in the school just saw her as an outcast anyways. The rumors spread fast and soon all the girls in the school would barely even talk to him after that.

Although Koharu wasn't very well liked at school, she wasn't bullied. If this stuff got out of her, it would ruin her as she had several years left of high school and wanted to go to a local college, too. So no matter what she did now, her life was in his hands. Even if she tried to tell her parents, it wouldn't fix how everyone else would treat her.

She was still baffled by this entire situation as she had never heard him talk to anyone like this before. However, she was thrown off guard when he called her cute and her face couldn't help but blush instantly.

The more her nasal passages filled with the scent of her brother's manhood the less it started to bother her. In fact, slowly her body would react to the smell and her virgin pussy would slowly become lubricated as her nipples began to stiffen. As the first few drops of precum hit her face she flinched, but she didn't mind that eventually either. Despite her body slowly becoming aroused from the situation, her eyes shifted between displaying fear and concern as they darted from starting at Kenjro's face and to his sizable cock.

Luckily, when her older brother finally came, he missed getting it directly into her eyes. The rest of her face, hair and some of her pillowed wasn't spared, though. When he was jizzing all over her, out of instinct, she flinched again before she had stopped struggling to escape and accepted what was happening. 

Their faces being so close as he held onto her hair gave her a good look of the twisted expression on his face. She barely recognized her own brother. The complete change in personality still felt as if it came out of nowhere since Kenjiro had done such a good job keeping his cool every time she did something to him. 

Wait, what does he mean what I think he means? she thought thinking back to some of the porno manga her brother had. Again her eyes rapidly raced back and forth, this time between Kenjiro's serious facial expression to his hand covered in his own mess. Koharu's eyes were screaming for help and as she opened her mouth, not a sound could be heard. After not being able to utter a word, she closed her mouth and pouted. But slowly her slimy tongue protruded through her lips. The closer to her brother's hand her tongue got, the more she started to hesitate and she closed her eyes nervously. But when Koharu finally made contact with his cum her eyes opened wide in shock. Until now everything she had heard about cum was that it tasted awful, but she actually didn't mind how her brother's ejaculate tasted. She found herself almost enjoying this and she ended up cleaning her big brother's hand off like an animal would lap up water. When his hand was finally spotless, her tongue wandered around her mouth cleaning off any jizz it could reach on her face. At one point she was even trying her hardest to lick the cum off the tip of her nose.

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Kenjiro couldn't help but grin at how subservient she was being now. It was almost embarrasing, but he couldn't remember ever having been so turned on. 

Sure, he'd only had sex with one girl so far, and even then only a handful of times before the relationship was completely ruined, but the fact remained that his ex had never looked at him like that. Even though she was the one who'd suggested they have sex first, in the back of his mind Kenji had always felt like Sayaka only ever put out because she thought she'd lose her boyfriend otherwise. She didn't blush cutely like this, always held herself back from moaning or making a sound, and she sure as hell never wanted his cum like his helpless brat of a sister was showing she did now—reaching every which way her tongue could go to get more of his seed.

This was completely different from back then, and unbelievably better.

"Look at that~ You're usually such an insufferable pest, but the second i put you in your place, you lap up my cum like a kitten to milk. what a dirty little pervert you are, Koharu." he said with a chuckle.

Reaching over, Kenjiro took hold of his phone and, keeping the camera away from himself, ended the recording. With how long it had been going already, he knew he'd be running out of space on it soon, and he wanted to make sure he'd have enough on it to capture this next bit without any problem. Switching the display to selfie mode, he hit the button to start recording again and quickly turned the device around so that it would focus on her, letting her see her own cum-soaked face and hazy, lust-filled expression.

"Well then, how about you start being an honest little sister Kahoru? If smile for the camera and admit at how hungry you are for the cum i just sprayed you with, I might just give you another present tonight~" 

as he said this, he twisted his torso slightly, looking behind himself and reaching towards her pajama bottoms with his free hand. doing his best to keep the phone angled in such a way that her face was still centered, he reached into her bottoms and slipped his hand underneath her underwear. For a moment he thought tahat he'd need to get her something sexier to wear than those boyshorts if he was really going to make her his, but then he reached low enough and felt the slickness of her pussy.

He'd expected her to be excited, but this was... To think of how much foreplay he'd always had to do with Sayaka before she got anywhere near this wet. Heh, this really was just perfect. 

Looking back at his helpless little sister, he felt around with the fingers he had at her pussy and soon found her little clit nestled between her labia. While he didn't exactly have the best position to do much more, he was entirely able to start teasing it with his middle fingertip, and repeated his command. "Say it Koharu, tell me what you love, tell me what you crave~"

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      That had been over half a year ago, and the loving couple both wanted to stay together once they'd finished high school. Milo and his girlfriend go to the same college, yet he dreads it as its the same one his older sibling Knox is attending. Their parents suggested that the two brothers live together so that they can pocket the extra money rather than getting two separate apartments. Milo is not thrilled about it but sees the advantages of this, so he doesn't complain too much. Knox is happy to see his baby brother and has always been confused as to why Milo dislikes him. People see him rather fondly, and women find him charming.

      It comes back to Milo why he dislikes his older brother as women come and go from their apartment every few days. When Milo introduces his girlfriend to his older brother, shes doesn't like him at all. Saying he seems like a womanizer and spends most of her time with her boyfriend when shes over and eventually things settle down. She tolerates him enough to be around him and talks to him on occasion. Milo doesn't know it, but there is history between them, and if it came out, the younger brother would hate his older brother Knox even more.

      When they had taken time to be away from one another, Milo's girlfriend went out of town with her friends. Partied, drank, and explored the city for all its worth. His girlfriend had met Knox one night, and she'd had a fling with him that lasted three days before coming back to Milo feeling guilty but figured she would never see that guy again. Surprise, surprise that she would see him again and it was her boyfriend's brother! The two of them have to keep this secret to the grave, but neither one of them can deny there wasn't chemistry between them.

    • Imouto Kanna
      By Imouto Kanna
      Name: Koharu
      Age: 14-18
      Bra size: 32C
      Height: 5'3"
      Body size: petite
      kinks: exhibitionism/voyeurism, first times/virgins, incest
      Title is as suggested. Koharu teases her older brother a lot believing she can get away with it. It starts off small, panty or bra flash here or there. Eventually, she tries even riskier teases like whipping out a tit or showing off her pussy. One day she pushes her brother too far and he actually "forces" himself onto her. (She's into it but tries to pretend she's not at first) Instead of calling him Oniichan she will call him Aniki, it's basically a less formal way to say older brother. It can be kind of impolite/rude but that just shows how much their relationship has changed. If their relationship gets fixed, maybe she will go back to calling him Oniichan again! Or maybe... when he's pleasing her it turns her into a good girl again. We've got options~
    • Godot
      By Godot
      I usually don't do requests like this, but recently I've been craving some forbidden incest. I would be roleplaying the brother/son, if that's okay!
      I prefer roleplaying in private, but public is more than welcome as well. I'm pretty open to ideas, kinks, fetishes and other things to spice up the roleplay! 😍
       I like to ensure that both me and my partner will have the utmost fun with the roleplay, so don't be shy to ask questions and such. 
      I prefer if there's at least a bit of story for the roleplay and the characters. It makes things more unique that way. 
      If you want to surprise me with anything, you can check out my roleplay preferences here: 
      Thank you for reading my post, if you did! ^^ Let me know if you're interested in either here or in EcchiTexts!
    • Imouto Kanna
      By Imouto Kanna
      How I pictured Kanna's older brother in case my partner has no preference whatsoever about him. Most things can be tweaked. This is really just a template because I know some people don't get as into creating their characters as others. Some just like creating the story or what not ^^
      Name: Hisashi
      age: 20-26
      height: 5'9"-6'2" (ish)
      penis: 5-7.5 inches uncut
      hair: white/silver/blonde ish
      eyes: grey or gold
      distinguishable features: glasses, messy long hair
      Body Type: slender, tall

      Kanna's oniichan (older brother) is a nerdy/geeky type of guy. He is a bit of a neet, otaku, and is a total lolicon. Maybe he's just read too much manga or seen to much anime but he's noticed Kanna is around that age where she is starting to mature into a young woman. So what if she's his sister? She's only gonna be a loli for so much longer! However, for him to be able to live with himself after taking advantage of his little sister, she needs to get an interest in sex. A little coaxing from him can't hurt? 
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