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Adventures of Magical Girl Alexandrine Deforest AKA Diamond Sorceress (had a hard time coming up with alias, used random title generator)


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Ok this is a second attempt at a topic I created a long time ago but neglected and got archived.  Technically it is sort of a prequel of a private RP I am doing.  Centering around one Alexandrine Deforest, sole survivor of a team of magical girls who died on their final battle.  This is just something to distract me when I don't have anything else to write.  Not one consistent story that goes from point a to b.  But rather random scenes.  Some maybe from while the old team is around, others how she deals with the aftermath.  Before the other story I am writing.  There may be some sex mixed in but, as I am writing it myself, it will likely be short and without much detail.  More just exploring her life.  Will write scenes as I think of them and have time.

The old team:

Bianka Valencia - Ruby Pixi (Leader)
Alexandrine Deforest - Emerald Sorceress
Emiri Deforest - Jade Guardian (fraternal twin sister)
Ciara Shepherd - Holy Storm
Rina Zimmerman - Silver Soldier

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*The Day After*

(note this will describe the deaths of her teammates, not especially long or detailed, but it was not pretty and will have a degree of description).

The hours of the night passed, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, Alexandrine laid there, unable to close her eyes, with a blank gaze on her face.  Until a few days ago she was a happy, cheerful woman.  Now her mind and heart were shattered.  They had delved deep into enemy territory, the sort of thing they had done repeatedly over the years, against a number of enemies.  They had expected to be back home partying over their victory at that point.  They did win, but at unimaginable cost.  The rest of the team were gone.  Rina:  Torn apart by the hordes, she did not see it, but she heard the screams and the sounds of some of the wounds.  Ciara:  Burned away by an enemy lieutenant.  Emiri…her own sister:  Hit by a surprise strike to the side of the head, killing her instantly, she saw the lifeless body and almost gave up there, but Bianka pushed her on. Bianka was furious too, the short redhead with an aura that appeared on fire, moving with a speed and viciousness Alexandrine had never seen.  Bianka, their leader:  It was down to the two of them, when they reached their target, the broodmother spawning the hoard.

The thing was hideously large, and still constantly birthing more spawn, already capable of fighting.  It was a long and brutal fight.  It looked like they would both make out, but then one of the pointed, spear like, arm, impaled Bianka and pinned her to the wall.  In a fit of rage, Alexandrine drew upon all her power and training.  Releasing an attack strong enough to risk her own own life, the creature was blown away.  The rest of its spawn soon followed, she ran to Bianka, still barely alive, but too late to save.

Bianka smiled as she coughed up some blood.  “…We won…”. A soft sigh.  “Get out of here, Alexandrine.  Get out before the way out disappears.”

”I can’t leave you!  I can’t go back alone!”  Alexandrine cried out in a broken voice.  But Bianka shook her head.  “It’s too late, I can’t last much longer.  Live for us.  Don’t give up. Don’t cry for us.  The others would say the same, you know?”  Alexandrine nodded, pushing the tears into the depths of her heart.  “I promise, Bianka.”  Bianka smiled, pat Alexandrine on the head, then the arm went limp and light in her eyes faded.  She was gone too.  She freed the body from the wall, laid it on the floor and made the long walk back, first to their world, then home.

She had laid in bed sense then, unable to sleep, no idea what to do now…


(this is mostly a fragmentary story, but there may be a few more posts immediately following this one, before switching to another point).

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Eventually, after another hour or two reality forced Alexandrine out of bed.  She had responsibilities now.  She had been fighting as a magical girl for years, barely a teen when she started.  Now in her early 20s, she had to work if nothing else.  Slumping out of bed, she turned on a TV, just to distract herself as she took a quick shower and began to get dressed.  It was a news program on TV, unfortunately touching on the sensitive subject.  "As of last night, monsters sightings in the area came to a sudden end.  It is believed to be the work of Ruby Pixie and her team."  They were celebrities.  No one knew their true identities but their alias were known to everyone, they had gone as far doing occasional interviews, or setting up events people could meet them.  "There has been no confirmation from the team as of yet.  No comment yet on there recent victory."

(There won't be...never again.)  Alexandrine thought to herself.  They were done, the team dead, other than her.  For now at least, she could not see herself fighting again either.  That world was gone.  No one else would ever know what happened that day, none of those sorts of events or interviews anymore.  She was never good at them anyway.  No way she could do it on her own, like this, or tell anyone what happened.  Bianka's last words ran through her head again.  She had made a promise, one she could not betray.  She would not cry for them.  She would live, to the extent she could.  Though it was not going to be much of one.

Leaving her apartment, she walked to a vehicle that did not really fit the casual dress outfit she had put on for work.  An old beat up van.  It had been bought by the team as a group, once they started getting old enough to drive.  Something they could move in together, with room for supplies and to occasionally sleep in.  Getting in it by herself was painful, but she could not imagine selling it or getting rid of it.  She would keep it until it could no longer move, maybe even after that.  It was a 15 minute or so drive to the office where she worked, just another employee.  With a sigh she got out of the van and headed inside.

It did not take long to get noticed, as she ran into one of her coworkers in the hall.  Ryan, a man she assumed was 3 or 4 years older than her.  Tended to get along with everyone and try to be friendly.  Of course he saw the look on her face.  "Are you alright, Alexandrine?  If you are sick you should take the day off.  Or is something bothering you?"  She shook her head slowly.  "I just had a hard time sleeping, I'll be fine by tomorrow."  She said, a cold voice, lacking in enthusiasm and spirit she used to have.  An idiot could have seen something else was going on, but he was not a pushy man and with a nod, gave her her space and let her go to her computer.  She could only hope work could distract her somewhat.

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It had been a long day.  Any coworker who knew her at all knew something was very wrong.  A drastic overnight change like that did not happen randomly.  She was barely able to interact with any of them, one of the women she ran to in the bathroom went as far as to ask if she had been assaulted or worse the previous night.  It took all her strength just to be fairly professional with clients, forcing herself to sound friendly.  There were hours of this until the day finally ended.  She was stopped on the way out by another coworker, Elizabeth.  "...Alex..."  She had always used that nickname.  "Something is clearly bothering you.  I don't know what happened.  You don't have to tell me.  But I'd hate for you to go home like that.  Let's go get out of here.  Please?"  Alexandrine did not really want to, but she was not looking forward to going home either, so shrugged went along with it.

The bar Elizabeth took her too was not her idea of a great time.  She was not much a drinker, tried it once or twice to see what it was like, but did not really care for it.  Even now, she had no intention of becoming one of those drunks that used alcohol to hide from their problems.  But for tonight she would deal with it.  Mostly just nodding along to the things Elizabeth said.  "Do you have any friends you can talk to about whatever is happening, Alex?"  (...Not anymore.)  She thought to herself, but only shrugged off the question.  No one could know what happened to any of them, there secret had to be kept.  She was dreading the eventual questions from her parents, wondering if she had seen her sister.  Even her family could not know.  Combined with the drinking, it made her a bit nauseous.

Elizabeth pushed on.  "Ryan likes you, you know?"  She just it out there, leading Alexandrine to turn to her with a confused look.  "If you want me to give him a little push, I'm sure he'd ask you out."  Alexandrine saw what her coworker was doing. Trying to cheer her up, give her someone to maybe get close to.  But dating?  She had done a little bit of it in her school days, she found it hard to find the idea appealing at the moment.  But anything might be a welcome distraction.  She let out a soft sigh.  "Knock yourself out.  Why not?"  She said without enthusiasm.  Elizabeth smiled and put her hand on Alexandrine's shoulder.  "Great!  Hope you have something nice to wear, you should expect him to ask within the next few days."  Alexandrine at that point just finished her drink and waited for her companion to finish hers.

Then she was back, slumping into bed again.  Wondering if she could sleep, if she wanted to sleep.  She simply waited to see if it would happen.

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