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Kalvoras Vertal

A Small Price for a Big Mission

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As Kuri’s thrusts became rougher, the pleasure that ran rampant through Catherine’s body increased in intensity. She could slowly feel herself lose any kind of higher function, as all she cared about was his cock buried deep inside of her. She didn’t care if anyone heard them. Right now, her entire universe only consisted of them two. No one else mattered. Every thrust of his cock into her body sent a wave of pleasure so intense that it erased all thought from her mind, reducing her to the level of base instincts. Her hips moved with his thrusts, using her legs wrapped around his waist to raise herself up so that their thrusts were meeting one another. As his movements were regular, it allowed her to easily fall into his rhythm where they could move together as one. Her eyes remained closed, her face twisted in pleasure as she was fucked like she had never been fucked before. She hoped that this would continue for a long time, because she didn’t want this to even end.

As she sank deeper and deeper into the intense waves of pleasure, her fingers itched with the desire to scratch along his back. To claw at him, to drive him on more. She hesitated to do that, though, because she knew that not every man was into that. But she had seen some men boasting about how scratched up they became, as it was a sign of how good they were in bed. Until today, Catherine had not really understood as to why. But now, she understood clearly. The storm of pleasure that she was subjected to made her want to cling onto Kuri for dear life, to dig her nails into him. But as she didn’t know his reaction to something like that, she clenched her fists as she clung onto his neck for dear life as her moans easily filled up the large, open room as he continued to fuck her on the bed, causing the wooden frame to squeak and groan in protest of its abuse. But Catherine didn’t care, and nor would she if it broke, because in her mind the bed was far less important than getting Kuri to fuck her as hard as possible, “Ahhhnn~ Fuck! Kuri~♥ Please! Fuck me harder!” She moaned out loudly. 

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Kalvoras Vertal

Kuri grins and continues pounding into Catherine's soaked cunny, feeling the flesh wrapping around him and squeezing as he picks up the pace and begins to fuck her ever harder and faster. He pants heavily, his mind clouded in the pleasure of her pussy succumbing to his cock and giving itself completely to him. Kuri leans down and kisses at her neck before baring his teeth and biting down roughly on the side of her neck before starting to suck on the fragile skin to leave a love bite on her. To mark her as his, and his alone. Her moans and gasps were melodies to his ears, and he could listen to them all day and night if he could.

Kuri's crimson eyes are left in darkness as he closes his eyes and lets his body fully take in the feelings and sounds of her body as he claims it completely as his. He trails kisses down from his love bite on her neck down to her breasts and giving teasing kisses to the sides of her breasts before taking the nipple of her left breast into his mouth and applying a small amount of suction to it. His teeth clamp down gently, rapidly, and he gives occasional soft tugs to them as his hips continue to move fluidly in and out of her tight little cunt. 

"As you wish, princess~"

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Catherine’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as Kuri’s thrusts became even faster, ramming into her body even harder than before. Each thrust caused a wave of intense pleasure to race through her, blocking out all coherent thoughts. All that was left was her burning desire to be fucked, to breed with this prime specimen of manhood. Unconsciously, her nails scraped across the skin of his back, leaving red marks in their wake as she continued moaning loudly, filling the room with the sounds of her intense pleasure. A cry of surprise escaped her as she felt his teeth suddenly sink into the flesh of her neck, before he began to suck on the wound. Her back arched, and she found herself pushing her neck into his mouth, “Oh God, Kuri~” She moaned, her entire body shuddering as the action made shivers run down her back that only seemed to intensify the feelings of pleasure that raced up from her cunt. One of her hands unconsciously moved to the back of his head, pushing his head into her neck. She wanted him to mark her. To claim her as his own. She had been waiting years for this moment, and she was happy that her dream of being claimed by her savior were coming true. 

Catherine tossed her head, another loud moan ripping from her throat as he kissed his way down her neck to her breasts where he began kissing the soft flesh of her globes. She gasped when he took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it, sending stabs of pleasure through her breast that made her hips hump even more wildly into his own. Her eyes closed as she let out a long, low moan as her pussy convulsed around his cock and her body twitched. She could feel the rapid coiling in her lower abdomen, and she knew what was going to happen. She was going to cum around his cock, and her body was coiling tightly in anticipation. Her legs tightened around his waist as she moaned out, “Oh, Kuri~ I’m going to cu-cum soon!” Her head tilted back as her back arches, pressing her breasts harder into his mouth. Her pussy twitched around his cock as if trying to pull him deeper. 

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      Description: After meeting in less-than-ideal circumstances, Alez and Cassandra had teamed up to put a stop to Mr Enron's plans and to find out whom or what they are working for. In their search for Mr Enron, they find themselves inside a Domain of a being from Cassandra's home universe, one sent to start Cassandra's 'punishment'.
      *Cassandra looked a bit aggravated on the outside, her expression rather grim and perhaps a bit apprehensive. Though, that was nothing compared to how she was feeling on the inside. Internally, she was hurting inside but she was not hardly showing it on the outside. That was due to Cassandra's own training and experience but even that...did not seem to help her cover up every single thing she was feeling at this moment. She knew this place, she had been here before. Though she knew that this place no longer exists now in her universe, the area and planet that this place was is much further along in time than here is, this place was once real...even if it only exists as part of this Domain. The Domain itself, which could take any form the owner wishes it to take, was a power given to special beings...chosen by the god of her own universe. She knew that fact rather well...given she used to have powers like that. That was quite some time ago, a lifetime ago in fact. Cassandra used to be much more powerful than she was now, given that she was meant to be the embodiment of the 'Eternal Hero' of her home universe. This 'Eternal Hero' was god's chosen warrior, whose sole mission was to defeat Evil in all of its incarnations. Her job was to defeat Evil whenever and wherever it would appear in her universe, slaying it was the point of her existence and she would reincarnate again and again to defeat it again and again. That WAS her life and all the lives she had previously were devoted to the task of killing this Evil...even if it kept inevitably coming back. She did her job without question nor complaint over her lives and gave her life to the cause when it came to it which it usually did. However, something changed with the present life she is living...she found Helheim...or Helheim found her and that changed her fate forever. No longer was she the chosen warrior, destined to win against Evil. No longer was her destiny to fight the 'good' fight against Evil. No...her destiny was no longer so simple...if it ever was. Now, she was no longer part of her universe and the use of the current god of her universe for her was now zero. She could no longer serve the purpose god gave her and thus was now useless and unneeded. The current god of her universe, whom she served so willingly and unfailingly over those lifetimes...no longer wanted anything to do with her. But why? As it turned out, her lives before this one were based off lies. Many lies, so many lies. Though she thought she knew how things were...she actually didn't know anything.  Helheim had revealed the truth to her, that she had been deceived for all that time. That the god that she had served for all those lives...was not the god that created her world. The Evil she had been killing all this time...was the god that created the world and started life. Her life...before then...was just a sham, a false but convenient and appealing story for mortals and herself to consume. Her role...nothing more than disposing of the inconvenient past for whatever designs the current god had for the world. But that was history. Here, in this Domain, was someone she once knew very well...and was once someone she could call more than just a friend and comrade...someone she had cared for when they were alive together and even beyond that time. Yet...Cassandra suspected...nay...knew that their reuniting today would not start or end well. It could only end in tears.* 
      "I never thought...I would see this place again..." Cassandra said softly, her words wavering. "This place no longer exists in my home universe, you see. Though this is no illusion. This is someone's Domain and they will not allow us to leave unless they are...dealt with." Cassandra's voice stumbled, betraying her emotional state to Alez. That she was definitely suffering. 
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