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Side Story: Flirty Truth Games!


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Location: Emi's apartment (714) 9:52 am.

That damn girl. She clearly was avoinding the dare part because she knew he would dare her to get naked as well. In that case all he had to was to come up with a 'truth' she wouldn't want to answer or at least something that would be very awkward for her to tell. There was one thing keeping him from coming up with something, though... "Would mind stop staring? My eyes are up here you know?" he said while pointing at his eyes.

In a few moments, he had decided on what to ask her "I want you to tell me about your deepest sexual fantasies" once again, the smug grin was there. She would surely feel unfortable talking about that.


A goofy grin spread across Emi's face. One hand moved up to rub at the back of her head, eyes finally snapping up towards the boy's face. Hey! She couldn't help it! This was one lonely bunny! Could one really fault her for staring a bit longer than usual? No. The answer was no. It was totally no.

Unfortunately Isaac was on to her little plot! Now she had a choice to make. Either give up her deepest sexual fantasies, which was way too embarrassing to admit, or go for a dare. If she goes for a dare then clearly it would be to also strip naked! And if she were to deny that? Well she'd lose and he'd probably choose that anyways. Still, she wasn't willing to get naked yet. No, he'd have to try harder than that!

With face a bright red Emi slowly wrote down her answer, holding it up when she was finished. Her face was purposefully hidden by the notebook while Isaac read it. She was still pretty timid when it came to certain things, especially around a cute boy. Him being naked didn't make things any easier either.

'Multiple partners. Boys, girls, or a mix. Different types. You know. Human. Not Human. Stuff like that. No condoms. Kissing. Hand holding. Making love. My partners would know what they are doing. They would take charge. It would last for hours. Maybe days with breaks.'

She left the note hanging for a good minute while she took a few deep, quiet breaths. Legs rubbed together at this point. Just the thought was getting her riled up! Isaac being naked certainly was a bonus too. Once she felt comfortable enough to lower the notebook she did so, writing out another note.

'Truth or dare?'

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As much as Emi tried to hide, Isaac could see how flustered she was. He clearly made her unfortable, so he at least he got that, but she was playing hard to get, which was more annoying and frustrating than anything else. Her fantasies, though... damn... for such a young looking girl she sure was slutty. He avoided thinking too much about it so he wouldn't have to deal with... well... hidding a boner.

As for her question... well, that was pretty obvious. "Dare" he replied with a simple shrug. What the hell else could she ask of him?! He was already naked for fuck's sake!

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Well. Crud. How did I not see that coming?

Perhaps she went a little too hard out the gate. Now there was little she could do to get Isaac to go for truths! And daring him to do them seemed like cheating. She wouldn't stoop so low. Still, she had to dissuade him from going the dare route so easily! On the other hand she could just have fun with it. Eh, why not both? With a slow nod she wrote out another note. Might as well also prepare for his round of questions! It'd make things go a little more smoothly in her mind.

'I dare you to do a dance. At least for a minute. Whatever type of dance you'd like. Also to make things easier: I choose truth again.'

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A dance eh? She probably thought she was being smart in finding a way to force him to get up, but he was smarter than she tought. "Whatever type of dance? Ok then" again with his confident and smugh attitude, he began to do a robot kind of dance while moving only his arms and and torso. After a minute had passed, he stopped.

Now for another truth. He figured it would be best to keep his approach the same "I want you to tell me where are your most sensitive and arousing spots. Like... where do you most like to be touched?" that was sure to make her even more unconfortable. Her reaction while writting about it was something he really wanted to see. "Oh, and next I want dare"

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Okay. I admit. That was pretty clever.

As Isaac's little robot dance came to an end Emi gave the boy a soft round of applause! She had to admit that she would not have thought of that. Next time she'd have to be a little more specific. He was too clever to give too much leeway to.

His question wasn't too bad. In fact they were pretty obvious. A simple one for her to answer. While she wrote out her note she also tried to consider what sort of dare to give him.

It has to be something more difficult. More embarrassing. I mean, that might work, but it'd be pretty lewd. Well, if it works it works, right? Yeah. I doubt he'll do that.

Even as she wrote out the note Emi's face was heating up. She really wasn't expecting him to do it! But it seemed the only way to get truths out of him by this point. Well, without cheating that is.

'Beyond the usual spots? My ears are very sensitive. The most sensitive place is my tail. Not the poofy part but the part that moves it. Also my neck but not as much. As for your dare? I dare you to stand, face me, and masturbate for a minute without finishing. I'll take a truth next.'

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Ok, no. Hell. No. Isaac has enough self respect to know when a girl is trying to humiliate him. As if being the only one naked, wasn't bad enough, she was ckearly enjoying herself while submitting to all that, which made him even more annoyed and frustrated. That said, Isaac once again found a chance to prove just how well he could use his brain. She didn't say 'masturbate yourself', so...

"Trying to humiliate me huh? Well, you should have been more specific" he replied with a grin before getting up and quickly placing one of his hands inside her pants and over her genital area while using the other hand to spawn strings, that immediatly attatched to her arms and legs keeping them in place. Just as she told him to do, he kept gently touching her nether area through the fabric of her panties for a minute before backing out, sitting again and dissipating the strings. "Now tell me, what arouses you the most?"

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Now Isaac approached her! And for a few moments she was utterly confused. How could he interpret it any other way? She wasn't specific enough?! No, she thought she'd been quite specific! Heck she'd even specified not finishing just so he didn't end up getting her dirty!

Suddenly her arms and legs were frozen. The poor bunny's eyes widened in horror, ears drooping back against her head. Her breathing picked up, quick and frantic while she found herself bound in place. The same strings had kept her from her shifting before. She was effectively trapped and, unfortunately, it was one of her bigger fears.

However Emi wouldn't have too much time to ponder upon that. A hand slid into the waistband of her shorts. Her face was already as red as it could go. Emi's mouth opened, a silent gasp escaping her while fingers rubbed over her cotton covered mound. The region was squishy, as to be expected, although also already very warm. Within seconds a faint line of moisture formed along the cleft of her sex. Emi's hips jerked with every gentle stroke made against her body, head hanging back, toes curling as the boy played with her.

By the time Isaac removed his hand he'd find his fingers coated in a thin layer of the bunny's sweet fluids. Her body slumped against the couch as she was released, eyes closing while she worked on catching her breath. It had been enough excitement to make her little nipples perk up, soft pink now faintly exposed through her white tanktop.

That wasn't so bad. I mean besides the being bound up part. Crud. This is going to get more difficult. His question is a bit easy though.

When Emi had finally managed to gather herself enough she slowly sat back up. A shaky hand wrote out her note before she held it up.

'Multiple partners at once. Sort of goes with the sexual fantasy thing. I guess more specifically would be getting screwed. You know. In my pussy. I'm going to assume you want another dare so here it is: I dare you to run around the block naked. Outside. Right now.'

After that show of force she had to pull out all the stops!

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Finally, Isaac saw a chance to put a stop to that madness while also retaining most of his pride. Not specifing if he wanted truth or dare after making his question to Emi turned out to be a happy accident. "Well, actually..." he began while rubbing the back of his head "...I was planning on going for truth next. You know, all these dares one after the other are getting... annoying"

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Oh! Perfect!

Emi nodded slowly, staring at her notepad. Right. A good truth. Through all this frisky dare slinging she'd forgotten what sorts of things she'd wanted to ask. But he'd asked her some very personal things. She might as well do the same, right?

'What is your deepest sexual fantasy and why? Also I will try a dare.'

At this point he was naked and Emi was, well, getting quite warm beneath her clothes. Heck he'd already rubbed her off for a minute! And honestly she hadn't even worried about getting naked since the beginning of their little game. Sure, circumstances were different, but she'd been naked around people before. Could it really be any worse right now?

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As he read the next note, Isaac already saw the opportunity to, hopefully, frustrate her as much as she has been doing to him for the last couple of minutes. Using his logic and argumentation skills. "Well, you includded 'what' and 'why' there. Effectively making two questions instead of one. Therefore, I will only answer the first question" again, that smug attitude was back "I... actually don't know for certain if I am being honest... I guess maybe a nurse/patient roleplay...? I never really thought about it..." he replied with a shrug. Isaac never really had stopped to really think about that particular thing, mostly for lack of... experience on the subject. 

"As for your dare, well... you know... play the rest of the game nake-" he then stopped when a sudden, but very welcome better idea came to his mind. "You know what? I got something even better! You have to remain naked for as long as I am naked. Oh and I want truth next"

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Heck. Right again. I think all this friskiness is getting to me. Oh well. Least things can cool down in a moment.

His dare was somewhat expected. She could already see where he was going with it. He'd stay naked and, thus, so would she. Not that she terribly minded. No, especially not when she was already so flustered. So with a shrug she stood up.

The first to go was her tank top. Fingers slid underneath the hem, pulling it up and off her body before it was tossed aside. As to be expected her chest was almost completely flat. However she did have slightly budding breasts, hints of fat evident around the soft pink areola of her nipples, nearly blending them into the rest of her pale skin. With her current excitement they were a little perky as well. Next Emi hooked her thumbs into not only the waistband of her shorts but also her panties, sliding both down her body at once! As they hit the floor she stepped out of them. Hints of pink covered her chest and her hairless mound, both indications of her arousal. Of course the faint beads of moisture outlining her otherwise hardly visible cleft were also evidence of the same.

For a few moments she stood still, eyes cast towards the floor and hands together in front of her. She didn't fully cover herself, figuring it was only fair for him to see her as much as she'd seen him. But then she sat back down upon the couch, this time on her knees so that her legs could squeeze together. Another note was written up for him. Might as well get more direct!

'If we had sex right now what position would we do it in? Also I'll take another dare.'

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Finally, he was also able to get her naked. Not being the only nude person in the house sure made him feel a lot more confortable. Needless to say, as Emi stripped herself out of her clothes, Isaac took the opportunity to have a good look on her body. It is very unfortunate that the bunny girl's breasts were in fact very small since, like pretty much any other man, big breasts were a very desired thing to see. Still, he instead focused on her very well defined ass and tighs, which were also well desired among most men. Her nether region was also on full display, causing the detective to lock his vision the for a long as he could. 

Soon, Emi sat down again and he had another question to answer. Keeping his cool was just impossible now. There was a cute girl naked right in front of him for fuck sake! His penis got a bit hard and he knew that trying to hide it would be a lost cause. Her question didn't help either. "Uhh... I don't know. I never had sex before, so I don't know a lot of positions... maybe missionary?" he replied with a slight shrug before coming up with her dare "I dare you to masturbate yourseld in front of me for one minute. I'll take a dare now." 

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Emi could feel Isaac's eyes upon her body. Sure, her chest was disappointing to most, but her rump was nicely rounded for her size! It certainly wasn't big either, but it had a nice shape. And her thighs? Well she had a very strong lower body. They were a little fuller than normal. Her hips were just a little wider than her shoulders as well, giving her a slightly curvy shape overall despite her petite stature.

Very basic huh? It seems like a nice one though. Very romantic. I like.

Well Isaac's dare was one she should have expected. Unfortunately he'd chosen his words just a bit more carefully than she had. It was a very dangerous one to accept too! Doing that was certain to get her going and, well, let's just say her blood didn't stop boiling until she was good and worn out. Sometimes if she got that way it took her hours of non-stop work just to get herself back out of the mood! But perhaps she could use this as a sort of training. Besides, she was pretty horny right now.

So Emi leaned her back against her arm of the couch, using it as a sort of support to keep herself at least slightly elevated. Legs spread apart for Isaac to watch. One hand traced up along her belly, fingers rubbing against her own soft skin until they found a breast. The other took a lower path. Two fingers rubbed against her already moistened vulva. Little circles were made and each brush against her excited mound sent a shiver up her spine. The little bunny closed her eyes, allowed her head to hang back while hips slowly shifted around, humping her crotch against her wandering digits. Of course her other hand was quite occupied as well, squeezing against her breast on occasion.

Slick noises filled the room as she sped up, occasionally punctuated by a hushed gasp or a low whimper. Legs fought to stay open, often times twitching inwards, squeezing thighs around the girl's hand. She probably ended up going at least a couple minutes before she realized how long she had been at it. Gradually she came to a stop, allowing her slightly glazed-over eyes to open up, peering towards the boy sat opposite to her. With a teasing end Emi used the same two fingers that had been rubbing to instead slightly spread apart her pale lips, offering a brief glimpse of the pink unblemished flesh of her inner folds.

When she sat up Emi wiped her fingers off against her discarded tanktop. That would need a good washing later. Tiny breasts lifted and lowered quickly while she tried to catch her breath, body wiggling once in awhile as jolts of pleasure and a great desire ran through her body. It was becoming difficult to think of anything good to ask him. Her mind was quite focused in one specific area. But it also was becoming a game of who could outlast who. Slowly she wrote out a note before holding it up for Isaac to read.

'I dare you to masturbate yourself in front of me until you're about to cum, and then to stop before you do. Also I'll try a truth this time.'

Now it was time to test his endurance and his self control all at once! Besides, she felt like making him feel like she did at the moment.

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Emi sure put quite the show there. She even went as far as surpassing the 1 minute limit, and clearly was showing herself off to Isaac. Which obviously got his attention. Needless to say, he was almost hypnotised by that scene and his penis got as hard as it could possibly get after seeing that. Keeping lewd thoughts out of his mind was absolutely impossible now.

Emi's new dare wasn't really surprising considering how far both have gone and at that point Isaac couldn't really complain much. He did as he was asked. He positioned himself better and more confortably on the couch, completely exposing his rock hard dick. With his right hand, he began to masturbate, going with somewhat slow strokes at first. His face and body began to heat up as the scene went on. Over time, his hand's moves began to get faster and more intense as he was feeling more and more pleasure. After several minutes, Isaac found himself approaching the climax and was able to power through the pleasure, stopping before it was too late. He would probably be able to keep going for a bit longer, but he didn't want to risk failing the dare.

Taking a couple of deep breaths to calm himself down, he was finally able to come up with Emi's truth. "I want you to tell me how do you feel about creampies. Assuming that you know what I mean, of course. And I want a truth next."

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The little rabbit's eyes were glued to Isaac's hand while it drifted downwards. He started to masturbate for her, just as she'd dared him to do, but at this point it wasn't really surprising at all. They were both clearly horny. While she observed Emi didn't even notice the hand on her breast shifting around, softly groping and rubbing against the slightly squishy region. Her other hand drifted down, fingers settling upon her left thigh.

Fuck. This is tough. At least the truths should help calm us down. At least, a little bit. Heck at this point I wouldn't even disagree to a good romp. I bet it'd feel pretty great. Hurt a bit at first but, well, yeah. He's big enough. Doubt he would disagree either. But it's really about who cracks first now.

When Isaac stopped Emi relaxed again, sighing softly to herself. Another easy question. Still, despite their nudity and despite what they'd just done in front of each other Emi was still a little embarrassed to answer such things. It was all very new to her! She was starting to write out a response when she remembered the person he'd been with before. Right. This game had started no so lewd. It'd help calm her down a bit too! Although she didn't want to fall back into the habit of only doing truths as well.

'They sound pretty fun. I wouldn't mind one. Or more. Who was that person working with you the other day? Also I'll take a dare.'

Even so, despite her trying to calm down Emi's gaze occasionally returned to Isaac's dick. Her heart hammered within her chest. Heat filled her despite the lack of clothes. And she was doing everything in her power not to simply start rubbing herself again.

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Finally! A question that was easy to answer! And probably the first one that didn't involve sex in anyway shape or form. She was clearly trying to step down from the whole thing. That likely meant she was at her limit and trying to hold back her sexual urges. That was something Isaac simply had to take advantage of, but for now, he had some explaining to do. "That was by best friend and partner, Yoshitzune. He is a Yokai spirit to whom I would trust my life, if necessary" 

Now for her dare. He had to think on something that would push her to the absolute limit, and he knew just the thing. "I dare you to masturbate until you are about to cum, but stop.before reaching climax. I'll take a truth next."

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A spirit? Neat. So he talks to spirits.

Emi slowly glanced around the room. Wait. Was he in here now? It only brought more lewd thoughts to her. Perhaps he could join in! Wait could they even touch a spirit? Now she had quite a few questions to ask! Unfortunately Isaac went on the offensive.

Crud. I'm going to lose at this rate!

Even so she would comply. With a slow nod she opened her legs once more. The hand on her breast started to grope and squeeze with more vigor as she finally now noticed it was there. Her other hand returned to her slit, rubbing two fingers in little circles against her squishy mound. Wet noises filled the room, joining her heated breathing and the occasional shift of her body as she humped against her digits. Occasionally her fingers caught against one of her lips, parting it to expose the drenched pink normally concealed beneath, each time drawing forth a sharp breath from the young bunny.

Within moments her hips jerked upwards, humping against the air. She rolled against her fingers, head pressing back against the arm of the couch. Then suddenly she gripped more firmly against her breast, legs squeezing inwards to stop her own fingers, body shaking as she held herself on the cusp of an orgasm! For a moment she rolled onto her side, whimpering while she squirmed in place. It took about a minute to calm down enough, each second focused upon not cumming.

Close. So close. I want him inside me so bad! Cripes this is tough!

With her breathing slowing down Emi slowly sat up, turning to stare at Isaac for a few moments longer. A mischievous grin spread across her face while she wrote out a note. Then she held it up with a wink.

'Would your friend like to join us? Also I'll take a truth.'

Need a break. A breather. So hard to think.

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Just like before, Emi put up quite the show, but this time, for even longer and with way more intensity. The way she moved, both her hand and the rest of her body, the many lewd noises that escaped both her lower and upper lips... all of that just made a hell of a package. Isaac himself had to focus and force himself to not begin masturbating again. He had to hold himself back. After all, he had the funny feeling he would need all his strenght and stamina soon enough.

Just like all good things must come to an end, Emi was enventually done and the game had to go on. Emi's question was, well... a bit surprising to say the least. "Uhm... no. Yoshitzune is a fighter and, as such, dedicates his energy to this purpose alone." he had now to come up with a truth to her and his objective of pushing her to the limit was just within reach "As for your question... do you want to have sex with me?" the smug grin was back, of course "I'll take a truth next"

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Drats! That could've been fun.

The bunny's ears drooped down to the sides of her head for a moment. Oh well. Life goes on! That meant he probably could touch her! But, well, this just wasn't his sort of thing. That crossed a few questions off her list. On the contrary his was pretty loaded! But she was going to answer truthfully. Another note was quickly written down.


She paused. There wasn't really any reason to ask him the same. It was obvious. Sex was the obvious conclusion to this game. Again, it was a matter at this point of who would outlast who! Which of them would fold and start it up? So after a few moments she wrote down her question.

'When we have sex what are the three positions you want to do most? Also I'll take a dare.'

Emi smirked, relaxing back in her seat. Sure, he could dare her to have sex with him, but as far as she concerned that'd be admitting defeat!

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That question was a legin hard one. Mostly because, as mentioned before, Isaac has pretty much no experience whatsoever when it comes to sex, so he doesn't know many different positions. He actually had to think a bit about it. "Well... maybe missionary, as I mentioned before, cowgirl sounds nice as well. As for the last one... I don't know." he replied with a shrug "Like I said, I never had sex before, so... maybe doggy style...?" 

Now it was time for her dare. He had to think on how else to force her to admit defeat. As simply asking her to masturbate again wasn't a option for many reasons. Intead, he decided to try something else. "I dare you to let me touch your ears and tail" he didn't even wait for a reply since he was farely certain she wasn't going to refuse. He first began with both hands on het long ears. His touch was gentle and smooth. Almost as smooth as her skin. He began by stroking the edges of her long ears gently before going back to touching the base. The middle area wasn't spared either. Isaac caressed them with a lot of care. Soon enough, he slid one of his hands behind her and began to touch her fluffy tail, mostly around tge tip at first, but he also took care of the base before long. He made sure to keep his touch as gentle as possible for her. Once he was satisfied, he backed off and sat at the couch again. "I'll take a dare next"

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Ah. I guess that would be an issue. You know, unless he'd seen porn before. I've seen lots of that. Plenty. Those all sound fun at least.

Isaac was correct. She wasn't going to say no to the dare despite how dangerous it was. As the boy settled in next to her Emi leaned against his body, shivering as her skin made contact with his. Her body was quite soft and smooth, however the fur on her ears and especially her tail were twice as much!

Emi's eyes closed as he made contact with her ears. Her entire body relaxed, laying limply against Isaac's. Soft panting left her, body shuddering and legs rubbing together. When fingers traced down to her tail the little rabbit jumped slightly, the spot particularly sensitive for her! Soon her mouth was left agape, tongue hanging out slightly as pleasure filled her mind, a bit of drool nearly leaking out. Her thighs grew moist with arousal, breasts heaved with silent breaths. And then at last Isaac stopped.

I should just let him bend me over right now. I almost came again. Today has been awesome.

After a good minute Emi slowly picked up her notepad, staring at the blank page. What to write? She almost wanted to let him just fuck her. But as she started to cool down and recover she regained some of her resolve to win this little game of theirs'! But what possible killing blow could she do?

Wait. I just have to get him to make the first moves. I know how to do that!

Another note was written up. She held it up for Isaac to see. 'I dare you to let me sit in your lap until we have sex. Also I'll take a truth.' This time she was the one making advanced moves, sliding up to settle within the naked boy's lap! She allowed Isaac's cock a spot between her squishy thighs, both squeezing in against the erection while she relaxed back against his body. Then she looked up towards him with the sweetest smile she could muster, tail wiggling behind her and, therefore, against Isaac's belly!

Let's see how long he can resist this!

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Welp... Emi sure was going all out now. As if having a cute naked girl beside him wasn't bad enough, now Isaac found himself having to deal with said girl now sitting on his lap. If that wasn't enough, his already rock hard cock was now right between he tighs, which were pressing on him. Yet, Isaac refused to give up, despite how ridiculus and frustrating all of that was. He had to be strong.

"Truth huh? well, in this case I want you to tell me what is your favorite sex position. Oh and I want truth next" Unfortunately, that was the best he could come up with. All the stuff going on made almost impossible for him to focus.

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Emi's adorable smile remained, however within her mind she had a devious plan. Nobody said anything about not doing sexual things outside of a dare! Or, at the very least, things one could disguise as simple and perhaps innocent! The little bunny moved a finger to her lips, as though she were in thought. Legs squeezed and rubbed together. Yes, she was horny. And yes, thinking about it got her riled up. Both worked as fine covers! But she knew Isaac was weak to the sort of thighs she had and, well, her shifting around like this was the most innocent way she could think of to rub the boy off while feigning ignorance! Although Isaac could certainly feel the growing heat between her loins as, well, they covered his cock!

Maybe give it a good minute. We'll see how long he lasts.

For good measure she wiggled her hips slightly, as though she were getting comfortable. It was really just a way to jerk him around and to press her squishy rump into his lap. Really she already had her favorite position thought up!

'Missionary. It's more romantic. And if I have more than one partner it opens things up. My question is this: would you like to go out on a proper date sometime? Also I'll take a dare now.'

Emi's face was pure red. Honestly asking that was far more embarrassing than what they were already doing, or what they had planned! But hey, if they were going this far why not throw in some romance? She loved romance! And honestly dating could be fun, right? Of course she did want to know more about him but she was also trying to beat him! Taking it too far off topic now would be detrimental to that. That and, well, she was running out of questions to ask. Sort of difficult when someone like her was super horny.

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It would seem that Emi's innocent looks and smiles were simply there to decieve Isaac at that point. Despite the way she was trying to feing ignorance, it was more than clear that Emi was trying to push him to the edge there and she was doing a hell of a good job. Isaac was having some serious trouble holding his groans back. He knew that had to think fast if he didn't want to climax right there. He wasn't going to let her simply have her way like that. He took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself a bit in order to respond her question "W-well, sure... at this p-point... I wouldn't m-mind going on... a date with you" he maneged to say between his moans and groans. 

"As for your dare.... I d-dare you to let me do... this!" taking advantage of how Emi was positioned on his lap, Isaac began to caress both her tail's base and her ears again. If she wanted to play dirty, he certainly could do that as well. "I'll...take a dare this time"


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It seems to be working really well! He sure is throbbing down there. I doubt he'll last much longer at this rate.

Suddenly Isaac went on the offensive! Hands gripped and rubbed at not only the base of her ears but also her tail! An audible gasp left the rabbit's lips, eyes clenching shut while her entire body shuddered with glee! If it wasn't difficult to think before it certainly was now. But the heat which shot through her spine and loins only exacerbated her movements within Isaac's lap. Her hips rolled a little more and Emi's already moistened cleft dragged up and down along the top side of the boy's length, smearing her juices upon it. Sure, she was effectively humping him at this point, but she wasn't the one breaking down completely! At least not yet!

Still, it was her turn. With a very shaky hand she quickly scribbled down a brief response, only to drop the notepad at their side. Hands moved down, gripping against the boy's hips for leverage. Then she continued once more with the gentle bounces made within her partner's lap, all the while grinding away against the heated length between her soft thighs and, with the rest of the length, against her soft belly!

'I dare you to take me out on a date tomorrow. Also dare me.'

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