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So after a bit of a joke on the EcchiDreams Unofficial Discord server, where we were speaking about a horror story of writing a really long descriptive sex post only to have the person who replied just post "*moans*", and similar stories found. I revealed that for me, writing a post that short would actually be a pain in the arse, and a challanging one at that. Then I thought about turning it into a forum game... With some tweaking to the idea from @XenoSera who suggested it should be three words, the idea was a done deal... And thus:-

Three Word Replies Roleplay... is born.

This "roleplay" (This is not a serious roleplay) has three simple rules:

  1. You have to be lazy in replies, no more than three words, including speech and actions, and no; hyphenating a load of words or not putting in spaces, does not count as one word, nor does posting multiple times in order to up your word count, one reply at a time (No double posting). Violate this and your post will be ignored. 🙂
  2. You roleplay as your forum account - no character ID required. There is no OOC either.
  3. The story line doesn't have to make sense, and standard roleplaying rules do not apply.

I will start this off:

~walks in~ Hello!

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Credit given where it was due.
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