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I figured I would spend some more time elaborating on the basics of how things work beyond what the club description covered.  I am also putting together a blank character profile that may be posted soon after I finish this.


It is a setting that has a lot of flexibility.  You can have a fairly normal story with just more sex or it can get rather crazy.  The tone can vary from light to rather dark.  I'm going to focus on specific aspects here one at a time.  More may be added later, I am just starting with what immediately comes to mind.


How visible it all is: For the modern world setting, on the surface it is identical to ours, people a lot more casual and open minded about sex.  Not to the point that people are just doing it publicly on a whim (for the most part, there are exhibitionists who would do this).  There is just a lot less reluctance to do it, including casually.  The more severe/extreme stuff is more discrete.  People know it happens but as long as they don't directly see it the most they will do is gossip behind the backs of someone that they believe is involved with this stuff.  Some example of stuff that would fall under this would include incest, women being broken/trained or involved in the cults.  There are likely other things too.


Human/Non-human sex: This is much more common in the fantasy/sci-fi worlds and even done openly there in some cases (depending on what the non-human partner is and the circumstances bringing them together).  In the modern world this would be limited to demons/tentacle monsters and perhaps animals in general.  Demons are not naturally part of the world and need to be summoned as part of cult activity, usually only briefly.  Tentacle monsters are part of the world but are rare and often hidden in places people rarely go, though they are attracted to human females.  The women tend to avoid them, with varying results, some remain disgusted by it and embarrassed while others enjoy it and may even go looking for them to repeat the process.  I would prefer the majority of characters being human, but in the fantasy/sci-fi worlds there could be non-human (in the modern they are more likely to be ‘NPC’s/minor characters).


Incest: It happens, in every variety you can think of – father/daughter, mother/son, brother/sister, mother/daughter, sister/sister, father/son, brother/brother (I don’t play MxM, but others are free to if they want).  Sometimes it is a mutual attraction and sometimes it is one sided (in which case the other may or may not ‘learn’ to enjoy it).  It is usually only one pair in a family, though occasionally it is more widespread.  They always try to keep the sex itself completely secret both from the rest of the family and from others (and usually succeed outside of the rare occasion of someone walking in on them).  When they are out in public some are better at hiding the ‘relationship’ than others.  Larger society is still disgusted by the idea but it is usually only social consequences for being suspected or even caught being involved in such things.  Even if they have children (which the MxF pairings often, but don’t always, do) there is not likely to be any consequence beyond shunning from those around them.  Due to the secrecy of it, people know it happens, but while it is still very rare it is also more common than most people suspect.  In the fantasy world it may occasionally be done openly by royalty/nobility with more acceptance from their subjects.


Strength of Relationships:  Considering the nature of the setting, it is probably no surprise that affairs are much more common.  There are some men and women who still take it seriously enough that it would take extreme circumstances to make them even consider it but there are many others who will either give in to temptation/another’s advances relatively easily or with only moderate pressure and once the line is crossed many of them enjoy it too much to even want to stop (they may or may not feel guilt about it).


Magic: This is primarily related to the fantasy world.  There is all sorts of magic there, but there are a number of uses relevant to the sorts of stories here – love spells (more often lust, but actual love spells are likely possible too), mind control, changing your body (including potentially gender switching or other appearance modification) and/or their body, body switching, illusions among others.  The majority of people don’t have to worry about being influenced by these.  Magic can only be used by those born with the talent and then they need to be trained in these specific uses.  It is something people know can happen but only a small number of people actually experience it.

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5 hours ago, LucidREM said:

I'd be down for this .

Well this is the basic information, stuff I thought would apply to all stories (sometimes directly, sometimes in the background) to varying degrees, more specific story ideas are in the other topic.

I suspect you would not be interested in mine, after looking at your preference sheet, but there are a few others there too and you can suggest your own ideas as well.

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