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.hack series

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Hey guys. Not long ago I've taken a liking to the .hack anime series and I'd like to know a few things if there is anyone that can answer my questions.

1) What is the difference between .hack sign and .hack legend of the twilight

2) Which one of the two is the first released

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There is no strict 'difference' as such, as it is a series continuation. It also includes a series of video games.

In response to the other question, it's .hack//Sign first, then .hack//Legend of the Twilight.

Including the video games [anime in bold, games in italic]:







.hack//Legend of the Twilight


hack//G.U. Vol. 1: Rebirth

.hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce

.hack//G.U. Vol. 3: Redemption


Each of the first four games [Infection, Mutation, Outbreak & Quarantine] came with an extra DVD including an episode of .hack//Liminiality too, so there's an OVA to find as well.

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Oh. So its actually very complicated isn't it. Do you perhaps know how many episodes each have?

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26 episodes and 3 OVAs of .hack//Sign.

The first four games come with an OVA each [part of a series, they tie in with the games though], so 4 OVAs of .hack//Liminality.

12 episodes of .hack//Legends.

26 episodes of .hack//Roots.


You'll also be pleased to know there's lots more to it. For example, other OVAs, a movie, video adaptations of some of the games.

That's not even starting on the novels. Here, it's probably best if you check it out yourself.



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\o.o/ there's a wiki for everything isn't there lol. Thanks a lot SMFoxy

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im going to have to agree with the admin on this 1

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If you like the whole 'stuck in an MMO' thing,  check out Log Horizon.

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Where can I find the episodes of Log Horizon?

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I think you can find it on Crunchy Roll. Contact me via EcchiText for more info.

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There's also Accel World and Sword Art Online. As for CrunchyRoll, their subs aren't the greatest, but they do have a pretty big collection to my knowledge.

I'm not totally sure, but I think you need to register, though. Correct me if I'm wrong on on either of those, Manni. I haven't been there in ages.


If you look around, you could probably find a few other decent sites. I mostly use WAOanimeonline.

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Sure seems like a lot of eye work for a anime but hey, it's great to watch. :)

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You guys gotta take into consideration that I only have mobile so PC sites like Crunchy roll won't work I'm afraid \o.o/

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Crunchyroll doesn't work on mobile? I did not know that. How are you getting anime on your mobile anyway?

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Like every other mobile user. Download from youtube

They're gonna say you can't do that[/thought]

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Ahh, so you rip from youtube. Hmm...I can't vouch for the quality of youtube rips but if that's the only way you can get anime...

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If you download in MP4 its quite good quality

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      father: "if you tell anyone anything besides she fell down the stairs then i will break your fucking neck you sorry piece of shit."

      so thats what happened and thats what i told the cops. my mom fell down the stairs and landed in a way that it snapped her neck. its my birthday and i had just turned 17. for the past 7 years i would read about the super heroes among us and all their adventures but the one hero i always would look up to was captain marvel. one day on the radio i heard about a contest at a convention as a charity event where if you could answer the question that true super hero fans knew then that fan could pick one super hero to go on dates with for a whole week. a week! i saw this as my chance to actually spend a week with my hero! it was in a month so i saved up as much money i could to be able to enter and for the dates but it wasnt much since my father never gave any money so i took any job i could....a lot of them weren't pleasant. the day came and after a beating from my father i went towards the convention getting attacked by bullies along the way. i arrived at the convention battered and bruise gaining many glances from multiple people. i enter myself into the contest as i give the main person the money with trembling hands. after about an hour of failing contestants i was up and they ask the question. when i answered they stood there shocked and i was afraid i gave an answer that was obviously wrong but when they said i was correct i stood there feeling as if im about to faint

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      the boss leans over close to her and whispers

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      she sighs as she slowly walks off the stage through the crowd and stands a bit taller than me. right when she focuses on me her eyes widen at all my injuries and steps back a bit

      captain: "oh my god what happened to your- i mean hey umm... cutie? whats your name?

      me: "i-im joseph maam.... i-i guess you're my date?"

      captain: "that's right our dates start tomorrow so where would you like to meet for our first date?"

      me: "w-well th-there is this carnival thats happening in central park so maybe we could start there? my treat."

      captain: "its a date then. ill meet you there at five o'clock sharp. don't be late."

      i smile happily and hurry off to get myself cleaned up for the date tomorrow. despite the beating that night i got in my nicest (and non ripped) clothes, grabbed some flowers, and went to the carnival arriving 10 minutes before 5. i waited.... and waited.... and waited..... and waited.... but she never showed up. i got an unknown call on my phone which was her saying that she was busy with something so she had to miss the date and told me to show up at the carnival tomorrow. i did exactly that but no show and she told me the same thing. every day the same thing happened and i prayed she would show up having hope that she would show. on saturday night i got the same call so i went home. meanwhile she went into the station where captain america was waiting for her

      marvel: "hey cap! whats up?"

      cap had his arms crossed and that strict angry look that a drill Sargent gives before he makes you clean the bathroom with a toothbrush

      marvel: "is something wrong?"

      cap: "you didnt show up for a single one of your dates."

      marvel: "well its not my fault! every day there seemed to be an emergency that needed me"

      aurora: "actually we told you multiple times we didn't need you and to go on your date but you wouldn't listen"

      marvel: "not now aurora"

      cap: "you need to honor your contract so the week is starting over and you are not to answer any emergencies unless it is an end of the world event. that is an order"

      marvel: "fine."

      the next day she showed up at the carnival but i wasn't there. after waiting two whole hours she starts to fly back up to the space station but pauses know that cap will just tell her to find me and then start the week over. after contacting alpha flight she finds me and heads to my house (this is where you start as captain marvel or one of the other heroes)
      5. you are the famed erza of the fairy tail guild. You had just accepted a mission to shut down a slave market but what you didn't expect was to find me in such a horrible condition. I was beaten and bruised past the point of survival and it seems one of the punishments they gave me for disobeying was removing my eyes and replacing them with bandages. I was in an unconscious state when you found me and when I awoke in a hospital room at the guild I sat up and look around blindly and afraid

      Me: "hello? Anybody there?"

      Ezra: "youre safe now. You're no longer at the market"

      Me: "you bought me?"

      Ezra: "I rescued you"

      Me: "thank you mistress"

      you then-
      6. general Jackson: "whats the progress on subject sentry?"

      lieutenant Gordon: "nothing sir. he seems to be inactive. as you can see in the video feed he is just in the corner. he might be still traumatized when we took his one eye to see if we could possibly drain some power for it but that's when we discovered that he has no powers in his normal form. he also refuses to tell us anything about his powerful form."

      in one of the many surveillance computers was me in an empty white room. i had my legs close to my chest under my chin as i have lost my shoes from a transformation. i had bandages from over dozens of shots along with burns, cuts, bruises, and a trembling body from the many experiments they used on me

      general: "hmmm.... we should have someone interact with him. get me our best agent. offer her anything she asks as long as she agrees. maybe we can figure out the limits of his powers, where they came from, and how we can turn it into a weapon."

      a group of soldiers came into my room for a new 'experiment' then start burning and hurting me violently but no matter what they do i didnt scream. i had lost the need to scream

      meanwhile in the surveillance you came in to talk to the general about your new job. you glance at the camera showing the guards leave then back at the general showing no emotion at the sight
      7.my name is jollox and im a resident of the inhuman city on the blue area of the moon. The inhumans are a race of advanced humans that when exposed to a alien mist at a certain age gain incredible unique powers. I was about 6 when I was deemed ready to enter the mists. My queen medusa came to watch the ceremony ever since our lord black bolt died saving us. When I saw her enter the room my heart fluttered and I grew excited because of the honor she made me feel from her presence. I ran up to the entrance to the mists excitedly and against ceremony then ran into the room. It was nothing like I imagined and I start to scream in pain at the process. When I awoke I found myself at the age of 17 and they explained their readings showed that I can control matter, summon incredible strength, control gravity, and fire energy blasts. I changed back to 6 and they said that I turn 17 whenever I want. My queen was intrigued so she decided to take me in as her own. Its been three weeks and i was smiling as i hide from medusa. 
      8.war. It all started with a never ending war between the heroes of overwatch and the terrorists of talon. I would watch in awe as the great hero tracer would speed by or in wonder when mei would slide on her ice above. That was... Until that fateful day...

      Mom: "honey. Come sit at the with us so we can eat."

      I stare out the window of our apartment building looking confused then walk over to the table sitting down with a sad look in my face

      Mom: "what's wrong dear?"

      Me: "usually tracer speeds by our house by now...."

      Dad: "I dont get why you like those agents. They are supposed to be outlawed, shut down, and removed of their gear."

      Me: "they only came back to fight those talon agents who attack so many people just for the heck of it."

      Brother: "he likes watching her speed by because he likes seeing her backside"

      my brother giggles as I glare at him. All of a sudden the ground shakes as a boom goes off in the distance. Mei comes crashing through our wall as the booms get louder. I quickly run over to her as my family scrambled to get out of the building while I push mei to safety. The building starts to collapse and I get under the marble table praying for it all to be ok when the building comes crashing down. I awake a few hours later crawling out of the rubble coughing and gasping to see a couple banged up overwatch agents, toppled buildings, and dozens of ambulances being filled with injured and dead. The cyborg ninja, genji, sees me and pulls me out of the rubble with a bit of strain then sits me on the end of an ambulance. I look around nervously

      Me: "mom? Dad? P-peyton? Where are they?"

      Genji: "where were they when the building fell?"

      Me: "i-i think they were on my floor. The fifth floor... Is mei ok?"

      Genji: "agent mei is fine thanks to you but other than her.... I believe you are the only one who survived in that building... Im sorry."

      I sit there with wide eyes filled with shock and tears then start to cry as genji hugs me as gently as he can. After an hour of searching for known relatives and finding none he and the other agents decide to take me in as a sign of gratitude
      9. it was the middle of the night. I was asleep in my bed having a strange dream about monsters and creatures that lived among humanity but the sad thing was that I believed I was the only one of my kind. You see im a shapeshifter.... Well partially. I can change into a kitten, teen, or child but I love to stay in the form of a child because it makes me feel myself except my father doesnt approve of me using my abilities and hurts me whenever I do seeing me as a freak. The next day is where my story begins

      (This separates into multiple different rp stories that are all sexual but arent straight to sex. For some foot fetish must be ok and please dont plus one if you like it. I hate when people plus one and dont comment. If you wish to do more than one story then I will gladly share them to you and we can do all them at once. Just list the numbers of the ones you want and ill pp you them. You come up with the names for the monsters. I also can include other monsters. Ignore the info on the pics with info on them)

      1. Snake woman: I was walking through the woods when I saw something scaly glint in the light. I walk over to investigate when I feel something rub against my leg and a red blurr wraps around me and pulls me to the ground. I groan with blood running from my forehead and look up to see a girl thats human to her midsection but a red snake tail below staring at me (you are the snake woman and youve lived in fear of being found and hurt by humans. You grew curious as you saw me one day and noticed I was different. You can make it she doesnt know english or she does)

      2. Mouse girl: I woke in the middle of the night hearing a loud mix of a squeak and a scream. I get out of bed quickly and run over to the sound which happens to be a small girl but with a rat tail and ears caught in a mousetrap at the waist. I stare at her in awe then gently reset the trap and pick her up in my hands

      3. mummy: I woke up the next day to find my father had bought an actual sarcophagus and decided to put it in my room laying it right next to my bed. That night the sarcophagus started banging around and out rose a mummy. I stare at her in fear as she stares at me then sits on my bed look around curious about the entire room

      4. Giant: It was the next day when the ground shook. I ran outside and saw trees being pushed aside as a giant holding an enormous mace towers above me when my dad comes marching out and screaming how he cant believe there are more freaks like me

      5. Monster whose head falls off with ease: I awake with a start when I hear a person swear in my room and see something rolling in my room. I walk over to the roundish object then pick it up to discover it was a head!!!! I scream dropping the head in panic (you were planning to assassinate a human as a sign of revolte but then.... Your head fell off)

      6. Elf: I went adventuring into the forest to see if maybe my dream was a sign of something when all of a sudden I walk into a deep part of the woods growing scared and sad then an arrow comes flying past me into the tree and I transform into a kitten out of intense fear

      7. Red orc: when I awoke from my dream I found myself in a cave trapped in a skin sack and I see a red orc devouring what appeared to be my father. She looks directly at me and smiles

      8.mermaid: I arrive at the market the next day to maybe find a slave who is like me when I see people gathering around a certain area. I run over and witness an actual mermaid on sale. After some bidding I finally buy her and then I walk over to the glass nervously

      9. Cyclops: I awoke from my dream to hear the sounds of screams nearby and the scent of smile filled the air. I run out of the estate and into the woods to see what the noise was to find bandits attacking a village of cyclops and there was one with a war hammer and flaming blade staring angrily at a large group of bandits but they easily slap her weapons aside and start ripping at her clothes. I run over and step in front of her saying this was my property and they are to leave which they do with all the cyclops except the one behind me

      10. Cupid: the goddess of love was a mischievous one. She kept pulling pranks on the gods making them fall in love with random things until they had enough. I was asleep in my room when they sent her down to earth and claimed me as her master

      11. Fairy queen: I awoke to find a fairy queen standing at the foot of my bed with two smaller fairies and speaking in a different language using a begging tone trying to hide from hunters

      12. Troll: my father had returned one day with a troll being dragged behind him as he laughed. He said he finally found a freak like me and she was mine to do as I pleased then he kicks her to me

      13. Vampire: as I slept I felt something biting my neck and when I woke I found a vampire moaning softly as her fangs were in my neck sucking on my neck. I turn into a kitten and hurry under the bed

      14.Pharaoh: I awake the next morning to see a beautiful egyptian woman standing at the foot of my bed. My father was there playing with her hair saying she was my new servant

      15. Unicorn (half woman half horse but with a horn on her head): I hear the sound of hooves on my floor and awake to find a unicorn in my room who kneels and says I was to be whatever I wanted to be to her

      16. Demon: I started to have a nightmare and wake to see a woman floating beside my bed holding a book. I was afraid at first and because of that she was confused

      17. Amazoness: I went into the woods and climbed up a tree to see a beautiful amazoness and stare in awe until I see her sword inches from my cheek
      10. it's been 10 years since a warlord named proxima midnight took over the earth. I was one of the last super humans on earth that survived the super massacre. I was a young boy with the ability to shapeshift into different versions of myself with different personalities but I stayed as a young boy most of the time.I spent most of my life locked in a cage when her highness proxima came to visit and took me as her servant/slave for entertainment and combat training.
      11. I am a demigod, A mortal who is the child of a god or goddess. I am the child of a powerful and ancient god in a world that is watched over by only goddesses so that give me any hint over who my father was. The goddesses were always intrigued by the human race so they watched us many times but never could understand much about us. One day the queen of the goddesses (goddess of reality) chose to have each of the goddesses interact with a mortal so they can learn more about the modern world and the mortals so I was chosen. I have the ability to change form and summon many different powers for many different situations but also my forms develope their own personalities. They all agreed with the queen seeing this as a way to mess and have fun with the mortals in their own ways. I was on my way home from the store when I look down an alley to see the first goddess (or goddesses) I will meet

      List of goddesses:

      Goddess of beauty
      Goddess of speed and messengers
      Goddess of monsters
      Goddess of war
      Goddess of power
      Goddess of honor
      Goddess of heroes
      Goddess of giants
      Goddess of love
      Goddess of nature
      Goddess of magic
      Goddess of light
      Goddess of wildlife
      Goddess of the hunt
      Goddess of thieves
      Goddess of strength
      Goddess of reality
      Goddess of death
      Goddess of mischief
      Goddess of the weather
      Goddess of minds
      12. it was a cold, dark, and dreary night at the home of a rich company owner who's company stole money from the people who barely had money and uses it to gain stocks so they can gain more money. I was a young kid who had no idea what his father did and spent most of his time trying to make friends but was ignored or hated. One night while everyone was asleep elektra the dangerous assassin silently broke into the house we lived in and went to kill my father. Right after the job was done I had walked out of the kitchen from getting a glass of milk when I see you and freeze h-hello....
      13.it all started when the world was invaded by extraterrestrial warriors. they killed all our soldiers and wiped out our armies to the point we had no way of fighting back. most of humanity was left to live about their lives under the eyes of their new rulers, the (insert name here), but there was a catch. every couple months some humans would be chosen to be taken the mother ship and be presented to the queen as slaves then one will be chosen to be hers. i was torn from my family at the age of twelve and trained to be the perfect slave but in the process i gained a childlike personality that pops up every once in a while. once i turned 17 i finally was out of the training/torture room, put with the other slaves, and on my way to meet my possible new queen/mistress  (choose whatever type of alien you wish to be) 
      14. all people think that beach city is the best place ever where everyone is happy. It isnt. My father is an alcoholic who beats me any chance he has while smiling and being nice to everyone else. When people ask about my injuries he just explains them by blaming them on clumsiness and bullies and self harm. The people found me trouble so they would avoid and ignore me. I felt truly alone for many weeks till I saw the crystal gems and that half gem boy who was with them. He seemed so happy with them despite that fact he was always in danger. Everyday I would escape my father and run to their temple to see him and the gems but they would either be on a mission, out, or one of the gems would tell me to leave as they were uneasy about my scars. one day i ran away from home and hid in an alley way until one day a gem found me. (you can choose who that gem is) 
      15. "Let me go! Please someone let me out!!!"

      I scream banging against the electrified energy shield that keeps me from escaping the cell I am in. A jasper walks over to the energy shield and growls softly but then quickly changes to calm almost as if she were afraid then uses her arms and hands to make the shape of a diamond

      Jasper: "Im sorry, my diamond. I have orders by another to keep you in this cell. Is there anything I could get for you?"

      Me: "oh I don't know. Maybe a soda, some chips... Oh I know. Let me out of here and send me back home!"

      the jasper just stares at me as she presses a button then a soda and chips appear in front of me

      "Anything else my diamond?"

      Me: "why do you call me that?"

      Jasper: "we had our scans set for searching for a lost diamond and we found you. We grabbed you while you were on the way to something called a job interview whatever that is then saw what was on your chest my diamond."

      Me: "wait what's on my chest?"

      I lift my shirt up to see a white diamond and scream in fear at the sight scrambling around grabbing the diamond trying to pull it out of my chest but it seemed fused to my skin

      Me: "where did this come from?!"

      the jasper stumbles back a bit startled

      Jasper: "W-we believe that when you made physical contact on our ship it removed some cloaking that hides the diamond from view."

      I stare at it in shock when I hear a voice in the cell next to me

      ???: "what?! You're telling that kid is a diamond?!"

      jasper's attitude changes suddenly as she walks out of view and punches the wall

      Jasper: "shut up ruby! You're lucky we don't shatter you and sapphire! Bad enough that you two stay fused when together but also fighting with the crystal gems is enough for shattering."

      she walks back in front of me putting her arms behind her back

      Jasper: "Anything else my diamond?"

      Me:"n-no.. Thank you"

      the jasper had a look of confusion at the thank you then walks away. Once she is out of earshot I walk up to the energy shield and call out to the ruby who was in the cell in my right and the sapphire who was on my left

      Me: "h-hello?"
      16. my family wasn't the most normal family... In fact it's the exact opposite. It all happened one day when a bunch villainess came together to defeat their enemies. But what they didn't expect was they'd find a child on their doorstep after three years since they first came together and they decided to raise it. Yep that was me.... I was the child. They all interacted with me in some way but later on they enrolled me in school and discovered how I can change between teen and child but luckily it was before I started going to school. My family consisted of livewire, blackfire, giganta, silver banshee, bumblebee, terra, cheetah, star sapphire, talia al ghul, poison ivy, domino, madelyne pryor, enchantress, shanna the she-devil, black cat, catwoman, lady deadpool, gwenpool, mystique, and Emma frost, a female alien, and harley quinn Every once and awhile they would go away for some time to I dont know where. Back in the present I was sitting on the branch of a tree giggling as I hide from poison ivy
      17.in a world where angels and demons existed was a world of hide or be sold. Angels and demons used to battle each other over humanity until one day a demon influenced humanity into hunting both races. Just about all angels and demons have been captured and sold as slaves until one day a one of a kind angel was found, me, a multi-winged angel. People from all over came to see me in a cage but I wrapped my wings around me with my eyes filled with tears of sadness and rage then I was shocked by a cattle prod so I would spread my wings out so I did it and hang my head. You were in town today hearing about the new angel and go to the market to see me

      (choose which you would like to be)

      1. Scientist: you are a famous scientist who didnt believe angels and demons were all they claim to be so you've been studying them never having the money to actually buy one until I was discovered because you had made enough money through your research even though you found no proof of angels and demons being different from what we claim to be.

      2. Demon: you are the demon who influenced the humans except you are disguised unless you are in your house.

      3. Spoiled mistress: you are a rich woman who wants the best of everything so you hurried into the market to buy me

      4.collector: you are a collector of magical creatures who collects them for entertainment.

      5. Other: if you have any suggestions just say. )

    • SMFoxy
      By SMFoxy
      This is an incredibly simple game, in theory.
      I will provide the English title of an anime, but I will remove one or more words.
      The goal of the game is to come up with something absurd to fill in any blanks I leave.

      Kiki's Delivery Service might become Kiki's [BLANK] Service.
      You would then have to fill in that blank, with no regard to what should be there.
      Like, for instance: Kiki's Escort service.

      So for our first one, I'll take:
      Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

      And make it:
      Is It Wrong to Try to [BLANK] in a [BLANK]?
    • Alaniz
      By Alaniz

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