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How do you format your roleplays?


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I'm more asking about the ways you format the various things a character might do. For instance, how do you discern the ways a character speaks from when they send a text message or does something. And if you control multiple characters - how do you make it more easily understandable for the other parties who is speaking at that moment?

For me, it's:

  • Different colours for different characters;
  • For conversation formatting I use
    • "Coloured Quotes" for speech;
    • [Square Brackets in Lucinda font] for electronic messages or emails;
    • Italicised Comic Sans with an Increased Indent for handwritten notes and the like;
  • And other actions or appearances are with the default settings I get after using the eraser.

What about the rest of you? Do you have any specific formatting preferences, or is everything written down like in a book for you?

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I think any thoughts my character had,  I try to italicize. Doesnt always happen, but I try. Though, now I'm impressed with how you separate things. I feel like I gotta step up my game! Though, I havent done many rps which have written notes or electronic messages

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The comic sans and the square brackets, I will start using from now on, the text will look much better. (シ_ _)シ

At this moment I put the dialogues in color with double quotation marks "Dialogue" and the thoughts in italics with color and single quotation marks ´Thoughts´. But in these days in a club I saw someone put all the dialogues in color and bold and the thoughts without the bold "Character speaking suddenly thoughts More speaking" I am doubting whether to change to that...
When my characters make special emphasis on one or more words in their dialogue, I tend to highlight it in bold instead of describing it after the dialogue "My character is emphasizing the word emphasis and conjugates" I also put the sound effects or cenrtain characters actions between asterisks *Spank* *Cellphone ring* *gasp* *Slap* putting in bold the most stronger ones (・ω<)☆ I think thats all.

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I do pretty much what @aLittleCrow is doing and I'm proud of that. Always did that in 2 decades and it's a system that works well for each others to understand what is being said. It's in my opinion the best way to do it. There might be other ways but for myself, I just can't see how to do it differently than that. At least, this is how I see it. :3

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