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information pamphlet Thorndown University Brief Prospectus

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Thorndown University Brief Prospectus


The Administration building of Thorndown University.


This brief prospectus contains all the information that you need to know about the Thorndown University. The facilities it has to offer, the Accommodation for the Students and the Courses that they are free to chose from. Thorndown University is dedicated to educate the minds of tomorrow with the best education that the University can provide.


Thorndown is situated off of Blackberry Falls island, on it’s own separate island. It is connected to the main island by the large, elegant bridge that spans the gap. Surrounding the University is a large, dark forest that the University works hard at keeping completely natural. The forest is quite large, covering the remaining island in woodland. Students and Staff are discouraged from entering due to the danger that the forest poses, as it is not maintained and it is not fully understood. It is one of the largest project that the University is undertaking, to study the natural processes that occur in the unique forest. It is protected by law from the protection of tampering as rare species of animals have been documented to reside there, including species found no-where else.


Students come from all over the globe to this award-winning University. It is one of the top Universities in the world, with a wide range of courses from Mathematics to Psychic Sciences. The tuition fee for the courses are cheap, if hard to qualify for with strict entrance requirements. There is more than enough accommodation for every student that studies at the University, which is cheap but kept to the highest standards. It is also welcomed that students find their own accommodation in Blackberry Falls City and commute to the University for their classes.


The University is funded by the UFF based company Keza Corp, and the Blackberry based company EDAN Industries, to improve the facilities on campus and bring the Students the most cutting edge technology. Both corporations have expressed interest in helping improve the quality of the education that Blackberry Falls University offers to the Students that attend the prestigious institute.


This brief prospectus is split up into sections:

  • Campus Buildings and University Rules.

  • Accommodation.

  • Courses list and Schedule.


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Campus Buildings and University Rules.

The main building of the University consists of the main Reception and the main staff facilities, as well as some of the largest lecture halls and caféteria. Students are welcome to go to the reception if they need anything, or have any questions. Staff are helpful and polite, and will help students with a wide range of requests. This building is situated not far from the entrance onto the University grounds, with a main bus route travelling from outside the Main building to the City for the use of students and visitors. It is one of the largest buildings on the campus, with a clean, modern look.


The University boasts a wide range of facilities for the Students, including:


  • Science Labs: All the Science labs found on campus are well equipped, and has cutting edge equipment for the latest Scientific techniques. This includes all areas of Science, from Microbiology to Observatories that allow Students to study Space. There are many research projects that go on in the Science departments, and also has special guest visits from world renown Scientists.

  • Art studios: There is a wide range of art studios for the students to use, to practice the type of art they are most comfortable with. These studios are located in their own building, where art students can use the facilities at their leisure for their projects. There is also a lecture hall where professors give large lectures, as well as small classes for smaller lessons.

  • Café’s: Sprinkled throughout all the buildings on the Thorndown are various café’s that sell refreshments like drinks and food. Students are welcome to use these café’s whenever they wish.

  • Main Café: In the main, central building is a large café where students can eat. They sell a variety of food, including lunches and dinners. It is much like a restaurant, with waiters who take orders and deliver the food. The food is made by on-site chefs that make the food from fresh ingredients.

  • The Aquarium: This contains a large, Olympic swimming pool, changing rooms and there is also a huge tank filled with lightly salted water. This is 50m deep and 30m across filled with platforms and caves for Students with water based abilities.

  • Lecture halls: There are several large lecture halls sprinkled throughout the University. These are for holding large lectures, and are used by many subjects.

  • Library: The on-site library is five floors big, covering an array of subjects with the books that it contains. Not only does it have books, but it has various movies, and other research material. There are also several small, private rooms where students can book them so that they may study in peace, away from other students.

  • The Student Union: This is where Students can go to unwind. See below for details.

  • Dorms with shops nearby like take-aways and off-licenses.

  • Bus stops: The University has its own buses which students can use for free as long as they show their student cards. Otherwise you need to pay the fare (£1.50/$2.20 for a single ticket and £3/$4.67 for a day pass.

  • Stables for horses as well as some fields for them.

  • Classes: There are numerous classed throughout the University buildings for teachers to hold small classes of students, if their lesson content doesn’t require any of the other facilities such as labs.

  • Computer Rooms: In the same building as the library, there are several computer rooms. Several large ones for lessons, and smaller ones for student use. They are kitted out with the high tech Keza Corp computers.

  • Child Care: on site Nursery and Child care for students with children. The two buildings offer engaging pre-school lessons and learning for the any children of the students, and feed them healthy meals. The rating for these two services is excellent and recommended. Free for all students and teachers.


Enchanted Forest


The forest surrounding the University is a unique forest of Scientific interest. The forest is filled with animals that are seen no-where else in the world, and is the origin of several widely used medicine. This forest is protected from exploitation by the University. While students are allowed to explore the forest, they are not allowed to disturb the forest inhabitants or to remove anything from there. There have been tales and rumours of strange, dangerous creatures that reside within the forest, however no evidence has been found by University staff.


University rules:


While attending this University, there are several rules that students must abide by. Students who repeatedly violate the rules will be excluded from the institute. The rules can change, but all students will be informed of any changes to the rules before they come into effect.


  • Do not damage/ steal/ remove University property.

  • Students are allowed to carry weapons on their person, for defensive purposes. If an individual starts waving a gun around in a threatening manner, then they are not free from the consequences from other students or Campus security who will also be carrying arms.

  • While drinking is acceptable, being disruptive of the public or causing any kind of trouble is not acceptable.

  • Abuse fullstop towards staff/ teachers and other faculty is not tolerated as well as the abuse of other students.

  • Freedom of speech is protected within the University. No students, staff, or visitors are allowed to restrict the free speech of another person while on campus. For example, if someone is having a debate about a controversial subject such as abortion, students, teachers or visitors cannot campaign the University to shut down a debate.

  • Drugs are STRONGLY discouraged.

  • Students are allowed pets, but they are responsible for looking after them, and cleaning up after them. Any fowling will result in a large fine.

  • Visitors allowed. Maximum of 2 visitors a night. Violations of this, will result in a visitors ban. All guests must be signed in and out.


The Student Union

The Student Union is where Students can go to socialise as well as hold events. The Student Union is also responsible for helping bring the concerns of any Students to the attention of the staff. There are three main areas of the Student Union (SU); A restaurant, a bar and a club. The Restaurant offers good quality food for low prices. They use the finest ingredients and it is prepared by professionally trained chef's. The staff are always extremely friendly and happy to help the Students as best as they can. The bar sells alcoholic drinks to those over the age of 18. The club opens up at 6pm on weekends (or events) and is like any other Nightclub but with no VIP. It has a DJ that plays a variety of music including metal, dance, trance, dubstep and pop.

Student Union Restaurant.










Student Union Bar




Student Union Club




Any student can enter the Student Union and do as they wish, as long as it is within the law and Campus rules. However if you are under the age of 18, you cannot purchase alcohol. It is also illegal to purchase alcohol for those under-aged.

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On the main University Campus, there are 9 blocks on the campus. Each block has 8 floors and 12 rooms per floor. Your room number will be in the format of: Block number : Floor number : Room number. For example, if a student lives in the second block, on the sixth floor and in room seven, then their room number would be 267.


Not far from the main University is a small village, that holds a further 33 dorm blocks. The total of 42 dorm blocks is enough to house 4,000 students that attend the University. This small village contains everything Students need to live a comfortable live at the institute, such as a supermarket, launderettes, restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs as well as a variety of shops that sell their everyday needs. These dorms are intended for Student use only.

There are two types of rooms in the dorms. The standard student dorm, and a more expensive option for those who can afford it. The more expensive dorm rooms are small, enclosed flats with everything a student needs including a fully furnished kitchen and living room. The standard dorm is a bedroom, with an en-suite bathroom. Each floor has a shared kitchen and living room.

Shared Facilities.

Blocks: 1-7 main campus, 10-25 in the Thorndown Village.

Pricing $40 per week for a room with a single bed. $60 a week for a room with two beds which is split between the two occupants so $30 a week per student.

Information: The Shared Facilities accommodation is the cheaper of the two accommodation types. It consists of a medium sized room with a bed, a desk and chair, a wardrobe and a small en-suite bathroom that has a toilet, sink and shower. There is a more expensive option where a character will get a larger room, however it has two beds inside. There are some rooms that will have bunk beds. Each floor has two rooms that have a kitchen and a seating area where Students can socialise. Each room is provided with a double bed (Or two singles, or a bunk bed) including a special Keza Corp Mattress. It is an incontinence mattress that can be easily cleaned however instead of being a horrible plastic, it is a cotten-like material.



An example of a single bedroom

An example of the en-suite bathroom. The shower is behind the perspective of the camera. It will always have hot water.



An example of the Kitchen/Living area.

Private Facilities.

Blocks: 8-9 main campus, 26-33 in the Thorndown Village.

Pricing: $60 per week for a Single Bedroom. $100 a week for a two bedroom flat. If there is a second occupant for the second bedroom, then the rent is split between the two, so $50 a week per Student.

Information: The Private Facilities accommodation are for students who have a little extra to spent and don't want to have to share a kitchen with other students. A student getting a loan can chose this accommodation, however they will be advised not to go for it as it would leave them with a bigger debt when they left. The Private Facilities accommodation has a private open-plan living room and kitchen with a small dining area. Depending on the type, the flat will have either one, or two, medium sized bedrooms and a small bathroom per flat. Like with the Shared Facilities, the bed and mattress already comes with the accommodation.


An example of a living area. The kitchen is in the background, as is the dining area.

Close up of an example of a kitchen.

An example of a bedroom.

An example of the bathroom.

Each room has a built in Intercom system so that students can be contacted from outside the building as well as staff from reception. Each room also has a phone line which students can call other rooms as well as call outside the University. To call a room, they need to enter ‘04632’ then the room number. For example, if a student wishes to call the room ‘267’, they will need to enter ‘04632 267’. And to call out, students will need to press ‘9’ then the number which they wish to call. It is also possible to have the added feature of Internet service to an individual room instead of using the standard Wifi that is public. Students would have to apply for this at the Library. The Broadband packages available are; 2Mbps; 8Mbps; 10Mbps; 20Mbps; 50Mbps and 100Mbps. It is highly advised that students do not go for an outside ISP (Internet Service Provider) due to the distance from the exchange which in the city near the University, which is a couple of miles, would severely affect their Internet speed. Also, students would be required to pay damages to the University for damage done to the dorm when it is installed.


The use of the dorms by students is not a requirement for attending. Students are welcome to find an accommodation in Blackberry Falls and commute to the University for their course lessons. University staff are always happy to help any students who may wish to live independent of the University.

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Courses List


Students attending the University usually only chose to learn a single subject at a time, although it is possible to study two, or three at the same time. Each course usually has one, or two long lessons during a week, with several smaller classes during the days. Students will usually have most of the day off, with plenty of time for other activities. There are also extra activities that they can do which typically run after classes have ended, or on the weekends. All Students are welcome to sign up for any extra activity they wish to.


The Courses.


This is a list of all the courses that are available to students, we well as the existing Extra-activities:



Science and Sport Science

Accounting, finance and economics

Animal, equine and wildlife

Architecture and civil engineering

Art, design and Media

Business, management and marketing

Computing, maths and technologies

English, history and philosophy

Geography, horticulture and environment

Languages and linguistics

Law, criminology and justice

Property, construction and surveying

Psychology, sociology, health and social care

Teacher training, education and childhood and youth studies

Extra curricular activities/lessons


Science and Sport Science

  • Applied Biomedical Science
  • Astronomy and Physics
  • Biochemistry
  • Biological Sciences
  • Biomedical Science
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Coaching and Sport Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Exercise, Nutrition and Health
  • Forensic Biology
  • Forensic Science
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Physics
  • Physics and Astrophysics
  • Quantum and Cosmological Physics
  • Sport and Exercise Science
  • Sport and Leisure and Educational Development
  • Sport and Leisure, ICT and Education
  • Sport and Leisure, Psychology and Education
  • Sport Science and Management
  • Sport Science and Mathematics
  • Sport, Leisure and Outdoor Management
  • Technological Physics

Accounting, finance and economics

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Economics
  • Economics
  • Economics, Finance and Banking

Animal, equine (Horses) and wildlife

  • Animal Biology
  • Equine Sports Science
  • Equine Sports Science (Equestrian Psychology)
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Zoo Biology

Architecture and civil engineering

  • Architectural Technology
  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Interior Architecture and Design

Art, design and Media

  • Animation.
  • Computer Aided Product Design
  • Decorative Arts
  • Design for Film and Television
  • Fashion and Textile Management
  • Fashion Communication and Promotion
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted Textiles
  • Fashion Marketing and Branding
  • Fine Art
  • Furniture and Product Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior and Spatial Design
  • Architecture
  • Art History
  • Visual Merchandising
  • International Fashion Business
  • Multimedia
  • Photography / Photography in Europe
  • Product Design
  • Textile Design
  • Theatre Design
  • Musical Theory
  • Music history and Practice.

Business, management and marketing

  • Business
  • Business and Education Development
  • Business Information Management
  • Business Management and Accounting and Finance
  • Business Management and Economics
  • Business Management and Financial Services and Planning
  • Business Management and Human Resources
  • Business Management and Information Systems
  • Business Management and International Strategic Enterprise
  • Business Management and Marketing
  • Business Management and Operations
  • Business, ICT and Education
  • Economics, Finance and Banking
  • International Business
  • Management Studies
  • Marketing, Design and Communication

Computing, maths and technologies

  • VER Programming Design (Keza Corp special VER course.)
  • VER Graphics Design (Keza Corp special VER course.)
  • VER Engineering Sciences (Keza Corp special VER course.)
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Science (Games Technology)
  • Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Computer Studies
  • Computer Systems (Forensic and Security)
  • Computer Systems (Networks)
  • Computer Systems Engineering
  • Computing (In-Company)
  • Digital Media Technology
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Information Systems
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Software Engineering

English, history and philosophy

  • English
  • English with Creative Writing
  • History
  • Philosophy Joint Honours

Geography, horticulture and environment

  • Environment Design and Management
  • Environmental Conservation and Countryside Management
  • Environmental Science
  • Geography
  • Health and Environment (with Pathways in Environmental Health, Safety, Health and Environmental Management, Public Health)

Languages and linguistics

  • Chinese (Mandarin) Joint Honours
  • French Joint Honours
  • German Joint Honours
  • Italian Joint Honours
  • Law with Spanish
  • Linguistics Joint Honours
  • Modern Languages Joint Honours
  • Spanish Joint Honours

Law, criminology and justice

  • Criminology
  • Law
  • Law and Professional Practice
  • Law with Business
  • Law with Criminology
  • Law with Psychology
  • Psychology with Criminology
  • Youth Justice

Media, journalism and communication

  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Communication and Society Joint Honours
  • Film and Television Joint Honours
  • Media (with pathways in Communications, Creative Industries, Film and TV, Journalism Studies, Media Practices and Popular Culture)
  • Media Joint Honours
  • Print Journalism

Politics and international studies

  • European Studies Joint Honours
  • Global Studies Joint Honours
  • International Business
  • International Relations
  • International Relations Joint Honours
  • Politics
  • Politics and History
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Sociology and Politics

Property, construction and surveying

  • Building Surveying
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Property Management
  • Planning and Property Development
  • Property Investment and Finance
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Quantity Surveying and Construction Commercial Management
  • Real Estate Management

Psychology, sociology, health and social care

  • Health and Environment (with Pathways in Environmental Health, Safety, Health and Environmental Management, Public Health)
  • Health and Social Care (with pathways in: Criminal Justice, Guidance and Counselling, Community Studies, Policy and Leadership, Practice)
  • Psychology
  • Psychology and Educational Development
  • Psychology and Special and Inclusive Education
  • Psychology with Sociology
  • Psychology with Sports Science
  • Social Work
  • Sociology

Teacher training, education and childhood and youth studies

  • Business and Education Development
  • Business, ICT and Education
  • Childhood Studies
  • Early Years and Educational Development
  • Early Years and Special and Inclusive Education
  • Early Years, Psychology and Education
  • Education
  • Educational Development and ICT
  • Primary Education
  • Psychology and Educational Development
  • Psychology and Special and Inclusive Education
  • Psychology, Business and Education
  • Secondary Design and Technology Education
  • Special and Inclusive Education and Educational Development
  • Youth Studies

Extra curricular activities/lessons:

  • Drug Rehab.
  • Languages- French, German, English, Latin, Japanese, Arabic [Also various other dialects], Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Russian.
  • Martial Arts – Different kinds of fighting styles
  • Clubs – There are numerous clubs that Students can attend, or even create.

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      Now, it's just time to buy her.

      Into the Woods (Dark Level: High)
      You are downright insane, really. You're a 27-30 year old serial rapist who enjoys going after young girls. But, none of them have genuinely interested you. You just want a girl you can keep as yours... forever. You own a little, secret bunker in the woods, odd, yes. You even have specific drugs to make the girls be submissive, and do whatever you say. Though, you like to watch them plead for you to stop in the beginning. No one has been able to track you, none of the girls were being believed with their stories. They had no evidence once you let them go.
      You currently didn't have any girls, though. You wanted one badly, you were itching to release yourself inside a young one, and finally keep her forever. 
      Anna, a 17 year old pink hairee girl, has always been a bit of a adventurer. She likes to stroll through the forest by her house, not knowing of the man that lives in there. One day, she didn't realize just how much her life would change.
      Anna was strolling through the woods, phone in hand, grinning. She was listening to her music, not paying attention to her surroundings. Everything happened so fast- you had found her, managed to capture and subdue her, and soon enough, you were dragging her to your secret bunker. You're quick, able to do things such as kidnapping without making a single sound.
      When Anna awoke, she was still wearing her school girl uniform. Though, her wrists and ankles were tied to the bed she was on. Her heart beat fast as she looked around, "wha... what the fuck?" She whimpered to herself, fear building up in her quick.

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