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Tell me what games you are playing! I need to know! Well not really, but I'm interested. Lol

I play video games daily and it's a common way for me to unwind from the stress of the world outside of the interwebs. So I wanna hear about the games your playing and why you enjoy them. And they don't have to be recent releases or games your actively playing at the moment either. If you wanna tell me about your favorite game of all time, that's fine too! Lets all talk about the games we enjoy and cherish, and your favorite aspects about them.

And let's try to keep the hate to a minimum. I'm not saying you can't disagree with what other people like and share that opinion; or that you can't say what you didn't like about a game, but let's try to keep it positive. 

Oh and let's remember to have fun too! I'm sure we could all use some fun positivity right now. I know I can.


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I never got into Spyro, but I have a bunch of friends that absolutely loved the games growing up. I played a couple times when I was younger and remember I liked what I played of it, but that was a total of like 2 occasion and I had no idea what I was doing. Lol.

Final Fantasy I know i fair amount about but i never played 6. That's the one with Zidane right?

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2 minutes ago, Lollipop said:

Oh I Heard of that! That looked like it's kinda fun! I wanted to try it out, but haven't gotten around to it.


iys clun ky parkour is a pain to use but its fun to run around and explore what is avaialbe on the ma[


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lately i've been alternating between Dead Space and Resident Evil, and just recently started playing Alien Isolation (which is tense but not really scary) and Devil May Cry 5 again.

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2 hours ago, Lollipop said:

I never got into Spyro, but I have a bunch of friends that absolutely loved the games growing up. I played a couple times when I was younger and remember I liked what I played of it, but that was a total of like 2 occasion and I had no idea what I was doing. Lol.

Final Fantasy I know i fair amount about but i never played 6. That's the one with Zidane right?


growing up, I loved them, and was ecstatic when I could get them on the switch. It was my dream since I was a child to be able to take these games on the go! Trust me, I hear you. I've completed the originals years ago, and working on completing these. My skills have changed a lot since I sat playing them when I was 6...21 years ago.

Oof...tough to say. Not there yet. I have never played a FF game, and while I always wanted 7 first cause of how big it is, or 10 since Its come up a lot recently (also... Kingdom Hearts has most of these characters), an online friend told me to play 6 (or 3 on the SNES) cause it was his favorite, and the best. Guess a lot of people love it.

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Oh, right. Im also currently playing Pokemon Ruby (gen 3). Ive been going back and playing the older games. Red I made a team of pokemon I thought were pretty strong (not broken, and based on types), Silver I found a video on the best team, so I did that and tweaked it. Then, I had the idea to have online friends choose a team for me, and thats my challenge this time. Also tried that when I got Lets go Eevee. Had friends choose my team. Those friends were easy. They allowed me to evolve. Ninetails, Gengar (though, Haunter cause tradin on switch is hard), Raichu, Venusaur, Eevee, Garados. Ruby is...well... Mudkip, Swellow, Aggron, Slaking, Gardevoir, and...Milotic...

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I'd have so much to say, I don't know where to begin. I always lived in the wonderful world of JRPGs and thankfully not just any. All those good old beautiful games from snes to gameboy to further. PS1 and PS2 were my golden ages of gaming with games like Legend of Mana, Legend of Legaia, Star Ocean and Threads of Fate, all the way to PS2 with Mana Khemia, Xenosaga series, Final Fantasy and so so many other ones. I could never speak how many I've played, the number is way too many to speak them all. Do I have a favorite? Hard to say... With thousands of games, I really don't know. All of these legendary moments and battles will probably stay in my memory forever, though. And this is not the only genre I enjoy. Other rare games like The Last Journey, Spyro, Phoenix wright, 999 and so many others. I guess I do live in another world but I don't mind. It's a beautiful world filled with memories unlike any others. Just speaking my experience anyway. People may say I've wasted my life away but I disagree. I've lived full happiness. :3 So anyway, yeah... This is my story. (Yes, total and shameless reference to FFX.)

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My little fantasy, a girl adrift, Eternal Senia, WoT Blitz, MHW (rarely).

When idk what to play or currently burnout playing same genre over and over (RPG most of the time since its brain draining although addicting), i turn to The Sims 2 and 4. Fully modded of course.

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Been playing Dark Souls Remastered recently, my first Souls game, but it is absolutely amazing despite it's flaws. I've been addicted to it for a while now. 

My all time favorite games would have to be Mario and Zelda OOT on the original N64. As well as the first Spyro. I have such a connection with all these games that I can't even stand to listen to some of their music because of how much it makes me cringe with nostalgia. And I use to play Kingdom Hearts, even though I didn't know much about FF all that much. 

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@Jtcookie I love Soulsborne games! They are challenging but fun. I'm a huge fan of Bloodborne. I got the platnium trophy for it on playstation. I even got into Code Vein.

So i understand dude. I love those games and they relieve a lot of stress for me.

@Quotation I really like OoT, though I have to say for me personally, I loved Twilight Princess the most out of the Zelda series.  I think breath of the wild may have taken that spot though.

KH is a great series and fun to play, and since the FF lore doesn't really any part in the games storytelling, you don't need to play every FF game to get the KH storyline.

@Elena Ichinomiya I played A Girl Adrift before. It was really cute, but lonely feeling. I liked it. I play The Sim 4 here and there. I like that they keep adding stuff to keep it interesting, even though you gotta pay for it.

I an really into Monster Huntet World, though I have played much lately. I really love that game though. Been MH since the PSP games.

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@Xaciel See, Alien: Isolation was scary as hell for me! I don't do well with horror games and never make it very far in them. The thing is...I love horror games too! I'm just a little bitch and chicken halfway into the beginning usually. 

I prefer horror games that give you a weapon and hate the ones where all you can do is run. There are some games that have interesting lore and mechanics that make up for not having a weapon like the clock tower series, and I like those. But then there's games like Outlast that I just can't play. Isolation does give you a gun after the beginning, but it gives you a gun at the same time it introduces the one thing in the game you can't kill! Lol I did have fun with it though. I was terrified but I liked it.

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It’s actually “you’re”, but don’t let this grammar desperate ding dong offend you.

I’m a competitive Apex player. I don’t mean I play for a team or anything, but I really REALLY enjoy winning and fight hard to get that win. And then I enjoy discussing what went wrong during our fights. Mostly 5th parties cause it’s APEX.

BUT, I started my gaming career on Pokémon. All of the Pokémon! Pokémon, Pokémon Ranger, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, and Pokémon GO. Definitely a huge nerd right here, but I can get away with it cause I just turned 20. Nyahahaha.

After that, I stayed to my nerd Nintendo games, got to Wii Sports. That’s right, I was addicted to Wii Sports as a kid! Sue me. No, but I actually played Guitar Hero on my Wii. Still can’t get past medium. :’)

I’m hooked to my PS4 now. I play many games from Outlast 2, Last of Us, Apex, Persona 5, Call of Duty: WII (And BlackOps 3), and NieR: Automata. A wide range sure, but I like to call myself a professional Overcooked 2 gamer despite deleting the game to make space for Warzone-

But for the past few days, I hooked up with old friends and have been playing mobile MiNeCraFt and Identity V with him. Identity V is a unique, kinda, game. You’ve played the multiplayer Friday the 13th game, it’s similar in mechanics, but the design and story is much different. I’m not sure if it’s unique, but if your phone has the guts and you’re into slight horror, definitely give it a try.

End of rant I swear.

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@Reyna I don't mind the rant. It's nice to see people so enthusiastic about the stuff they like. I would like to apologize for my occasional poor grammar. I have ADHD and I often get ahead of myself when typing. I usually reread most of what I type to check for missing words, letters, and grammar errors. But I didn't think to check the title. So thanks for pointing it out so I can fix it.

As for games, I pretty much liked or loved everything you mentioned, except for my absolute fear of Outlast. Lol. I loved Nier Automata! I'm currently playing through Persona 5 Royal and so is @Muramune. I'm loving it so far!

I played Identity V around when it first came out. I would say it plays more like Dead by Daylight than Friday the 13th. It has pretty much the same mechanics but with much less blood and gore than Dead by Dayllight and is kinda cute but creepy. I love DbD so maybe I should redownload Identity V. I saw they had a Persona 5 event and was gonna download it then, buy never got around to it cause too busy then. I should really redownload it. Actually I'll probably do that today.


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Well I have been playing Dragon Quest XI and Kingdom Hearts 3 recently and am enjoying those but there are two games I have played that I would recommend trying out and they are

Timesplitters future perfect and Kingdom under fire Heroes

Those two games are really fun to play and I wish they got the fame and love that some other games get as not only were they good games with interesting characters and story but they had better porn potential than quite a bit of the other games released when those two games came out

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@Lollipop yeah. Bloodborne is my favorite too but I don't have the patience for platinum trophies usually. I also own code vein and while I do think it's a bit clunky, with parrying mostly, it was a fun game, with a fun story and plenty of eye candy.

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@Iceassassin25 I never played Kingdom Under Fire Heroes, but I just looked it up and the gameplay reminds me of Bladestorm: Nightmare. Which is a Warriors game and I love those. Nothing like cutting through hundreds of enemies on the battlefield to relieve stress. Lol.

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@Jtcookie I don't usually trophy hunt. I'm not really much of a completionist. I have a crap ton of games I haven't even finished yet. But there are a few games I make an exception for when I decide I'm going to get all the trophies for this game. Bloodborne was one of them. I loved that game so much and explored the whole thing from top to bottom. It was my very first platinum trophy.

Code Vein got a fair bit of complaints and the DLC has been a little lackluster, but I love ed the core game. I didn't use parrying much cause I'm just used to rolling out of the way of stuff because of Bloodborne habits. I did a fair bit of blocking. I'm also a God Eaters fan, so coming from that series to this and seeing that they share the same world was awesome. Plus I absolutely adore Io! She was so cute and awesome!

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18 hours ago, XenoSera said:

 So anyway, yeah... This is my story. (Yes, total and shameless reference to FFX.)

a woman after my own heart.

5 hours ago, Lollipop said:

I loved Nier Automata!

God I wish I could say the same. I absolutely loved the original Nier, and in my opinion the Drakengard series (of which Nier is a spinoff/sequel of sorts) is a piece of pure gothic art in my opinion, and still the best two dragon riding games to have ever been made somehow.

I wanted to love Automata so much, but ended up rage quitting out of pure insult after about 80 hours of repeated disappointments and built up scorn (though I won't g into details here to keep with the general positivity of the thread). God that game feels like a bad, messy breakup for me ^^;

As for games I love, though, Final Fantasy X was one of my very first RPGs and remains in my absolute favourites list to this day. An absolute work of beauty that I have been enjoying replaying for the sake of my wife lately (even if that fucking chocobo minigame can go die in hell lol). Another all-time favourite has to be Star Ocean Till the End of Time, just an absolute epic of a game with such a living, breathing world full of so much history and lore (I am honestly positive that it is the setting of someone on the team's long-running DnD campaign because of a few telltale elements in the bestiary, moveset, and general worldbuilding) and, while it's not a perfect game, it has the single most beautiful title sequence I have ever seen. Literally brings a tear to my eye most times i see it.

I in general have a great appreciation for well-crafted, immersive, character-driven RPGs, so I can sing the praises of Lost Odyssey (or the true Final Fantasy 13, as I call it, considering who made that masterpiece), and to a lesser extent Persona 3 and 4 (i completely adored the games on par with FFX when I first played them, but as I've grown up I've noticed some rather problematic aspects of the series that leave something of a bitter aftertaste in my mouth now as much as I still think the games have some great qualities to them).  And while it's not exactly an 'rpg', I absolutely adored FF7: Dirge of Cerberus and is just about the best blend of RPG mechanics and third person shooting I've ever seen. I was a huge Kingdom Hearts stan up until 3, but with what a narrative trainwreck that thing was (IMO anyways) I will seriously not be bothering with anything else in that series.

As for beloved non-rpg games, I actually really like the mousou (Warriors) series and their similars haha. Samurai Warriors and Sengoku Basara (even the original Devil Kings in the west) are just plain fun and so balls to the wall with their depiction of sengoku japan.

I also adore Journey. god that game is a work of art in basically every way, top to bottom, aesthetics to story to narrative.

I just recently got to play Okami HD for the first time (though i'd been aching for it since the original game first released) and I have to give that game a glowing 9.7/10. It is nearly perfect and the only consistent fault I could find with it was its treatment of female characters and how they were always pointlessly sexualized (at one point the game even making a -really- tasteless sexual joke out of a character who had just freaking -died-), but besides that an absolutely beautiful, huge, emotive, inspirational game that I'm happy I finally got to experience.

Metal Gear Rising is also probably my single favourite Platinum game.

I could go on but this is a wall of text as it is haha

Oh yeah, and I am currently playing Way of the Samurai 4, and that game is just such pure dumb fun.


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12 hours ago, Lollipop said:

Have you tried doing a Nuzlocke? If not I recommend it. If you don't know what it is here is a good and funny video of what it is. It's like pokemon hard mode.


I do know about nuzlockes, yeah. I attempted one a few years back, but...eh. Maybe someday Ill try again. But, I did enjoy reading people's comics!

Also, Zidane? Final fantasy 9

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    • Sunstone
      By Sunstone
      Hello Dreamers! It's been a while since I started any new threads, and it's felt even longer since I last made a thread that had a significant amount of effort put into it, so I'm hoping that by creating this thread I'll be able to somewhat make up for my lack of activity on the site in the last few months. Not that I'm making this thread purely out of worry of not being active enough! I am genuinely excited to showcase my video game collection here, and I'm going to try and go through each console I own in chronological order of when the console was released.

      Everything I own is either Nintendo or Sega. I've never been invested in Microsoft consoles and I'm only vaguely familiar with Sony consoles (PlayStation One and PlayStation 2 are the only Sony consoles I played as a kid). I've been collecting video games from a very early age, and some of the games I have here are ones that I have owned for over 15 years. I should also mention that this thread won't show absolutely everything that I have. It doesn't include games that I have in my Steam library (which you can see for yourself if you look on my profile), and there are some games that I used to have which seem to have gone missing, sadly. I'll make note of any missing games in the relevant sections of this post as I go into further detail.

      So with all of that out of the way, let's start with the earliest console I have in my collection, the Nintendo Entertainment System.
      Nintendo Entertainment System

      This is the oldest console I have in my collection, and it's not one that I play a whole lot of. It's very nice to have though; very vintage, and I feel as though any dedicated Nintendo fan would have to own an original NES. Most of the games I have for it were games I picked up a few years ago, and are all decently priced, though they do seem to be a bit more expensive in the present day, and there's quite a few titles that you would be very hard-pressed to find now, given the console itself is around 35 years old now. In this collection, Tetris is one of the only games I have that is still in its original box (although sadly it has been opened).

      I have 10 games for the NES. From top-left to bottom-right:

      Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, Pinball, Totally Rad, Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge, Tennis, Super Mario Bros. & Duck Hunt, Dr. Mario, Tetris.
      Super Nintendo Entertainment System

      Up next is the SNES library! I've steadily collected some games for this console over the years, with my very first titles I played being the Mario games. The SNES originally belonged to my uncle, but as he grew up and found a professional career, a partner, and moved out of home, he wasn't very interested in playing the SNES anymore and was mostly done with video games altogether, so, he very generously offered to hand-down his console and a few of the games to me around my 12th birthday, and I've happily held onto it and expanded on the collection ever since.

      Three of these games have different cartridges, as you can see in the top-left corner, the three that are slightly darker grey in colour and have a more defined "square" shape. These are NTSC cartridges, which are the standard format used in the United States. All of the remaining cartridges are PAL, which is the standard for Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia. As I live in Australia, most cartridges I find tend to be in the PAL format.

      You might also be wondering what that thing to the left is. That's a Super Game Boy! It's essentially an accessory designed for the SNES a bit later after most of the games in its library were released, and it allows you to emulate Game Boy Colour games through the SNES, which is very nice, and they can all be played easily with a standard SNES controller.

      I have 20 games for the SNES. From top-left to bottom-right:

      Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind, Wing Commander, NHLPA Hockey, Plok, Donkey Kong Country, Street Fighter II, Super Mario All-Stars, Super James Pond, HyperZone, Shaq-Fu, Super Mario World, PGA Tour Golf, Adventure Island, Starwing, Pilotwings, Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits, Equinox, Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf, Final Fight, Zool.
      Sega Mega Drive

      The Sega Mega Drive (or the Genesis as it is known in the U.S.) is the only console I own that isn't Nintendo. For now it's the only Sega console I own too, but I am planning on buying either a Sega Saturn or Sega Dreamcast sometime soon if I can, so that'll be an extra addition to my collection. For now I have been focusing on buying some new games for this console, and these have been some of the most recent additions to my whole collection (some of these games I only purchased within the last month). The Mega Drive boasts some classic titles in its library, especially the Sonic the Hedgehog series, as well as some other classics like Ristar, Altered Beast, and Earthworm Jim.

      The specific console I own, as shown in the image above, is known as a "Type II" Sega Mega Drive. The "original" model is a "Type I", and IMO the Type I looks much more aesthetically pleasing and its the one most people are familiar with. The Type I console has a few advantages too, such as a volume slider and the headphone jack which you could use to plug in a headset to use to listen to the game instead of hearing it through the television. The Type II model doesn't have a headphone jack. But at the end of the day, as long as it can play the games just fine, that's what matters most.

      I have 10 games for the Sega Mega Drive. From top-left to bottom-right:

      Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, DecapAttack, James Pond II: Codename: Robocod, Flicky, Rocket Knight Adventures, McDonald's Global Gladiators, Crüe Ball, The Ooze, Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle.
      Game Boy Colour

      I realise I should have included the Game Boy Advance with the Game Boy Advance SP you'll see in the next section of this post. Whoops. Anyways, here's my Game Boy Colour and my Game Boy Advance! I tend to prefer playing games on the GBC though, for the sake of the nice, retro, nostalgia experience you get with playing games on it. Same can be said for the very original Game Boy (the big, bulky one that's like the size of a brick. I don't have that model). I've always loved how the Game Boy consoles have so much variety when it comes to the colours of the devices themselves. There were lots of different designs made and some have even been made by fans. The lime green one which I have was one of the more popular ones when the GBC was at its peak in popularity, and I happened to choose it because green has always been my favourite colour. 💚 

      I have 9 games for the Game Boy Colour. From top-left to bottom-right:

      The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Lemmings, Bad 'n' Rad, Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle 4, Mario Tennis, 3D Pocket Pool, Wario Land II, Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle 3, Super Mario Land.
      Game Boy Advance

      Aaaand here's the Game Boy Advance SP I was talking about. This little thing was the first console I ever owned. I believe I was given this Game Boy on Christmas Eve of... 2003? I know I was very young at the time, around five years old. Many of the games you see here are some of the earliest games I ever played, and this was what I had all the way until I got my DS Lite for Christmas in 2009. The GBA plays the Game Boy Colour games as well, so that's a bonus.

      I have 12 games for the Game Boy Advance. From top-left to bottom-right:

      The Incredibles, Banjo-Pilot, Wario Land 4, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Shrek 2: Beg for Mercy!, Madagascar, Madagascar: Operation Penguin, Game & Watch Gallery Advance, Pac-Man, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2.
      Nintendo 64

      While the Game Boy Advance was my first-ever console of any kind, the Nintendo 64 marks another relic of my childhood, serving as the first home console I was ever given, and perhaps the console I am most familiar with. This console and many of its games made up quite a lot of my leisure time in my early years, and it was always fun trying to play as much of these games as I possibly could; finding all of the collectables and unlockables, discovering secrets, and I never grew tiresome of beating the games over and over, knowing everything about them inside and out. I swear I had many more Nintendo 64 games than what is shown here in the above picture. Sadly, a few of my games have disappeared over the years and I have never been able to find them again. I used to have Mario Kart 64 and it was one of my most-played games, but it has gone missing. 😔 

      It's not shown in the picture, but I have five controllers for my Nintendo 64. Two are the default grey, one is purple, one is a transparent lighter purple colour, and the last one is gold. I stockpiled controllers back in the day because my family would sometimes play Mario Kart and Mario Party multiplayer. Sometimes we would have 4-player games, and whenever we had those it was always a joyous occasion. The three Rumble Paks I have, as well as the Transfer Pak, all came with the controllers I purchased way back when. I don't think I have ever used the Transfer Pak, as its main purpose seems to be for the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy copies of Pokémon Stadium, Mario Golf and Mario Tennis, which I have never owned on both consoles.

      I have 19 games for the Nintendo 64. From top-left to bottom-right:

      Yoshi's Story, Star Wars Episode I: Racer, Super Mario 64, Command & Conquer, Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, Snowboard Kids, F1 Pole Position 64, Super Smash Bros., Tonic Trouble, Mario Party, Mario Party 2, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, Diddy Kong Racing, Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire, Lylatwars, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Donkey Kong 64.
      Nintendo DS & 3DS

      My Nintendo DS / 3DS collection is... lacking, I feel. I used to have nearly twice as many games as shown here, but I ended up giving a lot of them away to a family friend back in 2018. Part of me wishes I had have kept them, but at the same time I don't think I was ever going to play them again, so I gave them away to someone who wanted to play them, effectively giving those games a nice new home. I still to this day have my DS Lite, but I no longer have my 3DS. I had to dispose of my 3DS in 2017. I had owned my 3DS since 2011 and it was my most-played console throughout my adolescence. Around the beginning of 2017 the back of the device started to foam battery acid, and it started to inflate and pop out the back casing, so at that point it actually became a health hazard and it was dangerous to use, to I immediately had to get rid of it. I've never had another 3DS since, and, part of me wants to, but at the same time I feel like I'm too busy nowadays to get myself deeply invested in DS/3DS games again, so, I can do without this console for now.

      I have 20 games for the DS & 3DS. From top-left to bottom-right:

      Mario Kart 7, New Super Mario Bros., Game & Watch Collection, Rhythm Heaven, Cooking Mama 4, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Diner Dash, Luigi's Mansion 2, Rabbids Rumble, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, Metroid Prime Hunters, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, Professor Layton and the Lost Future, Professor Layton and the Last Specter, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Code Name S.T.E.A.M., Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.
      Nintendo Wii

      As I'm sure most of us here are aware, the Nintendo Wii was the in-thing around 2006-2010. It was very popular at the time, and it was cool to have one in your home. They were expensive at the time too, and it's astounding how cheap they are in the present day. It's not uncommon to find spare Wii consoles for $30AUD in thrift stores and whatnot, so, that goes to show how much their popularity and value has plummeted over the years. That's not to say that the Wii is a bad console or has since become a bad console, it's still very much an amazing piece of technology and has a fair share of awesome titles.

      Sorry about the bad lighting in the above image. Most of the light is obscuring The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword near the bottom-left corner. Excluding the two duplicate games here, I have 24 games for the Wii. From top-left to bottom-right:

      Wii Fit, Mario Party 8, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Super Smash Bros. Brawl (yes, I own two copies of this game, I don't know how), MySims, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Link's Crossbow Training, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party, Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time, Mario Strikers Charged Football (also own two copies of this), WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Galaxy, Let's Tap, Girls Life: Sleepover Party, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Super Mario Galaxy 2, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Game Party, Wii Play, Mario Power Tennis.
      Nintendo Wii U

      And ~finally~, we have the successor to the Wii: the Wii U. This console is, shockingly, considered a commercial failure. It had a lot of potential and very easily could have taken-off and surpassed the original Wii in the amount of units sold and commercial lifespan, but it fell very short and was discontinued after a short while, right around the time the Nintendo Switch started to show up on the market. Like with my DS games, I used to have quite a handful of Wii U games, but I've since sold most of them as I seldom play the Wii U myself. All of the games in the picture above are pretty worthwhile and enjoyable, except for Mario Party 10. That's the worst Mario Party game I've ever played, and I think many would agree with me. 😖 

      I have 6 games for the Wii U. From top-left to bottom-right:

      Splatoon, Mario Kart 8, Mario Party 10, Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush, Hyrule Warriors, Nintendo Land.

      And there you have it! That's about everything. This took a long time to write up, and at the time I've finalised this post it is very late at night, so I apologise if this post is kinda sloppy and seems 'rushed' towards the end. I hope you all enjoyed this tour throughout my video game library, and I'm hoping to maybe update this every once in a while, seeing as I am hoping to collect more games and even acquire some more consoles later on!

      Peace out, and game on~. ^^ 🌻👾🎮

    • hypnoticbarz
      By hypnoticbarz
      I don't know if anyone has heard of them, but if you're into gore, horror porn, noncon, and the like I think you should check out the artist Gatobob/Gurobob and her visual novel games Boyfriend to Death, Boyfriend to Death 2, and her new one to soon come out The Hunt. Also check out 'Till Death Do Us Part. Another VNG that has similar topics, plus lore and stories!
      I get nervous sharing my interest in it because of being judged for indulging in such things, but I feel this is a safe place to share it ;w; if you check it out, lemme know so we can discuss it or even RP it!

    • Matty
      By Matty
      credit to Polygon~
      What's your Dark Souls Boss Title???

      Luminous Gravekeeper
    • Gingervitis13
      By Gingervitis13
      First things first, please do not comment on this thread. Thank you.
      With that out of the way, hello everyone who drops in, I am Gingervitis or Ginger. This is my craving dump, see anything that piques your interest feel free to send a message. 
      The main role plays I would love to do involve the Proheros of My Hero Academia. No students please. I would like to play an OC with any Prohero but the main one is All Might and bonus points if he is not ooc. That being said, I would also love to delve into the villain AU and make it with All Smite lol. 
      The second wish I have is a good D&D based scene, we can build our characters from the ground up and create an excellent story together!
      Other fandoms I am open to at the moment include but are not limited to: The Umbrella Academy, Dragon Age, Naruto, Fairytail, Attack on Titan, One Punch Man, and many more. 
      Thank you for your time have a nice day 😄 
      Edit:I also have a huuugggeeee daddy kink so if anyone likes to play a don daddy let me know!
    • Sly
      By Sly
      This will have crossbreed Priscilla from dark souls one butt bigger butt and bigger boobs and I want a slow build up to sex
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