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My new favourate band at the moment (Kinda cheated here because it contains all the songs from the Album): 

The thing about cheating is, you have to make it not look like cheating. Don't call it cheating, call it a loophole. ^^



Killin it by Krewella

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Shake Your Groove Thing by Peaches & Herb - 2008 cover by The Chipmunks from the album "Undeniable." Not the version from the soundtrack to The Squeakquel. I was dancing to it, and 5 more of the 30 songs in the Wii version of Chipwrecked.

I have such mature tastes. XD

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The 2008 version doesn't feature The Chipettes.
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Anyone familiar with Scooter? ~Looooove~ their tunes. This one makes me feel like jumping up and dancing, I don't care if people are watching, I'mma dance to this and nothin' will stop me~! ^_-

(Also, gotta love that 2008 YouTube video quality. xDD)

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Oh my gosh I love Chemical Brothers~! 😍

I have 'Dig Your Own Hole' and 'Exit Planet Dust' on CD. Have seen 'Come With Us' on vinyl in some stores before, but it's not cheap. >.<

I think this might be my favourite song from them: 


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