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The Eldyrannth.

This is a very heavily abbreviated version of their species profile. It contains all that is needed to know, however much of the detail needs to be left out due to the fact that it would make this very long and most likely a boring read xD If you want to know more about them, then please feel free to send me an EcchiText with any questions. This is an Original Creation. No one may RP an Eldyrannth without my permission. I am very strict on how I wish the Eldyrannth to be RPed, so expect rigerous 'tests' before I allow you to create one. This also includes any hybrids or clones. Anything Eldyrannth, basically. Anyone found creating an Eldyrannth (or part) without my express permission will have their character(s) removed and face possible infractions

Roleplays this species is involved with:

  1. Craethiel Kingdom
  2. Blackberry Falls
  3. Utopian Curse
  4. Andromeda

Race: Eldyrannth [Pronounced “Eld-er-ranth”(Latin name: Cristallum Draco-Humanum)

Species Age: 7 million years

Average individual Age: 5,000 years.

Origin/Location: Therarr Mountains.


- Pre-history (Before the UFF in Blackberry Falls. It isn’t complete yet, but I haven’t anything else to put in at this moment in time):

The Eldyrannth are vastly different now then from what they used to be. There has been a lot of change to their culture and themselves to make them what they are today. Currently, as far as they are able to determine, the history of their civilisation stretches back about 7 million years. If their culture existed before then, they have no evidence for it. They have always had a long lifespan, stretching about 10,000 years for an individual which makes progress within their civilisation slow. As far as historians can tell, for the first two million years, their culture was primitive, brutal and severely religious. There were three Main Clans, Aeltvaesius, Shaemonarr and Alternaeze. There was a fourth, tiny clan called the Sexae'zatazae, however this group was so small that many didn't pay much attention to them. They hid themselves away, not claiming any religion and all usually attempting to construct ever more complicated devices. Each clan practised a religion that was passed down from one generation to the next. Aeltvaesius had a religion that Worshipped the Universe, believing that it was sentient and thus created them, the Chosen ones. Shaemonarr was a clan that worshipped the Sun and Moon, believing that they were God's and would only rise and fall with the proper rituals and gifts. The third clan, Alternaeze were very naturalistic. They believed that Spirits inhabited the world around them in the plants and animals around them. They believed that when they die, their spirit goes off to inhabit the world around them. Due to the opposing views of each Clans religion, the three fought among themselves for several thousand years, trying to force their religion onto the rest of their race and make their religion the only one that the Eldyrannth followed. This caused a lot of bloodshed and misery. Resources were pushed into the Religious War by the Clan leaders, resulting in the poor to be pushed further and further into poverty and starvation.

Although it was never recorded by either side, the Eldyrannth were visited by Prime Order of the Xeno (Paradoxia). At first, the primitive Eldyrannth were unsure as to whether they represented a threat or not, however they seemed friendly so they reluctantly greeted them with a friendly face. This, of course, also conflicted with many of their core beliefs. At first they didn’t know what to do, and when around the Prime Order of the Xeno, they were polite. However behind their backs they often spoke ill of them, and also inevitably, they fell to arguing among themselves. The appearance of the Paradoxia sparked one of the biggest religious wars where thousands met their fate in the 100 year conflict. The Eldyrannth became so focused with fighting each other that they didn’t notice the Prime Order of the Xeno’s disappearance. They had all but been forgotten, and the visit was never recorded. Even those who had actually met the Prime Order of the Xeno had begun to forget about them as they sunk deeper into their religious zeal. The war eventually died out when their numbers became so small they were threatened with extinction. Unfortunately, this allowed the religious leaders one more foothold over the Eldyrannth. They became insistent on taking control of everyone's breeding rights, telling a female when she could, and couldn’t breed. And also who she could and couldn’t breed with. They often used this as a bartering tool within their orders, offering women to those who please them, or offering a male to impregnate a female they were ‘taking care of’. If a woman refused, she was often forced.

The population eventually began growing once more, however it was very static and uncertain due to the flare-up of conflicts. Many of the poor were living in squalid conditions being forced to work farmland or fight against their neighbouring clans while the powerful religious individuals remained safe within their cities. Over the thousands of years, the religious had a hard hold on the population, directing them to do as they wanted and to fight their wars.

Age of Fyaerin

Things didn't seem to be going well for the species as a whole, as they seemed to be slowly wiping each other out with their fixation to force their ideology onto others. However, two million years since their predicted beginning of civilisation, a young male called Fyaerin was born. To this day, Fyaerin is considered one of the most important individual in their history. It is unknown what clan he was born into, as it has never been recorded. It is often thought that he never spoke of which clan he originated from, as he didn't feel it was important for anyone to know. To him, everyone was the same, and it made no difference where they came from. Fyaerin is also the first ever recorded Telepath within the Eldyrannth species. This was something that he discovered when he was very young, around 25 years of age (which is but a child to an Eldyrannth). With this new ability, he found that when he attempted to practise the existing religions, his newly opened up mind spotted flaws and inaccuracies. As he was naturally a very curious child, he continued to investigate the three religions, trying to find the truth that they seemed to be talking about. But no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to find anything. Instead, he stuck with his own Religion; The ExoSinian Eldyr Order, or The Order for short. Unlike the other religions, it encouraged him to seek out knowledge and to grow and improve as a person. To bring out his best. The religion was heavily based on Science and the furtherment of their collective knowledge and the desire to learn and to find out how things works.

As a young child, he continued to research into these religions and started gathering up blackmail on the various religious leaders. He even, as a young child, allowed the leaders to fuck him so that he had proof that they were wallowing deep in degeneracy. As he moved into adulthood, he began to move from one clan to another, truly seeing for the first time the devastation the religious war was having among their people. He publicly condemned the Leaders of the religions, pointing out the flaws and pointing out the cost in Eldyrannth lives. He also praised the Sexae'zatazae, saying that they had freed themselves from the constraints of the three religions, and calling them 'Truth-Finders'. At first he was laughed at, and sneered at before being ran out of town. However, even after he was gone, unrest began to grow. Unknown to Fyaerin, his mind as well as his voice began to pull at the civilians, leaning them more over to his views however the religious leaders kept a firm control on the population, squashing out any voice of reason through fear mongering and violence. Almost like a Dictatorship, using religion as their weapon of choice. The Sexae'zataxae were also targeted by these religious leaders, trying to convert them over to their side, before finally threatening violence against them. Fearing for the safety of their clan-members, many of the clan moved out of the villages and set up their own outpost so that they could continue their work in peace.

Demoralised by his apparent failure, Fyaerin turned to his studies, spending years in isolation as he tried to learn as much as he could as well as gather his comprehensive blackmail material as he decided on a new tactic. During this time, he began having strange dreams. Dreams that spoke of the future, and the past. He even dreamed about the birth of the Universe. While not known then, but Fyaerin was also the very first Time Oracle, able to dream events in both the future and past. He was unable to see these visions when he was awake, though. But he did remember them, and noted them down in a diary often accompanied by pictures and diagrams. Even if he didn’t understand them, he still faithfully wrote them down. One of his most famous writings is about a 'Federation of EPSUS', along with the drawing of a solar system. At the top of the drawing, underlined was the name of the system. Vorserend’s Stand (At this point in history, Vorserend didn’t exist). He called it the future home of their species, and seemed to write about huge cities and creatures in the air. There were also people illustrated in the diary, a dark Wolf that had a strange grinning shadow, a white wolf and a white female wolf were drawn very often, usually when they turned up in events that he was seeing. There were also several Eldyrannth-like figures, but they didn’t appear as often within his diary and were only vaguely spoken about but one of the most interesting things he wrote about, was the coming of the Divines, and the true Grand King and Queen. The two white wolves bore names similar to two of the planets within the Vorserend system. Wolfrin and Nepovana (Wolfie and Neptune). This diary was not discovered until after his death. After years of being on his own, he had a dream that showed him what the two possibilities for his race were. They were both bloody and brutal, with the loss of many, however only one possibility ended happily, with his race surviving. He wrote about this dream in great detail within his diary. It ended with, "So I must do what I must do. If we are to stand any chance of surviving from what is ahead of us, we must learn to be flexible, to adapt. I must bring Order to our species. If Chaos is allowed to spread, then I fear that all may be lost."

With this new-found determination, he began moving around the Clans once more, this time concentrating his efforts on blackmailing the religious leaders and sowing more dissent against them. He also  concentrated his efforts on the poor and oppressed. He began to teach them, simple skills at first such as reading and writing, before he began to teach them more complicated matters. He did not discriminate, treating males and females, homosexuals and heterosexuals, children and adults the same. Most importantly, he taught people how to question everything around them, from the existence of themselves to the validity of their religion. People resisted at first, but they were drawn by his passionate nature and by the gentle way he taught them. As he continued to move around, the old religions began having less of a hold over the people as they turned to the Order, under Fyaerin’s tutelage.

The leaders of these religions at first looked down at Fyaerin, laughing at his efforts. However when he showed them what kind of blackmail he had on them, and the threat that it would be shared among the population, they quickly capitulated. Even back at this time, Eldyrannth took a dim view on those that would harm their children, and the religious leaders had been having sex with a number of children because they were that secure in their power, that they felt they could indulge in their degeneracy. Fyaerin used this blackmail to ensure the transfer of power from them, to him and the former leaders became his sexual pets as punishment for what they had done. This allowed for a peaceful transfer of power, with no lives shed which was Fyaerin’s goal.

This only took several hundred years, which in Eldyrannth terms is a very short period of time. He turned them from their primitive religions, to The Order which simply taught them to question, and to learn. It taught them not only to question, but to find the answers to those questions. He started the Eldyrannth down the path that they still follow today. They seek to answer the questions of the Universe, to understand it like never before. The Eldyrannth put aside their warlike nature and began the art of study instead. However, this religion did not remain with them throughout their species history. Eventually, most Eldyrannth ended up become atheist, with The Order becoming restricted to the Royal Family until the point of Jyravana the Sixth, who had been completely unaware of the religion due to the fact that her mother had been extremely private with her religion to the point of not talking about it with her own family.

Others begged Fyaerin to become their leader, but he refused on the grounds that he didn't seek power. Just the enlightenment of his species. He also argued that becoming a ruler would interfere with his studies. So instead they appointed a council of the three Clan leaders who were responsible for the people. After a while of debating, they also allowed a Council member from the Sexae'zataxae to join, as their village had grown in size due to a flood of refugees from the Zealous. Before his death at the age of 9,981 he helped establish an education system that was intended for use by everyone, not those just in a position of power. He also mated with several women, producing more than a few children. This ensured that the genes for telepathy continued on into the population, allowing for more telepaths to be born. All children that came from him carried and expressed this gene causing others to notice and investigate the cause for their ability. With their current technology level (13th century level) they were unable to find the genes responsible, and did not have any comprehension of Science at this stage in their development due to the repression from religion. There were many theories written about why this was, but many of them were wrong. Each theory was faithfully tested and either put on hold for when they were more advanced, or thrown out as they disproved it.

Exotech Era

Since the death of Fyaerin, the Eldyrannth have taken his teaching seriously and have strived to study and collect knowledge and information as they try to answer the questions that never seem to end. Cities and Towns began to spread across the Earth, and a healthy population of Eldyrannth began to form. Their population reached a stable 666 million individuals. It was a golden age, although poverty still existed mainly because their population grew so quickly in such a short period of time, they had trouble getting enough resources to cater to everyone. The number 6 is considered very lucky to the Eldyrannth, and is a number Fyaerin spoke about often, especially a group of three sixes, 666. That was considered extra lucky. A Hundred thousand years after Fyaerin left them, there was a young woman by the name of Talivana who was his direct descendant. She was one of the growing number of telepaths within her society. By now, their population was just over half telepaths. Due to the fact that Fyaerin was highly respected and now a well known telepath (The First) there was never any distrust against Telepaths as long as they didn't try to force non-telepaths to submit to them, which never happened. As a whole, ever since Fyaerin, the aggression had all but disappeared from them. During one of her exploration journey's, Talivana came across a race that called themselves the Rhydraen. They were an aquatic species, closely resembling what humans would call mermaids. The new species was shy, very timid but very intelligent. Talivana was even able to teach them her language. She visited them often, getting them to know her more and trusting her by protecting them against their natural predators. After some time, they presented her with these crystals that they claimed to have grown. Talivana thanked them and took the crystals away to study them. She seemed to 'feel' some kind of power within them but was unable to access it.

For the next several hundred years, she studied them in great detail with her twin brother, Talirin. Finally, they discovered that when they were able to pour their energy into it, and using their telepathy to channel the power, the crystals allowed them to do things they previously had been unable to do. Like create a small tornado within the palm of their hand. Talivana also discovered that the more she used these crystals, the stronger her telepathic abilities became. She was able to connect her minds with many others without feeling any strain. This was noticed by other Eldyrannth who questioned her about her newfound abilities. She began to teach others within her Town about the crystals and the Rhydraen. They were eager to learn, and progressed a little faster than she did, as she had no one to help guide her while she was studying them. She also began to introduce other Eldyrannth to the Rhydraen, pleased that the two got along well. Word of her discovery spread throughout her race, and soon many flocked to her seeking new powers and guidance. The Eldyrannth also felt very responsible for the Rhydraen, who gave these crystals freely without asking for anything in return. The Eldyrannth vowed to protect them, as well as becoming good friends with one another, although the Eldyrannth insisted on giving things back in exchange for the crystals. The discovery of these crystals was a changing event in the course of their history. Instead of developing conventional technology, they began using the crystals in various ways to produce very eco-friendly, very efficient technology, or Exotech as they called it after the prediction made within Fyaerin's diary. The main problem they faced was that non-telepaths were not able to use the crystals as effectively as a Telepathic Eldyrannth. However, Telepaths were quickly out-numbering non-telepaths until only a few remained. These non-telepaths were the origin of the genetic disease that can render an Eldyrannth unable to use the Exotech crystals. But at the time, non-Telepaths were becoming ever more rarer, but they were still around. The Eldyrannth spent hundreds of years studying this new technology and learning how to use them. Not long after Talivana was given the original crystals, the Gauntlets were invented for them to imbed the Exotic crystals onto and use them easier. The gauntlets also had the added benefit of covering the fingers of the Eldyrannth, which are covered in nano-hairs that allows them to stick easily to smooth appearing surfaces. Usually they had worn gloves, but the gauntlets were a much better alternative. The gauntlets are made from either gold or silver due to their unreactive nature. They attempted to use more common metals, however they didn't react well to the long exposure of the exotic radiation and particles given off by the crystals. This discovery helped their golden age, allowing their technology to boom. With the rise of the exotic crystals, came another kind of technology that they call Artefacts. They were objects that were changed by the Exotic crystals to give them often unique power, or property. They were unsure how these Artefacts were created, however only Telepaths were able to make them. In time they did learn that the Exotic radiation could sometimes use powerful emotions to bond certain properties onto an inanimate object.

Daedric war

(Please note that this is my interpretation of hell, and therefore any demon characters do not have to conform to this idea)

Unfortunately, the golden age for the Eldyrannth was not to last for long. Another species that inhabited another dimension, often came to Earth to stake it out, which were to be known as Demons or Daedra. When they discovered the Eldyrannth and the new abilities they possessed, they worried about the potential of easily enslaving them. They tested the Eldyrannth by attacking travellers that were often alone. Needless to say, the trips were not good for the Daedra and they often died as a result. But what the daedra lacked in power over the Eldyrannth, they had the advantage of numbers. For every Eldyrannth there were perhaps several million daedra. Due to their unsuccessful attacks, the daedra grew worried that the Eldyrannth might turn on them and wipe them out. So they decided to take matters into their own hands and strike first, giving them the advantage of surprise. They descended down upon the cities and towns of the Eldyrannth, slaughtering all in their sight and reducing their cities to rubble. The very first city to fall was called Kyann, with all civilians and military personnel slaughtered in the millions in the first wave of attacks. Confused and lost, the Eldyrannth headed towards the only city left standing. Vorserend. It was their Capital city and had been withstanding wave upon wave of daedra attacks, although with the heavy cost of life. Things seemed hopelessly bad for the Eldyrannth, and many feared that they were either going to die, or become slaves. The daedra converged on the Capital City, laying siege upon it and began taking it bite by bite. Despite many feeling that they were going to lose, they still fought fiercely to defend what they could. But slowly and surely, the daedra began pushing them back.

By this point, Talivana was still alive and fighting alongside her people. She used her new-found abilities to fight back as hard as she could, however it wasn't enough. They were still gaining ground and there was nothing they seemed to be able to do anything about it. In a last bid to try and find something, Talivana looked deep within herself, pouring what little energy she had left into the crystals. When she did this, she found something new, and big, hidden within herself. Desperately, she poured her entire being into that one part of her. This caused her body to blur and waver until finally her body was replaced by a large dragon, the very first recorded Eldyrannth Exotic dragon. This form was a lot more powerful than her humanoid form, and daedra were having a much harder time in defeated them. Talivana reached out with her mind, linking herself to anyone that was conscious. Using this great telepathic link, she was able to teach others to do the same, turning themselves into the same large dragons that Talivana was including her twin brother. With this new found power and sense of hope it gave them, the Eldyrannth rose and struck back at the daedra. The results were devastating. The daedra lost huge numbers of soldiers and were forced into a retreat, leaving the City of Vorserend.

The Eldyrannth celebrated, however that didn't last long until they realised the full extent of their loss. Their population had gone from 666 million to just a few hundred thousand, 333,333. All cities apart from Vorserend had been completely destroyed. So destroyed that there is very little evidence for the great Eldyrannth Empire before the Daedric attacked. They had been virtually wiped from the face of the Earth. Talivana saw the hopelessness of her people, and gathered them together, directing them when many were at a loss of what to do. She remained in her secondary form for most of the rebuilding of the city, stretching her mind out and linking herself to everyone. Using this, she was able to efficiently direct other Eldyrannth to rebuild the city. It also allowed for ideas to be shared among the population helping them to arrive to a decision all together instead of relying on a council of representatives that might not even reflect the opinions of the public. Her role was supported by that of her brother, who ensured that she was well cared for as well as acting as her protector, to protect her from any potential harm. The Rhydraen, grieving with the loss of so many friends, sought of a way to help the Eldyrannth. After hearing of how Talivana was linking everyone together, they disappeared for a time before coming back with a present for her. A large grey coloured crystal attached to the top of a crystal staff, with six other, much smaller Orange crystals, orbiting around the crystal like planets around a star that curiously matched the star system of Vorserend’s Stand. This sharply increased her telepathic abilities and make it easier to channel the minds of others. When the rebuilding of the city was complete, they then had to decide what form of Government they wanted. Talivana expressed to them that she had only taken charge to help rebuild the city. Due to how much their population had shrunk, no one saw fit to continue with the three clans. For years, they debated, often asking Talivana to link their minds to discuss it more efficiently. Unknown to the survivors of this massacre, a small group of Sexae'zataxae had also survived, far from the Capital City. They thought all the others had been destroyed, and moved off to build a new home, and new civilisation. These are the ascendants of the Sexi’zatazi race, which look very much like elves. They are, in fact, a sister race of the Eldyrannth however neither knew this for a very long time.

During that time, Talivana gave birth to set of twins, one male and one male. The father of these children was her twin brother, Talirin as the two had a very close romantic relationship with each other. The female child, like her, had Golden eyes. When the children was almost an adult, the Eldyrannth had decided how they wanted to be ruled. They came to Talivana and begged her to become their First Queen. At first, she refused, however they argued that they couldn't think of anyone else that would be suitable. After the war, when they were lost and confused, she was the one that brought them together. And she had been able to bring everyone together in a way that had never been done before. Reluctantly, she agreed and took up the throne. She attempted to ask Talirin to take up the mantle of the King, however he flat out refused, stating that he had no purpose and no reason for that kind of power. At this point in time, the men were feeling a general guilt about the actions of the religious leaders who had been primarily male. Talirin didn’t want to appear to make a grab for power, and eventually Talivana accepted that. The Eldyrannth Palace was the very last thing that was built, at Talivana's insistence. She was putting the needs of the people before herself. She decided to keep her mind open to all those who had wish to contact her, however due to habit, the Eldyrannth people were in more or less constant contact with her, pulling away only when they wanted privacy. The war with the Daedra continues, even to this day. It was said by Fyaerin in his diary that the war would be long, and terrible, with many losses. But it would end, when the Daedric Dragons sat upon Hell's Throne, and then Hell and the Eldyrannth would be forever linked.

(Side note: This war went on to continue for around about 5 Million years. It was mostly unnoticed by other species on Earth as the Eldyrannth have been keeping the daedra, or demons as they are commonly known as to other species, from washing into that realm. Skirmishes have taken place away from the prying eyes of other species. If a species, or family, were daedra hunters then it is very likely that they have heard about Eldyrannth or even seen one themselves. Of course, I would like permission to be asked about that as I would need to tell you how an Eldyrannth acts. But generally it will be good. Please remember that this is my version of Hell, with my own unique flare. It doesn’t mean that you have to follow the same rules as the Hell I depict. If you want some more information on my dimension of Hell, then please feel free to send an EcchiText.)

The war that raged on for 5 million years was bloody and brutal. They were in almost constant conflict with the Daedra. There were many battles, with many heavy losses on each side but the Eldyrannth fought bitterly, never once losing their determination. Attacks on Vorserend were rare as the Daedra were never able to amass enough forces to attack them directly. Thus they settled in for a very long, drawn out war where they hoped to grind the Eldyrannth down and wear them out before making one last surge where they hoped to enslave many of the Eldyrannth. Mainly to gloat over their victory of the Eldyrannth.
One of the most famous battles happened 3,524,666 BE (Before EPSUS) where the Eldyrannth had a valuable victory. In the mountain range beyond the desert that would be known later as the Dynz desert (Craethiel RP), the Daedra were attempting to secretly establish numerous dimensional portals that would give them permanent access to Earth. This was accidentally discovered by an Eldyrannth called Caerin (Red Eldyr) who immediately sent the message back to their home city. Immediately, the Eldyrannth mobilised, intent on stamping out this very serious threat. The force was led by two Eldyrannth. A War General, Sairin (Dark purple Eldyr) and his War General wife, Vivana (Deep Keza Blue Eldyr). Their forces far outnumbered the Daedra that were guarding and establishing the portals and the two were able to easily overpower them before closing down any of the portals that were already there. Since then, the Daedra have attempted to do this several times but all efforts have been thwarted by the Eldyrannth. After several of these attempts, the Eldyrannth began looking for a means to attempt to seal the Daedra in their dimension.

Since the beginning of the war, the Eldyrannth had been making use of the Dark Grey crystal that broke down dimensional walls. This allowed them to send Daedra back into Hell if they were unable to defeat them. This has been how they have kept Daedra numbers so low on Earth to prevent another all-out attack on Vorserend. But they wanted a way to seal Daedra in their dimension for good. An Eldyrannth by the name of Nepovana came forward with an idea as to how to carry it out. She proposed that if they linked all their minds to hers through the Queen and channelled their energy into her, she was able to use the Dark Grey Crystals to attempt to seal up the link between the two dimensions. It would cause them to become vulnerable for a period but it should achieve the result they needed. Desperate to try anything, all Eldyrannth agreed that it was perhaps the best course of action. They pooled their resources together and gave their energy to Nepovana so that she could carry out her task. It succeeded, for a time. However the Daedra began chipping at the seal and have been able to send individuals through, although no where near the numbers they used to send.

One of the battles that the Eldyrannth consider one of the worst days of the war was in 1,837,333 BE. There had been a strange period of quiet where absolutely no attacks occurred, not even singular attacks, for around ten thousand years, causing the Eldyrannth to wonder if the Daedra had admitted defeat and were giving up. At first, this made them edgy before they began to relax. However as soon as they did, the Daedra sprung a surprise attack on them. For the entire time, they had been slowly sending Daedra through the seal and hiding them on Earth so that they wouldn’t be detected before the attack. But instead of attacking anyone directly, they focused their efforts on the Crystal Groves, where the Eldyrannth buried their dead. They shattered millions of trees, scattering them across the landscape. Their hope was to completely demoralise the Eldyrannth to bring a quick end to their seemingly never-ending war. This, however, had completely the opposite effect. Angered beyond reasoning, the Eldyrannth struck back with more ferocity than ever before. Screams of their rage and grief echoed off distant mountains as they mercilessly hunted down every Daedra and tore them apart with their talons, even if the Daedra was retreating and begging for its life. The site was never used as a Crystal Grove again. After they had killed every single Daedra that was on Earth, they salvaged what they could and began to bury their dead elsewhere. This site became later known as “Daedric’s Reach”.

Social Era

After the initial battle with the daedra, the Eldyrannth began focusing on Warfare. They began training on how use their crystals to better fight daedra and send them back to hell. Despite the war, Eldyrannth still devoted their time to study and improvement as a species. As the Millenia went by, Talivana's line carried on through her daughter. It was discovered that only those of her family could effectively use the Queen Crystal effectively, and only those of a single gender. Female. The daughters, with the ability to use the crystal were all born with the ability to use the Queen Crystal from that family, had golden eyes. Male children, or females that couldn't, had other colour eyes and were unable to produce special Gold eyed children. The golden eyed females were also, on average, stronger in their telepathic ability compared to other members of their species which made them biologically ideal to act as the central hub for their hive mind which had grown and developed over the years. The male children of the family were also quite unusual, in the fact that their telekinetic ability was stronger than that of the average member of their race. Still, they refused to put themselves forward to take any form of power, and refused titles offered to them preferring to have the responsibility without the title. Generally they task themselves with the protection of the Queen and to ensure that she is well taken care of. As is typical for a Royal Family, incest is very rampant however with Eldyrannth, due to the presence of the Incest gene, it prevents genetic stagnation.

After the emergence of their new form, which they began to use frequently for travel and fighting (due to the more beastial, aggressive nature. Some historians argue that the reason why the Eldyrannth didn't lose their principles or kind nature was because the dragon form help protect them from the real cost of such a war), came a number of changes. The first, was that their life-span was cut in half. It was discovered that the crystals had begun to have a very negative effect on their body. The exotic radiation emitted from the crystals crystalised the Inchor in their blood. Once a piece of Inchor is crystalised it can no longer be broken down into Omnipotent Stem cell and Chor. It is also extremely sharp, and can sometimes tear veins and arteries, causing internal injuries. Early on in the condition, this isn't that dangerous as stem cells repair the damage, but it is very painful. However as the condition progresses, the crystal can clump together, forming blockages within the veins and arteries, similar to blood clots. This can cause strokes, and even death. It is called Inchor Crystallisation and it is lethal. However the Eldyrannth decided to continue using them to defend themselves against the daedra, although they would educate the young about the dangers before they took up the crystals. During these years, none were expected to live the 10,000 years anyway. Another effect of the change, was that when individuals were born, they were often born with eyes not the same colour as any of the families. It was discovered that the colour of the original form determined the colour of their Eldyr (dragon) form. The colour was also seemingly random, except for the Royal Line that were able to use the crystal. Their eyes were always gold, and the Eldyr form was always primarily white, with gold wing membrane, spikes and talons (claws). The last thing discovered with this, was that when an Eldyrannth died, their body crystalised before growing into a crystal tree. The leaves were the colours of their Eldyr form. They discovered that the leaves were in fact similar to the Rhydraen crystals but with different properties depending on the crystals that Eldyrannth used during their lifetime (They were always buried with their Gauntlets). Instead of shunning the use of these crystals, they thought of it as a final gift from the dead, to the living. Almost like a testament to the commitment of their species survival from the inhabitants of hell. Their graveyards became to be a place of peace, where Eldyrannth would go for quiet contemplation or meditation. When within the crystal forest, it becomes like another world. Anyone entering one will feel a wave of peace and contentment, as if all their worries had disappeared. They will find that they would be able to think more clearly. It is for this very reason why the Daedric attack at Daedric’s Reach angered the Eldyrannth so. As the years went by, the group mind became even more complex as Eldyrannth spent more time linked together. The group mind became so vast, that anyone with telepathic ability would be able to hear the telepathic field as a faint whispering in the back of their mind. However they wouldn't be able to understand any individual word, due to the amount of information being exchanged. They also wouldn't be allowed into the group mind except in very special circumstances. (Please ask permission if your character encounters this, as it requires getting in close range to Vorserend.)

Due to the fact that only a Queen could be in charge, gradually females became the more dominant gender. They were more likely to be in positions of responsibility, and females had full parental rights over their children. Fathers didn't have any rights over their children. And poverty still existed. Homosexuality and Transgender's were also shunned as they would not produce children and many Eldyrannth were in the view that they had to try and keep their numbers high. This continued to cause more upset until four million years into their predicted civilisation start. A very old Queen, far gone in Inchor Crystallisation, outright banned Homosexuality, Transgender, Cross dressing and Asexuality. She also banned a Healing Herb that is known to humans as Cannabis. The general population became angry with this, speaking out against her. Her daughter, Lyravana, spoke out as well, publicly condemning the actions of her mother. She convinced her mother to step down as Queen as her condition was compromising the people she had pledged to protect. After lengthy discussion, the Queen finally agreed. Lyravana took the position of Queen and immediately retracted the laws that her mother had put into effect. She also wrote up a Bill of Universal rights, that protected all from the discrimination, or exploitation of everyone, regardless of gender, species or sexuality so that it also covered other sentient beings such as the Rhydraen. It also protected privacy, but Eldyrannth are always respectful of privacy anyway despite the fact that they are often linked intimately with each other. They never force anyone to join the group mind. Lyravana the First, or Lyravana the Compassionate as her legacy became, based these Universal Rights on the Commandments of The Order, the religion she followed which covered any and all sentient species, including aliens. She also began planning to eradicate poverty once and for all. Within a few hundred years everyone had a place to live and food in their stomach as well as the chance for a free, good quality education for themselves and their children.


Throughout the years, there was a small group of Eldyrannth Scientists, around 20 or so at a time, that worked on their research in secret, pulling themselves from the group mind and never thinking of their research when connected. This was extremely hard to do, but they were obsessed with the idea of forever putting an end to the Daedric threat. They studied the Diary of Fyaerin closely, and were convinced that this EPSUS was the key to pulling this off. The diary spoke of several species; Keza’maraki, Mako’demeri, Coda’zotozi and Zeta’muluri. All were written as being the “Children of Eldyr” It spoke of other species, too; Xenovityr’ra and the Children of Xeno, but not in as much detail. They interpreted this text to mean that the Eldyrannth were the ones to create these species.

Their first experiment into their theory was on a primitive, but strangely, warm blooded reptilian species. They also had three sets of limbs instead of the usual two sets that other species displayed. They had front legs, a set of wings and back legs. Over the generations, they manipulated the genes of this species using their own DNA to create the first Zeta’muluri that were as sentient as they were. While being aggressive, they also quickly began to establish their own culture which became surprisingly deep and complex despite their aggressive and war-like nature. In their mind, they were indeed what Fyaerin predicted.

Pleased with their success, they went on to manipulate other species using the same techniques to create the other species. They had come to care for what they viewed as their creations deeply, and even had sex with them. To their surprise, they were even able to breed with them to create half-Eldyrannth children. This was the very first time that they had encountered their species successfully breeding with another. There had been previous cases where Daedra had attempted to breed with Eldyrannth, usually by violently raping a female in heat and leaving them with child. However, many aborted the fetus so they didn’t carry it to term. Even if they didn’t abort the child, all pregnancies had ended with either the death of the mother, death of the child or both. The half-breeds with these newly created species were a very easy pregnancy and resulted in many successes. Thinking that it would help accelerate their intellectual progress, they continued breeding with them and allowing the half breeds to continue breeding with their host species.

Not long after their first several breeding experiments, one of the members accidentally let it slip as to what they were doing. The rest of the Eldyrannth were shocked and enraged with the way that they were ‘Playing God’. They thought it distasteful to interfere with a species natural development, however which way it went. While some were impressed by what had been accomplished, many were revolted by this. The Scientists often found that Eldyrannth would turn and walk away from them in disgust. The Eldyrannth couldn’t put a stop to the experiments, as it was just as immoral to kill them off. They had to allow them to live, however they stripped the Gauntlet’s from the Scientists and banished them. The Scientists became angry, feeling that they were the ones that were to save the Eldyrannth and that they had been betrayed. The Scientists divided up, each settling into one of the four species and living the rest of their life with them.

Fall of Vorserend.

At 5,494 BE, the Queen of the Eldyrannth, Jyravana the Sixth gave birth to a set of twins. The birth almost killed her, as the twins had emerged from her at the exact same time, clinging to one another. The golden-eyed child was called Talivana, and the black-eyed child was called Talrin. Jyravana loved her children, and when she first held them she sensed that there was something exceptionally special about the two of them. The only thing that dampened her enjoyment of her new children was the fact that their biological father, her brother Kayrin, was absent. He had not attended their birth and he rarely came back to see them. She was left to raise the two children on her own, which was very difficult along with her Queen duties. But she didn’t want anyone else to raise her children for her.

As the years went by, Talrin’s behaviour became unmanageable to Jyravana. Especially on a particular incident when he was four years old. She had caught him out on lying to him and, as punishment, she spanked him. But to her surprise, the spank had caused him to moan as if he received pleasure from it and the young Talrin was extremely humiliated and he absolutely refused to speak to his mother afterwards. Feeling desperate, she turned to a friend that worked in the city as a clockmaker, Temporin. He agreed to come and help her with her problem, and he was able to coax Talrin out of his silence by bribing him with his favourite fruit. Strawberries. Temporan managed to get Talrin to agree with go with him and his mother to see a child psychologist, who was able to state that Talrin had the Eldyrannth form of autism which caused him to be able to absorb information at a furious rate. An intelligence test also showed that, at the time of his birth, Talrin was the most intelligent child they had ever encountered. But he also pointed out that the absence of Talrin’s father was causing huge problems for him and was a significant factor in his behaviour problems.

Since then, Temporin moved into their palace as he became the Queen’s lover. He also adopted Talrin as his son and since then, Talrin’s behaviour had a marked improvement now that he had a father-figure in his life. Temporin had also helped influence the Queen into a few policy changes such as their strict isolation. He encouraged her to drop the laws that prevented them from trading and interacting with other species, as such isolation was dangerous. This lead the path to where the Eldyrannth started trading with other species although nothing technology-wise, but they also began to interact more on a social leve. Temporin’s presence as Jyravana’s lover was a secret, at first. Until the sixth birthday of the Crown Princess and her brother. Their father had returned, but took Talivana out along with a friend to go shopping. When Talrin requested to go, Kayrin told him off and told him to stay which really upset Talrin as he was still hopeful that he could forge a bond with his biological father. Instead, Temporin and Jyravana spent time with him along with his best friend, and younger sister (Jyravana’s and Temporin’s daughter). They turned a bad day, into a very good one for Talrin and he was happy… until Kayrin returned and started to become jealous that Jyravana was spending time with another man and he was pushed over the edge into rage when Talrin called Temporin his father which resulted in Kayrin trying to force wash Talrin’s mouth out and, in his rage, kill Talrin’s friend who was lucky enough to be in possession of regeneration. But that completed the fracture between Kayrin and Talrin, who from that moment on refused to acknowledge the family relation between them. 

Later that night, Temporin revealed to Jyravana that his real name was Temaelrin and she officially took him as her partner and mate. Years after, Jyravana made a change to another Policy. By this point, everyone was very comfortable in the fact that they only have Queen’s; no Kings. Jyravana, in the interests of fairness, felt that the males of the family should be given the titles they deserve. She retroactively labelled all the mates of the old Queen’s as King’s, and made her current mate King as well. This made her son, Talrin, the Crown Prince instead of just the brother of the Crown Princess. Other revolutionary events were occuring as well, such as the changes in their medical community thanks to the efforts of Talrin. He had asked for a medical license not long after he had turned a hundred but because of the attitudes back then, he was laughed at as he was considered far too young and inexperienced to do such a job. Furious, he decided to do things his way. By the time he was four-hundred, he had completed his first major projects; Generin. Generin was a comprehensive library of the genealogy of the Eldyrannth as a species. Their genome. He also researched and pushed the boundaries on medical knowledge. Despite not having an official medical license, he practised medicine and helped the people of his City. He was so good at what he did that people preferred turning to him than the actual medical community who, in the end, were forced to hand over a licence.

When the Crown Prince was eight-hundred years old, though, investigators broke into his lab to find that he had been running experiments on Daedra and was researching into how to switch minds. There was even evidence that he had experimented upon unconsented individuals. Talrin was stripped of his gauntlets and banished from the city along with his research partner, his cousin Lusravana. This left the Crown Princess, Talivana, heart-broken due to the close bonds that Eldyrannth twins share with one another. She felt so ashamed and angry and completely disavowed him. 

When Talivana was 1,000 years old, there was a sudden attack on the Capital City lead by a Daedric General by the name of Diomedes. He brought with him an army of daedra in an attempt to wipe out the city. He had managed to break the seal enough to force as many Daedra through as he could possibly manage without completely obliterating both dimensions in the process. The most shocking thing of all, was the fact that he had an Eldyr like form which was heavily influenced by the daedra. The Daedric Eldyr. However this did not seem to be the Daedric Eldyr that Fyaerin had spoken about in his diary. This one seemed intent on wiping them out, not create peace. A set of fraternal twins, Kalrin and Haelavana, Warrior and Healer, rose up and fought bitterly with Diomedes. It was a long, intense fight, but the two were able to lead the counterattack to drive away the daedra and Diomedes. Afterwards, Haelavana tended the wounded and healed to the point of exhaustion as an uneasy peace settled on the city.

When Talivana, Princess of the Eldyrannth and heir to the throne, was 2,500 years of age, she ventured out on a mission to help a problem where a lesser daedra was trying to seek power by forcing a village to worship and fear him. She arrived in the village, staking it out before the daedra revealed itself. It was an easy task drawing the daedra away from the village before banishing it. In fact the job has been too easy. She remained in the town for a few weeks to make sure that the threat had gone. When it appeared that it had, Diomedes appeared before her. He informed her that she should perhaps return home as quickly as possible. She asked what he had meant, but he refused to elaborate, instead repeating his message. Deeply worried, Talivana hurried back towards her home city of Vorserend. When she arrived, the city was in ruins and the entire inhabitants slaughtered, leaving her the only living Eldyrannth in existence (baring Erickavana and Daedrin, but they are not from this time era). The Princess almost went mad with grief and anger. But she forced herself to push that grief aside, and gathered herself to leave the city behind and find the ones that destroyed the Eldyrannth Civilisation. Before she left, The Daedric Wolf appeared before her and returned to her, her adoptive daughter Kaylarvana who had gone missing sixty-six days before the attack. Happy and relieved, Talivana welcomed her with open arms and the two of them left the city in search of the ones that did this.

(Rest intentionally left blank due to plots in Craethiel Kingdom. Please note that the City is destroyed and all valuable items removed. Looters will find nothing of value within the city, other than a load of graves)

Culture: They are generally a peaceful race, having no problems with other races unless they are attacked themselves. They are also a race of demon hunters, being extremely skilled at hunting down demons and banishing them to where they came from. They spend their time training and studying when they are not out hunting demons. They live in a large, well developed city where there is no shortage of basic needs such as food and shelter as everyone contributes to growing their food and building their homes. They also have a refined musical taste and many spend their time refining their instrumental skills as well as their voices. They have extremely good voices that are like nothing heard of before. The Eldyrannth also have horses that are more powerful and intelligent than normal horses. They are slightly larger and more muscular which enables them to run faster and further than their smaller cousins. The lower part of their legs is ‘feathered’ which covers the hooves somewhat, a feature that is seen on Shire Horses. These horses, which they call the Aelda, are usually white in colour but there are some of various colours. They are considered a sentient species by the Eldyrannth, and they do not enslave them or force them to serve. The Aelda has to consent to bearing the weight of an Eldyrannth.

They are usually seen, around the city at least, garbed in hodded white robes like clothing made from a very soft material. Usually around the waist is a piece of material that drops down at the front. It is usually the same colour as their eye colour/dragon scale colour. Their fighting garb is vastly different, but it is different from person to person as individuals prefer different armour styles. The one thing that they all have in common is the gauntlets that cover their lower arms and the back of their hands before covering their finger tips. The gauntlets are silver or gold dependant on the individuals taste, decorated by the gems that are the source of channelling their energy into powers.

The Eldyrannth have a symbiotic relationship with a race that are called the Rydraen's, who resemble what most people would call a 'mermaid', in fact they are a possible source for the mythical creature. This aquatic race, in return for their protection, grows their power crystal in a specific way (Through singing at different pitches to shape and mould the crystal. Each type of crystal has a different ‘song’ which they are grown with). The Eldyrannth are fiercely protective of this vulnerable race and do not take well to anyone approaching the underwater cities in which they dwell in.

The funeral grounds of the Eldyrannth are like nothing seen before. After the body is buried, a crystalline tree begins growing after a few months of burial. When fully grown, the tree can reach as high as the length of an Eldyr Dragon. The trees are of a clear crystal, but there are also crystal ‘leaves’ on the tree. The colour of the leaves are different for each Eldyrannth buried. The colour of the leaves reflect the colour of the Eldyrannth's eye colour. The leaves have different powers depending on the crystals that the Eldyrannth used so they come in a range of different uses. It is thought to be final gift of the dead to the living. When a crystal leaf is harvested and ground up and made into a potion, it can cure any poison, even that of the Lemoa flower. The leaves will grow back, but this process takes years.

The city, called Vorserend, is hidden within the Therarr Mountains. It is an extremely peaceful and beautiful city with a unique architecture. There are waterfalls everywhere, adding to the serenity of the surroundings as well as adding to the serene sounds that fill the air as the water tumbles over rocks. When populated, many Eldyrannth can be seen walking the streets, going about their business while dragons fly above them in the air about the city. Below is an example image of what the city looks like:


Communication/Language: The Eldyrannth have a group mind which allows them to speak to one another. Privacy is not needed between individuals due to this group mind as they all know what each other is thinking, although they can temporarily cut themselves off from the rest of the group mind. Any person with a telepathic ability would be able to hear a kind of ‘whispering’ whenever they come close to the centre of their group mind, the city. They can attempt to join in with the group mind, if they figure out what that whispering is, but they would not be allowed into the group mind unless it is a very special circumstance (You would have to send me an EcchiText to ask permission, as well as for further details). With other races, they speak the same language of the land. In their dragon form, they can communicate through roars and growls as the shape of the mouth makes speech impossible. Telepathic communication is still possible in this form. When communicating telepathically, Eldyrannth do not generally speak in words to one another, instead showing images, replaying memories and allowing feelings to flow to the others. To other people, outside of the Eldyrannth species, this can be confusing and make little sense to them. Due to how complex the mind of an Eldyrannth is, and how ‘vast’ it would seem to others, being in telepathic contact with an Eldyrannth is extremely dangerous. Without intending or, or even trying, they can accidentally crush the minds of others and kill, or make them insane without intending to.

Food and Drink: They have various fruits and vegetables that used to grow wild in the mountains but they have since started cultivating them, farming them to feed their population. They also have several species which they care for well for things like the fur, or wool for their garments. They do not kill animals to feed themselves, but they will eat meat. This meat usually comes from their herds from animals that have died of old age, or from accidents. When sitting down to eat, they eat a serving of vegetables before they eat a course of meat, if there is any. They do not have any alcoholic drink, as alcohol clouds their judgement and they need their wits around them when doing their tasks as well as Demon Hunting (Or Daedra as the Eldyrannth call them). Instead they drink clear mountain water as well as fruit juice that is usually drunk fresh. When it begins fermenting, it is considered bad and thrown away or give to the animals to drink. Despite their aversion of alcohol, they frequently ingest or smoke a herb that they cultivate. It's the Cannibis plant, which they consider to be a very versatile herb. It is also used to make most of the cloth and paper that they use.

Sports/games and other pastimes: They don’t really have any games, but they spend their times doing things that interest them such as farming, or studying. The only thing that comes close to sports is practicing to fight by fighting with one another in a non-malicious manner. Once a year, they hold competitions where Eldyrannth can enter and compete with each other to see who is the best. There are no prizes for winning, but then they don’t need them. Simply being named the best is prize enough for them.

Hierarchy: They are ruled by a Royal Family who are the ones that appear to have all the power, but that is an illusion. The power actually lies with the people. The current Royal leader simply acts as the one that carries out the will of the people. It isn’t really seen as a position of power, more like a position of responsibility. Any Eldyrannth seen as not carrying out this responsibility, they will be asked to step down and allow someone else to take up that responsibility. They are ruled by the Queen, who is always in her Dragon form, who usually stays within the Palace. She is the very centre of the group mind, which is why she remains in her dragon form as the dragon mind would be able to handle the weight of the thoughts of their entire race easily. Before a female member of the Royal Family ascend the throne, they have a single child who is next in line to become Queen. The Queen is in possession of a staff that has a single large grey crystal that is surrounded by six orange crystals. This helps them be the central mind of their race. Another advantage of the Queen being in her dragon form all the time is that is slows down the rate of blood crystalisation, as they are using the crystals on the staff constantly, so that they are able to reign longer. The only ones that are able to use this staff, are the female members of the Royal Line. It is a single, unbroken family line. The reason why they only have Queens, is because of biological reasons, not cultural reason. Females do not have more power, or rights, than men. Each Queen has the same colour eyes, Gold (unlike other Eldyrannth where the colour is random), and has the same colour Eldyr form (which for other Eldyrannth it is the same colour as their eyes) which is white scales with gold eyes, horns, spikes and talons.

What the race consider as insulting/rude/ shameful:


The removing of their gauntlets is considered the biggest shame to be had as the gauntlets are seen as their honour.


No feet on seats while eating or showing the soles of the feet.

No eating with mouth open.

To eat meat before eating the vegetables. The vegetables must be eaten before the meat is eaten.

It is rude to eat in front of someone without inviting them to eat with you. If they refuse then they are allowed to eat in front of them, but it is still frowned upon.

What the race consider as Respectful:

Signs/mannerisms to show respect:

Putting a hand on the chest and inclining of the head is a sign of respect.

To hold hands without the metal of the gauntlets covering their fingers is considered an extremely intimate act. Even hand shaking is done between those who are extremely close to one another. Usually, in greeting, they lightly press the back of their hands against each other,

Misconceptions/Myths/legends/Old wives tales: That their dragon form, like most non-humanoid, are monsters and burn and pillage villages and towns. This is not the case as they are very gentle and do not like harming anything that is not a demon. They are demon hunters and only show aggression towards demons. They also try and stop any demon worshipping which involve trying to raise a demon which could be disastrous.

Name Style: Female names usually end in 'vana'. Male names usually end in 'rin'. Although these are the usual style, there are a few exceptions, but they are not very common. There are some names that banned from ever being used. Some children are named after famous Eldyrannth, as the name is a mark of honour, a name to be passed down to future generations. However if an Eldyrannth has committed a terrible crime, then their name cannot be used to name a new child as the name bares the dishonour of the Eldyrannth who committed the crime.

General Race Behaviour: This race is usually peaceful and friendly, however if someone were to do them any ill then they are not very forgiving. They are generally well mannered and patient. They also make great listeners as they prefer to listen rather than talk as between each other they have no needs for spoken words. Although they are friendly and patient, they can become irritated quickly if someone was to do something like push religion onto them, or pressure them into doing something that they don’t want to do.

Love: They love much the same as other mortal beings, and this love can last for hours, or centuries. If they love another member of the race, regardless of either partners genders, they go through the process of bonding [see Mating below]. This bonding can last for as long as either of them wish it to. If they feel like they no longer wish to be bonded, they simply part from one another. Ill feelings are generally not created in these circumstances. It is also common for Eldyrannth to be in a relationship with multiple partners.

Religion: They do not believe in any God as they have evolved beyond the point in believing in Gods. Instead, they have a firm belief in science to explain the world around them, although they are tolerant of other beings beliefs... providing that they are not pushed onto the Eldyrannth’s, that is. They seek to know about the world, and the universe around them. They want to understand the Universe they inhabit, and they strive towards this goal.

Laws: They only have a single law. The law of Universal Rights, which extends to the treatment of other sentient species. This law protects all from discrimination, abuse and exploitation from the Eldyrannth as well as protecting their privacy and right to justice. But due to the group mind, they do not require law as everyone knows what everyone is thinking. This makes deception hard between Eldyrannth citizens. Even if they were to pull themselves away from the group mind to commit a crime, it will be known as soon as they re-enter. If they pulled themselves away to commit crimes or even treason, then they are brought back to the city and publicly humiliated in front of everyone by having their gauntlets removed and their name being banned from ever being used by another child for the rest of their history.


- Mating: If an Eldyrannth is interested in another, they begin courtship by leaving gifts in front of their intended partner(s) door. If the gifts are accepted, and gifts are left on the original Eldyrannth’s door, then it shows that their intended partner(s) are interested in them. This exchange of gifts can continue for months, or rarely even years, before the couple meet in a secluded place. There they dance with one another until they reach the final stage of the mating ritual. At the final stage, they fly in a dizzying mating flight. In the case of heterosexual pairings, the male chases the female to catch her. In the case of homosexual relationships, the dominant partner chases the submissive. Eldyrannth’s do not have any prejudices in regard to an individuals sexualities.

- Pregnancy celebration: When a woman is found to be pregnant, friends and family often gather and offer gifts to the expectant mother. As children are rare in their culture (Only two to four each year), people outside of the friend and family circle may also offer their congratulations.

- Birthing Day: When labour begins, a healer helps the expectant mother during the process of birthing. When the child is born, the Healer measures the child and checks them over to make sure that they are perfectly healthy. The mother then may be in receipt of congratulations and offered more gifts to help with the young, but otherwise the new mother and father is left to bond with the new child.

- Death: When someone of their race dies, close friends and family gather in the home of the deceased. The deceased is lain on their bed, their body covered with small gifts from the gathered which can be from small crystals to flowers. The gathered sing a song with the rest of the race within their shared consciousness, a song of mourning. When they feel that the time is right, they transfer the body onto a litter tray, and four members carry the body to the funeral lands. While they walk along the streets, anyone nearby stop whatever they are doing and watch respectfully while the party passes. When they reach the funeral grounds, the party bury the deceased into the ground, leaving the grave unmarked. Within the next several months, the body turns to crystal, before growing upwards towards the surface where it grows into a crystalline tree, complete with roots and leaves.

- Remembrance day: It is a day where all the ones killed in war are remembered. They rise at dawn and go to the burial site where the funeral crystals are kept. They sing a remembrance song before they then prepare the afternoon feast. Around mid-afternoon they have a feast of a meat of a large grazing animal along with various vegetables (They search beforehand for one that died due to natural causes). The meat is cooked on a traditional spitroast. There is then some celebration as they celebrate their own lives that the deceased had given up to give them. At sunset, they have a moments silence in respect before they have their evening meal.

- New Years celebration: On the eve of the New Year, they have an evening meal before the celebration of going into a new year. At the second that the New Year starts, they drink a toast to the bountiful harvests and crystal singing in the New Year.

- The crowning of the new Queen: If the current Queen is going to die soon (Within the next few years) by natural means, then the Old Queen is the one to present the Staff to the new Queen. If the Queen has died suddenly (Like poison or in battle) then the people chose someone to present the staff to the new Queen. This is done in the Palace in front of witnesses. The Queen is given the staff and then the rest of the day is spent in celebration and feasting.

Genetic Diseases/ Common Ailments/ Common Mental problems:

- Genetic Diseases

- In some families, Eldyrannth's have the inability to use crystals naturally and require severe training to be able to have at least some use of the crystals. The number is few as this is a recessive gene that does not appear very often due to their low breeding rates. It is a recessive gene that can occur in both males and females. ADVANTAGE: Protects against the crystalisation of the blood through use of the crystals

- At a late age [From 4,000+] the brain starts to degrade, the nerve cells wearing down, causing the individual to revert to a childlike state. It is a dominant gene, however it is rare as usually the individual is infertile, but cases do occur.

- Common Ailments: The Ichor in their blood stream hardens into crystal over time, depending on how frequently they use their unique crystals. When their blood turns to crystal, they die. As the Inchor crystalises, it becomes more and more painful for the sufferer, so painful it can become incapacitating. It can cause internal bleeding, as well as blockage of the arteries and veins, which leads to strokes and other ailments. There is no known cure.

- Common Mental Problems: The genetic disease mentioned above.

Anatomy and Physical Appearances:

- General look of the race:

Like the Keza's, Eldyrannth look a lot like humans. This is due to their similar evolutionary paths. However, while the Eldyrannth look human, they are very different to humans in organ functions and abilities. For one thing, the humanoid body is not their only form. They have the ability to shift from their human form into that of a dragon, their Eldyr form. But that is the only shape shifting power that they have.

In their human form, they are often tall (6ft+) and beautiful looking. The kind of body they have depends on what they specialise in. Eldyrannth who prefer close range fighting tend to be more muscular in stature whereas those who prefer longer ranged attacks tend to be slimmer and more lean. Especially to human standards, they have beautiful faces with exotic features but again, each individual is different. Their eye colour is different from one another as the colour of their eyes in human form determines what the colour of their scales are in their Eldyr form. Another feature that they have different from humans is the ears are pointed and also are large enough to reach the top of their head, curving back slightly, with a few bone spikes along the rim of the ear. The most common hair colour is a dark colour hair, mainly black, which many like to have long, but it is not unusual to see an Eldyrannth with short hair.

The Eldyrannth Dragon is an unique, exotic dragon. Their species, exposed to a special exotic radiation, have allowed them to have this form. Along with it come a number of features. As an Eldyrannth ages, their dragon form grows along with them. Once every 100 years, they have a growth spurt of 2 metres. It is said that some of the older Eldyr Dragons could pass for mountains and their growls were akin to earthquakes. Their scales, which cover every inch of their body, glitter like a thousand gems, said to be able to strike the unwary blind with their brilliance. This glittering property helps reflect light, as well as various types of radiation such as UV. The scales are hard enough to repel many physical attacks such as a sword or arrow, even giving them some protection against bullets. They also come in thousands of colours, a group of them said to look like a glittering rainbow. The colour of the Eldyr Dragon is the exact same colour as an Eldyrannth's eyes which include thousands of shades and tones. The Eldyr dragon is shaped like a Western dragon, with two hind legs, two large bat-like wings and two front legs they can lash out with. Their talons are extremely sharp, and are often a brilliant white in contrast to their shimmering scales. Running down the length of their back from the base of their spine to the top of their tail are very sharp spikes, the same colour as their claws. Emerging from the back of their head are two or more horns that are shaped differently for each Eldyr Dragon. Some will curve straight back, or curl around their face. To complete their fierce appearance are their large razor sharp teeth and cat-like eyes that often seem like they are glaring down at you. Their tongue, forked in shape, usually flickers out from their mouth to taste the air much like a snake does. Compared to other dragons, their wings are proportionally larger compared to their body length. Their wing length, across both wings, is four times that of the length of their bodies. This allows them to catch more air under their pinions and fly far above cloud level. To aid with this, their bone structure is not solid. It is a spongy honeycomb structure similar to birds that reduce their weight and make it easier to fly. Their reflective scales protects them from the high UV levels at this altitude.

Their wings are made of a thin membrane, usually the same colour as their scales, and are used to push down onto the air to lift the rest of the body into the air. Like bats, when their wings are up-stroking, they pull them against their body to prevent wind resistance. This makes flying a lot more energy efficient and allows them to fly faster and carry more weight. The membrane is very concentrated with specialised pressure nerves that detect differing pressures in the air. This allows the Eldyrannth to detect whenever they are in air pockets in the air which they can use to either to speed them up, or climb higher in the sky.

While they have no control over this, they sometimes exhibit very strange powers, which many would think of as magic. It is not. It is the manipulation of the environment around them due to their exotic nature. Thus, it is not something that can be replicated by any other species. Each time this power is used, it produces different results as the power comes about due to thought, and no two thoughts could ever be exactly the same. Like many dragon species, they have the ability to breathe fire. This flame is a mixture of a flammable liquid produced by their bodies, Inchor and Hydrogen. The resulting flame is extremely deadly, and burns very hot. The liquid causes the flame to stick to any surfaces and is very difficult to clean off before the resulting fire kills you. It has been called similar to Napalm.

- Hearing:

The Eldyrannth have a very similar sense of hearing as a Zeta, only being able to hear between 20Hz and 25kHz. Their ears are similarly shaped to humans, with an elf like shape and work much in the same way. Their hearing is not as good as the other species as they rely on their sense of smell, and sight much more so they have never develop the need for more sensitive hearing.

- Smell:

For the Eldyrannth, their smell works in much the same way as a humans, although it is slightly stronger but not by much which makes their sense of smell, through the nose at least, rather dull. Their main sense of smell is in their Dragon form. They can use their tongues like a snake and pick up smells (molecules) from the air, pressing them against an organ at the roof of their mouths which enables them to process the scents that are hanging in the air. This enables them to further distinguish scents from each other. They can do this on land as well as in water making them deadly hunters of all environments. This tasting sense of smell is even more powerful than a Zeta, at least by three times.

- Eyesight:

With the Eldyrannth, in their human form they have 500,000 per square mm photoreceptors. In their dragon form they have 2,000,000 per square mm photoreceptors, a very high number of nerves connecting the receptors to the brain, a second set of eye muscles not found in other animals, and an indented fovea which magnifies the central part of the visual field. In their dragon form, Eldyrannth have the best vision within the EPSI Federation.

- Touch:

The Eldyrannth, in their human form, have an almost identical touch system to a human. The only real difference would be the fact that their G-spot has double the amount of nerves. The back of the hand is also rather sensitive, as they usually use the back of their fingers in order to touch as using the front of their fingers would cause them to stick to the surface in which they are touching. In their Eldyr form, they are more sensitive to pressure than anything else. Like a Zeta, their wings are the most sensitive part of them. Their wing membrane is covered with tiny, microscopic hairs that are sensitive to the most minute of pressure changes. This allows them to be extremely good at flying and locating pressure spots.

- Feeding:

Eldyrannth have a mouth in both forms located on the head underneath the eyes and nose. In their humanoid form, their face looks much like a Keza's, whereas in their Eldyr form their heads are rather Zeta like apart from the scales. At the entrance of each lung is a gland that has a tube running up the throat to the roof of the mouth. This gland stores a special substance called "Ichor" (For more information, see features below.) The way that they breathe fire, is that the they have two glands near the entrance and exit of the lungs with a tube leading up to the roof of the mouth so that they can squirt out the Inchor which can be activated by a small, electrical spark to create the flame. They can control the amount that squirts out to control how large the flame is. So their mouth is not only used for feeding, but for offensive capabilities.

- Organ Function:

The Eldyrannth, in their humanoid form, their organ function is similar to that of the Keza's or Mako's. Very human like. But with a few differences. At the entrance of their lungs are two small glands with a thin tube going from the glands to the roof of the mouth which they use to be able to breath fire. Their heart contains a left aortic valve so they can willingly redirect blood flow to essential organs like the brain. Also they can redirect it to the stomach increasing their stomach acidity so they can digest bone. When they produce too much they will sometimes throw it up. As they can do this on command they can use their own digestive juices as a defensive option.

The Eldyrannth's and Zeta's do not breathe like normal mammals, instead, they share the same breathing mechanism as birds which involves one way air flow in the lungs. The explanation is as here [explanation provided by the University of Utah]: Inhaled air enters the trachea, or windpipe, and then flows into two primary bronchi, or airways. Each of those primary bronchi enters a lung. From those primary airways, the bronchi then branch into a second tier of narrower airways. Inflowing air jets past or bypasses the first branch in each lung because the branch makes a hairpin turn away from the direction of airflow, creating an aerodynamic valve. Instead, the air flows into other second-tier bronchi and then into numerous, tiny, third-tier airways named parabronchi, where oxygen enters the blood and carbon dioxide leaves it. The air, still moving in one direction, then flows from the parabronchi into the bypassed second-tier bronchi and back to the first-tier bronchi, completing a one-way loop through the lungs before being exhaled through the windpipe. This gives them a huge advantage as this one way breathing system allows them to breathe in thinner atmospheres, which is one reason they live in the mountains. They can fly higher than other winged creatures as they can tolerate this thin air. Also, their large wing to body ratio allows for this as well, as they can catch more of the thin air with their huge surface area. Their second eyelid is specially designed to block out the severe glare of the sun that is present at this height.

- Sexual Organs:

Due to how close their two forms are, impregnation can occur in either one, with the child developing in both forms, allowing them to continue switching back and forth between the two. Even though pregnancy allows for this, they need to give birth in their humanoid form. When in their dragon form, the size of the dicks is entirely dependant on the size of the dragon. The larger the male is, the larger his dick is. They can be anywhere between 15" and 50" in some of the largest and oldest Eldyrannth, although those with advanced age do not mate as much as the younger ones. This prevents them from being in any danger when fighting in their dragon form as their dick is shielded due to the fact that it is a very vulnerable organ. In their human form they have similar sexual organs to humans, with a few differences. For the female, the breasts tend to be more sensitive and their vagina is a lot more sensitive due to having more concentrated nerves. They also do not have hymens. For the males, on average, their penis is 15” and fairly thick, about 10 inches in circumference. Running along the bottom of the penis is a spine that makes several hard protrusion along the lower part of the cock that the Eldyrannth can make pulsate at will. This usually makes it feel like he is coming inside of a female. It is a biological trick that the male uses to trick a female Eldyrannth into heat and to drive her wild in mating lust. The head is also rather large and is slightly pointed so that it is easier to get the penis into the female vagina. Ringed behind the head of the dick like the ribs of a spine, going down to about mid-shaft while getting smaller each time, is a ring of hard flesh that pulsates much like their shaft. Each ring wraps around the entire shaft to the spine that runs along the underside of the penis. These features can show up in a hybrid with Eldyrannth DNA. If an Eldyrannth male is aroused enough, his cock can pulsate so hard, and fast, that the entire dick feels like it is vibrating inside of their partner. This also allows them to masturbate without the use of their hands.

Once every ten years, the Eldyrannth enters a state of heat where they can choose to get impregnated by their mate and produce a single child. If impregnation does not occur, then the heat lasts for an entire year where the female would be plagued by urges to mate. It can be manageable with mixture of herbs and doing things to make the heat bearable such as cool clothes and cool baths. The gestation period for an Eldyrannth is ten months. Pregnancy follows the same development stages as it does for humans, just at a slightly slower rate due to the fact that they have two forms in which to develop. The mother will experience the same symptoms as well, some more than others, such as morning sickness and lower back pain at the later stages. Even though the number of children is low, miscarriage and still birth rates are so low they are almost negligible. The only recorded events of a mother losing a child have been when they died during battle and even then it was foolish Eldyrannth who thought that they could handle it. Complications as a result of pregnancy are also extremely rare. Naturally, an Eldyrannth mother carries a single child and even rarely; twins. This cannot be increased through the use of nanites as the Eldyrannth body simply isn't designed to carry more than two children at once. Any more will increase risks of miscarriage and also carries a risk to the mother. In fact it can be fatal. They would also be unable to give birth without medical intervention. These features can show up in a hybrid with Eldyrannth DNA.

- Features: As explained above, they have a strengthened skeletal structure that has a high tensile strength and yet is nearly 20% lighter than a mammalian skeleton due to its honeycomb structure. In human form they have only 4 times the strength of a regular human where as in dragon they have 7 times the strength.

They have an element in their blood that replaces platelets called Ichor and when they bleed the scab forms a resin looking substance covering over the wound (like a tree). They can heal in nearly a fraction of the time of a human and this includes broken bones or even re-growing a limb. As this is the substance used in the process of creating fire it can be regurgitated from the lungs to form a water proof layer over something, however, due to its nature, it is also flammable and can thus be used offensively as well as defensively. The way that they breathe fire, is that the they have two glands near the entrance and exit of the lungs with a tube leading up to the roof of the mouth so that they can squirt out the Inchor which can be activated by a small, electrical spark to create the flame. They can control the amount that squirts out to control how large the flame is. Sometimes, Inchor can leak out and if accidentally sparked can create a small flame inside of their mouths. The vapour itself is a heavy irritant and any unprotected eyes can be affected, this is why when producing flame the Eldyrannth closes their third eye lid which they have in both forms. The third eyelid is used in both aquatic and aerial activities. Their tail, with the shark like fin, can be used as a rudder to steer in both instances and is extremely powerful.

Their heart contains a left aortic valve so they can willingly redirect blood flow to essential organs like the brain. Also they can redirect it to the stomach increasing their stomach acidity so they can digest bone. When they produce too much they will sometimes throw it up. As they can do this on command they can use their own digestive juices as a defensive option.

Eldyrannth's have no finger prints the same way a human does. On their hands and feet they have ridges with specifically adapted spatula tipped setae that allow them to adhere to almost every surface (except teflon). Therefore they have very strong but sticky grips. The forces at work within this grip is so strong they can hold their weight with only two stuck to the surface.

When climbing they must literally peel their digits from the surface, because of this their fingers and toes are doubles jointed. The digits can bend backwards almost touching the back of the hand or foot. This helps them to counteract the forces and their nails add that extra bit of leverage.

When in the dragon form they very much resemble a raptor dinosaur and can run like one at exceptional speeds on all fours, however, they can sit back on their tails. This is a very kangaroo like stance but allows them to be prep and ready for both a forward movement or upward movement.


- Impregnation: Impregnation occurs in the human form. Once every ten years, the Eldyrannth enters a state of heat where they can choose to get impregnated by their mate and produce a single child. If impregnation does not occur, then the heat lasts for an entire year where the female would be plagued by urges to mate. It can be manageable with mixture of herbs and doing things to make the heat bearable such as cool cloths and cool baths. Eldyrannth’s are similar enough with other species that they can get pregnant by a human, or a neko however cases are extremely rare as children are not as strong as pure breed Eldyrannth’s and are not suited to the task given to them.

- Pregnancy: The gestation period for an Eldyrannth is ten months. Pregnancy follows the same like as it does for humans, just at a slightly slower rate due to the fact that they have two forms in which to develop. The mother will experience the same symptoms as well, some more than others, such as morning sickness and lower back pain at the later stages. Even though the number of children is low, miscarriage and still birth rates are so low they are almost negligible. The only recorded events of a mother losing a child have been when they died during battle and even then it was foolish Eldyrannth who thought that they could handle it. Complications as a result of pregnancy are also extremely rare. Naturally, an Eldyrannth mother carries a single child and even rarely; twins. This cannot be increased through the use of nanites as the Eldyrannth body simply isn't designed to carry more than two children at once. Any more will increase risks of miscarriage and also carries a risk to the mother. They would also be unable to give birth without medical intervention. These features can show up in a hybrid with Eldyrannth DNA. When labour begins, a healer helps the expectant mother during the process of birthing. The mother needs to be as relaxed as possible before the contractions begin as labour is induced by a certain hormone that is released when a female is completely relaxed. Contractions are as painful as human contractions as the womb is contracting to squeeze the baby out. Labour can take anywhere between 2-48 hours. The first stage of labour, is where the womb begins to contract. Each contraction can be as long as 20 mins apart. The second stage of labour occurs when contracts are a few minutes apart and the baby begins to go down the birth canal. The final stage of labour is when the baby crowns past the vaginal lips before the umbilical cord is cut and the baby is officially a separate person. Immediately upon birth, the Healer passes the baby up to the mother so that she is the first one to really hold the child. The baby is then taken, cleaned and measured before they are checked over to make sure that they are perfectly healthy. The mother then may be in receipt of congratulations and offered more gifts to help with the young, but otherwise the new mother and father is left to bond with the new child.


1-5: Development is similar to human children. Begin crawling at about six months old and can begin walking at about a year old. They also begin to learn language skills at this young age. When they reach five years old they begin learning to read and write and can solve basic puzzles. At this point the aging slow down.

6-40: This is the young child stage of their development. At 40 they resemble a 12 year old human child. This stage is very critical for basic learning, and children are sent to school several days a week. Parents often get involved with the teaching of their children, helping them begin their telepathic abilities. As a child, they aren’t very developed in terms of telepathy and telekinesis. This has to be cultivated very carefully, otherwise they might risk an Eldyrannth with unstable abilities. By the time they are 40 they are able to push their minds into others and talk to them. They are unable at this point in their development to join the group mind.

41-80: The teenage years. Unlike humans, this period isn’t for puberty. It is really an extension of childhood, where the teenager spends a lot of time at school. At this age, they also meditate a lot, helping them balance their thoughts and control any wild emotions such as anger so it wouldn’t cause them to cause any accidents. Their telepathic abilities continue to grow, and by the time they are 80 they can spend brief periods within the group mind, pulling away when the effort became too much. The main difference from this age from the childhood age is that teenagers are considered to be more emotionally and mentally mature.

81-100: These are the years of puberty where they begin to grow breasts, hormones begin and their dick enlarges. They are taught about sex during this age, but they are discouraged from trying it until they reach 100 years of age. They spend more and more time within the group mind until they are able to remain connected without much trouble. At the age of 100, females go into their first heat and the full length of a male’s penis has been reached and he begins to get natural urges to have sex. Before the 100 year age, neither genders have a natural desire for sex which is a good thing considering the consequences if they do. Sometimes Eldyrannth mature a little sooner than 100 years, and some later. Young Eldyrannth are told to only have sex when they feel the urges to, and not before. They do a lot of detail in their sex education, so that young Eldyrannth do not become curious and experiment. They are also warned of the dangers. They are considered adults when they reach the point of ‘urging’ (I can’t think of a better way of saying it).

Abilities/ Powers and weaknesses:

Crystals: A vast amount of their powers come from crystals that are embedded into their gauntlets. These can be collected over the years and some of the older ones have gauntlets covered with them. The crystals are grown by the Rhydraen (as explained above in the Culture section) and are given freely to any Eldyrannth that asks for them. The Eldyrannth must train extremely hard for a long time to be able to harness the powers that the crystals provide. This is why you often find them working on a single one, instead of gathering a large collection and trying to do them all at once. Each coloured crystal provides different abilities, and some have different meanings. Below is the breakdown of each colour and abilities:

White: This crystal increases the users ability at force manipulation, or telekinesis.

Grey: This crystal increases the users ability at telepathy, and can also be used as a channel for telepathic thought and thus can be used as an interface with technology.

Green: This crystal is a crystal that specialises in healing of the organic body. It can heal many ailments and can even speed up the rate of repair to body damage.

Colourless: This increases physical strength of a user, or increases any objects that it is bound to, making things almost indestructible.

Pink: This crystal can hold massive amounts of data. The larger the crystal, the more data it can hold. It stores the information within the crystal lattice that can be accessed instantly, and easily written and removed. Data will never degrade within the crystal, so there is no need to fear data loss unless you physically lose the crystal. Currently it is able to hold 10 weeks of a holographic Xantallar per 1cm3.

Gold: This crystal is a control crystal and when linked to an interface to program it and also linked with other crystals, it can command crystals to perform specific functions such as turning on the lights.

Orange: This crystal allows for the storage of an extreme amount of energy. A large crystal the size of a rugby ball can store as much energy as the Sun can create in its entire lifetime. They can also act as temporary energy storage, and thus can be used as capacitors.

Spectrum colours in irregular veins: Used to transfer energy from one point to another. It can also convert energy from one form into another, especially when a control crystal is in use.

Spectrum colours in irregular vein with an intense deep purple glows: This crystal is a Neutronium exotic crystal. Sung into existence while weaving Neutronium in strategic positions to change its properties. This particular crystal is able to convert energy into matter and vice versa.

Black: On its own, it can create a shield that can defend against physical attacks. The size of the shield is dependant on how much energy is poured into the crystal, but can also be changed when bonded with an Interface crystal. When bonded with various crystals, it can protect against specific things, such as water, heat and even beam weapons.

Black with white veins: This crystal allows for the manipulation of metal.

White with Deep Keza Blue veins: A crystal that absorbs a small amount of energy from the environment that is almost negligible. These crystals are incredibly accurate time keepers, far more accurate than atomic measurement.

White with Deep Keza Blue veins with a purple glow: This crystals was theorised by Kaylarvana who requested the Rydraen to produce this crystal after much research, which is the timekeeping crystal grown along with Neutronium. Once created, it was discovered that it dramatically increased the temporal abilities of Eldyrannth that have them. For other Eldyrannth, it wouldn’t work, they would need to have temporal abilities.

Light purple: This crystal is able to absorb energy and emit it as an energy beam, or small ball of intense energy. It is a lot less powerful than the Purple crystal, but it is used as a type of long range weapon by Eldyrannth soldiers. It can also be used as a means of digging.

Purple: Once again this is a Neutronium exotic crystal, sung into existence while weaving Neutronium into its structure. This crystal is able to store a large amount of energy before releasing it in an extremely powerful energy beam, or a large ball of energy like a torpedo. When modified with other crystal, it can affect the properties of this energy weapon and can make it even more powerful.

Deep Keza Blue: This crystal is able to scan its surroundings and allow a Control Crystal to convert the information into something understandable. It can scan something as large as a Star to things smaller than the atom.

Magenta: The enhancer crystal can be used with other crystals to dramatically enhance their properties.

Azure: This crystal is able to make pulse of energy dependent on the kind of crystal it is interfaced with. For example when interfaces with a Force manipulation crystal, it is able to create a shockwave that pushes things back.

Rainbow: Photon generator. When supplied with energy it emits photons. Light. A very clear light that contains the whole visible spectrum. They can also be used to create screens to display images when connected to a control crystal. It is also able to project images into the environment, essentially making it a holographic emitter.

Very deep green: Sonic manipulation. It can emit sound waves and with use of a Control Crystal, it can be programmed to ‘play’ any number of sounds including music or alarms.

Dark grey: When energy is fed into this crystal, and it has been programmed with the control crystal, this crystal is able to break down Dimensional walls from one dimension to another. When used alongside an Orange Crystal, it can be configured to draw energy from that dimension and store it within the Orange crystal. However this is an extremely complex thing to do, and it is rarely done due to the risks involved. Sometimes the energy may not interact well with the Exotic matter and trigger a massive explosion. They also carefully selected those that they found not to contain any life. And even then they only carefully drew of some of the energy at any one time. They rarely used this technology due to its instability and inability to stabalise it.

Brown: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Earth’.

Yellow: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Air’.

Red: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Fire’.

Blue: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Water’.

Dragon form: The Eldyrannth are able to shift form into that of a dragon. This gives them an advantage when in battle with demons. They have the ability to fly, as well as to breathe fire. Most of their abilities are explained in the anatomy section. Apart from the Queen, they lack the ability to use their crystals in this form. However, as the form is an Exotic dragon, strange things have been known to happen around them due to their exotic nature warping the environment around them.

Telepathy/Telekinesis: Due to the group mind and natural evolution, this gives all Eldyrannth the ability to press their minds into minds of others. They can speak to other people, as well as hear them. They also have several other abilities that link in with their telepathy. Some have the ability to make people see things that are not there, either pleasant or nasty things. Sometimes, an Eldyrannth is able to pick up stray thoughts from other species, but when around non-Eldyrannth they often close their minds unless they have to. The abilities are different for each Eldyrannth depending on the strength of their mind. It is the same as Telekinesis. Due to the fact that their telepathic ability outstrips anything but a very exceptional few, it is strongly advised that a character does not attempt telepathic communication. Your character can either find themselves blocked, or if they allow the contact, your character may be lost within their complicated minds forever.

Banishing: This is a specialised form of Exotech that allows for an Eldyrannth to be able to push a demon back into the dimension of Hell. This can take a great toll on them and sometimes requires several Eldyrannth depending on the demons strength. Before this Exotech can be used, the demon must be weakened otherwise it will resist which will result in the Eldyrannth being weakened. While this dimensional portal is being woven, the Eldyrannth is vulnerable to outside attack.

The Lemoa flower: This flower is extremely dangerous to an Eldyrannth. It attacks the Ichor in the blood and causes it to expand up to ten times their size. This results in the blocking of the blood as well as massive haemorrhaging throughout the whole body. This flower poisons them through scent or through ingestion. As a result, this flower can be made into a soup (which is known to be delicious) and given to an Eldyrannth without them knowing. It is thought that this flower has been placed by demons as the flower is a beautiful lavender colour and have an extremely sweet scent to make it as attractive as possible. No ill-effects have been observed in other species.

The Okelo flower: The scent of this flower will make an Eldyrannth, in both forms, fall into a deep sleep that can last for up to a day. During this state, they are extremely vulnerable as nothing will wake them up, even if they are being mutilated. This flower is white but in the centre is pinkish red with tiny veins expanding from it in the petals but only noticeable when close up

Iquisir: This is a chemical that is one of the favourite weapons of the Daedra against the Eldyrannth. Usually they will coat their blades or arrows with this liquid, so that it will enter the system of the Eldyrannth through a wound. Once in their system, this chemical does not kill them however it forces them to endure unbearable pain. It often feels like their body is on fire. If they are in their Eldyr form, then they are forced back into their Tarunoid (Humanoid) form. It does not kill them, however this pain can last between several minutes to several days depending on the amount used. This chemical can be found in various parts of Earth as a rather small bush with dark green leaves and vibrant red flowers.

RP Interaction:

- Basic Interaction: They are polite but they are usually quiet and reserved. They tend not to like talking to other races, but will when needed to. They also tend to keep to themselves, avoiding other species.

- Fighting: They are extremely tough to fight by other species standards, as they are specialised in fighting demons. Their abilities are outlined above.

- Sex with: Sex with a male Eldyrannth can be intense, especially for a non-Eldyrannth, as sex can last for days on end due to their high stamina as well as the shape of their cock and the fact that their cock has the ability to vibrate. They also produce a large amount of cum, sometimes a litre or more at the time. To some species, the female may feel looser than members of their own species. But for those who are more well endowed, the female vagina may feel more accommodating, or even tight.

- Being a Female: The only difference with being a female is that every ten years they go into heat, and are able to carry offspring. The heat makes them feel like as if they are really hot, and yet they do not sweat. It also makes them constantly horny and want for a male to mate with then. This can be diminished by certain herbs and techniques, but there will always be an underlying wanton to mate.

- Being a Male: In terms of personality and abilities, there are the same as being a female. When a female in heat is nearby they are drawn to her and some even attempt to begin mating, but are respectful when they refuse. With other species, they are very willing to mate with to relieve any pent up sexual energy. Children are usually rare, but have known to occur. Usually sex with species that are not used to well endowed partners, their vagina will feel much tighter than usual. In fact, some Eldyrannth’s prefer intercourse with other species for this reason alone.

Remember, this is my Original Creation so you will need to ask me if you're watching to create an Eldyrannth (or part of one)

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The profile has been updated to change some things, and to add in their pre-history. The history isn't really complete, as there are gaps in it, but I am still working it out and will add when I think of something.

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      If any of these grab your attention, please drop me a line and we can work something out.
      Artist x Character
      An artist or author awakes one morning to find that one of his most famous characters had come to life from the pages of their latest work .
      Demon x Villager
      For many years a village situated in a deep forest had given tribute to the God of the Forest for protection and bountiful hunting. This year doubt is cast on whether the god is real and the tributes stop. The daughter of the village chief is spirited away to the forest only for her to discover that the god who had protected them all this time had been a demon.
    • NightlyFun
      By NightlyFun
      Ahsoka sighed as she sat in her room trying to mediate with the force, it had become a struggle lately, she could feel it. The creeping of it, the way it rose up her thighs. She quickly shook her head, causing her large horns to shake on her shoulders, they allowed her to hear from a great distance...
      But all she heard was the beating of her own heart as she felt a shiver rise through her, eyes opening wide as she looked down at herself. The heat had made its way to her cunt and she could feel it dripping wet... She should not give into temptation, the Dark side...
      But here she was, hand slowly creeping down between her legs before a loud knocking was heard at her door. Quickly jumping up and blushing deeply. The togruta padawan quickly making her way to the door and slowly pushing it open to see who was on the other side.
      (This is an open roleplay in my PM's, if you wish to continue just message me with details, or feel free just to keep it going.)
    • LeonaFair
      By LeonaFair
      Ok so I had some ideas but haven't found anyone yet interested you can either comment or send ecchimessage. Please look at preferences. 
      1. Slave/Mafia Boss.  Girl gets ¹1kidnapped from the Mafia's Club and is brought to the boss to become a slave to them. 
      2. Prey/Predator. Prey in question can be human or other species and has been in the eye of a predator to be taken and kept as a sexual slave or pet. 
      That's all I can think of also a little open to other ideas.
    • Alexander Bodide
      By Alexander Bodide
      What's your biggest or longest-held kink/fetish that you've never had the chance to indulge, either IRL or in RP?
      Mine can be filed under "oddly specific", and it's easy to see why I've never done it, because it's a catch-22. As a switch, I do enjoy playing dominant, and just as much I enjoy being submissive. It's already rare to find a girl willing to dominate a man, but here's the kicker for me: I would love to be reluctantly dominated by a primarily submissive girl. If we're talking RP, then ideally this would be a trait of the roleplayer and not just the character.
      I just love to see people doing their best despite being out of their element. For me, a partner doesn't need to be good at dominating or even confident about it; as long as they're really trying, I think any clumsiness or awkwardness that may arise would only add to the charm. Yeah, I'm a weirdo.
      I think maybe I see a bit of myself in this, because I was once purely submissive, as far as fetishes go. But almost every girl wants to be submissive, so I had to adapt and develop a dominant side from scratch. And now I genuinely enjoy it just as much as my original preference. I think it would be neat to inspire a similar broadening of horizons in someone else!
      Obviously, no one wants to do this. And I don't exactly make a habit of asking people who clearly label themselves as submissive if they want to do the opposite of their preference. So this may well be something I never get to engage in.
      How about you? Do you have anything that you've never gotten to do, and if so, why do you want to do it? What's been stopping you? And do you think you'll ever have a chance to play it out?
    • Mr.X
      By Mr.X
      Note: This will likely to be a single RP(No extra characters inside unless NPCs or I allowed to(Via Ecchi text if desired and must connect to the logic why you can meet him, also it is not likely for him to have a friend and reply to the said character), a side story that happens after Leon leaves Cassandra and Dezrin
      Leon is walking through the forest right now and he just walk to any direction that he desires with his own feet that covered by a pair of black military rubber shoes, it helps him on walking this annoying piece of land(in his prespective) that is filled with a bunch of dirt and carcass. He just walked with no care and since no one is around based on his clones' intel, he just keep killing mosquitos, bees, and any annoying insects with a small but always hit fire magic and the fire magic burns the insect till the ashes not remain in the place. He just walked to a certain point of interest, which is a Lighthouse that he saw upon back when he is stranded in this island. But he doesn't care and walk away again. According to the said clone, that elf woman didn't wear a dress and just laying on the dirt. He doesn't flinch and care about that fact, it is useless for him to talk to someone like her. He won't even came to her again and pray that he doesn't need to see a nuisance called woman and IF they are in heat, he will be in serious trouble.
      He is thinking of finding a place to cultivate his mana back to his original state once more. Maybe he will cultivate while using gravity magic and time acceleration magic(He can't control the world's time but he can control his own "time") which will consumes his mana a lot based on his own calculation. He will die soon after IF he does dare to do so.
      (Will continued later)
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