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Craethiel Kingdom

(Photographer Steve Highfield)

Craethiel is a wild and untamed land, where the monsters and animals of the land rule with an iron fist. There is little protection outside the city walls of Selil for the tiny towns, villages and communities that are doing their very best to survive in the extreme wilderness, with only what little resources that they have at their disposal.

To the North lies the harsh environment of the mountains, rugged and towering high into the air. The majestic mountains capture many a travellers’ eye, yet few can traverse them. To the East sits the desert, a barren land of blistering heat and little water. The desert is nearly uncrossable at times thanks to rolling sand storms and below freezing temperatures at night. To the South lays hidden the forest of Rosayia, a deep thickness of dark that seems to go on for eternity; housed within its mysterious depths dwell the creatures of nightmares.

Within the Craethiel Kingdom, all of these areas hold a very real danger to the citizens of Craethiel and the travellers who come to visit. Be wary, dear traveller, of the monsters and animals. You might just meet your end...

Skill lever: Advanced

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  • Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay.
  • No one can make a character that is of one of the Epsian/UFF species without my strict permission. Also, non-Epsian/UFF species will not be allowed to wander onto the property of Epsian/UFF species without permission. If a character attempts to trespass, they will be met with potentially lethal hostility. 
  • No one can RP as the human King who owns the land. If he is needed for anything, then I will roleplay with them providing that it’s a good plot that doesn’t ruin the flow of the RP.
  • If you want a location put onto the map, then you’re going to need to message me with the details. If I don’t think the suggestion is good enough, or that the extra information you provide is lacking, then I might refuse. 

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-x-[The Eldyrannth City, Vorserend, in the Therarr Mountains. For detail on her outfit, please see her profile.]-x-

Devlyn looked down at the destruction that lay before him, an oily smirk curving his lips. He closed his eyes, inhaling deep the smoke and ash laden air, mute testament to the devastation that he and his companion had caused. He opened his gleaming white eyes, scanning the ruined city that lay before him. From where he was standing, he could see tiny figures that were the remains of the inhabitants of this once great city. There were no longer spires that reached like great hands into the very heavens themselves and there was no longer that serene peace that shrouded the great city like a blanket. Devlyn looked upwards, towards the uncaring sky where the sun pulsated an almost sickly looking yellow in the evening sky. He observed the fiery object for a few moments before he turned towards his companion, a female Dreshza that was some years younger than himself,

“That’s stage one complete... now, we must go and pick up Nakita from that mud hut village.” He said, giving a low chuckle. Devlyn held a low opinion of the inhabitants of Craethiel, as to him they were as backwards as the apes that swung in the trees. They acted and lived like animals, and it made him sick to the stomach however Diomedes had an interest in these people, and he was not going to disobey his Master just because he was having to go among stinking apes. He turned around, looking once more down at the mountain city, “Now that the scurge of the world of wiped out... we can continue with our plan...” He said. He took a step forward, looking down from the cliff that they were standing upon. There was no way either of the two were able to get onto this cliff without some magical means. The cliff they were standing on was high up inside the Therarr Mountains, on an outcropping. The tall man stood there for a few moments before he seemed to give himself a shake,

“Enough of this. As much as I love to see the result of what we are able to do with the new powers Diomedes blessed us with... we have a mission to carry out and it isn’t getting done while we’re here.” He said, his tone crisp and cold. He stepped back from the cliff edge before closing his eyes as he concentrated. Willing himself to change, he could feel his body shifting and moving. He could feel his body enlarging as feathers seemed to ooze from his body, covering him with electric blue feathers that glinted like jewels in the sick light of the sun. The transition took a few minutes, his entire body changing to that of a magnificent bird. It was a huge bird, far larger than any bird that existed, standing twelve metres at the shoulders and having a wingspan of a massive 56 metres. Even though his feathers were blue in colour, they held a white sheen which gave him the appearance of glittering whenever the light hit one of his pristine feathers. His talons were huge, looking like they could easily grip onto a wagon and carry it off, contents and all. His beaks was long and had a slight hook at the end that pointed downwards, giving it a cruel look. The beak alone was strong enough to snap a man easily in two in one bite. The last feature was his eyes. A piercing white that could strike terror into even the bravest of souls. Devlyn looked over his shoulder at his companion, before he looked straight ahead once more. With his sharper eyes, every detail of the Mountain range was made clear to him. He could even see little rabbits scurrying here and there among the Mountain crags. After a few moments pause, Devlyn pushed himself forward, falling off the cliff.

After a few moments, he opened his massive pinions and effortlessly glided on the brisk wind that pushed him up and into the sky. He didn’t look behind him for Yamura, instead choosing a seemingly random direction and lazily flying towards his destination. His huge wings made great stroking sounds, almost like thunder that crackled around him. He paid this no attention, as it was something that he was used to. His focus was on the joy that flying like this gave him. The freedom to fly as he pleased without having to worry about small minded apes panicking at the sight of him. It was glorious. It almost made him want to swoop around like he did when he was a chick, but firmly restrained himself. He wasn’t here to play games like he was a child. He was here on a vital mission.

Devlyn was almost sad when he saw the tiny village in the distance, signalling that their journey was almost over. It had seemed like no time at all since they left Vorserend. Devlyn snapped his beak, feeling annoyed. He tilted his wings, causing him to begin a gentle slope towards the ground. Once he had reached it, mere miles from the village, he flared his wings and allowed his talons to grip the ground below him. Once he was fully settled on the ground, he slowly shifted back into his human form, already missing the feeling of the wind rustling through his feathers. The tall, blue haired man began walking towards the tiny village in the distance, to where Nakita, his wolf anthro pet, was waiting for them in a local inn. He also needed to get horses, so that they could move around with Nakita who was unable to fly. It also didn’t raise to many questions about who they were, although he was planning on using any means possible to be able to convert people over to demon worship, to be blessed as he was. It didn’t take them that long to reach the outskirts of the filthy village. He turned towards Yamura,

“Go wait for me in the Inn with Nakita. I need to go and buy horses.” He told her before walking off without giving her a chance to say anything or to follow him. He walked through the shoddy wooden huts, ignoring the mud splattered people who bowed and fawned at his very presence. Even though he had converted this village before leaving it, he loathed the looked that they directed at him, like he was their saviour or something. Much like their smell, it made him feel sick. They were not worthy to look upon him like that, let alone daedra. What possible interest would daedra have in these... cattle. Perhaps Diomedes just wanted some new play things to mess around with. It was the only thing that Devlyn could think of. He reached the stables and wandered inside. It was surprisingly neat, for a place where horses were kept. In fact it was cleaner in here than it was in many of the houses. A few moments after he walked inside, a gruff, unshaven man limped towards him. The limp was most likely caused by one of the dumb animals kicking him.

“Good day to yer, sir. What can I do yer’ for, mister?” The man asked, his voice dry and rough sounding. Devlyn eyed him for a few moments,

“I need four good horses, complete with riding equipment.” He said promptly, not wanting to stand around for small talk. Just being in their presence was more than he could handle.

“Four good horses, eh? That’s gonna cost yer...” The man warned, despite the eager glint that came into his eyes.

“I’ll pay whatever you want for them.” Devlyn said, beginning to feel extremely annoyed. The glint faded from the man’s eyes as his face fell, clearly disappointed that his customer wasn’t going to haggle on the prices for them.

“Fine... Fifteen gold pieces each... they’re good horses and I dun want them going fer cheap.” The man said. Devlyn reached into his pocket and pulled out the required amount of money. The man checked the money before stuffing them in his pocket and limping towards the horses as he muttered low under his breath. The Dreshza ignored the man as he leaned against the wall and crossed his arms as he impatiently waited for his merchandise. His fingers drummed on his arm as he listened to the man moving about and continuing to mutter as he readied the horses for him. Finally, the man came out leading four large animals. Two of they were a Bay colour, with one black and the other white. He already knew which one he wanted.

“Here yer are, sir. May they serve yer well.” The man said, more out of politeness than any genuine feeling. Devlyn only grunted in response, pulling himself up on the black stallion and taking the reins of the other three horses. He then rode the black horse out into the streets, nudging the creature towards the inn. It was not as graceful as his preferred method, but it should do as a temporary measure. Once he had fully converted this land, he could travel any way that he wanted. When he reached the Inn, he dismounted from his mount and lead them inside the small stable area that they had. He made sure that they comfortable before he left and entered through a side door that led directly into the taproom. He walked up to the bar, ordering an ale, which was promptly given to him, free of charge. He snatched the tankard up and turned away, walking to the corner table and sitting himself down. The sooner he got this done and out of the way, the better. But first, he needed a drink so that he could deal better with the animals.

-x-[The Craethiel Wilds and The Eldyrannth City, Vorserend, in the Therarr Mountains.]-x-

Talivana swept through the clouds, high above the Kingdom of Craethiel. The clouds swirled around her great form, hiding her from view from the ground below. The great dragon ignored the droplets of freezing cold water that collected on her glistening scales and wing membranes. Her wings, over two hundred metres in length, moved slowly up and down as she flew through the thin air of the upper atmosphere, a place where few creatures were able to reach. Her nostrils flared as she breathed deep the thin air, her one way breathing system allowing her to extract more oxygen from the air than most animals two way breathing. It allowed her the advantage of being able to fly high up in the sky, free from the watchful gazes of the inhabitants below. Despite being a dragon, she was nothing like the fearsome creatures that people feared. The only creatures that should fear her were daedra and anything relating to them.

Talivana tilted her wings slightly, swinging in a low arch as she changed her direction slightly, heading towards her home city deep within the Therarr Mountains. She felt excited to be finally going back after being away from her home for so long. She had been chasing a daedra that had been terrorising people and murdering people in the hundreds. She needed to put a stop to it so had left the great city to search for him. It had taken a lot longer than she had anticipated. Her mother was not going to be pleased, especially with how wide spread the daedra’s distruction had been. 

The Princess was nearing the Mountain range, and was eager to have the thoughts of her people inside of her mind, whispering to her as she would then lose herself into the group mind. However at the point where she would normally begin to hear it, she could sense nothing. No whispers, no thoughts. Nothing. Feeling a little worried, she sped up the strokes of her wings, gaining speed and easily covering the miles over the jagged peaks. Even as she got closer, she could not feel the group consciousness. Her mind like a dark silent tunnel. Feeling more worried, scared even, she sped up more, her wings straining with the effort. She paid little attention to the burning muscles of her shoulders as she overworked the muscles. Something was wrong. She could sense it. Her gut was twisting painfully as the feeling became overpowering.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she began flying over the familiar peaks that surrounded the city. Despite the dread that was clouding her mind, nothing prepared her for what was to come as she flew over the last peak. The entire city was destroyed. Plumes of thick, oily smoke curling lazily up into the sky. Buildings lay open to the sky, their roofs blasted off as if an explosion within the structure had ripped it apart with great force. In some places, the earth was scorched as if a great power had descended upon it, scaring the very stone itself. Talivana seemed to freeze in the air, her wings still as she drank in the scene before her, not quite believing. The attack seemed to have happened a long ago, as snow had already began building up in the sad, empty buildings. It was then that she saw the figures lying here and there, half hidden by the snow. Her entire body trembling, Talivana glided over the sad scene, her head swinging from side to side as she took in as much as possible, as it trying to believe that this was all a dream. A terrible, terrible nightmare.

As she reached the very centre of the once great city, she backwinged and landed in the City Square, the ground groaning with her vast weight. The white dragon turned on the spot, her breath coming out as white puffs of smoke that coiled up past her nostrils. Slowly, the dragon seemed to shrink and change shape. Once the transformation was complete, a tall, humanoid woman stood in the dragon's place. Her face was stunningly beautiful, despite the shocked, haunted look in her eyes, with even, exotic looking features that were framed by wavey, thick black hair. Her lips were full and luscious, with a small button nose above them. Her eyes were a golden colour, slightly angled and framed with thick eyelashes. Peaking out of her luscious hair were two large ears that were pointed, hugging close to her head and stopping at the top of her head. Running along the bottom of her ears were small spikes. She was wearing some kind of fighting garb that covered her torso with a black and purple material that was connected at the front and back by white material. On her legs, she wore black thigh highs that reached to mid thigh as a two pieces of material, front and back, came down but leaving her legs free to manoeuvre easily. On her arms were gauntlets made from gold that were laced with glittering crystals that were embedded into the very metal. The metal of the gauntlets covered the back of her palm, and fingers to cover her fingertips.

The Elyrannth looked around, her golden eyes taking in the total devastation that surrounded her. The Mountains, always seeming so serene, now seemed to weep openly as the city lay open to the very elements themselves. Talivana felt something wet on her cheeks, and she lifted one hand to her face. For a moment, she had thought that it had perhaps been raining. However it was her own tears that were wetting her pale, unblemished cheeks. She pulled her hand away, closing her eyes as she tried to stop the tears leaking from her eyes, however they stubbornly continued to fall, dripping off her cheek and onto the snow covered ground below. Talivana opened her golden eyes once more, wrapping her arms around her slim, curvy frame. The air, once seemingly so warm and friendly here, seemed to take on a sharper, cold feel. She cast her eyes to the sky, where gray clouds blocked out the view of the sky. It seemed like the very sky itself was going to burst upon, covering the city with its own tears as it grieved the loss of a once powerful civilisation.

The tall woman turned, facing towards the Palace, where her mother should be lying within. With slow, hesitant steps, she moved towards the doors that hung off the hinges having been all but smashed to pieces. She went inside, her footsteps sounding loud in the silent air. It was so surreal, to have her home completely changed like this. It had seemed too serene and peaceful. Now, the air was cold, and there was nothing serene about this place anymore. Talivana walked through the hallways, her feet automatically carrying her through the familiar halls, leading her to the one place she almost feared to go into. Finally, she reached the entrance to what others would call a throne room. Upon the raise dias, lay the still form of the Queen, her mother. Her golden eyes stared at the huge dragon, watching, almost hopeful, for a sign of life. However the dragon was as still as the mountains that surrounded her. Slowly, Talivana approached the still form, her footsteps echoing hollowingly around her. Suddenly, there was a loud crack beneath her feet and she looked down. Lying at her feet was the staff that the Queen used as the source of her power. It was completely ruined, the crystals dull and cracked and the staff snapped in two. Almost as if her legs could no longer hold her weight, Talivana crashed to the ground, her knees slamming against the hard floor. She paid no heed to the pain in her knees as she picked up the pieces of the staff with her trembling hands and holding them tightly to her chest,

“Oh... mother...” She gasped, her voice cracking with grief. The tall woman arched forward slightly, her head bowed. Her shoulders began shaking as tears once more flowed down her cheeks. She made no move to stop this, allowing the tears to drip onto the staff that she clutched in her hands. Loud sobs began to escape her mouth as she held the broken staff closer to her chest, her heart wrenching painfully in her chest. The reality of the situation crashed down upon her, and she could not stop crying, the sounds of her grief filling the silent hall around her. She rocked backwards and forth, crying like a heartbroken child.

The most crushing thing of all was the knowledge that she will never again hear the thoughts of her friends and loved ones within the depths of her mind. Her mind would forever be as silent as the city now was. A cruel reminder that felt like a knife twisting in her heart. Time seemed to stand still for the grieving woman as she lay bowed over the broken staff, the tears flowing freely down her cheeks, not being able to stop them. Finally, the tears stopped, but her body still convulsed with her grief. Her tears had run dry, but the memories of what had transpired were fresh in her mind. Her eyes and cheeks were red and puffy from the prolonged weeping. Talivana pulled the ruined pieces of the staff away from her chest, staring at the pieces. Slowly, a towering angry filled her mind. Someone had done this. Someone had come into her beautiful city and slaughtered her entire race. Her hands clenched around the objects tightly, her knuckles turning white beneath the metal of her gauntlet. Someone was going to pay. A loud growl rippled past her lips. She was going to find whoever had done this and rip them to pieces. Talivana pushed down on her grief as the anger took control of her mind and heart. She forged the anger into one thing and one thing only. Revenge. She was not going to stop until everyone involved was lying dead at her feet. Filled with a new determination, Talivana stood up, casting her eyes to the form of the dead Queen. She stood still for a few moments before she spoke in a harsh whisper,

“I will avenge you, Mother. I will avenge all of you.” She then turned and left the room without another backward glance, her thoughts consumed with the need to get revenge for this terrible crime. She emerged from the Palace, looking up at the murky clouds. Her breathing was slightly heavy as she breathed deep, trying to control the anger that was slowly consuming her being. She needed to stop, and think about how she was going to do this. She couldn’t simply turn into a dragon and tear the Kingdom apart looking for whoever had done this. It would attract too much attention and she had no idea as to where to even begin looking. She had to hope that, somewhat at least, the stables were still intact and an Aelda, a species of horse unique to her race, was still alive. It was a long shot, but she had to try.

Talivana walked through the silent streets, averting her eyes from the still figures that lay upon the ground, their bodies covered in a sprinkling of snow. Seeing the figures threatening to bring the grief back, and she was unwilling to let it get in the way of her revenge. When she reached the stables, she stepped over the broken gate, her eyes widening at the sight of the dead Aelda scattered about. They look like they had been attacked by some huge beast, their stomachs torn open and their insides scattered around them. Whoever, or whatever, had done this was a cruel creature she was sure. Whatever had done this had no intention of eating any of the horses but had simply killed and disembowelled them for fun. A frightened whiney suddenly cut through the frozen silence and she snapped her head towards the stable building. Quickly, she moved towards the entrance, pushing aside the pieces of door that was in her way. Within one of the stalls, surrounded by his dead brothers and sisters, was a single Aelda. His eyes were wide and rolling into the back of his head as he shifted from one hoof to the other as he snorted nervously.

“Hey... shh... shh... you’re safe now...” Talivana crooned softly as she approached the stall. At the sound of her voice, the Aelda calmed down, looking at her with wide eyes. As they were far more intelligent than the horses of other races, she knew that he was safe to approach as he was fully aware of who she was. She opened the stall and he trotted out, whinnying softly and nuzzling his nose against her chest.

“I know... I’m scared too, Aena...” She said softly as she rubbed the nose of the huge horse gently. She had ridden Aena a few times, as he was her favourite mount. He was a very patient horse and always loved to be ridden. He was a huge horse, about 23 hands high. Much larger than the horses of other races, which were usually about 15 hands high. She pulled away from the horse, going over to where she knew the saddles were located. Many of them were ruined, but she managed to find a set that was intact. She pulled it out, as well as some saddlebags, placing them on Aena, who pranced slightly as she placed them on him. Once they were on him, she gently placed the broken staff inside one of the saddlebags, not wanting to part company with it so soon after its discovery. She took his reins and led him out of the stables. She felt the huge horse shudder and nudge slightly closer to her as she led him through the field of his dead kin.

Talivana took the horse through the streets of Vorserend towards her home as the sad mountains towered above them. She couldn’t bear to look at them, as she knew they would remind her of how this place once used to be like. Right now, she couldn’t recall those memories without feeling tears beginning to form in the corners of her eyes. She just wanted to get out of her as fast as possible. Once outside of her home, she kicked down the door and began rummaging through the place. There wasn’t much intact, but there were some food items. She gathered them up, wrapping them in cloth before going outside and putting them in Aena’s saddlebags. She then went back inside to search for clothing. She found exactly what she wanted. A white cape that had a hood capable of covering her head. She didn’t need it for the warmth, but to cover her ears which clearly indicated that she was not human. She knew humans were scared of other races, and she wanted to blend as much as she could. She wrapped it around her, before taking several clean pairs of clothes. Once she had everything she needed, she left the house, determined not to look back at the broken home. She pulled herself up on Aena, taking the reins in her hand. She turned the great horse around, nudging him towards the City Entrance, as she knew a way down and out of the mountains. As she left, she took one look back at the broken, crumbling City. She knew that soon, nature will completely cover up any evidence of the city that took millions of years to build. Nature was uncaring like that, always pushing to reclaim what was taken from it. Talivana gave one last sigh before she turned her back on the ancient city, hoping never to set eyes upon it ever again.

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