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Welcome to the Utopian Curse

(Photograph of Saint Martin (island). Photographer unknown)

Blinking against the harsh light of the sun above you, you awaken to find yourself on an island. An island you have no recollection of travelling to or arriving at. Scanning the area you can tell only that the island is a tropical location, with palms trees swaying gently in a light breeze, and the fresh smell of the ocean on the clean air.

Unknown to you is the fact that you have been taken by beings to this strange island, taken from your bed and planted here on this small tropical island. But what for? There are no clues, so you are left to only guess as to your reason of being here. A dream, perhaps? An experiment? Perhaps merely a kidnapping?

A strange occurrence comes about when you meet other ‘survivors’ on the island. It becomes apparent that the time space continuum is being crossed. People are being taken from planets and time lines not of this world, and placed here alongside you. But why?

Upon this tropical island there is limited technology. Resources are only what the island can produce for you to survive. Other ‘survivors’ litter the island and some may possibly not be as friendly as you would assume, or even dare to hope.

Survival is the priority. Teamwork a secondary point. Will the ‘survivors’ of the island come together to survive and build a community to ensure safety and peace? Or will they fight for space and resources, shedding blood upon the golden sands of the tropical island?

What will be YOUR tale in this strange, yet beautiful island?

Skill lever: Expert

Relevant Links:

EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules, plus:

  • Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay.
  • No one can make a character that is of one of the Epsian/UFF species without my strict permission. Also, characters cannot come along and expect to live with the Epsian’s without agreeing to their terms. This is a strict rule I will not budge on. Anyone violating this will be asked to leave the RP immediately with little chance of returning.
  • No character can magically get off of the island, without my permission.
  • There is only a single island, so a character cannot sail off and magically find another one without my express permission.

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The first sounds that assaulted Lexi when she first regained consciousness was not, as she expected, the constant hum of ship engines, but of the shrill shrieks of insects. Groggy at first, she briefly wondered if it was her co-pilot pulling a prank on her. But something felt very wrong. The air was warm, with a hint of moisture. There was also a gentle breeze that ruffled her hair gently and a sound she had not heard in a long time. The gentle rasp of leaves swaying in the wind. A loud gasp escaped her lips as Lexi sat up, her eyes wide and alert as she was no longer in the slumbering state she had once been in. The blonde girl looked around her, every sense alert and her slim frame taunt in readiness. She could hear blood rushing through her veins as her heart beat frantically in her chest, which rose and fell along with her laboured breathing. What was going on? The last thing she had remembered was stumbling into her cabin after a 48-hour shift and collapsing onto her bed without even bothering to unclothe herself. Her co-pilot had called a sicky and Lexi had been forced to be the pilot for just over 48 hours. She had been so exhausted at the end that she barely made it to her tiny cabin. And now she awoke… here. Looking up, past what she vaguely recognised as palm trees, she saw a breathtakingly blue sky. Had the sky always been that startling blue?

The strange, eerie silence made her aware of other sounds past the shrieks of insects. Waves. A beach? Lexi turned her head in the direction of the sound, and gingerly stood up, planting her feet firmly on the ground. Had her co-pilot dumped her here as a practical joke? If so, it wasn’t funny! At least she had had the common decency to keep Lexi’s overalls and boots on. The blonde, human girl glanced down at her frame hugging black overall and her knee high boots. Breathing a sigh of relief, Lexi began towards the sound of the ocean. It didn’t take her long, a few minutes at most, before she reached the edge of the golden sanded shore. Squinting at the sunlight that harshly reflected off of the smooth sand, Lexi looked off over the water with a soft gasp. Never had she seen water so clean and blue! It was incredible! Lexi swore she even saw fish swimming around in the water. For several minutes she stood, stunned into silence by the beautiful scene before her. It was almost unreal. Almost like what one would see looking at a holiday advert for a tropical world. Tearing her eyes regretfully away from the sand and sea, she looked back at the palm trees that were lining the sand line. At least, they looked like palm trees. Lexi wasn’t sure if she was on Earth, or another planet. Either way, she needed to hunker down and wait for rescue. Hopefully that stupid co-pilot of hers would turn up soon and take her away. Lexi would never hear the end of it.

Unknown to Lexi, her disappearance had only just been noticed, and the alarm sounded. Unknown to the blonde human, her co-pilot had nothing to do with this. And she was on this tropical island, all on her own, with no way of a rescue. Never again will she be able to traverse the expanse of space or fly another ship.

Lexi moved slightly inland, keeping close to the shore and the water source it held. While she couldn’t drink it as is, she knew enough survival to get fresh water for herself at least. After a little wondering, she came across a plant with leathery looking leaves. After a few moments consideration, she tore some of the leaves off before bringing them back to a little area she had chosen. It was a tiny clearing with palm trees framing it. The reason there was a small clearing, was that there was sand in the middle, but Lexi didn’t mind that. It was good for a fire, without endangering the trees. She knelt down and fashioned a small contraption that when she put salt water in, would evaporate into clean water, and salt. The water for her to drink, and the salt to season any food. Once done, she began searching around for anything useful nearby. Her search yielded several rocks which she promptly put in a ring for a fire, and a few old and cracked cocoanut shells. Marvelling at her luck, she used one to go down to the shoreline and get some salt water. Luckily her boots were waterproof so she didn’t have to remove them and risk getting a cut which could become infected. Returning to her little camp, she put some water in her contraption and set it nearby her fire.

Her next search was a little harder. Finding dry wood near a beach was harder than she had imagined, but finally she managed to get at least a couple of armfuls which might be able to last her the night, providing she was forced to stay here. Lexi hoped that she would be long gone by then. Sitting cross legged by her small ring of stones, she picked up a piece of what looked like stringy bark. Carefully, she tore it into string until it was as fine as hair. Lexi managed to get a few splinters in the process, but overall she was happy with the results. Next, she picked up a larger piece of wood, that was mostly slit down the middle. Tucking the hairy wood into the cut, she hollowed a little hole in the sand before laying the wood on top. Lexi grabbed another stick, planting it firmly in the middle of the hair wood and twisting it hard and fast.

It was not as easy as she had hoped. There were a few times where she got close, but not quite to light that wood. Sweat beaded on her forehead and she muttered curses underneath her breath. Her arms burnt with the effort of twisting this piece of wood. Lexi almost didn’t see the sun beginning to descend in the sky. Finally, she blew one last time and saw a flicker of a flame. Delighted, she gently blew on it to encourage it to life. Finally, the flame was cackling gleefully under her tender ministrations, and was gently moved to the ring of stones. Slowly, Lexi added pieces of wood until she had a respectable fire going. Lexi had no sooner sat back to admire her handiwork than her stomach growled in protest at being neglected for so long.

“Oh… wonderful… where the hell am I meant to get food from?” Lexi grumbled. The blonde looked up at the sun, before looking over the ocean with a sigh. Then, she sighed again and went in search for food. Thinking that her best bet would be to find some kind of water pool, she searched along the beach. Finally, she found one where the tide had just retreated from the pool. Peering inside, she grinned as she saw several fish looking creatures and something she swore was a crab of sorts. Kneeling on a rock beside the pool, she rolled up her sleeves, her sharp eyes fixed on the creatures in the pool. When a crab was close enough, she dipped her hand in and neatly picking it up off the pool bottom. She laid it upside down next to her, glancing around for a rock to kill it with. Finding one, she picking it up and smashed the crab several times until it stopped moving. Shuddering at the wasted life, Lexi turned her eyes back to the pool. One of the fish was yellow in colour, swimming around rather lazily. A few of them were rather large, almost as long as her arm. Deciding it best to try for the smaller ones, she made several attempts at catching them. They were surprisingly slippery, and she was forced to dig her nails into their scaled flesh. It made her shudder every time. By the time she had finished, she had four fish and the crab. Using a leathery leaf she had brought with her, she wrapped her dinner up and took it back to her camp. Along the way, she searched for wood for her fire, managing a few as she did so. When she returned to her camp, her fire had died down somewhat and was threatening to extinguish itself. Not wanting to go through the pain of getting another flame going, she gently coaxed it back to life before looking down at her catch. Sighing softly, she picked up one of the fish. She had nothing to skin it with, so she would be forced to cook it with it on. Unfortunately, it needed gutting. Looking at the rocks around her, she picked up the sharpest she had in an attempt to gut the fish she had. It was a messy job, and far from perfect, but finally she had taken the guts out and it was ready for cooking. Picking up a stick, she impaled the fish on it, before sticking it in the sand, hovering near the fire. Using some of the water in her cocoanut shells, she cleaned her hands, before settling down to get comfortable.

The sky was beginning to darken, the sun a fiery glow on the horizon. Almost transfixed, Lexi watched the sun as it sank lower and lower into the waves, disappearing from her view. The orange glow the sun made in the sky gave way to brilliant blues and purples as the stars began winking into existence. Soon, all the light she had left was that of her fire. Lexi stared longingly at where the sun had descended, wishing that it would appear once more to light this strange and alien land. Never before had she felt this lonely and isolated. As much as she loved her own company, she did like the thought of being able to go to other people when she wanted. But here… she was all alone. Biting her lip, she turned her head towards the fire and her cooking fish. She turned her meal around to make sure that it was heated properly, before, almost absently, she glanced up at the sky. Her eyes did a double take and her mouth dropped at the stunning display that stretched from one horizon to another. Never before had she seen stars so stunning! The sky was a carpet of twinkling stars that seem to call to her. Lexi’s hands twitching, wishing that she was flying among the giant balls of fiery gas from one end of the Galaxy to the next. Never before had the urge taken her so strongly before…

A popping snap startled her, and she glanced around wildly for a sign of danger. It took her a few moments to realise that it was her fire crackling. Giving a sigh of relief, she leaned forward to check her fish. Deciding that it was cooked enough, she picked up the stick and tore into the flesh. Her blue eyes widened and she made a moan deep in her throat. She usually hated fish, but this was amazing! And the skin was the best part! Savagely, she ate the fish, just leaving the head alone. She pulled the remains off and threw them down the beach away from her camp so she wasn’t visited by unwanted scavengers. Still feeling hungry, she gutted and impaled another fish, as well as putting the crab next to the fire to cook. It felt like forever before they were cooked, and she hungrily stuffed herself with the tasty morsels of food. The crab had a strange, sweet taste about it, but the flesh was tougher than she had thought. Nevertheless it was as delicious as the fish. When she had finished her meal, she took the remaining fish and hid it away at the root of a tree, behind leaves and shrubs. Hopefully no animals would find it. That done, she fed the fire more wood before curling up beside it. She shifted a few times, making a hollow out of the sand to get herself more comfortable. Well, today had not really gone as planned. She was still here, after all. No rescue ship here to take her away. She was to spend a lonely night on this beach. It was disturbingly quiet and devoid of the comforting sounds of technology. Just the waves, the insects and the rustling of leaves. The change disturbed her and made her feel even more uncomfortable than the silence of space. A chill crept over her. What if no one was coming back for her? What if she was left here… alone… forever? Lexi shuddered and screwed her eyes shut, trying to force those thoughts from her mind. Of course she wasn’t going to be here forever. A few days at most. She hoped. Lexi sighed mournfully and tried to settle down for the long wait until dawn.

The next morning, Lexi awoke with a start, almost forgetting where she was for a few moments. She brushed sand off of her overall suit. She slowly looked around, her ears sharp and listening at every sound. All she could hear was the singing of insects and the rasping of the ocean waves. She groaned softly, before letting out a sigh. She was going to go mad with loneliness by the time they rescued her. Sighing, she revived her dying fire and uncovered the remaining fish and cooked them up. When they were done, she hungrily ate them before licking her fingers clean. She checked the condensation contraption for clean water and managed to get several mouthfuls. But it wasn’t enough. She needed to find a bountiful source of fresh water otherwise she was going to dehydrate easily in this heat. Sighing, she put some more wood on her fire and returned to the treeline of the beach. It was the easiest path and she was shielded from the sun by the leaves of the palm tree-looking vegetation. Lexi paused for a moment, staring at the waves that lapped lazily against the shore. It was her hope that she would be able to find some form of civilisation. She appeared to be on Earth, but there was something about it that just didn’t feel right. With a long sigh, Lexi began walking down the shore, trying to keep a mental map of where she was treading. If she was unable to find what she was looking for, then she at least wanted to find her way back to the camp she had made. Lexi peered into the forest that passed on beside her. The foliage appeared to be Earth-like. There were some trees that she didn’t recognise, that looked strange and alien to her. With a sigh she looked out across the water, trying to see if she could spot another land-mass. But as far as she could tell, there wasn’t any. Lexi turned to look at the path she was taking, continuing to move along, praying that she was able to find something.

After walking a good distance along the beach, Lexi stopped suddenly, as a new sound came to her. The tumbling rush of water. Her eyes swept the sky, noticing that the star was high in the sky. She had been walking for a few hours. Her throat was burning with thirst and her stomach growled at her. Turning her attention back towards the new sounds, Lexi allowed her ears to guide her to the source. It was a river, that seems to burst from the thick jungle, tumbling over rocks before emptying itself into the ocean. The blonde woman moved inland slightly, following the course of the river until it was no longer turbulent. She looked at the water. It looks so crisp and clear, but her caution informed her that while it looked safe to drink, it might not be. However, she could see fish swimming around, fighting against the current of the fast moving river. Glancing around to make sure that she was safe, she felt down by the riverbank, reaching down into the water. It was surprisingly easy, as the current was forcing the fish back slightly, even as they fought vainly against it. So it was easy to simply pluck them out and flip them onto the ground before her where they flopped around. She had managed to pull at least five fish from the river, all at least as long as her arm. She should remember this spot; it was an easy food source. Using a stone, she easily and quickly killed the fish before using a vine that she spotted hanging from a tree, to tie them up. Then, returning to the beach, she headed back to her camp.

When she arrived, her fire was almost dead. Wearily, she coaxed it back into life before she checked her water. It was only enough for a few mouthfuls. Wincing, she gulped it down before she putting more water into it to evaporate. She needed to return to that river and gather fresh water there so that she could boil it to make it safe to drink. Using the seawater was not a good alternative. With a sigh, Lexi pulled one of the large fish towards her, using her sharp rock to cut it open so that she could gut it. Throwing the waste aside, Lexi put it on a flat rock beside her fire to cook. While it was cooking, she wrapped the rest of the fish in leaves, before hiding them. While waiting for her fish to cook, she explored the forest around her, seeing if she could find something edible. She encountered a vine that grew around a tree, with large red fruit. Reaching up, she tugged it from the vine easily. It must be ripe. She squeezed it experimentally. It felt soft but she wasn’t sure if she should eat it. She turned back towards her camp, taking the fruit with her. Surely if it had any toxins, or poisons, they could be countered by cooking them. But then again, perhaps not. Lexi sat herself down and turned the fish over so that it would cook evenly. She stared out at the ocean, lost in thought. When were her crew going to come back for her? She had been here for at least a day. Surely that was long enough for a prank.

She tried not to think about the fact that it might be possible that she had been abandoned here on this lonely island. Why would they even do such a thing? She had never done anyone any wrong. Granted, her co-pilot was often envious of Lexi, and harboured a deep dislike of her mainly due to her heritage. However there was no way that the envious bitch could have left Lexi down on this planet without anyone noticing. They would have stopped her, or at the very least forced her to turn around and return. Absently, she lifted the fruit to her lips and took a bite. She inhaled sharply, before giving a soft groan at the taste of the sweet flesh that seemed to melt on her tongue. It was juicy, too, the succulent liquid dribbling down her chin. Greedily, she pushed it back into her mouth with her fingers, before she began to tear at the flesh, hungrily eating it. She didn’t care of it was toxic, or poisonous. It was delicious and thirst quenching. When she had finished, she was left with a large, wrinkled seed. She knew she couldn’t eat that, so she tossed it back into the jungle before licking up every trace of the sweet liquid. She should find more of them; they were the best fruit she had ever had. 

When she had finished it, she let her hands drop down into her lap with a sigh, her deep blue eyes clouded with worry. She really hoped that they would come back for her soon. She could only survive here for so long. She wasn’t even sure if there were any predators, or hostile people. Shuddering, she looked about, her every sense straining to try and detect anything out of the ordinary. There wasn’t. Just the simple crash of the sea against the shore, and the rasp of the wind through the leaves and the crackling of her fire. She turned back to her fire, seeing that the fish she had put beside it appeared cooked. Pleased, she pulled it towards her, tearing the flesh from the bones and eating  it hungrily. When she had finished, she carefully went down to the sea and cleaned her hands. Looking up, she saw that the star was very high in the sky now, and the air had turned very hot and humid. It was sapping at her energy, and now that she had had something to eat and drink, she felt very drowsy. With a yawn, she returned to her camp, putting more wood on the fire before she curled up next to it. Within moments, she was deeply asleep.

Hours later, she was awoken suddenly as she felt a light pressure against her arm. Snapping her eyes open, her body tensing as she reacted to a possible danger. However, all she saw on her arm, was a small, golden creature. It sat upon her arm that was stretched on the sand before her face. The creature tilted its head at her, its faceted eyes glowing with purple and red colours. Lexi was acutely aware of a strong sense of curiosity, as well as an intense hunger that caused her stomach to twist. However she was too engrossed in the tiny creature to notice. It looked like a dragon; a very tiny one. It looked no larger than the palm of her hand. It had two fragile looking wings that were half-furled, as if wary of her. Its head was triangular in shape, its eyes appearing as it made up of hundreds of small facets that shifted and moved, the colours rippling across it. It had an eye ridge that swept over the eyes to curve into two small knobs, like miniature horns yet not quite grown. Going down it's coily curved back were ridges, that started at the top of its head before disappearing towards the end of its tail into a fork. It had four legs, in addition to its wings. The back legs looked longer than the front, as if they were primarily used to launch the creature into the sky whereas the front ones were designed for holding things. It's skin looked like some kind of hide; soft to the touch. It was gold in colour, seemingly shimmering in the afternoon sun. It tilted its head again at her, letting out a soft chirp, as if greeting her. Giving a small smile, Lexi responded,

“Hello.” The creature let out a trill, its eyes whirling faster. It tilted his head again, before stretching its neck out towards her, its nose almost touching her own. Lexi laughed softly, causing the creature to pull back, chittering at her as if scolding her for making noise. Again, she was suddenly overwhelmed with an intense hunger, although she had eaten not long ago. It felt like she had not eaten in days. Despite her sleep addled confusion, she wondered if it was the creature that was sat upon her arm. 

“Are you hungry?” She asked it. The creature hummed and the hunger became sharper. Slowly, Lexi pushed herself to her feet, trying not to disturb the little creature, who watched her carefully from where it had jumped off her arm, near the fire. Her movements slow, Lexi pulled a fish from her precious food store and used her sharp stone to gut it. As the entrails of the fish came out, the little golden dragon suddenly hissed, jumping forward towards her. To Lexi’s surprise, it began to tear at the entrails ravenously, almost mumbling in its haste to tear it apart and eat it.

“My, you are hungry, aren’t you?” Lexi said with a smile. While it might not be a good idea to use her food up feeding a wild animal, she knew where these fish were and could get more. At the moment, the company was more valuable than the food. While the creature was distracted with the guts, Lexi was able to tear off pieces of the fish that were more manageable for a creature this size to eat. It was eating so quickly that Lexi doubted it was even pausing to chew its food. By the time she had torn half of the fish apart, the little golden creature had finished the guts and now turned its red eyes towards the pile of fish meat that Lexi collected. With a laugh, Lexi piece up a piece of the fish and offered it to the tiny creature. With a greedy hiss, it leapt towards her, easily swallowing what she had given him. She was correct in tearing it into smaller pieces. Lexi began feeding the creature piece by piece, eventually cradling the little dragon in the palm of her hand as she hand fed. Eventually, after the edge of its hunger had been sated, it let out soft chirps and even chewed its food. Finally, with its belly bulging, it let out a little burp before it curled up asleep in her hand. With a strange smile, she gently stroked along its back, getting a soft croon in response. Its skin was warm and soft to the touch. Lexi looked up towards the sun, noticing that it was approaching evening. Gently putting the little creature in her lap, she gutted another fish and put it on the fire to cook. She then returned her attention to the fish she had been cutting up, intending on finishing the job so that her little friend could have something to eat later. 

When that was done and she had wrapped the meat up in a leaf, the fish that Lexi had put on the fire to cook was done. She ate it, too tired to go back into the jungle for more of the fruit. So far, she didn’t feel like she had been poisoned, but she would rather wait until morning to determine that. When she had eaten her fish, she watched the sun set on the horizon, disappearing from view. The little creature roused suddenly, creeling with hunger. Tenderly, Lexi fed the creature with the fish she had cut up earlier until the point where it passed out again. With a sigh, Lexi curled up in front of her fire, closing her eyes. She felt the little dragon nuzzle against her before she fell deeply asleep.

The next morning, she was awoken by the small dragon, who was creeling with hunger. With a sigh, Lexi put one of her last remaining fish beside the fire before cutting up the last fish for the little dragon. Once it had eaten its fill, it sat upon her shoulder, chirping sweetly into her ear as she moved into the jungle, searching for more of the redfruit. Once she had found the vine, she gathered several the fruit before going back to her fire and the fish. By the time the fish had finished cooking, the little dragon had wrapped its tail around her throat and had curled up against her neck fast asleep. Lexi ate her fill of the fish, before chewing on one of the redfruits. The little dragon had caused her food to dwindle so unless she wanted to starve, she had to return to the river. Rising carefully and taking several redfruits with her, she left her camp and headed towards the river. She retraced her steps along the beach, her shoes sinking slightly in the fine, warm sand.

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