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erotica The tale of the slime

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(Before read Warning: Please be remind that this is an 18+ story and has a large amount of smut and other H things, my style is story based and sex based. This is the real story of my slime RP if I got someone interested in it and do it as the original plot, with no deleted tags or extra tags). Please criticize me via PM if you want to do so, it will help me on my story writing skills.


(Kinks list(Be warned): Breasts, Ass, Blowjobs, Tentacles, Body Modification, Lactation, nipple insertion (No impregnation since I won't make any scene about it)


Chara: Slime
Type: Magically Enchanted Slime

Body dimension: around 70 cms of tall, 30 cms of width, and weight of only 15 kgs

Food: Bodily liquids(Absorbs mana from them and most prefered food), grass, plants, insects

Personality: A super carefree and doesn't afraid of anything, but it is not a foolish slime either. Peaceful type of slime and maybe this slime likes peaceful approach.

Magic: Well it can do anything as long as the slime could imagine but none of those are an OP ones since their mana is hugely limited, mostly used for sex purposes

1. If they managed to cover someone's body part, they have full movement control over it
2. Their liquid could enhance someone's mana or someone's body
3. Will protect their chosen host
4. Mostly they are random



Name: Elisia Diamant
Gender: Female
Title: Princess of Milena Kingdom
B-W-H: 115-50-100

Personality: She is mostly friendly to everything in all situations and as long as they are human or cute tame animals, she would like to be their friend. She is a princess but she never like any politics nor she care about it. She is a spoilt princess but only in some degree, she will keep her virginity until a destined prince for her to came, or she thought to be. She is shy or easily scared to some type of monsters if she is unarmed but once she has her tools, she could use it to defeat them and not scared of them. 

Appearance info: She mostly will like to wear a pink to white dress but they tend to be a long dress, she never wants to show her "cleavage" but she hasn't any clothes left since her bust and hips area grows faster than the rest of her body. She wear a white dragon skin shoes for its best quality and guaranteed endurance. She has a notiveable large bust and hips(and maybe will be larger in the story) and she has a long straight white hair(the pict only serves for the color and the length, but the style? nope). 

Her Sensitive area: her breasts and ass, her nipples, clit, miss v is also sensitive


There is one little blue slime in a forest moving around and walk freely in that place. It was so peaceful since no cocky adventurers or heroes and his party came over to disturb a super peaceful life of a slime. These slimes are just a little carefree creature that doesn't care about humans and their affairs, they will only go for human women if they want to at the right season, since they need some sort of bodily liquid. There is also slimes who will came to a human men to take their bodily fluids, but this slime is not one of them. The slime dissolve nothing but grass as their temporary food. Grass is edible for them but they won't last long and tend to be a short while, just like a human do if they only ate a snack not a full course meal but they eat constantly. Don't worry about the grass, they will grow back as normal again and even some slime liquids will help them too.

The slime is just happen to moving here and there, not caring about any case and it just live its free life like any normal slimes would. He just happily eat the grass and does its hings as he moves away to the other place with no care. Slimes in general have a bunch of population and they could produce around tens or hundreds of children just in one go in their "mating season(which is random depends on the slime and they have random frequency too)". But some slimes are mana enchanted slimes, this slime is one of those lucky few. They are stronger than most slimes, they have their own magic to do their things, and even they can talk in human language.

It just move and keep moving until it meets a certain female, she has a waist long blonde hair, a noticeably huge assets in both breasts and ass, and she also looks so beautiful. She is wearing a white dress now and she is in a middle of walking in a certain grasslands. Any sane male slimes would go to her already and do their thing, but it realize something as it saw a piece of pure platinum and pure diamond tiara, it felt like there is something dangerous from the said woman and it decides to go to near her but not as lustful as other slimes. It doesn't know what that piece of tiara is and what makes her special, just following its instincts to get near to the said female.

"Hello there, miss. What are you doing?" A certain little blue slime asks in a friendly tone with its magic as it stop besides the princess just by a meter or two, doesn't really do what most male slimes will do.

"Oh, I just strolling around here. Huh?!" The woman replied gently before she is shocked and back away slowly just due to the fact she saw a slime and it is a talking slime, which is not a general thing that she saw, and the bad news is she is also unarmed and doesn't bring her magic things, so she can't attack the slime. Humans tend to think slimes are hostile and for most of them it is a yes, but not for few. 

"How you can talk?! Don't come closer!" The woman screamed as she just shocked as the slime came a little bit closer as she walk backwards in fear, because she think that this slime is trying to kill her. The slime didn't realy pose a threat as it came closer to the said woman.

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"I can talk in "Your" language, because I have magic." The slime says as it goes a little bit more closer but in slower way so the said woman didn't scared of the said slime, well this slime think that approaching her won't make her scared away and it just happen to wanted to be with her in some way or two. Well, slimes are random creature and they are almost unpredictable in some ways or other. The slime didn't make any tentacles out of its body yet because it just want to came to the said woman in a friendly way.

"Well, some of us do have this but we are the rare population of the slimes. So maybe in you humans, my body or "liquid" will cost for few gold coins per jar, am I right?" The slime says as it stop in front of the scared woman which it doesn't know who is she or what is she. The slime is aware about it self and just happen to talk with the woman who it doesn't aware of the fact that she is princess Elisia Diamant of Milena Kingdom,

"Ummm, yes maybe so, but actually I don't really know about that." She said timidly and shyly while seeing the slime with less fear as it came with innocence and peaceful attittude.

"Hmmm... That seems okay..." The slime just really didn't care about anything at all, it is just way too carefree. Princess Elisia starts to shyly crouches to get herself near of that said slime. The slime really look like it doesn't do anything hostile.

"Ummmm... Slime, what is your name?" The princess timidly ask as she looks at the slime and try to poke it using her right index finger. The slime feels so soft and bouncy as she does so like poking a jell-o. 

"Im just a slime... I don't have a name." The slime said as it just gazed at that said princess. If it weren't for its unique personality, it would have play with her just now by covering all of her body with it. The princess start to smile timidly as she keeps on poking that said slime body.

"I'll call you "slime" then, my name is Elisia Diamant, Princess of Milena Kingdom." The princess timidly said while she starts to take the slime and lift it up. The slime only could stay still because it was taken and lifted up right now.

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"Okay, Princess Elisia." The slime said while making a tentacle out from its body and poking her left cheek softly. The princess could only laugh as the tentacle tickles her. The slime starts to rub her left cheek and it return the tentacle to its body quickly. The slime isn't care about the "princess" thing since it doesn't know what "princess" is and it only do what it want to do.

"That was tickling, slime. I wish I could bring you home so I can play with you there." The princess think while the slime only stay till in her hands, she was lifting him using her own hands and the slime just stay silent. Before the slime decides to do its thing. The slime starts to cover her hands, arms, shoulders, breasts, back, and stomach. This allowing it to take control of her and make her look like wearing a skin thigth blue outift.

"Kyaaa!! Slime, what you are doing?! Stop it!" Elisia shout and shaking her arms as the slime cover her hands and arms before she couldn't do it anymore due to the slime, she also feel ticklish because of the slime bodysuit. She feel like something tightening her body and she already can't do anything anymore. It seems the slime starts to follow its instincts to do its job as usual. The slime start to cover more parts of her body which is her waist, crotch, butt, thighs, and lastly her legs and feet beneath of her dress, socks and shoes. Her body starts to feeling more ticklish as her nipples, pussy and asshole covered by the slime, she start to shake her body but she can't since the slime took over the movement control of her body except from her neck and head. Elisia is panting due to the "pleasure" that her body recieved from the slime bodysuit that cover some parts of her body.

"Slime, it feels so ticklish, can you release me from this bodysuit?" Elisia asked while she can't move at all and her breath becomes unstable, her cheek blushes like a peach fruit. Only the slime who could control her body movement right now. She thought that she would be raped or something at that point or at least her breasts will be touched by the said slime. 

"Oops, I'm sorry... Just my slime instincts..." The slime said while it releases it self from her body, which looks like it is melting from her body before forming it self again as a slime beneath and next to her. The slime almost get to play with her with its body but it is the best thing to not to do it for now since the slime didn't know where to the castle.

"Thank you, slime... I just feel that is too ticklish... I think you can hide beneath of my dress and cover my stomach area for a while, because I want to bring you to my room..." Elisia said as she smiles back at the slime which only just jumping for few times like a normal slime would do to express something.

"I'm so lonely in my room and maybe I have friends in school. But, I have no one in my room. Don't get out from the dress before I enter my room, the people inside will get angry." Elisia winks at the slime before she just stand and seeing how the slime react while still shaking her body a bit due to the sensation that she recieved just now.

"It's okay, Elisia... Huh, to you room? Okay..." The slime said calmly while looking at her bountiful body. It start to back to cover her feet for a while before it moves to the stomach area beneath her dress. Well it seems the slime starts to get hungry and wanting some bodily liquid or at least something. The slime thinking to play with her but it does think that doing it now wasn't a good idea. 

"Oh, I should return to the castle..." The princess said while she hurrily walks to the castle with the slime covering her stomach beneath her dress. So she is bringing the slime to the castle, maybe because she was too lonely and the slime is maybe a smart enough one to keep her company.

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Elisia decides to resist the tickling feeling in her stomach area of her body due to this little blue slime decides to rest in that part of her body. Seeing the location of the sun in the sky and the color of that said sky, it is the time for Elisia to go to her home, which is the castle. The slime was thin enough to not adding new "bulge" in Elisia's stomach part of the dress. She can't run too much due to her breast and ass size that is noticeably big, which will always shake whenever she runs following her body motion. She would have escaped if it is an ordinary slime which will go to her body right away in the moment she saw that slime, even she doesn't know this slime's ulterior motives on slowly approaching her. 

She managed to arrive at the castle in the right time seeing how gallant the knights standing in their place and guarding the castle from its left and right pillar of the large door of said castle. The was a stone made large building with graphite floors, the wall was a looks so solid and only serve in one color which is white. The slime just keep quiet in its place while waiting for the princess to enter the castle. What did that slime didn't know is the future could be rough for this slime and Elisia her self, or so the thought it is.

The slime just continues on slowly expanding itself and it is unnoticeable by Elisia, which she feels a slightly tickling in the parts where that slime is covered. But she could only hide it behind her seemingly timid face. As the knights stood up gallantly and uphold their spears facing upwards. "Good evening, princess Elisia. Hope you enjoy your walk!" The knights said as they greet the princess in a way of a professional soldier does to their leader, which actually saddened the princess but she is well at hiding that.

"Thank you and I hope you do well" The princess said in her usual friendly tone, and their eyes were deceived as they failed to notice that there is a slime beneath her dress. Maybe she is excited when that slime covers her body deep in her heart, wishing that the slime do some "movements" to her body. The slime just wanted to do its thing and doesn't care about anything else than having its peaceful life while it last before it gets killed either by the knights, adventurers, or the hero himself.

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'That sensation... No! I'm the princess of Milena Kingdom!' Elisia thought when she remember the sensation when the slime covers her body but she hold that said desire which became a small unnoticeable reason to bring the slime along to her room later. She walks through the castle and to her room while her body is still shaking. A stepping sound of hers is audible and seems she is using a pair of normal leather shoes, unlike her mother who wears a crystal made high heels. She blushes as the slime is more and more covering her torso parts of her body unnoticeably. But, the slime did not to her breasts and butts because it could lock her movement in the middle of her walk.

"Oh, my sweet daughter Elisia has come home... Welcome dear, how is the strolling today?" A certain voice came out from a corridor in a front of her which goes to the right and it is the corridor of the royal family room, including her own sound proof room. It was a tall lady which looks like a woman in her late 20s but actually 20 years older but she still maintain her good proportions of her body and unrivalled beauty which could make any male slimes go insane in the moment they saw her. It is lucky that the slime is quite sane enough and carefree enough to not to do its thing to that said queen, maybe its death will come faster in the moment it touch the queen in the middle of this public corridor where some soldiers and maids come and go easily here. She wore her usual red dress as maybe today could be a formal day for her to do her job as the queen.

"Good evening, mother. I'm just came back right now and maybe the strolling makes me hungry." The princess said innocently to her mother while she can notice her mother's attitude change. Maybe because she can smell something that could make her lust skyrocket again. But the queen is crafty enough to put it aside and make her daughter don't notice anything about that. The queen looks at Elisia's stomach and she almost unable to resist her urge to lick her own lips as the sign of her lust. After that, she just smile to her daughter modestly as a mother care of her daughter wellbeing.

"Ah, the dinner is ready and you can eat it now without father. He is too busy attending his duties and many letters came by to the castle today." She said while noticing her daughter's gesture due to the said slime and know that it is the matter of minutes that Elisia will fall to her own lust. She then go and pass the princess slowly but elegantly, she is lucky that no soldiers that is brave enough to touch her even just for assisting her. She just let her breasts and ass bounce more as she walk pass the daughter. Maybe licking her own lips as she passed Elisia without her notice, which she will be ready to "engage" with whoever is hiding beneath Elisia's dress, which she doesn't know that it is a slime.

"Thank you, mother." She said while she is walk straight to the said dining room as she is hungry right now and she wants to eat. After that, she wants to play with the slime more in her room, but instead of a lustful play, she play with the slime  just like any innocent kid with their pet.

'I can smell some male stench in here, maybe it is beneath her dress. I'll deal with it later, of course...' She thought while she is ready to think that she will be held down and raped by this said unknown creature. She knews it as a male species and she start to blush and feel there is a heat in her crotch. She is shaking her own hips and walk again straight to somewhere else, maybe she is going to the King's office to assist the king for a while. Lucky that she hasn't open Elisia's dress yet or that slime will have its own ways to the Isekai as many Otaku says.

'Why I am feeling uneasy here' the slime thought while it just feel cold beneath of Elisia's dress while it doesn't know the source and cause of that uneventful situation. The slime maybe should be a good slime in the forest and never take the offer from the Elisia since the begining, not because of Elisia's interaction with him. But, it is because of a certain woman that it doesn't knew. It could smell the scent of a food from faraway and maybe it's a human food in its perspective.


Name: Nadine Diamant
Gender: Female
Title: Queen of Milena Kingdom
B-W-H: 120-55-110

Personality: She is quite elegant woman but deep in her heart she is lewder than any succubus. She is quite easy to turn on with some males, and only males which could turn her on behind her elegant looks. She is also can be a wise queen in the time of need but she spends her time more to strolling, like her daughter but she is less active than Elisia. She is a well-spoken when it comes to kingdom things but she can speak like a whore when emgaging in sex. Lately, the king is too busy so she is kinda "hungry" and maybe even slimes will be devoured by her if it is needed. She can be more lustful than any wild succubus even the succubus queen it self. Orc King? It can't sasitfy her lust despite is near infinite sex stamina.

Her Sensitive area: her breasts is more sensitive than her ass and maybe her breasts are her weak point, her nipples, clit, miss v is also sensitive

Appearance: She is a white haired woman in a red dress, she is also has a face of a woman in her late 20s despite of her age. Her breasts and ass is well endowed and far larger than any woman in her age, she is more than ready to do her thing. She has a pair of sea blue eyes that is make her more beautiful and people will mistake her age and her position.

Has the face, looks, and hair of the first pict but the breast and ass size of the second pict. Her hair color is same as the first pict but her hair style is same as the second pict.



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The slime quickly expect that it and Princess Elisia is on the dining room. In the table there is a food served which consists of few cuts of bread, a plate of leaf vegetables and few slices of chicken in the same plate which has already poured by olive oil with a cup of her favorite tea on the left side of the vegetables. That what is princess Elisia see in her plate when she sat down and the butler in the place gives to her. She eat the food delightfully and she enjoys it, while the slime is being a good slime beneath of her dress because it didn't want to mess up with her due to her mother alone. The slime is carefree but when his soul felt threatened, he loses composure 

"Thanks for the food!" The blonde princess named Elisia said to the waitress as she done with her food and tea. She can't wait any extra moment to play with the slime more as she also feel something hot from her crotch, like mother like daughter. She decides to walk straight to her room before she goes to her bathroom. This thing is not really that unusual, while she walking, she could notice that her big pair of breasts bouncing around and her ass is shaking due to her body motion.

"Slime, can you cover my breasts and ass so they don't move?" The princees asked while the slime do whatever Elisia say and cover her breasts and ass which indirectly makes it stays in the place without shaking and Elisia walks in better pace right now. The slime only could pray to not to be busted by the castle people. As she came into her room, she walks into her bed and sit there for a minute. 

"I'll go and take a bath for a while in another room, can you wait for a while?" The princess asked while the slime is getting out from her body by moving itself to her feet and hid below the bed. It just feel that below of the bed is the best unknown place for it since nobody will notice if it is hiding there and the side cloth and the front cloth of the bed is also covering the floor. The princess shivers a bit when the slime touch her crotch area, and feels slightly hotter in said area. The slime didn't notice what it just do to her body, while the princess stand up already and goes to the another room to take a bath.

"Okay, she is going somewhere now..." The slime said while it sit nicely on the place where it hides and few moments later, the slime could hear a voice of a door that has been opened. The slime feel that it was the princess' maids who is coming to that room to clean the room. One thing that slime could smell is trouble.

(Will be continued tomorrow, I'm sleepy now)

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The slime quickly expect that it and Princess Elisia is on the dining room. In the table there is a food served which consists of few cuts of bread, a plate of leaf vegetables and few slices of chicken in the same plate which has already poured by olive oil with a cup of her favorite tea on the left side of the vegetables. That what is princess Elisia see in her plate when she sat down and the butler in the place gives to her. She eat the food delightfully and she enjoys it, while the slime is being a good slime beneath of her dress because it didn't want to mess up with her due to her mother alone. The slime is carefree but when his soul felt threatened, he loses composure 

"Thanks for the food!" The blonde princess named Elisia said to the waitress as she done with her food and tea. She can't wait any extra moment to play with the slime more as she also feel something hot from her crotch, like mother like daughter. She decides to walk straight to her room before she goes to her bathroom. This thing is not really that unusual, while she walking, she could notice that her big pair of breasts bouncing around and her ass is shaking due to her body motion.

"Slime, can you cover my breasts and ass so they don't move?" The princees asked while the slime do whatever Elisia say and cover her breasts and ass which indirectly makes it stays in the place without shaking and Elisia walks in better pace right now. The slime only could pray to not to be busted by the castle people. As she came into her room, she walks into her bed and sit there for a minute. 

"I'll go and take a bath for a while in another room, can you wait for a while?" The princess asked while the slime is getting out from her body by moving itself to her feet and hid below the bed. It just feel that below of the bed is the best unknown place for it since nobody will notice if it is hiding there and the side cloth and the front cloth of the bed is also covering the floor. The princess shivers a bit when the slime touch her crotch area, and feels slightly hotter in said area. The slime didn't notice what it just do to her body, while the princess stand up already and goes to the another room to take a bath.

"Okay, she is going somewhere now..." The slime said while it sit nicely on the place where it hides and few moments later, the slime could hear a voice of a door that has been opened. The slime feel that it was the princess' maids who is coming to that room to clean the room. One thing that slime could smell is trouble. But it wasn't that much since it only sense two people came and clean the princess room while she is on bath.

As the slime is waiting for Elisia, Elisia herself was in her bath room and already release her dress, showing her noticably volutupous body which could make any men droll include with her innocent look on her face. Her pair of light purple eyes stares at the tub and imagine the slime was inside of it and clean her body with its tentacles. But, she quickly snapped out in the moment that imagination is appeared in her mind and she puts herself inside the tub gently and take her bath also cleaning herself after her afternoon stroll. Gently rubbing every inch of her body with the water and maybe a block of soap.

After she is done with her bathing, she takes her new pair of clothes and wear it before she goes straight to the room and play again with the said slime, maybe feeding it with whatever she will feed on it. She was thinking maybe somewhere of her body will become its food or so she thought, maybe since that moment the slime covers her body, she starts to get hotter and hotter, also she starts to get wet again. But, no she isn't she assumed that slimes eat something as grass and drink water as usual to sustain their life.

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She sit at the same spot in her bed as she reached the room which was cleaned by her maids. The slime is lucky because it wasn't noticed by that maids when they clean up their room. Slime is hiding in her bed silently and calmly as it carefree-ly think about some relaxing slime life. As soon as it feels a weight from above and it saw a pair of feet which was none other than the princess it came out from the bed covering and see the princess from below before jumping and sit nicely in her hips.

"Elisia, is this your room? It's so big..." The slime said carefree-ly while it saw how big her room was and well being a princess in such room sounds so lonely. The princess could only laugh while rubbing the upper body of that said slime like rubbing the cat's back. The slime just sit nicely and enjoy whatever the princess do to its body. It sleep on her lap like a cat would do for a while and being as carefree as it ism

"Yes it is, slime. Maybe we could play in this room..." The princess smiles back when seeing the slime and rubbing its back. Actually, she is kinda suspicious why the slime is so carefree and doesn't move or doing its thing. Beneath her smile, she thinks that this is a weird thing for a princess to accept the slime. But since this slime is peaceful, she starts to enjoy her time with this slime.

"Hey, Slime..." The princess asked.

"Yeah, Elisia?" The slime answered as it sounds like waking up from its sleep. 

"What do you eat in general? Is there any food or drink you want?" The Princess asked as she is worried that her new playmate is starving right now, or so she thought since the slime maybe got its food already.

"Hmmmm.... I think I mostly drink water and dissolving grass. But thinking right now, it's a human bodily liquids. Like saliva, breasts milk, sweat, pee, but I don't like blood." The slime said while it seeing her breasts.

"Ummhh... I think I can give you some of that..." The princess said as the slime already let out a tentacle from its body. She proceed to close her eyes and open her mouth. Letting a tentacle that has a same shape of a big male genitalia open her mouth more until it is almost not fit. The slime proceeds to jump and cover her body from her breasts cleavage that shown in her dress and all of her torso parts before expanding to her waist, hips, butts, and her feet. It makes her look like she is wearing a blue latex outfit beneath her dress. 

'It seems the slime is took a liking to this body of mine.' the princess thought while playing the tentacle that is in her mouth using her tongue. She just accepting the slime's tentacle to her mouth because she think that she feeds him if she lets her mouth be inserted by such large tentacle, which feels slimy but not making her lips wet in the same time.

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"Mmmmmmhhhhh.... Slime.... Ummmhhh..." The princess lick the said tentacle with her toungue in a clockwise direction and giving some sensations and her saliva to that said princees. The slime just push and pull the tentacle in her mouth giving her mouth some pounding and it seems the princess' cheeks reddened when she is doing her activity now. She also move her head forwards and backwards, matching with the tentacle's pounding, it seems the tentacle came from the slime body that covers her stomach. Lucky that her room is soundproof and she locked the door before come to the said slime.

The slime moves her gravity defying breasts clockwise using the slime body that covers that said place fully, and they press the breasts so it looks like an invincible hand is groping her bountiful assets. Her face blushes as she feels something touching her breasts, as she wanted to release her moans but the tentacle already shut her mouth. So she only could muffle her moans out while the said slime body is also playing with her nipples. The slime press the nipple part from its body which cover the said part which make it looks like there is another invincible hands that playing with her nipples.

"Mmmmhhhh.... Ummmmhhhh... Slime.... Please don't touch me there... Hmmmm..." Elisia moaned as she was shut by the tentacle but still can talk, her tongue start to like the tentacle which is playing with her mouth and tongue so she licks it faster and she moves her head slightly faster as the slime starts to play with her ass and her pussy is also being teased by the said slime now. It looks like another invisible hands are playing with those parts, because the slime really use its body to press and moving Elisia's body parts that it is played now.

"Ummmhhh... Mmmhhhh... Aaaaahhhnnn~ Slime.... Not there... I'm sensi... Aah~ Mmmmhhhh... Hmmmmmmhh..." Elisia said while she closes her eyes even more and she licks the tentacle faster again due to the sensations that she received. The slime make her hands that is covered by the slime body move and release some part of her dress and blouse, maybe she is still closing her eyes and her face is still straight because she was in the middle of sucking and licking the slime's tentacle. She know that her clothes is already taken off and her hand starts to undo her lingerie with bra and panties that she wore as her underwear.

The slime opens its body part that closes her crotch area and it makes out another tentacle which has a round shape with six small bulges which looks like a wheel with some grids on it. The slime decides to push the wheel to her pussy, and the wheel starts spinning and vibrating in her pussy. From the side part of the wheel another two small slime tentacles are formed and they play with her clitoris. The princess feet start to shake as the sensations that she received is too much. She starts to leak her genital fluids which quickly dissolved as it touches the slime's tentacles.

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"Uuuuummmmhhh... Slime.... It feels... Aaaaaahhhnnn~" the princess is start to blush even more as the sensation became more and more. The slime still teases her body while still sucking and licking the tentacle. She giving her saliva as its food as the saliva is dissolved to the slime body pretty quickly, same as her sweat and genital fluids that is coming out from her pussy. She start to want more and more until the slime's tentacle is already reach her throat, it seems she starts to became more and more aggressive as the slime stimulates her more.

"Ummmhhh... Are you fed enough.... Haaaahhmmmpphh..." Elisia just keeps doing her activity while the said slime is bouncing her breasts up and down before it also make the breasts look like groped and moved up down by turns, when the left breast is faced upwards, the right breast is faced downwards and so on. The slime also play with her ass and her thighs which makes her feels some tingly feelings in her large hips and thighs. It seems the slime molest all of her body as it desire. The princess is almost at her peak of orgasm when the slime wheel in her pussy spins and vibrate faster. She just gets hotter and hotter as she already naked and being played by the slime. 

"UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHH!!!!!" She had her first orgasm in her life as her body can only sit in the place while it is opened widely and she can't see anything since she reflectly closes her eyes until she can't see anything and her tongue is sticking out beneath the slime tentacle. Her orgasm lets out so many liquids in her arms as the slime absorb it and dissolves it into its body. It looks like she let out so many of fluids in few seconds like a bunch of ater that coming out from a small place. It seems the princess has a great quality of mana so the slime is even enhanced and it has more magic in its body more than it can contain. The bed side and some of the floor are wet due to her gential liquid that is coming out from her pussy like a Tsunami but in much much smaller size.

It still doing its activity while Elisia opened her eyes and seeing what's going on. Her whole body is molested by said slime since her body is covered by the slime, she could only enjoy what the slime is going to do on her. She feels her nipples starts to stand up and being hard, and the slime just move it so quickly like an invinsible hands were flicking her nipples up and down. She got arroused more than usual. Her breathing starts to roughen up as the slime plays more and more with her.

"Ummmhhh... Slime... Please... Aaaaahhhnnn~~~~ Continue.... Hhhhmmmppphhh... Schlph... Schlph... Ummmhhh... Haaammmpphh..." Elisia just follow her instincts as a human woman and not as a princess, she just let the slime play as it pleases. The groping and the rubbing starts to be more and more stimulating and even the slime is massaging her B-spot in her breasts. B-Spot is like a G-spot but it is on breasts which girls with huge breasts will have. It makes her breasts more and more sensitive.

One hours passed, she already orgasm for tens or few more times like crazy and the slime is still don't let out of its liquid, she forgot to count how much she reach her peak. The slime makes her felt so good until a point her legs are numb. The princess wait for the liquid of the said slime.

"Haaahh... Ummmmhhmmmpphh... Haaahhh... Slime... Aren't.... Mmmpppphhh... Sastified..." Her sucking and licking is still strong as ever and she just keeps doing it like she licks and sucks a ball lolipop, the slime lets out some thin layer of the liquid which makes her tongue sensitive and "addicted" to the liquid. It also makes the princess keeps going with her tongue. 

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It seems the slime is start to shake itself before it thrusts the tentacle more deeper and faster in her mouth, it press her breasts again and play with it as an invisible hand grope her breasts again. The slime also play with Elisia's butt more wildly, it molests more of the princess body until she reach another orgasm in another minute. The massage in her B-spot became more and more wild as the slime wants to let out some of his liquid to her mouth. As the wheel on her pussy is spin slightly slower so the Elisia don't feel like she is tortured by the slime.

"Elisia, I think... I want to let out something..." The slime said while it move in and move out from her mouth faster and deeper and maybe already reaching her throat as it does its activity. The groping is stopped at this moment and her hands is pushing the bed now, the tentacle wheel and mini tentacles that mess up with her pussy and clitoris is returning to the slime's body. The slime body that cover her nipple starts to play with her nipples more like there is something that suck the nipples.

"Ummmhhhh... Go ahead... Put it inside..." The princess can't think too much and just feel aroused due to the continuous stimulation, she just lick the tentacle more naughty and faster. Her sucking towards the tentacles suddenly gets stronger and she wants the liquid so bad, she closes her eyes as she is prepared to receive the slime's liquid. Her face is already blushing like a tomato cherry as she is imagining how many fluids that she will drink, and so the slime pull back its tentacles slightly until its tentacles tip is touching her tongue tip. Then it releases its fluids to her mouth and she drink it lustfully.

Its fluid has a magical properties that maybe some slimes have, she realizes that her nipples start to grow more bigger and her breasts felt heavier than before. It seems her breasts is expanded. She muffled her voice because her mouth is shut by the slime tentacle and its liquid which makes her breasts and nipples bigger. She suddenly also feels something is urging to coming out from her breasts and her nipples start to be opened, which allows the slime to insert it with the tentacles if it wants. She also feels that her breasts and nipples more sensitive to slime's stimulation.

It just happened to let out so much liquid until the point of her stomach is slightly bulging due to how much the slime's liquid is entering her throat and her stomach. The slime stopped on letting out of liquids after few seconds, and the liquid that is produced by that slime in that few seconds is much more than the powerful orc's. Her breasts is expanded by few centimeters and her nipples became larger until a point a full human hand can enter inside of that said nipple, lucky that the slime's body that covers her body is make her breasts doesn't falling down. Maybe she will have a hard time to find a new clothes now. The slime let out of its tentacles from her mouth and the tentacle sink back to the slime body. It seems her breasts is few centimeters larger than her mother's.

"You can... Hah.... Release... Hah... That much... ?" Elisia asked when she is shocked on the amount of slime liquid that she drink and she is already run out of energy due to how much the orgasm that she is recieved, but it seems the slime's liquid did a job on giving her an energy that she needs. She is start to like the liquid and lick the rest of the liquid that is resides in the corner of her lips like she wants more of it but in another place. Although, she hides it in her innocent face and she stare at the slime that covers her body.

"Your milk is sweet and delicious though..." The slime said while it is sucking out the breast milk that came out from her breasts and dissolves it to the slime body. It seems the slime likes her breast milk. The amount of the milk that leaked out from her breasts isn't much, only like a small leak from her breasts. The slime did nothing to her body as it understands the hosts body is already tired. The slime make her wearing her underwear lingerie again and her dress again. It make the princess take a blanket in her bed, open it and make her body sleep in the bed before make her hands to close her body using said blanket. She is lucky that her night dress and her underwear is still fit to her and maybe if she can find the larger one, her whole body will be closed. The princess only could gasped and blush for a while.

"I think it is night already, slime... I'm going to sleep, okay..." The princess said while she is closing her eyes and sleeping the said bed. "Good night, Elisia..." The slime is just replying as it is a friend of hers, yeah the slime just choose her as its partner and maybe decides on not leaving her side for a meanwhile. As the princess asleep, the slime just stay put and maybe gone asleep while covering only her breasts, shoulders, stomach, back, and crotch. It looks like she is wearing a blue latex Japanese school swimsuit.

(The story is not done yet tho)

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The morning sure comes fast for the both of the Princess and the Slime. Elisia is waking up and realising her arms and feets are free from the slime's control. But she felt numb and ticklish in her nipple area, which is because of the slime that covers her other body parts when she saw what is beneath the outfit. The slime is keep on drinking her breasts milk and playing with her nipples. The princess Elisia's body seems to enjoy the nipple play that the slime is offer to her.

"You have been already awake, Elisia? Well, I play with your nipples, seems some female will enjoy this..." The slime ask while he makes a tentacles that already press her nipples from outside, like the tentacles is wanting to get in to her breasts. As the tentacle gets in to the nipple, it makes her nipples look like it is opened by air and gapping. "Ahn~ Slime... What are you doing in this morning? Ahn~" She said while her breathing gets wilder as her nipples is played by the slime. She starts to let out a lewd moan and lewd pant.

"Should I take your virginity, Elisia?" The slime asked innocently as it really don't know on what he could do except to play with her nipples first as it just pulling and pushing his tentacles on her nipples also moving her breasts up and down so fast. Makes the girl moan even more as she felt that this slime could "sastify" her mother if she doesn't drunk. It finally came out its liquid into the inside of her nipple. Both of Elisia's breasts became a little bit larger to contain the slime liquids inside before they are absorbed to her breasts and it makes her milk have "better" taste and mana for the said slime. "Ummmmhhh~ Slime... My breasts, feels so good... Aaaaahhhnnn~~" She said while she had another orgasm in the morning due to her breasts increased sensitivity and her breasts also her nipples is already that sensitive from the start.

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The slime just put the tentacles and sink them back to the slimes body and the princess just stand up since the slime isn't covering her feet parts and her arms. She can move freely in this state. "Slime, I know you wanted to be longer with me. But, can you release yourself again please, because I want to have a bath before I do my breakast and walk again with you?" She asked while the slime just get out from her body carefreely and hid under her bed. Maybe her lustful mother will make the slime do what it does to her daughter as she is maybe sexually frustated in few ways. 

But, Elisia knew she almost can stand up prooerly due to her orgasm and she wants the slime to "insert" his thing to hers now.

(Will be continued later)

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      Dear Diary,
      Is that how I'm supposed to start this? I hope not. That sounds stupid. This whole thing sounds stupid. I've never kept a diary before. I'm not even sure what to write here. It just feels dumb. But I need to get past that. I need to find a path forward.
      My therapist thinks this is a good idea. She said sometimes writing down your thoughts and feelings helps you get them out and identify them. She thinks it will help after what happened. I don't know. It doesn't feel like it's helping. It feels... forced. Fake. Stupid.
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      9. The Stilllhalle, Altenburg
      Idomeneus kicked his feet up on the divan in his chambers in the Stillhalle. Two beautiful, blonde altilium dozed naked on the bed behind him. A third lay beside him, her head on his stomach, one hand reached inside his loose breeches, idly stroking him. She was young, her hand soft on his flesh, but her grip was firm and her movements skilled.
      The two on the bed would need rest and food to regenerate the power he had taken from them. The one with him on the couch was waiting for her turn. For now he had enough energy stored, but when he needed more, he would take it from her. Until then, he instructed her, his voice calm despite the arousal he felt at her touch.
      "Remember to focus your own energy as you increase your partners arousal," he said, his cock growing in her hand, almost fully at attention now. He could feel her energy thrumming around him like an electrical field. She was quite strong.
      "Good, good," he said. "Let you power build to match that of your partner. You want to keep the balance between the two of you, your power and that of your partner should flow into and around each other. The trick is to maintain that equilibrium."
      He felt a spike in her power level and shook his head. "Careful, now," he said, but suddenly she leaned forward and put her mouth on him, sliding her tongue along his length. His own arousal and available power spiked to meet hers. She was more skilled than he thought. 
      "Very good," he said. "Very good, indeed." He liked this girl, and idly wondered what her name was before he grasped the back of her head and pushed her down onto him. He felt her throat constrict around his head as she gagged trying to take him deep.
      Despite the arousal he felt at having his cock squeezed in her throat and the power rising within him because of it, she still somehow balanced her own power with his. Was she aroused by his dominance? He held her there, pressing hard against the back of her head, hearing the sloppy wet sounds of her gagging on him, feeling her power rise in a crescendo, and somehow his rose to meet hers. How was she doing that? 
      He let go of her head and felt her slide off of him, heard her gasp in a breath before she turned and looked up at him, a self-satisfied smile on her face, saliva stringing from her lips to the tip of his cock. She was far more experienced than any of the other acolyte with whom he had worked. 
      "You've been practicing," he said, looking down at her, feeling the well of power swirling around, between, and through them.
      "The Lord Magnus taught me a few things," she said, and he could sense her arrogance. Overconfidence was a common weakness among the acolytes. He would have to rid her of it.
      "Indeed," he said, focusing now. If she wanted to show off, he would make sure she understood what it meant to practice with a member of the Imperium Magus. "What is your name?"
      "Johanna," she said, giving him bedroom eyes. 
      "Well, Johanna," Idomeneus said, wrapping his fingers in her hair, "you may yet have a thing or two to learn."
      He slammed into her throat them, tugging her head down onto his crotch. He felt her surprise and fear like a spear tip lancing through their tantric energies. Fear was also power, but another flavor altogether, one few knew how to wield. He knew it all too well, and turned the tip of that lance back upon her.
      Her eyes were wide as she tried to breathe, but he held her there. Her fingers scrabbled at his pants, not wanting to hurt him, but wanting to get off of him, take a breath. He stared down at her as he turned their combined power to bear on her. He made her feel fear like she had never known, combined it with the arousal she had felt before, made her unable to distinguish one from the other, saw the confusion as her body convulsed in orgasmic throes as she felt a simultaneous bone-chilling terror.
      Her power level rose to a level he had only seen in students who were ready to become full members of the Imperium Magus, and he siphoned it all off before she could do anything with it. He was filled with power, so much that the sense of it woke the two girls on the bed behind them. He stared down at Johanna and spent himself in her mouth.
      Her eyes bulged, but somehow she took it all, swallowing more out of necessity than desire. He drained every last iota of power from her, pushed his last spurt of semen into her mouth, then let go of her and shoved her aside.
      Johanna's body shook with her rasping breaths as she hunched on hands and knees, and she retched his ejaculate onto the divan. Her eyes watered and she looked at him in shock and horror.
      "Why...?" she could barely even get that word out between coughing fits.
      "You are strong, Johanna," said Idomeneus. "But you have much to learn. When I was an acolyte in the south, the Saaxir of the Maze killed promising students for lesser displays of arrogance."
      She stared at him silently, some of the deference she should have shown all along finally returning to her features.
      "The Lord Magnus taught you a few impressive tricks," he said, reaching out to pet her hair. "But you have much to learn."
      Her coughing had calmed, but she remained on her hands and knees staring at him and said nothing.
      "I can teach you." He smiled at her then, his friendly, disarming smile. "Would you like to become my disciple?"
      She nodded quickly. 
      Idomeneus placed his hand on her cheek. "You have the potential to sit on the Imperium Magus," he said, his voice gentle now. "I can give you the training you need to attain that potential."
      "Thank you, Lord Idomeneus," she said, looking downward.
      He merely nodded. "Go, clean yourself up. Get some rest. Return to me this evening."
      She nodded, bowed her head, and scurried away, wiping at her mouth with the back of her hand.
      Idomeneus lay back on the divan and felt the power coursing through his body. It was amazing, really. She was as powerful as some members of the Imperium Magus already. With the right training, she could surpass all but the most powerful members.
      He reached down and picked up the gold circlet Balthazar had left for him. Placing it on his head, he attuned himself to it and was suddenly able to hear all the sendings that had come in before. Kali and Eckhart witnessed ruby flashes in the foothills of the Northern Waste and planned to investigate further tomorrow. Balthzar and Kamala had reached Bojadrar. 
      While wearing the circlet he would hear their voices as they reported in. It was a mild nuisance, easily bearable when weighed against his unrestricted use of all the students as altilium. Even without the power he received from them, the women were enough of a reason to practice magic, and here in the Empire he practically had his own harem. He listened to the messages the others sent to him and cataloged them in his brain to share with Balthazar when next they communicated.
    • guy_sas
      By guy_sas
      Goblins weren’t like other races, they weren’t sculpted by the gods but instead were crafted by dark wizards. They subjugated the largest band of amazonian orc warriors, and got to work, working in bits and pieces of all the natural races. They were defined by the short stature taken from the dwarves, the long ears of elves, the green skin and tusks from orcs, and the messy dark hair of men. Despite their short size their bodies were magically toughened able to take the members and give birth to them as well, there were well known cases of goblins even giving birth to the children of giants. They were abnormally fertile, but only about one of ten of their children would be another goblin. They were always female.
      While the ‘more civilized races’ pretended to hold sympathies for the goblin’s plight, they did little to actually help free them from their roles as breeding slaves. If a goblin was found in a raid on the orc lands they might be brought back into those nations. Usually they would still wind up in the slave trade, but sometimes they would be taken in by a noble house that had pity on them, and educated. It was three such goblins who would change the world history.
      Leelus had wound up in the country of elves, and had been trained in the ways of magic. Insvilda had been taken into the land of the dwarves where she learned the art of weapon crafting and maintenance. Elidna, taken to the land of men, learned the ways of battle and would be the most important of them all. 
      She convinced a small alliance of lords from the elf, dwarf, and kingdoms of men, to bring together a unified army to claim a patch of land from the orcs. If they made a homeland for the goblins, then orc numbers would drop quickly over the next few generations. The plan was agreed and after an eighteen month campaign a small chunk of land was carved out for the goblins to use as a homeland. 
      The orcs responded quickly though, charging back with hordes of their berserker soldiers. The monstrous race attacked with new raids every day. Then they were abandoned by the ‘more civilized races’, the people didn’t support a continued war for what they considered to be a race of cattle slaves. The goblins couldn’t rely on the cunning of their queen forever, nor could they enlist their citizens as warriors. This was a place for goblins to come and seek out a better life, not fight in an endless war. There had to be a solution, and the mage Leelus had been the one to find it.
      Leelus had summoned a creature from the very pits of the infernal realm, a creature born in those fires tough, resilient, and loyal to its masters. She summoned hellhounds. During those dark months she made herself a secret laboratory and got to work on what would be her toughest project.
      Three months later, she finished.
      Hordes of hellhounds emerged from her lab. They had pitch black fur, and flaming red eyes. They bounded over the walls surrounding the kingdom easily, and drove back the startled orcs. The soldiers at the time dropped their weapons for a moment, completely in shock, and then they cheered. Behind the wolves was Leelus, calm and confident as ever, directed them to victory. No one ever learned what it had cost her. 
      Elidna III now sat on the throne and the lands were doing well, or at least well enough. New goblins came in every day, brought on by the promise of new lives. They would abandon their old lives often dedicating themselves to farming, mining, fishing, or even skilled labor. Trade routes had been firmly established with the other kingdoms. Not only that, but there were men of other races; men, dwarves, and elves, who came for some reason or another and now stayed with their wives and children. Most importantly, while the orcs had gotten better at fighting off the hell hounds, they still lost land against the hell beasts and never took a bit of it back.
      Rea walked through the dirt streets outside the castle. She smiled as she looked between the smiling men and women all around her, in what seemed to be a small bit of heaven. It was hard for her to imagine how hard it was life for goblins outside the country. She was the grand-daughter of Leelus, and there wasn’t a single day that went by where she wasn’t proud of what her grand mother did.
      Every goblin had markings on her stomach, small runes inscribed there. They had changed the biology of every goblin that came to them to be able to only give birth to other goblins, who would also be naturally born with the same runes. Without a skilled mage it couldn’t be undone, which meant that even if they were kidnapped they would prove useless as breeding slaves. More importantly it gave them control in a way many of them never had before. 
      Rea made her way inside the castle, past a group of guards, who wore silver armor perfectly fitted to their curvy bodies. They sat by the gate playing cards with each other, and smiled at her when she passed. Rea raised her own hand to them, as she entered. 
      She made her way through the castle, it was covered with various arts made by goblins over the passing years, portraits, tapestries and even an elegant statue sitting in the garden in the center of the castle. Rea always went there when she came to the castle, she didn’t know why but being summoned always made her just a bit stressed out.
      She stopped by a shallow pool of water. She looked out into it, and back at herself. Her body was lithe, at least as lithe as goblin bodies got. She wore long blue robes that covered her body, and her black hair was kept trimmed and short. She gave herself a smile, to take a look at her white teeth and fangs, as well to get her confidence up. After a second she turned away and went through the rest of the castle to the throne room.
      The throne room was massive with large banners that hung down from the ceiling. The banners depicted their short history in great detail, and with an artistic flare that left Rea speechless every time she saw them. On either side of the room were benches were different lawyers and duchesses publicly debated the decisions of the kingdom. While she heard the shouting out in the hall, the second she entered they all fell silent. At the end of the hall was Elidna III wearing the silver armor of her grandmother and sitting half-sprawled in her throne. Rea walked up to the throne and kneeled.
      “My queen,” she said in a hushed tone.
      “Stand up, my royal mage,” she replied.
      Rea turned up to look at the queen. She was taller than Rea, taller and bulkier than most. Her hair seemed almost blue in the light, and it was kept in a long ponytail. Her fangs had two golden rings that ran through them. However, her dark eyes held a spark of compassion and kindness in them.
      “Why have you summoned me here?”
      “Our spies have reported Orcs consorting with rogue dwarves at the edges of the kingdom. Some of the berserkers are getting equipped with new armors and weapons, and while the line is holding right now, I’m afraid they’re going to push the line back once these tougher soldiers get sent out. I know your family has maintained the constant summoning of the hell hounds for years, but I wonder if it would be possible to increase that number slightly, to hold this new threat back?”
      Rea considered for less than a second, “it should be no problem, my queen. Is that all?”
      “That is it, my loyal servant.”
      Rea turned and left the throne room, after another bow. She made her way through the castle, to a small building just barely inside the walls. Building perhaps wasn’t the right word, it was more a block of pure stone with runes carved in the sides. It was the entrance to her grandmother’s old lab.
      Rea raised her hand up and closed her eyes. She began to chant in another language, her voice dark and deep as she did. The runes started to glow, and soon the stone started to melt away. A door formed in the stone block, nothing inside it but a stairway that led down into the earth. Rea walked inside and summoned a ball of light in her hands. As she stepped inside the stone closed up behind her.
      When the door closed up behind her she was left in silence for a moment. The only sound was her footsteps against the hard stone. She felt her pulse rise as she moved down the stairs, she knew what was coming, and it didn’t frighten her. Far from it, her cheeks filled with blush and she felt wetness between her legs.
      She entered down into a massive chamber divided into roughly twenty cells. The walls of the cells were made of bright blue magic, though she could easily see inside them. She saw herself in each, a perfect clone of her body, except for four changes. The first one was invisible, their bodies were modified so they would never give birth to another goblin. The second was that they were all naked. The third was their pregnant bellies. And the fourth was the fact they were all currently being mounted by massive dog like creatures, with black fur and flaming eyes.
      Rea cleared her throat and took a step deeper into the lab. This was the cost of freedom, a choice her grandmother had made. Then her mother made it, and now it was her. Rea turned to look into one of the magic cells and placed her hand against the bright blue barrier. The clones couldn’t see out of their cells, or hear out of their cells. This was to help them lose track of time, get lost in the endless rutting. Rea found her hand drifting south before she shook her head, she was here for a reason.
      Rea walked out to the center of the room, as she chanted spells under her breath. The chamber grew wider, the walls simply extended out the dirt and rock that was once there being teleported far away. She figured that five new breeding clones should work for Elidna. The magicals walls rose from the ground to the ceiling, leaving nothing inside. She closed her hands and focused her energy, five hellhounds that had been out on the front lines were teleported inside the cells, she was sure no one would miss them. They paced around inside their new homes for a minute, before they seemed to look at her eagerly, they knew what was about to happen.
      Once she was done with that, Rea turned her attention to the center of the room. There was a stone dias and from it rose a translucent white light, runes carved into the rim. She took a step towards it. That was it, the generator for the clones. The runes were carved into that by her grandmother, it was the most important tool inside this whole chamber. Once she took a step inside that, it would create her copy, change its breeding capabilities, and then teleport it to one of the empty cells.
      Rea stopped in front of it, her heart threatening to jump out of her throat. Did she really want to do this? The thing had always made her nervous, magic could deteriorate the older it got, and this thing was three times older than her. She always wondered what would happen if something went wrong, what she would do. She shook her head, she was just being paranoid. Probably. 
      She took a step into the light.
      Rea awoke with a pounding head on the hard packed dirt floor. She pushed herself up onto her hands and knees, as she blinked. What had happened? Slowly, she looked up, and saw nothing but glowing blue walls, and a massive dog with fur as black as night and flaming red eyes. She pushed herself up onto her feet and looked at the hellhound as it licked its lips and took a step towards her.
      “N-no! Stop,” she called out as she backed up against the magical shield.
      The dog looked almost disappointed for a second, but it stopped where it was. It sat down on its hind legs. It stared at her a moment longer, before it dropped down and rested its head in between its paws.
      “Oh,” she let out the word more as a sigh of relief than anything else, “loyal.”
      “Yes, we are. Annoyingly so.”
      Rea’s eyes went wide as she looked around for the source of the voice. It didn’t have any sort of source, rather it had seemed to come from within her mind. The voice was masculine, and dark. It reminded her of crackling wood in a fireplace. Her eyes looked down at the hellhound as it yawned from where it lay.
      “Did you just speak to me,” her voice sounded a lot weaker than she would’ve liked.
      “Yes, I did,” the voice responded in her head, “how very astute of you. It is obvious those years of studying have paid off rather well.”
      Rea felt heat rise to her cheeks as she stomped her foot to the ground, “hey, you’re just a dog! You’re not supposed to talk.”
      “If us hellhounds were just dogs,” the hellhound shifted around on the ground, “then you wouldn’t have gone to all this trouble.”
      Rea shifted on her feet, and turned away from the hellhound, and towards the magical shield. She placed her hand against the barrier and pushed against it. A few sparks shot off, but the wall didn’t give at all. She closed her eyes and tried to push her magic against it, to create an opening. 
      She felt her magic press against the barrier, and for a second she thought she could create an opening. Then there was a rebound. All of her magic was pushed back into her, she was thrown back towards the center of the room. Sparks arced off the space where her hand just aws. She landed on her ass right next to the hellhound.
      “That was quite excellent.”
      “Shut up,” she responded as she stood up and stared at the wall, while one hand reached back to rub her ass.
      “I don’t know what you expected, anyway. The barrier was put in place by your grandmother. At your level, you’d need a week to get through it. Well you’d need a week if you were on the other side of the barrier.”
      She straightened out her robes, “I didn’t ask for your opinion.” Then she turned back towards it, “also, how did you know that?”
      “Our memories aren’t bound to a single body, like with you mortals. We aren’t many, but just one with many bodies. When one of our forms passes on the memories their accrued memories enter a sort of library, which is then given to any new hellhounds being born.”
      “Wow,” she said, actually surprised, this was information not known, “how do you manage it all?”
      The dog seemed to shrug, “we can handle far more information than you mortals, we were made to understand the cosmos. But, we’ve thrown out most of the memories we’ve gained in service to our contract. Your realm has very little information that we could even hope to find useful.”
      She nodded and turned back around, back towards the wall. She started to run through her possibilities of how to break through the wall. She only made it a half step, when she heard that voice in her head again.
      “I don’t know why you’re trying to get out of here anyway, didn’t you want to be here?”
      Rea spun around, “I wanted a clone in here, not me! Something must’ve gone wrong with-”
      “You are a clone, what are you talking about?”
      She took a half step back, “what? No I’m not. I’m me, I have all my memories.”
      “Did you think the spell would take away your memories? Do you think all clones just know they’re not the original? Wouldn’t they all just feel like themselves?”
      She froze for a second, “you’re lying. You just want me to think I’m a clone so I’ll accept this situation and let you,” she waved her hand, “anyway, I’m not listening to you.”
      “Let me what?” The hellhound’s voice was smug, “Breed you?”
      Rea’s heart skipped a beat and a blush came back to her face. “W-whatever you want to call it,” she said, not turning back to look at the hellhound.
      “Whatever I want to call it? Oh, well I think I’d prefer to call it fucking your tight body and pumping your pussy full of my seed until you give birth to my pups, then doing it over and over for the rest of your life.”
      Rea felt her pussy start to grow wet again, and she shifted where she was, “do you have to be so vulgar.”
      “I am a demon,” the voice said, as the dog licked his lips again, “and I know you like the thought.”
      She closed her eyes and did her best to compose herself before she turned around. “What? Because I’m a goblin, I have to get turned on by the idea of being fucked, and bred?” She did her best to keep her voice level.
      “No.” The hellhound responded, “certainly not. We demons care very little for your mortal stereotypes. This has nothing to do with you being a goblin, and everything to do with how you are. I know you love the idea.” The hellhound sniffed the air, “I can smell how turned on you are. Now, tell me I can stand up.”
      Rea looked at him a second longer while she stood there, and then finally, “You can stand up.”
      The dog stood up and seemed to almost smirk at her. Those flaming red eyes were suddenly so powerful, they seemed to burn right into her soul. She felt herself fall down onto her knees as her will gave out. Whether or not she was the original, she was here now, there wasn’t any getting out. More importantly than all that though was that she wanted this.
      “Good girl,” the hellhound responded in her head, “now crawl over here on all fours like a proper bitch in heat.”
      She shifted where she was before she moved down to brace herself on her hands. She started to crawl over to her new master, her pussy only getting wetter by the second. As she did, she cast a small spell, and her robes faded away into nothingness. She wouldn’t need them anymore. Her moderately sized green breasts dangled below her as she crawled towards the hellhound. As she crawled under him she saw his hard red cock come out of its sheath.
      Rea didn’t need to hear what it said next. She moved her head up, stuck her tongue out and ran it along the shaft. The hellhound shuttered with pleasure. She smirked, as she planted small kisses at the bottom of its shaft while one of her hands made its way up and began to stroke the hell hounds cock. Slowly she ran her tongue up the base and planted a kiss on the pointed head. Then, her lips parted as she took the cock inside her mouth.
      She sucked on the cock, it felt so perfect in her mouth, pushing up against the back of her throat. The taste on it was bitter, slightly salty, new and yet strangely familiar. She moaned around the cock and reached under herself to give her dripping pussy some much needed attention.
      She bobbed her head on the cock for several minutes, relishing the feeling of it inside her mouth. The hellhound didn’t speak as she did it, except for a panting noise that came above her. She pushed two fingers inside her pussy as she bobbed her head faster and faster, taking the cock into her throat a couple of times.
      She felt the knot at the base begin to swell up, and quickly moved her head back, as it shot out a load of cum into her mouth. She pulled all the way back as another strand was shot over her face, just above the bridge of her nose. She panted heavily as the hellhound came more and more, painting her green skin white.
      Rea swallowed some of the cum, and felt a shock of pleasure run through her body. Of course, hellhound cum was an aphrodisiac, she had read about it before. Still she eagerly scooped the rest of the cum off her face, she greedily swallowed every single drop. As she did her pussy got hotter and hotter, and she realized she needed more than just her fingers inside her. As she scooped up the last bit of the cum, she started to suck on the fingers in her mouth, while the ones below her worked faster and faster.
      She came loudly, screaming out into the cell as she squirted all over the floor below her. Her body shook, as her eyes lost focus for a moment. The pleasure washed over her almost entirely, it was all that mattered. It was so much stronger than when she was in her chambers alone at night. She collapsed into one panting heap, as her eyes regained focus.
      She saw that the hell hound had moved from over her, he walked off and now looked down at her. She saw dominance in those flaming eyes, and a deep hunger. Not only that but his red cock was still hard, even as it dripped with his delicious cum. She pouted and wondered what was stopping him from taking her. She wanted it, she needed it. She pushed her ass up into the air and began to shake it back and forth for him, and yet he just looked at her. 
      “Please,” she said, “please fuck my tight goblin pussy. Fill me with your cum, knot me, breed me.” She felt the blush wash over her face but it also made her pussy so much more wet. “Make me your bitch, mark me.”
      Without saying anything, he turned away and walked behind her. She let out a happy little moan seeing it, but kept her eyes forward. She felt the hot and heavy breath of the hellhound brush her bare ass. He moved forward, his paws landed on either side of her neck. She felt his hard cock push against her entrance and she let out a moan. And then, with one shove he pushed his entire length inside her.
      Words escaped Rea for a moment as her pussy was stretched open. She wasn’t a virgin, far from it actually, but this was easily the biggest cock she had ever had inside her. She let out a low moan as the hell hound pulled his hips back, her walls hugged onto every inch of his cock, not wanting to let him go. And then he pushed forward, back inside her and she let out another happy gasp.
      The hell hound started to fuck her then, with her ass in the air, and her breasts pressed into the dirt. He was rough, and fast. Her body shook with every thrust, her pussy felt like it would never get used to his amazing cock. The pleasure running over her made it hard for her to think, all she could do was moan and writhe under him, and she loved every second of it.
      “Fuck. Yes! Fuck yes! Fuck me harder, faster! Please, I need it.”
      The words just flowed out of her mouth with no thought that went into them, it was just her thoughts spilled into the air. She felt her body get closer and closer to an orgasm. She closed her eyes, and squeezed her hands into fists. It was there, so close, she could almost taste it.
      “Please, keep going, just like that, don’t stop!”
      The hellhound lifted up his paws for a moment before he pressed them into her back. As he did he shoved his cock as deep inside her as it would go, and she felt his knot swell up. 
      “Yes! Knot me! Breed me!”
      His cum came out with more force than she could’ve imagined. As the first rope was planted deep inside her, a fresh wave of pleasure washed over her, and she came hard. Her body shook again, and her legs went out from under her, letting her fall straight down. Her moans echoed throughout the cell. He kept pumping cum into her as well, it seemed to never end, and with each rope was another burst of pleasure, and another small orgasm from her. After even just a few seconds it was just too much and she passed out.
      She awoke later, with her pussy sore, and feeling warm. Most of that warmth came from deep inside her, flooding out from her core to the rest of her body. She remembered vaguely that hellhounds provided nutrition when they came inside a mate, they were able to generate energy and pass it onto their mates so they wouldn’t have to leave their side. She wouldn’t need food or water, just more of that cum pouring into her. She moved her hands down to her belly, and smiled.
      She didn’t even fully realize the weight on top of her until it shifted. The hellhound licked the back of her neck, before he got, paced a few steps away and dropped back onto the ground. She looked at him and smiled.
      “We’re you keeping me warm?”
      “Protective instinct,” it responded inside her head, “it’s in my nature to protect and care for anything carrying my children.”
      She licked her lips, “am I carrying your pups already?”
      The dog seemed to smile back at her, “you should know.”
      She thought back to the runes, she knew that when a clone was created one of the modifications made was to permanently increase her fertility. Really there was no doubt inside her mind that she was pregnant, and of course she wasn’t there wasn’t any doubt from the beginning. Still she smiled playfully back at him.
      “I don’t know,” she said as she wiggled a little on the ground, “we should probably go at least once more, just to make sure.”
      The hellhound seemed to smile back as he stood up, his cock coming out of its sheath again, “just once?”
      “At least once,” she corrected as she pushed her ass into the air again, “maybe we’ll have to go two or three more times.”
      The next day, Rea made her way back down into the lab. She checked out the new cells, and saw all five of the new clones, happily enjoying their roles as they were taken by the hellhounds. She could see a bit of bulge on each of their stomachs too, she was glad to see they were already pregnant.
      As she looked into one of the cells, she almost seemed to lock eyes with one of the clones for a second. She saw the pure pleasure and bliss in those eyes and felt herself get wet as she wondered what it’d be like to be one of them. She then locked eyes with the hellhound mounting her, the flaming eyes burned into her soul and made her knees feel weak.
      She looked back towards the glowing pedestal in the middle of the room, and wondered what it’d be like to be one of them. It’d be so easy to make those changes to herself, and set up a cell. She reached down to touch her wet pussy.
      Then she shook her head, and laughed. This place was getting to her. She turned and made her way out of the labs. 
    • IsabellaRose
      By IsabellaRose
      This is an old idea I thought I'd try to breathe some fresh life into...
    • LadyAwesome713
      By LadyAwesome713
      Thanks for clicking~

      I am currently in the mood - no pun intended - for a completely smut FxF or MxF RP. I want there to be a little of story development in the beginning of course, but for the most part, this is all smut.

      I can play either Dom or Sub, and I don't have much of a preference really. Bondage is a must. Nothing too crazy or intense and not a lot of pain- these are my favorites:

      ~Orgasm Control (Denial\Forced\Ruined)
      ~Voyeurism & Exhibitionism
      ~Tied & Blindfolded
      ~Some Electro Play (Toys that give small shocks)
      ~Toys (vibes are preferred, but not limited to)
      ~Nipple Play
      ~Light Punishment

      What you can expect from me and what I prefer in a partner:

      ~I am semi-lit and have a one paragraph minimum. I CAN write more than that if my partner is more into the longer replies. I don't line one or two line responses; I need something to work off of.
      ~I can respond a few times a week at the least. I do work full time and am a full time student, so some days are easier to respond than others. But I can usually get back to you in a few days.
      ~Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. are appreciated, however, I know that people make mistakes and I'm not going to rage because you missed a few periods.
      ~COMMUNICATION - If you don't like something that's happening, let's change it! I want us both to be enjoying!!

      Pairings & Plots
      ~***Tentacle Creature x Human (I have a seriously HUGE craving for this.)
      ~Slave x Master
      ~Kidnapper x Kidnapped (Okay - I don't mean a rape scenario. That's a hard no for me. BUT I do enjoy when one character is reluctant and therefore is struggling against the other person, but secretly ends up loving it and does everything in their power to keep it from the other person.)
      ~Bad Girl x Good Girl (Maybe the good girl owes the bad girl some money, or refuses to do her homework, or something like that and has to be taught a lesson. I'm open to just about anything.)
      ~Cheerleader x New Girl (Maybe the cheerleader is showing the new girl her place, or she's jealous that the boys are all drooling over her, something like that.)
      ~Neko x Human (I prefer being the human, but I am willing to play the Neko.)
      ~Best Friends (I was thinking something along the lines of two friends make a bet, one loses and has to be the other's slave for a day.)
      ~Thief\Spy\Assassin x Homeowner (One character breaks into the home of another - could be to steal something, or could be a hired gun to gather information on them, or is there to kill them. They get caught and the homeowner does whatever she needs to to get the truth out of her.)

      Those are just my favorites. If it's not on the list, that doesn't mean I'm not open to it! Feel free to throw some ideas at me!

      HARD NO'S:

      ~Rape (see kidnapper x kidnapped scenario above)
      ~Age-play (I'm not into teacher x student, babysitter x parent, that kind of stuff)
      ~Vore\Gore\Anything that goes into the toilet

      ***For a complete list, here's my F-List: https://www.f-list.net/c/awesomesauce_is_good/
      ***And my BDSM Test results: https://bdsmtest.org/r/e3UpYzdj

      I think that's about it. I'm always open for discussing ideas, so don't be afraid to speak up! If you've stuck around until now, then PM me and let's chat!
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