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Yuri, yuri, yuri, and omg more yuri.

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Hi guys! Just creating this thread for two reasons.


1. To find more yuri.


2. To find more yuri.


Now 1 and 2 might seem similar, but.. well, no. They are the same. Just showing that I want more yuri twice as bad. :3


So where the request comes in, is. 


If you guys know ANY yuri animes (or hentai if it's vanilla) besides the titles below, please list them! It can be anything from two girls kissing, to two girls having a full out relationship. Please and thank you! ♥


Titles I've already seen:

Sakura Trick

Strawberry Panic!

Akuma No Riddle

Kannazuki No Miko
Kasimasi Girl Meets Girl
Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora
Maria Holic (sadly)
(Won't list all the yuri hentai I've seen cuz that list would be too long! xD)


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Well there's..

Revolutionary Girl Utena (Though it's kind of crazy at time)

Sanran Kagura 

Soul Eater Not


Shitsurakuen is another good one, sadly it only got a manga.... 


It's very light but Ichigo Mashimaro (It's an anime about four young girls, and the main one's older sister has some yuri feelings with the young ones)

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