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Yuri, yuri, yuri, and omg more yuri.

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Hi guys! Just creating this thread for two reasons.


1. To find more yuri.


2. To find more yuri.


Now 1 and 2 might seem similar, but.. well, no. They are the same. Just showing that I want more yuri twice as bad. :3


So where the request comes in, is. 


If you guys know ANY yuri animes (or hentai if it's vanilla) besides the titles below, please list them! It can be anything from two girls kissing, to two girls having a full out relationship. Please and thank you! ♥


Titles I've already seen:

Sakura Trick

Strawberry Panic!

Akuma No Riddle

Kannazuki No Miko
Kasimasi Girl Meets Girl
Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora
Maria Holic (sadly)
(Won't list all the yuri hentai I've seen cuz that list would be too long! xD)


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Well there's..

Revolutionary Girl Utena (Though it's kind of crazy at time)

Sanran Kagura 

Soul Eater Not


Shitsurakuen is another good one, sadly it only got a manga.... 


It's very light but Ichigo Mashimaro (It's an anime about four young girls, and the main one's older sister has some yuri feelings with the young ones)

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Maria asked with a smile,it was the smile that made me nervous "I am sorry miss" I mumbled "Apology is for those who does a mistake for the first time!" she shouted I was frightened by her.Howerver, her angry face subsided her cuteness and showed how hot she really is.She added,"Now! Off to class." Disobeying her I went to bathroom starting to masturbate thinking about her hot face and boobs.She had long hair,round ass and gigantic boobs.Who would not want to fuck her? After a refined orgasm I came out of bathroom to face myself seeing Maria again. SHIT!!!I realized my penis was still erect when she saw me.She gave me a grin and entered class. Her class was an torment to boys and girls alike.After an hour of Chemistry all of us were down.As she was about to leave she caught my eyes.I didn't realize I was staring at her. 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I am just worried about your condition in Chemistry.You tend to be good but I am afraid I should notify your parents about your carelessness"                                   At the Devil's den After consultation with parents I was to go to Maria's house everyday,not that I minded.She lived just floors away my apartment.I entered to see a younger female opening the door.She had huge boobs but not as big as Maria's.However her ones were D-cupped and her nipples were more pointy.She also had long hair along with a beautiful face. She made me sit on a chair.I began to inspect her body.Wow, such a frame!! I was not the only one, she also looked at me eagerly.We both knew by stare what we wanted from each other.She was Samantha the younger sister,six years older than me.She also told me Maria was in bathroom.Suddenly the door opened making my mouth drip open! Maria was wet and wrapped atound a towel.Immediately I asked for bathroom.I began to masturbate.I had erection many times before but my penis was bigger than I have ever seen.I saw her her bra and panty.I lost sanity temporarily and cummed on her undergarments.This time before I got out I put penis between my legs.                                The love of three(Finale) I came out feeling pleased.Masturbating gave me pleasure before but doing it to that sight of wet Maria made me feel unique.I began to study as Maria showed me questions.I could see her cleavage perfectly.Her dress had a deep V-cut satisfying.She took a break and as I looked behind her I saw Samantha grinning at me more naughtily than I have seen anyone.The grin that my elder sister gives to my elder brother when they are about to have make out.Suddenly Maria shook her apartment with scream.Samantha rushed towards her.They  both began to shout.Maria called for me madly. "What is this?"Showing me her bra and panties filled with my semen. "I....I am....." "Sister let's tell everything to his parents"Samantha suggested. I was shaking terribly and feeling annoyed at my despicable lust.Seeing that Maria and Samantha shared a laughter.Maria said."If you do us a favour we will ensure secrecy." Maria asked "Did you stare at my tits?" Samantha added "Not only yours,He looks at me with hungry eyes sister." Maria pleased asked,"Oh really?" Samantha insisted,"Tell the truth!!!" I blurted out feeling good ,"Yes both of your body takes away my sleep.I want to fuck!!!" Samantha cried,"Sister I can take no more.I am in love.His penis maybe small but I really want his and mine virginity to be lost among us!!!" I confessed."I am in love with you too,Samantha!." Samantha hearing that began to kiss me.During our kiss, Maria was smiling,"What do you know about sex?" I tried to act ignorant,"Something about penetration and moaning" They both burst to laughter.Samantha took out some DVD and put one in the DVD player.Samantha coming close to me asked,"You watch XXX ?" I realized to lie would make sex hotter, " No I don't." Samantha played a video of threesome.She began to take off Maria's cloth.As Maria was stripped she was taking off mine.After that Maria took off Samantha's tops and I took off her leggings and panty. Maria  laid in bed beginning to finger her pussy.She would finger it rough and gave away fingers for me and Samantha to lick.What a taste that was!!! While she masturbated me and Samantha sucked her gorgeous tits. Maria then began to finger Samantha while kissing me and Samantha fingered Maria while massaging my penis.All of us fingered each other and would lick and even bite fingers. Suddenly both of them screamed seeing my penis.I was suprised myself by seeing in its biggest and reddest form.After tasting  each other's water,Maria put her pussy with Samantha's  over my mouth.I ran out of breath but the pleasure of licking two pussy was exeptional  !! On the other end Maria sucked my penis's tip and Samantha licked around the shaft.It was not a miracle it was an ART OF HEAVEN!!! I was between the two sister.Samantha  cuddled with me while I played with her boobs.Maria made my penis vanish inside her pussy and riding crazy.We tried all position by the porn DVD.There was endless jumping and kissing.Finally Samantha wanted her virginity to be mine.Maria embraced me from behind rotating my penis,With the thrust of both, my penis penetrated Samantha's pussy.Blood splashed and Samantha was screaming.I put my tongue inside her mouth because I was inexperienced  and got afraid her screams.                                The Treaty (Epilogue) We had extreme sex in all position according to DVD.No one would believe Samantha and I were virgin hours ago.My penis was enormous and the pussy of Samantha could extend to fit two medium sized penis.After we cummed many times, my penis began to hurt.I reported that to Maria and Samantha also said that her pussy hurts. Maria began to laugh.She brought hot water,cold water,polythene and a towel.She began to spray hot water and massage me with care by her left hand with the towel.With her right hand she swayed the polythene with cold water at Samantha's pussy.She said,"You both were virgin.No matter how naughty  you both were,this was your first time.Besides the harcore sex we had I am suprised both of you did not pass out.Even my genitals got sore." Hearing that we both took Maria to bath tub cleansing her pussy and slowly sponging her genitals so that she also gets relieved. Maria recovered in seconds after sponging and pulled me and Samantha. She declared,"Keep all of this secret and both of you will get it daily."  Samantha smirked at me.I surely want this again and again with her and so does she. Maria ordered,"By the way avoid masturbating at all.Save your cum for us.Same goes for Sammy.Having a long extreme sex is more fun.Masturbating lowers your intercourse capacity for that day.." We both shook our heads.I am really gonna stop masturbating and save my juice for them.Maria agreed to give us sex lessons daily.An alliance of fantasy was formed.We would have sex everyday except when their parents visited.And when I would be alone they would come to my home and have fun.However if there was a situation where we could not have sex for the day in any of the houses we would retreat to a nearby gym fucking each other in the locker room.
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      Maki was coming home from school where his sister was waiting. He entered and his sister pushed him on the ground. Ayane was upset because Maki put soy sauce in her lunch. "What's the big idea putting soy sauce in my lunch?" She shouted with an uproar. "Its to make sure your body doesn't get get all messed up" he said with a nervous voice. "What are you saying about my body?" She left the room with a power walk. "I'm just trying to make her life better." Maki said and then suddenly he got snatched from behind.
      "Welcome little brother" Kumi said putting him on the bed. "Uh Kumi what are you doing?" "Well i'm making a new play called the innocent sister and mean brother." She said while lying next to him. "Not another one of this. Look Kumi I don't wanna be apart of th-" He is stopped by Kumi's kiss on his mouth. They then connect their tongues together licking each other. "Come on please?" She said with a pouty face. "Fine" Maki said. Kumi then laid on the bed and Maki then look down on her while Kumi unbuttoned herself showing her blue bra nearly off her. The bra then fell off and her boob size was a D Cup. Maki then groped them and Kumi let out a few moans. After that Kumi then lied down the other way on her belly removing her panties and exposing herself. "Come on Maki don't be shy. Just take it off and make me happy." Maki then took of his shorts and other clothing and held his crotch while it became hard already. He then used the tip of the crotch to slightly tap her vagina a bit as she moaned a bit. Maki then pushed it in at full force and Kumi moaned loudly. Maki then proceeded to push in and out when he cummed in her. "Oh my already your so cute." Kumi then got up and grabbed his crotch and them put her mouth on it and sucked it. "Kumi wait I'm not sure I'm ready for this" But Kumi kept on going and going until Maki cummed all over her face. Kumi then eat the cum and swallowed it. "Good job Maki. You made a good batch. I guess I'll see you next time bye." She took Maki out and Maki kept on shaking and went to his room.
      Tuesday at School, Kumi, Ayane, and Lizzie went to their school and while Maki walked up stairs she saw his teacher looking at him weirdly. At swimming Kumi hurt herself and went to the nurse's office. " Miss Kyoko I hurt myself" Kyoko was a lady with Golden hair and was an F cup. She was also a sucker for girls. " Oh poor you Kumi. Here I'll make it better." She put Kumi down on her bed and stripped her while she did the same to herself. "Wait Miss Kyoko what are you doi-" Kyoko licked her neck and then sucked her tongue. "I can definitely take care of you Kumi" Shen then put her fingers into Kumi's clitoris and rubbed it up and down and Kumi cummed all over. 
      To be continued in the next chapter.. :P Cliffhanger!