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Such a mood.

Honestly. Such a wonderful song. And that scenery. Would have loved to be there.

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Posted (edited)

Pretty dope.

(p.s.: I will never get over how small Missy Elliot is! I grew up listening to her music and always imagined her to be.. taller for some reason 😄)

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That beat! So good.
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It's catchy. One of my relatively new favourite bands worked with a band I never heard of (Ersedu) and I'm digging it.

I checked out Ersedu and they're not bad either, IMO. Although their songs on YouTube could do with been audio levelled better. Their voice kind of gets drowned out by their instruments. But I'm guessing like Ignea, they're completely independent from a record label which means that chances are, they did it all themselves which is very impressive. So I found another really obscure band I really like because of this collaboration. 

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