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MegaCity 1

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Welcome to MegaCity One and Home City of the Authority, the Original and Best MegaCity on Altech! Here, loyal citizens get the benefit of comfortable and largely hassle free living, free from fear of death from the Outsiders and random raiders and such. Obey the Law and Report any Dissident Activity to your nearest Member of Authority Security as well as any Viral Activity. Remember, It is Also a Citizen's Duty To Help Stamp Out Virals and Threats to Order! 

This Authority-run MegaCity is one of the two remaining MegaCities on Altech that are enclosed in the Wall, an impenetrable barrier that was deployed upon the two MegaCities to both protect the cities from the larger World War and to cut them off from the Outside World. However, this had the effect of obviously cutting off the MegaCity 1 and 2 from the Outside World and from help. No supplies or assistance from the outside is available...largely. However, due to the immense technological abilities of Altech and the numerous amount of resources available in the lands within the Wall, it doesn't appear that natural resources will run out any time soon. In fact, most people do not think about the outside world anymore! Most people go about their normal lives in the city, not thinking about the outside world. In the middle of the City lies one of the tallest building in the City, Authority HQ. Here, the Authority oversees the security and protection of the City from major threats including those from the Monsters (likely those Outsider remnants, Virals or worse) and from Dissident activity. Given that Authority HQ is in the middle of the City, it is of equal distance from most major places within the CIty as city planners have made it as to allow easy access for those with the Authority to get around easy. Nearby the Authority HQ, in an equally tall and imposing building, is the Consortium's MegaCity 1 Division Building which is pretty much the HQ of the Consortium in MegaCity 1. The Consortium is partnered with the Authority in making the defensive and offensive systems that protect MegaCity 1 from Outsider attacks. The Consortium is also responsible for the research and development into Game Images, both new and old. Though no communications from the outside world have been received from quite some time...not even from other Altech cities...not many seem to mind or care...


Main Places in MegaCity One:


Authority HQ - Located in the Middle of MegaCity One, the Authority HQ is an imposing sight to behold. It is the tallest building in the MegaCity and the most heavily defended out of all the buildings, given that the Security Forces operate out of this building as it's their main HQ. Obviously, there are quick dispatch points, armouries and supply points throughout the city for those on patrol to use but this building is the central hub of government as well as defence. 

Consortium Building, MegaCity One Branch: The MegaCity One Branch of the mysterious Consortium, the supplier and developer of the GIs( Game Images) and the GAs (Game Armaments) that the GIs come with. They are the ones that develop the GIs and GA and keep the supporting apparatus up and running and to their credit, they do that especially well. Not many people actually go to the Consortium Building unless they are needed or work there. It is a bit odd but people get an rather eerie feeling getting close to the building, hence why not many people go there. Those that work there sign rather restrictive NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements)  upon employment which do prevent them from talking much about what goes on there. Though not like the rank and file employees know much...

Patriots' Park: Kind of like a botanical garden and a large open public space for the masses to enjoy nature without going outside the MegaCity. It's a beautiful sight for sore eyes but really, does it match the outside? It's quite a nice place to chill and relax, though. It's got a nice vibe and hey, the monuments to some of the great heroes of the past are here!

Great Market District: Where all the big shops and fancy restaurants are, where people spend their hard earned money on things they want to buy.

Convenience Place: Where all the good convenience or chain stores are!

Residential Districts: Where all the people live.

Military Checkpoint (No Checkouts, Please): Set at the major Exit Points in the MegaCity, which control the flow of things in and out of the MegaCity. Obviously, since the Wall was up, not much comes INTO the City...except for the Outsiders. So, what's the use of the Checkpoints then?



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Donovan stared at the computer screen in front of him with blank eyes, barely registering the words that were displayed, the text blurred and out of focus. He seemed unable to bring his attention back towards it, despite knowing that he needed to read it. He had even forgotten what it even was supposed to be about. But he was deep within his thoughts, wondering about where it had all gone wrong between him and Charlotte, his wife. He was beginning to doubt that she had any feelings for him to begin with, and was merely attracted to the uniform that he wore at the time when he had been a patrol officer. Now, as a detective, he wore plain clothes which usually consisted of a smart looking suit due to his dislike of casual clothing. He figured that he was unfortunately far too deep when it came to his marriage. They had a child, after all, and he wanted to have her within a stable relationship. Besides, he doubted he would actually find anyone else at this point. He was far too quiet and reserved to go out and meet someone new. And a part of him was admittedly scared of failure. 

“Donovan? Are you even paying attention?” A voice said, causing him to snap out of his thoughts. His eyes moved over to his partner, Laura. She was a woman of medium height, with brown hair that was cut off at the shoulders. She looked pretty, although her nose was a little too large for her face, but her brown eyes were compassionate. It made her great for dealing with the victims of crimes, as she could make them feel at ease and thus open up more about details they might otherwise hide. He rather liked working for her, and viewed her as a good friend.

“I apologise.” Donovan said softly. Laura rolled her eyes and crossed her arms across her chest before she said, “I said, we should leave it for the day and head home.”

Donovan glanced at the clock and saw that it was the end of the shift. He gave a slight nod and started shutting down his computer for the night. He would read whatever it was tomorrow in the morning. Laura spied him out of the corner of her eye a couple of times before she asked, “Would you like to go for a drink, or something?”

Donovan glanced at her before standing up and shaking his head, “No. I need to be home to look after Lily.” He replied.

Laura looked disappointed, but didn’t outwardly state so. She sighed and asked, “Isn’t that the third time this week?”

“Yes.” Donovan said, before leaving the office. Laura was quick to follow him, “What about Charlotte? When does she look after Lily? Where is she this time?” She asked, sounding a little scornful.

Donovan frowned, not really liking this invasion into his life not the tone that she was taking, “With her friends. She spends all day looking after Lily.” He said. The slight note of reproach in his tone made Laura snap her mouth shut as it was clear that he didn’t want to discuss it any further for which he was relieved. She rather meekly excused herself and darted down another corridor of the police station, leaving Donovan alone as he made his way to the carpark. He quickly found his way to his car and got inside, snapping the door shut behind him. He let out a sigh of relief now that he was in relative silence. He stuck his key in the ignition before turning it and starting the engine. He then pulled out and began the drive towards the closest Residential District, his home. 

He would be glad to get home, and see his beautiful daughter again. She was the main reason he kept going with Charlotte. She was the most important person in his life and he would do anything for her. Even put up with the cold and distant Charlotte. A vague thought wormed into his mind, wondering if she was cheating, but he quickly shook that thought from his mind. He couldn’t allow thoughts like that to threaten the fragile peace that existed between them. He knew Lily was his. She looked too much like him to not be his child. When he paused at a traffic stop, he glanced at some of the people that were walking down the street, chatting happily and not disturbed by any kind of negative thought. He envied them that, but he would never begrudge them their happiness. 

He turned his eyes back to the road as he started driving again as he took the very familiar route back home. A route he had been following for years, ever since working at the police station. A job that he wasn’t likely to give up anytime soon. While his life had become quite predictable and routine, he wouldn’t trade it for the world. He had a stable job, a good house and a beautiful daughter. He was quite content, if it had not been for the thorn that was Charlotte. But he knew that everything had its ups and downs. He could put up with it.

He pulled into the driveway of his home, bringing the car to a full stop before he pulled the keys out and got out of the car. He closed the door behind him and walked up the short path to the front door. He glanced up towards the dome that covered their city, not paying it any second thought. It was, after all, as permanent as the air to them. He unlocked the door and stepped inside, closing the door, “I’m home.” He called out, as he usually did as he took his shoes off to leave them by the door as they had a strict rule about shoes in the house.

“About time.” Charlotte called from the kitchen. Slipping his keys into his pocket, he moved towards the kitchen and paused at the door. Charlotte was inside, putting her things in her small bag. She was tall for a woman, just a little shorter than himself and she was quite slim with a luscious curvy body. Her long blonde hair was curled up in a bun, and her blue eyes stood out with the make up she wore around them. She was wearing a tight pink dress that went down to her knees and she was wearing white high heels. She glanced at him, but then turned her attention back to what she was doing, “She’s in her bedroom.” She said in a disinterested tone.

Donovan didn’t respond verbally, merely nodded his head as he continued to watch her. She was quite the catch, physically speaking, but he was beginning to wonder what else he had seen in her. Personality wise, he was beginning to see that she was quite shallow. Charlotte pulled her bag up, slinging it over her shoulders as she said, “I’ll be out late. Don’t wait up for me.” She then walked past him to the front door and then left. Donovan had been hopeful for at least a peck on the cheek but, as usual, he was disappointed. Ignoring the bitter taste in his mouth, he turned and headed upstairs.

He went to Lily’s room and slowly opened the door where he saw a beautiful little blonde haired, blue eyes girl playing with her favourite toy. A purple teddy bear that he had gotten for her. All thoughts about Charlotte disappeared as a smile twitched at the corner of his lips. He stepped inside, drawing the attention of the toddler. Lily smiled widely, “DADDY!” She called out happily as she jumped up and ran towards him. Donovan swept her up in his arms, holding her close, “Hey, sweetheart. How about we play some games together?” He asked, causing her smile to widen as she nodded vigorously.

Later, when he had put his daughter to bed, Donovan sat alone in his study, reading a book that he had been meaning to find time to get to. This was one advantage to Charlotte not being demanding on his time. He could use his free time to do what he wanted. A sudden beep distracted him though. He looked down at his left arm where his Arm Computer was. It looked almost like a tablet that was attached to his forearm with a black, metallic looking case. He saw that a message had popped up saying that there was an update. 

Donovan frowned, as he couldn’t remember there being a scheduled update. Closing his book, he placed it carefully on the table before looking closer at the screen of his arm computer. He then frowned a little in confusion when he saw that it was the ‘Hero OS’ update. He was a little taken back by that, as he didn’t recognise it. Erring on the side of caution, he pressed the dismiss button. However the arm computer beeped at him again and an alert message came up saying that the update couldn’t be cancelled. His frown deepened even further and he once again tried to cancel the download but again he wasn’t able to. He sighed, feeling annoyed. 

Well, perhaps he could download it and get it removed tomorrow. Or see if he could get a new arm computer. He accepted the update and watched as it downloaded and installed itself. The arm computer restarted itself, booting up with the Hero OS instead of the standard OS that he was used to. When it finally got into the actual OS, he saw that not much had changed. It looked the same, although there were some new functions, and new files. He looked at the files, seeing that there was a video file, as well as a text message from someone. What kind of malware was this? He really needed to hand this into the police, for them to look over so that they could find whomever it was that was hacking arm computers. 

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*Inside the video file, once Donovan decided to view it, was actually the same video that all Authority Security Force users of the Hero OS got upon getting it. It was known as the 'Induction Video' by most and was made the the Consortium, much like most Arm Computer related technology. In the Induction Video, there was a representative from the Consortium with one of the high ranking officials of Authority's Security Force attending. It was quite a high production value video, it must be said with all the bells and whistles. Donovan could pick and choose what sections of the video he wanted to watch, much like a Blueray movie. In the video, the representative of the Consortium was talking about the HERO OS product and the related product, the Game Images (GIs for short). Now, if Donovan was up-to-date with his news, he would know that the Consortium had won a large government contract to help develop a new 'defense program' a year ago and it seemed from the video that this was the result. It appeared that this "Hero OS' update was in limited release for security and police personnel. From the sounds of it, this was not so much a live 'beta-test' where there were still bugs but a full release prodcut specifically made for the Security Forces, including police personnel. As the video continued, the various functions of the Hero OS were described and demonstrated. As it turns out, the Hero OS does a few things more than the ordinary OS that Arm Computers have. For example, the Geo-Location and 'Map' capabilities have been changed and modified to allow for real-time information on sighting of threats to be uploaded and tracked. In other words, if anything bad in MegaCity 1 happened, those with the HERO OS would get a notification on the threat, its location and its nature and be able to track it in real-time. Another example of the functionality of the Hero OS was access to a special 'App' Store, linked to the Game Images. It turned out that one could purchase special functionality and quality upgrades for the Arm Computer and the Game Images from this Store, which was unusual as most Arm Computers were not easily upgradable.*

*Also, the video would speak of the Game Images or GIs for short. It seemed that the GIs were essentially kind of like a specialised 'loadout' or configuration that people could use to defend themselves with. It seemed to be some sort of advanced technological development that allowed for rapid deployment of armed units to react and respond to threats. There were limited  livedemostrations of the technology in the video, showing how the GIs functioned and what exactly they did. The operation of using the GI was quite easy, almost idiot-proof despite how mindbogglingly compelx the actual technology was. From the video, Donovan would learn the basics of how to use a Game Image and that there were more advanced tutorial features in the Hero OS product, under the How To Guide section in the OS GUI itself. It appeared to offer advanced simulations and helpful advice on how to use the OS and the GIs.*

*The text file...was probably the oddest and more disconcerting bit of the update. Not only was the file encrypted and asked for a password...but the strange thing was that it gave a hint of the password in plain text. The password hint was 'Your daughter's name'. Inside the text file appeared to be a letter from someone, addressing Donovan by name. The letter said the following...*

To Donovan,

I would have loved to have done this in a less obtuse and mysterious manner but circumstances have prevented me from doing so, please accept my humble apologies for this. By now, you would be wondering how you have received this 'Hero OS' update and why tomorrow, you will receive your first Game Image at work tomorrow. Unfortunately, all I can say to you now is that you have been chosen by myself to partake in what I hope will be an ultimately fulfilling experience, one that will have drastic and major ramifications for Altech. There are those that would have me stay silent and do nothing in the face of what is and will occur and my conscience will not allow me stand by and do nothing. I cannot say much now, even though you must have many questions about this. What I can say is that you must trust and belief in yourself, no matter what happens after tomorrow. If all goes well, I will contact you again and perhaps be able to answer some of your questions.

Name Redacted



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Donovan frowned at the contents that showed on this new OS and after a few minutes of hesitation, he opened up the video and allowed it to play. His eyebrows shot up when he saw that it had a representative from the Consortium and one of the high ranking officials of the Authority’s Security Force. It looked as if it cost a lot of money to produce, and had the air of authenticity. Now he wasn’t entirely sure what to think. He had assumed it was something that had been created by some hacker. If it was, then this was a very high effort hack but he wasn’t sure if they could create a video such as this, using the images of other people. He concentrated on the contents of the video and listened as they explained the functions of this Hero OS and demonstrated them, causing his eyebrows to raise a little. He rather liked the sound of this Geo-Location and ‘Map’ capabilities as it showed threats in real time, a feature that Donovan thought of as immensely useful especially in his capacity as a police officer. This ‘App store’ was interesting as well, and Donovan made a mental note to have a look at it later. 

He continued listening as the video went on the speak about the Game Images and instructed him on how to use them. Despite how complex the technology was, it sounded pretty easy to use although Donovan still had his doubts about this. When the video ended, Donovan sat there for a few moments, feeling quite confused. Where had this sprung from? He had not heard of this particular update being publicly talked about. He had kept an eye on the news, as he often did, and he didn’t remember anything about a Hero OS. The only thing that he could remember being spoken about a defense program was that last year, the Consortium had won a government contract to help develop a new defense program. Perhaps this was it? This was not… what he was expecting to come of that. 

He turned his attention to the letter and clicked on it. His eyes narrowed a little when it asked for a password. He stiffened a little when the hint told him that it was his daughters name. He glared almost suspiciously at his Arm Computer, not liking this in the slightest. Slowly, he entered in Lily’s name and it caused the text file to open. It was a letter addressed, personally, to him. He read his way through it, his eyes widening a little with each line he read. The first question that popped up in his mind was ‘why me?’. Why choose him? He wasn’t really that special; a detective in the police department. Sure, he was quite young for a detective, but what made this person think he was a good candidate for this… Hero OS? 

He sighed, shifting his eyes to the time and seeing that it was almost midnight. He pushed himself up and left his study. He shoulder get to bed, although he doubted he would get much sleep. Not when he had so many questions floating around his head. But he ultimately knew that it was useless to sit in his study and stew all night, not when he would not get any answers until he had a chance to speak to this mysterious person. And he was curious as to what this first Game Image was. As he passed the front door, he glanced down at the shoe rack and saw that Charlotte’s shoes weren’t there, meaning she had still yet to come back from her night out. Donovan turned and headed up the stairs, intending on heading to his own bedroom. He paused on the way, though, and looked into Lily’s room to make sure that she was alright. He smiled at the sight of her sleeping soundly in her own bed, cuddling her teddy. 

He quietly closed the door and moved onto the master bedroom. Here, he stripped and folded his clothes before putting them into the hamper to be washed later in the week. He pulled on a pair of loose fitting pajama trousers but didn’t bother with a top. He only did that during the winter when it was cold. He turned off the light and slipped into his side of the bed and settled down in an attempt to sleep. He was curious about this mystery person. Who he was, and why he was distributing this software to people. Why pick Donovan? It was clear that the man knew details about his life, such as his daughters name as well as where he worked. But then that information was hardly private. Still, he found it an uncomfortable thought, that someone had been observing him and decided to pick him for whatever the hell was going on. 

His thoughts were interrupted when the door opened and the light turned back on. He raised his head and looked over to see Charlotte stumbling into the room, clearly quite drunk. She stopped when she saw him and blinked owlishly at him, “I thought you would be asleep already.” She slurred.

“I have a lot on my mind.” Donovan replied. He briefly considered telling her about the strange Hero OS, but at the sound of her uncaring grunt, he decided not to. She closed the door and stumbled towards their en-suite bathroom. Ten minutes later, she came out in her nightgown and stumbled to the bed. Donovan pulled back the duvet, getting a small grunt of thanks before she crawled into the bed and turned so that her back was towards him. Within moments, she was deeply asleep, snoring lightly. Donovan shook his head and threw the cover over her before he settled down himself and closing his eyes. After a while of restlessly tossing and turning, he fell asleep. 

The next morning, Donovan awoke to the sound of alarm blaring, followed by a pained groan from Charlotte. He reached out, pressing the stop button on the alarm before he slipped out of the bed. He glanced at Charlotte who tossed and let out a louder snore before falling quieter. He then moved into the bathroom where he started his morning routine of using the toilet, having a shave and a hot shower. He emerged from the bathroom with his towel wrapped around his waist. He had also taken some painkillers from the medicine cabinet and filled a glass from the sink with water. He put them down on the bedside table next to Charlotte before he turned to his wardrobe and got dressed in a black suit and a white shirt but lacked a tie. He then left the room after making sure that his hair wasn’t too unruly before he went to Lily’s room. He opened it up to find that she was already awake and playing with her teddy.

She smiled happily at the sight of him, “Daddy~” She said happily. Donovan smiled at her as he stepped into her bedroom, “Come on, sweetie. Let’s get you dressed and then get you something to eat.” He said. She nodded and followed him over to her chest of drawers where he helped her get dressed in a pair of elastic jean-like trousers and a T-shirt that had the words ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’ written across in pink letters. She picked up her teddy again before holding her arms up to him. 

Even though she could easily walk on her own, Donovan obliged her and picked her up, giving her a kiss on the cheek as he did so. He took her down stairs and into the kitchen, sitting her at her place at their table which had a booster seat. He then served her a bowl of cereal while he cooked up some toast for himself, as well as a cup of coffee. As he was finishing up his breakfast, Charlotte came into the kitchen looking a little worse for wear after her night of drinking. She poured herself a cup of coffee and sat herself down at the table, not really paying attention as Lily tried to talk to her. She merely hummed at the things her daughter said, her eyebrows creased a little in pain.

Once Donovan was finished with his breakfast, he put his dishes away in the dishwasher before he came over and gave Lily a kiss, before kissing Charlotte’s cheek, “I’ll be back.”

“Bye daddy!” Lily said, pouting a little. Donovan stroked the top of her head affectionately as Charlotte said, “Have a good day at work.”

“I hope so…” Donovan said with a slightly thoughtful frown as he left the kitchen and went into the main hallway where he slipped on his shoes and picked up his keys. He then left his house and moved over to his car where he slipped in and turned on the engine before he pulled out of his driveway and headed to work. 

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