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Andromeda One Ambassadors

This threat contains a list of the played ambassadors and their Attaché (Assistant), that are currently on the Andromeda One station. These are characters that are owned by other Dreamers and will contain a link to their profile. If you wish to have a character as an ambassador, fill out the short form below and submit it to me in an EcchiText. And ambassador is allowed one Attaché that will help them with their duties. If you wish for an Ambassador to be an NPC rather than a played character, then send me an EcchiText with additional fields that are highlighted below.

Age: (Additional field not required for a played ambassador)
Height: (Additional field not required for a played ambassador)
Weight: (Additional field not required for a played ambassador)
Profile Link: (Not required for an NPC)

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Name: Axel Coda’zotoxi (Officially: Axel of the Nine, Coda'zotoxi)
Rank: Ambassador
Species: Coda’zotoxi
Faction: EPSI Federation (Federal Grand Council - Federal Council of Ambassadors)
Information: Axel has been the Ambassador for the EPSI Federation almost from the moment that Andromeda One had finished in its construction. He is a calm and collected man, however he doesn’t allow people to walk all over him. He is rational, and reasonable who takes his job very seriously and prefers to forge peaceful relations with other species than to go to war. He will try and avoid war at all costs while not compromising on his principles.
Profile Link: Link!



Name: Aimi Coda’zotoxi (Officially: Axel of the Nine, Coda'zotoxi)
Rank: Ambassador Attaché (Assistant)
Species: Coda’zotoxi
Faction: EPSI Federation (Federal Grand Council - Federal Council of Ambassadors)
Information: Aimi is Axel’s wife and Attaché, helping him with his job. She helps organise his files, and set up appointments with other ambassadors and individuals. If someone needs an appointment with Axel, she is the person to go to. She takes her job very seriously, despite her rather free-loving attitude and ease at which individuals can get her into bed. 
Profile Link: Link!

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Even though these two are being put into this thread, they are not on the official ambassador list. They are a hidden ambassador and attaché, thus it will not be general knowledge that they are. A character can only know, if it has been revealed to them in RP.


Name: Jen’starr Epsi’rikixi
Rank: Hidden Ambassador
Species: Epsi’rikixi
Faction: Omega Runes Pirates
Information: Jen’starr is the hidden ambassador that represents the Omega Runes Pirates. She poses as the owner of Jennaea’s Bar and Restaurant Company. She has been with the Andromeda station not long since it came into operation. She has become one of the permanent figures on the station. She will take no shit from anyone, and certainly doesn’t let anyone walk all over her. She will only reveal that she is the ambassador to certain people/when the time is right.
Profile Link: Link!


Name: Kalnarr Zeta’muluri
Rank: Hidden attaché
Species: Zeta’muluri
Faction: Omega Runes Pirates
Information: Kalnarr is Jen’starrs loyal Attaché. He helps keep her appointments organised, and passes on useful information to her. If anyone needs an appointment with Jen’starr, then Kalnarr is a good person to go to, if she is not available. Again, his role is secret on the station and he will not reveal it unless Jen’starr gives him permission to. 
Profile Link: Link!

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