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Jennaea’s Bar and Restaurants Company

Jennaea’s Company falls within the station’s tax laws. So much so that the company gives over voluntary taxes and thus it is important to the economy of the station as a whole. These funds are often directed by the station to aid facilities such as the sick bay, especially for the purchase of medicine and care for those living Down Below.

The company serves both the economically dependant (Poor) and the economically independent sections of the station, delivering safe to consume food and drink regardless of price tag.

Three main components make up this company:

  • The Wet Holes (Bar and Restaurant, located in down below’s market district)
  • Jen’s Pleasure Bar (Bar and Holosuites, located on the main floor of the central column’s main district)
  • The Stuffed Holes (Restaurant, located on the upper floor of the central coloum’s main district)

Station staff have access to free water or orange juice from this bar. They also enjoy the following discounts as a ‘Thank you for your service’ from the company:

  • All drinks (Inc. Synthoholic) - 20% Off
  • Meals - 25% Off
  • Sweets (Desserts, Confectionary, Chocolates) - 10% Off

There is a common misconception with this company: Whilst it can indeed provide a wide range of food and drink, they cannot do absolutely everything - certainly a problem with alien dishes, if they’ve never had access to those aliens food and drink before. But if that person has a sample, or can provide the exact specifications of the food in question, it may be possible that it’s servable. That said they still don’t have a menu, as with all earth dishes they can serve it.

Since the starting of the company the station staff have become aware of a few differences that has allowed her to keep her costs low, and not sacrifice on quality, hygiene or principles. Whilst it’s not something that they would openly admit to everyone: Jennaea’s Bar and Restaurants Company uses EPSI Federation sourced power sources and technology such as holosuites and energy-to-matter/matter-to-energy replicators/recyclers, but in the upper sections they bring in non-replicated food and drink as well. But because the technology isn’t compatible with the station’s power reactor (And even if it was, it’d sap all energy out of the station, because it doesn’t produce enough for the technology). The power-source is a non-reaction based dimensional crystal from the Eldyrannth state in the EPSI Federation, that can be recharged by the Eldyrannth for a fee.

The company is an EPSI Federation Culture ran company; therefore the names of the components are designed to be sexually suggestive, and the company believes very deeply in the right to free speech and opinions but above all else after that they believe in being unwaveringly honest, and Jen’starr the manager believes in being blunt and to the point. This is emphasized by the sign in the restaurant that reads “All meat served by this establishment is suitable for vegetarians and vegan pussy’s.” If asked if their meat is Halal for example, their usual response is “Our meat was never alive to begin with.” Which is the truth.

The bars serve both Alcohol and Synthohol (Or Synthehol); which is a chemical variant of alcohol that appears to have the same taste and smell as "real" alcohol to most individuals, but none of the deleterious effects associated with alcohol for most humanoids, such as debilitating intoxication, addiction, and alcohol poisoning. Most humanoids have an enzyme which breaks down the alcohol-like compounds in synthohol. The intoxicating effects of Synthohol can be easily dismissed. So it acts just the same as alcohol, makes you feel that you can be a lover, or wise, or all the things that alcohol does, but it's only temporary. With a force of will, you can shove it aside and you're as sober as you ever were.

Brief History:

The company started as a front in down below for Jen’starr to make new contacts in the underworld, and to sell weapons and such to less than shady characters as well as to be a bounty contactor connected to several bounty stations across the EPSI Federation, EPSI Pirates and Andromeda. Although no one had really heard of her, other than those that were poor, or specifically looking for her. Back then her bar was called The Moist Snatch, and she operated there for years without having any real problems.

Many criminals in down below tried to take over her establishment, and almost all of them have ended up either dead, or disappeared. Every time she’s been forced to kill someone in her bar - in front of witnesses - she’s had to inform the station’s chief security officer of their death and why, as well as showing them covert recordings made from a yet unknown positioned camera, to prove that the deaths were justified as self-defence.

A year prior to the current year she had a complaint put in about the name of her bar to station management stating that the name of her bar was ‘horrifically offensive’, ‘misogynistically sexist’ and ‘primitively minded’ to which her unofficial response when the station commander told her of this was “Tell them to get fucking stuffed.” She remained stubborn and stern on her stance and refused to change the name. Despite the mounting protests from a vocal minority who were using bullying to the station commander to force him to try and force her to rename the bar. They were even pulling in people directly from Earth just to protest the bar, both off and on the establishment. Eventually causing Jen’starr to force a ‘If you’re not here on business, you’re not welcome here.’ Policy, and told Christopher to “Remove them, or I will remove them myself. And you know what that means.”

Station security were able to remove them, however they protested outside and prevented people from going in - and if anyone tried, they’d be bullied. This all came to ahead one day when Kal’loure Mako’demeri, a frequent bar patreon ordered them that if they didn’t get out of the way, he will start shooting at them, after they had blocked access for him, and even had a group of them just walking into him saying “We’re just walking. You’re in our personal space” Which had the effect of pushing him away from the door. He told them if they didn’t cease this, he’d shoot all of them.

… That is exactly what happened.

Using an EPSI Federation Phaser, set on stun, Kal’loure phased them all and simply walked over them to get into the bar. In the Police report he respected their right to protest as it is their free speech and opinion, but what he didn’t respect was to prevent access to the establishment, and to physically stop those from getting inside - as this was battery.

This brought the ringleader and Jen’starr to the table with the commander being the moderator in the discussions to find a peaceful resolution to this. But Jen’starr refused, and told her “I will not be censored. You claim to fight for women’s rights, and yet you trample all over mine. Of course we all know that it’s because I don’t have the right opinion, so therefore I’m not a woman, I’m a gender traitor. I will not change the name of my bar. If you don’t like it, go fuck off and make one called the Flacid Cock or something. Or more accurately with you bitches: The Frigid Cunt.”

With the talks ending in obvious failure, Alexander tried to talk to them separately, rather than put them in the same room as each other whilst at the same time establishing some new rules for station protests of a business. Such as you weren’t allowed to block and assault people from entering, of course that didn’t stop these ‘women’s rights fighters’ from simply trying to just pay people to not enter and make up slanderous lies about the owner. But by this point, even though the real problem was isolated to down below it was quickly disrupting station operations with frequent protests in highly public areas. The protesters were bringing more and more people onto the station to protest and it got to the point where enough was enough.

Alexander spoke to Axel to try and understand why she couldn’t even compromise on this issue - not that he wanted her to, as he believed that Jen’starr had done nothing wrong. And Axel told him; “Because in the EPSI Federation we did this once. Capitulated to the demands of the vocal minority funded by a Corporate Entity. This eventually lead to more and more capitulation, until the point that this vocal minority now wielded the power that even the majority didn’t have. This brought in Keza Corp’s dystopia and all hell followed right along that Corporatocracy. No Epsian worth their soul, today will capitulate to the demands of unreasonable identitarian ideologues. She’s quite right to refuse and stand her ground; more power to her.” Axel then added, “I had no idea that this was the focus point of the disruptions around the station as of late… If you’ll excuse me, I am going to show my support for her.” With that Axel left, and went to Jen’starrs bar to spend his money there.

Eventually Alexander returned to Jen’starr and told her that she will capitulate and change the name just like the protestors suggested. She immediately opened her mouth to fire something now doubt - very spicy - back at him but he said “Ah-ah! Let me finish. All they requested was that you changed the name. I suggest to you; that they should be careful for they wish for.”

Jen’starr shut her mouth and then smiled. It was a smile that revealed her brain was ticking away on some good ideas, and it was very chilling, “The Submissive Bitch, it is then.” Jen’starr replied.

“Perhaps a little… Too on the nose there.” Alexander said, before telling her that it’s about subtlety, suggestivism, that it should be witty and clever so that things could be turned back on them if they kicked up a fuss about it.

Jen’starr really liked this idea, and said that she was going to close the bar down and renovate it at the end of the year anyway, but instead she chose to start on it now and expand it. She purchased three other locations above the bar in down below so that she would effectively have one company and she was going to split it up, make food available to people on the top. She went back to EPSI Federation space to hire the workmen and technology.

The bar was then closed down for six months whilst the whole thing was being done up, this was enough time for the protestors to think that they had won, and left the station allowing the station to get back to normal operation.

When it opened again they called the bar in down below “The Wet Hole”, which whilst sexually suggestive, could actually have a lot of meanings, to the bounty hunters - the wet bullet hole wound, to the sexually inclined - A cunt that was just as divine, to normal punters - The mouth of which you wet with drinks.

The bar above it was to be the social centre of the station; and was simply called “Jen’s Pleasure Bar”, which had the nickname “Jen’s”, “The Pleasure Bar” and so on. This would be on the main section of the station, right in the path of new people embarking on the station, and on the path of disembarkation in the centre of the marketplace. This also was good for people who turned up waiting for their friends to have a place to drink. She got the idea of this from Deep Space Nine’s: Quarks. There would also be a suite of twelve holosuites there, allowing people to run sexual, hiking, swimming, fantasy, games, sports programs and many more. It could also be used for training new staff by the station’s officers.

Upstairs to that, which was publically accessible either in the bar itself or from outside on the upper collum, was the restaurant, “The Stuffed Holes” which again could have multiple meanings depending on personal inclination.

On opening day she dropped all prices for one day only, allowing everyone to get a good bargain and to celebrate the opening of the new company. She also implemented a new discount scheme to all station members of staff - including those who weren’t in command staff, such as maintenance workers, dock staff, waste management and so on. These discounts were equal across the board, and it didn’t matter if you were a manual labourer or the station commander - they all have the same discount - which is permanent.

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Technologies Unique to This Company


There are several pieces of technology that is used by this company that simply does not exist anywhere else on the station, and this gives Jennaea’s company a massive advantage. This technology is possible because the EPSI Federation has had a lot of people working for a very long time on projects like this, and in the inventing of the background technology used to make this technology possible. Given the fact that due to a temporal event; the EPSI Federation’s current year 4194 where as Earth’s is still 2536 (A difference of 1,658 years) and the fact that the UFF (Who later became the Epsians) were already more advanced than most humans in 2010 - Onwards, this hardly surprising and should be somewhat expected.

The EPSI Federation is not at war with Humans (Whom they call Tau’ri), and if anything are allied to Ashaea. On top of this fact, the EPSI Federation is allies with the Omega Runes EPSI Pirates, and thus Jen’starr is able to have this stuff, although she is primarily responsible for it, and will not sell it to anyone who asks for it.

The EPSI Federation has hundreds of thousands of companies, and corporations per species, and there are well over 30 or 40 different species and member states within the EPSI Federation, they are extremely capitalistic and therefore they have to be better than others to compete. They are also a superpower in the Epsus Galaxy (Human Designation: NGC-6744, A galaxy in this universe that the Epsians control, and thus considered Epsian Territory), which is accessible through a jumpgate in the Vestibule of Enlightenment System (Although one would need to pass their border patrol).

According to Neptune; The technology in this universe of the Tau’ri (Humans) and the Ashaean’s are nowhere near the advancement of the EPSI Federation, and to make matters worse - there is absolutely no way that Ashaean Power Generation technology can even hope to power this technology. Therefore: The Epsians, whilst they won’t rub people’s faces in it, have current technological advancement that is far superior to humans. Deal with it.

The technology listed here has some inspiration drawn up from it, from Sci-Fi shows, like Star-Trek and Stargate. This is something that imitates life; as in Star Trek invented the concept of Tricorders; and it’s something that we’re using modern technology (Today) to try and replicate. This is essentially the same thing that’s happened here; except some companies in the EPSI Federation wondered if a Galaxy Class Starship was something that could legitimately be built. Turns out that: Yes. Yes it is, and the Epsians think that, that's pretty cool.

Power Generation

The first problem we run into with EPSI Federation technology is that one cannot hope to power it using Ashaean’s power generation technology (Fusion Power). The technology requires more current, and more output, than what Fusion allows for. At the same time; Jen’starr can hardly bring a matter-anti-matter reactor onto the station and just plug it in, not only is that potentially dangerous - because such a reactor COULD meltdown, but it will need a constant supply of fuel to generate the antimatter, in order to use it in the reaction.To cure this problem, Jen’starr uses ZPM technology, specifically from the Eldyrannth who are well known for their exotic crystal technologies.

[If you’re a Stargate fan; you know where this is going]

ZPM’s or “Zero Point Modules” are extremely similar to the devices used on an old Earth show ‘Stargate’, although originally Eldyrannth ZPM’s were extremely different to that of a Stargate ZPM, but in recent years advancements have been made in which Xiciavana Eldyrannth has completely redesigned them, and for good measure made them look more like the real things. Whilst they work in a similar fashion - the method of how they actually draw power is extremely different.

The ZPM (or Zero Point Module) is a power source not unlike a ‘disgustingly overpowered space battery’ it is capable of outputting and supplying - as well as inputting and taking in an obscene amount of energy, with some estimates being touted as ‘More energy than a star can generate in its lifetime’. Over the years the Eldyrannth have changed this fundamentally from a crystal that literally just stored energy, to a crystal that holds open a type of portal to a pocket universe created specifically for that ZPM; one that matter cannot exist in, only energy. Visually a ZPM looks like a large translucent group of crystals merged together as one solid unit. It is approximately one foot in height with a roughly cylindrical shape. When it is active a ZPM emits a glow from it’s centre with a small purple circle at the top of the device once the device has been fully engaged. This will cease glowing when it’s not in use (Disconnected) or has become fully depleted, and will gradually dim as the energy is used up.

These devices are rechargeable at an Eldyrannth ZPM Recharge Station, where for a significant sum of Epsian credits, they can recharge the ZPM to full power, safely. The life of a ZPM is directly proportional to the power demands placed on it. If not in use, a ZPM will maintain its power level indefinitely. In the cases of extreme emergency, Jen’starr has installed a power converter that converts to station power, to provide a powerboost for the station tied directly into weapons and shields.

The ZPM requires a specially designed conduit in order to interface with it, and both the ZPM and this conduit would have failsafes. Although it is fairly indestructible. If the casing is damaged, or tampered with for safety reasons the dimensional pocket is completely closed down thus preventing an uncontrolled release of energy, making this powersource extremely safe to use… Unless sabotaged.

Jen’starr is not a fool, however. This powersource is located under extreme security, and is protected by several layers of active defences, as contracted by the Eldyrannth to protect that technology, with her life.

ZPM’s are usually used in numbers onboard Eldyrannth starships, and thus because of their low profile nature and the fact that they’re not energy generators; Eldyrannth Starships have a nearly undetectable power signature, which is further masked by their use of Neutronium, Negatium and Talium. It is a self-contained unit, and thus it will be extremely hard to detect, and the primary energy that comes out of it is not Electrical - but exotic; using the exotic element scale. This is all let alone the fact that most species lack the ability to even be able to detect such exotic energy.

ZPM’s themselves do not use Heptite Crystals; but some power converters do.

Holodeck/Holosuite Technology

[If you have ever watched Star Trek; you know what this is. Oh and it looks more like Voyager’s than the TNG. I have reworded and adapted this write up from Memory-Alpha. So it’s not a straight up copy and paste - which would be against Section 13 of the Terms of Service.]

A Holographic Environment Simulator, is an evolution to the Virtual Environment Reality (VER) technology that Keza Corp in the UFF had developed in 2010 and released in 2014. That is to say that it’s built on that concept and premise, but it’s actually completely different technologies all together. VER has several severe limitations; all of the ‘holograms’ it created were not solid, and in fact were primitive and often had scan lines on moving objects.

A HES on the other hand is almost perfect; in that it can simulate gravity, smell, sounds, rain, and even produce real food that can be eaten, as the technology is close to Epsian Transporter technology which is a brother to the Replicator technology. These simulation are so real that some people even report feeling pain if they’re shot in the simulations even though there is no wound or sign of physical damage at all. There are no scanlines and things are as solid as they should be.

They are used for a wide range of purposes; Entertainment, Pleasure, Training, Education, Investigative, Scientific, and so on.

A typical holodeck consists of rooms of holosuites capable of running one open universe simulation at a time. The rooms turned off look more like the Voyager depiction of holodeck technology than the TNG versions. Each room is equipped with a large hologrid containing omni-directional holographic diodes (Self contained in what’s called holoprojectors) which allowed for holoprojections and holograms. Elements of the transporter technology and replicator technology is used to create holo-matter by the manipulation of photons contained within forcefields to give objects the illusion of substance as well as actual matter. Usually this matter can exist outside of the holodeck for brief periods of time but it’ll eventually lose cohesion and revert back to energy without the support of a hologrid.

Holosuites use databases to store programs, holograms, and holographic templates, and a holobuffer stores complex holographic patterns when inactive. These are usually ran by and require advanced computers and servers (Which also require power at levels the station cannot natively provide).

Holosuites have general systems and modes of operation that would be used in holographic programs. They also use spatial orientation systems to simulate parts of a holochracters (For example: Left or Right handedness). They could also have a program element called a ‘Perception Filter’ to hide anachronisms to the program’s time period, such as clothes, technology in order to prevent the characters from acting outside of parameters. It also has two modes of operation: Objective (Non-Interactable characters and environment) and Subjective (Interactable characters and environment). As explained previously it can also change gravity in all three dimensions; so it can be used to simulate flying on a ship, for example, or having no gravity.

A holosuite can be controlled from a control panel on the outside or inside the holoprogram (Such as summoning the Arch, for example). Unlike in Star Trek where the holodeck walls could generate holographic images that would appear to extend for an unlimited distance, there is a piece of Spatial and Xician Technology at play, that actually compresses the space inside the simulation in a safe manner. This works by compressing space and dimensions passively, which is good for recreating large space battles, for example.

Notice: Everyone who enters and uses the holodecks on the station is told and informed that they do so at their own risk, and neither Jen’starr, the Station or the EPSI Federation is responsible for damages, injuries, or fatalities.

Holodecks are equipped with safety protocols to prevent serious and fatal injuries during their use, and by law on the station - these cannot be disengaged by the user! If they were disabled, a holographic bullet, for example would have the same effect on a person as a real bullet.

In Star Trek there was a number of instances (It seemed to happen a lot) in where the holodeck would glitch out and prevent the user from shutting down the programme, or where safeties would be turned off - this is absolutely not possible with these, and even if it was - there is something called “Holosuite Override: Kill Instance” which will terminate the holosuite there and then, this is built into the hardware and processing layer before the software kernel, it is a kill switch that will turn the holosuite off. If they safeties are locked on; they’re staying on. An external scanner has been rigged up by Jen’starr to ensure that the safety features are on - this is independent of the holosystem. If it detects that the safeties are off, it will issue the Holosuite Override: Kill Instance command, to turn it off.

Holographic technology is able to have fine control over the molecule sized magnetic containment fields that holographic objects can interact with, of which a holo-server can manipulate individually in all spatial dimensions; however, the complexity of electron shell activity and atomic motions as well as quantum instructions that determined biochemical activity in living creatures could not be projected holographically. This prevented replicators from duplicating life and resurrecting the dead. Additionally: due to the EPSI Federation’s law on the creation of sentient synthetic life; the holocharacters are limited to programmed artificial intelligence; and will never be truly ‘sentient’, this came about - because such a thing has happened before, by accident and it was deemed “Immoral”, because of various reasons. (This holographic person that was created, is treated like an ordinary person, but he will be the first and last. He certainly won’t be decompiled, turned off for good, or anything like that.) All holographic characters are not self-aware, and do not think that they are not real - or real. It’s just not something that they will think about.

That said it can still mimic diseases and illnesses, and accurately simulate them without actually making it real.

Objects created within a holosuite cannot exist beyond the holodeck itself; as it would only exist as energy; however since it is also true that holo-technology is somewhat based around replicator technology there are some instances where real objects can be replicated within the holosuite and be used by the user or even the holographic program itself. Since these objects would comprise of actual matter they can leave the holodeck completely intact. For example: All food and drink made and consumed on a holosuite, wooden models of ships, clothes, etc.

Note: For legal reasons obviously… The holodeck will not replicate weapons such as firearms, poisons, and other dangerous or biologically harmful components. Attempting to do so may get you banned from the establishment.

A holodeck could also modify the appearance of the people within it, for example: In Holo-Pokémon you become a cartoon drawn version of yourself, you can holographically change your clothes, simulate pregnancy, become a different gender/species by having the appearance superimposed over you, be with or without limbs, and so on.

If you really wanted to, you can create a holosuite, within a holosuite, within a holosuite, within a holosuite, within a holosuite, within a holosuite, and so on. Why you’d want to, I have no idea. But you could.

Replicator Technology

[If you have ever watched Star Trek; you know what this is. I have reworded and adapted this write up from Memory-Alpha. So it’s not a straight up copy and paste - which would be against Section 13 of the Terms of Service.]

"I'd like to lose the replicators. They're my least favorite thing in Star Trek. A society that uses replicators is a doomed, finished society." - Ira Steven Behr

The Eldyrannth hit quite a conundrum when replicators became a thing; invented by EPSICorp and later enhanced by the ExoSinian Eldyr Corporation; these devices were viewed with absolute scorn, and yet they were necessary. The problem was; is that the economy was gold based at the time, and these replicators could just start chucking gold out like it was nothing; for next to nothing which threatened to completely collapse the Eldyrannth economy. On the other side of the coin; was that a lot of families had so many children (Thanks to the breeding and repopulation program) that they were working very long hours and going hungry just so that they could feed their children - this was the answer for cheap, good quality food - and they needed it so badly.

“Why bother mining anymore? Why bother farming anymore? Why bother doing anything anymore? We can just replicate things. So we can give out food cheaper - that’s great and nobel but in the process you have just condemned our society to death. Mark my words. This is not good.” - Tripprin Eldyrannth, Eldyrannth’s Royal Vault and Economics Minister

At first the replication technology was ill received; and considered to be one of the best and worst inventions of all time, simultaneously. Indeed it could replicate any known conventional matter; including radioactive elements. Bars of Gold could even be replicated from it, with ease. But eventually it forced the Eldyrannth into adapting and moving into an energy based economy, which paved the way for the Epsus Credit (Which is a lot more complicated than just Energy Based, and takes hundreds of thousands of variables to calculate value). Even after the initial problems were resolved at least somewhat, replicators were extremely expensive to make, produce and use initially. That and most people ended up preferring the real thing to eat. But there was an ultra-poor subsection of society that relied on these, those that had been doing their duty to Queen and Country by breeding to repopulate were the hardest hit, and they welcomed this to slash their food bill down to next to zero. These people could not be ignored.

Then started coming in the safety concerns as Jyrae Metropolitan City General Hospital discovered on the first prototypes that you could replicate Mercury, Arsenic, Cyanide and various poisonous and radioactive elements. Whilst useful for research purposes it wasn’t good for consumers. In addition poisonous compounds were replicable, and the technology had to be held back for legal and safety reasons. At the same time Arcaedia (The Military) discovered that one could make all the equipment necessary, and the fuel required to construct and make an atomic bomb, a hydrogen bomb, and an antimatter bomb, with a replicator - the latter of which made it easier than ever before. Weapons were easily made also; as well as the ammunition for it.

The technology was stopped from going onto market by the provisional government at the time, and was almost made completely illegal. However EPSICorp then informed them that they had completely reprogrammed the control module, and it now occupied a heptite guild style crystal slot in the device on one single write-once ‘Control Crystal’, which would contain the entire operating system for the technology, and this time they blocked certain things from being made with it; in that it could only produce food, water, clothes, conventional weapons, industrial materials such as plastics, steel, ceramics and even fake wood. That any of these things could be turned off and on per model of the device. Certain elements and compounds were turned completely off, and if anyone attempted to tamper with the device - this would cause a kind of self-destruct that would permanently disable the device.

After years of testing, this was found to be sufficient, although minor tweaks were made here and there. The ExoSinian Eldyr Corporation came along eventually and purchased the replicator technology from EPSICorp; and then beefed up security. Now the control crystal has shrunk significantly, and contains more data than ever before. It is locked inside of a ‘Black Box’ made of solid Neutronium/Negatium Alloy and is therefore impossible to break into. Even if it was possible, such an attempt to tamper with the security system would render the whole device inoperable. As such replicators cannot be programmed to produce what they’re not set to produce.

No one other than the restaurant staff, Jen’starr and Kal’taour have access to any EPSI Federation replicator technology on this station, and the replicators in the kitchen are locked to food/drink substances only - making this replicator one of the cheapest. However she does have a private, unlocked replicator, but it’s on her ship, and even then can still not produce poisons and nuclear/non-conventional weapons. All EPSI Federation replicators seem to have problems with replicating exotic matter; especially Neutronium (e666) which cannot be replicated due to its properties.

A replicator or ‘molecular synthesiser’, or ‘Matter to Energy/Energy to Matter Converter’ is a device used to materialise and dematerialise quantities of matter. Matter that was dematerialised is broken down into energy where it is stored in the replicator power buffer (Or deposited back into a power source) ready to be rematerialised into matter as something else. Items disposed through the replicator can be used a fuel for it the replicator, or can be reconstituted later as other things. Even though you can’t replicate everything; you can dematerialise almost everything; for example: If sickbay have a dangerous virus that cannot be contained or will break out of its container, it can be recycled safely through a replicator.

The EPSI Federation has a replicator pattern store (ReploPat Store) that people can buy licence packs and sell patterns that others can buy; for example: If someone has made a cake and it’s a damn good cake, they can sell that pattern on the replicator service for others to download and buy, their replication cost would be: Cost of Energy Required to Replicate + Licence Fee + Company Service Fee (%) = Total cost. This is a thriving market; and patterns can be reviewed, and critiqued openly on the ReploPat Store. Of course replicators can also support local patterns; that is if you put something in the replicator to store as a pattern, for your own use then you recall that for just the cost of the energy required to replicate.

Food and drink replicators are capable of producing something as fresh, tasty, nutritionally healthy as non-replicated foodstuffs, and can contain an accurate break down of nutritional information right down to the nanogram, all without extra overhead and work of scientific and laboratory testing. Nowadays thanks to the Corporation’s efforts in improving the device almost everyone finds that replicated foods and drinks to taste exactly the same as "real" food.

Scientific testing with people who claim that they can tell the difference; have so far revealed that they really can’t, and it’s just a psychosomatic response - which is okay, you want to believe your food is real, and that makes it taste better. It’s no different to believing that food you have made by hand, yourself, tastes better. Objectively it doesn’t. Subjectively however is what matters when it’s you eating it.

EPSI Federation replicators can be programmed to produce foodstuffs of acceptable "nutritional value", as prescribed by a dietitian or medical personnel. By default, all alcoholic drinks produced by replicators contain no alcohol at all, instead they have Synthohol (A substitute) which is a chemical variant of alcohol that appears to have the same taste and smell as "real" alcohol to most individuals, but none of the deleterious effects associated with alcohol for most humanoids, such as debilitating intoxication, addiction, and alcohol poisoning. Most humanoids have an enzyme which breaks down the alcohol-like compounds in synthohol. The intoxicating effects of Synthohol can be easily dismissed. So it acts just the same as alcohol, makes you feel that you can be a lover, or wise, or all the things that alcohol does, but it's only temporary. With a force of will, you can shove it aside and you're as sober as you ever were. Although it can be switched to real alcohol modes for those that have specifically requested it.

Whilst the restaurant's replicators are disabled from functioning in this way (With exception of plates, knifes, forks, glasses, etc), EPSI Federation replicators can replicate things that aren’t food. Such as machine parts, clothing, and so on. There are limitations however; as mentioned above the replicators will not product fatal poisons, and certain weapons. If an object desired has a certain degree of molecular complexity in its structure - it may not be replicable. Exotic Neutronium (e666) can never be replicable, as is the conventional kind of Neutronium (0) which is highly unstable and explosive. The only form of Neutronium that can be replicated is something called “Faux-Neutronium” which is not the same as Exotic Neutronium (e666) and has vastly different properties. As the EPSI Federation is a capitalist society, different models of replicators (That can do different things) have different restrictions and limitations. All replicators have bio-filters installed on them to screen out and eradicate contaminants, harmful bacteria and pathogens, making the food sterilised of such things. Thus Food Poisoning - is not possible if eaten fresh from the replicator.

A genetronic replicator (Bio-Replicator) is able to fully replicate actual organ for us in medical transplants. However this doesn’t apply here, but it is only sold to fully licensed medical institutions.

An Arcaedian Replicator is able to produce starship Torpedo’s; and is part of the system that replenishes torpedos in EPSI Federation Starships. However this doesn’t apply here either, and is nothing like the system that Jen’starr has.

Yes; by the way… All of Jen’starrs toilets on premises; goes to a waste processing room where the whole lot is recycled back into energy, that energy is used to then replicate water to fill the systems back up, excess energy is stored back into the ZPM. Jen’starr is trying to secure a contract to handle all of the station’s waste and water needs with her system, so that every quarters can have a fully functioning water shower.

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      It was risky, and I didn't understand much of it, but at the same time I did see the allure. It was something out of a sci-fi novel and the desire to become something more than ordinary was every human's desire deep down, this procedure finally gave them a way to do it, if they had the money or practically surrendered their body for research in exchange for it.
      I was always attracted to my boss.

      She was the branch manager at the programming company I was employed by. The job was mundane and I would often struggle to stay awake during each shift no matter how much caffine pumped through my bloodstream, but watching her (closely, at that. I'm a sick man.) walk through the office always seemed to give me a little more pep. She didn't really ever look like she needed surgery, she was shapely and beautiful as it was and men would die at her feet, but... She announced she would be out for a few days. 
      When she returned...

      It was definitely still her, I could tell as she paraded her new looks around the office, she cut her hair in a flattering style to match her canine ears, her skin was naturally darker and she had a tail that flicked back and forth behind her short skirt. She was certainly proud and, despite my reluctance to be open minded about splicing, I was even more enraptured than normal...
      It seemed that with her new looks also came enhanced senses, like that of a dog. She could smell coffee before it started brewing, a few employees got busted for hiding liquor in their thermos and she heard every snide remark I would make, her hearing was in fact so sharp that I was sure she could hear my thoughts if she really wanted to... Though, I was sure I would be fired if she could...
      - This is an idea. Not set in stone. Various plots will happen with this, the core concept would remain the same.
      If you have role played with me or know almost anything about me, you know that I don't always like to be good to my characters. If I am ever nice to them, it's rare that I let them stay happy long. Why? 
      Because that's life. 
      This role play is meant to extend beyond humanity's perversion and fascination with the sexually taboo, while also exploring it. This is a role play that I wanted to do as the characters living in a mirror of our failures, our shortcomings and our imperfections and our quest for what we view as beautiful or perfect.
      Also, though, I wanted to, later in the story, explore how humanity's limitless perversion of nature and desire to push things they shouldn't have touched in the first place will, eventually, be it's undoing.
      I got the idea when I saw the two images and make a connection of how similar they looked, and then immediately recalled the future in Batman Beyond, where "splicing" is a thing and turns people into beasts, hybrids of human and animal. This idea is going to be a little more precise and controlled than that, but that's where the basic idea was derived.
      However, the science was thought to be exact. It wasn't. Eventually, not in all "Splicers", but in some, the more modification the higher the risk, their genetic coding, not meant to be infused with that of another animal, eventually begins to break down. They get sick, weak, and eventually go feral and begin to attack. This will open the doors for protestors, discrimination and fear of splicers from normal people. I love dark themes and drama, I love things going wrong and while there's plenty of room for sex (which could get weird, who knows?), there's more I want to do with this.
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      Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, Heterosexual sex, dress up, seduction. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read.
      Participants: Rowan and Natia
      Description: Upon reaching Ryn'tur, Rowan and Natia visited Glenda's shop, where Natia bought a surprise for Rowan, despite encountering a problem with a slave owner. They went to the local inn, sat down and had a meal before Natia requested to go to their private room.
      Rowan remained patiently waiting as Natia seemed to stare blankly up at him. The corner of his lips twitched a little, finding it very endearing. It made him want to draw her into his arms and to kiss those perfect little lips of hers. But he resisted the urge and contented himself with waiting to see what she wanted. When she demanded that he turn around and cover his eyes, he raised an eyebrow at her, “This again?” He asked, his tone light and teasing. He could see that she was looking rather nervous and he hoped his rather lighthearted tone helped put her at ease. He gave her an encouraging smile before he turned around so that he was no longer looking at him. He then reached up and covered his eyes with his hands to ensure that he wasn’t able to peak, even if he was facing her.
      That said, that didn’t stop his ears to twitch a little as he listened out for her movements. It was cheating a little, since he could hear very well, but he was curious as to what she was wanting to show him. The only thing he could think of, was what she had bought from Glenda’s, but he had not expected her to show him that so soon. He was certainly curious to know what she had gotten, and how she would look in it. Admittedly, he was rather excited, and found himself waiting rather impatiently for her to get changed. One thing was for sure, though, she was undoubtedly going to make it hard for him to leave that evening to look into her potential friend. If she looked anywhere near how she looked in his imagination, it was going to be hard not to spend all night fucking her into the bed. 
      He also had to make a mental note to not break the bed in the process, either. 
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      Look at my F-list for an idea of what I like~
      Im really in the mood for a big breasted maid, or a big breasted milf ready to take care of me. We can plot some more once we get chatting! You can reach me multiple ways:
      Discord: Sedudu#0969
      Twitter: @time_seduction
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