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Character Bios

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Please add character bios here. I have custom one you can fill out or if you already have one of your own, you can post that instead. Please try not to post before adding a bio here first. Thank you.

Also, the provided template does not need to be completed entirely. You add, remove, rearrange details as you like. It just a template to give ideas for what to describe. But do try to make sure atleast the physical description of your character is detailed enough for others to have a clear idea of what your character looks like when they meet them.

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Eye Colour
Hair Colour
Physical Description:  

Other Details

Sexual Orientation
Turn ons
Penis Length
Breast Size




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large.6b9ff0646406b1e33366f4f7d10f82ce.jpg.aa9334b81355ede5a1412a85e830226b.jpgName: Lollipop
Age: 19 (look a couple years younger)
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Wisp
Origin: One of many heirs to a rich family, Lollipop left home and changed his name of his own free will due to his intense sexual deviancy. Constantly hungry for sex but not wanting to cause a scandal for family due to his actions and nature, he ran away and never looked back. His remaining tie to home is adopted sister who left home with him for the same reason. Together they wandered till they got lost in the woods and stumbled upon a magical Inn. Their they got jobs and where able to live out their fantasies with out fear of judgment. Then one day Inn's owner, who they had great admiration for told them that she wants them to be the successors of her power and the Inn once she is gone. But first they needed more Worldly experiences in order to properly recieve her power. So they set out on a journey, traveling to different worlds and realities to gain what they need to receive her power.

Now after their journey has ended, Lollipop aims to use the powers he gained from his master to create a Haven for people with the same or similar desires as his own. That Haven is Sweet Treat Island.

Height: 4'9
Weight: 84 lbs
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Physical Description:  Petite and cute, Lollipop often gets confused for a girl and his preferred choice in clothing doesnt help. His hair is long and blonde. Sky blue eyes. And a cute bubble butt that he is quite proud of.

Other Details: Has a moral fixation and can't go very long without having something in his mouth. He usually deals with this urge by sucking on lollipops. But if he can't find those, then he feeds his urges by finding something else to suck on.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Turn ons: Being licked, dom partners, being held down, biting, having things in his mouth, having his ass grabbed and/or slapped.
Penis Length: 9
Sensitivity: High

Abilities/Powers: Teleportation, Aphrodisiac Breath (Sometimes when he is overly aroused, a pink mist comes from his mouth that has strong aphrodisiac effects). Various other magics.

Skills: Proficient with Knives, Acrobatics, is Flexible

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Right is Sonja

Name:  Sonja Petronov
Age:  22
Gender: Female
Species:  Human
Origin:  She was born in 1951, in Hungary to a Russian mother and Hungarian Father, who met during the second world war, her father an Officer of the Hungarian army, and her mother a red army sniper. In hopes to helping her in life they chose to use her mother's maiden name Petronov. times were good until the Hungarian Revolution started. Cries for freedom reigned the street and the young mind of the five year old girl was accustomed to tanks, soldiers, and blood. This was merely the beginning of her mind failing her. Pro-communist soldiers, against orders, burned her family home after they figured out her Father's past. This broke the small child, her mind shattered to an extent, somewhat insane, she often kept to herself while under her uncle's care after her parents deaths. Now at age 18, the year is 1969 and she is now a mercenary for hire, typically as a medic for random wars and such. The woman acts like a child with a morbid curiosity, sometimes willing to experiment on others should she be in her darker personality

Height: 6.0" ft
Weight: 189 ibs
Eye Colour: blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Physical Description:   Tall, curvy, large breasts, wears a hungarian uniform and a red scarf

Other Details: Medic for a merc team and has a darker side of her personality


Sexual Orientation:  Lesbian
Turn ons: playing with her ass or breasts
Penis Length: N/A
Breast Size: DD

Sensitivity: ???

Abilities/Powers: has a darker side to her personality

Skills:  medicine, using a bonesaw

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large.sample_b6462440a44be90c91cdc9394fb6490e.jpg.88d99257be5f9f19247ac95fa61ca5ed.jpgName: Mint
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Wisp
Origin: Adopted by Lollipop's father. Had same level of deviancy as her adopted brother, which led the two of them to often sleep with the help and eventually each other on a regular basis. Realizing that the two of them had no interest in the family business or its affairs but not wanting their behavior to ruin the family image, they left. Finding their way to a magic forest, where existed an Inn. Their relationship with the Inn owner would change their lives forever.

A year after setting out with Lollipop to gain the experiences needed to properly receive the powers of the Inns owner, The two have established Sweet Treat Island as a resort Haven of pleasure. Acts like Lollipop's protector. 

Height: 4'10
Weight: 86lbs
Eye Colour: Teal
Hair Colour: White
Physical Description:  Light brown skin. Petite and cute like Lollipop. B-cup breast. Short light brown hair. Plump in all the right places. Silky smooth skin. Is physically fit.

Other Details: Despite her tomboyish and sometimes aggressive personality,  she can be extremely submissive. 

Sexual Orientation:  Bisexual. 

Turn ons:  Being spanked, dom partners, being held down, biting
Breast Size:  B cup

Sensitivity: High

Abilities/Powers: Teleportation, other magics

Skills: Proficient with swords. Martial arts. Flexible.

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Elena Ichinomiya


Name: Magnolia Lazareva
Age: 24 (according to her manufacturer)
Gender: Female
Species: Doll (Humanoid)
Origin: Originally she was made with likeliness of a daughter of renown doll maker who fell ill and died after her 14 birthday. The doll maker (her father) imagine what she look like when she reach adulthood which become base design of her appearance. However as he finished build her, the doll maker soon fell sick due to lack of sleep and ignoring his own health, just so he would see his daughter face once more, even if it just a replica of his own imagination. The moment she finally move her body, the doll maker no longer with her.

"Father?" that is the first word she said as her mechanical body do its magic, the word that the doll maker wanted to hear. She stand up and saw the mirror and look at the reflection of a doll who come to life but without known objective since her point of interest no longer with her. She walk out, searching for the answer as she left the workshop, leaving her father on his deathbed. As she walk through empty road, she realize her foot no longer step on the cobble stone path, but rather a dirt path. The building nearby now turn into forest. Two wisp appear to greet her yet she was unfazed as her mind currently has only one focus that require her attention in return for affection.


Height: 176 cm
Weight: 80 kg (due to her mechanic body)
Eye Colour: Red
Hair Colour: Black
Physical Description: She has mechanic body but not around her torso, head and legs. Probably unfinished job since the rest of her body are covered and well-textured close to human. Thanks to mysterious craftsmanship, her body may react to any touch like human but only around "fleshed" part. Her hands for example, won't feel anything. She had short hair, somewhat soft skin, well endowed and curvy body behind her coat

Other Details: While she may look emotionless most of the time, she actually quite talkative and rather easily excited but not naive like the rest of the doll back at home. While she may more to sub than dom, if situation arise, may take initiative.

Sexual Orientation: (TBD)
Turn ons: Teasing, Lingerie (may add more later)
Penis Length: -
Breast Size: C

Sensitivity: Breast, Back, Thigh

Abilities/Powers: Her hands are mod-able. Some visitor of the island said she can transform it into sex toy but no one ever see her do it.

Skills: She know a few move of Wing Chun. Somewhat agile despite her weight.

Signature accessory : Walking stick owned by her father. She brought that along with her at the day she depart. Its rare to find her without that on her hand for a single day.

Thought about the island : "That two wisp said i can live happily here after some time. But i want to know if my father is here. Anyway, they keep making fun of my arms. It was normal right? I mean those two can turn into wisp while i just being doll. I wonder if they can teach me? that can make it easier for me to find father" Proceed to muttering father when no one talk to her...

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spacer.pngName: Yukki Karano                                    

Age: 18                                               

Gender: Female                                  

Species: Elf

Origin: Yukki was born as a princess of the kingdom of Veku. Her parents the king and the queen ruled over the land with great pride and power and all of the citizens respected them. On her 18th birthday, Yukki would be coronated and would take over the throne from her parents. The day of her birthday, the dark organization know as Kate no Sutoka attacked the kingdom. They had not been heard from for quite some time but now they were back and they had an army greater than the royal one and their leader, corrupt in dark power. The kingdom and royal castle had been set ablaze. The king and queen ran with Yukki through the rubble but soon were greeted by the leader himself, Malikit. Yukki’s parents told her to get out of here and run and to not look back. Though reluctant she did.

She ran and ran eventually running into the woods and getting lost not mowing where she was going. Eventually after walking for so long, she finally made it out and looked around. She had no idea where she was. This new place looked like home but it wasn’t home. The woods had transported Yukki from her word to Sweet Treat Island.

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 126lbs

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Blonde

Physical Description: Yukki is a petite girl with an hourglass shape. She had green eyes and blonde hair and pointy ears. She has small B-cup breasts and a cute butt.

Other Details: Yukki is often shy and quite and alone, but if you sat down with her and got to know her she is actually a really nice and fun person to be around. Is also very sub.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Turn ons: Kissing, biting, dom partner, teasing, being handcuffed.

Penis Length: /

Breast Size: B cup

Abilities/Powers: Wind Manipulation, full power still locked and can only control a small amount of it so far.

Skills: very skilled with a bow and arrow.

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Name: Valrei
Age: 735
Gender: Male
Species: Oni

Origin : His memory goes back to medieval Japan, where he used to live in a moutain forest, fighting tengu and river goblins, demanding tribute from farmers. Killing Ronin that wandered his mountain. Until one day, about 700 years ago, he was confronted and sealed away by a mountain priest after he had taken an interest in a local village girl. The locals didn't take kindly to that and so hired the priest to take care of him.

Recently some construction activities in his forest broke the seals that held him in a rock prison for hundreds of years. His freedom disn'tlast long as wind of himgot to a local temple, the priestesses came out and tried to banish him. Despite his best efforts to evade, them found him and cast him away to the island.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190lbs
Eye Colour: red-brown
Hair Colour: Platinum
Physical Description:  Valrei is a tall and powerfully built Oni daemon.

Other Details:
Turn ons: Petite girls as well as girls with large chest. Fit legs.
Penis Length: 7"

Sensitivity: Holy/divine magic, very weak to it.

Abilities/Powers: Very tough and very strong. Can breath fire. Resistant to elemental magic and hot/cold.

Skills: Good with swords and blunt weapons like clubs. Likes to compose haiku on occasion.large.4c8a13c4e2946f370397ed684136d129.jpg.242f95f1f9666b19e0d1bf2b3cdde75a.jpg

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(NOTE: I'll post a reference picture when I find one that's not too far off.)

Name: Brian Alvers

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Born in a small town in Pennsylvania, Brian lived fairly normally for most of his life. He got decent grades in school, made and lost friends, and helped his father, a watchmaker, with his little shop in the countryside. When Brian was 19, he suddenly got an inexplicable yet powerful urge to dig a hole next to the road he was walking along. In it he found an extremely rare coin from the early 1900s. After a few similar incidents, Brian concluded that he could sense treasure somehow, and quickly decided to become a deep-sea diver specializing in finding lost treasures. Finishing his training in record time, he found himself employed by the Smithsonian full-time. Brian worked with them for several years, becoming quite well-off in the process. When diving off the coast of Newfoundland one day, he suddenly noticed that his line to the ship had been cut. He swam to the surface only to find that the ship was gone and the only land around was a tropical paradise - Sweet Treat Island.

Height: 6'1".
Weight: 168 lbs
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Brown
Physical Description: Brian is strong but not bulky; his physique is trim and wiry, as befits a diver. He has a friendly-looking face that he keeps cleanly shaved, and his skin is a rich, deep chocolate color. His hair is always cropped close to his head.

Personality: In a word, relaxed. Brian doesn't worry about things; either it will work out or it won't, so there's no point stressing over it; just do your best and hope things turn out OK. As a consequence of this, he has exactly no shame at all and has been known to walk around his yard completely naked. He is naturally easygoing and friendly, though he has a tendency to mix his metaphors and occasionally finds himself struggling to explain what he meant. Years of finding treasure have given him a mild case of kleptomania, at least for things his power detects. He doesn't even know he's doing it, so he always returns what he "acquires" as soon as he realizes he's stolen it, but it has still gotten him into trouble on several occasions.

Other Details: Brian has a flute that he takes with him in a watertight pouch whenever he dives. He says it's his good-luck charm.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, though he has a mild preference for women.
Turn ons: Public sex, oral (giving and receiving), submissive partners.
Penis Length: A respectable 6 and a half inches or so; he's never taken a ruler to it but it seems to get the job done well enough.
Breast Size: N/A

Sensitivity: Chest and abdomen, neck, inner thighs, buttocks.

Abilities/Powers: Brian possesses the ability to find nearby valuables. He has mainly used it for finding treasure, but it can be used on any non-living thing that holds value, such as car keys. If you've lost your wallet, talk to Brian and you'll have it back by the end of the day.

Skills: Years of helping his father build and repair watches have given Brian excellent manual dexterity and coordination. He is also an accomplished deep-sea diver. If you get to know him well enough, he might play something for you on his flute.

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