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Please add character bios here. I have custom one you can fill out or if you already have one of your own, you can post that instead. Please try not to post before adding a bio here first. Thank you.

Also, the provided template does not need to be completed entirely. You add, remove, rearrange details as you like. It just a template to give ideas for what to describe. But do try to make sure atleast the physical description of your character is detailed enough for others to have a clear idea of what your character looks like when they meet them.

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Eye Colour
Hair Colour
Physical Description:  

Other Details

Sexual Orientation
Turn ons
Penis Length
Breast Size




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large.6b9ff0646406b1e33366f4f7d10f82ce.jpg.aa9334b81355ede5a1412a85e830226b.jpgName: Lollipop
Age: 19 (look a couple years younger)
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Wisp
Origin: One of many heirs to a rich family, Lollipop left home and changed his name of his own free will due to his intense sexual deviancy. Constantly hungry for sex but not wanting to cause a scandal for family due to his actions and nature, he ran away and never looked back. His remaining tie to home is adopted sister who left home with him for the same reason. Together they wandered till they got lost in the woods and stumbled upon a magical Inn. Their they got jobs and where able to live out their fantasies with out fear of judgment. Then one day Inn's owner, who they had great admiration for told them that she wants them to be the successors of her power and the Inn once she is gone. But first they needed more Worldly experiences in order to properly recieve her power. So they set out on a journey, traveling to different worlds and realities to gain what they need to receive her power.

Now after their journey has ended, Lollipop aims to use the powers he gained from his master to create a Haven for people with the same or similar desires as his own. That Haven is Sweet Treat Island.

Height: 4'9
Weight: 84 lbs
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Physical Description:  Petite and cute, Lollipop often gets confused for a girl and his preferred choice in clothing doesnt help. His hair is long and blonde. Sky blue eyes. And a cute bubble butt that he is quite proud of.

Other Details: Has a moral fixation and can't go very long without having something in his mouth. He usually deals with this urge by sucking on lollipops. But if he can't find those, then he feeds his urges by finding something else to suck on. He also taste sweet. No matter if its licking him or tasting his cum, all of him has a sweet taste.

Lollipop I'd highly intelligent and has a photographic memory. He is extremely cunning, which usually surprises people because of his general nature and personality, which often leads people to believe that he's an airhead.  He can be very strategic and people who know often can't tell if he's scheming or being genuine. Luckily he's a naturally caring person or he could be quite a threat.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Turn ons: Being licked, dom partners, being held down, biting, having things in his mouth, having his ass grabbed and/or slapped.
Penis Length: 9
Sensitivity: High

Abilities/Powers: Aura Sight, Teleportation, Aphrodisiac Breath (Sometimes when he is overly aroused, a pink mist comes from his mouth that has strong aphrodisiac effects). Various other magics.

Skills: Proficient with Knives, Acrobatics, is Flexible, photographic memory, very intelligent 

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Right is Sonja

Name:  Sonja Petronov
Age:  22
Gender: Female
Species:  Human
Origin:  She was born in 1951, in Hungary to a Russian mother and Hungarian Father, who met during the second world war, her father an Officer of the Hungarian army, and her mother a red army sniper. In hopes to helping her in life they chose to use her mother's maiden name Petronov. times were good until the Hungarian Revolution started. Cries for freedom reigned the street and the young mind of the five year old girl was accustomed to tanks, soldiers, and blood. This was merely the beginning of her mind failing her. Pro-communist soldiers, against orders, burned her family home after they figured out her Father's past. This broke the small child, her mind shattered to an extent, somewhat insane, she often kept to herself while under her uncle's care after her parents deaths. Now at age 18, the year is 1969 and she is now a mercenary for hire, typically as a medic for random wars and such. The woman acts like a child with a morbid curiosity, sometimes willing to experiment on others should she be in her darker personality

Height: 6.0" ft
Weight: 189 ibs
Eye Colour: blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Physical Description:   Tall, curvy, large breasts, wears a hungarian uniform and a red scarf

Other Details: Medic for a merc team and has a darker side of her personality


Sexual Orientation:  Lesbian
Turn ons: playing with her ass or breasts
Penis Length: N/A
Breast Size: DD

Sensitivity: ???

Abilities/Powers: has a darker side to her personality

Skills:  medicine, using a bonesaw

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large.sample_b6462440a44be90c91cdc9394fb6490e.jpg.88d99257be5f9f19247ac95fa61ca5ed.jpgName: Mint
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Wisp
Origin: Adopted by Lollipop's father. Had same level of deviancy as her adopted brother, which led the two of them to often sleep with the help and eventually each other on a regular basis. Realizing that the two of them had no interest in the family business or its affairs but not wanting their behavior to ruin the family image, they left. Finding their way to a magic forest, where existed an Inn. Their relationship with the Inn owner would change their lives forever.

A year after setting out with Lollipop to gain the experiences needed to properly receive the powers of the Inns owner, The two have established Sweet Treat Island as a resort Haven of pleasure. Acts like Lollipop's protector. 

Height: 4'10
Weight: 86lbs
Eye Colour: Teal
Hair Colour: White
Physical Description:  Light brown skin. Petite and cute like Lollipop. B-cup breast. Short light brown hair. Plump in all the right places. Silky smooth skin. Is physically fit.

Other Details: Despite her tomboyish and sometimes aggressive personality,  she can be extremely submissive. 

Sexual Orientation:  Bisexual. 

Turn ons:  Being spanked, dom partners, being held down, biting
Breast Size:  B cup

Sensitivity: High

Abilities/Powers: Augmented Strength, Magic Chains, Teleportation, other magics

Skills: Proficient with swords. Martial arts. Flexible.

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Name: Magnolia Lazareva
Age: 24 (according to her manufacturer)
Gender: Female
Species: Doll (Humanoid)
Origin: Originally she was made with likeliness of a daughter of renown doll maker who fell ill and died after her 14 birthday. The doll maker (her father) imagine what she look like when she reach adulthood which become base design of her appearance. However as he finished build her, the doll maker soon fell sick due to lack of sleep and ignoring his own health, just so he would see his daughter face once more, even if it just a replica of his own imagination. The moment she finally move her body, the doll maker no longer with her.

"Father?" that is the first word she said as her mechanical body do its magic, the word that the doll maker wanted to hear. She stand up and saw the mirror and look at the reflection of a doll who come to life but without known objective since her point of interest no longer with her. She walk out, searching for the answer as she left the workshop, leaving her father on his deathbed. As she walk through empty road, she realize her foot no longer step on the cobble stone path, but rather a dirt path. The building nearby now turn into forest. Two wisp appear to greet her yet she was unfazed as her mind currently has only one focus that require her attention in return for affection.


Height: 176 cm
Weight: 80 kg (due to her mechanic body)
Eye Colour: Red
Hair Colour: Black
Physical Description: She has mechanic body but not around her torso, head and legs. Probably unfinished job since the rest of her body are covered and well-textured close to human. Thanks to mysterious craftsmanship, her body may react to any touch like human but only around "fleshed" part. Her hands for example, won't feel anything. She had short hair, somewhat soft skin, well endowed and curvy body behind her coat

Other Details: While she may look emotionless most of the time, she actually quite talkative and rather easily excited but not naive like the rest of the doll back at home. While she may more to sub than dom, if situation arise, may take initiative.

Sexual Orientation: (TBD)
Turn ons: Teasing, Lingerie (may add more later)
Penis Length: -
Breast Size: C

Sensitivity: Breast, Back, Thigh

Abilities/Powers: Her hands are mod-able. Some visitor of the island said she can transform it into sex toy but no one ever see her do it.

Skills: She know a few move of Wing Chun. Somewhat agile despite her weight.

Signature accessory : Walking stick owned by her father. She brought that along with her at the day she depart. Its rare to find her without that on her hand for a single day.

Thought about the island : "That two wisp said i can live happily here after some time. But i want to know if my father is here. Anyway, they keep making fun of my arms. It was normal right? I mean those two can turn into wisp while i just being doll. I wonder if they can teach me? that can make it easier for me to find father" Proceed to muttering father when no one talk to her...

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spacer.pngName: Yukki Karano                                    

Age: 18                                               

Gender: Female                                  

Species: Elf

Origin: Yukki was born as a princess of the kingdom of Veku. Her parents the king and the queen ruled over the land with great pride and power and all of the citizens respected them. On her 18th birthday, Yukki would be coronated and would take over the throne from her parents. The day of her birthday, the dark organization know as Kate no Sutoka attacked the kingdom. They had not been heard from for quite some time but now they were back and they had an army greater than the royal one and their leader, corrupt in dark power. The kingdom and royal castle had been set ablaze. The king and queen ran with Yukki through the rubble but soon were greeted by the leader himself, Malikit. Yukki’s parents told her to get out of here and run and to not look back. Though reluctant she did.

She ran and ran eventually running into the woods and getting lost not mowing where she was going. Eventually after walking for so long, she finally made it out and looked around. She had no idea where she was. This new place looked like home but it wasn’t home. The woods had transported Yukki from her word to Sweet Treat Island.

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 126lbs

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Blonde

Physical Description: Yukki is a petite girl with an hourglass shape. She had green eyes and blonde hair and pointy ears. She has small B-cup breasts and a cute butt.

Other Details: Yukki is often shy and quite and alone, but if you sat down with her and got to know her she is actually a really nice and fun person to be around. Is also very sub.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Turn ons: Kissing, biting, dom partner, teasing, being handcuffed.

Penis Length: /

Breast Size: B cup

Abilities/Powers: Wind Manipulation, full power still locked and can only control a small amount of it so far.

Skills: very skilled with a bow and arrow.

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Name: Valrei "Val"
Age: 735
Gender: Male
Species: Oni

Origin : His memory goes back to medieval Japan, where he used to live in a moutain forest, fighting tengu and river goblins, demanding tribute from farmers. Killing Ronin that wandered his mountain. Until one day, about 700 years ago, he was confronted and sealed away by a mountain priest after he had taken an interest in a local village girl. The locals didn't take kindly to that and so hired the priest to take care of him, and he was sealed away.

Recently some construction activities in his forest broke the seals that held him in a rock prison for hundreds of years. His freedom didn't last long as word of him got to a local temple, the priestesses came out and tried to banish him. Despite his best efforts to evade her, she found him and cast him away to the island.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190lbs
Eye Colour: red-brown
Hair Colour: Platinum
Physical Description:  Val is a tall and powerfully built Oni daemon.

Other Details:
Turn ons: Petite girls as well as girls with large chest, he's not too picky. Fit legs.
Penis Length: 7"

Sensitivity: Holy/divine magic, very weak to it.

Abilities/Powers: Very tough and very strong. Can breath fire. Resistant to elemental magic and hot/cold.

Skills: Good with swords and blunt weapons like clubs. Likes to compose haiku on occasion.ilwEDrK.jpg

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(NOTE: I'll post a reference picture when I find one that's not too far off.)

Name: Brian Alvers

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Born in a small town in Pennsylvania, Brian lived fairly normally for most of his life. He got decent grades in school, made and lost friends, and helped his father, a watchmaker, with his little shop in the countryside. When Brian was 19, he suddenly got an inexplicable yet powerful urge to dig a hole next to the road he was walking along. In it he found an extremely rare coin from the early 1900s. After a few similar incidents, Brian concluded that he could sense treasure somehow, and quickly decided to become a deep-sea diver specializing in finding lost treasures. Finishing his training in record time, he found himself employed by the Smithsonian full-time. Brian worked with them for several years, becoming quite well-off in the process. When diving off the coast of Newfoundland one day, he suddenly noticed that his line to the ship had been cut. He swam to the surface only to find that the ship was gone and the only land around was a tropical paradise - Sweet Treat Island.

Height: 6'1".
Weight: 168 lbs
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Brown
Physical Description: Brian is strong but not bulky; his physique is trim and wiry, as befits a diver. He has a friendly-looking face that he keeps cleanly shaved, and his skin is a rich, deep chocolate color. His hair is always cropped close to his head.

Personality: In a word, relaxed. Brian doesn't worry about things; either it will work out or it won't, so there's no point stressing over it; just do your best and hope things turn out OK. As a consequence of this, he has exactly no shame at all and has been known to walk around his yard completely naked. He is naturally easygoing and friendly, though he has a tendency to mix his metaphors and occasionally finds himself struggling to explain what he meant. Years of finding treasure have given him a mild case of kleptomania, at least for things his power detects. He doesn't even know he's doing it, so he always returns what he "acquires" as soon as he realizes he's stolen it, but it has still gotten him into trouble on several occasions.

Other Details: Brian has a flute that he takes with him in a watertight pouch whenever he dives. He says it's his good-luck charm.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, though he has a mild preference for women.
Turn ons: Public sex, oral (giving and receiving), submissive partners.
Penis Length: A respectable 6 and a half inches or so; he's never taken a ruler to it but it seems to get the job done well enough.
Breast Size: N/A

Sensitivity: Chest and abdomen, neck, inner thighs, buttocks.

Abilities/Powers: Brian possesses the ability to find nearby valuables. He has mainly used it for finding treasure, but it can be used on any non-living thing that holds value, such as car keys. If you've lost your wallet, talk to Brian and you'll have it back by the end of the day.

Skills: Years of helping his father build and repair watches have given Brian excellent manual dexterity and coordination. He is also an accomplished deep-sea diver. If you get to know him well enough, he might play something for you on his flute.

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Name: Yuumi Faust
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Witch/Human
Origin: Born to a noble bloodline of magic users, Yuumi was trained from birth to eventually work as a specialist operative for the main coven in her world, The Grand Order. She is widely skilled in a variety of magic but is especially talented in potion making, transformation spells and black magic. She is so used to living in a world mainly populated by humans it has become second nature for her to try and hide her magical abilities. She loves exploring and loves a bit of mischief. 

Height: 5’9’’ 
Weight: 134lbs
Eye Colour: Ocean Blue with a hint of sparkles
Hair Colour: White
Physical Description: Tall and has some curvature in the right places to make her appealing to most. However hidden behind the beautiful figure is muscles honed for her main job, battle. Rather pale skin and pink tender, full lips. Her hair long and straight flowing down her back, she has a side fringe which she tries to keep tucked away behind her ear. She is known for her dark attire, a pure black long coat that extends to her knees, a black outstanding witch hat, a red, rose patterned corset underneath with black leather pants and a belt with a gold rose imprinted buckle. Finally she wears black heeled boots

Other Details: She has a pouch on her belt that helps carry smaller items however she is usually able to summon most of the objects she needs or can imagine. 

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual 
Turn ons: Transformations, Switch from Dom to Sub, Dirty Talk
Breast Size: DD Cup

Sensitivity: High

Abilities/Powers: Magic, Katana wielding, physically strong with a lifetime of training. 

Skills: She is a charmer and a flirt. She can usually wriggle what she wants out of a person through her words, and if that doesn’t work she always has a wide range of magic spells at her beckon call that can help with that.

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Name: Bubblegum
Age: 200 (looks 19)
Gender:  Female
Species: Human
Origin: She is a witch who shares a rivalry with Lollipop and Mint's Master, and constantly after the duo hoping they will forsake their Master and serve her instead. She created Mr. Piggy after capturing a Orc that tried to attack her and using her magic (and other means) to turn him into her obedient slave/pet.

Height: 5'0
Weight: 96lbs
Eye Colour: Pink
Hair Colour: Pink
Physical Description:  Fit and nicely toned build. Has a nice round butt and C-cup breast. Has pink hair that reaches her shoulders and light pink eyes. Usually wears a short pink tunic that only  barely covers her butt with black tunes etched into it, and a witches hat, and thighhighs with the same design. 


Other Details: Has an obsession with toying with orcs. Loves toying with others in general, but most of her experiments involve orcs. She is also sexually attracted to them, and loves dominating them. 

Sexual Orientation: Bi
Turn ons
Breast Size: c cup

Sensitivity: High 

Abilities/Powers: Bubble Magic, shields, Barriers, various other magics

Skills: Highly intelligent, Potion Making, Genetic Science

Will Update

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Name: Juzo Inui or Resolver
Age: 33
Gender: male
Species:  Gun Slave Unit /kinda like a cyborg 
Origin: he was a gun slave unite used during a massive war where he came from now the war being over he become a deactive of some kind or a problem solver for extended problems but sadly he has no memory before his life has a gun slave . and one of his jobs he picked up just so happened to land him on a island of some sorts cause a random portal open up on him has he was after some crook to end up there at the frount door   

Height: 6'6
Weight: 250

Eye Colour: his gun barrel his is eye 
Physical Description:  Juzo is a muscular adult of a medium to large build. He generally wears a tight, long-sleeved t-shirt under his gray jacket.His most distinctive feature is his gun for a head. His head is a revolver with the trigger and handle hanging in the back, and under it, a metallic jaw with a prominent chin. He lacks lips, instead displaying a row of hexagon-shaped teeth.

His right hand also displays a gun-like appearance and is functional as a gun

Personality: Juzo is a very straight-minded man, and usually lives by his motto: "Wipe your own ass." but he always see a job to its end has well

Other Details: he is a chainsmoker dude to his extiencens it help daules the pain so he smokes lot  and he his not a big fan of kids or getting wet afraid he will rust but even he doesn't know that he would but just doesn't want to find out 

Sexual Orientation:  straight 
Turn ons: he doesn't really know what his turn ons are but he likes boobs get flustered around pretty girls easy 
Penis Length: he never took time to check him self out down there 7 inch but he been to busy fighting or doing jobs to care

Sensitivity: low he has to find trust in people again


Superhuman strength: Able to release devastating blows with great destructive capacity.

Superhuman agility and expert reflexes.

Gun Physiology: Juzo, being an over-extend, has extends throughout his whole body. His head is a revolver gun, which, strangely enough, can only be fired by someone behind him and is rarely used. However, his right hand also acts as a gun for him, and in a much more practical way than his head. This is his standard weapon, which has shown to be powerful enough to stop a bullet train.

Skills:  he is good at protecting people and Resolving  problems for people like scready or getting wied of pest like monster or what it is that cause harm to others 


(i hope this is okay to  have him here if not it is alright i just wanted to try him and here looked like fun to try >_<)

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Name: Soft Stroke
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Equine (Anthro)
Origin: Initially born to a small, modest family, Soft's parents were killed in an accident when he was 2, leading to him to be raised by his grandmother. While loved and cared for, Soft grew up feeling slightly disconnected from his peers. This left him growing up kind but distant, happy to say hello but scared to invite many over. While never particularly skilled at many subjects, Soft eventually found his talent softly stroking a pen across a page, specifically with that of romantic literature; ironic, given his lack of romantic relationships. Eventually, Soft decided to pursue that career, leading him to move to a new city and begin writing there after schooling. There, he joined a small group of local authors who began sharing works and stories with one another, leading him to begin developing a new idea. After years of financial hardship, his book titled The Crossed Hearts Union, a book about a girl that joins a small local book reading club of the namesake dedicated to romantic literature finding love after seeking out the author to her favorite book from the club [inspired by the very group of friends he joined], became enough of a success to catapult him into small-time success. Through this success, he was able to fully remove himself from the majority of his hardships and begin a lightly successful career as an author. Soft began promiscuity after his financial situation leveled out, at which point he began crossdressing rather frequently as well. This has led to him having many long nights with many of both sexes, though he has yet to find one that he truly has feelings for.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 Lb
Eye Colour: Aqua blue
Hair Colour: Fusha Pink
Physical Description:  Thin, slender and very femininely built. His fur shares his namesake by being very soft to the touch. Long legs and a slightly thicker butt. Both tail and hair have slick and styled appearances. In short, definition of 'femboy.'

Other Details: Soft often crossdresses. He does view himself as a male, but mainly wears female clothing. To this extent, while some may call him a 'trap' he is always very open about the fact that he is a he. Soft himself would never let someone get to the bedroom without knowing what they're getting into. He does, however, often not go out of his way to correct misgendering him. He does get a bit of humor out of someone blushing when they call him a 'she' for the first time. Soft is primarily a bottom in most situations, but is flexible otherwise.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Turn ons: Kissing, Flirting, Casual/Public Sex, Light bondage, Dominant Partners, Dirty Talk, Light Biting, Swimsuits*
Penis Length: 8 In.
Breast Size: N/A

Sensitivity: Soft's horn is extremely sensitive to touch. Both his ears and the base of his tail act in a similar fashion. Very ticklish. Medium overall sensitivity.

Abilities/Powers: Being a unicorn, Soft has access to low level magic. Given his lack of aptitude, this mainly is used for telekinesis. Other abilities include utilizing a third magical 'hand,' light sensation play, heating and warming substances, and lighting up rooms using his horn. Compared to humans, he has increased stamina as well.

Skills: Aside from light magical abilities, Soft is incredibly flexible. Writing is his primary attribute. Otherwise, no outstanding skills.

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Name: Zeddicus Zulthus 
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Magically Enhanced)
Origin: Zeddicus was born into a Noble family of magicians. He was trained by the fines tutors, went to the highest Pedigree of schools for magic users. Some of the friends he made there showed him how to really enjoy life and he far less of a ’stuck up’. He went on to become a teacher at the school and then one of the leading professors. His usual demeanor tends to be Cold, Calculatedly, Logical, with little room for nonsense but under it all is a warm layer of caring and compassion.

Height: 6”1’
Weight: 177
Eye Colour: Sky blue
Hair Colour: Light Blond
Physical Description:  While not very strong is is very fit, lean muscle tone ‘For a healthy body is a healthy mind.” He has a long scar across his chest from a magical mishap of his own doing. His long white robes almost always seem to dance slightly in the wind even where their is none. When not in hand his staff is almost always levitating next to him with a will to always protect its owner should it need to with various magical abilities.

Other Details: He has a small hidden pouch inside his robe that allows access to a small dimension where he stores a large array of magic and non magic items should the need arises.

Sexual Orientation: Straight, usually game to try something at least once.
Turn ons: Intelligence, Power, Dominating His Partner, Cunnilingus, Kissing, Flirting, Neck bites, Public sex. 
Penis Length: 6 as normal (varies)
Breast Size: 

Sensitivity: Rubbing his earlobe really gets his body going, you can think of it as an on switch.

Abilities/Powers: His affinity is sky magic. Use of air, water, lightning (energy), cold are most powerful for him. He has secondary’s in illusions and transformation.

Skills: Talent Alchemist (always has a portable lab folded up in his robe) While a novice at melee combat his staff is as fast as skilled as a master and fights on his behalf if needed. He is very good a drawing mana out of the air to recover his own should their be any able. (Mana takes a very long time to gather so he only uses this sparingly). 

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Name: Rilog Of clan Shaber Spear
Age:  22 
Gender:  Male
Species: Orc/human
Origin: Rilog was born to an orc mother after she had secretly had a love affair with a human male. Being hidden as a clan slave for most of his life, Rilog was considered trash amongst other Orcs. Being a half human was looked down upon and this caused him to be a loner among the Shaber clan. Unable to wield a battle axe and forced to run the bellows, Rilog focused hard on getting into a craft that he knew was perfect for him. With hard work and dedication, he became the clans first Rouge, able to sneak into places and grab valuable items he was highly sought after. Finnaly earning a pinch of respect among his peers, he quickly became better at running and hunting, being trained on tasks that could benefit the tribe. 

Height:  5' 6"
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Colour: Amber/Orange
Hair Colour:  Brown with deep sage green highlights.
Physical Description:  Compared to other orcs, he was shorter, more trim, his muscle mass was far below average, but his endurance out paced even the most sizable orcs.  Clothed in fabric that mitigated sound and weighed almost nothing. It gave his figure a shapely appearance. 

Other Details: He carries an orcalium spear, along with a dagger, his only belongings are pressed into a shoulder bag that he carries where ever he goes. 

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (and would give or take to anyone/anything)
Turn ons: Hair grabbing, ass groping, grinding, throat pinning, light bondage. Chest groping, slow stroking, deep kissing, biting (and many more I'll add later)
Penis Length: 7 inchs
Breast Size: A cup (B with a push up)

Sensitivity: High, (Being alone has made him highly susceptible to touching making him easy pray to those wanting him.)

Abilitys/powers/Skills: Hunting mastery, and rogue like abilitys (ie. Steeling, pickpocketing, sneaking, hiding in plane sight, lock picking.) Capable of throwing his spear 25 feet, and nimble with his dagger.


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Name: Elias (von) Veringrad
Age: looks to be 17, real age unspecified
Gender: female
Species: Elf Deity
Origin: Alfheim

Height: 5"6
Weight: she'd rather not say.
Eye Colour: green
Hair Colour: bright blonde
Physical Description: Elias has a very slender figure. her bust is fair, but is largely masked by her clothing. she wears no bra or underwear, as in Alfheim, purity is to be true to oneself and with the natural order. she wears heeled boots and has a flowing green tunic to match her curves. her expression is typically associated with a mix of euphoria and contentment and satisfaction.

other details: Elias becomes insatiable when it comes to creampies

Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Turn ons: tentacles, semen, the thought of impregnation and rape. she also has a secret desire for futanari girls.
Breast Size: looks like C when clothed, unclothed she has D breasts.

Sensitivity: fairly sensitive around her breasts and her back. she is easily aroused by light touches there.

Abilities/Powers: she can use magical abilities to alter her physical body and conjure mythical beings. unlike most Alfheim elves, she uses her creations strictly for her own lustful desires and ambitions

Skills: Elias can cum as many times as she wants and never gets tired.

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Name: Klara Dore
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: hunter/Human
Origin: after the hunt in her home town and being exposed to an unknown truth left her close to the deep end she left for a town called Alder. It's unknown why she chose to come to Alder, all that is certain is that she is a hunter and often used for escorting. very little is known from her past , from what few know she was once from a noble family but casted out when she became a hunter due to her home's inside looking more belonging to a noble family then what the shanty dwelling appears on the outside. it was during these hunts that she wound up here
Eye Colour: Blue eyes
Hair Colour:  Red Hair
Physical Description: . Tall,and thin, wears a hunters garb with many tools strapped to her belt, wears round rimmed glasses

Other Details: 

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Turn ons: anal, breasts
Penis Length: 
Breast Size: C cups

Sensitivity: ???

Abilities/Powers: higher reflexes, some form of blood manipulation, involves stabbings herself to coat her weapons in blood .

Skills: swordsmanship, hunting beasts.

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Name: Dr.Shock
Age: 30 but really a couple 400 years old thanks to geens he cut 
Gender: male
Species: was human more like super human 
Origin: Dr.Shook has been through many of different labs in his long life and he ended up and sweet treat island to help along with there sexule type drugs witch he trys to make sure work before they get pushed out. and he has also created a small mech    size of a wasp (he named it Sting but the bug says is name Waspinator) he can have sleep drugs in his stinger for self defense 

Height:  5,9
Weight: 190lbs
Eye Colour: white
Hair Colour: purple 
Physical Description:  for a scientist he is quite fite more lean but  with broad shoulders  he has taken out a few of his past creasons from going wield in side of the lab  

Other Details:  he hates when it when someone mess with his experiments or try to stand in his way when he wants to try one of his test on some one  

Sexual Orientation:  Pansexual 
Turn ons: cosplay or maids  are his big turn on 
Penis Length: 

Sensitivity: mid

Abilities/Powers:  he has a higher or higher iq then most people on the island he tends to makes a new drug every day or a new creature that's fails, he is strong has his smart , he has a wrist weapons that's fires a cannon shot at people or the things he create   

Skills: master of his own form of juto or what he calls shock fighting he has build in tasers in his gloves to leave a power full shock what ever he hits 

spacer.pnghis wasp creason he made Sting or waspinator he speaks in 3rd person 

i might end up scraping him ore a edit i don't know right now 

Edited by DozleZabie2
was trying to water him down and sorry it took so long
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Name: Asmael
Age: Timeless
Gender: Male
Species: Fallen Angel

Personality: Asmael is a manipulator to his core, and takes great pleasure in his work corrupting the souls of mortals. As a former angel he is sensitive to the scent of divinity and harder to exorcise than a normal demon. As such, he takes particular pride in being able to corrupt hose who otherwise benefit from heaven's favor. While he targets living and dead souls alike, he finds a special level of fun in convincing the dead to throw away their humanity and become wild demons who obey only their own desires. He has never managed to make another angel fall just yet, but thinks that would be the most fun of all.

Origin:  Long story short, he used to be a guardian angel but got corrupted by the lord of lust sin. His new job is to corrupt as many mortals as he can onto the path of endless debauchery and complete indulgence so that when they die they become demons like him. His search for more 'playmates' has brought him to the island, adoring all of the lust he can feel coming from it. Full story below.


Asmael was originally a guardian angel, tasked with watching over heaven's most favored and giving them strength and protection when adversity entered their lives. His duty was to ensure that his charges could live full and proper lives so that when they died they could go to heaven and hopefully become angels themselves.

Through his dutiful service, he successfully guided hundreds of souls along their lives, but his fate would take a drastic change when one day his charge was attacked. As the daughter of a man who became a priest when his wife died, Asmael thought this charge would be an easy one to shepherd throughout her entire life. What he hadn't noticed, however, was that the priest had been possessed by a demon through his grief. Through his devotion to the good of his family and community, the man was able to resist the whisperings of sin in his ear for several years, but as his daughter grew to look more and more like his dearly departed wife, he one night succumbed to temptation and snuck into her room.

In order to protect the purity of his charge, Asmael manifested in the mortal world and tried to exorcise the demon from the man's soul. Unfortunately, what he did not now was that the girl had never been the demon's true target. The entity that possessed the priest was as shade of Asmodeus, lord of Lust himself, and he intended to add yet another servant to his court.

Through the demon's kiss darkness forced itself into the angel's heart and he awoke to the pleasures of lust sin. Overwhelmed by a power several times greater than his, the guardian angel fell into depravity and became a loyal servant of the underworld.

Ever since then, he has made a mockery of his previous existence and acted as a dark angel seducing mortals away from the path of purity and good, and drew them to indulge into all of their fantasied with no care for anyone but themselves. While he seduces all hat take his interest to the path of darkness, he takes special pleasure in corrupting those who thought themselves most pure and holy—digging into their hearts to find their most forbidden desires and amplifying them to irresistible cravings. His deepest wish is to repeat the success of his dark master, and make another angel fall and join him in his quest to spread sin across the mortal populace.

Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: featherlight
Eye Colour: red
Hair Colour: black and midnight purple.

Appearance: Asmael has always been incredibly fair, being angelic of birth, but ever since his fall he has looked especially androgynous as a reflection of his status as a servant of lust sin. He wears clothes that accentuate his slender legs and bare his shoulders, while always leaving his long black hair to flow out and partially cover his face to highlight his mysterious disposition.

Other Details: at will he can manifest/dispell wings as black as the deepest night, accented only with a few streaks of midnight blue and some deep royal purple at the very edges. He doesn't need these wings to fly/levitate but most of his magic seems to be tied to them in some fashion.

Sexual Orientation: Surprisingly for how he looks, heterosexual and dominant. He will flirt with anything, and entice both male and female playmates to give into their deepest desires, but as for his own tastes he only copulates with feminine things, and generally prefers to make them submit to him while they fall to lust sin.
Turn ons: Corrupting the pure and innocent, making/seeing people give in to their most taboo desires (though he's hardly ever turned off to begin with)
Penis Length: Varies. As a fallen angel serving lust sin, he can make his member as large or small as he needs it to be. When not in use he generally keeps it literally nonexistent to add to his androgynous look, but in use he finds that 7 inches is a good standard to go with.
Breast Size: Typically none, but can grow a pair if it suddenly becomes necessary (particularly useful for corrupting women with hidden lesbian desires). Again they can be as large or small as the situation requires.

Sensitivity: High, especially if someone gets their hands on his wings.

Abilities/Powers: flight and levitation / teleportation / limited shape shifting / ability to change his clothes into whatever he desires / he can turn his angel feathers into charms that, if accepted, let him find the bearer wherever they are if they are on the same plane of existence / if within sight of a mortal, he can peer into their hearts to find their deepest desires.

Skills: General charm and seduction. As someone blessed with the grace of Lord Asmodeus, he is naturally adept at lowering the inhibitions of mortals, particularly of the weak-willed variety.

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Name: Hitomi
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Origin: Japanese-American

Height: 5’4”
Weight: 125lbs
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Black
Physical Description:  An extremely attractive woman with a full figure to match.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Turn ons: Being a slut
Breast Size: G-cup

Skills: Sucking dickspacer.png

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Name:  Maxwell Tracker
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Maxwell found himself in a dead end life, a job he hated, friends he could barely stand, nobody who wanted what he wanted.  His only hobby was deep sea fishing, a place to be alone, mostly, and just enjoy the ocean.  On one such fishing expedition he found himself sitting on the deck fishing as always, when the seas turned upon them.  The ship he was on lasted only fifteen minutes as the waves began to swell before it capsized.  Fighting as he could finally he came to the surface, the ship he was on was gone lost to the waves, not even debris rose around him from the ship.  All that was in his vision was a island, he could see what appeared to be a resort on it, with a sigh he swam to shore, at least he wouldn't die in the ocean.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185 lbs
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Physical Description:  Fit and lean from his diet of mostly fish.  As well as an aggressive workout regiment.

Other Details: His life was empty because he knew he could never live as he wanted, simply taking what he wanted.  Toying with people for his pleasure, his dark thoughts made him unlikable by his coworkers and a rare person to get a second date. 

Sexual Orientation: Straight, but anyone willing to submit somewhat is always fun.
Turn ons: submission, corruption of the pure into his pets, any dark fantasy a person would need to repress is what drives him wild.
Penis Length: six inches
Breast Size: /

Sensitivity:  Besides the normal, licking his skin most anywhere, although the small of his back is quite ticklish.

Abilities/Powers: None, he is a normal human, although he will seek to change that here.

Skills: Well versed in fishing, swiming, and general exercise.  He is also a chemical engineer, as such chemistry, physics, and general problem solving.

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Name: Kitty
Age: 19
Gender: futa girl 
Species: human
Origin: earth

Height: 5’2
Weight: 115
Eye Colour: blue
Hair Colour: blonde
Physical Description: I am blonde with blue eyes and a petite frame, I’m shy and don’t have big boobs and I have a small cock. I am submissive all the way  

Other Details: 

Sexual Orientation: straight (I only like men)   
Turn ons: hairy body, arm pits, getting raped, water sports, guys talking about there cock, dirty talk, smelly crotch, 
Penis Length: 
Breast Size: 32 A 

Sensitivity: being mean,

Abilities/Powers: I can puppy eyes to get what I want sometimes 50/50 chance

Skills: artistspacer.png

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Name: Ms. Alice
Age: 29
Gender: Futanari 
Species: Human
Origin: A product of the Jungle Laboratory. She exists to provide pleasures and services to all guests and residents of the island.

Height: 5'5
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye Colour: black 
Hair Colour: black
Physical Description: Toned and in peak physical condition due to the scientific enhancements and experiments performed on her body.  

Other Details: Able to dom or sub, depending on what the guest desires.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Turn ons: Her partner knowing what they want.
Penis Length: 9 inches
Breast Size: 34 D

Sensitivity: Very high.

Abilities/Powers: Limitless Libido. Only needs 4 hours of sleep for an optimal day of working on the island.

Skills: Able to provide any service a guest could possibly request pertaining to there stay on Sweet Treat Island. 

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Name: Kendra Love
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Origin: Kendra, a be loving young lady, went on a vacation for a full year in the Sweet Treat Island. With her husband stuck at full-time work back at home, Kendra experienced something she never had felt before~ 

Height: 5'5
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Physical Description:  Chubby, big boobs, big booty, and thick wide thighs and waists. 

Other Details: A very thick and chubby lady. 

Sexual Orientation: Straight. 
Turn ons: Big cocks
Penis Length: N/A
Breast Size: G cups

Sensitivity: High sensitivity, getting groped on the boobs and butt. 

Abilities/Powers: No powers but with a darker sexual experience. 

Skills: Sucking big cocks. 

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Name: Arthur Tamore
Age: 22(looks younger)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: While searching for lost artifacts in the jungle Arthur stumbled out into the island resort seemingly in the middle of no where. Not knowing where he was or who the people were he emediatly took a sheltered approach to anyone always searching for a way out of the resort but always falling short

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 120 pounds
Eye Colour: dark grey
Hair Colour: brown
Physical Description:  Seemingly skinny and tall with clothes on, underneath he has a six pack and is a lot stronger than he looks. Always has his sword with him no matter what.

Other Details: 

A world renowned explorer and adventurer always looking for the next big find whether it's the paranormal, mysterious, or sexual. He has a passion for the unexplained and always seems to figure everything out

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Turn ons: beautiful women, especially in bikinis. Medium sized breasts and being taken advantage of by multiple women he is attracted to. Kissing
Penis Length: 6 inches
Breast Size: /

Sensitivity: other then the normal guy ones(penis, especially the tip, anything down there, etc) none

Abilities/Powers: no magical abilities at the moment, has a keen ability to solve puzzles and mysteries

Skills: strong, fast, quick witted, gentleman to everyone, master swordsman, very smart(he is not me IRL, though I will try to solve any puzzles you give me)

Edited by Arthur Tamore
Inserting picture of Arthur
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