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Looking For a Variety of Things


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So like I said in the welcome thread.  I have a wide variety of things I would have interest in playing, playing male or female in MxF or FxF pairings.





Those are the preferred options, though I might consider any others that aren’t MxM.  I have pictures for younger generation characters, but still looking for good images of a mother or father I might play. 

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Oh what the heck, I've been throwing gender-bending ideas around other places, I'll do it here too.  Anyone want one of the two girls to be a gender-bent boy turned girl sister or daughter and work with the sudden sexual awkwardness of such a change in the family, let me know.

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Okay, here are a few potential start points.  Feel free to suggest others:

Punishing his disappointing brat:  In this idea the father decides to use incest to punish his misbehaving daughter, maybe it works briefly but then backfires and she lashes out attempting to get more.

Boyfriend prevention program:  In this case the father starts having sex with her in order to blunt her curiosity about sex as a virgin and interest in other boys.

Inbreeding: Maybe her mother is gone/dead and the father decides to use her to have more children.  This could be combined with ideas.

Daddy’s Little Princess: In this case the father spoils the girl, gives her most things she wants, but in return he expects frequent sex with her as ‘payment’.

Whether one of these ideas, or something else, we would probably start with their first time and the daughter most likely a virgin (maybe not in the punishment idea, she might just generally be a slutty little bitch there).

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Looking at these, I'm thinking of a combination of boyfriend prevention and inbreeding. Daddy-daughter breeding has always been a favorite kink of mine. Starting with her being a virgin if preferred as well.


What age do you have in mind for the daughter? 

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I will work on a starting post later today.  I’ll probably use the girl from my picture that has a boy and girl.

Of course anyone else reading this is free to play one of the other ideas, or suggest something else.

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We’ve got the one story started, but I figured I would add some ideas for other pairings for other people reading this.  I could be playing either side of any of these.  Breeding is optional for any of the MxF ideas, though only a key aspect of the one Mother x Son idea.  And I do have another picture now, for the mother, but have not found a father picture yet.  Might add more ideas later:

Brother x Sister

Pity sex for brother:  The brother is a social failure.  Crippling inability to act with anyone/most people outside of the family. No chance with girls.  Picking up on his frustration, his sister decides to cross the line to give him something cruelly denied to him.

Dirty time in the pool.  A bother and sister are swimming in the family pool and accidentally at first have some awkward contact a few times.  After a few accident they start intentionally feeling each other up and get carried away and start fucking.

Separated at Birth: One of the siblings had been given up at birth for one reason or another.  Recently they were reunited and the family decided to go on a vacation together.  Not having grown up together they find themselves attracted to each and even turned on by the idea of incest.  It isn’t long before they are screwing each other.

Sister x Sister

Experimentation: Two sisters find themself questioning their sexuality and decide to experiment on each other.

Slumber party gone wild:  The two sisters and their friends are having a slumber party.  Whether Truth or Dare or something else the two girls are encouraged to first kiss, then fool around and ultimately have sex as their friends watch and encourage it.

Mother x Son

Instinctual Urges:  One night the mother is sleeping alone in bed, fully nude, no blanket over her.  One leg lazily off to the side.  Her teenage son passes by, looks in, but rather than being disgusted, he feels drawn to her.  He walks over carefully crawls into bed and just starts fucking her.  She probably wakes half way through it, but while initially shocked can’t bring herself to stop him.

Don’t leave me alone: A single mother with a teenage son is feeling sad and worried about an empty house.  The son agrees to give her more children to her company.

Mother x Daughter

Still thinking about this, will add some later.

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