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What would you do to make the person above excited? ;)


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From the man who brought What would you do if the person above you, enters your bedroom. Comes the come back! Season 2! The return! The rerun! All star. 

The title say it all but the rule are simple, what would you do to make him/her/that person/trap/futa/etc excited? 😃

I actually never seeing the reply so I didn't want to spoil the surprise and I want to witness the game for myself. xD

Of course you will have to use your RP character and think of it as a RP. =P



He will this and that to her. You get the point. Just don't take it seriously or go too wild....please..

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1 minute ago, lVergill said:

Bzzzzz! Wrong answer! You have 1 strike my friend. =P 


another strike i shall recieve for i am one who likes ths ound of a god damn buzzer

Magdalena:i don't know change him to my liking and chain him up......is that still a wrong answer?

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Very nice! I like how you use quotes for the answer! Bravo~

Also, this is last time I reply like this so avoid reply every comment so everyone has a chance room speak. Thank you! =)

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Noah: "I would walk around in revealing clothing giving views of just what it looks like, then walk around threatening to reveal myself."

Nimiko: "Becoming clumsy to the point where I would rub part of my body on his parts, seemingly without realizing. Like during a movie I'd put my head on his crotch and rub my head on it... letting my lips rub against his fabric giving him a sight that implies I want him so I can play with it."

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"If she was my love, I would probably ask her permission and then gladly show her a good time in a more private place, no light needed there." 

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Robo-chan: "I'd let them have a go in my tight little robot butt. Hehe. ^w^"

Misaki: "I'd press myself against them, caressing their face and offering them my services."

Rose: "...I'd strip, I suppose."

Daisy: "I'd give them a big hug!" (Which would inevitably result in the subjects face being squished against or between her huge boobs)

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"Well, summoning a bunny genie and having a threesome worked last time."

"I'm pretty sure you're supposed to do that for the person who posted most recently before this post, not Vergil specifically."

"Oh.  Well... huh. The robot girl's kinda cute, i guess."

"Uh... the cow lady's shy like I am.  Plus she looks real nice."

"I bet her chest does.  That's usually what you go for in dames, after all." d:

"Sh-shut uuuupp!" >_<

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Kalvoras Vertal

Karma: "I'd get straight to the point~ How about we have some fun?"

Shez: "Sh-shit... Um... I don't know! Dammit, why do I have to be so socially awkward?! Fine... Ask them out and when the moment is right... Take them and make them mine~"


"I would honestly fuck myself XD"

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I guess I'll use my big brother's female character. ;)

"I would take my partner, Ani to my darkroom and let our love explode while showing her a good time she won't forget." - Vergil 


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Give my best bud a hug and a pat on his head for being a good Neko~ =3

If not, just shower him with chocolate. O.O

Lots, and lots, and lots of chocolate. 

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Shuya, you should wait your turn during this game and I will give you both~

By that I mean stuffing your mouth with chocolate and show you my love. =3

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I will hug the sad Neko as he taste the guy who was kissing me which now kisses you. 

Yeah, that isn’t confusing at all. =P 

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