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Alright, I decided to make a general thread for Minecraft discussion and happenings, seeing as one doesn't exist here yet. The idea stemmed moments after I posted a Status Update talking about the game and how it has recently made a big comeback. I figured as I get back into playing this game regularly, I'm going to end up talking about it more, so it might just be better to contain as much of it as I can into a single thread.

With that said, let's talk Minecraft!

I'm hoping to work on some building projects in Creative Mode over time, so, I might share some of those creations here whenever I get around to completing those!

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I spoke briefly about this on your status, where I had an old Pixelmon server. Before that, my sister had a server set up with a very old version of the mod. I actually managed to find some pictures of it. But not very recent ones, of which I am rather disappointed by since I had made much more progress than the screenshots I have. I will share what I have, though.

For this build, I had an island. It was a fairly decently sized one and I had fully intended on populating the entire town with buildings. Most would be decorational, but some had an actual function. I tended to use the JohnSmith texture back, for a rather medieval feel to it.

Here is a rather long shot of the island, with some farms in the front and you can just about see a windmill in the background. You can also see on the right, the start of the gym I had build, as for this server I was going for a Normal type. I wanted to add a few towers to the gym, perhaps build it up higher to put more crowd seating so people could watch lol


The next picture is a close up of the windmill area. I had built about four or five small houses, as that area was intended to be a proper farming area. The server host (my sister) gave us some sheep eggs, as wool was used a lot and it would have taken forever to farm Mareep for it (They rarely spawned. I had some additional Mareep caught, though, purely for that purpose). So I had done a nice large sheep pen, complete with flowers and their own little pond. Around the windmill area I had also done a large potato farm... the only problem being was that you couldn't really stop pokémon spawning and ruining all of your crops by jumping on them lol. I did end up doing a larger wheat farm, with an actual aquaduct system... but that was after these screenshots were taken. 


The next shot is an image of the gym and Pokémon centre, from the beach. I had decided to have the Pokémon centre quite close to the gym so that once someone had used the gym, they could heal their pokémon quite quickly. As this was actually the very centre of the island, I had decided to make it into the town centre, where the Nether gate was going to be so allow other players to travel to the island through the nether. Otherwise it was a long swim, or flight, over the sea.


The next two images are of inside the Pokémon centre. I wish I had a close up of the outside, because I was pretty proud of the building I had made. It was small, but very functional. I had enough room for a few healing machines, a PC, and a trading machine in the basement. Plus some extra beds for trainers to rest for the night, as that was pretty canon in the anime if I recall:



The next image is of the actual gym battle arena... it's not that obvious in the picture, but I had built it as an oval shape. The wooden slabs around the arena was seating, where people could sit and watch the match. I did a small stone outcropping for the challenger and gym leader (myself). You can tell it isn't complete, as there are torches pretty much all over the floor lol. And as I said, I had wanted to put some towers, just to give the building a little more depth, not to mention to make it into the largest and most grand building on the island.


The pictures I don't have are of the harbour... which is a big shame since I was so damn proud of that. I had the main harbour building, which basically served like a reception for ships/cargo, etc. It was mainly decorational. I had also built a tavern in its basement, with a Potion of Strength as the main drink (I called it 'Neptune's Brew'), as Nether Fortress spawning was turned on, on this server. So I managed to get a lot of Blaze Rods to make the potions. 

It had a large dock that went out to sea and extended along the coastline of the coast that faced towards spawn (The 'starting village'). I had put lots of crates and other decorative items, including a large crane that, although only decorative, was intended on removing cargo from the ships. 

I had also done a few more houses on the island, but that was as far as I had gotten before the server was shut down. Which was a shame, honestly. 

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Love how all of these buildings and structures are (or at least, seem to be based on the screenshots) just close enough to each other to be convenient to travel back-and-forth from, as well as looking really nice in pictures. It's kinda hard to find the words to describe it, but I feel like with nearly every large structure I have ever built in my Minecraft worlds, they seem to either be too close or too scattered apart from each other. x.x Like, I'll finish building whatever I'm building, but then I'll look at it from a distance and think to myself "I wish I had've built it a little closer/further from that other structure".

The world in this Pixelmon server looks really peaceful. ^-^ Building the arena and the Pokémon centre looks like it would have been fun. I personally feel like calculating the dimensions and design when building larger structures in a Minecraft world is half the fun.

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My goal was to make it look spacious, but comfortable. It's a shame that I've completely lost any contact with that server. Not even saves were made of it. Otherwise I would be dying to finish off that island. So close, and yet so far, I guess xD I'm glad you liked what I was able to find. 

I do agree with you. Planning and calculating dimensions can be half the fun. Well, until you accidentally do it wrong and have to rebuild a bunch xD But then I go by the policy of "Measure twice, build once". 

One project I've always wanted to do, but never got around to doing is to build a large circular structure in the middle of the ocean. Build down to the ocean floor, making the structure out of glass, then build a functional base inside of it. It would be nice to have a view of the ocean while moving around my camp. And it would be especially nice, since I know they've done improvement to the oceans since I've last properly played it. I was also toying with the idea of doing a God-tree... I've always wanted to build one of those as well. And I would want to do it purely in survival mode


Okay, I thought I would put up pictures of a bit of my latest project on my sister's server. I'm building a bit of a Dwarven style underground facility. This is the room where my Nether Portal is;


This is a picture taken from the entrance. As you can see, I went for an almost church-style for it with the stone arches. The Portal is dead centre, and the area behind it was lit via lava.


A close up of the portal and the lava flows. You can also see the circular design on the wall there. It has chiselled quartz inside.


The entrance, although I have yet to do the small platform immediately coming into the room. This doorway design is used in several places in my build, although some have gold or emerald instead of redstone blocks. I picked redstone because it's red. That's the only reason xD I have yet to design the corridor. And don't mind those letters; I use a Minimap mod for waypoints.


A closer look at the design of the doorway.


A closer look at the arches and the roof at the very top. It took a very long time to dig out a room of this size.


A look at the floor leading up to the portan. Again, I used lava not only because it is relevant, but because it's a good way of lighting up the room without putting down a load of torches. 

I am thinking that the two rooms that come off of the portal room is a library, where the enchanting table shall be, and a potion making lab. 

It took quite a while to build this room, mainly because I had to figure out what to use as the base material for the walls. Eventually, I went with End Stone, and I quite like the result. 

If I ever finish other rooms, I'll post them up there ^^

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