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Craethiel Kingdom Overview

Welcome to Craethiel Kingdom, a relatively young but thriving Kingdom in the year of 1200 AD ,unknown to much of the world as it is situated on its own large island. The Grand Capital of the kingdom is the large city of Selil on the South-West coast of Craethiel, accessing the Verdar Sea. Selil is a rich, bustling city that draws Merchants from all over the land to come to trade and try their luck at making themselves rich beyond their wildest dreams. Selil is also the centre of power within the Kingdom, as it is where the Kings Throne sits, ruling his subjects. The Capital City sits where the Ageon River empties into the sea, allowing it to have access to the drinking water and a harbour that goes out to sea, so they can shield ships from any storms as well as allowing trade with the Towns and Villages that line the coast.

Going up the Ageon River, a traveller will see a vast grassy plain to the West side of the river, and the edge of the Rosayia Forest on the East side of the river, a dark and menacing wave of trees. Many people claim that evil lurks there, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to travel into its grasp. Many tales surround the Forest, tales that usually ended badly for the unwitting traveller. Around the first bend of the Ageon river is a large marsh area. The ground is extremely soggy and few can travel through it without getting lost, as the land seems to change constantly around them. Once the marsh is left behind, the land is filled with rolling hills. Nestled above the hills is the large Lake Kelrak that is so large that some claim that you cannot see the other side when standing on the shore. Continuing North is a vast Woodland called Ildyara Forest filled with towering ancient Oak Trees with several other tree species growing alongside them. This wood is quiet and peaceful, apart from the occasional wolf or bear. Wrapping along the coastline is the majestic Therarr Mountains, a vast stretch of mountainous peaks that continue East beyond Craethiel's border. On the far East side, below the Therarr Mountains is a dry, hot and arid desert. This land is inhospitable, and few survive a trek across it. Anyone who says that they are going to journey across the vast sand dunes are usually warned against such a venture.

Separating the Dynz desert from the Rosayia Forest is a second, enormous Mountain range, known as Enutpen's Glory. Enutpen is the first King of Craethiel. He was the King that outlined the borders for the Kingdom seen today. He fought vicious wars with neighbouring Kings to secure the land and unite it under his rule. The Mountain Range that bears his name is famously known as the last battle of the War. Enutpen lured the forces of King Tarl into the huge Mountain range, before ambushing the surprised army and slaughtering them. It is said that Enutpen got into one last fight with Tarl before striking him in the chest and claiming victory. He then returned to his throne in Selil and ruled the United Kingdom of Craethiel until his death. It is not known to many people, but in his last years, Enutpen slipped into insanity, often giving confusing orders and chewing on the Royal drapes. He died at the age of 63, an achievement in those days, as a sick and insane old man. The peaks of Enutpen's Glory are higher than those of the Therarr Mountains, reaching beyond the clouds so their peaks are not visible from the ground. The tallest of Therarr's Mountains at the very North East of Craethiel only reach just beyond cloud level.

Off the coast of Craethiel are several islands that can be reached by sea. Many of the small islands are uninhabited, however on some of the larger islands there can be civilisation, found and possibly approached by ship. The Wilds of Craethiel can be a dangerous place, with bandits and thugs waiting for easy prey and monsters that lurk around the corners. You should be mindful of where you set foot.

Relevant Roleplay links:

Craethiel Kingdom Maps

For the purpose of this roleplay, I created a map that gives a basic outline of everything within the borders of Craethiel. You are allowed to request for places of interest to be put onto the map, however they would need either a detailed Extra Information thread and it has to be approved by myself. You can suggest places such as the Ildánach Library that can be accessed by anyone, then no Extra Information Thread is needed and are roleplayed in the main Craethiel Wilds thread. However do keep in mind that not all suggestions will be added to the map.

This is the black and white version of the map, where everything can be seen clearly.

This is an example of the map that a character may carry around with them within the roleplay.


gallery_2_54_1658.png - Mountains
gallery_2_54_162.png - Hills
gallery_2_54_1421.png - Grassland
gallery_2_54_2074.png - Marshland
gallery_2_54_2385.png - Desert
gallery_2_54_1468.png - Rivers
gallery_2_54_1238.png - Lakes (sometimes without the wave)
gallery_2_54_906.png - Water
gallery_2_54_1432.png - Forest/Woodland
gallery_2_54_2464.png - Enchanted Forest
gallery_2_54_1133.png - Shipping route
gallery_2_54_999.png - Sea Monster
gallery_2_54_1680.png - Village (See below for more information on the villages)

  • Hermitage
  • Tiloga
  • Leria
  • Vortase
  • Delwore
  • Dar'vere
  • Ryn'tur
  • Taiom
  • Abandoned Village

gallery_2_54_1084.png - Town (See below for more information on the towns)

  • Lathulla
  • Kalath

gallery_2_54_822.png - Place of Interest/Importance (See below for more information on the places of interest)

  • Selil
  • Vorserend
  • Ze'taour
  • Devlyn's Keep
  • Fenrir's Graspe 
  • Coda Temple 
  • The Monolith
  • Ildánach Library
  • Ashaba
  • Rydraeck 
  • Town of Dragon's Eye

There will be some locations within Craethiel that will not be mentioned in this extra information, but that is because they are placed within their own extra information so that they can be linked back to this one, as it would be far too much information to contain to this single extra information. Despite being in their own extra information, they are linked to Craethiel Kingdom but may have their own limits in place. As the extra information must be approved before it is added to this list, the limits must be observed to be able to roleplay in Craethiel Kingdom.

List of related extra information:

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Villages and Towns

Hermitage: This village is nestled within the marshlands, mainly comprised of log cabins connected by wooden walkways, to protect them from the constant water and mud underneath. This village's main occupation is farming, using the fertile soil between the marsh and grassland to farm various crops, which they then sell to Selil.
Tiloga: Tiloga is a small fishing village on the coast. Their main export is the fish that the villagers work tirelessly every day to catch. This village has a small harbour that can accommodate trading ships.
Leria: Leria is another fishing village. They have a harbour, but only large enough for their fishing ships. Instead of encouraging traders to come to them, they sail down to Lathulla to sell their already gutted and prepared fish there. As such, they are quite isolated, and don't often get visitors to their village.
Vortase: Vortase is a small village nestled in the Ildgara Forest next to the Andil River. They are loggers, harvesting wood and will either sell it as it is, or cook it down into charcoal to sell to other locations. They are a very friendly people, and welcome visitors eagerly.
Delwore: Delwore is a tiny village located at the edge of the Therarr Mountains. Their trade is mainly comprised with trapping animals for their fur and their meat. They cure the fur or hide, as well as prepare the meat to be able to sell it to other locations. They are a friendly people, but wary of strangers.
Dar'vere: This village is on the very edge of the Dynz Desert and as such, quite warm and dry. The villagers tapped into a large underground water source and use this, as well as the hot climate to grow one of Craethiel's delicacies; Sugar. They also farm a large herd of cows and goats.
Ryn'tur: Ryn'tur is a large farming village near Lake Kelrak. They have large fields of wheat, barley, hops and corn. They also have several herds of milk producing cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and turkeys. They provide most of the Kingdom's main meat, but sell most of it to Selil where the nobles pay handsomely for meat.
Taiom: Taiom is a reasonably sized village on the edge of lake Ryomar. They grow several crops, as well as produce charcoal, firewood and fresh water fish from the lake. They are a friendly people that will trade eagerly.
Abandoned Village: This village has been long abandoned, leaving the buildings to ruin and the forest to reclaims its land. It is unknown what happened here, as there are no bodies of any of the inhabitants. It is infested with the creatures that reside inside of the forest. Many people insist that it is only a rumour, and not a place that truly exists.
Lathulla: Lathulla is a large, bustling coastline town that, unlike the villages, has buildings built primarily from stone rather than wood. It has a large harbour, and is a good place to trade. People from all over come to trade with neighbouring villages that would have otherwise been unable to trade. Lathulla also provides a good point to get sea passage to Selil, providing that you can afford it. Trade with Selil also goes on here, as Merchants from the city sail up to the town to trade with others.
Kalath: Kalath is the point of trade between the North of the Kingdom and the South of the Kingdom. Villages from the North travel there to sell their produce and buy what they needed. The Merchants would then carry the goods down to the rest of the Kingdom, and vice versa. Due to the trading potential, Kalath usually has a festival twice a year for merchants to come together at the same time. One is in early spring, and the second happens late summer.

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Locations of Importance/Interest

These are locations that are of interest to roleplayers, and even includes places which members requested to be on the map. If you would like to put a location of interest put on the map, send an EcchiText to me, but be aware it will require a detailed Extra Information. You can also recommend unique locations that can be visited by anyone, but do keep in mind that not all suggestions would be accepted.

Capital City of Selil.

Selil is the Capital of the Craethiel Kingdom, and is a prosperous trading mecca. It sits at the mouth of the Ageon River where it connects to the sea, allowing them to have a safe harbour that can accommodate hundreds of ship at once. It is usually a very busy place, with many people trading among the ships, and sailors repairing their ships. From the harbour, a single canal leads into the city, delivering goods to the many warehouses and shops along its banks straight from the ships themselves. It passes through the entire city, effectively dividing it in half. A large drawbridge connects the two sides of the city, with a mechanism that allows guards to raise and lower the bridge whenever a heavily loaded cargo ship travels up the canal, so that they can deliver their goods. This bridge joins that Merchants lane together, as it is divided among the two Districts. Around the perimeter of the city is a tall, thick wall to fend off attackers. Three gates are spaced out along the northern part of the city, usually open but always guarded.

The city is divided into two main districts, the Lower District and the Upper District. The Lower District is where the poorer civilians live. The homes are of a bad condition, and sickness is rife here. There are many beggars that plead with anyone passing by to give them money. The Lower District tends to have a lot of questionable businesses like brothels, and animal fighting rings. The crime rate is high, with thugs targeting the vulnerable, and the rich if possible. The condition of the homes, and the people, improve the further South into the city one gets, until they will come across streets with large mansions.

When someone makes their way through the Low District of Selil to the Merchants Lane, they come upon a bridge that hangs above the canal dividing the city. Crossing it, they will find themselves within the Upper District of Selil. Within the Upper District, the Elite of Selil live, work, and play. It is a beautiful District with old trees and clean footpaths. Lavish homes line the streets, with beautifully manicured gardens leading to each fine oak door.

In the centre of the Upper District is a beautiful park, an amazing ten acres of beautifully cared for land, with tall trees, a large pond in the centre with fish and natural pond life, and benches dotted around to allow Selilsians to sit and enjoy the scenery. Nearby, there are expensive Tea Houses with beautiful fine china cups and saucers. They serve fine tea and cakes, offering a classy venue for the wealthy to enjoy. They also have hosts to converse with and flatter the wealthy guests. There are small boutique shops along the streets; a high end market for the wealthy of the Upper District which sells only the best of the best produce and supplies. It is indeed a lavish and beautiful place.

If you travel far enough to the North there you will find another wall, in which there are two large gates made of solid oak. The doors are always guarded by men in black cloaks, as behind this extravagant wall is the Palace, where the King of Selil and his court rest. The Palace, a beautiful building made of white marble that when the sun strikes makes it glitter and glow, towers above the Upper District, safely behind its huge guarded wall. It has a large courtyard, around which is the towers which hold bedrooms, servant quarters, libraries and many other rooms. The King’s room is huge, with a four poster bed that goes from floor to ceiling, is covered in the finest silks and satins, and has a large bathroom attached to it with a sunken bath made of marble.

The Palace is finely decorated with the history of Selil and its past Rulers. Giant tapestries tell of the history of Selil, busts and statues depict the past Rulers. The throne room is large, with a red velvet carpet leading from the huge double doors to the huge marble throne sitting in the middle of a raised dais. It stands at an impressive 7ft, is made of solid marble and has gilt detailing to decorate the beautiful white marble. There are also several Palaces that surround the castle where other Royal Families of other species reside, such as the Keza'maraki Palace. Another large wall runs around the Castle, Palaces and Mansions which are carefully guarded at all times keeping out the undesirables. The large lavish homes belong to the cities nobles and the most wealthy of traders.

The brick buildings of Selil are carefully covered with white plaster, making the city seem to shine when seeing it from afar. While the homes of those that live in the Upper city are carefully repaired and maintained, it is not unusual to see the homes in the Lower District to be in varying states of disrepair.

Rosayia Forest: The Rosayia Forest is a large stretch of dark forest at the very South of Craethiel. Not much of it is explored, as it is a dangerous place to travel. The Forest is filled with strange creatures that are not seen anywhere else in the Kingdom. Many believe that the creatures are magical in nature, and that the Rosayia is an Enchanted Forest that sustains the creatures living there. Most people know this forest to be nothing but dangerous, and many people would never dare to venture near it.

Vorserend: Vorserend was once the Capital City of the Eldyrannth hidden among the Therarr Mountains, where few know of their existence. However at the very beginning of this roleplay, the city has been attacked and the population, save for one, slaughtered. The buildings of the once magnificent city now lie in rubble with the dead littering the streets. Within several months time, the city will be covered by crystal trees, marking the spots where Eldyrannth individuals fell to their death. If anyone were to come across this city, it would feel very calm, and yet there be a very deep sadness to it. Due to the tall mountains, it is a very hard city to veture to, however; there are some hidden paths through the mountain, that are near impossible to find. See the extra information for the Eldyrannth for more detail on the city, its previous occupants and the Crystal Trees. Do not have a character stumble into the city without my permission.

Ze'taour: This is the Capital of the Zeta'muluri, a unique species of what appears to be dragon anthros; but they are very, very different from dragon anthros, as they have a much different origin. This island is very mountainous and cannot be docked upon from the sea. Most of the island is volcanic in nature and therefore uninhabitable by many species, but Zeta's find it perfect for their needs, as there are many lava pools which they can happily bathe in. The surrounding waters are also inhabited by Water Zeta's who live close to the island. They do not venture very far, as they have been hunted by ships crewed by people trying to catch a prize. Zeta's will be seen occasionally within the Craethiel but will generally actively avoid ALL contact with other species. They are very friendly with the Eldyrannth, as they revere the larger dragons. They are also quite friendly with the Mako'demeri race. Somewhat friendly with Keza'maraki's, although some Keza's seem to believe that Zeta's are dangerous dragons that swoop down and burn villages. However, if anyone attempts to land aywhere near their city, they will be hostile, and demand that they leave. If they do not, then they will suffer the wrath of an angry army of Zeta’s who wish to protect their home. 

Devlyn's Keep: This is the long abandoned Castle of King Tarl. It is a complete ruin, with sections falling apart. No part is good for living in. Currently this place is empty, save for a few wild animals. There may be some valuable items still inside, however many doubt it as it has been long since raided. Even though it is currently empty, Devlyn will be massing a small army at this location and anyone going nearby when this happens may be in danger.

Fenrir's Graspe: This is a settlement of Mako's on one of the four larger islands. It is almost impossible to get to the island by sea, as the island is surrounded by sharp reef rocks hidden underneath the sea surface that pose a significant danger to any ships. Without the Mako's intimate knowledge of these reefs, which they never share, someone would be ill-advised to attempt to land here. No character will be allowed to step onto the island without strict permission from myself.

Coda Temple: This is a temple on one of the forested islands around Craethiel. It is inhabited by Coda'zotoxi, a species that looks similar to Fox Anthros. There is a small village set apart from the temple, where Coda's work and live. While they are polite and friendly to any visitors, anyone going there will often feel that they are not welcome there. If anyone attempts to go near the temple, they will be asked to turn back, or leave. If a visitor ignores those warnings and continues to try and enter the temple will be met with hostility. No character will be allowed to step onto the island without strict permission from myself.

The Monolith: According to legend, this strange structure is actually the master seal that holds the 52 Undying at bay. It is said that the Master Knight and their compatriots hunted the 52 Undying for years, as the Undying rampaged over the lands. The site of the Monolith marks the site of the final battle. To the normal person, it looks like a large rectangle with a reflective surface, almost like a mirror. To those with strong magic in the blood, it may show what is inside. It towers above all that approach it at 24 ft tall, making people feel insignificant in its shadow.

Ildánach Library: The Ildánach Library is an ancient library that dates back to the time of the First King, Enutpen. It is now an abandoned building, infested with monsters from the Rosayia Forest. Many of them are extremely dangerous, and few dare to travel to this place. It is unknown how much of the libraries content is still salvageable, as no one has been able to find out. It is unknown how the library came to be abandoned.

Ashaba: This is an old abandoned Mansion, deserted by a cult that worshipped a Dark God. They used to perform ritual sacrifices by bending the sacrifice over an altar, cutting out their heart, and throwing it into a fire that used to be permanently lit. The rest of the body was simply discarded carelessly. This religion isn't very prevalent these days, with this being the only sacred place left to their religion. The Mansion is in a state of severe disrepair, with parts of the house unable to be reached, much less inhabited. Some areas may be stable enough for people to move around, however that will not remain for long. It is infested by monsters and a strange Hound creature that is at least twice the size of a normal dog. It is unknown if there are any valuables inside, but it is very likely due to the danger of this place. Ashaba was abandoned at around the same time as the abandoned village.

Rydraeck: Rydraeck is a large underwater city that is hidden behind the Therarr Mountains. It cannot be accessed by any species without the ability to breath underwater, as it is deep beneath the surface. It is occupied by an aquatic race, similar in image to a mermaid but with vast differences, called the Rydraen. For one, all individuals in this race are Hermaphrodites, or futa; they are all females with a dick. They are a very shy race who would avoid any ship widely. They only interact with the Eldyrannth as the two races have a symbiotic relationship. The Eldyrannth protect the Rydraen, and the Rydraen produce the exotic crystals that the Eldyrannth use; the Rydraen will not give these crystals to anyone else. No character will be allowed to step onto the island without strict permission from myself.

The Town of Dragon’s Eye: Dragons Eye is a town situated in the mountains of Therarr. It grew from a small trading outpost, which used to trade with the Eldyrannth before Vorserend fell. It is still populated today, because they still act as a halfway point to Ze'taour, so trade with the Zeta'muluri still occurs.

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Notable NPCs of Craethiel Kingdom

In and around the Kingdom of Craethiel, there are some notable NPCs that characters may reference, or even end up interacting with. This list may expand, over time, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on it. These particular NPCs are mainly roleplayed by the Game Master, @Neptune or the local RP Admin, @Temaelrin. These NPCs can also be referenced by other characters, without permission unless you reference them out of character (As in, doing something they normally wouldn't do)

King of the Kingdom of Craethiel

(Image is a Genderswap Artoria Pendragon from Fate (series). Artist is agentj)

Position: King of Craethiel (For humans)
Name: George V Taraezenar
Date of Birth: 12th May 1155AD
Age: 45
Species: Human, however he isn't a pure human. Literally no one knows this, however he has ancestry that actually leads back to Prince Talrin of the Vorserend Royal Family. It is one of the reasons why he is so tall for a human male of this time period, as well as his intelligence.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 66.6kg
Nationality: Craethierian
Information: George was born to his father, King Henry IV and Queen Elizabeth III. He was raised to take over for his father, and to be a wise and good King to his subjects. He took the throne when he was eighteen, and married a year later to a beautiful woman by the name of Mariaena, his cousin. He loved his beautiful wife, and doted on her. The two of them ruled together in happiness, and Mariaena gave him six children. Four sons, and two daughters. However when they were thirty years of age, Mariaena was struck down with disease and she was sick for twenty days and nights but there was nothing that the Doctors could do. George stayed with her throughout her sickness until she eventually died, leaving him alone. He was almost incapacitated from grief, but was able to pull himself out and continued to rule. During his inattention, he discovered that some of the Lords in his Court had tried to take power away from the Throne. Enraged, he brought an end to their underhanded power-grabbing tactics and had them hung for their treason. Since then, he has ruled alone and has not re-married. He feels that he will forever be married to Mariaena, and is not intending on looking at another woman in the same way. He is a good, fair man, who is quite diplomatic and also extremely intelligent for a human. He gets on well with the other species in his Kingdom, despite the close proximity of the Sin-Clan Keza'marakian King in the City of Selil. 

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      Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Power. Gold. She is inflicted with normal greed like any other human being, not having a “noble” goal of “saving” the world – instead she just wants to become stronger, gain fame and riches, like any other adventurer – however, it doesn’t mean she won’t help people, she isn’t completely heartless, but she might ask for payment before hand or afterwards at least.
      Hobbies and Interests: Slaying monsters, finding magical and special relics to sell – or use for her own selfish needs and growth!
      Personal Sexual Information (This whole part is optional)
      Sexual Orientation: Promiscuous. This girl has no shame when it comes to sexual activity, she likes having multiple relationships, especially if they benefit her and her adventures, however- it doesn’t mean she isn’t like the normal girl that falls—it is an eventual probability, but a very difficult task since she believes relationships and love holds her back.
      Turn ons:
      Bad boys – she likes when they’re catering to her and trying to “get” her to fall, what they don’t realize is that she’s using them to give herself praise – instead of them using her. Because she is just like them, she knows every word is fabricated and she can enjoy it while it lasts.
      Submissive; They’re cute and she likes bullying them, so expect her to pressure and be all over someone who seems shy.
      Challenges; She likes the feel of impossible but what she likes most? Making the impossible possible – so when a guy seems the type to not fall – she finds it more appealing to get him to fall and then leave him wanting more. The chase is always the funniest part of these things for her.
      Rough; She isn’t vanilla, the girl likes to be pounded fiercely by her partner, taken spontaneously too. It is so alluring to have random and heated moments of sex in the middle of somewhere they shouldn’t. Especially libraries. . .!
      Turn offs: Someone wanting an actual relationship from her, though it isn’t completely impossible, it still makes her run for the hills.
      Penis Length: 
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      Additional Sexual Information: 
      STD History: N/A, nope.
      (End of Optional part. The rest of the form is required unless stated otherwise.)
      Extra Information (This whole part is optional)
      Father: Roland Harper, [deceased]
      Mother: Carina Harper, [alive and married to a noble man]
      Siblings: Half-and step-siblings.
      Grandparents: Ike and Agustina Moonstar, alongside Angeline Harper and Manain Harper.
      Children: Carina Moonstar, Irina Moonstar, Roland Harper, Ronan Harper, Amber Harper, and Lan Harper.
      Grand-children: Alice Harper, multiple others.
      Pet: Simon, her orange cat.
      Additional information:
      (End of Optional part. The rest of the form is required unless stated otherwise.)
      Awards/Commendations: Due to her accomplishments in the adventurer’s guild, she’s gone through multiple promotions from bronze to the third highest rank within the guild! However, she is a -long- way from promoting from this rank – considering only the top-tier adventurers of world renown ability can go beyond that of platinum – not to say she isn’t on her way there, but it won’t be anytime soon.
      Criminal Record: N/A!
      (OPTIONAL!) Medical Record: N/A.
      Everyone knows of the Adventurer’s guild, it was established many years ago for the weary hero and traveler – so people who did their part in the protection of the realm, without getting noticed could gain their own merit. And a place for Adventurer’s alike to gather, parties were essential for higher-level beasts, such as those that take on a humanoid appearance, while the lower beasts are just feral creatures without a glimpse of intelligence. It wasn’t like people knew of this however, many died and perished to the human look alike, just because some held the appearance of innocence and kindness while housing a sinister plot to feed. Therefore the Adventurer’s guild is more than just a way to earn currency for people’s wild interests of slaying beasts, but it was also a place to gather information and to receive it – so people were more aware of what was inside of the world instead of people becoming meals to the unexpected.
      Alice’s parents were Adventurer’s- high-level ones, almost to the peak of perfection, however- their lives would be cut short, leaving the child alone in the world to fend for herself – luckily. . .they had friends inside of the guild that would pick up the task of training and taking care of the girl. So soon she would follow in her parents foot-steps of becoming an Adventurer. Though her tale isn’t a clean-cut one, like her parents before her she happens upon tragedy, because becoming an Adventurer doesn’t always mean safety. Just because a job is listed as weak – doesn’t mean another beast or thing can’t stroll up to harden its difficulty.
      “Don’t cry.”
      It was too late for that when tears were practically staining her face, body parts scattered around the field where she was now holding the last survivor of her party- “…. Don’t tell me what to do, Chris.” The girl would sniffle – dried blood across her fingertips, “…They all died.” He chuckles as if he hadn’t a care in the world despite the man being completely impaled, maybe it was because he knew his last moments would be giving encouragement to the girl he once loved. “And for what!? For -this-!?” His hand goes to quickly grab her own in an attempt to keep her from being too frantic,
      “That relic is powerful, Alice. Hold onto it or everything we did---”
      A cough, he was becoming weaker, “all for naught.”  There is silent mourning for what had happened, the creature that held this eye—was far too strong, she shouldn’t be alive but he---…. he saved her. Gave his all in order to keep her alive, “Chris. . .I know. I know!” The girl frustratingly whines, understanding -that- she’d have to hold onto the nightmare gem, for now, it was too precious to let go of— “Don’t leave me. . ..” But that was too late too, wasn’t it? His eyes had already closed with her tears pouring down onto his face – a terrifying ending to a quest that should’ve been far easier than it had become and while…it wasn’t intentional – they had gotten something to make her far stronger than she was right now. It was fate’s tragic hand in play, but was it worth? All her friends and companions she had survived many missions with – gone.
      Now Alice hops party to party -- never keeping to one place long, always active and fighting beasts around Craethiel. She never truly finds another partner, holding onto the burdens of the past and making sure to not allow the same tragedy to befall others. However, while she has that in mind, she still uses parties to her own advantage --but she refuses to completely join one again.
    • Neptune
      By Neptune
      Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, sex, threesomes, first times. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. This thread will not contain any sex; it is an adventure thread.
      Participants: Wolfe, Cole and Hanako
      Description: After settling in a somewhat safe house, Wolfe and Hanako planned on having a bath with the houses supply of water. Before they could, Cole stumbled onto their doorstep where he begged entrance. As they have yet to put their trust in Cole, they had decided to take Cole with them for their bath where they hope to release some pent up tension.
      State changes for all participants: -20 Hunger points, -30 Thirst points, +20 Sanity points.
      Wolfe’s blue eyes shifted to look at Cole before he gave a slightly strained smile, “A little tired, perhaps. Who isn’t these days?” He asked back, skirting around the question that he really didn’t want to answer. Besides, it wasn’t entirely untrue. He was tired. He had been tired for about a year now. One had always sleep lightly in these times. If one didn’t, one might get caught off-guard by zombies sneaking up on them. He then looked over at Hanako when she spoke and he gave her one his charming smiles, “We’ll be there in a few minutes.” He said, watching as she walked out of the garage. After a moment, he turned back and said, “We’ll give her a couple of minutes to settle. Besides; I want to get Penny up into the attic so that she can sit with Zoe while we’re in the bathroom. I trust her judgement of you but… I don’t quite trust you alone with my little sister. Not yet, anyway.” He didn’t bother apologising for it, because he had the feeling that Cole would understand. Personality-wise, Cole seemed quite a good man. Someone that could be dependable. But Wolfe was cautious of putting him with that level of trust just yet.
      He then stood up, stroking along Penny’s face as she whined in disappointed, “Come on, Penny.” He said, his fingers tickling behind her ear before he looked at Cole and jerked his head towards the door. He then turned and left the garage, holding the door open for Penny to slip past him as well as for Cole, “Just lock the door behind you.” He said to the other man, pointing with his good hand towards the lock of the garage door into the study which had a key in it. He waited until Cole had done that before leading him out into the main hallway and to the stairs. He carefully stepped over Hanako’s noise trap while Penny slipped underneath it. He moved up the curved stairs to the landing, where the ladder was still down from the attic. He looked down at Penny and indicated with his arm for her to go up, “Up you go, Penny.” He said.
      She tilted her head at him, whining softly. She nuzzled his leg before gingerly placing her front legs on the steps of the ladder. As it was one that was angled, rather than straight up, he was able to then scramble up. He watched carefully, ready to help her up if he needed to, but she disappeared from view into the dark attic. He nodded in satisfaction before bending and grabbing onto the ladder and pushing it up so that the attic was locked. It would keep the two of them safe while the three of them were having their bath. He then grinned at Cole before moving into the master bedroom. He could hear splashing from the bathroom, which could only be Hanako. 
      He reached up and undid the zip of his leather jacket before he frowned as he realised it was going to be awkward undressing with his broken wrist. He looked at Cole and asked, “Do you mind helping me undress? At least, if you’re not too shy to?” He hoped Cole wasn’t the shy type. He would really appreciate the help undressing because otherwise it would take longer than he liked to get out of his clothes. 
    • Temaelrin
      By Temaelrin
      Friendly Notice: I am currently in the process of updating my Character ID's and Extra Information topics relating to Blackberry Falls, please be patient with me as this is neither a quick or easy process. This extra information thread was written when I was much, much younger and thus it should be considered largely out of date.
      The United Federation of Families [UFF]
      1) Introduction
      The United Federation of Families is a peaceful collective, made up of groups of races who wish to completely co-exist with each other in the name of cooperation and peace. [it is the beginning "roots" of the EPSI Federation which has people new and old.] 
      The UFF was founded by Talivana Eldyrannth, Kaylarvana Eldyrannth, Triavana Eldyrannth and a group of Coda'zotoxi, and the UFF consisted almost entirely of Coda'zotoxi people. But it had always been open to the 'Children of Epsus'. 
      The five races who entered this agreement in the 21st Century are:
      Keza'maraki - Human's believe they look an awful lot like Neko's. Mako'demeri - Human's believe they look an awful lot like Wolf Anthros. Coda'zotoxi - Human's believe they look an awful lot like Fox Anthros. Zeta'muluri - Human's believe they look an awful lot like Dragon Anthros. Xeno'vitiri - Human's have not ever seen a Xeno'vitiri. (BUT if they did, Angel/Demon). DO NOT CREATE A CHARACTER WHO IS ANY ONE OF THESE WITHOUT PERMISSION.
      This is an original creation, yes using elements of both real life and stuff already done but the people, their culture, their history, is work of the collaboration and hard work that those who are allowed to play it have put into it. Whilst it's okay to have a fox anthro for example; and I can't stop you. It's not okay to have a Coda'zotoxi unless I, or anyone authorised say's so. Also the surnames (species names) fit a certain format that can't be replicated by accident, do not attempt to make your own species that replicates the format of their names as there is a specific reason for their format. I purposefully picked specific patterns so that it couldn't be "Just by mistake". Once again; can't stop you from having something similar, but not if it conforms to all of the patterns. (Thanks.)
      Before then, the Keza'maraki and Mako'demeri were at war since the 13th century, and more recently the Zeta'muluri and Xeno'vitiri went to war. 
      The UFF did have a temporary HQ in Blackberry Falls. The location of which was classified and driving to/from had to be done blindfolded with a contracted driver. The location of this is still classified, and the driver has since been assigned another job with the UFF. What is housed there today is unknown, not many people are aware of it's existence and even then where exactly it is no one seems to know. It's not likely anyone in the UFF knows either due to the security protocols. [Not known by anyone other than SMFoxy's characters; as it's a CODA base]
      In 2010 they proven that they had military experience (thanks to the joining of the joint Keza and Mako forces) as they along with Keza Corp retook the Keza'maraki Mansion and shut down the biggest illegal prostitution ring on Blackberry Falls Island. They worked with Blackberry Falls Police and the Military bases in open ended co-operation. However they denied the transfer of the prisoner to the Police and Blackberry Falls City Magistrates Court on the grounds that he was being detained by their country's Prime Minster (Talivana Eldyrannth), who would be putting him on trial for crimes he committed against the UFF people. The trial was monitored by the Courts of the US and UK, and it was found to be extremely fair, unbiased and honest. 
      The UFF sentenced their first prisoner of war in 2011, and arrested him for 63 counts of murder, piracy, mind control, forced prostitution, and torture. He pleaded guilty but showed little to no remorse. The host of the "Corrupted Symbiote" was apparently long dead, as the Symbiote had completely taken control and deleted Aleksandr's memories and existence. A crime now illegal under UFF law, although some have said that this is simply untrue; he's just suppressing the host the same way he suppressed his victims. 
      The UFF was a small country/state that had it's own laws, and still does today. It's existed since the 1800s and was founded by Coda'zotoxi race as they were not fighting any wars. At the time the Xeno'vitiri weren't on Earth and the Zeta'muluri were fighting with other species but hadn't had a war with Human's since the early 1200s. The UFF doesn't conform to the Human Rights Act; as they are not humans. However they do have their Universal Right to Life Act, which covers everything from Human to Alien. They also have a very strict First Contact With New and Alien Lifeforms Protocols. Although todate they neither confirm nor deny any contact with Alien Lifeforms, with outside governments. 
      They have made contact with two Alien lifeforms. One in 1942; the Xeno'vitiri and in 2011; the Aymar'telshen (the Aymar). There is strong suspicion that the Aymar might have interacted with the United States Government on the same day in 1942 (Roswell Incident?). Although there are things recently come to light that have shown the Aymar as far back as the 13th century at least according to the Sin-Clan Keza'maraki Royal Family Children in Selil who described "Derrick" to be a purple changeling associated with fun and adventure. Although he was seen as some kind of imaginary friend to adults that is until he ran into King Rowan [Who was a prince at the time, although the UFF don't actually know that yet. Their history to them is pieced together from different perspectives and a lot of it is destroyed]
      The UFF have quickly become a country fuelled by the Keza Corporation it's economy is very good and provides work for construction workers who maybe otherwise out of work in Blackberry Falls. After the UFF v Aleksandr siege; what was left of the country was burning and as it had been one of the driest and hottest summers on record. Taking nearly a week to put out the fire, began the clean up work that never stopped. The full land boarder was opened up, previously fenced off, as everything across the bridge and 2 miles south of the northern lake was Tripp's private country. Tripp then sold his country to the UFF Government for just £1, (The biggest loss he's ever made) which he then gave back to the UFF Government as a 'National Party Fund' donation and Tripp gave the land to the Government of the United Federation of Families. Ever since things have progressed quickly and the UFF has... Ambitious plans. 
      This is a first draft, mistakes and errors might be abound, but it's definitely not complete yet.

      When coming from Blackberry Falls:
      Blackberry Falls City - 666 Miles (In the direction of the top of the picture, which in this case is East)
      --Blackberry Falls Boarder Patrol and Customs Outpost--
      Genitals Cross Over
      International Bridge over Blackberry River (1 Mile)
      --UFF Boarder Patrol and Customs HQ--
      Xantall'ar City - 48 Miles (In the direction of the south of the picture, which in this case would be south-south west from the bridge.)
      Genitals Cross Over:
      Blackberry Falls drives on the RIGHT. The UFF drive on the LEFT. At the Blackberry Falls end of the bridge you will be required to change lanes and starting from the bridge into the UFF, drive on the LEFT of the road.

      (Picture representation only)

      Uh no. The UFF doesn't look like this yet. It's what they envision Xantall'ar to look like in 2025.
      Location: South-west Blackberry Island (Directly west from Blackberry Falls City)
      - Capital City: Xantall'ar
      Demonym: UFFian [U-F-F-Ian]
      Government: Federal Grand Council (Libertarian)
      - Prime Minister: Talivana Eldyrannth
      Currency: The UFFian Kredit.
      Date Format: dd/mm/yyyy (24 hour time)
      Drives on the: Left
      Calling Code: +666
      ISO-3166-3: UFF
      TLD: .uff
      Current Population (2016): 4.66 million (+43.82%)
      -2015 Population: 3.24 million (+166.6%)*
      -2014 Population: 1.95 million (+142%)*
      -2013 Population: 786,290 people
      - Adult Unemployment Rate: 0.09% [4194 People**]
      Language: Kezamarakian, Makodemerian, Codazotoxian, Zetamulurian, Xenovitirian, Eldyrannthian
      - Also: British, English. American, English. Kezamarakian, Russian.
      Trade Status: Open
      - Major Imports: Building Resources, Luxury Goods
      - Major Exports: Cannabis, Fish, Food and Drink, Technology, Clothing Goods and Oil.
      * Caused by Relocation and Immigration of UFFian species. 
      ** This is caused by the strict immigration policy. These people are either 'Between Jobs' or 'Reacquiring Education' (65% of the Unemployed), 'Work Outside of the UFF' (25%) 'Disabled/Unfit for Work*** (5%) or 'By choice' (5%)
      *** Disabled rates are so low because of Nanotechnology. 
      The UFF at the moment is a hive of activity, you have various companies and corporations holding up the economy and you have construction constantly going on. One of the first things started was housing which is still in progress today with two million homes built just last year. The key has been Blackberry Falls unemployed skilled construction workers which have been invaluable to the UFF, and paid generously, some now have jobs secure for at least a decade. The city of Xantall'ar the country's capital, is also being built with several buildings being worked on at once.
      The UFF had to seriously relax it's immigration policy in 2012; priority was given for people who were skilled construction workers or other skilled workers that were otherwise out of a job, but in 2015 this was restored to normal status It also allocated some for Corporations, Staff and Families so corporations could move their operations over to the UFF and start planning and building their own Headquarters in the city. 
      The population is mainly made up of Keza's, Coda's, Zeta's, Xeno's and Mako's. There are some humans living here of various ethnicities, a quarter of these humans are descendants to a 'Child of Epsus' meaning they have either Keza, Mako, Coda, Zeta or (least likely) Xeno DNA in their genetic make up that aren't found normally in humans. This usually shows up with their eyes, physical shape, sexual appetite, stamina and accommodation.
      The UFF have a simple goal at the moment; as they're in the Golden Age as it were their goal is to build Xantall'ar City (or at least the majority of it) by 2025. Whilst it's still a long way off progress can be clearly seen every month and there are; which can be seen at build-rome-in-a-day.uff a website which shows brilliant, level and accurately positioned pictures like a fade into existence-montage. The identity of the website owner is unknown. [Kim Keza'maraki]
      Major Corporations and Companies: 

      Name: Keza Corp
      Full Trading Name: The Keza Corporation
      Field of Expertise: Multi-industry, from Agriculture to Technology. 
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::. | .:: Keza Corp: The Keza Corporation ::.

      Name: Xendaar Corporation
      Full Trading Name: Xendaar Corporation
      Field of Expertise: Global Consumer Goods, usually luxury items.
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::.

      Name: Centovski Corp
      Full Trading Name: Centovski Metal and Minerals Mining Corporation
      Field of Expertise: Mining
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::.

      Name: Aizu & Aizio
      Full Trading Name: Aizu & Aizio Corporation
      Field of Expertise: Retail Corporation
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::.

      Name: Codaphone
      Full Trading Name: Codaphone Telecommunications Corporation
      Field of Expertise: Telecommunications, Mobile Telecommunications and Broadband/Fibre Optic
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::.

      Name: Epsi-Dynamics
      Full Trading Name: Epsilon Dynamics
      Field of Expertise: A very classified Science Research and Space Program Corporation.
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::.

      Name: Hax Industries
      Full Trading Name: Haxor Computer Technology Research Industries
      Field of Expertise: Again, a very classified cyber security, computer technology research, and security.
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::.

      Name: Pegasus News Corp
      Full Trading Name: Pegasus News Corporation
      Field of Expertise: News, Media, Television
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::. | The Pegasus News Corporation
      Friendly Reminder: Respect this country's laws, I don't have to tell you that in real life if you break a country's laws you'll be punished by that country's legal system. It doesn't matter what country you come from or who you're friends are. Unlike Blackberry Falls City, Bribery will most likely get you locked up. [Government here is not corrupt, nor are the police]
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